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Thanks in advance.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s unmute community call was hosted on 2024, January 23.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. Want to remind everyone here at the top, we’re going to take all first hands first and if we have enough time, then we can take second questions. Also, please be respectful and let everyone get their questions answered in the same respect you would want your questions answered. And always remember, there are no dumb questions. L questions are okay with me. As always, we got Michael Doyce. How’s it going, Michael?

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Pretty good, Marty.

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It’s good to be here.

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I think.

01:13.368 –> 01:18.254
I was out last week, so it’s good to be back. I think that was last week.

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I think you were doing something else.

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Yeah, I had something going on last week, so it’s good to be here. And we had several shows on the IAcast network. We’ve had a new IA cast that was just me talking about the latest from Samsung and about the vision pro and the Rabbit R one. So that is really neat. And we’ve had, I believe that’s it from the Iacast side of things for the past week. I think the last Spanish with Carla came out before the last episode, so we’ll be posting in one of those really soon. So stay tuned for that. So all kinds of great content coming on Iacast. So I’ll hand it back to you, Marty.

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Thanks, Michael. And as always, we got Michael Babcock with us. How’s it going, Michael?

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It’s going well, Marty, and just appreciate this. Didn’t you have a question for me, though?

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So here is my question. There has been rumors going around in sort of the tech know that Amazon might be possibly charging for the use of a lady. So thoughts? Would you continue to use it? Would you pay for it? Would you not pay for it and find another solution? What would you do? And I put this question out to everyone. It’d be interesting to hear everyone else’s thoughts. But, Michael, what about you? What are your thoughts?

02:51.998 –> 02:55.858
Yeah, Michael, deep, what about you? And I’ll answer it in a minute.

02:56.034 –> 03:26.590
So my thoughts are, it depends on if it’s all or nothing or some use. So I use my echo every night to listen to a book. And so if I have to pay to do that, then so be it. But I don’t want, I have four or five of these speakers around my house. Now if I can make my homepods play audible great, but if not, then I may be forced to do so. So it just depends.

03:28.930 –> 03:56.150
This is the only thing I’ll say on this, and my thing is, and I’ll also put this out to everyone, but everyone has these speakers and it’s worked pretty good. So if they make it work terribly to make you think that you have to pay for it in order to get the actual good working experience, is that good, bad? I don’t know, but I’m not sure. I think it’s kind of, I don’t know, maybe a little shady, but I’m not making that call.

03:56.300 –> 04:46.040
Yeah, we’re curious. On your thoughts, or feel free to raise your hand about if they do start charging for access to your a lady devices or lady a devices. Would you pay for it for me? I say I would not, but we all know that I would end up paying for it because they just seem to work. I have been using the homepod a lot more, which means I’ve been using sirium, relying on that. But if they start charging and I can get actual real AI responses, I’d be okay with it, depending on the amount. I also think that’s a slippery slope though, especially if they start to take away services that people purchase the devices because they did. I’ve told some people that could, I imagine, turn into a fast action real fast, but we won’t get into that. Sheila, do we have any.

04:53.370 –> 06:43.114
Know that? I don’t know. I wouldn’t put it above Amazon to charge for the a lady. The thing is, I already play games and I don’t put a lot of money, if any, into them, but they ask for money and I’m like, this is just unfair. This is just ridiculous. And so if the a lady started charging, I don’t know. I have found other uses for my time anyway, other than using the a lady. I may use it for reading books, but that’s something I’m already paying for, technically anyway. I use audible credits to read books anyway. That’s my long convoluted answer. My short question is I have very bad fine motor skills and have trouble with using their rotor because my fine motor skills are horrible. So when I ever hear someone say rotor actions, I cringe because I can’t do that. So can I do that? I know there’s a way that you can set up the rotor in your actual setting so people with things. So can you talk a little bit about that and how I would find more about that.

06:43.232 –> 07:51.854
So I agree with you. The way the rotor comes out of the box is kind of a weird way to do it where they want you to put two fingers on the screen and turn your phone or turn your hand clockwise or counterclockwise. And it seems kind of a weird way to do it, but fortunately there is a way to change it. So, for example, what I chose to do when I use my rotor is I do two fingers swipe to the right will turn the rotor, and two fingers swipe to the left will turn the rotor. So if you go into your settings and you go to accessibility and you go to voiceover and you go to rotor, and then in the rotor settings, you’ll see that you can open that up and you can change the gestures to whatever you want in there, and they give you a ton of different things. So you’ll see a single finger and the options then you’ll see a double and then a triple and it goes all the way down. And you just need to kind of figure out what’s going to work the best for you and what would be the easiest for your fine motor skills. And then that’s what you would choose to make your rotor gestures easier for you to be able to activate the rotor.

07:51.982 –> 08:12.342
And I want to follow up on that because Marty slightly misled. So it’s under settings, accessibility, voiceover, and then you go to commands and then touch gestures. And that’s where you can pick which touch gesture you want to assign to next or previous rotor item. I don’t want you to get lost under the rotor item section.

08:12.406 –> 08:15.594
My bad. It used to be under the rotor. Sorry about that.

08:15.712 –> 08:20.666
Okay, so it’s voiceover settings, voiceover settings.

