Unmute Presents ACB COmmunity Replay for 16 Jan

In this episode of Unmute, we discuss scams on phones, using YouTube and Shazam, email troubles with Outlook, a Spanish language podcast, the app Discord, and portable chargers for USB-C phones. We address questions about syncing contacts to a new iPhone and turning off text prediction. We also talk about upgrading to Office 2019 and using Outlook for email. We apologize for not having enough time to answer all the questions and thank everyone for their participation.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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It’s today’s unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, 16 January 2024. Oh, and the notepad question at the end. Head to your settings with alt s and choose the startup option. You can pick what notepad does when it starts up.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. Hope everyone is doing well today. A couple little announcements. As usual here at the top, we want to remind everyone that we’re going to take all first hands, so go ahead and get your hands up if you want or if you have any tech questions, we’re going to try and take all firsthands first before we take second questions. So remember that. And also remember to be respectful to everyone and make sure that you give the same respect as you would want for your question answered. And remember, always there are no dumb questions. As usual, I got Michael Babcock with me. What’s going on, Michael?

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Not a whole bunch. Marty, don’t you have a question today while I pull up these episodes, I do.

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The question of the day, everyone, is where do you go? Or how do you get your learning technology done? So if there’s something that you want to learn and you don’t know it, where would you go? How would you do it? What would be the thing that you go to to learn something perfect? And I go to I Michael goes to YouTube. Yes, YouTube answers all your questions. YouTube is your everything. Yeah, Michael, I just also want to let everyone know we have David here today and he’s going to help us answer questions. So welcome, welcome. And Michael, what you got for your announcements?

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Yeah, so real quick, I’ll just run through this list a little bit longer than last time, which I am glad to say we’re back into the swing of things on iacast Spanish with Carla. There is the episode that they talked about, articles and numbers technically working. Yesterday we published an episode talking about navigating instincts. Instincts. Damasi had do it yourself around the house and how he’s more at jumping into that than I am and the power of accessibility in tech. On Sunday, we published an episode to unmute presents called joining a voice channel on Discord. So if you’re interested in how to navigate discord, you can use those skills to quickly find what you’re looking for in different channels. I posted an out of band episode on Shellphone show Saturday called be my AI versus Google lookout to answer some questions that I was seeing on some mailing lists about people asking, well, why isn’t my AI reading me the information like Google Lookout does? And hopefully I was able to explain the difference in the two systems and how you can use them differently but still get some of the same information. On Thursday, we had the all things lady a with Lucy and we talked about the AI. It’s been an AI filled week. We talked about the AI generative skills that are available with your a device, including character AI and a couple of other ones spanish with Carla. They chatted about nine conjugations. And then on Wednesday, we also talked about the be my AI. And I did a quick demo. It described who I was a little bit in my background, and that was done on the blind trail classic two on Wednesday. So see Marty a little bit longer than last time, right?

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Yeah, definitely. And you have one other announcement you were going to make, right?

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I do.

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You do?

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Yeah. So Monday we are on tech talk. See too many things. I should actually take notes. So we want to invite you to come and listen to us, and if you want more information, you can go to accessibleworld.org. You’re going to learn more about what type of content is available with unmute and some of the future plans that we have for unmute, as well as Michael’s going to come talk about Iacast and those of you who’ve heard me mention technically working but haven’t actually went to give it a listen. You’ll hear more about that show and some plans with that as well. If you want more details, head to accessibleworld.org and get the zoom details from there.

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And there will be some unmute surprises, so you might want to hang out and hear what those are going to be.

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Sheila, do we have any hands?

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You do. Christy.

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Hey, Christy.

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Hello. How are you all doing?

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Good, good. How are.

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Oh, we’re good. I just wanted to find out about the shazam thing with the. You know how you can ask Siri. Hey, what song is work anymore? Yeah, it doesn’t work anymore. Is there something I need to do or is that just a stupid thing that Apple’s doing?

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As far as I know, it should still work. All you’d have to do is make sure there’s a song playing in the space.

05:43.376 –> 06:01.134
Yeah, I’ve done that. And it says, sorry, can’t recognize music right now. I mean, it’s been doing that for a long time. And I disabled it, enabled it, and just restarted the phone and reset my network connections and did all kinds of things.

06:01.252 –> 06:44.414
A couple of things I would suggest then is one, restart your phone. Just, you can invoke Sirius, restart my device, and then you might want to download the actual Shazam app, which is made by Apple. It doesn’t cost you anything. And go from there because once you have the app, it does give you some other features as well that you don’t have when you just do it through Siri. Like for example, if you ask it what song is this? And then it is able to identify the song, you can choose for it to make a playlist of the songs. When you ask that, or if you like a song or it’s got a lot of cool options and it does work with, don’t know, try maybe doing that. See if that helps at all.

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Okay, I’ll do that.

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All right, yeah, no problem.

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Hey, Beth.

06:51.466 –> 07:28.502
Okay, yeah, that sounds interesting to me too, that shazam. But I was going to ask my phone this weekend. It worked just fine. But it says five viruses detected and I didn’t install any malware because I figured maybe it was a scam, but it said to repair, click. Ok. So I double tapped on that because if I would have shut it down, I think it would probably not have done that. So could that have been a scam?

07:28.566 –> 07:29.130

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Well, what app is it saying that you’ve identified malware or whatever it was that it.

07:38.850 –> 07:45.620
Really. It just said your phone. It just gave me a warning. Not on any certain app.

07:46.150 –> 07:47.662
I was on YouTube.

07:47.806 –> 07:50.750
Yeah, that’s what I was. And it said system warning.

07:50.910 –> 07:56.614
And were you doing YouTube in the web browser like Safari or were you using the YouTube app?

07:56.732 –> 07:58.710
I was using the YouTube app.

07:58.860 –> 08:25.358
I would just close out the app and it would be fine to restart your phone. Sometimes some of those videos will do weird things or sometimes it comes through, but there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it. Just quit the app and just then invoke Siri and just say, restart my device. And then it will say, are you sure you want to? And you say yes, and let it restart and then just go from there.

