Unmute Presents Digital Bytes – Google Lookout, IOS Share Sheet, Anchor 3 in 1- Produced

We discuss Google Lookout, organising the Share sheet on IOS, and a Anchor 3 in 1 power adaptor.

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So today we’re going to talk about an application that I install on every Android phone I put my hands on, or at least the ones that belong to me. I don’t think my friends would appreciate me installing it on their phone unless they happen to be blind as well. This is a tool that I started using several years ago and it is equivalent close to similar to the seeing AI application on iOS today. Talking Google Lookout, Google’s instant product and text recognition tool. This tool had a rewrite recently and I want to give you a quick tour and let you know why it is that I like this application. In the top left corner there’s a modes button that you can tap on that allows you to pick what mode you’d like the application to be in. Quick text, document images, product recognition. When you tap on one of those modes, then the camera is activated and you’re able to start scanning for that specific type of content. Now, if you’re like me and sometimes you just like to leave Google Lookout open, you can leave that application open. There is a button in the middle of the screen that tells you to turn off the camera, so you double tap on that. That’ll turn off the camera so it’s not trying to recognize things around you. And on the bottom you have two tabs, you have the view and recent. If you’re like, what did that just say? Tap on the recent so you can go back and learn that you have an escalator in your home. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out Mastodon. So I like seeing AI on iOS, but I like Google lookout on Android. Seeing AI is available on Android and I’ll be fully transparent with you. I really haven’t used it since it came to Android. I found that Google lookout in live environments is the fastest tool to recognize text, especially when it comes to recognizing quick text. I’ll take a step back and say at Omaha and Schaumburg ACB national convention when I was working for at guys, I would use Google Lookout on a Pixel phone and just pull out my Google lookout, turn it, unlock the device, and then start scanning products. And I was able to easily find the information about the products that I had in my hands to ensure I was giving the customer the right item. If you’re on Android and you haven’t played with this tool yet, check out Google Lookout. If you’re thinking about jumping over to the Android platform and wondering, what am I going to use in replacement of my seeing AI? Well, first of all, seeing AI is now on Android. But secondly, if you want a cool tool, check out Google lookout to identify your products, currency, text, images, everything else on Android.

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Hi everyone. I wonder if you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the amount of apps that occur on the share sheet when you want to send somebody something. Let’s suppose you’re in the Safari app or the photos app, and you double tap that share button at the bottom of your screen. And then there’s a truckload of apps, a lot of which you don’t need in there. And you have to swipe and swipe and swipe till you get to the one you want. Then maybe you don’t find it. So you have to hit the more button and it’s kind of a wild goose chase. It seems like there ought to be a better way to get just the apps you want. So I set about to find out how to edit and rearrange and sort of deal with my share sheet to make it more accessible and friendly. So what I found out was that you can open content that you can share, like say, Safari webpage, and then you’re going to double tap that share sheet, and then you have a great big long list of apps. And somewhere buried in there is a more button. When you double tap the more button, you’ll find that there’s an edit button at the top right hand corner of the screen. That is the magic place that we’re going to go to make things a lot easier. So when you double tap the edit button, you’re presented with a screen full of apps that we can now do something with.

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And about done button.

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There’s a done button in the top right corner when we’re finished. So at the top of the screen, favorites. You have a list of favorites, and there are very few things in there for me today, but I’ll show you how you can add something to favorites and then how you can also rearrange or delete or remove those suggestions that the Apple ecosystem thinks you want. So underneath favorites, I have things like Airdrop.

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Remove mail.

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Okay, so there’s airdrop, and then it says remove mail. So what that means is if I did want to take mail out of my favorites, I could double tap that reorder mail button.

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Okay, so reorder mail draggable button means that if I double tap and hold on that button and slide my finger up and down, and I can move that app to a different place because there are some apps I just more frequently use. So after I swipe to the right.