08:20.698 –> 08:23.450
And then commands and then touch gestures.

08:23.610 –> 08:26.654
Touch gestures. Okay. Thank you.

08:26.772 –> 08:27.870
Yeah, no problem.

08:28.020 –> 09:09.754
Abraham. Hey. Hello. Hi. I’m good and you? Good. Thank you. So a lady, I just got a couple and I’d be very unimpressed if they start charging for it anyway. They’d have to maybe offer more advanced features in order for me to actually consider paying for it. This leads into my question. Actually, the one thing I want to do is read a PDF document that I have via the lad. Is that possible? Because I can’t find a skill that will do it for me.

09:09.872 –> 09:13.520
I’m not sure how you would get the document on there to be able to have it read it to you.

09:14.050 –> 09:34.834
So I was thinking of adding it to my Kindle library, which I did, but it doesn’t find it through there. I was thinking maybe if there’s an app service that would offer a similar feature to the Kindle assistive reader, if.

09:34.872 –> 09:46.386
I understood correctly, because I’ll be fully transparent, I received a phone call and so I had to take care of that real quick. But you’re looking to read a document with your a lady.

09:46.418 –> 09:48.940
Is that what I heard? Yes. Okay.

09:49.390 –> 10:05.200
So immediately I don’t have a answer for you, but if you do a search for level up your Alexa in home TTS system, a YouTube video will pop up and it looks like that might have some solutions for you to.

10:05.570 –> 11:49.822
Okay. Okay, thanks. No worries. Judy. Hey, Judy. Hi, guys. To answer the question, a lot of us get frustrated with the lady a but I feel that I would know for her because I use it all the time. So I think it would be a loss for me if they took it away unless I paid. So I mean, maybe they’d just hold her hostage or ask for a ransom or whatever, but I would definitely pay for it. So I have a weirdness going on without I’m running Outlook 2016 and jaws 2024. I go to the junk folder often because a lot of times acb messages will show up there and I’ll either check it on the computer or on my phone and my mail is synced. So I get the same thing on both. For the last several days when I go to the junk folder in Outlook, it’s been showing, in brackets or parentheses, two messages, but they’re not showing up in the list and they don’t show up on my phone. So I’m fairly confident that there is nothing there and this has happened before and eventually that number goes away. I thought I would go on to Xfinity mail, which I hadn’t done in years, and when I went on they wanted me to change my password, which I did not want to do because the last time I did it messed up all kinds of stuff. So I don’t want to do that. I thought I would go on to see if there was anything there so I can find anything where it would show me what it thinks it has, which I don’t think is anything. So can you think of anything else for me to look at to find out? This may just be a Comcast weirdness, which would not surprise me.

11:49.956 –> 12:20.866
This kind of does sound like a Comcast weirdness. I am not as familiar with Outlook. I recently learned that apparently in Outlook’s folder list there can be some folders collapsed. And I think I knew that but I hadn’t remembered it. And I wonder if you arrowed through your folders, if you had maybe another junk folder that might be under a collapsed menu. And that’s where those two messages are coming from. Suggestion?

12:20.898 –> 12:57.640
I would have. Yeah. No, yes. There’s nothing else there. It’s all the folders that I use. Yeah, there’s nothing else there. So it’s just weird that Comcast thinks that there’s something there when it’s not showing up. And like I said, I’m not that concerned about it because it would show up on my phone if there was something. So I just thought, I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts. But it’s fine. It’ll go away eventually. It did before. So I’m thinking one of these days it won’t be there anymore. As far as the number of unread messages. Gotcha. Yeah.

12:59.050 –> 13:05.650
I don’t have an answer, but maybe someone else has a suggestion as well. So appreciate anyone else for raising their hands and thanks, Judy.

13:05.730 –> 13:38.322
All right, thanks. Hey, Beth. Hey, Beth. Okay. I was going to ask about Microsoft word on my computer I have Office 2007, but it kind of gets unpredictable sometimes about working. And I’m wondering, is the next one up, is that Microsoft 360? And what’s the expense? Because I thought I heard it was $150 a year.

13:38.456 –> 13:46.206
I think it’s $100 a year for like a single license just for you. Is that not right, Michael?

13:46.318 –> 14:08.700
So there’s the individual license, which is, I believe, 70 a year. There’s the family, which is around 100 a year, I believe. And then past that you’d have to get the Office 365 business plans. So the two consumer plans are for around 70 and I believe around 100.

14:09.630 –> 14:10.090

14:10.160 –> 14:26.494
I do think you can get the installed version on your computer that does not update and you do not get any hard drive space. No one drive or anything like that. I’m not sure. Michael, do you know, is that only education or how would you, is it still possible to get that somewhere?

14:26.622 –> 15:09.760
There is a student education version which is a different price, but they may have the three year versions like Office, they had like Office 2019, Office 2020, whatever. I would recommend going with the Office 365 versions because those will get the new features. The every three year versions are more expensive and you have to wait for the next version to come out to get really a lot of the new features. So the 365 is the route where you can get everything new. Why that’s important is that you make sure you get all of the new features for accessibility with that.

