Unmute Presents “Navigating iOS 17: Resolving Double Tap Timing and Apple Watch Accessibility Challenges”

Episode Summary:
In this episode, we delve into the challenges and solutions surrounding the double tap timeout in iOS 17 and the Apple Watch, especially for VoiceOver users. Our guest, David Goldfield, joins us to share insights and helpful tips.You can tune into this call live every Tuesday.

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Every Tuesday. Unmute Presents is live and answering your tech questions. On our November 21 call, David Goldfield jumped in and had a quick conversation with us and gave you some suggestions about how you can do better when it comes to double tapping, especially on the watch. If you’ve encountered your phone jumping all.

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Give it a listen and have a beautiful week in iOS 17. Someone had also asked a question a couple of weeks ago about having issues where when they would double tap on their screen, focus would move to something else on the screen. And I had said, oh, I’m not encountering that. Well, after that, I reset my phone and realized that this has been an issue. And if you go to Settings and Accessibility and then double tap on Voiceover, the very last option is double tap timeout. And it appears to currently be set to zero point 25 seconds. And so I’m increasing mine to 0.5 seconds because I was waiting for an opportunity to tell someone about it, because if I just changed it, then it would be a setting that I’d forget about and not be able to reproduce the issue. So appreciate you bringing that up, David.

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Yeah, and Michael, can I add one comment about that? Because this is something that I have run into, and it’s one of those things that people will either say, oh, yeah, I’m running into it all the time and it really bothers me, or you have the other camp that says, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never seen this. I think that the problem is that Apple has made some changes to the double tap timeout. And I think that the reason why some people are not seeing it is because they’re very fast double tappers. And if you’re a tad bit I don’t want to say slow, but if you’re a little bit slower than a super fast double tapper, you’re going to run into that. And the suggestion that you gave Michael does work for iOS 17 users. Where you’re going to run into a problem is on the Apple Watch, because the Apple Watch has the same problem where you now have to double tap faster in order to activate items, but there’s no double tap timeout on the watch. The good news is there’s a few pieces of good news about this is that I’ve reported this to Apple and spent a considerable amount of time demonstrating both the phone and the watch with them. And they took some screen recordings with me and the rep that I spoke to seemed to acknowledge the severity of the problem. And so I’m hoping that this could be addressed. The way to get around that on the watch is just to double tap a little bit faster. And if that’s a problem, if you have dexterity issues, what I have done is set up a hand gesture which is under the accessibility settings on the watch to just pinch my thumb and index finger together for a double tap. And that is a reasonably good backup until Apple addresses the issue.

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Thanks to Andre Louis and his shorts collection for the music used in this episode. And thanks, David, for being a guest.

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Without even knowing it. Have a beautiful day. See you Tuesday.