Unmute Presents ACB Community Replay for 14 NOV

In this episode, we discuss the ability for tipping and encourage listener participation. We highlight upcoming events and introduce Michael Doyes from the iACAST network. We talk about audiobooks and share app recommendations. Wrapping up, we offer assistance and remind listeners of the IA Cast app.You can tune into this call live every Tuesday.

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If you find value in the content we provide, consider the tip jar. All the details are in the show notes of every episode. Thanks in advance. This has been an ACB community call.

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It’s Unmute Presents Community Toll was hosted.

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On Tuesday, 13 November 2023.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Unmute. Just want to remind everyone here at the top that we’re going to go through all first questions first. So raise your hand if you have any kind of a tech question and we’ll try and get those answered. And if we get through everyone and you have a second question and we have time, we’ll take second questions. Also, please be respectful and let everyone get their questions answered in the same fashion you’d want your question answered. And remember, there are no dumb questions. Also, I want to remind everyone right after this, we have games to play with Lady A, so if you want to check that out, that’s immediately following this call and you can find out all that info in the email that went out today in the community. And lastly, want to remind everyone that tonight we have MacBytes with bits at Five west and you can find out all of the information on their website. So check that out if that’s something you’re interested in with me today. As usual, I’ve got Michael Deuce. How are you, Michael? And what you got for us?

01:48.852 –> 01:49.978
Doing great, Marty.

01:50.074 –> 01:51.022
It’s good to be here.

01:51.076 –> 03:19.286
A little under the weather, but we’ll get better soon. And so we have some really exciting things coming up from the IACaSt network. So you may have seen a new podcast show up if you are subscribed to the main feed. But we have a new podcast to teach people how to learn Spanish in a very fun way. It’s called Spanish with Carla. She did a community call here on ACB Community a little while back, and so we’re putting it into podcast form. So check that out, Spanish with Carla and you could find it in the I Accessibility app in your favorite podcaster everywhere, even on YouTube, and you can listen to it there. We’re also very excited that we have our radio station, the IAcaSt radio station on YouTube. There’s been social media posts about that all weekend, and several shows have been recorded right on that feed. So check that out if that’s something you’re interested in. And we have our typical radio station, IACast net slash listen and in the app. So there’s even more ways to get our radio station. So we also did the iCast last week where we talked about several things that have happened with Apple. We talked about the shot on iPhone behind the scenes video. It was very interesting, very intriguing. So check that out. And there’s plenty of other shows to talk about, so I will hand it back over to you, Marty.

03:19.398 –> 03:43.426
Thanks, Michael. Real quick, I wanted to throw out the question of the day, which is audiobooks. What is your favorite app to read or listen to your audiobooks in? So it could be either audiobooks or something that speaks back to you. But the question of the day is, what is your favorite app for listening to your books? And also, we have Michael Babcock with us. What’s going?

03:43.608 –> 04:39.814
Oh, you know, trying to wolf down a quick breakfast before we get started and appreciate everything that everyone has said so far. For me, my favorite app right now with Audiobooks is probably prologue, which lets you use a plex server and get your audiobooks from there. But I like to obtain audiobooks sometimes through audible. It really just depends. Yesterday, we published technically working 34 tech entails small businesses and podcast insights. And then on Thursday, we published the unmute Presents spooky surprises and AI Insights. That was where Lucy went in and showed people how to change the theme of your A lady device. And then on Wednesday, we wrapped up our contacts feature for the Shellphone show. And so that’s it.

04:39.852 –> 04:40.354

04:40.482 –> 04:44.278
Oh, thanks, Michael. And Kayla, we got any hands up?

04:44.364 –> 04:48.034
JC has his hand up. All right. Hey, JC.

04:48.162 –> 05:12.490
Hey, guys. All right, so I’m going to answer the question of the day as I usually do. I don’t have a question on hand right now, but I’m around should anyone need any questions answered, apart from the ones that Marty and the rest of the crew will answer. But I’ll be of assistant to any audiobooks I have not read in quite a while.

05:12.580 –> 05:13.220

05:16.390 –> 05:59.406
My favorite book reader that I like to use is the Dolphin Easy Reader app. And I have used it when I wanted to listen to a bookshare book on the bookshare.org website. And if that’s not enough, then I just use the bookshare website because it has an accessible player that lets you listen to books using your synthesizer of choice on macOS. And it also works with Windows as well. So if you go to the BookShare website, you can listen from within your browser if possible. So I just want to throw that tidbit out there.

05:59.508 –> 06:00.814
Cool. Thank you.

06:00.932 –> 06:01.918
No problem.

06:02.084 –> 06:03.326
And Kayla, do we have any other.

06:03.348 –> 06:05.598
Hands at the moment? Not at the moment.

06:05.764 –> 06:12.098
If we have any tech questions, then go ahead and raise your hands and we will get to you. And Michael, what were you going to say.

06:12.184 –> 06:21.202
I was going to say. So no one has tech questions. I have tech questions. All right, looks like we do. Got a hand there? Who’s that? Kayla?

06:21.266 –> 06:21.906

06:22.018 –> 06:22.962
Hey, Chanel.

06:23.106 –> 06:41.034
Well, I don’t have a question, but I just wanted to share. My answer is Bard. I mean, the problem is sometimes I like the audible narrators and things better, but Bard, I just love how easy it is to navigate and use the app. So that’s my answer.

06:41.152 –> 06:41.866
Thank you.

06:41.968 –> 06:42.978
Thanks, Chanel.

06:43.094 –> 06:45.594
Up next, you have Belle Mills.

06:45.722 –> 06:48.622
Hey, Belle. Hey, how are you?

06:48.756 –> 07:29.146
Okay, well, a couple of things. First of all, I like NLS Bard for books, also audible, but I can only stay with Audible for about six months, and then I will leave and then come back in six. Just, it’s kind of expensive, so that’s the way I do. And I like the book share, too, and I don’t have a lot of money, but I like to read, and there’s books that are not going. I know NLS Bard is not going to offer. I mean, I just know they’re too controversial anyway.