08:25.524 –> 08:35.842
Okay. And yeah, learning from. I do a lot with YouTube. Learning things, like a lot of interesting things out there.

08:35.976 –> 08:44.130
Oh, yeah. You can do anything on YouTube. Find out anything you want on YouTube. Yeah, that’s the answer to everyone’s problems. YouTube.

08:45.510 –> 09:10.890
Yeah, you can find. Know about different people with severe disabilities, about different singers, their songs. Yeah, I was wondering about that. Shazam. You can ask it a song that plays on the radio.

09:14.370 –> 09:28.274
The way it’s supposed to work. Is you can use it through Siri. So if you’re in a place where there’s music playing, like, say, like, and everyone’s gone through this, you’re standing in the grocery store and all of a sudden the song comes on and you’re like, oh, I love this song. But who is it?

09:28.312 –> 09:28.850

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I can’t remember who it is. So you can invoke Siri on your phone and hopefully it can catch the music, hear the music, and give it a second and it will tell you then who the song is, if it can identify it. And it does that through Siri. Just by invoking Siri, some people are having problems with it, I guess, where it says it’s unable to do that right now, I’m not exactly sure why that is. We don’t really have any control over Siri, to be honest with you, and being able to troubleshoot it or anything. But Apple also does make an app called Shazam, which does the same thing, but it also adds a bunch of other features. It works with voiceover, it’s free. So it’s a cool app to get if you’re really into trying to identify music and that kind of thing. So I would try downloading that. You could have some fun with that.

10:19.030 –> 10:28.600
And there’s a lot of songs, a lot of songs. Now I read the lyrics on YouTube, like, what song does somebody sing with this.

10:31.690 –> 10:32.102

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All right, Beth, well, thanks a lot.

10:33.932 –> 11:03.746
And just as a quick follow up to Christy, before we move on to the next hand that we have here, I did try the activating with Siri and then asking it, what song is this? And two out of the five songs I tried, it came back and said that it wasn’t able to recognize music right now. And then it did give me results. So I wonder if for some reason it just can’t recognize some specific songs for licensing reasons or something. So, Sheila, who do we got next?

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11:04.782 –> 11:05.742
Hey, Deborah.

11:05.886 –> 11:06.580

11:08.390 –> 12:59.480
Last week I was talking with you about having troubles emailing from a link, that it goes to my drafts folder instead of allowing me to send an email from a particular link. So I did try the one thing that you suggested when I was in the email. I did go to the link that I wanted and the same thing happened. So I’m not too sure what’s actually going on. I tried to play around with outlook because I’m using outlook and I tried to go into my drafts folder. I couldn’t seem to get into it because I wanted to try to delete some of the drafts in that folder that haven’t gone out. The other thing, your question about where do we go to learn about different things and tech and stuff like that? Well, I of course belong to braille groups and I learn better with hands on teaching. So if I can get somebody else to come out or even sit down over a Zoom call with me and go over it sort of word for word kind of thing, I learned from that. And of course other sources that might come up, but I still haven’t been able to resolve this situation.

13:00.170 –> 13:03.638
Just to review really quickly, you said you’re using Outlook, correct?

13:03.804 –> 13:04.422

13:04.556 –> 13:07.430
And are you on a computer or a device?

13:08.190 –> 13:09.786
Desktop computer.

13:09.968 –> 13:12.950
So you’re using Windows ten or Windows eleven?

13:13.030 –> 13:14.394
Windows ten, yeah.

13:14.512 –> 13:17.722
And you don’t happen to know which version of Outlook you’re using?

13:17.776 –> 13:18.380

13:20.590 –> 13:34.762
That’s not as important, but okay. Are you using the 365, is that what you’re using or is it already just the standalone outlook version that you just install on your computer and then it’s always just there?

13:34.836 –> 13:37.362
I think that’s what it is, yes.

13:37.496 –> 13:47.858
Okay. And so you click on a link for an email and instead of it creating a new email and ready to go, it goes to like it goes to drafts.

13:48.034 –> 14:16.138
Yeah. Or it says something about reading pain. Yeah. I think I’ve got a couple of emails that have, I could try it on but we wouldn’t have the time in this call to do it. It would take some time, but it says I can’t remember what it, but it just goes to my draft folders.

14:16.314 –> 14:21.440
So when you’re clicking, is this on anytime you want to send an email from a link, does it do this?

14:21.890 –> 14:23.678
Yeah, just from a link.

14:23.844 –> 14:33.794
And you’re making sure that the person you’re emailing is in the two box and that there is a subject and then whatever you’re typing out in the body.

14:33.912 –> 14:46.118
See it doesn’t really allow me to do that either. It goes to I wished I could find an email that had that in it and I could sort of go through it.

14:46.284 –> 15:25.140
Yeah. If you could drop us, and I know this is interesting, but unless someone has something to jump in here, if you could drop us a quick email I just found, or you can search for it as well. Optimizing Outlook with Jaws is what I would do and Brian Hartin did a great, it looks like a really good tutorial of configuring your outlook for best use with Jaws. And then you can disable some of the reading pane, the preview pane, the to do bar, and I wonder if you configure your outlook following those directions if that gives you the experience you’re looking for. And if you want I can email this article to you if you drop us an email.

15:25.750 –> 15:28.020
I just found an email here that.

15:32.630 –> 15:34.370
Let’S, this is David.

15:34.450 –> 15:37.602
I wonder if I could it David, chime in.

15:37.756 –> 16:43.006
So, hey Deborah, this is a bit of a shot in the dark and I don’t know if I’m right, but sometimes outlook can. Well, I guess what I’m wondering is in your drafts folder, the drafts folder is often where you were writing an email and maybe you didn’t send it or you forgot to send it or you intended to delete it, but you didn’t. And a lot of times stray emails like that can wind up in the drafts folder. Outlook might be giving you a dialogue saying, hey, you’ve got some unsent email, do you want to send it? And normally you would hear that and you would be focused on it. But I’m thinking that maybe it’s possible that it’s trying to tell you that and somehow your screen reader isn’t fully reading it or fully focused on it. So I’m wondering, I just found an.

