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# In this episode of Unmute Presents Community Call, we discuss tech gift recommendations and address various listener questions regarding fitness planning apps, iOS 17 bugs, accepting auto-correct suggestions, sharing content, iOS updates, updating iCloud storage plans, deleting Zoom recordings, and copying and pasting on an iPhone. We also provide resources for accessibility information. We thank our listeners for their participation and invite them to send us feedback via email.

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Thanks in advance. This has been an ACB community Call it today’s. Unmute Presents community Call was hosted on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. Everyone, thanks for joining us. We are doing things a little bit different today, but we still want to take your questions. My name is Michael Bamcop. I’m joined today by the other Michael. Hey, Michael. Hey, Michael. Good to see you. Too many Michaels. Yeah. Wanted to give a couple of announcements here off the top. We’ll take your questions like we do every week, and, of course, we have a question for you this week. And today’s question is, if you have a gift recommendation, especially a tech gift recommendation, raise your hand and share that with us. And I’m sure we’ll end up talking about a resource. If you don’t have any tech recommendations that we can talk about and you can get some ideas from if you have additional tech questions, again, feel free to raise your hand here in Zoom or in Clubhouse. And if you have suggestions for answers to questions that are brought up, of course, raise your hand as well, because we’re all about sharing the knowledge of technology with each other. No question is too dumb or dull in order to ask. And we welcome all questions. If you want, feel free to send an email to us as well. Feedback at unmute show. So, Michael D, what content has Iacast.

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Published over the last couple of had? Uh, we’ve been back at it with the Spanish with Carla show. She’s done some more vocabulary words and how to address people, men and women specifically asking questions, where is the person, things like that. So, very interesting episode, episode four. Now, we recorded episode 200 of the IA cast this weekend. It is being edited and will be out today. So that’s very exciting.

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I believe that’s the latest of the Iacast episodes and I know that there have been several on the Unmute Friday finds was, I believe, out last week as well. So check those out. So, Michael, what about unmute?

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So I was surprised you didn’t bring up Technically Working there because you were the one who listened live, although maybe you haven’t listened to the recorded to see what made it there.

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I have not listened to the recording, but Technically Working was fantastic.

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Yeah, Technically Working published yesterday where Damasi and I sit down, chat about technology. I did grab a clip from a previous Tuesday call, the Call before Thanksgiving where David came on and shared information about how to get your phone to respond the way you expect it to, especially if after updating your phone to iOS 17, you’re double tapping on your screen and nothing’s happening or weird things are happening. So go give that a listen. That published on Sunday and then Thursday we published a 40 minutes tech gift guide where I reached out to people voices some of you may have never heard before, some of you have, but these people were individuals we wanted to get tech gift suggestions from. And I told them the more unique, the better. So we got some interesting and unique tech gifts. And I’m going to jump into the questions here, but if we have some time, I might spend some time on the Double Tap Gift Guide, which is closing up this week. Sheila, who do we have first?

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Hey, Jewel, you are muted.

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Jewel, you’re still muted. All right, we’ll come back to her. Ed. Sorry.

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Oh, go ahead, Jewel. And then we’ll come back to Ed.

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What’s going on?

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Sorry, my keyboard decided not to work. It just in that moment, had to go grab my phone. So I had a softwareapp question. I’m looking for an app that will help me with fitness planning. More than just writing it all down. Help me figure out what would help me the know for my specific desires and goals. Obviously something that’s accessible to screen reader, either Microsoft or Know. It can be a paid or free. I’m willing to work with whatever I can get. Just trying to figure out the best fitness plan for myself.

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So I have a suggestion. Michael D. If you have a suggestion, feel free to chime in right after me. Have you by chance explored the revision fitness app? And will that give you what you’re looking for?

05:37.020 –> 05:40.054
That’s the one done by the Olympus.

05:40.102 –> 05:53.182
Isn’T he is he is blind. And I know he has several different fitness paths that you can go down. And he’s made some updates to the app over the last several months, I believe as well.

05:53.236 –> 06:21.010
I have explored that. But my fitness needs do not match those paths. Mine is specifically for fencing and I have not seen a path that really goes into I’ve gotten some advice from people who do fencing on specific exercises that I should incorporate, but I’m trying to find an entire fitness plan to incorporate those into because there are very specific needs, like arms especially are important. Putting your vapor is heavy.

06:21.090 –> 06:27.894
Is fencing one of the exercises and avenues to follow in the Apple Fitness Plus?

06:28.092 –> 06:34.362
Oh, apple Fitness Plus I imagine not, but maybe there is.

06:34.496 –> 06:35.674
I would check it.

06:35.792 –> 06:41.340
Yeah, that was going to be my suggestion is to look at that because Fitness Plus has so many different things.

06:42.610 –> 06:51.200
I haven’t seen it on there. Where would I find the paths on Fitness Plus for that? I’ve seen exercises, but not paths like that.

06:51.810 –> 07:03.154
Give me a couple of minutes, I’ll see if I can find it. Otherwise, that’s the other suggestion. I would also look at YouTube, of course, as well, to find some material on YouTube. Follow along.

07:03.272 –> 07:31.706
I found some YouTube channels that are specifically fencing that are not audio described very hard to follow. And all the audio described, like Northeast Association of Blind Athletes is wonderful, but doesn’t have fencing. They do have exercises. I use their dance aerobics and cardio and yoga and stuff, but none of it’s specific to so but I haven’t found any that are both audio described or easy to follow and fencing specific.

07:31.888 –> 07:39.786
So I don’t know that Apple Fitness Plus has it, but I will say, if you weren’t aware, one of the workout types that’s available on the Apple Watch is fencing.