07:29.248 –> 07:29.900

07:32.190 –> 07:48.194
All right, I hope I’m quoting this right. My update for iPhones, it’s 17, well, iOS 17.1.1, I believe that’s the current.

07:48.232 –> 07:53.074
One that just came out just a couple of days ago, and I was.

07:53.112 –> 08:27.214
Having problems with three Angels Broadcasting Network or three ABN, which is an app that I have. And so someone said, well, Belle, go to the top. I was trying to get it to play. They said, go to the top and just go down about a half inch and tap one time, and I did, and it started playing. Now, I didn’t know. I always thought you had to tap twice, and I just didn’t know that that could happen.

08:27.332 –> 08:27.870
What about.

08:27.940 –> 08:28.894
That’s interesting.

08:29.092 –> 08:29.840

08:31.010 –> 08:38.626
So he left. This guy left, and I had a little bit of a problem. I had to turn voiceover off.

08:38.808 –> 08:39.490

08:39.640 –> 08:54.422
And then I tapped one time for about a half inch or so from the top of the phone and the top of the screen, and it played. And that just beats all to me.

08:54.556 –> 09:19.246
So that is the case with. And that’s a good example of accessibility being a challenge. So the button is there, and if you turn off the access technology that you have to use, which in this case is voiceover, and then you can tap on that button and it just works. That should be something app developers make accessible. But, yeah, sometimes you have to use those workarounds to get through apps. And we appreciate you sharing that.

09:19.268 –> 09:19.690

09:19.770 –> 09:21.838
I’m getting a phone call, so I got to run.

09:21.924 –> 09:22.254
All right.

09:22.292 –> 09:22.882
All right. Thanks.

09:22.936 –> 09:50.200
I want to throw something out here really quick. Spotify. Now, if you are a premium user, which is any of their paid subscriptions that they offer, they are now offering audiobooks within the interface so you can go through and listen to audiobooks as well as music. So my question to everyone is, has anyone tried it out yet? And if they have, I’d love to know if or what your experience was.

09:50.970 –> 10:14.898
I’ll share my thoughts before we jump back over to Kayla and get the next hand. And if you have a tech question or a response, feel free to raise your hand. I’m a little confused by what Spotify is doing, though, because from what I’ve read and I’ve not done much research, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure. But they’re giving you 15 hours of audiobook. So if you have a 16 hours audiobook, do you have to wait till next month to listen to that last hour?

10:15.064 –> 10:15.682

10:15.816 –> 10:17.186
How does that work?

10:17.368 –> 10:19.054
Who do we got next? Kayla.

10:19.182 –> 10:20.606
Up next is Janet.

10:20.718 –> 10:21.774
Hey, Janet.

10:21.902 –> 10:22.580

10:23.030 –> 10:25.060
Hello. How are you?

10:27.350 –> 10:42.554
My audiobook player of choice is Bard on my Victory reader stream, but I also have Bard on my phone in case I’m out and about and want to read a book, too. And I don’t have any tech questions, so you all have a blessed day.

10:42.672 –> 10:43.114
You too.

10:43.152 –> 10:44.682
Thanks, Janet. Yes.

10:44.816 –> 10:46.042
Appreciate it.

10:46.176 –> 10:56.654
Up next, we have area code nine one five ending nine five one. My dyslexia came out. Sorry about that.

10:56.772 –> 10:57.534
No problem.

10:57.652 –> 11:00.702
So if you end in two eight eight, go ahead and hit star six.

11:00.836 –> 11:02.014
Yeah, here I am.

11:02.132 –> 11:02.558

11:02.644 –> 11:03.406
You hear me?

11:03.508 –> 11:03.870

11:03.940 –> 11:13.854
Oh, it’s Evelyn. Evelyn. Hi. I mainly listen on the Victor reader or reading.

11:13.902 –> 11:15.010
You have the new one?

11:15.160 –> 11:17.430
No, I don’t. No? Okay.

11:17.500 –> 11:21.206
Well, perfect. I’m glad to hear that. And that works well for you?

11:21.308 –> 11:22.120
Oh, yeah.

11:22.490 –> 11:23.046
There you go.

11:23.068 –> 11:55.520
But I have a question about the edge. I have a laptop, and every time I turn the laptop on now, it constantly comes up. And I want to be able to, I don’t know, get rid of it, delete it, whatever you can do with it. And I don’t know what to do. I use Chrome. The Chrome won’t come up. I used to go to all apps and then find Google Chrome and go from there.

11:59.270 –> 12:20.322
So whenever you turn on your computer, Microsoft Edge keeps coming up, and you don’t want that to happen. You want to have to go to Google Chrome and then get to the Internet from there. I want to give you accurate information. So hang out here while I load Windows and tell you where to go. But you do need to go change your default browser and I’ll give you those directions here in a couple of minutes.

12:20.476 –> 12:24.294
Okay, let me hang on. I can just continue listening?

12:24.342 –> 12:35.840
Yeah, just keep listening. I don’t think we have any other hands now. It’s just taking a minute for Windows to load unless someone else has an idea and they can raise their hand and we can answer that.

12:36.290 –> 12:37.998
All righty, thanks a lot.

12:38.164 –> 12:40.314
No worries. Thanks for the question there, Evelyn.

12:40.362 –> 12:44.526
Appreciate it. JC is back. Hey JC.

12:44.638 –> 12:45.534
Hey JC.

12:45.662 –> 13:36.322
Okay, so I’m going to respond to Evelyn’s question about windows. Now I don’t have Windows, but it depends on what version she is actually using. If she is using Windows Ten, she has to go into the settings application and she has to find search where it says find default web browser or make a default web browser and you have a couple of options. And again, it depends on the web browser of choice. So it’ll pop up like a combo box where you can select a default web browser. Again, I could be wrong on this, but I’m hoping that I gave the right answer. If not, then I’m sure Michael and the rest of you all can correct me.