15:10.370 –> 15:16.130
So I would get it like downloaded or I would have to buy the disk.

15:16.950 –> 15:27.758
It’s a download. Even in best buy they sell little cards that have the license key, so they don’t really do the disks anymore that I’m aware of.

15:27.944 –> 15:28.726

15:28.908 –> 15:38.620
It’s just part of your payment every month or year. You’ll automatically get all the features that they have, new features that come out. You won’t have to purchase anything extra.

15:38.990 –> 15:46.250
Okay. So I could go to best buy and get like the license thing or the car.

15:46.320 –> 15:59.040
You could go to the Microsoft website. Microsoft, I think Office might still have that, but I think it’s called Microsoft 365. And if you google that, you’ll get information.

15:59.410 –> 16:04.674
Okay. And if I need help like the Microsoft help desk? Yes.

16:04.712 –> 16:06.594
They should be able to help with that as.

16:06.792 –> 16:30.810
Okay. Okay, thanks, Matthew. Hey, Matthew. Hello. How are you guys doing? Good, thank you. How are, first of all, I came in a minute or two late, so I’m not really sure what was going on with the lady. A charge thing. I didn’t hear anything about that.

16:30.960 –> 16:31.594
I don’t know.

16:31.632 –> 16:36.986
I have an Amazon speaker at my house that I use for like the.

16:37.008 –> 16:57.770
Question of the day was. There has been rumors in the tech sphere going around that there’s a chance that Amazon may start charging for the use of the a lady. And so the question is, would you pay for it? Would you find another solution? What are your thoughts on what that was? What the question is chiming in with their answer.

16:57.860 –> 18:27.274
To answer that question first, haven’t, I would say I’m probably watching the space to see what happens. But I probably would look for another mean because I have two speakers, I have a Amazon speaker and I have a Apple homepod as well. The only drawback is that the a lady speaker that I have, I have hooked up to my thermostat and then I have my SiriusXM subscription connected to it. So it just depends. I’d have to watch. My question actually, however, has to do with a very strange, bizarre problem. Two bizarre problems. One, on my iPhone 15 I’m using the outlook for iOS. But what’s really bizarre is I can’t, like today I went in to find the email with the schedule on it and I’m only seeing messages from the last couple of hours. I’m not seeing anything that I know was there because I just pulled it up on my Apple mail. But what’s in Apple mail is not showing up in Outlook and I cannot get it to sync properly.

18:27.402 –> 18:44.930
Well, so Outlook has this weird thing at the top. It’s kind of like in the top right corner. It’s called focused inbox and it decides whether it should put stuff directly in the main inbox or put stuff into the focused inbox. So what you would do, are you using voiceover?

18:45.350 –> 18:46.050

18:46.200 –> 19:45.430
So you go up to the top left corner and you’d find the button that says focused inbox and you do a single finger double tap on that and it will switch it over to the focused inbox. And you could see there’ll be different mail there than that’s actually in the main inbox. So I would check there first and basically you double click on the focused inbox to take you to there. You look there and see if what you’re looking for is there. And when you’re done, you go back to that button on the top left corner and do a single finger double tap on that focused inbox and it will take you back to your regular inbox. So I would try that first and see if the things that you’re missing in your regular inbox are there. The other thing I would try and do is on the top left corner there is a button you hit that takes you to other boxes. It could be a junk or there’s other ones there. You could look through those and see if your mail is being pushed to any of those other folders.

19:46.090 –> 20:44.458
Okay, the other question has to do with on Windows eleven and using Outlook I have two machines, one of which happens to be a virtual machine on a Mac that’s a whole nother. Anyway, the problem is, and I’ve had this resolved once before with Microsoft accessibility, somehow solved it. I’m not sure how, but outlook and Gmail are not playing well together. And when I say that, I mean when I set up my Gmail account it keeps prompting me to sign in, which I go and do I go through that process? But then it says that this browser is not supported and I’ve been through this once before, I thought it was fixed, it worked for a while, now all of a sudden it’s still doing it on my other machine, my desktop machine. I’m not having problems with that.

20:44.624 –> 21:29.642
This just came up on a mailing list and I don’t have an immediate answer for you. It is possible that someone else has a solution. What I would do in your case if I didn’t have time to research it or I didn’t want to, is it might be worth trying to sign in with a one time use app password if someone else doesn’t have a suggestion. But I do recall reading this on a mailing list recently and I’ll see if I can find what someone suggested. Because what’s happening is Outlook is using Internet Explorer to try to sign in. And Gmail won’t let you do that because that’s not supported anymore is the way I understood it. So if someone has a suggestion, please raise your hand.

21:29.776 –> 22:45.006
I will certainly give that a look. Thank you. Thank you very much. Yeah, I appreciate it. All right. Thank you guys. Yep. Good luck, Patty. Hey, Patty. Hello. I don’t even know where to begin. Now. I’ll start with Matt’s thing. If you can reach out through the [email protected] I can give you some info on how to get that problem fixed. I had that problem and I got some good assistance and I don’t know how to do it myself, but I can help you get that done. It was a very tedious process, but it got fixed. Now let’s see. I don’t know if there was some kind of question, but let me just go to my issues. So I am having issues. Oh, one more thing. The price on the personal Microsoft 365 is 69 99 per year with applicable tax for your state. And you just go to Microsoft.com. If you don’t have an account, log in, create an account. It’s a download and it is very easy to do. It basically does itself. I could do it. So that tells you how easy that was.