07:39.978 –> 07:48.722
Yes, I am aware of that. You can specifically say, hey, I fenced for 20 minutes, or whatever. Yeah, perfect. I’m aware of that one.

07:48.856 –> 07:55.330
If anything comes up, Jewel, I’ll keep you in mind and share it with you. And if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to raise your hand. Thanks a lot.

07:55.400 –> 07:59.782
All right, thank you. And I’ll raise my hand if I have answers. Otherwise, I don’t have any other questions.

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Perfect. Ed, how is it going?

08:02.364 –> 08:03.526
Can you hear me?

08:03.628 –> 08:04.838
Yes, we can.

08:05.004 –> 08:05.766
You can?

08:05.868 –> 08:06.840
Yes. Okay.

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Yeah. For some reason, when I couldn’t get the page with the unmute button on there, so I’m holding the spacebar down. Anyway. Yeah, good call on the iOS 17 double tap sensitivity thing or timing thing. That was helpful. And, yeah, I’m having lots of bugs with iOS 17, and that’s why I wanted to ask you or ask you guys or anybody. So right now, there’s a bug with Siri, at least on my phone anyway, where if I say, hey, s lady, it will say and then you’ll give her a command, and then it just dies. It just doesn’t do anything.

09:01.470 –> 09:02.220

09:02.590 –> 09:48.134
But if you push the button on the side, my iPhone, I have an iPhone twelve, then you get the little chime thing, and then you can ask and it will perform the action. And the other problem is that and it’s very similar to that, like when dictating a text message or something, it’ll come back and say, this is what you said, right? And then it just dies in the middle of that. It’s just a bunch of Siri timing issues. Right. It’s like it’s just dying. Although it still works. Like, you can still talk to it and it’ll still send a message, but it’s like, I don’t know what’s going on.

09:48.252 –> 10:49.340
Yeah. So this has come up a couple of times, and it’s very frustrating. So what’s going on with Siri is they’ve added a new feature in iOS 17 called Siri Follow Up Mode. They also did not, as of the last I’ve checked, add a toggle to disable Siri follow up mode. So what’s happening is Siri is giving you a response and then thinking that it’s hearing you talk or make a sound, which then triggers Siri to start listening and stop talking to you, which is why it interrupts itself after it’s starting to read part of a message. And also why when you say hey, s, and then it just responds mm hmm. Because it’s expecting you to say hey, s, and ask it your question right away without waiting for that tone. That’s what I have found to work more consistently in that instance. And then in the instance of it interrupting itself, I don’t have an answer to fix it. So I can relate to your frustration there, ed.

10:49.970 –> 11:05.646
Okay, I just got the iOS 17 one two update, and it fixed a few things, but it didn’t fix that one. So maybe they’ll have another one soon, hopefully.

11:05.758 –> 11:06.946
Michael D, do you have anything to.

11:06.968 –> 12:09.398
Add to I mean, like you said, Michael, the biggest thing is be natural with s lady. Since everybody’s devices will activate with just saying the word. Just say s lady. What’s the weather? Or s lady? And just keep talking and don’t wait for it to go. That’s how I would do it. Just be more natural conversation mode with it. A lot of people really like that kind of a reinforcement that you know that it’s listening. But I don’t know how well that’s really working in practice, so I’ll just try to be more natural. Like you’re talking to somebody when you’re using siri. But I just said the word. My biggest frustrations with Siri right now is where if you do say its name, and it just starts calling people. I wish you could turn that off. But, yes, there are several things.

12:09.484 –> 12:10.358
Me, too.

12:10.524 –> 12:11.240

12:11.930 –> 12:17.154
Because Michael keeps calling me with siri. But thanks. I’d appreciate it. Sheila?

12:17.282 –> 12:29.754
Yeah, I just noticed that was working that way on the Apple Watch, too. Like, you could just start talking, and it just does what you want. So maybe I’ll just start doing that on the phone.

12:29.952 –> 12:33.934
Yeah, give that a try and see if that works better for you. And feel free to come back and let us know.

12:34.052 –> 12:34.670

12:34.820 –> 12:36.558
No worries, Sheila. Who’s next?

12:36.644 –> 12:39.962
All right, Bill, who we got in clubhouse? Monica.

12:40.106 –> 12:41.354
Hi, Monica.

12:41.482 –> 12:46.066
Hello, everyone. I have a couple of questions.

12:46.248 –> 12:46.786

12:46.888 –> 12:49.060
Should I ask them both at once?

12:50.150 –> 12:54.900
Yeah, let’s ask them both at once, and I’ll try to answer them fairly close together.

12:56.150 –> 13:14.300
Okay. My first question is, I updated to iOS 17, and now when I type, it keeps telling me in the middle of typing it wants to tell me the word I want to put in. Yes, it’s the word I want to put in, but it beeps, and it’s very distracting. How do I turn it off?

13:15.470 –> 13:26.000
Let me get back to you on that. I will try to look that up. Unless Michael D knows how to do that offhand. I can tell you if you want to accept that autocorrect, just hit the spacebar that will accept it.

13:26.850 –> 13:48.358
And it is in the settings, I believe, general and keyboard. And it’s a new feature in 17 where they’re trying to use AI to predict what you’re going to type. I believe I know they have that on the Mac, and I believe those settings can be changed there. It just depends on what you want to change.

13:48.444 –> 13:53.080
Yeah, but Space will insert that word if you actually want that word. What was your other question?

13:53.690 –> 14:26.674
My other question is I know you answered it several weeks ago, but I didn’t write it down. Someone did. If you want to share something with someone and you answered it for voice memos, but it brings up every app you’ve ever opened and every person you’ve ever texted before you can find who you want to share stuff with. How do you change that? And I forgot what you guys said.