13:36.376 –> 13:37.746
But you did.

13:37.848 –> 14:00.374
Thanks JC. Appreciate that. In Windows eleven, if you just type in default in the search field when you press your Windows key, that’ll bring you right to the default application settings. And then in that setting pane you can go in and configure what you want the default applications to use when you open those type of files. So thank you JC, I appreciate it.

14:00.412 –> 14:19.600
No problem. Yeah, but again, it all depends on what operating system you’re using. It’s Windows specific, so if you have ten, the instructions still apply. If you’re on Windows eleven, then the same instructions apply. So thank you for that. And I shall be around if anyone has any other questions that are difficult.

14:20.610 –> 14:24.910
Perfect. Appreciate that. Kayla. Do we have any other Eg.

14:25.830 –> 14:28.674
Hey, E. G. Good morning. How are you doing? Good morning. Fine.

14:28.792 –> 14:50.620
Hey, I use Bard and I really like its ability. It has a lot of just so much stuff, but it is a little difficult sometimes to find the title that you want. But other than that, I really like the feature where I can set it for amount of time and oftentimes I’ll use it to go to sleep and I’ll know that I only need to go back five or ten minutes to pick up where I left off.

14:51.310 –> 14:52.234
Very good.

14:52.352 –> 14:59.450
I do have a question. Have you ever done anything with the group called Computers for the blind out of Richardson, Texas I have.

14:59.520 –> 15:00.150

15:00.320 –> 15:01.040

15:01.410 –> 17:16.054
Any thoughts? Yeah, actually, they’ve come a really long way. They used to be really just kind of refurbishing and reselling, old or not old, I should say. But retired computers, major companies that had tons of workstations they would update, would donate for them to be refurbished and be able to then sell at a low cost for people who are visually impaired or blind. The cool thing now what they’re doing is you can customize. So you get an SSD drive, and if you’re going to get a laptop, for example, then you get a base price, and then you get to pick. Do you want to just stick with the base? Which is usually, I believe it’s either a 128 or a 256 SSD hard drive. And then you can pick either leaving it at eight gigs of RAM is what they start with, or go up to 16 gigs of RAM. And the thing they’re doing right now, the last time I checked was about a month ago. They were offering Jaws, already installed on the computer. And then you get it for a whole year for free. And then after that you pay the $100 a year. But it also comes with free Jaws training, so that’s pretty cool. Also, you can also get an external keyboard if you want to choose to add that on, an external mouse and an external monitor, or you can go with a desktop version. So they actually are really good. I’ve had great success with them and what they’re doing is really awesome. So I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new Windows machine at a costly price, especially getting the year of Jaws plus the training is worth it just in that by itself. And I guess a thing to think about is around convention time, national convention time, they always do a special. So they were at the convention, and they did run this over for a few weeks once the convention was over. But they were offering a laptop starting at $50 with the baseline specs Plus Jaws and the training. So, I mean, they’re doing really great things, so I would definitely check them out. Right.

17:16.172 –> 17:30.106
The other thing I was just going to mention was the accessibility pharmacy. Their big two day thing is coming up December 1 and second, and if you haven’t registered for, it’s a good time to go in, they have over 100 different vendors that are going to be there.

17:30.208 –> 17:32.570
Oh, wow. That’s a lot. Yeah.

17:32.720 –> 17:46.602
Their first one was last year and they had, I think, 104 vendors, and they’re going to have more this year. And it’s state agencies. Just about anybody is there that’s working with visually impaired or blind assets.

17:46.746 –> 17:49.922
Wow, that’s really cool. Well, thanks for that, E. G. That’s awesome.

17:50.056 –> 17:52.002
All right, Kayla, who do we got next?

17:52.136 –> 17:53.618
Deborah is up next.

17:53.784 –> 17:54.814
Hey, Deborah.

17:54.942 –> 18:07.480
Hey, did you guys hear about Google is going to be deleting any unused users emails and photos and stuff like.

18:08.510 –> 18:32.094
Yes, it’s after two years, I believe, of inactivity. If you have not used a Google account for two years, they will remove information. There are certain things that are not covered in this, and that’s YouTube videos and things like that, but they will be removing accounts after two years of them being inactive. From what I’ve read.

18:32.212 –> 18:36.098
Can I add that starting next month, December 1?

18:36.264 –> 20:11.886
Go ahead, E. G. Yeah, I’ve done some things on digital preservation, and both Apple and Google are the best. But basically, Google has a setting where if you do not do anything for two years, it will go to an inactive, used to be 18 months. They’ve moved it up. However, you can designate someone to have access to your information once you pass. And you can compose an email to send to people after that two year period of inactivity, but they do not ever eliminate your email address, according to them. So it’s fairly easy to do the Apple one. So that if you want someone to have access to your iCloud, anything on your iCloud, it takes about maybe two, three minutes to set it up, where you basically have a beneficiary, they have to provide a death certificate, and then they have a code that they put in and that allows them to access the information. And Google, it’s a little more straightforward that once you become inactive, a message is sent to the people. If, for example, if you want one person to receive your emails but not your photos or one person to receive other things, you can kind of divide it up on your Google devices. Let’s say you have someone that you want to just get your Google Slides or your Google Sheets because it has financial information, then that’s all that person can get.

20:11.988 –> 20:17.300
That’s nice. They give you that granularity. So it’s probably under a legacy mode option.

20:17.670 –> 20:25.234
That is correct. Both of them are under legacy. I have to think about the exact term they use. But yes, they’re both there.

20:25.352 –> 20:25.682

20:25.736 –> 20:40.938
But if you do not do anything after two years, if you just let your account just sit there after two years of inactivity, like, say you just get a new Gmail and you don’t do anything with the one you have, they will put it into a deleted state.

