iACast iPads Are Crushing It

In this episode of IACast, we dive into the recent Apple event where new iPads were announced. We discuss the various models, including the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro, along with the range of colors and storage options available. The conversation delves into the pricing, with the iPad Air starting at $599 and the Pros reaching up to $2299 for the maxed-out version. The speakers express excitement about the new features, such as the improved camera placement for better landscape use, increased storage capacities, and the introduction of the M4 chip for enhanced performance.

The discussion touches on the potential limitations of iPadOS compared to macOS, with hopes for future updates and improvements at WWDC. There’s a mention of the desire for more Mac-like features in iPadOS 18, and a possible book subscription service in the future. The hosts also address criticisms of the new iPad ad campaign showcasing the device crushing objects, urging listeners to take it lightly.

Concerns about durability due to the thinner design of the new iPads are highlighted, along with the need for AppleCare for such expensive devices. The conversation ends with a preview of upcoming episodes, including further discussions on the new iPads, the Pixel 8a, and the anticipation for WWDC. The hosts sign off, encouraging feedback and interaction from the audience.