14:26.792 –> 14:48.278
Yeah, I think I know what you’re asking. And usually I like questions that I’ve already answered because then I know what I’m talking about. But I believe if you go into series suggestions and you disable the series suggestions, that that will limit those items from floating to the top of your share sheet. And that would be your settings under Siri.

14:48.374 –> 14:48.682

14:48.736 –> 14:49.626
Thank you.

14:49.808 –> 14:53.910
No problem. Monica, thanks for your questions. Who do we got next? Sheila.

14:53.990 –> 14:54.774

14:54.902 –> 14:56.038
Hey, Malcolm.

14:56.214 –> 15:39.180
Hi, Michael. Michael, guess who’s in the middle? Right. You got it. Okay, just a friendly reminder. 17 is the initial application or iOS update. 17.1 is a bug fix. 17.1.2 is a security fix. The first number after the 17 is for bug fixes only, and then the third number would be for security fixes. So if you’re looking for, like the last gentleman was saying about a security bug fix or something, you have to wait until 17.2 comes out and hope that bug is fixed in that fix.

15:40.110 –> 16:19.480
I want to clarify something there. As a developer, the 17 is the initial, like you said, the point number is for feature and some bug fixes. But typically so 17.1 and 17.2 are feature and bug fixes, but the 17.1.2 is for immediate bug fixes or security. So they call them point releases is like the 17.117.2. They can have new features. They are not necessarily for bug fixes, since inversion numbers.

16:19.930 –> 16:45.678
And then I have a question. I’m thinking of updating my icloud to a larger amount. To do that, I need to enter a credit card into my phone, I believe. And is that through Wallet or Apple Pay, or are they the same? Or what’s the difference between them? And where would I enter the card in to have that amount taken out automatically every month?

16:45.844 –> 17:33.822
So it’s going to use your default payment method that’s associated with the Apple App Store. If you don’t have a default payment method associated with the Apple App Store, which I believe you have to have something there. I think what you can do is if all of your cards are already in Apple Pay, you can add your Apple Pay wallet to the App Store as a payment method. Or when you purchase an app for the first time, you’ll be taken through the Payment Information Flow, which means that’s where you’ll add your credit card details or choose how you want to pay, including using PayPal in the App Store. And then those funds will be taken from your financial institution on a reoccurring basis from there.

17:33.956 –> 17:51.358
Okay, so if a person has never used a card on their phone for anything, and they go into the icloud and click on Add this, the 50 Gigs, it’s going to prompt them to enter a card because they have nothing in Apple, Pay or wallet.

17:51.454 –> 17:51.954

17:52.072 –> 17:58.194
You can also go to the Settings app, go to your name, and I think you could change all of those settings in there.

17:58.312 –> 18:09.842
You can? Yeah. But the most straightforward way is just to go buy something and it’ll say, hey, you don’t have a way to give us some money, so give us a way to give us some money and then that’ll just save it to your account for you moving forward.

18:09.996 –> 18:10.682
Okay, great.

18:10.736 –> 18:12.682
That’s what I needed to know. Thank you so much, guys.

18:12.736 –> 18:13.466
Love your show.

18:13.568 –> 18:15.962
No worries. Thanks a lot. You bet.

18:16.096 –> 18:17.526
All right. Danette.

18:17.638 –> 18:18.694
Hey, Danette.

18:18.822 –> 18:22.480
Good morning. So I have a couple things.

18:23.250 –> 18:24.000

18:24.850 –> 18:48.150
I don’t know if this is just an iPhone thing or if I’m having major frustrations with Zoom. My recording is full and I want to learn how to delete some of the recording. That’s one thing. Do you guys know to do that? Know how to do that or can somebody send me instructions? A little frustration here.

18:48.300 –> 18:53.698
I feel your frustration. What are you trying to delete on Danette?

18:53.874 –> 18:55.778
Some of my Zoom recordings.

18:55.874 –> 19:02.362
No, no, I mean what platform are you using to access Zoom to delete the recordings on your computer or your phone?

19:02.496 –> 19:03.418
My computer.

19:03.584 –> 19:07.542
Okay. Windows or Mac? Are you on a Windows machine or a Mac?

19:07.686 –> 19:08.454

19:08.582 –> 19:46.998
Okay. So I have not deleted from Windows in a little while, so I’m sure someone here may be able to raise their hand and share some feedback with you for making it happen. There is some checkboxes you can check to delete recordings, and each row has a more options button that you can press to go in and delete the recordings from the web interface. So you have to go to the Zoom us website, log in there, and then go to the meetings and then recordings, and then delete your recordings from there. Not the Zoom recordings in the Zoom application on your computer.

19:47.084 –> 19:49.510
Okay, that will solve my frustration.

19:49.850 –> 19:54.074
I was just going to ask, are you recording to the computer or to the cloud?

19:54.192 –> 19:55.226
Do you know?

19:55.408 –> 19:56.460
To the cloud?

19:56.990 –> 19:57.354

19:57.392 –> 20:01.374
So you’ll have to go to the Zoom website, zoom US, log into your.

20:01.412 –> 20:08.174
Account, go into my Chrome and then type Zoom US.

20:08.372 –> 20:09.246
Yes. Correct.

20:09.348 –> 20:09.806

20:09.908 –> 20:18.820
And then log in with your Zoom account that is getting the email that says you’re using too much recording. So we can’t record anymore. I get that email every week.

20:19.190 –> 20:44.700
Okay. And also my other question does have to do with the iPhone. How do you copy and paste? It is like when you do you seeing AI, and it gives you a description of something that you wanted it to, and you want to share that description. How would I copy and paste that into a text message or into an email?