16:43.028 –> 17:01.950
Email, so send me a link. Subscribe to the ACB cooks list. So I’m going to enter on that link now. Inbox, outlook reading pane. It says Outlook mail, windows reading pane.

17:02.110 –> 17:33.242
Okay, so Outlook does have what are called panes and that’s panes, not P-A-I-N-S although for some of us that may be one and the same. And the reading pane and the preview pane, visually they might be helpful because they’re showing you little bits and pieces of the message. They are technically accessible, but they can interfere with screen readers.

17:33.306 –> 17:33.678

17:33.764 –> 19:25.186
So one thing I would do before you try to send any emails or reply to any emails is just go into outlook in your inbox when you’re pointing to the list of messages. And if you press your alt key you’re going to go to the ribbons. And I know some people have a love hate relationship with the ribbons, but they’re really not so bad. And if you move to the right, you’re going to move across different tabs and one of them is called the view tab. And there’s a lot of options in here. Once you get to that tab, you press the tab key to move from one option to the next. And most of the things you’re going to find aren’t really relevant to your situation. But there are some options for reading pane and preview pane. Okay, go into those and make sure that they’re off as opposed to on the right or on the left or on the bottom. Turn those off, because unless you’re a low vision user who depends on them, it’s not going to make a difference. And it could maybe fix this problem. The other thing I would do is go into your drafts folder. After you do that, just make sure you don’t have any stray emails that you were not intending to send. And if they’re emails that you can safely delete, just delete them by pressing the delete key, just as you would with any other message. And then you may find that the problem is gone. But obviously, if it isn’t, let the unmute crew know about that.

19:25.368 –> 19:26.930
But that could help.

19:27.080 –> 19:30.670
Okay, I’ll do that then and we’ll.

19:30.750 –> 19:31.682
See how it goes.

19:31.816 –> 19:32.206

19:32.238 –> 19:33.410
Give it a whirl. Yeah.

19:33.480 –> 19:39.686
All right. Well, good luck to you. And again, if you have any other issues, you can always email us at feedback at unmute show.

19:39.868 –> 19:40.502

19:40.636 –> 19:48.158
All right. Thanks, David, for your input on that. And just chime in whenever you feel like you need to or want to. All right, let’s keep it rolling.

19:48.274 –> 19:49.050

19:50.670 –> 19:51.670
Hey, Jane.

19:51.830 –> 19:57.020
Hello, simply, where can I find the.

19:57.950 –> 20:05.274
What is it, spanish words with Carla? Is it a podcast somewhere?

20:05.322 –> 20:10.234
Yeah, it’s going to be on iacast. And do you remember the exact name for the feed, Michael?

20:10.362 –> 20:17.486
Yep, it is spanishwithcarla.com. And you can get it from iacast.com or any podcaster.

20:17.598 –> 20:22.318
Yep. You mean how do I subscribe?

20:22.414 –> 20:23.234
Just go.

20:23.352 –> 20:36.626
Yeah, and you can either go to iacast, the website itself, or you can just go to any podcatcher and search for the name of the podcast. It has its own feed. I think it’s called Spanish with Carla, right, Michael?

20:36.738 –> 20:41.178
Yeah. You can just search for Spanish with Carla in your podcast app, too, and that’ll pop right up.

20:41.264 –> 20:42.810
All right, thanks, Jane.

20:43.470 –> 20:44.246

20:44.358 –> 20:45.334
Hey, Janet.

20:45.462 –> 21:00.686
Hello. To answer the question, I learned from YouTube, ibug today, unmute, icast, ACB radio, wherever I can find podcasts about tech learning and the book that Shelley came.

21:00.708 –> 21:03.520
Out with iOS access for.

21:04.210 –> 21:05.190
Yep, yep.

21:05.290 –> 21:06.500
And that’s on our website.

21:07.510 –> 21:19.078
Hopefully I’ll be learning stuff from. What’s that thing? Decord or whatever that app is. That new social media app.

21:19.244 –> 21:20.966
I’m not sure which one you’re talking about.

21:21.068 –> 21:22.418
Discord, discord.

21:22.514 –> 21:23.042

21:23.106 –> 21:23.334

21:23.372 –> 21:23.942
There you go.

21:23.996 –> 21:26.040
And I was going to mention.

21:27.790 –> 21:28.214

21:28.262 –> 21:40.842
Talking about not doing the discount on your Internet anymore because they’re running out of money and people aren’t using that much anymore. So you have to pay.

21:40.976 –> 21:41.660

21:43.150 –> 21:58.640
I appreciate you bringing that up. And that is something we should mention. I know David posted a article to his newsletter and if he wants to let people know how they can get that, that would be awesome. About the affordable connectivity program that is.

21:59.910 –> 22:01.378
That’s where I read about it.

22:01.464 –> 22:15.126
Yeah. So you’ll want to make sure to pay attention to your bills and notices from your Internet and or mobile phone providers to know what’s going to happen with your bill over the next couple of months. If you’re utilizing that program, and if.

22:15.148 –> 22:25.338
You are looking for a email that gives you lots of information tech and accessibility, then, David, do you want to let people know how they can find that?

22:25.504 –> 24:05.542
I can. Thanks. So I run a list that some of you may have heard of called Techvi. Different speech voices, pronounce it in very amusing ways, but it’s tech Vi and I distribute, almost on a daily basis, announcements and updates and news items that are primarily to do with blindness technology. But there is a smattering of articles that I distribute about mainstream tech. And yeah, I did recently come across an article, I think it was from cordcutters, that warned people that the affordable connectivity program possibly may be going away. I don’t think we really know the outcome and I think that there is a push to get more funding for it so it could be around for a while longer. So all hope is not lost. But if you want to subscribe to Techvi to get these announcements and updates, the way you would do that is send an email to tech Te Chvi and the plus sign. So it’s Techvi plus. Subscribe at groups IO, you’ll get an automated message saying, hey, do you really want to do this? Please confirm. Just do a reply, choose send, and then you’ll be subscribed.