20:41.104 –> 20:41.958

20:42.134 –> 20:48.486
All right, looks like we don’t have any other hand up. Hey, Denise.

20:48.598 –> 20:49.958
Hey, Denise, how are you?

20:50.064 –> 20:50.622

20:50.756 –> 20:52.478
Hi there. We can hear you.

20:52.644 –> 21:00.990
I have a question about this IAcast. Is that available on the blind shell or only on the iPhone?

21:01.410 –> 21:08.114
Are you talking about the app for I accessibility or the podcast or which part?

21:08.232 –> 21:09.410
The podcast.

21:11.910 –> 21:12.434
Go ahead.

21:12.472 –> 21:29.002
So if you download the podcast application to the Blind Shell classic two, you can actually go into the podcast app and search for IAcast, and it will come up. And I’m doing that right now to make sure there’s nothing special you have to put in there, but you should be able to subscribe right there.

21:29.136 –> 21:34.630
Okay, so I put the podcast app on and then put in IAcast.

21:34.790 –> 22:49.426
Yes. So you go to the add podcast, and then you choose the search button. And then if you type in IA, and then I put zero for the space, and then I type in cast and you don’t hear my phone talking because I have it set up so it only vibrates to me and doesn’t repeat the letter. So it says loading now. And the first result is IAcast by IA accessibility. And if you press the OK button on that, it says loading, and then you can add it to your subscriptions, and then you won’t have to search for it again. Adding it to your subscriptions is like adding it to your favorites. So that way when a new episode is published, then you can listen to that episode. Otherwise, if you choose the episodes list, which is option two on that menu, that will bring you to a list of all of the episodes. Right. Now, the first one is Spanish with Carla Alphabet numbers and questions, and it reads that title to you and gives you the date that the content was published. So that says November 13, 2023. If you want to listen to that, simply press the okay button. And then what I do is I press the up arrow to play and I press OK. So hopefully that helps a little bit.

22:49.528 –> 23:09.194
And just to add to that, if you have any other podcasts you want to listen to, you can put the name of it in that search box. For example, unmute. You can put in there, search for it, subscribe, or follow it, and then that’ll also be added. And you can do that with any podcast. As long as you know the name of it in the search box, you can do that with any podcast you want.

23:09.312 –> 23:14.506
Okay, but between the A and the C, I have to have a space.

23:14.688 –> 23:15.370

23:15.520 –> 23:17.500
So it’s IA space.

23:18.510 –> 23:19.786
It’s actually one word.

23:19.888 –> 23:20.666
Oh, it is.

23:20.768 –> 23:21.082

23:21.136 –> 23:23.100
But it’s good to know if you do it both.

23:23.870 –> 23:26.694
Okay, okay, thank you.

23:26.832 –> 23:27.198
Thank you.

23:27.204 –> 23:28.218
No problem. Good luck.

23:28.314 –> 23:30.798
Appreciate that, Michael. That saves me a key press.

23:30.964 –> 23:32.000
There you go.

23:32.310 –> 23:34.130
Always helps on the blind shell.

23:34.710 –> 23:35.762
Who do we got next?

23:35.816 –> 23:36.910
We have Diane.

23:37.070 –> 23:37.742
Hey, Diane.

23:37.806 –> 23:59.014
Diane. Yeah. Okay, I just have a question. If anyone’s found any solution to the fact that Siri often cuts off my messages and it seems to cut off certain messages, those being in a couple of groups that I’m in, in the community.

23:59.212 –> 24:41.846
Yeah. Well, this is not necessarily a solution, but more of a workaround in the new operating system. The issues that a lot of people are having is just that it cuts off either at the beginning or the end. So what you need to do is invoke Siri and wait a second before you start talking so that it gives it a chance to get going and listening to you. And when you stop talking, don’t stop Siri for a second. So give it a second at the beginning and give it a second at the end. That way you make sure to catch the entire thing of what you said. And that’s new in this new operating system. Hopefully they’ll fix that. But that is a workaround if you want to try that.

24:41.948 –> 24:47.714
And Diane, I muted you, so if you want to respond, you have to unmute. All right. And JC is back.

24:47.852 –> 24:48.902
Hey, JC.

24:49.046 –> 26:08.786
Yes, I’m going to let you guys know that I’m beta testing IOS 17.2 as we speak. And the Siri cut off is. It sometimes happens to me as well, but it hasn’t been happening more so since yesterday. So it is presumably fixed in IOS 17.2, but that won’t come out till December. But I want to let everyone know that if you are running the beta of iOs, and we cannot, and myself and others cannot stress this enough, please send feedback to Apple when you see an inoperable behavior unexpectedly, and that way Apple the team, will resolve it in a timely manner. I have submitted three bug reports and I’m hoping and praying that those reports, or one of them at least, will get fixed in the future beta as soon as it becomes available and you won’t see iOS 17.2 until December. But if you want to test, please test at your own risk. And if you have any feedback, make sure you send it to the feedback assistant on IOS. So just want to throw that out there.

26:08.888 –> 26:25.800
Something I want to mention there too is I don’t see that we have any hands currently, but the Journal app is really exciting, folks. If you’re into that in 17.2, it’s something to be excited for.

26:26.330 –> 26:29.654
Yes, Michael, I haven’t played it that.

26:29.692 –> 26:31.510
Much, but I will get into playing.

26:31.590 –> 26:34.874
I’ve journaled several times and I really love the experience.

26:35.072 –> 26:50.814
So that’s interesting that you bring that up, Michael, because I’ve been very underwhelmed by the Journal app in 17.2. So I’m curious, what about it? Is it that you enjoy? Because I’m considering resubscribing to day one, but sell me on it because it underwhelmed me.

