Unmute Presents ACB Community Replay for 29 August

Welcome to this episode of Unmute! We address listener questions and concerns, covering a range of technical issues. We discuss the new Sense Player from HIMSS, provide tips on managing messages across Apple devices and smart TV troubleshooting. We also share resources for transitioning to a MacBook Pro, offer help with various inquiries, and emphasize the importance of backing up data. Join us for detailed explanations and audience engagement!

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This unmute present community call was hosted on Tuesday, 29 August 2023.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Unmute. And as always, we want to remind everyone that we’re going to go through all of the first questions first, so if we have time, we’ll take second questions. Also, please be respectful and make sure everyone gets the same opportunity and respect to answer their questions as you would for yours. I want to let everyone know that I actually just picked up a Sense player, the brand new one from Hymns, so I’m going to be putting that through his paces and we’re going to see what that’s all about, and I’ll be letting you all know how that’s going. And the question of the day today is, do you have one of the players, whether it’s the Scent six or any of the other ones? If you do, what do you love about it or what do you hate about it? Also with me, as usual, I got Michael Doyce with us. How you doing, Michael?

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Doing great. And the synth six is the Notetaker. It’s the synths player.

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That’s the player, correct. And also, also we got Michael Babcock. How you doing, Michael?

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I am doing well, Marty. Thanks for that.

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And I will go over a quick recap of the content that’s been published recently. Since the unmute presents community call. On the 22 August the Shell phone show, we published an episode that shows you how to unlock your blind shell if it gets locked up and you just need to hard reset it. And then on Thursday and then also the Vo Starter 101, episode one, I’m sorry, season one, episode one was published also as well on the podcast feed. In addition, we had the Securing Your Website with Demossi and I, where we sat down and talked about how you can make your website more secure for yourself, your business or your affiliate. On Friday. We posted Friday finds Tech Tussles, the Captcha. Conundrum and Robot Vandalism. Very interesting. Three topics and you want to give that a listen with Lynn. And then on Sunday, we posted sending files with Launch Bar, which I think might have helped get Michael D interested in looking at Launch Bar. My favorite spotlight. Alternative Monday.

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Technically working. We had a nice chat about finding success and navigating productivity tools. So there’s a quick recap. Marty stumbled there for a minute because I’ve got more to do with different shows that I am like, I can’t get these words out. So there you go.

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Awesome. Well, thanks, you guys. And looks like we got some hands up. And if you have tech questions or you want to chime in on the question, which is, do you own one of the players. And if you do, what do you love or hate about it? And let’s start taking some questions.

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Malcolm, go ahead please. Good morning.

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Good morning, how are you? I’m well.

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How’s everybody else?

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We’re all doing good.

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Super. I have a question about iPad and iPhone. I have a friend who has sent a text and says that it evidently appears on their iPad or interferes with the iPad. Is there something like where the iPad and the iPhone can share that would cause that or what do you think? I’m sorry, I do not have any of the sensing things.

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Oh yeah. Okay. So in terms of the messages so the thing with the messages, this is how this works. If you have an, you know, whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, a computer, they’re actually using Apple’s Protocol, which is now called Messages or IMESS, whatever they are calling it this week. But in any case, it’s going to automatically show up on all of your devices and that is only for people who have Apple devices. If you’re outside of Apple devices. So say like for example, you’re going to send me a message, I have an Android device, I will get it as an SMS message and it will show up as a different color. So it would be if anyone has any visual you will see. Anything in green is going to be something besides an Apple device. So if you want that to show up, you’ll have to go into your settings and then you have to go to Messages and you’re going to have to turn on it’s called SMS and MMS. And then that should push all of the notifications to whichever device you want all of them to show up to, but by default on your phone itself because it has a phone number dedicated to it, it’s going to show up all the things. So you’ll get anything from anyone on an Apple device which will show up in blue if you have any vision to be able to see that at all. And everybody else outside of an Apple device will show up in green.

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Okay, but as if I was to text somebody from my phone and I had an iPad and it was on, would that text show up on my iPad that I sent also?

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Only if it’s an Apple device or you have them turned on and Michael DeWitt wants to chime in here.

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So yes, there is an option on your iPhone called Text Message Forwarding. I believe if you go to Settings and Messages, you should be able to find out that and it will let you send SMS messages from your iPad. So you could send them from your phone and see them on your iPad. You could pick whichever devices. So I can text anybody with an Android phone with my Mac or my iPad and it routes them all through my iPhone.

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You’d have to turn that on if you have more than one device. So say, like, you have a phone, an iPad, anything else, you have to individually turn that feature on in each device.

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No, you turn that on on your iPhone.

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Okay. And then it will show up everywhere. Yes.

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Okay, so that means if I have that turned on and I send a text message from me to you, and you have an Apple device, it’ll go to your device and it’ll also show up on my iPad, that is an Apple device.

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Well, no, that’s called imessage. And that just works anyway.

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But if you’re texting somebody with an Android device from your iPad, then you have to have text message forwarding on. But if it’s just an Apple device to Apple device, it just knows, okay, you’re on an iPad, you’re good. As long as you’re logged into the same icloud account on the same iPad as your phone, as your Mac, it’ll just work.

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So any text that I send from my iPhone should not be my iPad. Shouldn’t have any interaction with that text.

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Message unless you turn on that feature.