24:05.686 –> 24:14.250
Awesome. If you guys are interested in tech info, then go check it out. It’s great. It’s got tons of information there. All right, let’s keep it rolling.

24:14.410 –> 24:15.274

24:15.402 –> 24:17.198
Hey, Mitchell. Hey, guys.

24:17.284 –> 24:21.034
I got a question about the outlook that’s built into eleven.

24:21.162 –> 24:21.550

24:21.620 –> 24:27.474
I can navigate the contact with that thing. It seems like it doesn’t navigate your whole contact list.

24:27.592 –> 25:02.186
It gets to a certain point and then hangs. There used to be two views for that list. One is like each contact is in kind of a grid, a bunch of squares, and you have to navigate around, up, down and across. But there’s also a way to change it. I believe it’s in the view and you would change it to list. So you’re just going straight up and down and not doing all of those little squares that it puts it into. So that might make it easier. You might want to check and see if you can switch your view to a list instead of a grid. All right.

25:02.288 –> 25:07.194
To the lady that was having the difficulty with her emails, I had Microsoft.

25:07.242 –> 25:09.294
Turn off the reading paint in one.

25:09.332 –> 25:18.334
Other pane and that fixed mine. The way to open it is shift enter. That’s the best way to open messages with this outlook that comes with eleven.

25:18.462 –> 25:31.378
All right, cool. Check your view on your outlook and see if you can change how your addresses look. That might make it easier if you can switch it from grid to view and I mean from grid to list and see if that helps you out. All right. Sheila.

25:31.474 –> 25:32.626

25:32.818 –> 25:33.954
Hey Eugenia.

25:34.082 –> 25:35.318
Hi, good morning.

25:35.484 –> 25:36.566
How are you?

25:36.748 –> 26:11.250
I’m doing great, thank you. I need some advice on getting a portable charger for my phone since now it’s USBC. I did have a very good one before that. It was like a bullet kind of shape and it had for the Apple Watch and for the iPhone but it didn’t work anymore since I have USBC now with my 15 Pro.

26:11.400 –> 26:13.522
And you’re looking for say that one more time.

26:13.576 –> 26:15.038
You said a charger.

26:15.214 –> 26:16.210
A charger.

26:16.870 –> 26:18.574
Charger to carry with me.

26:18.712 –> 26:35.866
Yeah. If I was you I would probably give you a couple of options. Option number one is you can get a battery from at guys that’s accessible. It’s got vibrate, it’s got a audio and they sell them at at guys. Michael, you want to chime in on that? Maybe he got.

26:35.888 –> 27:09.702
There we go. There you go. Acting like I needed to get the got it button again. It said the host has disabled muting. That was. I know you did. The AT guys battery pack would work. It does come with a USBA and USB C to plug in other devices. It is not wireless charging but that could work for you. And then there are a couple of wireless chargers that are available. It really comes down to what you’re looking for. Are you looking for something portable to go with you?

27:09.836 –> 27:25.738
Yes, very portable. And also like for short travel or something. But I would like to have also the area where you can charge your Apple Watch.

27:25.904 –> 28:25.866
Right. So with the at guys portable power bank it has a USB A and a USB C port as I said. And with your Apple Watch it depends on how new you purchased it from. But your Apple Watch should come with a USBC to the round Apple Watch puck that you can charge with or USBA and then your iPhone. If you have a new 15. It has the USB C on one end of the cable and USBC on the other end. That would be probably the best bet. Anchor does make some cheaper ones. I’m sorry, some more lower cost ones. That would work just fine for you. And I just want you to know that unfortunately they don’t provide any sort of audible feedback. So if you have some light perception or you can work with that, that might be useful. Or if you’re comfortable with setting a reminder to remind yourself to charge it because there’s nothing worse than using a power bank that’s not charged.

28:26.058 –> 28:36.882
Exactly. Yeah, that was the problem with the one I had before that it wouldn’t tell me. I just plug it in overnight and hope for the best the next day.

28:37.016 –> 28:50.600
But if you’re looking for a battery pack and you needed to give you auditory to let you know that it’s charged or not charged, then those at batteries are the way to go. A couple of them and they’re great.

28:51.050 –> 29:00.042
You can charge anything that has, like a tablet also. You can charge with that, right? Anything. Okay.

29:00.176 –> 29:31.730
So anything that can charge over an 18 watt USB connection, because at max it pushes 18 watts. If you plug two devices in, it does split that evenly. Nine and nine. And so if your tablet charges with USB, you can. I don’t recommend this, but I know someone who has used theirs to keep their MacBook air running, barely, because that MacBook requires 30 watts, I believe it is. But there’s a lot of flexibility with that. And you get the audible.

29:33.190 –> 29:38.290
Yeah, my girl does that with the one that I used to have and she plugs.

29:39.770 –> 29:57.750
Depending on what Apple Watch you have, they do make those little Apple Watch charging pucks in both USBA and USBC. And you can actually get a USB C, one that’s actually braided if you’re going to be carrying it around with you. It’s a little more durable.

29:57.910 –> 30:02.902
Yes, I know. We’re trying to replace the cables around here.

30:02.976 –> 30:06.798
There you go. Well, look for braided cables there, Eugenia. And thanks for your question.

30:06.884 –> 30:08.366
Let us know if you have any other.

30:08.468 –> 30:09.482
Yeah, of course. Good luck.

30:09.546 –> 30:10.126
Who’s next there?

30:10.148 –> 30:11.754
Sheila Lynn.

30:11.882 –> 30:12.830
Hey, Lyn.