26:50.932 –> 27:50.130
So I’ve looked at day one and I’ve looked at a few others and a lot of the things that you have to subscribe for in day one are free in the iOS Journal App. And that was really neat to me. And if you have an Apple Watch, if you have all those things, I can record a voice message or a voice journal and then label it with some text and just add that. It gives some pretty cool suggestions. And this is only beta two of the Journal app and it can only get better from here. And eventually, if they add it to the iPad or the Mac, you have that whole experience. You can lock the journal with Face ID, which I’ve done. You can put as much information in as you want and just that the recordings are very clear, which you have to pay day one to have that. And so that’s what’s really kind of sold me on the built in experience. It kind of comes back to that built in experience with any iOS app.

27:50.280 –> 27:58.342
But they’re not doing anything creative with it right now where it can automatically pull information from your phone that Apple should be able to.

27:58.396 –> 27:59.782
Are they? Oh, it can.

27:59.916 –> 28:00.950
Yes, they are.

28:01.100 –> 28:01.800

28:02.490 –> 28:12.426
So for an example, I hadn’t connected with somebody over the phone in months and it picked up on that and said, you connected with so and so.

28:12.528 –> 28:13.914
Do you want to write about it?

28:14.032 –> 28:17.978
Or you went for an outdoor walk today? Do you want to write about it?

28:18.144 –> 28:19.500
Now? That’s interesting.

28:19.950 –> 28:29.486
Think about the use case for that, for business use clients and things like that, or projects that you’re working on, stuff like that.

28:29.588 –> 29:38.898
And another thing about that, and then we’ll take this hand that Damasi and I were actually just talking about earlier today. If you haven’t played with it yet and you are a chat GPT plus subscriber, check out the voice input mode because there’s discussion of iOS. So the operating system under the iPhone that runs the iPhone, there’s talk about iOS 18 come next fall having a lot more AI capability, right? And if there’s on device capability, and they’ve already started this process because how natural is it to just shout out, hey, S-I-R-I? It’s a lot more natural to just say Siri and then give it your prompt. And right now, no, Siri is not that most intuitive. But if Apple is able to take advantage of the details that are already provided on your phone and process all that information on the device, I think your iPhone will become the central piece of your life, if it isn’t already, and then bring that capability to your homePods. And I’m intrigued.

29:38.914 –> 29:40.566
For 2024. Yes.

29:40.668 –> 29:41.494
Who do we got next?

29:41.532 –> 29:43.394
Kayla Belle Mills.

29:43.522 –> 29:45.734
Hey Belle, you are muted there.

29:45.772 –> 29:47.802
Bell there you go.

29:47.856 –> 29:58.326
Hey, so I’m sorry I had to answer a phone call, but I muted, so I hope you didn’t.

29:58.438 –> 30:00.686
No, we were all good. We didn’t hear your phone call.

30:00.788 –> 30:01.440

30:02.370 –> 30:18.894
And I’ll have to go back to the podcast because I missed a few minutes of what you said. But one thing, that it is so nice to be able to move apps around now without it making a folder.

30:19.022 –> 30:21.460
Oh yeah, that was a real pain. I hated that.

30:25.050 –> 31:07.954
It really is nice. And again, I’m going to try this. I think I said this that I tried tapping one time at about a half inch from the top again, but turned the voiceover off. I don’t understand it, but I’m going to try it in some other apps that I have problems with playing. I guess three ABN must have updated too, or whatever because things were so different when I went in there after I updated to 17.1.1.

31:08.072 –> 31:10.670
So anyway, they did a lot of bug fixes.

31:10.830 –> 31:11.490

31:11.640 –> 32:02.562
Okay, thanks for a quick recap here on what Bell was just talking about up until this current update that came out a couple of days ago. Whenever you try and Reorder apps or move them around on any of your screens, instead of just plopping the app right where you want the app to go, it would automatically create a folder no matter what you did. And so there was no way to move apps around without creating new folders instead of just only moving the app where you wanted to move it. So in this current update, they resolved that issue. So you shouldn’t have that issue anymore. If you are still having that issue, make sure that you’re updated to the most current operating system and or write in and let them know that you’re still having it. But hopefully that’s resolved for everyone now and we won’t have that headache anymore. And who do we have next?

32:02.696 –> 32:04.174
Up next is Pam.

32:04.302 –> 32:07.174
Hey, Pam. Hello, Pam, there you are.

32:07.292 –> 32:07.910

32:08.060 –> 32:09.670
Hey Pam, can you hear us?

32:09.820 –> 33:10.186
Yes, I can. Now, for a second, it dropped out. But a suggestion for Belle, I don’t have that Particular app, but three ABN. But my suggestion would be, because I have run into similar things on some apps, is if the play button is not labeled, then turn your screen recognition on, add it to your rotor and turn it on. And sometimes that will bring up those unlabeled images. Unlabeled. Whatever. And you can get it to work. And what I will do is between now and next Tuesday, I’ll put that app on my phone and give it a try, and I’ll call in and.

33:10.208 –> 33:12.940
Let you know if it works or not.

33:14.990 –> 33:15.642

33:15.776 –> 33:16.620
Thank you.

33:17.150 –> 33:18.090
You’re welcome.

33:18.240 –> 33:20.220
Thank you. I love this call.

33:20.910 –> 33:24.042
We appreciate you. So thanks a lot. All right, who do we got next?

33:24.176 –> 33:25.582
Ann is up next.

33:25.716 –> 33:28.590
Hey, Anne, can you hear me? We can hear you.

33:28.660 –> 33:38.454
Okay. What about the D as in delete that you sometimes find in the middle of recents?

33:38.602 –> 33:43.234
Yeah, they have a weird thing with. Are you talking about, like, recent phone calls in your recents list in the phone app?

33:43.272 –> 33:50.902
Yeah, you find that D in the middle of it, and sometimes it just won’t let you do anything. And I have to go out and go back in.

