SafetyCast 18 Movement Is Living

Show Description On this episode, George, Leslie, and Meaghan were excited to welcome Steve Baskis to the show. Steve is, among other things, an adventurer, author, speaker, and the host of his own podcast, Baskis360. Steve shared his adventures with the team and discussed some of the safety measures he employs while mountaineering, white water … Read more

SafetyCast 16 The Best of Us

Show Description We’ve enjoyed bringing this show to you over the last year and a half. In that time, we have all had episodes that meant more to us than others. On this episode, George, Leslie, and Meaghan recap their favorite episodes and tell us why those shows were special to them. All the episodes … Read more

SafetyCast 13 On the Road Again

Show Description Summer is fast approaching and we all know what that means… That’s right! Travel season is here. Leslie, George, and Meaghan discuss staying safe while traveling no matter what mode of transportation you choose. Some of the topics covered are planning your trip, navigating airports, safeguarding documents and identification, hotel rooms, and taking … Read more

SafetyCast 12 Growth of a SEED

Show Description Meaghan, George, and Leslie welcome Amy Wilson to the show. Amy is the director of the newly formed SEED program. SEED, which stands for, Safety Education and Empowering Defense, aims to bring safety education courses and self defense classes to the blind community through peer to peer training. Seed is one of three … Read more

SafetyCast 10 Do You Consent

Show Description In the last few months there has been a movement in the blindness community to bring sexual abuse and harassment to light and take steps to put an end to it. On this episode, Leslie, George and Meaghan welcome Laura Millar, a researcher and teacher of sexual health for people with disabilities, and … Read more

SafetyCast 9 Shop Til You Drop

Show Description With the holidays fast approaching. Meaghan, George, and Leslie discuss methods for keeping yourself safe while shopping in stores and online. They discuss the added need to be aware of and practice safety protocols during COVID 19 as well as how to look out for such things as; porch pirates who try to … Read more