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Some more, remove messages reorder messages Remove Mona Reorder Mona Button Mona is in.

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One of my favorites. That’s the cool, very accessible, awesome mastodon app suggestions heading. So here is this suggestions heading so these are all the other apps that didn’t make it into favorites yet. So in case you would like to add an app to favorites, there is a way to do that from this suggestions list. There is also a way to just remove an app in general from the share sheet. So first I’ll show you one of the first things in my suggestion list is Paprika switch button on Paprika, my favorite recipe managing app. And it says that the switch button is on. This means that it is a suggestion that will come up for me as a part of my share sheet. Now, paprika has not made it into favorites yet, but it will. So if I swipe up or down, it doesn’t matter. With one finger, insert, I hear insert. And I experimented and I found out that if I double tap on insert, remove paprika three. So now it says remove paprika three. But what it really is telling me if I go back up to my.

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Favorites list, airdrop remove mail Reorder mail Remove message Reorder Message Remove Mona Reorder Mona Remove Paprika three.

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There’s paprika three. It’s at the bottom of the favorites list. Now, I only have say for favorites above it. And so it is last in the list because it’s what I just added. So if I swipe down, I’m going to hear the word sorry. If I swipe to the right, I’m going to hear the word suggestions, suggestions.

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Heading notes. Switch button on.

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Okay, so notes is on. That means it will show up in the share sheet. It is not a part of favorites. So it won’t show up first, but it will show up at all. Now if I keep swiping, you’ll hear some of the other apps that I have.

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Reminders, switch button off. Journal switch button soft.

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Okay. Journal. I never use that app. I don’t really want it to show up because I’m not interested in sharing anything with it from wherever I am just quite yet. And so the button is switched off. So it is not going to show up in the share sheet.

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Freeform switch button off.

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That one is also off. So anything I don’t want to show up in the share sheet, I can go ahead and double tap and then these apps will not show up. So when I’m all done editing this favorites done button, I can hit the done button done. And now I am finished with that editing process. So I can turn apps on and off from being shared in the share sheet. I can remove apps from favorites. I can also insert an app into the favorites list and that seems way more manageable than just a truckload of apps. And who knows what’s going to show up and I have to rifle through them to find my way and find the app that I really want. So that, my friends, is the end of this tip on how to edit your share sheet on iOS I’ve been.

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Checking out Anker’s brand new three in one power bank. It comes in two colors, black or white. You can pick it up at Amazon or Anchor’s official website. Just under $50. It feels really good in your hand. Not too big, not too small. It’s got a built in ac wall adapter right into it which folds down and plugs right into any wall adapter or outlet. It’s got a USB C cable built right into it. And the cool thing about this particular cable on this device is that there is a little locking mechanism at the very top which locks the end of the USB C cable right in place. And then it acts as a lanyard so that you can hold onto it. You can, you know, put it on your shoulder or you can pack it into a bag. It’s really convenient. You never have to go looking for a cable, it’s just right there. So if you want to charge something up, you can charge it up right in your bag. You don’t have to find a cable, it’s just always there. Convenient, ready to go. I really like this a lot. You know, one less thing to have to worry about when you head out. It also has a USB C port right on the front which does allow you to either charge it through that port with a USB C cable if you want, or you can plug in another USB C cable to charge a second device at the same time. So the one that’s built in, say you plug that into your phone and then you have a secondary USB c cable which you plug into the USB C port and then you can use that to charge either a second phone or a set of earbuds at the same time. If you have a smaller phone, it would charge it up probably two times. I would say if you have a larger phone, one of the plus size phones, you probably can get one and a half times charge out of those. It’s really cool that you can plug this into the wall. Plus you plug your phone in and your buds and in the morning, you’re ready to roll with your battery pack are charged up, as well as your phone buds and whatever else you need to get charged up. You throw it in your bag and you’re good to go for the day. So this thing’s really cool. I would definitely recommend checking it out and enjoy.