22:45.188 –> 22:47.554
All right, well, thanks, Patty, for that info. That’s awesome.

22:47.672 –> 23:44.020
Yeah. So anyway, now to my issues. And I do have issues in Microsoft 365 and I am using the latest versions of NVDA. And my Microsoft has been updated and my Windows eleven has been updated. So I don’t know what to do here. But the spell check keeps hanging. And when I’m in a document and working on it, it doesn’t save. Like, I spell check the whole thing. I get it fixed, I save it, I double save it. And then when I open it back up, it isn’t there. The changes I made did not save. And my tech guy and I have repaired and updated until I can’t stand it. And then my NVDA keeps crashing in Microsoft Word and Outlook. So there you are.

23:44.950 –> 23:47.278
Well, question and a suggestion.

23:47.374 –> 23:47.874

23:47.992 –> 23:50.598
How do you open the document after you save it?

23:50.684 –> 23:57.094
So, like after I save it and I close it and go do something else, I just go back and find the document and open it. Okay.

23:57.132 –> 24:11.100
So you go to your documents through file Explorer and open it. Try something for me next time. Open Microsoft Word first and then tab four times to recent documents and open it from there and see if the save changes show up there.

24:11.630 –> 24:12.380

24:12.830 –> 24:26.030
Because if that’s the case, then what’s happening is I think you’re opening it from your local documents and word by default is set to save the most recent version in your onedrive. So that’s how I would try that. See if that solves.

24:26.110 –> 24:36.820
Okay, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt you. So my documents are in my onedrive folder so I still need to do that.

24:37.350 –> 24:50.074
That’s where I would try to see if that recent because that would tell you. Okay, the location that I’m going to open this document isn’t where it’s actually saving the most recent one. If you open it from recent documents and it’s the saved one.

24:50.112 –> 24:54.314
Well, I wondered what that was. It says most recent. Okay, I’ll try that.

24:54.432 –> 25:17.762
And then the last suggestion for hanging, I would almost reach out to disability answer desk because it sounds to me like maybe there’s a pain that’s showing in Microsoft Word that for some reason NVDA isn’t getting focused to go ahead. I was just going to say so I would see if they would be able to remote into your computer and see if something’s showing on the screen there.

25:17.816 –> 25:40.214
I’ve already had that checked. Okay. We don’t know what it is. I have Casey Matthews as my tech guy and he has done everything, we’ve done everything but take a hammer to it and it’s really frustrating. So other people are having, I’ve heard other writers having the same deal. Yeah. I don’t know what’s going on. I have a window right here. I could just throw the computer out. All right.

25:40.332 –> 25:42.166
You could switch to Google Docs.

25:42.278 –> 25:43.500
Well there is that.

25:44.350 –> 25:49.194
Well thanks for your question. But try the recent documents. Hopefully that’ll help.

25:49.312 –> 26:21.080
All right. Thank you. All right. Mitch. Hey Mitch. How are you doing? I’m good. How are you doing? Good. Okay, here’s my question. This is Outlook, but it’s the one that you can get with Windows eleven, not the one you pay for. The one I’m wondering about that one is you try to navigate contacts in that thing, you can’t do it. And according to Freedom Scientific you can’t use any of those store apps with a screen reader. But I’m able to read email and other stuff with that Outlook app for eleven. Any ideas guys?

26:21.530 –> 26:31.014
That free Outlook express kind of thing that they have on there, right. The free version now, which is something they just reintroduced in the past year, I want to say. Or maybe two.

26:31.132 –> 26:33.818
Is that right? Yes. That’s not right.

26:33.904 –> 26:39.260
I’ve heard a lot of people have problems with that, with screen readers. But Michael, you were going to chime in with something.

26:39.710 –> 26:51.306
I was going to ask because I think that’s interesting. So Mitch, I heard you correctly. You said Freedom Scientific said that the apps from the store aren’t accessible with jaws.

26:51.418 –> 26:58.930
Is that what you said? That’s what the tech guy said that I talked to and that was that. He’s like, they’re not accessible. I’m like, I was thinking what?

26:59.080 –> 27:17.954
Interesting. So two things that I would try. I don’t have an immediate answer for you because that’s not a tool that I use on a regular basis. So what I would try first is disabling jaws. And have you tried to navigate the Outlook tool with narrator and are you able to access your contacts?

27:18.002 –> 27:23.638
Then I tried all three screen readers. And it does the same thing with all three tools. Yeah.

27:23.724 –> 27:34.218
Then it may be an accessibility challenge. As I said, I don’t use that tool. The last thing that I would say is to reach out to Microsoft. But I presume you’ve tried that as well. So I don’t have an immediate answer for you.

27:34.384 –> 27:45.674
But if someone else does, go ahead and raise your hand because it’s easy to use. And if you can’t afford the 365 suite, you got something to work with. I’m hoping they fix the case. Yeah.