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Okay, so if I turn on that feature, then it will if I turn it off, then it won’t.

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Okay. All right. I think that’s getting me the information I need. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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No problem.

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Thank you, sheila, go ahead, please. Hey, guys. How are you?

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Hey, Sheila. How you doing?

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A little nervous. We’ve got the hurricane coming.

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Drink more coffee.

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Might need something different anyway. All right. Yes. I have two streams. The second generation, I absolutely would not be without a Victor Reader stream. I don’t want the third, but I love it for all of its features. So everything from talking books to the NLS, internet radio, the podcast, the note taking, the music, you name it. The other books, I love them. So, anyway, that’s to answer your question and my question, and this is probably not something you can answer, but I’m hoping you can. I was given a smart TV when I had my accident from my recovery. It’s connected. If I turn on my HDMI so that I have my local news playing, it’ll play for about five minutes, and then it’s kind of like a timer. It turns off, and then I’ve got to hit the OK button to start it again. And it’s constantly happening. How do I stop that?

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Is that on the software in the TV, or do you have, like, another box plugged in to your TV? Like a Roku or TV?

09:22.842 –> 09:29.342
No, it’s just the regular U verse box that’s connected to the smart TV.

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Yeah, you would have to go into the settings on the TV and go to probably timers, something like that, and turn off that feature where it stops every however many minutes. I’m not sure. Every one of those TVs. If you do the stock thing that’s just built into the TV is different, and they’re not all great. And of course, they put everything in different places. So you’re going to kind of have to search around in there. But I think you can turn that.

09:56.272 –> 10:01.578
Off so it’ll stop on the remote, go into Settings, and then try to figure out where it might be.

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Okay. Thank you.

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Yes, no problem. Now, one other thing. If you did have a third party box, you could do it through the third party box and just bypass because you’d be in a different HDMI port. It would just go through the third party box, like a Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, any of those. You wouldn’t be using the built in software on the TV. It would just become a screen, and the HDMI port would actually then use the third party box. And you would just use that.

10:28.732 –> 10:34.262
Well, what I tried to do was download the Att app, but that’s still.

10:34.316 –> 10:37.958
On the TV software. You’re not using a third party box.

10:38.124 –> 10:49.190
Right, and I could not download it. So I’m having to use the box until I can figure out how to get that app into the so okay, thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

10:49.270 –> 10:50.326
All right, good luck.

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Thanks. Next, we have Anicio Go ahead, please, Anicio.

10:54.182 –> 10:55.694
Hey, Anicio. How you doing?

10:55.812 –> 10:56.526
Good, how are you?

10:56.548 –> 10:57.230
Can you hear me?

10:57.300 –> 10:58.640
Yep, we can hear you.

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And greetings to your host, per excellence. You have the best host around.

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I’ve called before. I’m a pretty proficient user of Windows for many years with Jaws. I’m getting an Apple MacBook Pro, and I’m wondering if you could give me some resources as to where to start. What’s the best way to get on board with a totally new operating system? Obviously, I use the iPhone, so I will be able to use what do you call that, the pad on the MacBook Pro?

11:40.964 –> 12:36.366
Yeah, it’s called the trackpad. If you’re using Voiceover, you can go in and set it up so the trackpad works similarly to the gestures on your iPhone or iPad, where you can do single finger swipes and all of that kind of stuff. So it is similar. It is still a little bit different, though, because you’re using a different kind of an operating system. You can make it similar, but you’ll still have to kind of learn where the stuff on the Mac platform is. But I would suggest if you really want to dive in and you really want to get going, chanel offers a really awesome Apple class, and I would get in touch with her and find out all the details and do that. It’s great. They go through tons of starter and intermediate stuff, and you’ll be in a pretty good space once you get through that. So I would definitely do you have.

12:36.388 –> 12:40.606
The contact for her, or how do I go about finding that?

12:40.788 –> 12:51.826
What you would do is reach out to the community, and you would ask to get in touch with Chanel over email, and then she’ll email you, and you guys can connect that way.

12:51.928 –> 12:55.054
That’s S-H-E-N-N-E-L-L or something like that.

12:55.112 –> 12:56.550
Yeah. Chanel Allen.

12:57.290 –> 13:51.510
It’s Chanellechenanlleanan. Yes. The current class is full, so the next Mac training class begins in March, but definitely contact me for those details. And before March, is there anything online that I can start with or play with? May I make a suggestion? Yeah, go for it. So all the reading assignments I give people as extras comes from the AppleVis website, Applevis.com. They have a getting started with the Mac link, and you’ll find a ton of guides under there. Everything should be able you’ve got audio, you’ve got written guides, a little bit of everything to help you get started.

13:51.660 –> 13:52.230
Thank you.

13:52.300 –> 13:57.590
Was this chanel? Yes. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I’ll be in touch.

13:57.740 –> 14:01.034
All right, thank you very much. Did you have another question, or was that it?

14:01.232 –> 14:12.906
Besides that? I don’t use any other players, by the way. I use my iPhone pretty much for everything in terms of books and music and math. Awesome, all that. Thank you. But you guys are wonderful. Thank you.

14:12.928 –> 14:22.882
You’re great. Yeah, no problem. And if you also, you can email us at feedback at unmute show. And if I come across any other resources, I can email them over to you. Great.

