Unmute Presents Getting Introduced to Todoist on windows.

In this episode, I guide listeners on downloading and using the Todoist app on Windows 10/11. After installation, I explain the login process and recommend disabling the virtual viewer for better navigation. I demonstrate adding tasks and using keyboard shortcuts for efficiency. Finally, I encourage listeners to share and provide feedback to improve our show.

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So we’ll start out in edge on the downloads page at todoist. Todoist.com downloads with an s I’ll use.

00:14.212 –> 00:16.366
H for heading navigation total established for.

00:16.388 –> 00:17.998
All your devices heading level one and.

00:18.004 –> 00:21.898
We’Ll down arrow until we find in this case Windows 1011.

00:21.994 –> 00:24.586
Use the h Key desktop heading macOS.

00:24.618 –> 00:27.174
Heading Windows 1011 heading level five until.

00:27.212 –> 00:30.070
You find Windows 1011 down arrow once.

00:30.140 –> 00:32.674
Microsoft Store app batch graphic Linker download.

00:32.722 –> 00:37.394
Here, you can download it in the Microsoft Store or link download here Download.

00:37.442 –> 00:41.946
Vertical bar Totalist Linker Download here loading page loading complete downloading totalist Win 32.

00:41.968 –> 00:46.218
8.12.2 x 142 mb so I’m going.

00:46.224 –> 00:49.846
To exit edge and go to file.

00:49.878 –> 00:55.818
Explorer and then locate my downloads and press enter items View list box items.

00:55.834 –> 00:57.786
View multi Select list box today expanded.

00:57.818 –> 00:59.770
Totoist and there’s todoist.

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So again we’ll press enter. Actually we need to select it with space and then press enter.

01:07.090 –> 01:08.026
Totalist setup.

01:08.058 –> 01:13.826
Dialog Toto Estate .12.2 total estate .12.2 total estate .12.2 installing please wait while.

01:13.848 –> 01:19.474
Totoist is being installed 78% 100% downloads.

01:19.522 –> 01:46.666
Once that install is done, the file will automatically close and then opens todoist automatically for you. You don’t have to hit next or anything, just give it a couple of moments and it will then give you access to the todoist application. You’re then put on an application that says log in with your browser. This only take a couple of moments when you get that or your title bar says Togoist. Simply tap your tab key close window.

01:46.698 –> 01:53.002
Button, close it again, log in via your browser link and I’ll press enter on that Totoist Microsoft Edge alert.

01:53.146 –> 01:55.166
This puts me back on Todois’s web.

01:55.188 –> 01:57.826
Page login editing level one and if.

01:57.848 –> 02:01.842
You use heading navigation you can log in. So I’m going to go ahead and log in real quick.

02:01.896 –> 02:08.706
Password Password edit bullet bullet bullet login at odoist document cancel button once you’re.

02:08.738 –> 02:10.454
Logged in, a dialog pops up that.

02:10.492 –> 02:12.134
Says this site is trying to open.

02:12.172 –> 02:14.134
Odoist left parent Mac right parent fun.

02:14.172 –> 02:31.574
Fact, it says the Mac, but it actually opens the Windows version if you’re on parallels. Now we need to allow it to open that, so we’ll go ahead and do that so that way todoist knows we’ve successfully logged in. Once you’re signed into Todois on Windows.

02:31.622 –> 02:34.322
You should be placed on your inbox and totoist.

02:34.406 –> 02:36.334
And if you don’t find immediately the.

02:36.372 –> 02:45.774
Link that says skip the task list same page link use your tab key to locate that. I’ll press enter on that inbox heading level one inbox inbox and then this.

02:45.812 –> 02:55.118
Puts me on a heading level one for my inbox and at this point I’ll disable my virtual viewer off and we’ll use our down arrow or to do us keystrokes to navigate call leads.

02:55.134 –> 02:56.226
Send invoice for clear out.

02:56.248 –> 02:58.114
If I’m keeping the add task button.

02:58.312 –> 03:02.966
You will eventually get to an add task button. You can press enter on that or what I do is just tap the.

03:02.988 –> 03:05.858
Q key task name edit this puts.

03:05.874 –> 03:16.058
Me in the task name and I’m going to type in demo todoist for Windows audio on Saturday afternoon and I’m.

03:16.064 –> 03:19.866
Going to press enter add task button task added to inbox open and you.

03:19.888 –> 03:29.582
Hear that the task was added to your inbox and I tap escape to dismiss that window. And if I tap the up arrow I have a list of all of my tasks so I can locate demo.

03:29.636 –> 03:31.886
Photoist for Windows audio button and if.

03:31.908 –> 03:33.102
That’S the one I want to complete.

03:33.156 –> 03:34.474
I’ll hit e alert.

03:34.522 –> 03:36.314
One task completed, a new closed clear.

03:36.372 –> 03:43.122
Out if I’m keeping and one task is completed. If you need a list of all the keystrokes in todoist, tap a question.

03:43.176 –> 03:45.414
Mark General Open task view enter select.

03:45.452 –> 03:48.614
Task X move focus upward zero or k move focus down downward zero.

03:48.732 –> 03:52.758
Tap the escape to close the keystroke list.

03:52.844 –> 03:55.014
Figure out if I’m keeping and another.

03:55.132 –> 03:57.382
Thing that you’ll learn in todoist is.

03:57.436 –> 04:01.586
Ou open user settings menu menu Michael.

04:01.618 –> 04:03.606
Babcock one one task o NP menu.

04:03.638 –> 04:05.446
One of eleven m and if you’d.

04:05.478 –> 04:07.430
Like to get directly to your productivity.

04:07.510 –> 04:11.866
Tap op settings OD NS menu two of eleven to get to settings, tap.

04:11.898 –> 04:55.510
Your os and that’ll allow you to configure todoist to fit your needs. That’s a brief demonstration of the todoist setup process and a brief exploration of your inbox. Remember, use your up and down arrow keys to navigate through a list of tasks in a project. O for open, u for users, and s for settings or G for Goto, P for projects t to go to today, I for inbox or U to go to your upcoming tasks. Use the question mark to get a list of all of these keystrokes and if you found any use in this content, please don’t hesitate to share with someone and reach out with feedback.

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The music used in today’s production was thanks to Andre Louis and his shorts collection.