27:45.812 –> 27:54.938
So if someone else has a suggestion and navigate their contacts using the free outlook version, raise your hand because it sounds like Mitch would definitely appreciate any input.

27:55.054 –> 28:29.694
Thanks, Mitch. Monica. Hello, everyone. Hi. Hey, Monica. Hi. So my question is, somehow the other day I saw that I had three versions of Zoom on my computer, but I don’t know how I saw that. I think I was trying to look at why Zoom kept opening in Microsoft Edge, even though I have Google Chrome as a default. So I guess I’m trying to figure out how I could see what I have and how I could change the default browser. Does any of that make any sense to you?

28:29.812 –> 28:31.306
Kind of. Are you on Windows?

28:31.418 –> 28:33.140
I am on Windows ten.

28:33.590 –> 28:34.706
Windows ten.

28:34.808 –> 28:35.458

28:35.624 –> 29:19.322
So I can tell you how to do it on eleven. Where I would start, first of all is go to your add or remove programs and see where in that list, how many versions of Zoom do you have? Because really you should only have one. And if you have more than one, I would remove all of them and then go to zoom us and follow the directions to download zoom at that point and reinstall just a fresh copy of it. And then I think it’s called default apps in Windows ten too. So if you go to the search field and type in default, that should be where you go to set your web browsing defaults.

29:19.466 –> 29:42.530
Okay. I mean, I set it in default, set default apps. Okay. I think I type in default and then it just comes up and I tab and it says use blah blah blah for browsing. And I hit Google Chrome. But zoom always like it. Just no matter what I do, it always opens an edge.

29:42.690 –> 29:50.330
Let me look that up. And if anyone else has a suggestion, maybe they can share that because that’s interesting. It sounds like you’ve done what I would try at first.

29:50.480 –> 30:25.026
Okay, thanks. Yes. BJ. Hey, BJ. All right, how are you doing? Good, thank you. All right, pluggable is working good right now. So that’s a good thing. My question is with the iPhone, you know how when you’re texting a message on the iPhone keypad and if you’re typing in a word, let’s see if you’re typing in the word mother mot and then the rest of the word comes up H-E-R. And you can just select that.

30:25.128 –> 30:27.298
Auto prediction is what it’s called, I think.

30:27.384 –> 30:29.346
Yeah. How do you get that on your phone?

30:29.448 –> 30:31.030
You want to turn it on or off?

30:31.100 –> 30:43.482
Yeah, I want to turn it on. Yeah. Because I saw that on my girl’s phone and I’m like, wow, I like this. I could actually work with something like this here on, here on the phone keypad. Yeah.

30:43.616 –> 30:53.534
I believe that you go into, I think it’s settings and then you go into general and then keyboard and then turn on auto predict, I think is.

30:53.572 –> 30:58.270
Where it is, but it’s super telepromptically cool.

30:58.420 –> 31:06.958
And then it will be on in all the places. So anytime your keyboard comes up, whether it’s on a web browser or email setting.

31:07.134 –> 31:08.770
So you go to settings.

31:09.190 –> 31:17.730
I’m pretty sure it’s under settings, general keyboard, and then in there it’s autocorrect or auto prediction. I’m sorry.

31:17.800 –> 31:23.510
Auto prediction. Okay, solid. And now that works also with email too. And whatever.

31:23.660 –> 31:29.654
Anytime your keyboard comes up, if you have that turned on, it will do the auto prediction if you turn it on.

31:29.772 –> 31:37.930
Okay, now what about when I’m on the pluggable? And if I do use that, can I still use, does it work then or just is that separate from that, from the Bluetooth keyboard?

31:38.350 –> 31:40.422
Not sure about that, Michael.

31:40.486 –> 31:45.450
Oh, okay. I’m going to turn it on and experiment with it. But anyway, thanks a bunch for your help. Hey, shields.

31:45.530 –> 31:46.670
Yes, no problem.

31:46.820 –> 32:29.420
All right, thanks a bunch. All right. I think this is Lisa G 201 ending in 406. Yes, it is. You’re excellent thank you, Monica, for your question. Because it reminded me I got a new Mac computer, iMac, two years ago, but I really didn’t use it because of other stuff. And I went to go on Zoom, and I’ve gotten on Zoom calls listening, but I couldn’t raise my hand and I couldn’t understand why I had no way of raising my hand. It’s option y.

32:30.910 –> 32:32.380
It’s option y.

32:33.150 –> 33:08.598
Is there something that’s on the screen also, like on my phone? Because I, like, swipe at my phone and I get to it and I go, well, on my phone I’m used to pressing the button, though, so it’s just option y. But it was recording and there was no way I could hit the. There’s no recording. I mean, I misspoke. I can’t figure out how to hit that. I accept that it’s recording. The got it button. There was no God of button, but it wasn’t through ACB. It was a GDB thing on a guidebook for the blind call do. Some people who are recording don’t have you hit the got it button?

33:08.764 –> 33:27.022
Well, on a Mac, if there is going to be that got it button, usually it’s right in the center of the screen and it’s almost always right there and you’re already landed on it when it pops up. So if you’re using voiceover, you could just do vo space on it and it’ll automatically hit it and you’ll be good to go.

