Unmute Presents Digital Bytes – EP2 – Food, calendar, and open earbuds

Join us in this episode of Digital Bytes where we delve into a range of tech topics. Chris introduces the Paprika recipe management app, showcasing its efficiency in simplifying recipe saving by removing unnecessary information from websites. Demonstrating how effortless it is to save and organize recipes with Paprika. Marty offers a quick tip on effortlessly adding events to the iPhone calendar using VoiceOver. Moreover, Michael reviews the Shox OpenFit earbuds, highlighting their innovative design and features like tactile controls and extended battery life. We wrap up the episode with enthusiasm for what’s to come!


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Hey, it’s Michael here from Unmute presents the podcast for all things technology.

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And I’m a huge fan. I love your live calls, your in depth episodes, and your quick tips on Sundays.

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Thanks. That means a lot. Do you want to tell our listeners how they can join us?

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Of course. Just go to ACB community and find out how to join. Or you can subscribe to unmute presence on your favorite podcast app. It’s that easy.

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Unmute present the podcast for tech lovers like you and me.

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Hey, all. Marty here. And we’re back with another digital bytes. And as always, I have Chris with me. Say hello, Chris.

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Hey there. How you doing?

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Doing good, thanks. So, Chris, what are we going to be talking about today?

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Well, I’m excited about what I’m going to be talking about, and I am thrilled to be introducing an app that I just love. And it is a recipe management app and it’s just fantastic. So I’m really excited to present Paprika.

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That’s going to be super fun. And I’m going to be talking about a quick tip, which is how to easily add events to the calendar from the home screen using voiceover on an iPhone. Also, Michael is going to be talking about the new Shox earbuds, so that’ll be great as well.

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Yeah, that’s cool.

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Here is a digital bites app review of Paprika with Chris.

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This is a demo of one of my very favorite apps. I love to cook. And the issue with getting new recipes is often you go to a website and there’s a bunch of sign up gibberish, there are inaccessible ads, and it’s just really a bad experience. And I got really tired of that, which then I didn’t go to those websites anymore. And then I discovered this cool app called Paprika Three, recipe manager. And it is just fantastic because one of its best features is you share the recipe from the website to the Paprika app, and then it strips out all the kinds of things in the recipe, like the name, the cooking time, the rating, the description, the ingredients, the directions, everything. And it puts them in all the right places in the app. And then you can save your recipes. So I thought I would give you a short demo of how this app works. And for $5, oh, boy. It’s a great investment. So here I am on the paprika three. I guess there was a one and two recipe manager app, and there is search search field.

02:43.220 –> 02:45.450
A search field ten minute no bake cheesecake.

02:45.530 –> 02:45.934
Oh, boy.

02:45.972 –> 02:48.530
That’s my first recipe. That is a really good one, by the way.

02:48.600 –> 02:51.602
Ten minute no bake cheesecake main menu button.

02:51.656 –> 02:57.170
Aha. Main menu. Okay, so at the top left corner there’s a main menu. Let’s see what’s in here.

02:57.320 –> 02:58.798
Main menu heading.

02:58.974 –> 03:04.914
Okay, there’s several things aside from the recipes. Saving capabilities.

03:05.042 –> 03:05.778

03:05.874 –> 03:36.918
A browser. So you can open the browser and you can go to some popular cooking websites like allrecipees or cooks.com. Groceries grocery list. You can create a grocery list. And the really cool thing is that when you add items to your list, it will put them in the proper aisles, so to speak. So you can have your grocery list neatly organized and then you can click the little or double tap the little purchased button when you’re in the store so that you know you bought that item.

03:37.034 –> 03:37.726

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There’s a pantry. I haven’t used the pantry that much, but I think what you do is you add items that are in your pantry so that you can know quickly what you’ve got to work with.

03:47.356 –> 03:48.082

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Meals. You can create meals and save them in terms of what you’re going to eat in the following week. Your various lunches and dinners and such.

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There’s the menus. This is a menu for what you’re going to have each day.

04:07.040 –> 04:07.718

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And there are the settings. And there are some cool settings that have to do with adjusting the font if you need to. And I think there’s some settings to do with syncing and that sort of thing.

04:19.332 –> 04:20.366
Sync now button.

04:20.468 –> 04:51.254
And there’s the sync now button. This, if you have it installed on multiple devices, will sync your recipes across those different devices. This is available for the Mac, by the way, but I have not really used it on that platform. You can also use it with Android. And so this is a great app for a cross platform option. And so now what we’ll do is we will see how this thing works when I go to a website that’s really obnoxious. So app switcher.

