Shell Phone Show Simplified Web Forms: Exploring with the BlindShell Classic 2

Episode Description: Dive into the world of accessible web navigation with our latest Shell Phone Show episode! Join Michael as he expertly guides you through the process of signing up on using the innovative BlindShell Classic 2. This episode is packed with practical tips and step-by-step instructions designed to empower visually impaired users in … Read more

Unmute Presents Unmute presents community replay for 5 Dec, 23

# In this episode of Unmute Presents Community Call, we discuss tech gift recommendations and address various listener questions regarding fitness planning apps, iOS 17 bugs, accepting auto-correct suggestions, sharing content, iOS updates, updating iCloud storage plans, deleting Zoom recordings, and copying and pasting on an iPhone. We also provide resources for accessibility information. We … Read more

Technically Working TW37: AI Music, Custom GPTs & Tech Exploration

In Episode 37 of “Technically Working,” Damashe and Michael share a sincere thanks to their supporters, humorously mentioning how even the cost of chicken wings makes their help valuable. They also dive into their streaming setup, talking about using Club Deck and IACache. This episode mixes a big thank you to their audience with interesting … Read more

Unmute Presents “Navigating iOS 17: Resolving Double Tap Timing and Apple Watch Accessibility Challenges”

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Unmute Presents Unmute Presents – our community festive gift guide

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Shell Phone Show Seamless Sign-In: Navigating BARD on the BlindShell Classic 2

# In this episode, listeners are guided through each step of the sign-in process for BARD on the Blindshell Classic 2, ensuring a seamless login experience from opening the app to entering the username and password.Episode Notes Play in new window | Download

Unmute Presents Unmute presents community replay for 28 NOV

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