33:27.156 –> 33:35.202
Is it possible that there could be no. Got a button from another. Not from ACB, but the guide dogs for the blind, could they use something.

33:35.256 –> 33:46.546
Where anytime you’re in zoom and someone’s going to record it will show up and give you a notification to hit the button? Because that’s kind of.

33:46.648 –> 34:14.782
Yeah, this is desi Nolarn. I’m using a Mac. And I can tell you, Brad told me this actually, that when you go into a Zoom meeting and you need to use command accent to go between windows and get to the window where it says this meeting is being recorded and then vo right arrow over. I think it’s twice and there’s an okay button. So it’s changed from how it used to be.

34:14.916 –> 34:25.434
And I think it depends on the version also, because I’m also on a Mac and when that window pops up, my voiceover cursor is automatically on there and I just do vo space and it hits it and I move.

34:25.492 –> 34:39.970
Okay. So you must not be at the latest version of Zoom because that’s what mine was doing. Too. And Brad said you haven’t updated. And I went and checked even though I had automatic updates turned on. And yes indeed, I had not updated.

34:40.050 –> 34:49.322
So anyway, I do not update my zoom, especially this time. I heard that there was a lot of problems, so I just have not updated yet. So I’m still on the old way.

34:49.456 –> 34:58.326
Okay. So anyway, that’s what I have to tell. Thank you. Can you repeat that? It was Vo and then right spaceport.

34:58.438 –> 35:20.340
It’s command brave accent, which is the key directly to the left of number one. You press that until you hear the recording window because at that point you’re switching between windows inside of the zoom application. When you hear the recording notification, use vo right arrow twice and then you’ll hear, ok, and press vo space.

35:20.790 –> 35:29.560
That’s on the new update. If you have an updated version and option y does raise your hand and if you want to lower it, option y again will lower.

35:30.250 –> 35:33.158
Yes, yes. Thank you. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

35:33.164 –> 35:34.102
Yeah, no problem.

35:34.236 –> 36:54.718
All right, Pam, thanks. Desi, you had your hand raised? Yes. And yes, you were correct on how to turn predictive text. And also the spell check is in there and all that. You go to settings, general keyboard and you’ll find it. All of that stuff there, even text replacement, which I love. Oh, my goodness. As for the question of the day, I’ll make this very simple. I do not have a lady a. I’ve never felt the need for a lady a because I do it all on my iPhone and on my Mac. And if I did have a lady a and they started wanting me to pay extra for something that I had just shelled out the money to purchase, I think I would be finding another solution. I would just go back, I’d sell that lady a for someone who does want to spend a lot of extra cash, and I would just go back to doing it on my iPhone that I already have and I already use, and my Mac, which I already have and already use.

36:54.884 –> 37:09.474
Okay, Tim, I have a question for you. I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a second and say, let’s say they do do that. Usually when something like that happens and they get away with it, then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. So what happens when Apple starts charging to use Siri?

37:09.602 –> 37:37.742
Well, if Apple, well, I very rarely use mean because I would have to pay for. Because. Because I don’t have a lady a. If someone told me that if I purchased a lady a, I would then have to pay extra just to use it, I wouldn’t even buy one, I would just go with what I already have.

37:37.876 –> 37:38.334
All right.

37:38.372 –> 38:02.360
There you go. And of course, Apple music, I subscribe to that. And before we had the paid Apple music and it was just, oh, it was called, you know, I would listen to Internet radio and if I needed to purchase an album, I’d purchase it on the back in the old days.

38:04.410 –> 38:07.866
All right, Pam. Well, thanks a lot. We’re kind of a little bit on a time crunch today, so we’re going.

38:07.868 –> 38:23.134
To keep it rolling. Thank you, Scott. Hey, Scott. All right, thanks. Well, talking about predictive texting, how to change it on the iPhone. Well, what about in windows, wherever you might, it seemed like, I’m noticing there.

38:23.172 –> 38:24.206
Seems to be a lot of it.

38:24.228 –> 38:38.782
Happening, especially in edge. I’ll start to type something in. It’ll say suggested something or other, or I’m hearing what sounds like predictive texting.

38:38.926 –> 38:53.110
So if I’m understanding this, and I think I’ve realized this recently, too, in edge on windows, when you start typing in the address bar, you hear things like search suggestion, and then that’s kind of related to what you’re doing.

38:53.180 –> 38:54.742
There a way to turn that off?

38:54.876 –> 39:34.290
There is. And what I recommend doing is if you go back, if you go to unmute, show in the search field, type in the search field. Jeff Bishop or Windows settings. Jeff and Marty and I, I think it’s published over there, sat down and talked about settings that we change on our computers. And once you go through that, there’s a lot of different settings that you can go into Microsoft Edge and disable. That’ll make your browsing experience a lot faster and a lot more smoother. And one of those I believe he recommended in there is to disable address bar suggestions.

39:34.630 –> 39:39.006
Okay, but would that all be under options or tools and the like? Yep.

39:39.118 –> 39:54.074
If you go up to the file menu and then you go down to settings, you can press enter there and that’ll take you into the edge settings. And the very first thing is search. And you might be able to just type in predictive into the search and that will take you to settings related to that.

