Unmute Presents Sending Files With LaunchBar

In this episode, the Send To feature in LaunchBar is explored. Learn how to quickly move files to specific locations with just a few keystrokes and navigate through folders efficiently. Stay tuned for more productivity tips.# You can tune into this call live every Tuesday.

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00:04.570 –> 00:25.286
What I’m going to demonstrate now is going to be an example of using the Send to feature with a file in Launch Bar. So I’m going to start off with a prior recording that I did. And I need to drop it in a folder for Michael so that he can kind of edit it up a little bit, maybe throw a little background music on it, you know, do his thing to the file before publishing it somewhere. So first I’m going to open the.

00:25.308 –> 00:28.226
Finder finder finder Audio.

00:28.338 –> 00:39.638
So first I’m going to in Finder today at. All right, there is that file. So that is in focus. It’s highlighted. So I’m going to press Command Space and hold it.

00:39.724 –> 00:41.026
Copy selection to launch bar athletes.

00:41.058 –> 00:42.918
All right, we have that. I’m going to hit the tab key.

00:43.004 –> 00:44.102
QuickTime player application.

00:44.236 –> 01:11.054
Now, I don’t want to open this in QuickTime Player, but that is an option. But what I want to do is send this to a particular location. So I’m going to start and navigate through my home directory by first pressing Tilde. So that’s shift in the grov, the key to the left of the number one home indexing rule brings up my home indexing rule. And launch bar going to tap space HTP guard full. And now I’m going to type in the first couple of letters of the folder I want to go to, which is Sync.

01:11.102 –> 01:13.762
Sync folder contains 20 items, two subscriptions in total space.

01:13.816 –> 01:20.430
Again there. And I’m going to go to DM folder. And what did I call this folder?

01:20.510 –> 01:23.266
Folder contained one item, two subscriptions in total. Unprocessed folder contains two items.

01:23.298 –> 01:26.438
There we go. There’s the one I want unprocessed. And I’m just going to hit Return.

01:26.524 –> 01:27.778
Move to unprocessed action.

01:27.874 –> 01:49.562
Now I get a little pop up menu that I can navigate here in Launch Bar because I do have this ask me each time I do this, do I want to move copy to unprocessed copy this file? All right, well, move to unprocessed, go back to move. That’s the default. And I’m going to hit return selection to launch. Bar FLAC, audio and boof. That file is now in that location and I am also in that location.

01:49.626 –> 01:51.358
So USBC headset selection to launch bar.

01:51.364 –> 02:37.230
F. There it is. So I have highlighted the file in Finder and moved it all through the use of Launch Bar. Now, if I do this often enough, I’m going to actually add this unprocessed folder to my index so I can get to it even quicker. But that’s for another day. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

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