14:22.936 –> 14:29.154
Thank you so much. Next. We have Jeff. Go ahead, please. Jeff hello, everybody.

14:29.272 –> 14:30.562
Hey, Jeff. How you doing?

14:30.696 –> 15:06.830
Well, michael d. Thank you. I downloaded Vo Starter, and thank you very much for your work on that. Excellent. And I wanted to ask, first of all, I don’t use any players. I just use my iPhone as well to do books through Bard and podcasts and music. So, yeah, I don’t use a player. I had my cane busted yesterday, and silly question, do the at guys sell canes? I don’t know where to get a cane.

15:07.170 –> 15:09.006
I don’t know. Michael, do you guys carry canes or.

15:09.028 –> 15:22.306
No, we do not. Where I send people when you’re looking for a cane is the Independence Market. I’m sorry. It’s the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind and their store over there, and.

15:22.328 –> 15:35.960
They can help you out with canes. I would also recommend Ambuteching go to their website or call them. They’ve got tons of canes, too, and you can get them however you want. Whatever tips, whatever colors, all that stuff.

15:36.970 –> 15:39.062
I need to order my blue cane again?

15:39.196 –> 15:50.186
Yeah, it takes a little bit longer, but you can get any tip you want, whether it’s a rollerball or a pencil tip, and you can get it in any color combination you want, so that’s another option.

15:50.368 –> 15:52.718
Which place was that, Mark?

15:52.804 –> 15:54.314
It’s called Ambutech.

15:54.442 –> 15:55.546

15:55.658 –> 16:00.682
Yeah. You can just search it on Google and it’ll come up Ambutech Canes or white canes?

16:00.746 –> 16:01.674
Ambutech canes.

16:01.722 –> 16:02.878
All right, thanks a lot, guys.

16:02.964 –> 16:03.902
Yeah, no problem.

16:04.036 –> 16:06.770
Next, we have Nolan. Go ahead, please, Nolan.

16:07.350 –> 16:08.740
Hey, Nolan, how are you doing?

16:09.510 –> 16:12.494
How are you guys on this fine Tuesday afternoon?

16:12.622 –> 16:14.306
We’re good, thank you. How are you?

16:14.408 –> 17:13.698
Good, thank you. Something very disturbingly has occurred this morning when I was using the I Accessibility Mobile app. So in the tabs, I’ve noticed when I went and tried to click on the Iacast tab, the behavior was I’ve explained that there was a problem where the app crashed, and this only works when I have the Iacast radio live stream playing, but when I don’t, it occurs, and it occurred twice.

17:13.874 –> 17:14.600

17:16.330 –> 17:25.002
Thank you for the feedback. I’ve seen that myself once or twice. So I’m going to look into a little further, and there will be an update soon.

17:25.136 –> 17:37.050
Okay. Just thought I would let you know, and I appreciate that, Michael Deice for letting me know, and I appreciate that because it’s kind of yeah, yeah, it’ll get fixed.

17:37.130 –> 17:46.818
And I’ve seen a few things happen throughout the app, and so I’m going to investigate that a little further. Hopefully by this weekend, I’ll have an update to fix some of those issues.

17:46.984 –> 17:54.162
Okay. Thank you so much, Michael, for your yep. And thank you so much.

17:54.296 –> 18:01.670
Sure. And really quickly, Michael, Doyce is there a way for people to reach out over email or anything like that? If they’re having any kind of questions.

18:01.740 –> 18:12.074
Or issues, you can always email me at [email protected] or [email protected]. Either of one of those emails will go to me.

18:12.192 –> 18:18.874
And you could also email feedback at Unmute Show, and I will make sure that he gets the email as well.

18:18.992 –> 18:29.502
Okay. I will be happy to send that out if it occurs. Now, if this issue occurs again, should I send a screen recording over?

18:29.636 –> 18:34.254
No, because I know what’s causing it, so I’ll make a fix.

18:34.452 –> 18:36.546
Okay. Thank you so much.

18:36.648 –> 18:37.858
No problem. Thank you.

18:37.944 –> 18:43.646
You’re welcome. Have a good one. You too. Next, we have Beth. Go ahead, please. Beth.

18:43.758 –> 18:45.040
Hey, Beth. How are you?

18:49.050 –> 19:34.562
I have a question. Last night, I was really annoyed with my phone because I was trying to shut down Peacock because I had to text someone back, and it wouldn’t shut down. But with the keyboard, I had my Apple wireless hooked up. It exited it, but my phone kept saying, hide video controls every time or Show video controls every time I tried to swipe up. It didn’t say app switcher or didn’t even go to another app. So I don’t know if this is iPhone 13 mini. It seems like I had more problems with this one.

19:34.696 –> 19:36.994
Yeah. Where did you get the phone from?

19:37.112 –> 19:38.746
I got it from Verizon.

19:38.878 –> 19:51.500
You can always contact them and have them check it out to make sure there’s no issues with it. You could also contact Apple and have them check it out through Apple disability and make sure there’s no issues with.

19:56.030 –> 19:57.530
Apple accessibility.

19:59.310 –> 20:00.682
That’s what I meant. Sorry.

20:00.816 –> 20:14.538
Either it’s Apple or if it’s my phone now, maybe it’s just like, let’s say Assistive Touch and it’s a pain in the butt because I don’t think I need so I would definitely reach.

