Fake News and AI

In this episode of Friday Finds, Marty and Lynn discuss some recent stories involving AI and fake news, such as the hoax explosion near the Pentagon and the misuse of alt tags on social media. They also talk about the upcoming WWDC and some app updates that you don’t want to miss.

DiscoverCast – Logic Pro for iPad

Read transcript Episode Notes On this episode, Michael discovers how well Logic Pro for iPad can be used with VoiceOver. Logic Pro for iPad Providing Feedback We love hearing from you, so feel free to send an email to feedback@iacast.net. You can follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. You can also find us on Reddit, …

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Shell Phone Show – How To Save Emails on the BlindShell Classic 2

Transcript [0:23] The Blindshell Classic 2 demonstrated in this content was provided to me by ATGuys as an employee for troubleshooting and demonstration purposes. In today’s content, I’m going to walk you through the process of saving an email. If someone sends you something you want to be able to keep, it’s important to separate …

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DiscoverCast – Final Cut for iPad with VoiceOver and the Magic Keyboard

Read transcript Episode Notes On this episode, Michael and Taylor explore Final Cut on iPad with the use of the Magic Keyboard and VoiceOver. Another podcast will be done with the touch screen as the primary input method. Final Cut for iPad Support iACast by contributing to their tip jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/iacast Find out more at …

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Technically Working: Navigating Tech and Business Insights

Summary: In this episode of “Technically Working,” we cover a range of topics that revolve around technology, business, and productivity. From understanding your business dashboard and making informed decisions to unraveling Apple’s intentions with their products, we provide insights that can transform the way you work. We discuss the benefits of using default apps, the …

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180 – Glad for GAAD

Read transcript Episode Notes On this episode, Michael talks to Marty, Lynn, and Angie about the following topics: Apple announces new Accessibility Features for iOS iPadOS and macOS 17 Apple announces Beats Studio Buds. OpenAI announces ChatGPT for iOS Amazon announces Echo Pop Amacon Announces Echo Show 5 2023 Release. Amazon announces Echo buds for …

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Revolutionizing Reading: The Story Behind Speech Central

In this special episode of “unmute Presents,” host Marty and co-host Michael interview Ivan, the founder of Speech Central, an innovative app for improving reading off screens. Ivan shares his journey of app development and how Speech Central fills a gap in the market for a comprehensive text-to-speech app. They discuss the supported file formats, …

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