39:54.192 –> 39:57.066
Oh, all right, sounds good. All right, thanks a lot.

39:57.168 –> 39:58.134
Yep. Good luck.

39:58.262 –> 41:40.314
All right. All right, Desi. Hey, Desi. Thanks. Let’s see. So two really quick things about the lady. A, I am really conflicted about this because I have had my echo dot for a couple of years and more now, and I do use it for a lot of things, but if they started making it not work as well, so that I would need to pay to start using those features, I’m afraid I would not pay because I would be very angry that I’ve had access to all these features and now all of a sudden I have to pay for them. So I would probably try to find some other solution. Yeah. And then my quick question, I hope, is I am using a Mac. And I found out recently that there are, yeah, I think in the accessibility settings or just below them, there are some settings for turning off various, various things that I might want to turn off. So I found that. I found them, but I couldn’t figure out how to activate them. I don’t know if I was just in the wrong place or Rio space for whatever reason wasn’t working. I tried hitting enter, but all the things showed that I was interested in. So I just wondered if anybody had any thoughts about that.

41:40.432 –> 41:44.670
Let me ask you, when you say all the things, can you give me an example of one of the things?

41:44.820 –> 42:17.080
Of course you would ask me that. Right. And I should know that since I’m asking the question. Okay. There are a lot of little alerts. It was alerts, that’s what it was. There are a bunch of alerts listed in there that you can turn on or off. And some of the ones that are currently on by, I guess, default are driving me a little bit crazy. And so I went in and I think it was just below accessibility settings and I found them, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with them.

42:17.390 –> 42:39.322
So when I run into that, and macOS is an amazing tool, but it’s also very frustrating because there’s so many ways to do things, and sometimes things work anyways. If pressing Vo space does not toggle the status of something, try the actions keystroke, which is Vo command.

42:39.466 –> 42:40.880
Yes. Thanks.

42:42.930 –> 42:46.446
Because that’s what you have to do with notifications. So that’s what I would try there.

42:46.548 –> 42:47.502
Yeah. Okay.

42:47.636 –> 43:21.582
The thing to look out for also, which I think sometimes people miss, is you could be in there and you see all the things, but you may just be on the actual text part, then you got to actually kind of bump over one space to get the actual lever, and then you can actually either turn it on or off. So it kind of goes the name of the thing and then the lever on and off, and then it goes to the next line and says the text for the next thing. And then you got to go over one to hit the lever to turn it on, or so if you may hear the text, but you may not be on the on and off button, switch whatever you want to call.

43:21.636 –> 43:26.314
Yeah. All right. Well, thank you very much. That was most helpful.

43:26.442 –> 43:27.230
Yep, no problem.

43:27.300 –> 44:43.846
Good luck. Thanks, Stacey. Hey, Stacey. Okay, I will say that I heard a lot of people that are totally blind from one dealer I consulted are not using an iPhone so much and they’re using windows. But what I’ve noticed is I got my lady a. I call it the ball, by the way, before I heard about everybody else using the term lady A, and I noticed that I can use my iPhone, at least my iPhone se, but I’m sure it would be other iPhones, too. A lot easier with the lady a because I am totally blind and I don’t like to swipe. I don’t know. It’s hard to swipe. I found it hard to swipe. Much easier being totally blind than a lot of partials. I just couldn’t get the hang of it even after I took lessons. Got you. Yeah.

44:43.868 –> 44:46.594
And so controlling things with your voice is just a little bit easier.

44:46.642 –> 45:31.590
It sounds like I would use it probably even if I had to pay a little bit. Well, I’m even paying for Amazon music. I don’t mind. Like, I’ve had to have my sister pay for my pandora and things like that. So it’s a necessity practically for me to have one of those things. Well, very good. Thanks. Things like gospel voice on there and to access some of my Bible stuff and other things. Perfect, Stacey. I wouldn’t be without one. Yeah.

45:31.660 –> 45:36.966
Thanks a. So we got you down on the list of people that wouldn’t have a.

45:36.988 –> 46:21.830
Problem with paying for it. And I’m a little worried about what happens if I have to upgrade on superior. I’m wondering what kind of thing I’d have to get later on to comply with it. I don’t know what I would do because right now I don’t want to upgrade an iPhone. I’d rather upgrade to something else that didn’t have to update so regularly. Maybe. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. Any suggestions on that? Because I don’t easily update iPhones.

46:22.170 –> 46:39.986
So, Stacey, my recommendation. And then we are going to get on to these other two hands, too, because I see we have a couple more, but I would check out the blind shell classic, too, if you haven’t yet, because that’s what I’ve worked with a lot of people switching from the iPhone to the blind shell because they’re more comfortable with that tactile buttons.

46:40.118 –> 46:56.350
Right. And I have one. But I’m wondering about what happens when I have to get the next edition of the Lady A. Like the fifth generation.

46:56.690 –> 47:07.382
Got you. Well, drop us an email and we can talk more about that. But right now I don’t have an immediate answer because I haven’t upgraded my devices with that. I’ll have to go through that process.