20:45.630 –> 21:40.230
Okay, so I love this challenge of an explanation. So I’m going to tell you how to do it by default. And I’m not certain about seeing AI, so I’m going to tell you what to check since I have to talk and I can’t multitask, too. Good. So if you’re in a scene description and your phone reads the description to you, the first thing I would try doing is using one finger and flicking down. Not to the right, but down. And it should hopefully say copy. And if it says copy, then double tap, and it will copy that to your clipboard. If it doesn’t, you can use and I always get this gesture mixed up. You can use three fingers and quadruple tap, and that will copy the last thing that the phone said to your clipboard.

21:40.390 –> 21:43.126
Three fringe, three tab. No, four tab.

21:43.238 –> 21:43.978
Four time.

21:44.064 –> 21:44.422

21:44.496 –> 22:20.178
Three finger quadruple tab. So that got the text from the app onto your clipboard. So now when we go into messages or wherever we want to insert that text, if we double tap to open the keyboard where your keyboard is showing, and you have your keyboard at the bottom of the screen, use your gesture to change your rotor, which by default is that two finger twist. Switch it over to edit, and then one finger flick down, and this will say paste. And if you double tap there, that will then paste whatever’s in your clipboard, and you can send it.

22:20.284 –> 22:24.282
Okay, cool. All right, thank you.

22:24.416 –> 22:26.378
No worries. Thanks a lot for your questions.

22:26.464 –> 22:29.146
No more frustration with zoom. Thank you.

22:29.328 –> 22:35.520
Yeah, definitely. Reach out if you have additional questions, and I might get back to you. Ask Sheila sometimes. I do. Sometimes.

22:38.290 –> 22:39.280
Thank you.

22:42.710 –> 22:43.890
Hey, Beth.

22:44.790 –> 23:18.234
Hi. Yeah, hey. Well, first of all, I wanted to, like, when I’m in NVDA, how do I put the capital? Like, capitalize? Because it doesn’t work. I forgot it doesn’t work. Like Sysmaxis, where you could just hold shift and also yeah, I tried to get in that call on Thursday with unmute the gift ideas. It had the call, the link and everything. I couldn’t get in there.

23:18.352 –> 24:28.420
Yes. So let me take your second question because that’s the easier one, because I know exactly what happened with that. And then we’ll talk about NVDA Thursday’s call. We had to last minute cancel. So you weren’t doing anything wrong. There was some stuff that came up that we had to cancel for. We did do a pre recorded version of it. So if you have the unmute present in your podcast app, you can go listen to a 40 minutes holiday gift guide that we were going to do live, but we just recorded it, so it is available as a podcast. So go give that a listen. And related to NVDA, I’m not certain why your shift key isn’t working, because it should work. Caps Lock. If that’s not working, you would need to double tap the Caps Lock key. What I would try if I were you, Beth, and of course, others may have suggestions as well, is I would try turning NVDA off and then seeing if your shift key works and lets you type with capital letters with NVDA off. If that is the case, then it might be worth reaching out to an NVDA user group to see if anyone else has any.

24:32.230 –> 24:53.962
Yeah, and speaking of gifts, I’m thinking of I may have to get this myself. I could get the dot. I really don’t want to get the dot. I want to get a bigger speaker. Is that all I have to get, is the speaker and just install the app on my phone?

24:54.096 –> 26:00.894
Yep. So you get the speaker, you install the app on your phone, and then you tune into Unmute Presents on the second Thursday of the month to listen to Lucy do games to play with Lady A, and apps to do with that as well. So she shows you how to use Alexa. And if you want an affordable speaker, like super low cost, I think they may still be on sale for under $20. We use the Echo pop here. That is a smaller speaker to the Echo dot, and that sounds pretty good. If you’re looking for a bigger speaker, then you can just get the regular Echo. I’ve never had one of those, so that would be something worth exploring, especially for good sound. I do have experience with the Sono speakers, which do let you use Alexa. The caveat to that, though, is the Alexa on the Sonos speakers is not fully featured. So you will have some limitations that you’ll run into. So I would just look at the Echo line of speakers that are available.

26:01.092 –> 26:04.810
Okay. And what like the cost? Because I order from Amazon.

26:04.970 –> 26:13.826
Yes, just order straight from Amazon. And they’ll help you with getting them. And they range from $20 to I think the sub is like, $200. So it depends on what you want.

26:13.848 –> 26:15.090
To spend on it.

26:15.240 –> 26:16.260
Thanks a lot.

26:20.550 –> 26:25.270
With lucy can teach me how to program things and skills.

26:27.210 –> 26:35.274
She shows you how to do different skills already, and so she actually demonstrates them on the podcast on the second Thursday of the month.

26:35.472 –> 26:37.498
Okay, sounds good. Perfect.

26:37.584 –> 26:38.998
Who do we got next? Sheila?

26:39.094 –> 26:39.938

26:40.054 –> 26:41.310
Hey, Jamaica.

26:42.370 –> 27:24.090
Hello. I have a question, and I’d like to ask this question because I’m having such a huge problem with my computer. And my question is about Thunderbird and Microsoft Edge. And Google Chrome. Do you need to have all three of those things running? Number one and number two? If I don’t need all three of those things running, how do you make one of those go away?

27:24.240 –> 27:25.514
I’d like to know.

27:25.552 –> 27:42.320
Very good questions there, and I will answer those questions to the best of my ability and hopefully Jamaica. I’m understanding what’s going on. So when you press Alt Tab, you’re hearing Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Mozilla Thunderbird. Is that correct?

