193 – Specialist Phone Showdown

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Episode Notes

In episode 193 of the iACast, a lively group consisting of Michael Doise, Angie Fisher, Michael Babcock, Marty Sobo, and Lynn Shneider discuss various topics. They start by talking about the joys of food delivery and share their experiences attending the American Council of the Blind conference. They also announce that the iACast network is expanding with new content from Unmute Presents. There was a 30-minute episode on Thursday with all the details. Marty and Michael mention their behind-the-scenes work to bring the teams together, and Lynn gives an overview of the topics covered in the latest Friday Finds episode, including iOS 17, changes in social media, a headband for blind swimmers, and Google’s robotic dog.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of robotic guide dogs. The main speaker, as a guide dog user, expresses curiosity about trying a robotic guide dog and discusses the potential time-saving benefits of not having to take care of a real dog. They acknowledge the necessary training for both the robotic guide dog and its user and decide that this topic deserves its own episode to explore the opinions and reasons for and against using robotic guide dogs. They also tease a special announcement coming in the next episode.

The hosts briefly mention the topics covered in previous episodes of their podcast/show and highlight the diverse content available in the IACast network feed. They then discuss the upcoming tech events, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google events, and announce that they will do event episodes for these events. They invite listeners to join their membership program to access these episodes. They also talk about the Threads social media platform and its accessibility on the web, as well as the possibility of switching to Mastodon once Threads supports ActivityPub.

Michael then discusses the different devices available for blind and visually impaired users, specifically the BlindShell Classic 2 and the Smart Vision 3. They mention the pros and cons of each device and emphasize the importance of considering individual needs and preferences when selecting assistive technology.

The discussion continues with a focus on the needs of elderly individuals when it comes to technology. They mention the complexity of smartphones and the importance of simplicity for older users. They also discuss the potential social considerations and the importance of prioritizing individual needs and preferences.

The hosts then talk about the importance of thinking about how different phones might affect the ability of sighted people to assist individuals with visual impairments. They emphasize the importance of listening to the individual and understanding their preferences and needs. They also discuss the social considerations and the need to prioritize the individual’s needs.

Michael expresses his desire for an iPhone and mentions the Slingers as a neat device he saw at a conference. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of specialist devices versus mainstream smartphones and highlight the importance of personal choice and requirements.

Next, the hosts share their picks for the episode. Michael recommends the HumanWare NLS E-Reader, Marty mentions his presence on Mastodon and the IACast network, Lynn recommends the Sennheiser Ambio Smart headphones for stereo recording, and Angie shares her pick, the Be My AI app for detailed picture descriptions.

Finally, the hosts share their TV show recommendation, Invasion Season 2 on Apple TV+, and end the episode by thanking the audience and announcing their upcoming move. They encourage feedback and following them on social media.


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