33:51.036 –> 34:14.238
Yeah, I know that’s a bug. I actually get that also. And it seems to happen. If you want to delete a call that maybe you missed or you’re just trying to clear calls out of there. After you do the first one, it goes into this weird edit mode, I think, and then it wants you to do different things, and it’s kind of a little bit of a wild, wild goose chase. So you do have to quit out and go back into it.

34:14.404 –> 34:16.590
Is that the only fit for it right now?

34:16.740 –> 34:45.080
Yeah, you could try. Sometimes what will happen is you’ll do, say, for example, like, delete a number. It’ll go away. Then it goes into that edit mode. You sometimes can go into the top right or left corner to find either the edit or the done button. You can sometimes hit the done button and it will put you back into the normal mode. But the problem is the done button doesn’t always show up there. So then your only option, really, is to quit out of the app and go back in again.

34:46.330 –> 34:47.766
You got to find your place when.

34:47.788 –> 34:57.962
You go back in, usually it just stays in the same order. For me, the most recent call would be all the way at the top, and then it goes descending order.

34:58.016 –> 34:59.942
Do you think they’ll bug?

35:00.086 –> 35:14.458
I sure hope they do. Like everything else, I would always write in and let them know that what your issue is, and the more people write in, the more opportunity you’ll have that they’ll pay attention to it. So we just got to be on them about it.

35:14.564 –> 35:18.078
Accessibility at Apple, is that where you write in? Yep.

35:18.174 –> 35:22.178
Or you can call in, too, to the Apple accessibility line.

35:22.264 –> 35:26.726
Well, I have done that, and I got someone that didn’t know what I was talking about. Yeah.

35:26.748 –> 35:30.200
It’s not always a perfect scenario. So you got to write or call or do.

35:31.450 –> 35:32.198
Well. Thanks.

35:32.284 –> 35:34.918
Yeah. Appreciate it. Who do we got next?

35:35.084 –> 35:36.162

35:36.306 –> 35:37.694
Hey, Restoria.

35:37.842 –> 35:38.586

35:38.768 –> 35:41.450
I have two questions.

35:41.600 –> 35:51.600
Well, one, you just said something about moving apps. Is it the same with an iPad? Yes.

35:53.810 –> 36:00.538
You move apps around or reorganize them the same way whether you’re on an iPhone or an iPad.

36:00.634 –> 36:18.574
Okay. That’s why I was. Because I would try to move them and everything, and it wasn’t. What is the other difference in the iPad and the iPhone and is the journal on the iPad?

36:18.702 –> 36:38.474
The Journal is only in beta right now. It’s supposed to come out in the next update that they push out. So if you’re not doing any of the betas, then you won’t see the journal app yet. So look for that. I believe it’s going to be coming out in the next update they push out, which is going to be in December, I believe. Okay. Thank you.

36:38.592 –> 36:40.186
And the journal is only on the.

36:40.208 –> 36:42.378
Iphone currently, so it will not be.

36:42.384 –> 36:53.760
Coming to the iPad. It’ll only be coming out to you if you have an iPhone. So thank you for that, Michael. Yeah. At this time, Apple can change that, but it can take them ten years to change that.

36:54.930 –> 36:56.030
That is true.

36:56.180 –> 36:59.922
So what was the other app that you said you were using then?

37:00.056 –> 37:09.074
Day one, third party app. It’s a journaling app as well. It’s been around for many years. It’s very popular. But it’s a third party app not made by Apple.

37:09.202 –> 37:10.070
Oh, okay.

37:10.220 –> 37:10.950
Day one.

37:11.020 –> 37:11.542

37:11.676 –> 37:17.702
And to get features that are in the Apple Journal app, you do have to pay a subscription fee in day one.

37:17.836 –> 37:18.194

37:18.242 –> 37:31.278
But you can start journaling with day one for free. Play with it and see if it’s something you want to upgrade to right now. I don’t pay for it because I’m horrible about consistent journaling. Kayla, who do we got next?

37:31.444 –> 37:33.950
Up next, we have iPhone 34.

37:34.100 –> 37:41.242
Hello, iPhone 34. If you are on an iPhone, go ahead and unbox.

37:41.306 –> 37:42.670
Well, no, don’t do that.

37:42.820 –> 37:46.382
If you’re on an iPhone and you have your hand raised, go ahead and unmute.

37:46.526 –> 37:50.482
And you are unmuted but we are not hearing you.

37:50.616 –> 37:51.940
Yeah, we are not.

37:52.470 –> 37:57.010
So you may want to leave and come back and we’ll go to. JC.

37:57.170 –> 37:58.242
Hey, JC.

37:58.386 –> 39:05.946
All right, so I’m going to give a suggestion, even though Pam already gave one, regarding the app that I believe the previous participants have asked about. I don’t have that particular app. However, what she could do is she could perform a magic tap using voiceover with the screen reader on, and if she hears audio playing from that specific app alone, then she’ll be able to hear audio coming from that particular app. Now, not all apps do have the magic tap capability. Some apps do and some apps don’t. It depends on whether the developer has added that functionality in. But if it has been added, you can perform a magic tap. And if you hear audio coming from the application itself, then that means it is working. So give that a try and see if that works.

39:06.128 –> 39:06.714

39:06.832 –> 39:08.054
Appreciate that, JC.

39:08.102 –> 39:10.566
Thanks A. Oh, we got one more hand.

39:10.688 –> 39:13.710
All right. And Belle Mills is back with another question.

39:13.780 –> 39:18.400
I don’t know whether anybody has gone three times, has talked three times before.

39:19.410 –> 39:20.560
It’s all good.

39:21.330 –> 39:46.470
But, you know, some of this sounds a little complicated. And I was actually able to accomplish what I needed to. I mean, I. I was actually able to hear it just by tapping, but I’m going to try these other things, too. But I was just sort of amazed. I’d never heard of just tapping one time at the top, about a half inch.

39:49.850 –> 39:50.498
And bell.

