186 – Passing Passkeys

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Episode Notes

In this episode, I introduce Lynn and Damashe and announce some changes to our podcast, including the addition of chapters and breaking the episodes up into segments. We delve into some legislation in the EU that will make it easier for users to change their tech devices’ batteries, reducing e-waste. We question what “easy” means and have concerns about the impact on creativity and safety. We also discuss the potential for manufacturers to market devices with easily replaceable batteries. Continuing that topic, I talk about repairability in iPhones and the potential impact of new legislation on the industry. I note that while Apple has improved the repairability of their latest models, other handset makers have not followed suit. I consider the potential consequences of making devices more easily repairable, such as increased repair costs and potential difficulties with waterproofing. We argue for guidance that promotes repairability without being overly specific in the law, which could stifle innovation. Later, we talk extensively about the EU’s attempt to regulate technology with the aim of protecting consumers. We mention that the EU’s regulations can have consequences for companies outside of the EU. I compare the Vision Pro to the first generation of the Apple Watch, with numerous features that may or may not be widely used. The goal is for the device to eventually become a pair of glasses with augmented reality. Additionally, we mention how developers can help extend the device’s capabilities and make it even more exciting. Later, we discuss Apple’s new Pro Display XDR and its potential abilities. We talk about the challenges of implementing passkeys for online security, expressing concern for edge cases and those who may be locked out of their accounts if they lose their device or forget their password. We emphasize the need for flexibility in implementing new security measures and the importance of considering the needs of all users. We recommend trying out passkeys as long as they work for each user. Towards the end of the episode, we suggest some recommended books for those interested in how technology is affecting our lives and how companies are exploiting our biases. Lastly, we discuss entertainment picks, including the Snoopy watch face on watchOS beta and the Marvel TV show “Secret Invasion,” which we recommend checking out. The episode also includes some outtakes and a discussion of the Unmute call on the ACB community.


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