Unmute Presents Digital Bytes – Screen Recording, Batteries, and OpenRun Pro

Today, we discussed recording screen audio on an iPhone using an external microphone via the Control Center. We also covered battery optimized charging to extend battery life and reviewed the Shox Open Run Pro headphones featuring bone conduction technology for open ear listening.

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Hi everyone. I’d like to share a tip with you on how to use screen recording, especially if you want to record with an external microphone and you want others to hear voiceover at the same time. So I didn’t know this, but you could go to control center and one of the last options in there is screen recording. You might be familiar with this if you have to give Apple a video of something that’s happening with your phone that’s out of the ordinary, or if you use IRA and you want to share your screen with them. However, I did not realize that you could connect an external microphone to your phone and have it be in use during the screen recording, which is really cool. So I’m using a Shure ShureMV 88 plus microphone. It has a micro USB connector that fits into the bottom of the microphone and the other end is USB C which goes into the bottom of my iPhone 15 Pro. Then there is a small 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in the bottom of the microphone so that I can hear what I’m recording. So when I went to control center and I double tapped on screen recording, it gave me a countdown. Three, two, one. And then I heard a little beep and then it was recording. What I didn’t realize is that I needed to open the controls so I could tell it to use the microphone that I connected to my phone. So I had to swipe up with one finger on the item called screen recording in the control center. So let’s see if we can Iron.

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Explorer let’s see if we can do this here. 90 control center airplane mode switch okay.

02:09.774 –> 02:12.286
So screen recording selected.

02:12.390 –> 02:15.078
Screen recording button is selected of course.

02:15.126 –> 02:18.794
Because it is in use. If I swipe up with one finger.

02:19.134 –> 02:24.854
Open controls this is what I want. Selected photos to 28 button and here.

02:24.894 –> 02:32.118
Is what I I said that it could be shared with photos. So here are the other things in the control panel here.

02:32.206 –> 02:34.558
Iron Explorer broadcast button there’s a possibility.

02:34.646 –> 02:37.726
If I wanted to call Ira and share my screen.

02:37.830 –> 02:40.246
Discord button there are some other options.

02:40.310 –> 02:42.142
Like social media with discord.

02:42.278 –> 02:47.742
Slack button zoom button. WhatsApp button screen recording heading okay, so.

02:47.798 –> 02:50.406
Here are the controls for screen recording.

02:50.550 –> 02:53.214
Stop recording button there’s that stop button.

02:53.254 –> 02:55.390
That I will press in a couple minutes.

02:55.502 –> 02:58.534
Microphone on button okay, the microphone says.

02:58.574 –> 03:18.206
It’S on, of course because that’s what I’m using the external microphone that I have plugged into my iPhone but before it was off by default. So in order to use the microphone for the first time, you do have to swipe up on the screen recording item in control center, and then you are going to go here and turn the microphone on.

03:18.310 –> 03:19.286
Microphone on.

03:19.390 –> 03:26.558
And that is the last option here in the little control like panel with the various options.

03:26.686 –> 03:28.542
Stop recording screen recording heading.

03:28.638 –> 04:52.888
Okay, so what I have done then is I have set the volume of my headphones so I can appropriately hear it. And it is doing a pretty nice job of balancing the audio. I have my microphone probably, I’m going to say, five or six inches from my mouth because it’s pretty live here. And so, yeah, that’s one way to record a demo, using an external microphone and a really easy setup. No mixer needed, no external equipment needed. And what happens is it saves it a video. But you can share the mp4 file with Dropbox and bring it into your digital workstation, whatever you’re using, if you want to edit anything. Otherwise you can share it with when you get to the video, which is where it’s going to be saved in your photos, then you can share it with various apps. So I hope you found this tip helpful. I certainly did. And it’s a great way to do a demo on the fly or to record what voiceover is saying, for whatever reason. And so, hope you enjoyed this tip and we’ll talk later.

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We got a question submitted to us asking what is a battery optimized charging? What this does is add a little bit of smarts to your charging, so it tries to figure out your charging patterns. Let’s say every night when you go to bed, you plug your phone in to charge it up. So the next day it’ll be all charged up and ready to go for the day. Now, the old technology would be plugging your phone in. It charges it all the way up to 100%, and it’s kind of always still charging just a little bit. Charging, charging. It doesn’t know to stop really, or anything like that. And that wears out the battery over time. The battery will just be charged so many times that it just makes the life less and less. So battery optimization tries to add some smarts to it. What it will do is figure out your patterns of plugging your phone in, and it will only charge your phone up to 80%. Then it stops. This way, it’s not constantly charging, charging, charging. When you get to about three minutes before you wake up, it will then charge that last 20%, up to 100%. So this gives it a little smart and does not chew through the battery life as fast. So it’s a pretty cool feature. The way you turn this on is you would go to settings, then you would go to battery, then you go into battery optimized charging and turn that on and give this a try and see if it changes the way your phone charges and makes your battery last a little bit longer. You’ll also find a whole bunch of other settings in there that you can mess around with, like, you know, the battery life, the health of the battery, all those things. Anyway, check that out and see if it helps your phone out just a little bit.

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A couple of months ago, I shared with you information about the shocks open fit earbuds that are available atguys.com and other shox locations as well. Today, though, I want to talk to you about what is hands down my favorite pair of shocks, formerly aftershocks headphones. These are the open run Pro, $179.95, and they ship in a hardback case that you pull the headphones out of. The first thing I notice when I put them on, and this is coming from the open move, is that the rubber that goes over your ears seems to me to be a little bit more flexible, and it is definitely lighter and much more comfortable to wear. So what are these? Shocks is a company that uses bone conduction technology to give you open ear headphones. And what this means is that it has two transducers, one on the left and one on the right, that sit in front of your ears. When audio is played through these bluetooth headphones, it vibrates that bone and your brain interprets those vibrations as sounds. You’re able to hear what’s going on around you while you listen to what’s connected to the Bluetooth device. Screen reader users this is great for you. I was using the shocks at a leadership conference and was able to navigate my phone without anyone else realizing what I was doing. But I’m still using voiceover, and I didn’t have to carry a braille display with me. The reason I like the shocks open run Pro is a couple of fold. Number one, the sound is a lot more fuller to me. That’s probably not the right way to say it, but I feel that I get a lot more out of the sound of the shocks open run pro, both for me and when I’m on phone calls. I don’t get as many complaints when I’m on the Openrun Pros as I do with other earbuds or headsets. The Shox Openrun Pro are also about an ounce, so they’re super lightweight. I’ll often wear them all day and forget that I’m actually wearing them. The piece between my ear and my head gets a little rubbed more than the inconvenience of it being on my head. The Shox open run pro do have one major con and that is that you can’t adjust the piece that goes behind your head. I have a couple of individuals who’ve reached out to me and said, well, do they come in a bigger size? Unfortunately not. They do come in a slightly smaller size called the shocks open run pro minis. And the colors that we have at at guys is black and beige. There are a couple of other colors available on Shox and Amazon. Oh, lastly, the Shox openrun Pro use a magnetic conductive charger that clips onto the headset on what would be behind your right ear. One complaint about this charger is it is USB A and not USB C. And I don’t think you can get a USB C to magnetic conductive charger for the Shox open run Pros. That’s my brief review of these amazing headphones. If you are interested in checking out open ear technology and you’ve wanted to see what what shocks are like, or maybe you’re using an older version, definitely give the shocks open run pro a try today.