39:50.514 –> 40:25.826
The reason you probably haven’t heard of that too, is because a lot of the Times voiceover will work with the applications that you’re using. But when you turn voiceover off, if you were using the iPhone without access technology enabled on it, then you would just be tapping on the screen at the top. And so you’re using it like a sighted user would, except for you’re not seeing the screen. So I’m glad to know that the button is big enough and placed in a place that that works for you and maybe try some of these suggestions so you don’t have to toggle voiceover. But there’s a lot of suggestion or a lot of opportunities to solve the problem.

40:26.008 –> 40:31.030
Yeah, it was a sighted person that helped me, too. I mean, it just said tap the top there.

40:31.100 –> 40:33.894
So anyway, thanks a lot again.

40:33.932 –> 40:34.918
I appreciate it.

40:35.084 –> 40:37.362
Looks like iPhone 34 is back.

40:37.516 –> 40:40.758
Yes. And I’ve sent them. Ask them. Unmute.

40:40.934 –> 40:41.866
All right.

40:42.048 –> 40:45.930
Good morning. Maybe I can believe it.

40:46.080 –> 40:47.978
Wow, you made it. We can hear you now.

40:48.144 –> 40:55.486
My phone 34? Yeah. I don’t know why that happens, because I do have my name.

40:55.588 –> 41:11.842
Usually you have to sign into your zoom. If you have not signed in with your username and password, it’ll give you a default name of whatever your iPhone is named. So you might want to go try and actually sign into your zoom on your phone, and then your name will show up like it used to be.

41:11.976 –> 41:28.338
Okay. All right. Thank you. My question is regarding the iPad. The phone on the left side. Can you enlarge the left bar? Can you enlarge the font?

41:28.514 –> 41:30.380
You’re just talking about the font itself?

41:30.910 –> 41:32.620
Yes, the font itself.

41:32.990 –> 41:49.630
I don’t think you can just do only a left bar, but for an individual app, say, like messages or mail, something like that, you can go in and you can make the size of the font larger. But it makes all the fonts in the app larger, not only the left side, correct?

41:49.780 –> 42:08.166
Okay. Yeah, but I’m able to do it on the right side when I have something open. The fonts are larger, but it doesn’t enlarge the ones on the left. I don’t know if it’s a separate setting. I was looking, and I couldn’t find it.

42:08.268 –> 42:14.840
It depends on how you’re setting the fonts. Are you setting it in the Settings app or in a particular app?

42:15.450 –> 42:18.150
Settings app, yeah.

42:18.300 –> 42:43.146
Usually if you enlarge now, certain apps will enlarge and certain ones won’t. It just depends on the app itself if they’ve made it to where it will do that. IOS’s home screen does not enlarge when you change the fonts, but to an extent they do. Some. But certain apps do not enlarge when you change the font size in the system settings.

42:43.338 –> 42:44.078

42:44.244 –> 42:46.402
All right. Thank you very much. No problem.

42:46.456 –> 42:47.086
Good luck.

42:47.198 –> 42:49.694
Thank you. Up next, we have Chanel.

42:49.822 –> 42:50.494
Hey, Chanel.

42:50.542 –> 43:21.294
Yes. I wasn’t sure if I should contribute, but I have also tried to use three ABN in the past, and I have had some difficulties with it. It’s been a while, so I will also play with it, but it seems. I thought maybe they had different apps or maybe what? I kind of. They seem to have different programs going on at the same time, so, Belle, I don’t know, but I’ll see what I can find out and try to come back.

43:21.492 –> 43:22.586
Awesome. Thanks, Janelle.

43:22.618 –> 43:25.514
Appreciate it. Next we have Randy.

43:25.642 –> 44:13.658
Hey, Randy. How’s it going? Oh, I’m pretty good, thank you. I have no questions or comments, but I was going to answer to your question of day. Okay. Yeah. For my audio book where I use. For my audiobook, I use a Dawson Daisy reader. Oh, cool. I think that’s pretty good. Awesome. I started using it all along. So far I’ll keep using it. And I got Vector string meter and haven’t started using it, but one of these days I will start to it. All right, that sounds great. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. So Michael V, since we don’t have any hands at the moment, and we were talking about journal apps, why don’t you talk about day one and your experience with it?

44:13.744 –> 46:53.310
Yeah, so I have a up and down relationship with day one, and this is why I love this live environment. You never know where things are going to go. So day one is an application. It’s usable by third party. It’s a third party application. It’s usable on the Mac and the iPhone and the iPad, and via text message. It’s also available on Android as well. A couple of features that you have with day one that you may need to pay for. Most of these you actually will need to pay for is the ability to attach audio recordings to your journal entry, which is the one that I typically take advantage of. And day one has a transcription function, which I haven’t played with newer iterations of it that will add as a text entry to your journal with your audio attached to it, a transcript, so you can search that in the future. And that’s what I really like about that. There’s also the ability for you to give it permission to pull in your workout data or other fitness data because you can give it health access and that can be attached to your journal entry. You can also add photos to your entry and if you allow access to day one, if you travel somewhere or you are taking a lot of photos, it’ll take note of that and prompt you at a specific time during the day or after that event. Hey, would you like to journal about this? And it pulls in all the data it has about that. And then you can also add the weather to your journal entries. One gotcha with day one is on the free account. You can only use it on one device. So if you’re like myself and use the Mac and Windows and you use an iPhone and sometimes an Android, there’s not a Windows app, but you use all those platforms, you’ll want to look at the day one premium because that’ll give you access to unlocking your day one journal on multiple different devices. So there’s a lot of ways to solve the problem. I, for 2023 ACB convention, just used an app that you purchased once called Just press record. And that also gives you a transcript. And when you get those organized, then you could use that as a journaling app. So it really comes down to what works best for you and what solves the problem you’re trying to solve day one. Why it intrigues me also is it’s connected to the web, which means if we wanted to, we could add an RSS feed. So anytime a new unmute presents episode comes out, it can automatically archive that in my journal because, yes, we have a website at Unmute show, but it can’t have a local backup.

