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Feb 10, 2018

On this episode of the iA cast, Aleeha, Jason, and Michael talk about the following news topics. HomePod includes iTunes Match service You will not find Bluetooth Streaming support in the first version of the HomePod software. Articles and rumors state that Apple will delay features of iOS 12 to work on stability fixes. Apple is removing features from macOS Server like contacts, calendar, web hosting and email. We also discuss some topics related to iAccessibility since this is episode 70. iAccessibility app will be coming to Android Check out the updates to The Braille Challenge Alexa skill. It now has one word contractions. We are working to get our apps up to date so VisualBraille will get an update and so will VO Starter. We offer app development, TeamTalk Servers, and training services. Click on the links to learn more. Want to leave feedback about this episode? email us at, or use the hashtag #iACast on Twitter.