20:14.564 –> 21:05.246
Out to Apple Accessibility because it sounds like, Beth, you have multiple things going on. When you mentioned Assistive Touch, that’s an alternative accessibility tool. I’m not very familiar with it, but it sounds like that may be enabled. So I would reach out to Apple Accessibility, have them assist you with it related to your video issue. If that happens again, what you can try is to one finger flick down where it says Expand Video Controls. And I believe you should find an option that says Dismiss or Close. Because what’s happening is you’re getting into Picture and Picture Mode, which means that it’s showing you your phone, but it’s also showing you your video because if you’re a cited user, you may want to still watch that video while doing other things on your phone as well. So, again, it sounds like there may be multiple things going on, but next time that happens, try flicking down and see if there’s an option to dismiss.

21:05.278 –> 21:20.114
The okay, yeah, yeah, because I might even go back to Hulu too, because that was one there are more shows on there. But yeah, Hulu is much easier to use there.

21:20.152 –> 21:26.840
You plenty there’s not a lack of streaming options out there right now, that’s for sure.

21:27.610 –> 21:41.526
I will say one other thing, not all apps are built equal. So you might have issues with voiceover in one app where another app might work totally fine. So that’s something to pay attention to as well.

21:41.648 –> 22:38.720
And is there a modified like when I do system access, there’s a modifier like keyword? Is there one on my phone? Because when I did Bible quiz, I was able to answer some of the questions. So it’s like, it kind of works, but it says button. Is there a modifier key where I can have it say what the buttons are? Sometimes I just have to play with it. That’s not in the blindfold apps. But yeah, I want a game where I can learn the Bible, but Bible trivia is not cooperating for me. So I deleted that. It said, who is Ruth’s daughter or whatever question, and I answered Naomi, but then it says Button, button, and sometimes a double tap on that.

22:39.090 –> 23:12.954
So Beth, I’m going to address this real quick and then we do have a couple other hands, so we will need to move on. To answer your original question, the best way to learn your keyboard and where the keys are is to press and hold the Caps Lock key and tap the letter K for keyboard Learn mode. When you’re done, you can use the escape key in the top left corner, but that’ll give you an opportunity to explore where your keys are on your keyboard and the Bible study app. Maybe someone has a suggestion for an accessible Bible study app. It sounds like the one you were trying has unlabeled buttons. So if someone does raise your hand, stick around, though, okay?

23:12.992 –> 23:14.154
Beth? Sure.

23:14.272 –> 23:15.050
Yeah, perfect.

23:15.120 –> 23:16.314
Thanks a lot. Who do we got next?

23:16.352 –> 23:19.414
There? Next. We have Pam. Go ahead, please, Pam.

23:19.542 –> 23:20.960
Hi, Pam. Hello.

23:21.890 –> 24:59.906
I hope all of you all are staying safe and not in the path of that hurricane. I really don’t have a question today, but a suggestion for Beth. Well, several. It sounds like she may either have touch assistive touch turned on, or she may have both voiceover and zoom turned on at the same time. And I don’t mean zoom meetings, I mean zoom the magnification, accessibility, whatever thing. When you’re in an app with unlabeled buttons, sometimes if you turn on screen recognition, which is a real booger of a setting, if you turn it on when you don’t need it, it’ll add confusion to insult, to injury. But if it’s a lot of unlabeled buttons, it’ll sometimes save your life. I’m not into Bible trivia, but there is a wonderful Bible study app out there. It’s free, it is accessible. It’s called u version. That’s the word Y ou. The Y is capitalized. And then version, the V is capitalized. It’s all written together like one word. And it takes a while to learn to use it because it’s big, it’s complicated, it has a lot of stuff in there, but it’s wonderful.

25:00.038 –> 25:05.038
Got you. Pam and Pam, don’t you do an Intro to iPhone class periodically in the community?

25:05.124 –> 25:52.880
I am. Well, I co facilitate. There are two of us that work together. We call it the basic iPhone class. It is on Saturdays, every other Saturday, first and third Saturday of the month. So it’ll be this Saturday at 06:00 p.m.. Eastern. If you’re on the ACB community email list, you’ll find it. And even if you are more skilled as an iPhone user, we love to have you, because the more people with possible workarounds and tips and all of mean, we really welcome anyone. And it’s not like a lecture, it’s A-Q-A.

25:53.810 –> 25:54.462

25:54.596 –> 25:58.026
Yeah, we’d love to have you. Come on, Pam.

25:58.058 –> 25:58.654
We appreciate it.

25:58.692 –> 25:59.006
Thank you.

25:59.028 –> 26:03.866
Pam and I do not have a reader. I don’t have one of the e readers.

26:04.058 –> 26:04.586

26:04.618 –> 26:05.086
Thank you very much.

26:05.108 –> 26:05.790
I don’t have time.

26:05.860 –> 26:07.106
There are not enough hours in the.

26:07.128 –> 26:08.340
Day as it is.

26:08.870 –> 26:11.006
I understand that. Thanks a lot. Thanks, Pam.

26:11.038 –> 26:11.842
We appreciate it.

26:11.896 –> 26:14.338
Thanks. Desi, go ahead, please.

26:14.504 –> 26:15.546
Hey, Desi.