04:51.302 –> 04:52.166
Paprika active.

04:52.198 –> 04:52.854
App switcher.

04:52.902 –> 04:53.862
Safari active.

04:53.926 –> 04:56.406
There’s safari and we’re going safari.

04:56.438 –> 04:58.522
Web dialog. Always free. Always free.

04:58.656 –> 05:01.722
Ah, lovely. Always free. That, you know, there’s a great ad there.

05:01.856 –> 05:03.174
Recipes. Recipes.

05:03.302 –> 05:04.342
Okay, recipes.

05:04.406 –> 05:06.398
Your email address. Tech sign up button.

05:06.484 –> 05:10.094
Sign up. All those obnoxious things. And then really it says there’s only.

05:10.132 –> 05:12.046
Two pages, page two of two on.

05:12.068 –> 05:26.962
This website, which you clearly know there are not two pages. And somehow there’s an ad banner that you need to close. And so the really beautiful thing is that I can save this recipe toolbar share button with the share button. So I’m going to go to the share button on the bottom of the screen.

05:27.096 –> 05:29.826
Most requested chicken most requested chicken.

05:29.938 –> 05:33.254
So this is the most requested chicken recipe as you hear.

05:33.372 –> 05:36.198
Most requested chicken most requested chicken close button.

05:36.284 –> 05:37.958
Let’s just get down to these options.

05:38.044 –> 05:40.966
Airdrop but messages button mail button paprika.

05:40.998 –> 05:42.858
Button there’s my paprika button.

05:42.944 –> 05:45.466
Going to double tap downloading cancel button.

05:45.568 –> 05:53.294
Okay, so it’s downloading the recipe and it’s going to put all the parts of the recipe in the right little slots. So let’s see what happens here.

05:53.332 –> 05:54.826
We’ll name most requested chicken.

05:54.858 –> 05:57.402
Text field okay, so there’s the top photos.

05:57.466 –> 05:58.558
Zero photos button.

05:58.644 –> 06:08.786
Okay, if there had been pictures, I’ve never had it. Load pictures into the app here. Rating the rating. You can rate the recipe. If I haven’t made it, I don’t rate it.

06:08.888 –> 06:11.474
Star rating zero stars adjustable okay, so.

06:11.512 –> 06:13.490
We can adjust that later.

06:13.640 –> 06:19.254
Info Cook 4 hours ten minutes servings yield six servings source heartlandcooking.com button okay.

06:19.292 –> 06:25.238
So the really cool thing is it gives you the source of the recipe. So you know it’s heartlandcooking.com.

06:25.404 –> 06:29.014
Categories uncategorized button okay, the great thing.

06:29.052 –> 07:01.442
About this categories button is that when you first open the app and you start working with it, you can create your own categories. So if I were to double tap on this categories button, I would be able to choose chicken as one of the categories. You can choose multiple categories. Suppose this was a soup recipe and it was also vegetarian, let’s say, or whatnot. You could choose more than one category. Description heading this doesn’t usually have anything in it.

07:01.496 –> 07:04.850
Description text field you could describe it.

07:05.000 –> 07:10.950
In whatever way you’d like, just to remind yourself. Ingredients heading okay, and here’s the heading for the ingredients.

07:11.450 –> 07:26.230
Ingredients one slash two cup low sodium soy sauce one three cup honey one three cup oyster sauce two tablespoons rice vinegar one teaspoon sesame oil two teaspoons fresh ginger, minced five cloves garlic, minced one small onion, finely diced one four teaspoon red chili flakes four large and so forth.

07:26.310 –> 07:40.106
I’m going to be making this one. I can just tell you any asian recipe is just fine with me. So it does read all the ingredients in one fell swoop. So let’s see if we can read them line by line or some other increment.

07:40.218 –> 07:48.002
Edit misspelled word text select characters words lines okay, so we have it. Lines one slash two kablo sodium soy sauce that’s right.

07:48.056 –> 07:59.126
So we’re going to be able to do that. So that’s really great because no one can deal with all that in one fell swoop. So we can adjust the rotor to lines and then just swipe down one.

07:59.148 –> 08:02.518
Slash, three cup honey, one slash, three cup toys and sauce, which is great.

08:02.604 –> 08:05.302
And so, yeah, I’m going to be saving this one.

08:05.436 –> 08:05.782

08:05.836 –> 08:13.086
So then once I swipe out of the ingredients directions heading, I have the directions and it will read those directions.

