Unmute Presents Joining a voice channel on Discord

We join discord on voice with voiceover.

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00:00.570 –> 00:06.310
This Discord updater Discord window web content.

00:06.840 –> 00:22.980
So that’s what you hear when you launch Discord Discord updater. Make sure that your discord has the latest version and then Discord now is the web based application in Discord. F six is your friend both on Windows and Mac. So we’re going to tap f six.

00:23.130 –> 00:25.076
Direct messages and that takes me to.

00:25.098 –> 00:47.184
An item called direct message. Now I’m not going to use the voiceover modifier keys but I am going to tap my down arrow so I can go through a list of my direct messages. If you don’t have any direct messages then you may just hear the name of the server that you’re on and or add server. I’m going to down arrow until I get to the server that I want to engage with and press enter. And if I press enter on this.

00:47.302 –> 00:50.316
Message number Iocus channel main this puts.

00:50.348 –> 00:56.756
Me into a channel where I can start typing. But if I want to join voice, I’ll tap f six once to go.

00:56.778 –> 00:59.024
To the server list accessibility community servers.

00:59.072 –> 01:00.356
Group and a second time to go.

01:00.378 –> 01:04.484
To the channel list channel links list channel 27 items and this brings you.

01:04.522 –> 01:09.224
To the list of channels. And I can tap the down arrow to locate the channel that I want.

01:09.342 –> 01:11.860
And if I tap down I’ll hear voice category.

01:12.020 –> 01:16.552
By default, categories are expanded in discord. So I’ll tap down one more time.

01:16.606 –> 01:18.248
General voice channel zero users and it.

01:18.254 –> 01:23.368
Tells me that there are zero users in the general channel. So if we press enter general voice.

01:23.384 –> 01:25.580
Channel discord voice sellers notifications made text.

01:25.650 –> 02:17.500
This then puts us in Discord. And you heard a sound when the channel was connected to. If there were other people in here, you would hear them talking. And you can mute and unmute yourself with command shift m. When you hear the downtone that tells you that you’re muted and you are now unmuted. Hello to whoever just joined us. Hey Michael. Hey Michael, you are being recorded right now. So Michael just joined in Discord and we heard a noise that told us that someone had joined. And here’s what it sounds like. If you use the tab key open chat, you’ll hear the names of the people who are in the channel. For example, when I locate Michael, it tells me that he’s muted. If he unmuted then it would just say Michael. So Michael, do you want to say hi to the recording people? Because that’s all I got right now.

02:17.570 –> 02:19.630
Michael. Hi everyone.

02:20.080 –> 02:41.360
And there he is. Not too long after that, something in my chain crashed and we lost Michael. That’s not typical of discord, but I wanted to thank him real quick for jumping in with me real quick and helping demonstrate voice connections on discord without even being aware of it. Feedback at unmute show for your feedback. Bye.