27:43.990 –> 28:11.318
I’m not sure. I have all three of those up there. And Microsoft Edge is coming up on the screen, and I’m trying to just work with Google Chrome and Thunderbird is what I’m trying to work with. And I don’t know how to get Microsoft Edge from coming up.

28:11.484 –> 29:23.890
Okay, that must be frustrating. I can completely relate. Now, what I’ll tell you that you can try, first of all, because this could be a multi pronged problem, and if anyone else has additional feedback, I’m sure they’ll be glad to raise their hand and let us know. But when you hear it say Microsoft Edge, if you hold the Alt key down and press and hold the letter Q for quit. So Alt and Q press and hold those for about 2 seconds, that should quit Microsoft Edge. And then that should leave just Chrome and Thunderbird open for you. You don’t need to use all three of them. Chrome and Microsoft Edge are web browsers. And if you’re more comfortable in Google Chrome, then just press and hold Alt Q and that should exit Microsoft Edge and let you use Google Chrome. And if that is the case, but every time you restart your computer, it keeps coming back, let us know and we can help you with figuring out why that’s starting up every time, and then make sure that help you with getting that disabled as well. Right now, try Alt Q, press and hold it.

29:23.960 –> 29:33.106
One question to add to that. So you’re having Chrome open with Thunderbird. Is that correct? Is that kind of how you start?

29:33.288 –> 29:34.018

29:34.184 –> 29:34.900

29:36.090 –> 29:42.150
So basically, are you kind of finding when you press Enter on a link in an email, is it bringing up Edge?

29:44.250 –> 29:53.178
It’s just coming up. If I want to go into zoom or something like that, it’s coming up.

29:53.344 –> 29:55.574
Gotcha it’s.

29:55.622 –> 30:08.350
Microsoft Edge. I’m really needing it with Google Chrome. If there’s any possibility.

30:08.690 –> 30:21.410
It sounds like what you need to do is set your default web browser to Chrome. And Michael, do you know the steps? I did that in Windows Ten, but it’s been a while since I’ve set.

30:21.560 –> 30:26.066
And that’s what I’m on right now is Windows Ten. Windows Ten.

30:26.248 –> 30:46.246
So I think you could actually just go to your Start menu and type default applications, and it will bring up a dialog. If I’m not mistaken, I’m not in Windows currently, so I can’t test that. But there is a setting in the Settings app to change your default applications and you could pick your default web browser to be Chrome.

30:46.438 –> 30:47.178

30:47.344 –> 31:22.770
So Virginia, you go up and type in default, default. And that would take you to change it’ll. Say Microsoft Edge is your default web browser. If you press space on that, you can change it to Google Chrome if you can’t remember where to go to get there, because I can forget that easily myself. You can always reach out to the Microsoft disability answer desk and they can help you over the phone with again, you want to set Google Chrome as your default web browser.

31:22.930 –> 31:25.222
Okay, thank you so much.

31:25.356 –> 32:59.686
No worries. And thanks for your question. Before we move on to the next question, I realized I forgot to make a couple of announcements at the top. So we will get to these other questions. But I’m going to jump in here real quick and say, number one, if you haven’t yet, do us a big favor. Head on over to joinbitsbits.org and get signed up for Bits if you’re not a Bits member. Very interesting things going on over there and there’s a new web form that I am super excited to tell people to go check out. So joinbits.org for more technology information. And then the second thing that I wanted to announce before we get from Sheila who is next, is, if you didn’t hear, yesterday Microsoft made an announcement that Android, that their Seeing AI app is now available on Android. So now you have multiple choices on Android of which tools you want to use for product and scene recognition. And it does appear to be using AI for their scene recognition on the Seeing AI. So you’ll get more in depth information. And Be My Eyes also had a release for Android and they are slowly rolling out the Be my AI feature that’s been available on the iPhone. So if you don’t have it and you’re on Android in the next couple of weeks, you should have it. And I like, Michael, there was someone else who made an announcement bringing messaging to more people.

32:59.868 –> 34:11.920
Yes. So there has been an app in beta for a very long time called Beeper, and now they have a version in Google Play called Beeper Mini. Now I have tested this with my Samsung Galaxy S 23. There seems to be some accessibility issues in the app. So reach out, leave the developer a review saying this is something we want, but it lets you get imessage support with your Android phone, Pixel, Samsung, any of those, and send imessages with your Google phone number. It does not make you sign into your Apple ID, it doesn’t use an Insecure relay server or anything. So really neat service and it is a dollar 99 a month if imessage is something you really want on Android, which for me it kind of is. So I’m going to keep this very excited about this and it looks just. Like imessage. So check it out. If that’s something you want to look into, leave the developer review saying, hey, we want these buttons labeled to where we can use. This.

34:13.650 –> 34:21.870
Comes down to advocating for yourself and for what you want. So that was the quick announcements. Thank you, Michael. Sheila, who do we have next?

34:22.020 –> 34:25.214
Bell, who do we have in clubhouse? Jane.

34:25.342 –> 34:26.370
Hey, Jane.

34:28.390 –> 35:24.050
Hi. I just had a question on Microsoft Teams. I do have to use sometimes Microsoft Teams, at least on both Windows and the Mac. I know for Windows there used to be scripts somewhere. But my thing is I need to know, you know how on zoom, if you do a keystroke, it tells you who’s talking? I noticed that Microsoft team does. There’s no keystroke to let you know who’s talking. But then I also found out there were scripts. I just don’t know who develops.

35:25.110 –> 35:49.942
So you could check the Dougley Dlee.org website and that has some Microsoft Teams scripts. I don’t know if they’ll provide what you need, like the ability to tell who’s talking in Microsoft Teams, but Dle.org should get you access to those and Slack scripts. If anyone needs Slack scripts as oh.