26:15.678 –> 27:00.500
Hi. There a couple of really quick things. I do have a Sense player of a non OCR version that I purchased at the ACB convention from hims, and I’m actually considering selling it and buying the Victor Reader stream Third Generation, just because, for whatever reason, I personally am not finding it real intuitive to use. And it may be because in the past I had Victory Reader streams, but I don’t know, I haven’t been able to find except just the plain manual, I haven’t been able to find any tutorials or anything.

27:01.990 –> 27:21.322
Just to let you know, if you go onto YouTube and you go to the Hymns official YouTube page, they have tutorials from taking out of the box, basically, and just starting with it all the way through, all of the features on there. And they’re really in depth and really easy to follow, so I would check that out.

27:21.456 –> 27:35.600
Okay, so I did look them up on YouTube and I apparently didn’t find that page because there were only a couple of videos wherever I was looking. And yeah, they didn’t go through everything.

27:36.130 –> 27:43.040
You kind of have to do a little bit of searching, but if you get to their homepage on YouTube, then they have everything on there.

27:43.730 –> 27:48.530
And I believe it’s Jenny Axler that put the videos together and she went through and did real in.

27:48.600 –> 27:49.362
She’s amazing.

27:49.496 –> 28:29.918
She does a great so that’s not who you’re finding. So what I would do there for you, Desi, is I would just type in Hims Inc h IMS Inc. And when you get there, it’ll pop up and you’ll have a YouTube channel about Home and several different tabs. When you pull up their channel, one of which is going to be Playlists, and if you double tap on Playlist, then they have broken their YouTube channel down so you can find the Sense Player. They have mixed Sense Player and Sense Player OCR in together, which makes a lot of sense, but you can just play those from episode one through. I believe there’s twelve episodes there.

28:30.084 –> 29:15.242
Okay, great. Glad to know that. My other quick question was about another Hymns product, not itself so much, but I have the Hymns Braille Sense Six mini, and I want to know if there’s a way to download barred Braille books to it. And I don’t want to necessarily connect it to my iPhone to do that because I don’t want to drain my iPhone battery just so I can read a Braille book. But I don’t know if Bard mobile is supposed to be available for the Braille Sense Six series of players or Notetakers.

29:15.306 –> 29:20.446
Yeah, the notetakers. Remind me, does that have the Play store on it?

29:20.548 –> 29:33.986
It does, and I looked for it yesterday, but I wasn’t finding it, so I’m not saying it wasn’t there. I’m not the best searcher in the world.

29:34.168 –> 29:46.182
Well, if someone has the Braille Sense Six mini and knows if Bard will let you download books, please raise your hand, because it should be there. But I have not used that device, so I don’t know for sure.

29:46.316 –> 29:47.894
Okay, thanks so much.

29:47.932 –> 30:01.834
And one other thing, I do believe there was an update to the operating system that came out about a month ago on the Sense player. So that really resolves a lot of things and upgrades a bunch of stuff. If you haven’t done that I would suggest doing that.

30:01.952 –> 30:08.974
Okay. I have not done that yet, so I will have to see if I can do that. Thanks so much, you guys.

30:09.092 –> 30:10.254
Yep, no problem.

30:10.452 –> 30:13.146
Next is Teresa. Go ahead, please, Teresa.

30:13.258 –> 30:14.738
Hey, Teresa, how are you doing?

30:14.904 –> 32:24.300
Okay. Started my day very early this morning, but that’s another story. Currently I am reduced to using my NLS player that the library issued me and also the e reader that the library issued. So those are what I’m using for books I did have well, I still have them, two Victor strings, the second generation. But they both need to go to the rehab center. They need some serious rehabilitation. One has a cracked motherboard and the other one I’m not sure if I’m going to describe this right. I’ll do my best. A part of an SD card, those little things at the very bottom there’s little grooves, those little ridges down at the bottom, one of them got loose and it got entangled up and see some inner works in the stream. And I think a piece well, I know it broke off, but I think a piece touched the inner works. Because one day I heard this pop sound and I thought it was maybe a battery, a bad battery that popped, but I think it was the stream because later that night I tried to turn on my stream and it was trying to boot up. And then it stopped. And I didn’t know why that it even stopped. So I tried it again and this time I held it up to my ear and I heard this little sound like cutting off, but you could barely hear it unless you held it up to your ear. I’m thinking of bypassing those people up in Quebec. And I know there’s an individual in the US that lives in Maryland. I’m not going to say their name, but who is requesting dead or dying Victor streams. And I guess he does repair work. But another individual that lives in his state said that he repaired some of hers and then actually got them to her house. I don’t know how much he charged her for it. I didn’t ask. She didn’t share and I didn’t ask.

32:24.670 –> 32:36.480
Yeah, that makes know find the resources that are available to you, especially when devices are out of warranty. So appreciate you sharing that trace. Unfortunately don’t know what’s going on, so it might be worth reaching out to that.

32:36.850 –> 32:48.402
Right. That’s. Well, I did my best to describe the SD card thing. I don’t know why it ate it up, but I think that SD card was about ready to go. And it did.

32:48.536 –> 32:49.022

32:49.086 –> 32:54.786
There you go. Well, thanks a lot for letting us know. You have two Victors, Teresa, and great rest of your day.

32:54.808 –> 33:10.234
But I’d like to know what happens when not Victor but SD cards. When you’ve had several books on there and you know how many you’ve had. And all of a sudden it shows you you only had X amount of books. Like what’s going on there no hard.