46:53.810 –> 46:54.802
Who do we got next?

46:54.856 –> 46:57.022
Kayla? Up next is Eric.

46:57.166 –> 46:58.914
Hey, Eric. Hey, Eric, how’s it going?

46:59.032 –> 47:00.482
And we are at ten minutes.

47:00.616 –> 47:01.326
Thanks, Kayla.

47:01.358 –> 47:02.050
Thank you.

47:02.200 –> 47:18.310
Okay, real quick, if you have a family plan with Carrier and they give you one gig of memory, does that cover the entire plan or just the particular device?

47:18.650 –> 48:07.394
You’ll have to look in which particular company you have the family plan with and see the total amount of data that you’re looking at. Is that what you get for each user, or are you supposed to split that total up with everybody on the family plan? So, like, for example, in Apple, for example, when you get the family plan, usually you get a terabyte, and then you have to divide that up between everybody on the family plan. So if you want more than that, you have to pay extra for more storage. So say, like, you have six people in your family and 1 TB is not going to be enough, then you can bump up to two terabytes or whatever the case is. So each one is kind of individual. You have to look at what they’re offering and how they divide it up.

48:07.532 –> 48:27.306
So, like, when they say 1GB, and then they say unlimited data, actually 1GB divided between five people, but you’re allowed to use unlimited data while, well, there’s.

48:27.338 –> 49:41.814
Two different things that you’re kind of talking about. One is unlimited data. That’s how much data you can use across all your devices in the terms of searching, downloading, all of that stuff. The other thing is the amount of storage, which is like basically virtual hard drive space that they’re allowing you to have to store information in. So they’re two different things. So you would have to look and see if you get an unlimited data for everybody in your family. That’s how much streaming you can do over your plan. You’re not going to run out, is what they’re saying. Now, one thing they might do is after you hit a certain point, they might throttle you, which means slow you down a little bit. If you’ve gotten to a certain point in a one month period. And so you might want to take a look at that. But then the other would be the actual storage, which is like virtual hard drive space. Do they a give you whatever you said, 1GB, and does that per person, or divide it up between everyone in the family? So you would have to look and see what that is. Exactly.

49:42.012 –> 50:06.560
Because when I do my updates, it tells me I don’t have enough memory. And although I do go in and delete things off of my hard drive, sometimes it still takes me a while to get things clean up. For example, I haven’t been able to update to the 17.1.

50:06.930 –> 51:25.654
See, that’s going to be a different thing, though. That’s going to be the actual storage on your actual device itself. So what I would suggest you do for that, the way you would check to see how much space you actually have on your device, I’m assuming you have an iPhone, is what it sounded like. I would say you go to settings, you go to general, and you go to storage, and it will show you the amount of hard drive space you have on your device and how much you’ve used up and how much you have available. And the first thing I would do there is go through all the apps that you see in the list and either get rid of ones that you don’t use and also get rid of things that maybe you don’t need on there and create enough room, hopefully, to be able to do the things that you want to do. That’s going to be locally. Now, a tip I can give you right away is they put some things on there, like iPhone, I mean, on iMovie, GarageBand, stuff like that. Those things are huge. If you don’t use those, delete them. If you ever need to get them back, you can always go back to the App Store and redownload them at no cost. But if you need to create storage, get rid of apps you’re not using, especially ones that take up a ton of space. Like I said, iMovie and garageband, and those are huge. Just those alone will open up a lot of space for you.

51:25.772 –> 51:27.314
Okay, thanks a lot, guys.

51:27.452 –> 51:28.554
Yeah, no problem.

51:28.752 –> 51:31.100
All right, Stacey is up next.

51:31.470 –> 51:35.882
All right, Stacey, how are you? Go ahead.

51:36.016 –> 52:13.666
Okay. Yeah, I’ve been trying to figure this raise hand thing out quite a lot, but yes, I’d like to know. Alexa, I think, has had an update for, I think it’s two point ten something. Okay. And when I looked on the blind shell Classic two, it said it would only take the 2.5 something. Now, if I mix those two, I mean, if I pair those two, what’s going to happen? Is it going to take it down to Nope.

52:13.698 –> 52:36.334
So that’s a very good question. And we have games to play with Lady a coming up here in a couple of moments, so I’ll make it really quick. The biggest difference is you may be able to do some features on a phone that is not the blind shell or with the Alexa devices. Just know that because the blindshell is running an older version of the Alexa app, some of the newer features may not work on that app.

52:36.452 –> 52:39.070
Yeah, I mean, I’m afraid to even pair.

52:41.090 –> 52:53.666
It won’t mess it up. It will work. But just know that some features may not be available on the blind shell. You can do pretty much everything, and it’s not going to mess your Alexa account up if you sign in on the blind show.

52:53.848 –> 52:56.542
Okay. It won’t mess up the other thing, right? Nope.

52:56.606 –> 52:59.030
It won’t mess up any of your other devices as well.

52:59.100 –> 53:03.366
I mean, it won’t mess up the Amazon Echo, will it?

53:03.388 –> 53:20.938
Nope, it will. So there you go, Stacey, appreciate it. Thank you very much for your question today. Michael D. Thanks for joining us and streaming on IAcast and appreciate Belle and Kayla for hosting. Marty, you want to wrap it up?

53:21.024 –> 53:44.110
Yeah. Everyone, thanks for being here. We always appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments or anything else, you can reach us at feedback at Unmute show. You can also check out the website at Unmute Show. And thanks again to everyone here who helped us out, Kayla, Belle and everybody else. We always appreciate it. Everyone, have a great week and we’ll see you next time.

53:44.180 –> 53:47.060
And get on that mailing list on the website. Exciting things coming.