35:50.096 –> 35:59.182
Okay, wait, I know who Doug is and I’ll ask, didn’t Brian Hutchin develop I don’t know years ago?

35:59.236 –> 36:23.526
I don’t know if I believe he did. I have no experience with those scripts when I was using Teams, which I’m not on a regular basis now, but when I was back in 2020, 2021, I was using Doug’s Microsoft Team scripts. Thanks, Jane. Appreciate it. Right, Sheila. Who’s next?

36:23.628 –> 36:24.466

36:24.578 –> 36:25.586
Hey, Roberta.

36:25.698 –> 36:26.600
Hi there.

36:27.130 –> 36:28.246
Quick question.

36:28.428 –> 36:40.860
Hopefully, and hopefully you have an answer and your answer will be yes. Is there a way to change the default tones for Siri on the new?

36:41.630 –> 36:56.178
Okay, I had an answer, but unfortunately Michael, it’s just that one subtle. Yeah, so unfortunately not. I was hoping you were going to ask can I change the default notification sound?

36:56.264 –> 37:03.106
But no, I can’t hear the new. Right. Thanks.

37:03.208 –> 37:04.690
Thanks a lot, Roberta.

37:05.610 –> 37:07.826
Eric. Hey, Eric.

37:08.018 –> 38:09.498
Yes, I have two questions. I have an issue with touching the buttons because on the very edge of the screen I have eleven pro and I’m up to date with 17.1 and 0.2. And I also have an issue when my fingers are big, but I have a nerve issue. So you know how you have to double tap? Sometimes I don’t get a direct tap at the same time as when it says double tap. You have to double tap the button. Where do I go in settings to adjust maybe the length or the tapping situation on that?

38:09.664 –> 38:12.074
Yes. So that’s a very good question.

38:12.272 –> 38:18.570
Or is there an oral command for series that I’m missing?

38:20.910 –> 39:43.974
That brings up two things. I’ll answer them fairly quickly and then give you some resources for you can where you can go get more in depth information. On Sunday we edited out a post because other users were having a similar issue where when they would double tap on something, it was expecting the double tap a little too fast. So then their finger would come down and touch something else and then activate that something else and not be on the first thing that they were trying to double tap on. If you go into Settings and then you go to Accessibility and then you go to Voiceover, the very last item on that screen. So a forefinger single tap at the bottom of your screen will take you to it. Or you can flick all the way through to the last item is double tap timeout. Yours is probably set at zero point 25 seconds, and it may be worth increasing that to 0.5 or 0.6 seconds and seeing if your double tap experience is better for you. The other option you have in that case is to try what’s called split tap. So you explore the screen with one finger, and when you hear what you want, put another finger down on the screen and that will activate the thing that you heard. So that’s two resources that might help you with having a better double tap experience.

39:44.172 –> 40:22.626
Yeah, I kind of figured out the split tap, but sometimes the hesitation in between the split is the issue. You still have to time it correctly. Yes, because I thought before that there was a thing where you could change just what you said. The timing in. Thanks for the information on the copying. And thank you.

40:22.728 –> 40:37.640
Yeah. And Eric, you can go back and listen to a replay. I’m going to jump ahead of some people here because I see David’s hand is up and I wonder if he wanted to comment on that double tap timeout. David, hi.

40:38.090 –> 41:46.400
So the only comment that I wanted to make, I actually had another comment regarding a question you received earlier, but I can wait to provide that if you’d like. But to this gentleman that you’re speaking to now with a double tap issue, I don’t think I have very much to add that I haven’t already talked about a week or so ago or whenever it originally was, except that I would please encourage anybody who’s experiencing this issue to report it to Apple accessibility. I’ve already done this, and they understood the nature of the problem. But I think that the more people who report it, the more likely it is that Apple will say, hey, look at all this feedback we’re getting about the double tap issue since iOS 17, and watchOS Ten, and that may encourage them to revisit this. Don’t just say like, well, someone else reported it. I don’t need to do it. Please reach out to them. Even though it may take a little bit of time, I think it’ll be worth it and it’ll help a lot of people.

41:46.770 –> 41:48.240
Very good call there.

41:48.770 –> 41:53.200
Would that be too much to reach out to them a second.

41:55.990 –> 41:57.874
Let them know how it’s impacting you.

41:57.992 –> 42:08.754
Yeah, because I’m one people I think David told that information to and that’s what did, so okay, thank you.

42:08.792 –> 42:13.670
Thank you. And David, what was the other comment that you wanted to make? We’ll go ahead and take that now and then. Yeah.

42:13.740 –> 44:30.194
So this was regarding the individual who was wondering if there was a command in teams to identify the speaker. This is actually something that teams really should have. And Michael Babcock, your tip with Doug Lee’s website is quite good because now this is if you’re a Jaws user, this won’t apply to NVDA, but if you’re a user of Jaws, he does have some scripts. They are free from Microsoft teams. I just checked out his website and he does have a command to identify the speaker. There is a bit of a little caveat there that it’s been tested. If the meeting is in a separate window, he doesn’t seem to be certain that the command will work if you’re actually in the same window as the meeting. But it may work. And even if it doesn’t, at least it will work somewhat and the scripts are free. So I think if you’re a Jaws user, going to Doug Lee’s website@dlee.org and downloading those scripts would certainly not hurt. And they’ll add a lot of additional commands. Brian Hartchin, who many people may be familiar with his website, is Harchin.org, H-A-R-T as in Tango, G E N.org, has some teams scripts, but they are not free. And currently I don’t think that there is a command to identify the speaker. However, his scripts are quite good. I’ve used them pretty extensively for quite some time and Brian’s pretty responsive to feedback and feature requests. So if you do buy his scripts, or if you’re thinking about buying them and you say, hey, I’d really love it if you could implement a keyboard command to identify the current speaker, I don’t want to speak for him, but it would not surprise me if he does that. And if he does it very quickly, probably not in the next few weeks, he’s going to be closing down for the Christmas holidays, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he does implement that as a request. So I wanted to just throw that out there.