33:10.272 –> 33:18.278
Drive or any SD card is going to be living forever. So I always say make sure you back everything up in multiple places.

33:18.454 –> 33:20.874
Yes. And SD cards are not the best.

33:20.912 –> 33:22.294
For long term storage.

33:22.422 –> 33:29.680
Cloud is always good. Dropbox any of those kinds of things to help back stuff up because you’re not using another.

33:31.090 –> 33:35.326
What if it’s a book from NLS? What do you do in that case?

33:35.428 –> 33:42.466
Those you can’t really back up. So your best bet is going to be to go redownload it to a couple of different SD cards. If that’s the way you want to do it, go ahead.

33:42.488 –> 33:44.114
Michael. You can.

33:44.152 –> 33:59.046
Redownload Bard books. It’s not know, you download it, you lost it forever. You could just redownload it from like it’s not like you bought a book and you had the PDF and you’ve just lost it forever. Bard will let you redownload.

33:59.238 –> 34:05.802
But your podcast, if you recorded a song from a radio station, you recorded something yes.

34:05.856 –> 34:08.682
Then you would want to definitely back that up.

34:08.816 –> 34:10.398
Okay, I got you.

34:10.484 –> 34:11.262
Thank you very much.

34:11.316 –> 36:42.720
Thank you. Have a good day. You too. Next we have nagif. Go ahead, please. Nagif. Hi, it’s Deborah. That’s the first part of my email that you’re getting there. I have a couple of questions, a couple of incidents here. I think it’s an iPhone X. I always forget what kind of iPhone it is. It’s a refurbished iPhone. And I was trying to activate some of the settings this weekend on the Dolphin Easy reader app that is on the iPhone. And I don’t know what in the world I’ve done, but the result of the whole thing was it slowed down my iPhone terribly. It wouldn’t respond to swipes or flicks or taps, and when voiceover said something, it would be in the middle of saying something, it would cut off really quick. And the other thing I noticed as a result of what happened with the iPhone is I’ve been trying to sync my email contacts into my iPhone so that I can just tell Siri, I’d like to send an email to such and such an email address. Well, I think for some reason my emails might have been sunk into the iPhone, because when I went to work on my desktop computer on the next day, I found the arrow keys were responding very, very slow, like the scroll up and down and right to left keys. But when I read something in one of my other documents here, it read just fine, but it was only in my email, it was only in my emails where the scroll keys weren’t responding well, and either was the tab keys. So I really don’t know what happened. Now my iPhone seems to be responding quite well. I just left it plugged in for a couple of days decided I was fed up with the whole thing and didn’t touch it. So I don’t know what happens with all of this.

36:44.210 –> 37:27.386
Well, let’s first address the iPhone issue. So let’s take away the apps and all of that stuff. The first thing I would say is we’re not sure. It sounds like which model of iPhone you actually have. If you have actually one of the ten models that is going to be probably coming closer to the end of what’s out there. And current in terms of operating systems, if you don’t keep your phone somewhat up to date with operating systems, then you’ll find that some things are going to either run really slow or possibly be incompatible. So you might want to check that out and see how far back you actually are.

37:27.568 –> 37:30.106
That would be the first update itself quite a lot.

37:30.208 –> 37:35.374
But is that the operating system or just the apps on your phone? Because there’s two different things for that.

37:35.492 –> 37:36.746
I have no clue.

37:36.858 –> 38:26.494
The second thing I would check is older phones have smaller hard drives than the current phones that are out there now. So you might want to go in and see how much storage you actually have available on your phone. And the way you would do that is you would go into Settings general storage and that will tell you how big your hard drive is on your phone, how much have you used and how much you have available. So if you have almost no hard drive space left, it’s going to run really sluggishly. So you might have to take some stuff off. If there’s apps on your phone that you don’t use, maybe take some of those off. You’ll have to maybe take other things off. Just depends how big your hard drive is and how much space you actually have or don’t have. So that would be something to go ahead.

38:26.532 –> 38:41.342
Michael so looking at the issue that you mentioned, your question about the dolphin, Easy Reader, it slowed down after you did something with Easy Reader. Is that what you were saying earlier?

38:41.406 –> 38:44.834
Yeah, it just kind of like slowed everything. Right.

38:45.032 –> 38:46.998
Here’s something that you can look at.

38:47.084 –> 38:47.430

38:47.500 –> 40:14.194
And that’s when you have Easy Reader in your app switch, or the app is running and maybe running in the background, right. And so it may have an error. Some apps can slow down your phone if they are running in the background and they’re not closing properly or if they’re not running correctly. So sometimes closing apps out of your app switcher can fix sluggishness. So that’s one way to check. You could try uninstalling Easy Reader and see if that fixes the problem. Restarting your phone, those are all things you can try. And then seeing if, like Marty said, your space on your phone’s drive, check that. And also your battery level, how much battery percentage you have left on your phone can attribute to speed. So all of those things. You could go to Settings and then General and about check your iOS version, make sure you’re at 16. I do not believe 17. I could be wrong. It may not run on the ten, so that might be something to look at, but 16, I believe does. And so you should be good there as long as you can make sure your software is up to date. And those are some things on your phone I would check. As for email, I don’t think the two are related. I think it might be something with your computer. If your email with your arrow keys and things are sluggish, that would be.