08:13.138 –> 08:19.222
In a large bowl. Add the soy sauce, the honey, the hoisin sauce, the rice vinegar, the sesame oil, the fresh ginger, the garlic, and so forth.

08:19.286 –> 08:39.234
So I stopped the speech. Okay, so in order to save this, I would go back and categorize it because I want to make sure that I know it’s a chicken recipe. And then I would need to hit the back button because then I return to this screen right here where it would have its category and then I would hit the save button if I save it right now, which I can do.

08:39.352 –> 08:40.178
Save button.

08:40.264 –> 08:42.066
In the top right corner it is.

08:42.088 –> 08:43.758
Page settings button saved.

08:43.854 –> 08:55.814
And I am still though on the website. And so what it did was it took me into paprika from the website and when I save it, I am still on the website. So I would need to go back to the Paprika app.

08:55.852 –> 08:58.182
Switcher safari active. Paprika active.

08:58.246 –> 08:59.274
Go back here.

08:59.392 –> 09:01.526
Paprika three main menu settings.

09:01.638 –> 09:04.922
Okay, so now I am back to where I was.

09:04.976 –> 09:06.300
Settings before.

09:06.990 –> 09:11.670
Browser groceries, selected recipes up to recipes.

09:11.830 –> 09:14.090
Main menu, Addie’s favorite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

09:14.170 –> 10:19.214
Okay. And they’re in alphabetical order. I think you can sort them differently as well. But those are really fantastic peanut butter chocolate cookies, by the way. And I think I probably have about 300 recipes saved in here and it’ll take me a lifetime to really make them. But this is my, like I said, very favorite app because the websites are so annoying. They’re just really a pain. And if you can strip the recipe out, and it does have the source, so everything’s on the up and up, then you can return to that website if you’d like, in a browser and check out their other recipes. But this is just really awesome. You can even share a recipe with a friend from this app and they don’t have to have the Paprika app, it would just share the recipe with them. I believe it sends them a link. And so, yeah, this is just great. So I hope you’ve enjoyed the demo of the Paprika three recipe manager available on Apple and Android and Mac happy cooking.

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Now it’s time for Marty to show us how to quickly add events to your calendar.

10:23.358 –> 12:16.760
From spotlight quick tip. I’m going to show you how to add events to your calendar on an iPhone using voiceover. First, from the home screen, you’re going to do a three finger swipe down. Then you’re going to find a search box at the top. In that box, you can dictate or type out either one lunch at 12:00 p.m. With Michael. Then you hit go on the keyboard and it will bring up the calendar details menu. In there, you can add all of the options such as setting an alert or changing the calendar if you want it to be on a different calendar. All the things then you hit done on the top right corner and it’s on your calendar. It’s just that easy. So one more time, you do a three finger swipe down from the home screen. You go to the search box at the top. Type in an event such as lunch with Michael at 12:00 p.m. You can even do the date lunch with Michael on Saturday at 12:00 p.m. Or anything else that you want to add to your calendar you can put there. Once you hit go on the keyboard, then you get the details menu of the calendar. You pick all of your details there, such as alert, all of those things. Changing the calendar, you can set a one time event only or repeating event, all that kind of stuff. Then you hit done on the top right corner or add whichever can be different depending on the operating system that you’re using or the version of calendar. And there you go. A super easy way to add events to your calendar. Enjoy.

12:18.890 –> 13:47.510
And now it’s my turn to talk with you about the shocks. Open fit earbuds. If you’re familiar with shocks, also known as aftershocks, then you may be familiar with the concept of open ear headphones. Unlike most of the shocks headphones, these don’t sit in front of your ears. They actually sit on your ear canal. So let me describe them to you. When you get your shox open fit earbuds, you receive a case with a USBC charger on the back. Flip the case open, it kind of flips up, and you’ll find two buds, one on the left and one on the right. These come with a rectangle piece that sits on your ear canal and the hooks hang over your ears. What I really like about the Shox Open fit earbuds is that they provide a lot of louder volume and low end volume when you need it. The Shox open fit earbuds have two tactile dots on them, one on the left, one on the right. Simply tap this tactile dot to perform an action double tap or triple tap them. You can expect receive about 7 hours per charge and you can recharge the buds up to four times using the charging case. If you’re open for a see what I did there. New experience when it comes to open ear headphones, check out the Shox open fit available at Atu guys and Amazon and chalks and your other favorite audio places.

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Well, thanks everyone for being here at digital bytes and checking it out, and we look forward to coming back with lots of good content. And with that, we will see you next time. This has been an unmute production. For more check out unmute show.