44:30.392 –> 44:46.438
Thank you. David. Helps if I hit the right button. Appreciate it. And there’s some great resources when I have inaccessibility issues. Doug’s site for me is typically the first site to go because I like free script. So appreciate that. Sheila, who’s next?

44:46.604 –> 44:47.426

44:47.538 –> 44:48.630
Hey, Judy.

44:49.370 –> 45:24.034
Hi, guys. I wanted to talk about Monica’s question about when she goes to share something, and I hope she’s still on the call because I asked that question several weeks ago and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you turn off serious suggestions, that does not work. All of these names are there. I texted somebody this morning. Now she’s there somebody that I haven’t texted in months. She’s still there. So it’s just annoying, and it just keeps adding more and more people to the list. Regardless of what app I’m sharing something from, they’re all there.

45:24.232 –> 45:39.786
Okay, well, thank you for bringing the news to us to let us know. And if anyone else listening has an idea of how to get rid of those names, there are multiple people who would appreciate knowing that. So send us an email feedback at unmute show. Thanks a lot for that.

45:39.888 –> 45:47.130
Who do we got next? All right, Bill, who we got in clubhouse? Well, speaking of Monica hello, Monica.

45:48.030 –> 45:49.290
Can I cry now?

45:49.360 –> 45:49.642

45:49.696 –> 46:25.110
She does. Oh, my gosh. Well, I did have a question about in iOS 16, when I double tapped, when I used to double tap when I used to tap the side button, I could hear a tone, and I could say, s lady, what’s the temperature in Madrid, Spain? She would tell me. Now, in iOS 17, I don’t hear a tone. I don’t feel a vibration. Is there anything I can do, or do you know something I don’t?

46:26.010 –> 46:40.310
So I feel two vibrations, but I also don’t hear a tone. The other thing I would check is your mute switch. But I presume that your mute switch is not muted, but I can say that I do not hear a tone when I trigger Siri, usually.

46:40.480 –> 46:42.014
Okay, thank you.

46:42.132 –> 46:45.870
Yep. Thanks a lot, Monica. You’re welcome, Sheila.

46:46.450 –> 46:47.402

46:47.546 –> 47:40.302
Hey, Abraham. Hi. So I have two questions. I’m interested in getting an Echo dot. Specifically the cable for it. Is one end USB and the other end proprietary, or is it it used to be a proprietary cable going into the Echo on the third generation. I don’t know about the fourth or fifth. Hopefully someone can let us know. And the other end was an AC outlet. Okay. And then you mentioned Slap scripts earlier. What’s that site? The site to get the Slack scripts? Yes. D lee So, Delta Lima.org. Okay. All right, thank you. Thanks a lot.

47:40.436 –> 47:43.442
All right, Michael, we’ve got ten minutes and five hands.

47:43.576 –> 47:45.906
Okay, let’s get through them. Who do we got next?

47:46.008 –> 47:47.054
All right. Jeff.

47:47.182 –> 47:48.786
Jeff, how’s it going?

47:48.968 –> 47:49.742
Great. Michael.

47:49.806 –> 47:54.798
Hey, you mentioned the change default notification, sound.

47:54.984 –> 48:00.210
I have looked in sound and haptics and notifications.

48:00.290 –> 48:11.906
Where can I change that? Unfortunately, you can’t until 16.2 is released. But it is available 17.2. But it is available in the 17.2 beta. Cool.

48:11.948 –> 48:14.534
Where would the setting be once 17?

48:14.582 –> 48:17.274
Two drops. Michael, do you know?

48:17.392 –> 48:19.562
Let me look that up real quick, and I’ll get back to you.

48:19.616 –> 48:23.546
Thanks, guys. So michael, look that up. Stick around. Jeff. Appreciate it. Sheila.

48:23.658 –> 48:24.474

48:24.602 –> 48:25.594
Hey, Nolan.

48:25.722 –> 48:27.070
Nolan, you’re muted.

48:28.450 –> 48:32.874
Hello. How are you guys doing? Doing well. Thanks a lot. How are you?

48:33.012 –> 48:37.460
I’m doing very well. I’m actually.

48:39.270 –> 48:53.350
Also experiencing the same issue with Siri not responding with the tone in iPadOS 17.

48:53.850 –> 48:57.946
So I would if you’re curious, I.

48:57.968 –> 49:10.366
Would report it directly to Apple immediately and let them know so that they are aware. The more feedback that you can provide. And I would encourage everybody in the.

49:10.388 –> 49:12.126
Blind community to do this.

49:12.308 –> 49:30.738
Yeah, definitely. As David was mentioning, it’s important to reach out and provide that feedback. And if it’s impacting you negatively or positively, it’s important to let Apple know what’s occurring for their users. Yep. I wanted to bring that up and.

49:30.824 –> 49:31.890
Let you guys know.

49:31.960 –> 49:38.310
Thank you. Thanks a lot. noLinda, and appreciate you taking the time to jump in and share that with us. Sheila yep, you’re welcome.

49:38.380 –> 49:39.718
Next. Ed.

49:39.884 –> 49:41.494
Hey, Ed. Welcome back.