40:14.232 –> 40:32.930
Something different from it eventually straightened itself out and I don’t know why that would happen. It just seems like really strange that the very same things were happening with the computer and the iPhone. It was just absolutely weird.

40:33.090 –> 40:40.194
They usually don’t transfer over between each other, so that’s probably a coincidence, but still concerning.

40:40.322 –> 40:41.000

40:41.850 –> 40:58.078
All those same tips that we said for your phone in terms of checking hard drive space, making sure things that are up to date, all of those things. I would definitely say the same thing for your computer as well. So that make sure you got available hard drive space, you’re somewhat up to date, all of those things.

40:58.244 –> 41:06.270
Right. I’m wondering if I send a request to what is it? Unmute feedback.

41:06.430 –> 41:09.506
Feedback at Unmute show.

41:09.608 –> 41:20.806
Well feedback at Unmute show. I wonder if somebody could send me some notes because I won’t remember a thing that you told me here.

41:20.988 –> 41:24.902
Yeah, that’s fine. Shoot an email to us and we’ll get you some information.

41:25.036 –> 41:29.798
Also keep in mind all of this is being recorded as a podcast, so you can go back and review it later.

41:29.884 –> 41:30.662
Oh, right. Okay.

41:30.716 –> 41:32.026
So you can get the information.

41:32.208 –> 41:34.522
Of course. Okay, thank you.

41:34.656 –> 41:36.666
Yes. Have a great day. Thanks a lot.

41:36.848 –> 41:39.318
Next. We have Dexter. Go ahead please, Dexter.

41:39.414 –> 41:40.782
Hey Dexter, how are you doing?

41:40.916 –> 41:56.066
Doing well. First, with regard to an iPhone X, yes, they do run the latest version of iOS because my India iPhone is running the latest version of 16.5 or.

41:56.088 –> 41:57.620
Six or whatever it is.

41:58.630 –> 42:10.440
Second, with regard to the Sense player, they actually have that entire 8 hours of tutorial on the Sense player itself.

42:10.970 –> 42:15.720
Oh, that’s good to know. Do you know how you would locate that on there or where it is on there?

42:16.570 –> 42:27.100
I’m trying to remember. Well, I got the thing and then had it for a week before I took off on a trip. And I’m still on the trip, so it’s at home.

42:27.630 –> 42:30.338
That’s a thing I would think you’d want to take with you on your trip.

42:30.454 –> 42:37.434
Well, I worried about taking my iPad and so forth, especially since I had to get it replaced.

42:37.562 –> 42:38.398
Got you.

42:38.564 –> 42:47.460
But anyway, it’s on the Flash player and I think it is under.

42:47.910 –> 42:48.980
Oh man.

42:50.070 –> 43:13.126
If she goes down in the files listing and that I think it’s under like, MP3 s or something like that. And yeah, the entire thing is there, and it is a very good tutorial. I’ve gone through probably about two thirds.

43:13.158 –> 43:21.262
Of it only yeah, it’s a lot of information. There’s a lot that they put it on there so that you have it right on the device if you want to listen to it.

43:21.316 –> 43:32.174
Yeah, and I can go ahead and send you an email with the link, and if she contacts you, she can get that link then that’d be great.

43:32.212 –> 43:33.394
We’d appreciate that. Thank you.

43:33.432 –> 43:48.722
I have a link for those MP3 files, and I actually called them and they sent me the link, and I have downloaded all those files and actually have them out on my cloud.

43:48.856 –> 43:53.686
Oh, that’d be great. If you can send us that, that’d be great. And anyone who is interested, we can shoot that over to them.

43:53.788 –> 43:56.886
So that’s the only things I had to say.

43:56.988 –> 43:59.482
All right, well, thank you very much. We appreciate it.

43:59.536 –> 44:00.426
Have a great day.

44:00.528 –> 44:01.370
You too.

44:01.520 –> 44:51.240
We have phone number nine seven four, ending in 874970, ending in eight seven, four. You’re muted star six to unmute, please. Let’s try this phone number three oh three, ending in three oh three, ending in nine three five. That’s me, that’s Petra, and talked to everyone before, but I still don’t know. I’ll have to send you a note, Michael, and ask how to get my name up there, but sometimes I’d like to be anonymous. I’ll be fairly quick. I have an iPhone 13 mini and am very tempted by a synth player. But I’m wondering, what can I do with either a Victor stream or a synths player that I can’t already do with my iPhone or my Notetaker? What advantage is there?

44:53.790 –> 46:36.406
That’s a great question that I think is know, we’ve talked about this on the Iacast is why should you have another device? And it comes down to they really do the same things, but the advantage of having the Sense player or the Victory Reader stream over an iPhone alongside an iPhone or Android phone is they offer the ability to do things on another device other than your phone. For example, I’m low vision, so I have an iPad mini. I have too many iPads and things, but that’s beside the point. I have a lot of different devices that I use because I don’t always want to be on my phone and I want to save the battery of my phone so it can be used for other tasks. So having a Victory to stream or a synth player or an iPad or any other device for media consumption and doing other things can be beneficial because you have that extra device. So, like, for me, I read all my Audible books and my other books on my iPhone because I’m just listening to audio through headphones. I can accomplish all of that on one device. I don’t personally need the others, but I use for my Kindle books and books. I’m reading like comics on the bigger screen, but that’s my needs as a low vision person. I have separate devices for those reasons. But if you’re using Bard or other apps, you may want that other device so that you’re not draining your battery on your phone or things like that, or just so that it’s easier to using. You can pick up and put it down quicker even for taking notes you can record on these devices. So it just depends on your use case and why you would like that extra device.

