Friday Fines with Lynn: Apple’s New Pro Apps for iPad and Google I/O 2023



>> Hey all, Marty here with another Friday Fines with Lynn.

Hey Lynn, how’s it going?

>> It’s going great. We’ve got a lot to talk about today.

>> Cool. Let’s get to it.

>> So yeah, I was telling Marty,

we were talking before the show and I was like, you know what?

Everybody has to check their updates now because there’s so much happening,

so many updates and so many different apps

that many of us use.

I guess the first thing we should talk about

is some really awesome news.

Did you wanna mention about the Final Cut Pro and–

  • Yeah, sure.

So, yeah, there were some huge news

in the Apple world this week,

and that is Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

are coming to the iPad.

And this has been a long time coming.

People have been wanting this for a really long time.

So basically Final Cut Pro is Apple’s professional

video editing software and Logic Pro is Apple’s professional

audio editing software.

And it’s been on the computer for many years.

It’s been a staple in both the video and the audio community

for many years now.

And people have been hankering to get these apps on the iPad.

The iPad has been something that they’ve been making

really overpowered hardware for in the past few years,

putting M processors into the iPads

and really fast RAM and hard drives,

but there hasn’t really been the Apple professional software

to fit the hardware, but now there will be,

and it will really take advantage of that hardware

they’ve built building out.

So people are really excited about that.

They did redesign some of them in some areas

to fit the iPad more, you know, with some touch gestures,

with some new Apple pencil gestures,

depending on the version of iPad you have.

And all of this is gonna drop on May 23rd,

and it’s going to be $5 a month or $50 a year for each app.

So not too bad for most people,

definitely at the professional level.

I thought it would have been a lot more money,

to be honest with you, but actually came in at a good price.

I think $5 or $5 a month or $5 a year

is actually a good deal.

So, Lynn, do you got any thoughts on this?

  • I do, I think that as you and I

had been talking about before,

the iPad is really becoming a good,

almost a good MacBook Air replacement in a lot of ways,

considering that, well, it’s less expensive, right?

  • It depends which iPad you get.

Sometimes it can be pretty competitive,

but if you go with some of the higher end models,

it can be almost as much as a MacBook Air.

  • And with the increased power of the iPads,

It could be actually an option now that more really powerful apps are coming online for the iPad to use it.

As I might have mentioned before, I’m somebody that likes to move with their tech.

I like my tech to move with me.

I don’t necessarily like to be pinned to a desk.

Part of that is because I have some caregiver responsibilities with my mom.

Part of it is that i’m just kind of a jumpy and see person and i like to move around while i’m working and the ipad is a great.

Way to actually make that happen and now with the increase power and increase capabilities of the ipad it really i never thought i wanted an ipad cuz i’m totally blind and i always thought why would a blind person want an ipad but i can definitely see now.

where it’s like that in between, the phone and the step up from the iPhone would be the iPad now.

And it’s really becoming a device that is worth considering, I think, based on

apps like this coming on to the iPad and others and just the power of it.

Yeah, and I would definitely say, you can also plug or either plug in depending on which keyboard

you get or have a Bluetooth keyboard.

But in a lot of scenarios, I would say it would almost be better than a laptop for some

people because of its ease of use.

If you use a phone, then you’re going to be familiar when you go to an iPad if you haven’t

had an iPad in the past.

And for some people, you know, they’re not real super techy people and they don’t really

want to learn the whole operating system of a computer and how voiceover works on a computer

if they need that. So an iPad is a great alternative where you can get day-to-day

tasks done like email and browsing the web and listening to music and maybe writing documents.

And now they’re allowing that span of professional creator to be able to utilize the iPad as well.

So I think these are all great things and I can’t wait till they come out so that we can see

how it all works and where it all goes from here.

So I think this is just a really great push forward.

>> We’re waiting for WWDC just coming up.

>> Yeah, just about a month away now.

>> Yes. But our friends at Google have

their own Google I/O yesterday.

There were some interesting things coming out of that as well.