49:41.612 –> 49:42.566
Can you hear me?

49:42.668 –> 49:44.120
Yes, we can.

49:44.810 –> 49:45.560

49:46.170 –> 49:46.774

49:46.892 –> 49:56.474
Marty sent me a weird email about asking for voice recording, and I’m on a Mac. I don’t know how to do that.

49:56.512 –> 49:57.450
On a mac.

49:58.030 –> 50:01.210
Is there a free app or a built in app?

50:01.360 –> 50:30.422
Yeah. So Marty actually, I think, had reached out to you when we were reaching out to some people for submitting a gift for our Gift Guide, which has published already. So if on the Mac you do want to record content in the future, you can use the voice recorder tool voice Memos, I think is what it’s called on the Mac. And then you can also purchase just press Record if you’d rather a more dedicated tool for recordings. Okay.

50:30.476 –> 50:33.400
And in the same vein, is there.

50:35.050 –> 50:35.960
A way.

50:38.030 –> 50:51.786
To do, like, a video screen capture? In other words, you’re doing something on the screen and you want to capture that into a video file. Is that also built in?

50:51.888 –> 51:00.510
I believe Apple offers a built in screen recording to macOS. Michael is that correct? Otherwise you can use zoom to record your screen. That’s correct.

51:00.580 –> 51:07.730
QuickTime Player is the easiest way to do that. The QuickTime Player application will take a screen recording.

51:08.230 –> 51:10.980
Do I need to download that or is it available?

51:11.910 –> 51:13.534
It’s in applications.

51:13.662 –> 51:15.118
Okay, thank you very much.

51:15.224 –> 51:16.534
Perfect. Ed. Thanks a lot.

51:16.572 –> 51:40.950
And before we go to the next hand to the question earlier about default alert sounds, you can change that under in 17.2 under Settings, Sound and Haptics and then default alerts. And it’s neat because you could pick any alert sound on your phone or any that you’ve purchased.

51:41.030 –> 51:52.298
So very customizable and not available until 17.2 is out, unless you’re on the beta. So don’t look for it yet, but when that comes out, that’s something you can use. Sheila who is next?

51:52.484 –> 51:53.166

51:53.278 –> 51:54.770
Hey. Jewel. Hey.

51:54.840 –> 52:35.738
I had a couple of things for the lady that was talking about the default browser on her Windows computer, her laptop. The easiest way is through app settings, but you can do on search. You can do a search for app settings. And then there’s two things that I would mention. Default apps and then web browser will give you to change the default browser. But also in there, there’s also under the app settings, there’s startup apps, and you can go and check off any of those you don’t want to start when you start up your computer. I found those very useful.

52:35.914 –> 52:36.686

52:36.868 –> 53:05.000
The other thing I wanted to mention is this is a recommendation, not a requirement. If you like the Google Chrome app, that browser, it’s a really great browser, but sometimes the settings are not fully accessible. The Brave browser is a Google Chrome browser with extra privacy, and all of the settings are fully accessible to screen reader users. I use that one. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

53:05.450 –> 53:17.766
And you can go type in Jaws and Brave into Acbmedia.org and listen to a Vespero community call hosted a couple of weeks ago. Walking you through configuring brave with Jaws. So. Thanks, Joel.

53:17.798 –> 53:19.158
It’s a great little yep.

53:19.174 –> 53:22.094
Yep. Appreciate it. Sheila, who’s next?

53:22.292 –> 53:23.242

53:23.386 –> 53:24.522
Hey, Roberta.

53:24.666 –> 53:37.010
So, follow up. I thought I heard someone say, can I set up a Haptic for the Siri tone? So in addition to the tone, or instead of the tone, I get a vibration.

53:37.750 –> 54:01.814
So go check out the Siri settings to see what’s available, because I’m not certain if I’ve changed anything. And you can tell Siri to open Settings when I press and hold the button on the side of my iPhone twelve. With iOS 17, I get two. Haptics. When it’s listening, I don’t hear a tone, and I don’t know if that was a setting I changed. So that’s where I would start looking, is under the Series Settings.

54:01.862 –> 54:02.970
Give it a try. Thanks.

54:03.040 –> 54:14.846
Yes. Thanks a lot, roberta Ibrahim. Hey, Abraham. Hi. Just quickly rail screen input on IO 17.1.2 now.

54:14.948 –> 54:15.600

54:16.610 –> 55:21.762
It keeps closing, and then I have to do the rotate action to go back into delta input. I’m not sure what I’m doing. Yeah, I’ve seen that happen. I’m guilty because I haven’t been using BSI as much as I have. I will say on Sunday and Tuesday evenings there is a Braille call that might be worth asking in there. I’ve been using the Hable myself, which has been a great way to interact with my phone, but that means I am not using BSI. And there is a new rotor setting, and I don’t remember exactly where it is under voiceover and your rotor, where you can tell voiceover to not automatically change your rotor. And I wonder if somehow your rotor is automatically changing and that’s influencing your Braille screen. Try and find that. Yeah, perfect. Is that on 17.2 or is that that’s a 17.0 release. So it should be available on 1.2.

55:21.816 –> 55:22.420

55:23.190 –> 55:28.834
Well, appreciate each and every one of you today. Looks like we are clear on hands. Is that correct, Sheila?

55:28.882 –> 55:29.574
Yes, sir.

55:29.692 –> 55:56.060
With two minutes to spare. It’s like we’ve done this before. Appreciate Belle and I appreciate Sheila and Michael D for helping me. You for listening. And don’t forget to tell a friend about Unmute Presents. We are live every Tuesday and then shortly thereafter turned into your favorite podcast app. And you can send us an email via feedback at unmute show. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.