30:13.170 –> 30:15.860
Hi. Hope everybody’s doing well.

30:19.190 –> 30:19.940

30:20.470 –> 30:25.860
Well, my learning app is actually google because I’m always googling something or other that I don’t know.

30:26.310 –> 30:27.042
There you go.

30:27.096 –> 30:33.414
It’s a good thing because my friends used to get tired of me asking for help. Now they don’t because I can google it.

30:33.612 –> 30:34.454

30:34.652 –> 31:08.130
So I don’t know, this question might be too involved. And you can tell me. So I have to get a new iPhone in a couple of months or in the next couple of months somehow. And every time I get an iPhone and I go to import everything over, imports every contact from every year that I ever this darn phone. And I want to try and avoid that this time because I have a lot of people who have changed phone numbers and I have to try and figure out which one was the right one that I need to keep.

31:08.280 –> 31:08.690

31:08.760 –> 31:10.018
How do I do that?

31:10.184 –> 31:32.940
Unfortunately, I don’t have the best news for you because when you sign into your iCloud account, if you choose to sync your contacts, then it’s going to just pull down all of the contacts that are in your iCloud account. If you do not want to do that, then you would have to do it manually and re put all the contacts in that you would want one by one, which is going to be a long, tedious process.

31:33.310 –> 31:36.860
So I know there are apps that you can get. I don’t know what they do.

31:39.230 –> 31:54.640
Yeah, I mean, you can go through and basically you can get rid of duplicates if you wanted to, something like that. But unfortunately, there’s not really any way to say, I only want these three contacts and that’s all.

31:55.810 –> 31:57.118
Sorry, Michael, go ahead.

31:57.204 –> 32:07.094
There could be some ways around it. Let me ask you a quick question. Number one, do your contacts look like you would like them to look now?

32:07.212 –> 32:07.880

32:08.490 –> 33:05.400
So what I would first do right now is go into your contacts application, tap the button on the top left that says all contacts back button, I believe is what it will say. And when you do that, there’s going to be a list of different groups. And at the very top, mine says all contacts 225. If I flick down on all contacts 225, your number will obviously be different. You get an option that says export. If you double tap on that export, it gives you a standard share screen and it says share and then gives you the date. And then you can pick what details you want to share. By default, everything is selected, so you can make your selections on that. And then at the top right there is a done button. If you tap on that. I’m just making sure that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

33:07.370 –> 33:11.346
Is that for sharing a single contact at a time, though, or is that for all your contacts?

33:11.378 –> 34:08.058
No, that shares all of your contacts. So if you tap on the done button, then it actually takes you to the true share screen. So I see my MacBook here that I can airdrop to and then I have recent people that I’ve texted. What I would do is scroll all the way down until you hear it say mail and double tap on that and email that to yourself. That way you have a copy of your contacts the way that you like them. Right now I, off the top of my head, do not know how to import the contacts and someone might have some feedback on that. But that’s where I would start right now, because what it sounds like is happening is you’re signing into possibly your iCloud account and then your Google account and your phone over the years hasn’t known which one to save contacts to by default. So then all of a sudden you have all this older information back on your phone that’s showing up in the contacts app.

34:08.224 –> 34:16.894
Can I ask you one more quick question about that? Yes, I have a Mac. Can I go in and clean those up somehow so that I only have the current ones?

34:17.012 –> 34:19.470
I believe you can, but I don’t know how to do that.

34:19.620 –> 35:05.342
You would have to go into your address, I think it’s called addresses now. And then you could go through and clean it up however you want to clean it up. And you can also export your contacts from there because on the Mac it acts like, when you have the addresses app open, it acts like any other Mac. So then you can go up to the top and you’ll see that you’ll have address book there. And if you click, I forget which one it is, but it’s going to be import or export. And you can export that database and then you could save that file that you exported anywhere you want on your desktop, in a folder, in your cloud, Dropbox, iCloud, wherever you want. So that’s a good thing to do because you’ll have a backup separate outside of your address book. But before you do that backup, you can go and clean it up however you want to.

35:05.476 –> 35:10.974
Right. But there’s no way to clean up all the old contacts then on the icloud at.

35:11.172 –> 35:53.862
Well, if you open up your address book and you have it signed in to your iCloud account, as you’re cleaning it up on the addresses on your computer, it will sync to the cloud and update across all of your like for example, you have two Marty’s in your contacts and you open up your address book on your Mac and you delete one of the Marty’s and the second Marty, then it just has the information that you want there. Once you do that, then it’s going to sync to the cloud as long as you’re signed in to the same credentials across the board and it will update that across the good.

35:53.936 –> 35:59.006
Okay, I will do that. I’m sorry. I’ve taken up a lot of time and I apologize for that. Thank you so much.

35:59.028 –> 36:00.330
No problem. Good luck.

36:00.490 –> 36:07.220
Thank you, Sheila. All right, we’ve got a phone number. Two one seven ending in five, four five.

36:07.990 –> 36:08.834

36:09.032 –> 36:11.554
Two one seven. I don’t know where that area code is.

36:11.592 –> 36:12.494
Hello, it’s Illinois.

36:12.542 –> 36:15.970
Hello? Hi, this is Rosanna.

36:18.630 –> 36:20.774
Yeah, I decided to do something different.

36:20.812 –> 36:22.646
And get on my phone so that.

36:22.668 –> 36:24.838
I can work out while I’m listening to the call.

36:25.004 –> 36:27.394
There we go. Thanks for working out and listening.

36:27.442 –> 36:28.680
How can we help you?

36:29.050 –> 36:38.106
How do you turn off text prediction? I guess that’s the name for it on the iPhone. That gets so distracting. I’m trying to type something on the.

36:38.128 –> 36:41.098
Iphone and it keeps guessing the next words.

36:41.264 –> 36:44.554
Sometimes that’s nice, but all in all, it’s distracting.

36:44.682 –> 36:47.870
I know there’s a way to turn that off, but I have not found.