47:07.436 –> 47:15.926
On the blind shell. Yeah, they say it doesn’t matter, but you lose your translation, languages and stuff like that.

47:16.108 –> 47:23.066
All right, well, thank you, Stacey. And we’re going to go and take this next hand here because we’ve got about six minutes. Who do we got next?

47:23.088 –> 48:01.014
Sheila? Deborah. Hey, Deborah. Yeah, I got in. Yes. The question. By charging a fee for the lady a, I think they should make an exceptional for us blind people because we rely on everything. I’m already paying for Amazon Prime. I didn’t do the music because I’m like, I don’t use it that often living in this senior community. And then if you have multiple ones, is there going to be a fee for each of those, too?

48:01.212 –> 48:11.210
That’s a great question. I don’t know. It’s a rumor, so we don’t know. But it is something to be considerate of. Is it going to charge you on each of your devices?

48:12.510 –> 48:13.260

48:13.710 –> 48:18.602
Well, thank you for that comment. I’m glad we were able to get your comments and.

48:18.656 –> 48:28.654
Yeah. And bringing up that making acceptance as far as blind people are added on to the Amazon prime. Yeah. All right. Well, thank you very much. Thank you.

48:28.692 –> 48:31.518
We are running out of time, so we got to try and get through a couple more.

48:31.604 –> 49:29.042
Marie. Hey, Marie. Hey, Marie. Okay, sorry. Last time I had my hand up and I got a phone call, I couldn’t stop. Anyway, I went first about with Amazon. I don’t think it’s correct. If you buy the devices, you should get the assistant for free. Now, I could understand if they wanted to charge some kind of amount for their apps on the other devices, like on your iPhone or Android or whatever. That to me would be more fair, but not on the devices that you’ve already purchased. I just don’t believe in that. The other thing, I was going to go way back to Beth and her problem with Microsoft office. I think 365 is one of the best bargains around if you can possibly afford it. And just wanted to say if she has family members that might also be interested, that’s even better bargain because you basically can get six people on there for another $30 a year and share the cost. Good point.

49:29.096 –> 49:29.602
That’s awesome.

49:29.656 –> 51:00.000
Thanks, Marie. You bet. You guys are great. Thank you. All right, we’ve got about three minutes or so. Okay, let me see. All right, so these are repeat. Lisa, I would not want to pay for Amazon. I just feel like everything is becoming so ala carte. And I agree with the last caller that if you have the device, if they’re going to charge you, you’re already paying for the device and you have to pay extra. If you had an extra app or something, I could understand that, but I would definitely not want to pay for it. I feel like we’re getting to the point that I’m going to have to have pay to have to burp these days. You’re going to have to pay for everything. So that’s my two cent. Thank you. Thank you, Abraham. Hey, Abraham, just quickly. So with Monica, it could also possibly be that there’s multiple shortcuts on your desktop that’s named Zoom because Zoom shouldn’t open in your browser at all. It should open the app. So since it’s opening the browser, maybe an issue with multiple shortcuts pointing at the wrong location. So what you can do is on that Zoom icon, alt enter, go to the shortcut properties and just check where that shortcut is, what program is targeted. If it’s not zoom Exe, delete that shortcut and do that the same for the other two, and hopefully one of them is the correct one that opens app. Thank you.

51:00.370 –> 51:04.706
Appreciate that. That’s a great tip to check the properties of the shortcut because that could be it.

51:04.728 –> 51:47.998
As Beth? Hey, Beth? Yeah. I was wondering now when I listen to my Amazon music, I just listen to the music I’ve downloaded. I only listen to. It only plays a few songs. I go to Amazon music and then go to purchased or whatever, and then go to songs, but it doesn’t play all the songs I have on there, all the songs I’ve downloaded, and I use it on my phone. I tried to use it on my computer and it wouldn’t work. So I don’t understand why it’s doing what it’s doing.

51:48.164 –> 52:02.466
Yeah, I’m not sure either. It sounds like maybe something isn’t signed into the proper account or something. That would be something to experiment with because it should be playing the music for you if you’re subscribed to Amazon Music.

52:02.648 –> 52:09.666
Yeah, I’m not subscribed. I just use the music I downloaded. Gotcha.

52:09.778 –> 52:21.546
So the music you have? Yeah. That might be worth reaching out to Amazon to get some feedback from them. Unfortunately, in the time we have left, I don’t have the troubleshooting steps to try with.

52:21.568 –> 52:23.290
You okay. Yeah.

52:23.360 –> 52:23.974
Thank you, Beth.

52:24.022 –> 52:37.102
Yeah. Because they say call disability number. So I can just do. Yep. Thanks. No problem. Thanks, Beth and I think we are good to go. All right.

52:37.156 –> 53:05.990
We are out of time. So thank you, everyone so much for being here. We’ll be back same time next week. And as always, Sheila and belle, thank you so much for helping us out every week. We really appreciate it. And everyone have a great week. If you want to reach out to us, you can, you can email us at feedback at show with any questions, comments, concerns. You can also check out our website and find out a bunch more information there, which is unmute show. Everybody have a great week and we’ll see you next week.

53:06.060 –> 53:07.940
Thanks. Thank you. Thank you.