Speaking of powerful hardware,

You have a pixel phone, right? With the the fold?

Yeah, so awesome. Yeah, they got a pixel fold which came out and what this means is the phone actually

folds in half

Kind of like a sandwich if you were to look at it that way

And so you have a screen on the outside so you can use it. Well, it’s closed like in regular

It would feel like a regular phone that you have in your hand now

But then you could open it up and then you have twice the screen real estate

Once you have it opened up and in the middle you’ll have a whole big

Screen that’s kind of like the size of two phones together or two phone screens together

so there’s only one other company that’s doing this right now and

It looks like there’s some good and bad. It looks like it’s gonna be a little bit more streamlined on the pixel

It’s gonna be a little bit

thinner won’t be as thick and as bulky.

Again, you know, I don’t have one of these in my hands, so I won’t be able to

really give it a whirl until they actually hit the market.

But there

were there will be some good new features I think they’re bringing that’ll be

a little bit better than the other.

And we’ll have to just see how it goes as it comes out, hits the market

and people have an opportunity to be able to play with them and take a look at them.

Yeah, and I am wondering how the accessibility is going to be.

I mean, I know that TalkBack is the Android screen reader that we would be using.

And I didn’t hear Google address accessibility at all yesterday, which I was kind of sad about.

But let’s hope that we would have good access to these new products.

I agree, definitely. I hope that they’ve implemented the accessibility features into their software

so that everyone has an opportunity to be able to use them. I would think that they

did do that, but we’ll just have to see how it all works. One thing I’m a little bit curious

about is I’m not sure anyone has seen a working screen reader on a folding phone, so that’ll

be interesting.

And I would just love to get my hands on that folding phone. I just can’t… Like I’m trying

to picture it in my head what it would look like.

Yeah, so if you were to take your phone and you were hold it vertically in your hand,

think of having a second phone on top of that phone.

And if you were to put them side by side, that’s basically what it’d be like with a

hinge in the middle.

Oh, that just sounds amazing.

I don’t know.

I have to, like I said, I might just have to get my hands on that somehow.

See what it’s like.

And Marty can let us know what other things he found,

you found interesting from the presentation from yesterday.

  • Yeah, so they also came out with the Pixel 7a,

which is the middle of the road, a phone to the Pixel 7.

So every year they come out with, you know,

the phone that has all the features,

all the bells and whistles.

That one’s always a little bit more expensive.

Then they come out with the one that has the A after it,

which has all the important features,

but they leave out some things

to keep it a little bit more affordable

for those who want to have a solid phone,

but they don’t want to pay the higher price.

So that’s what came out yesterday was the Pixel 7a.

The Pixel 7 was already out.

And then there was also a Pixel tablet that was announced.

So they’re getting back into the tablet market

and we’ll have to see what that’s all about

and how that works once that hits the market.

And there was a bunch of other software developer things

that were announced as well.

So we’ll see all that stuff as it kind of hits the market

and ask our developer friends to chime in

on all of those things.

  • Right, and also I guess the thing that I thought

what’s great was that, uh, Bard, Google Bard, their AI, um, app is now open to everyone.

Yeah, there’s no more wait lists, correct?

Without a wait list. Yeah. I think it’s certain countries. There are certain, is that, I,

if I’m not mistaken, it’s not everywhere, but.

I think in most places it is, uh, not a wait list anymore.

>> Right. Then also, they’re talking about really

incorporating the AI into regular Google search,

which is certainly something I would expect to be the case.

>> Yeah, definitely. We’ll just have to see how that all looks

once it hits and everyone is able to use it.

>> Right. They’re talking about how they’re going to,

having been able to open it up to everybody.

Now, there’s going to be a lot more input and

a lot more training, I guess,

from just having the openness,

people being able to use it.

My whole thing is, okay,

if I’m going to help train this thing,

do I get anything for that?

This is something I often think about.

But I used it yesterday and I think it’s getting better.

>> It’s getting better every day, I think.

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