36:48.020 –> 36:56.178
I am logging into my phone right now and apparently entering the wrong passcode. So if you give me a couple of moments, I will come back with that and give you that answer.

36:56.264 –> 36:57.618
Okay? Okay.

36:57.784 –> 37:06.306
Just hang tight for a sec. We’ll take a question while Michael’s doing that and then we’ll come back to you. Yep. Thank you, Rosanna. Jewel and Jewel might know.

37:06.408 –> 37:07.158
There we go.

37:07.244 –> 37:08.114
Hey, Julie.

37:08.242 –> 37:09.480
Hello. How are you?

37:09.930 –> 37:12.680
Really not happy with the call, I guess.

37:14.250 –> 37:14.614

37:14.652 –> 37:57.490
I have a couple of comments and I have a question of my own for the outlook situation with reading pain. There is an article and I wanted to send it to you guys in case she wanted the full article. It’s called basic functions with outlook with a screen reader. It’s a support Microsoft.com article and it talks specifically about toggling the reading pane off, which is recommended by Microsoft for screen reader users. So it gives you the step by step on that. It’s basically tabing to settings, then airing down to reading pane, then toggling the radio button for hide and that toggles it off.

37:57.640 –> 38:01.842
Cool. If you want to share that, just send it to feedback at unmute show.

38:01.976 –> 38:08.074
That’s what I was going to ask. Feedback at unmute show. I’ll send that to you. And that way if she wants the full article, she can ask you all for it.

38:08.192 –> 38:08.922
All right, great.

38:08.976 –> 38:09.482

38:09.616 –> 38:53.320
Yeah, the other thing, I had my own question. I’m having an issue with messages on my iPhone. I’m updated to the latest non beta iOS. I think it’s 17.2. I think that’s the latest, right? Just whatever the latest one is, because I know I’m updated and it started with 17. When I go into messages and I type a message, if I stay in that window, when they type back, I’m stuck in the text field and I have to leave the window, the message window, and come, not the app, but go back to the list of messages and then go back to go read the message.

38:53.770 –> 39:02.202
Try. I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but I have been able to dismiss the keyboard with a scrub gesture, and that seems to work for me well.

39:02.256 –> 39:09.334
Even if I’m using my Bluetooth keyboard, because when I have the Bluetooth keyboard, the on screen keyboard is dismissed. It’s hidden.

39:09.462 –> 39:17.790
So if you’re using the Bluetooth keyboard, pressing Vo left and right arrow doesn’t take you out of the edit field to be able to type things.

39:17.860 –> 39:18.382

39:18.516 –> 39:33.822
There is a gesture that you can assign in accessibility to touch the center of the screen, and you assign that to a keystroke under gestures in voiceover. And that would get you out of that and put you back in the list of messages.

39:33.886 –> 39:45.926
Even if I actually physically touch the center of the screen, I still have to leave the window and come back to it. I’ve not been able to get it to switch from the text field up to the messages even if I touch the screen.

39:46.108 –> 39:49.334
That is interesting. I’ll play with that and see if I can duplicate that.

39:49.532 –> 39:50.850
I’m hoping there was a workaround.

39:50.930 –> 39:51.906

39:52.028 –> 39:54.646
Yeah, I’ll talk to Apple.

39:54.758 –> 39:59.274
That would be my workaround, though. Even if it’s not working, to touch the center of the screen, I would try.

39:59.312 –> 40:06.640
Yeah, I’ve tried that. Perfect. Okay, thank you. It’s probably a bug that they need to fix.

40:07.250 –> 40:35.366
All right, thanks, Jules. I want to mention to Rosanna, because I told her I’d come back to her. If you go into settings and then general and then keyboard, there’s a couple of options a little ways down the screen. One is auto correction. You can turn that off. And then there’s also predictive text that you can turn off as well. And those appear to be toggles. So again, that’s under settings, general, and then keyboard. Sheila, who do we got next?

40:35.468 –> 40:36.402

40:36.546 –> 40:37.830
Hey, Jamaica.

40:38.350 –> 40:44.250
Hello. This is Jamaica and her mom today.

40:44.400 –> 40:46.460
Hello, Jamaica and Jamaica’s mom.

40:47.230 –> 40:55.590
We have a very important question to ask because tomorrow is the great, big, huge day of something. So tomorrow.

40:55.670 –> 41:00.080
Okay, well, go ahead. We’ll see if we can help you out here.

41:00.770 –> 41:02.110
Do you want me to ask?

41:02.180 –> 41:02.846

41:03.028 –> 41:53.120
Well, Jamaica’s been having so much trouble with her. Thunderbird, which we embraced and used for many years after we got Outlook Express, went away. We like the simpler versions of things. But anyway, so we’ve got office 2010 on our computer and we’re thinking of putting the 2019 on it and starting to use the outlook in that for the email. And she just wanted to know if we do that. So we’ve got lots of word documents that we created in 2010. Is it going to make it where we can’t get into those documents and edit them and all the other things that we’ve saved in office?

41:53.430 –> 41:54.130

41:54.280 –> 42:04.034
2010 and 2019 office documents should be for the most part compatible with each other. You should be good to go there.

42:04.152 –> 42:08.662
And what about PowerPoint and things like that?

42:08.716 –> 42:30.800
I meant like Excel, PowerPoint. All of those should be similar and be able to be opened from the 2010 to the 2019 version of office products. If I’m understanding correctly, you guys are looking at upgrading to 2019 specifically for the email issues. Is that correct?

42:31.250 –> 42:44.814
Well, we figured if we were going to try to start using outlook for the email that it would behoove us to go ahead and do the more current one to learn instead of the older one.

42:44.932 –> 42:46.754
And so we were going to see.

42:46.792 –> 42:48.706
About loading that on.

