Technically Working TW34 – Tech & Tales: Small Business and Podcast Insights

Episode 34 of “Technically Working” with Michael and Damashe is a candid conversation packed with real-world insights for podcasters and small business owners. They dive into practical tools like Clean Feed, MarsEdit, and Audio Hijack, and discuss the rollercoaster of small business management, including fluctuating incomes and decision-making in business renewals. Damashe brings his tech consulting experience into play, emphasizing the fit of platforms like WordPress and Squarespace for different business needs. They touch on customer engagement, the joy of automating administrative work, financial management challenges, and using social media effectively. It’s an episode filled with relatable experiences, useful tips, and a friendly, knowledgeable vibe, making it a must-listen for those navigating the intersection of technology and small business.

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