46:36.598 –> 47:08.182
The other thing too, is the Sense player or the Victor Stream. They’re tactile. So this would be a very expensive way to go. But some people really want to be able to use an iPad or an iPhone, but they just either can’t whether there’s a physical issue or maybe are unable to understand learning the gestures and doing all of that, just doing stuff on a piece of glass is really difficult. So using something like the Sense player to control your device tactile is something that’s really beneficial to a lot of people.

47:08.316 –> 47:45.986
Okay, thank you very much. Yep, no problem. Have a great day. Mary Beth. Go ahead, please. I just had a quick comment. I don’t have a Sons player. I have Victor stream and a Victor trek. But I have to say, Earl Harrison gave a great demonstration last night on Tech Talk, which is going to be podcasted of all the it even made me want it when I really don’t want it at the moment, if you know what I’m saying. Especially it addressed the new updates that just came out. It was one of those things you.

47:46.008 –> 47:48.180
Didn’T think you needed to have, correct?

47:49.030 –> 48:26.782
Yeah, right. Yes, exactly right. I don’t need this. I already have two of them. But I have to say that the Senseflare does do a lot more in certain respects than either one of the Victor that I have. And from my limited exploration of the next two, certainly some features that aren’t on those either. That being said, there are a couple of features on the Victors, the new Victors that aren’t on the Sense player, at least.

48:26.836 –> 48:32.890
They always got to make sure one does something the other one doesn’t do so that they can sell you on that. And then you need all the things.

48:32.980 –> 48:52.358
Right, I know what we really want is them to do, like dueling players, give half hour for whoever to give a demo and then half hour for whoever else to give another one to see what they do. They would probably hate that, but I would love that. Thank you.

48:52.444 –> 48:54.006
Yeah. Have a great day. Thank you.

48:54.108 –> 49:00.546
Yeah. So you may want to check out that Tech Talk at some point, the Tek Tech Talk podcast.

49:00.658 –> 49:06.474
When that comes out, if you want to email that over to us? If people request it, we can shoot it over to them or show them how to get there.

49:06.592 –> 49:19.034
Okay, sure. Next we have phone number nine 70, ending an 874970, ending an eight, seven, four. Please unmute.

49:19.162 –> 49:22.350
Maybe we go to the other person. We’re getting close on time.

49:22.500 –> 49:35.010
Malcolm okay, two quick comments. One for the person looking for a new cane. Ambutech. Ambutech is located in Canada. However, they do have locations throughout the United States that you can get your cane from faster.

49:35.430 –> 49:36.180

49:38.310 –> 50:00.906
I thought you were talking about the Sense reader, and I don’t have one of those, but I do have a Victor stream. And in regards to that, the person that was thinking about buying a Victor reader, three, I would suggest you don’t until you wait a while. They are having trouble with the Victor reader. Three, I think it’s associated with the battery, but I’m not positive. And then when you’re saying Sense reader, how are you spelling Sense?

50:01.088 –> 50:10.734
S-C-E-N-C-E-I believe. Scence yes, I’m pretty sure that’s correct. Okay, so I can look. That Michael Dewyce. Is that correct?

50:10.852 –> 50:12.014
I’m looking it up right now.

50:12.052 –> 50:13.054
Hang on just a second.

50:13.172 –> 50:19.422
It’s S-E-N-C-E. That’s what I thought. I mean, I’m sorry. S-E-N-S-E-N-S-E player.

50:19.486 –> 50:21.230
E-N-S-E player.

50:21.310 –> 50:25.758
S-E-N-S-E player. Reader.

50:25.934 –> 50:26.370

50:26.440 –> 50:26.770

50:26.840 –> 50:27.918
Player, right.

50:28.104 –> 50:33.730
Sense player. And it’s from Hymns. And they come in two models, one with OCR, one without OCR.

50:33.810 –> 50:38.694
That means it comes with a camera, and one does not come with a camera. Okay.

50:38.732 –> 50:45.660
And that’s H-I-M-S. Yep. Hymns, Inc. There’s also a Hymn site where you can get razor blades from.

50:46.190 –> 50:47.420
Yes, there is.

50:48.270 –> 50:50.982
Maybe you need to combine, and you can listen while you shave.

50:51.126 –> 50:53.740
H-I-M sinc.com.

50:54.990 –> 50:56.570
Okay. Thank you so much.

50:56.640 –> 50:57.934
Yes, no problem. Have a great one.

50:57.972 –> 50:58.558

50:58.724 –> 50:59.774
And is that it?

50:59.812 –> 51:01.038
There’s no more hands.

51:01.204 –> 51:21.734
Look at that. We made it through today, everybody. On that note, we are just about at the end right here, so I think we’re going to wrap this up. So, everyone, thanks so much for being here. We appreciate it. And as always, thank you to Katie and Brad for all you do for us. We always appreciate you guys. Everybody have a great week, and we’ll see you next week. Thanks, everybody. Thank you.

51:21.772 –> 51:22.980
Thanks, y’all. Thanks.