42:48.888 –> 43:41.906
So I just want to give you one other thing to think about and then we’ll jump on to the next person here. While you’re looking at that, it might be worth, it may look a little more of an investment because it’s a subscription, but Office 365 will give you guys the latest up to date versions of Microsoft products. And more importantly, it also gives you that support as well. So if you do run into issues, you can reach out to Microsoft and or the disability answer desk, and they can also remote into the computer to help you get things configured the way that you need them to be to be optimized with the screen reader. So if you give that a little bit of consideration, Costco, I’m not sure if you’re a Costco member, but they do offer extended versions of the subscription where you get a couple of extra months free as well.

43:42.088 –> 44:15.680
A couple of comments about that. We do have a lady here in town who’s blind that does technology training, and she said the 365. She has both of them, the 2019 and the 365. And she said she’s got the 365 at work and she just hates it. And also, I was reading that if it’s subscription by accident, you let it expire, then you lose all your data. Is that correct?

44:16.050 –> 44:54.794
That is not correct. So you never lose your data when your subscription lapses. The only thing that happens is you can’t edit and save the documents until you renew your subscription or sign in with an active subscription. Also, your friend and the person teaching technology be interesting to find out if at work they have to use the web based version of 365 because that’s the problem with Microsoft. There’s so many things named similarly. So Microsoft five subscription for home and.

44:54.832 –> 44:57.814
Family we lost your audio, Michael.

44:57.942 –> 45:01.230
Yeah, Michael.

45:04.210 –> 45:05.530
Well, it looks like we lost.

45:05.610 –> 45:06.826
He’s unmuted.

45:06.938 –> 45:10.302
Yeah, he might have gotten disconnected. Possibly. Interesting.

45:10.356 –> 45:17.342
Hey Marty, I wonder if I could, while you’re waiting for Michael to come back, if I could just add something to this discussion.

45:17.406 –> 45:18.418
Yeah, go for it.

45:18.504 –> 48:00.198
Hey to Jamaica and hello Jamaica’s mom. So a couple of things I would agree with what Michael is saying. If you’re using the version of the Microsoft 365 subscription, not the web based version, but the subscription version where you actually install the software on your Windows machine, the accessibility should be the same with a screen reader just as much as office 2019. If anything, I could even argue that it might be better because you may be getting updates in the subscription version that you might not see in the standalone 2019 version. So the subscription version, that’s one benefit. Now, I think I know what this trainer meant when she said you’ll lose all your data. Now, it is true that you will not lose any data in your documents folder. So if you have 1000 documents and you let your subscription lapse, those thousand documents, if they’re on your hard drive, are still going to be there. There’s no danger of losing them. What I think she might have meant is that when you get a subscription, one of the benefits of the subscription that I personally like is you get a lot of additional storage with Onedrive, which is kind of like a hard drive on the Internet. It’s in the cloud, it’s secure, but it’s a way of saving your files remotely, not just saving them on your computer, and you get a terabyte of storage with the subscription, but if the subscription lapsed, then you would very likely lose most of that storage. So you might lose access to your data online if you save on Onedrive. But what most people do is they save to their documents folder. In my case, I do both. I save it so that everything that I save goes to the documents folder on my computer, but it also goes to Onedrive in the cloud. And that way, if I can’t get to Onedrive, I have everything on the computer. And if for some reason something happens to the computer. I can still get to them on Onedrive, so that’s what I would add to that.

48:00.364 –> 48:01.426
Thank you, David.

48:01.538 –> 48:02.758
That’s good information.

48:02.924 –> 48:03.926
Thank you.

48:04.108 –> 48:06.230
No worries. Thanks, David.

48:06.570 –> 48:09.558
All right, you’ve got 10 minutes and you’ve got eight hands.

48:09.644 –> 48:11.402
All right, let’s try and rock this.

48:11.536 –> 48:12.970
So I think.

48:13.120 –> 48:14.522
Petra, is that you?

48:14.576 –> 48:18.122
303 ending in nine three five, area code.

48:18.176 –> 48:20.122
303 ending in nine three, that’s me.

48:20.176 –> 48:36.366
And I do have a really quick question. I wanted to ask about the way to subscribe to the tech bi list again. I wrote down as quickly as I could that you go to Techbi plus. And is it subscribe?

48:36.558 –> 48:47.874
Yes, at groups IO. And you want to send a blank email to that email address. Groups or groups IO? Yes, ma’am.

48:48.002 –> 48:51.302
Perfect. Thank you. You guys are great. I love it.

48:51.436 –> 48:53.078
All right, thank you.

48:53.244 –> 49:14.614
All right, area code 201 ending in 406. Could you tell us who you are please? Hi, this is Lisa G. Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation for using, getting the Apple program, signing up for that system where you pay, and after a year of twelve payments you can get another phone if you want and start from scratch.

49:14.662 –> 49:17.726
Oh yeah, the Apple upgrade program. That’s called through Apple. That’s it.

49:17.748 –> 49:27.394
The upgrade program. Yeah. That was a great program. I did it. It was great. I love it. I have my old phone which I’m still using and I’m loving it. So thank you very much for that. That’s it. Take care.

49:27.512 –> 49:28.674
All right, thank you.

49:28.792 –> 49:29.218

49:29.304 –> 49:30.110

49:30.270 –> 49:32.526
Hey, Roberta? Roberta, you’re still muted.

49:32.558 –> 49:33.246

49:33.358 –> 49:34.402
Hey, maybe we come back to.

49:34.456 –> 49:38.146
All right, we’ll skip back. We’ll come back to you. Pam.

49:38.338 –> 49:38.994
Hey, Pam.

49:39.042 –> 49:39.474
Hi, Pam.

49:39.522 –> 50:04.534
Yeah, real quickly, unless I really misunderstood the one who was having difficulty with messages, if she is trying to send, she’s creating a message. All you should have to do to get to your previous conversation is flick.

50:04.582 –> 50:06.986
Left because you are using an external.

50:07.018 –> 50:12.222
Keyboard and that’s also not working on the screen. I’m the worst to mention of that.

50:12.276 –> 50:15.374
But okay, if you’re on an external.

