Unmute Presents Magic Access: Uncovering Disney World’s Inclusivity

Host Katie welcomes co-host Lynn to discuss Disney and its accessibility features.
A brief Disney trivia segment focusing on Disney World’s history, current renovations, and resort room availability.
Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass
Explanation of the DAS pass and how it helps guests with disabilities manage wait times.
Overview of the pre-registration process for DAS pass and various assistive features Disney offers like audio description devices, Magic Bands, and Braille guidebooks.
Audio Description and Tactile Maps
Discussion on the availability and user experience of audio description devices across 43 attractions and shows.
Mention of Braille guidebooks and portable tactile maps available at guest services.
Advocacy and Service Animal Accommodations
The significance of self-advocacy and inquiring about accessibility features.
Policy on service animals in Disney parks, including relief areas and accommodations like rider swap or portable kennels.
Assistive Devices for Hearing Impaired Guests
Offerings like video captioning and handheld captioning devices for guests with hearing difficulties.
Availability of interpretation services for special events and dinner shows with prior notice.
Disney’s Accessible App Features
Highlighting Disney app’s accessible features like room key access, park maps, and ride wait times.
Cost-Saving Tips for a Disney Vacation
Suggestions like bringing a gallon water bottle, purchasing discounted gift cards, and teaching kids about budgeting to save money during the trip.
Offer of free assistance in planning Disney trips and transitioning to listener questions segment.
Listener Questions and Budgeting Tips
Addressing listener queries on budgeting for food, booking trips early for better pricing, and monitoring prices for promotions.
Upcoming Episode Teaser
Introduction to the next episode’s topic on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.
Encouragement for listeners to consider warm vacations as winter approaches and to reach out with any questions or feedback.
Katie and Lynn sign off until next month’s episode.

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