50:15.422 –> 50:24.994
Keyboard, make sure that quick nav is turned on and that’s left arrow, right arrow at the same time left and.

50:25.032 –> 50:30.790
Arrow and right arrow is not working. To take out of that, I turn that off immediately and it still gets stuck.

50:31.690 –> 50:35.666
Have you tried repairing your keyboard?

50:35.858 –> 50:44.986
Yes. And it does that even when the keyboard is completely off? It does it on the screen. It gets stuck and I have to leave and come back. So it’s not the keyboard and you.

50:45.008 –> 50:48.598
Can’T just flick left? Nope, it gets stuck.

50:48.774 –> 50:55.230
If you have any other suggestions, Pam? Because we’re coming up on the top. She has tried restarting your phone.

50:55.300 –> 50:56.554
Do a hard reset.

50:56.682 –> 50:58.782
Yeah, I restart my phone every couple of days.

50:58.916 –> 50:59.562

50:59.626 –> 50:59.950

51:00.020 –> 51:00.858
Thank you, Pam.

51:00.954 –> 51:06.302
You’re welcome. Who do we got next? Are you able to unmute? Yeah, I think so.

51:06.436 –> 51:06.938
There you are.

51:06.964 –> 51:08.100
All right. There we go.

51:08.470 –> 51:27.030
I have one of the tactile power banks from at guys, and I would like to know the meaning of the feedback. So when I press the button on the side, if I get four tones or four tech, it buzes, vibrates or audio.

51:27.930 –> 51:38.662
What is the meaning of each beep or vibration? Represents 25% of battery capacity. So if you have four beeps, then it’s assumed to be fully charged.

51:38.806 –> 51:47.982
Okay. And then a quick question about. You were talking about the music app Shazam. Is there just one Shazam app?

51:48.036 –> 51:54.522
Just one shazam. You get it in the App Store. So if you’re on your phone, for example, you’d go on an iPhone.

51:54.666 –> 51:55.360

51:55.890 –> 52:00.242
Go to the App Store, look for Shazam, and download. It’s free. And there you go.

52:00.376 –> 52:01.774
Can you spell shazam?

52:01.902 –> 52:03.780
Oh, of course, you were going to ask me that.

52:04.710 –> 52:06.886
I’m googling it right now, so I will come back to.

52:06.908 –> 52:10.886
You should be S-H-A-Z-A-M. Yep, it is.

52:10.988 –> 52:12.594
Thank you, David. Yep.

52:12.722 –> 52:13.494
Thank you.

52:13.612 –> 52:15.202
All right, Hazel.

52:15.346 –> 53:10.442
Audio now unmuted. Yes, thank you. A quick question about notepad, which I use a lot, just for taking notes on things. My computer somehow got upgraded to windows eleven, and now I don’t have a shortcut on my desktop for notepad, but I can get there by pressing the windows key, then the tab key, and it’ll be at the top of this list. But when I click on that, well, I press the enter key. It opens up whatever was last on notepad, even though I did not keep it open. I don’t understand that. But if I press ctrl f four, it gets rid of that one. And the one behind it is whatever was there before. Is there a way to switch between those things? This is really confusing me.

53:10.576 –> 53:18.330
So, David, I’m going to pick on you. Do you know if there’s a setting? Because I know what it’s doing. It’s bringing up the last open document.

53:20.990 –> 53:24.126
It shouldn’t be open, though, because I’ve closed it.

53:24.228 –> 53:42.260
I’m not familiar if that kind of setting exists, but I have to admit, I don’t use notepad very often. And I know the new notepad has made some changes. So I think, Michael, you’re on the right track, but off the top of my head, without researching it, I don’t think I have anything to offer at this time.

53:42.790 –> 54:02.170
The only thing I can suggest is if you have notepad open, just open it. It could even be an old document, any document, just open it up. And once you have it open, see if you can go to the preferences of that application and see if you can change a setting to open new document when you open the app instead of opening recent document.

54:02.510 –> 54:03.914
How do I get there?

54:04.032 –> 54:32.418
I believe that once the app is open, you could go to the menu items and I don’t know which one it’s under. I’m sorry, I’m not a notepad user either, but one of them should say preferences or settings or something like that. And if you can get into that, there might be an option to change it from when you open up the app to open from recent settings. Instead of doing that, I mean recent document open it to new document. Yeah, and you’re right.

54:32.504 –> 54:39.286
I just opened it and it came up with the last file I was in. So I’m going to have to dig around for this as well. This is new for me.

54:39.388 –> 54:45.894
Don’t like that because maybe I have some financial information. I don’t want that sitting there on my desktop all the time.

54:46.092 –> 54:46.840

54:47.210 –> 54:51.690
I don’t want it to just be right there. So accessible for anything.

54:51.840 –> 55:02.618
Well, stay tuned because now I’m seeing this too and I’m not even seeing a preferences. So this may be an it. We will try to research this and come back to you next week about it.

55:02.704 –> 55:15.498
I used to have a hotkey set to open up a blank document, but that went away and I don’t know how to find wherever Notepad is so that I could go into properties and set up a new hotkey.

55:15.594 –> 55:19.282
Gotcha. Petrie has left the meeting. Well, we are running out of time.

55:19.336 –> 55:30.694
Sorry we don’t have more time, but I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Hopefully we’ll be able to have an answer for you in the near future. Drop us an email feedback at unmute show and if we come up with something we can reply and let you know.

55:30.732 –> 55:32.246
Okay, thank you.

55:32.428 –> 55:35.142
No worries. Unfortunately, we are out of time.

55:35.196 –> 55:37.254
Yeah, you don’t have time to take any more hands.

55:37.372 –> 55:57.740
We are so sorry we weren’t able to get to everyone today, but maybe try and come back next week. Or if it’s something quick, you can try and email us at feedback at unmute show. Otherwise, everybody have a super a great week and thank you to Belle and Sheila for helping us out as always. And everyone have a great one, and we will see you next time.