Unmute Presents ACB Community replay for two April

In this episode, we addressed audience inquiries on various topics related to text input preferences, message sending between iPhone and Android devices, enlarging keyboard size on Android, accessing SoundCloud on iPhone, finding micro Bluetooth transmitters, and recommendations for Bluetooth devices. Tips were shared on setting up messaging settings, troubleshooting message delivery errors, and exploring different phone keyboards. Lastly, there was a mention of resources like Laz Mesa’s TalkingMP3Players.com and the Blind Mice Mega Mall for purchasing Bluetooth devices, along with a reminder about the upcoming Introduction to JAWS class in Club Unmute.


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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s unmute presents community call was hosted on the 2 April 2024.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another unmute. Wanted to remind everyone here at the top and we’re going to take all first questions first. And once we get everyone’s first questions answered, if we have time we’ll try for second questions. Also want to remind everyone to be respectful and give the same respect you would want for your question being answered. And there is no dumb questions. The question of the day is what is your favorite way to do text input? So is that typing on the keyboard? Whether on your phone or your iPad computer? Do you do braille input? Do you do an external keyboard? What’s your favorite way to input text? Also, I want to remind everyone that in club unmute, tomorrow is the first day of Jaws introduction to Jaws. So if that’s something that interests you, check out the website unmute show for all of those details and how to get signed up for that. And with me, as always, I got Michael Babcock. How you doing, Michael?

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I’m doing great, Marty. Braille screen input is the answer for me. That’s what I have been using quite regularly for my text input. And if you’re a club unmute member, you also have a new podcast feed. So I dropped information to you on Sunday about that. Check your email for more information when we have been a little bit busier than normal. So I’m going to run through the rundown of shows that’s published since last Tuesday. Today on the Shell phone show, I gave an April update which is going to go and tell you what content we’re going to publish over the next four Wednesdays for this month. So if you’re interested in getting a sneak peek at that, go listen to the April update. Yesterday we published, technically working with Demossi and I, where we talk about our adventures with bringing the podcast to YouTube. Quick side note, all of the podcast content is now available on YouTube as well for almost any show. So check that out for your leisure. A digital bite episode eight published on Sunday. Marty shared about good links. Chris showed how to move applications on your Android device and then I gave a brief overview of the S 23 plus Android device. I know it’s last year’s model, but at least you have that information. We published on Thursday chat that Marty had with Thomas Danville, also known as Anonymous from Applevis. It was a really interesting chat where you got to know more about where Thomas got started and his journey with programming to network administration and what he’s doing now in retired life. So check that out. Also kind of chatted a little bit about some of the updates coming to Apple. This CSUN recap was special guests. We had a friend of Marty’s, a friend of ours, and Chris and me and Marty. So the five of us sat down, we chatted about what we took away from CSUN this year. There’s probably a hundred other shows like it, but if you just want a unique touch on that, but give that a listen. Also available in the unmute presents podcast feed. And then that takes us back to the community. Replay for March 26, 2024. So, Sheila, what hand are we starting with today? All right, Teresa. Follow Judy. Hey, Teresa.

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Good afternoon. Not usual, but I’m, you know, normal.

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That I would be first, but thank.

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You for the tip. Okay. Finally getting used to and more comfortable with my iPod touch. My son’s got an email on there for me. I also noticed where I can get podcasts. So my question is, if you want to save a podcast, I’m used to the Victor stream where I could put a podcast on an SD card. But if I wanted to save a podcast so it doesn’t disappear, how can I go about doing that? This is an iPod touch, mind you. It’s an Apple device. It’s got iOS 15.8, so it’s probably the last version they put out.

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Yep. So, Marty, do you remember if iOS 15 had a podcast app? I think it did.

04:47.924 –> 05:48.166
Yeah, it does. It’s got Apple podcasts, like pre installed. I’m not sure what exactly the version is, but it’s not going to be the newest current version that’s out right now. But what you can do is find that app. And I don’t remember if in that version, the settings are for. For podcasts, which is, it’s either called podcasts or Apple Podcasts. So you can either find the settings for that. When you open the app, there might be a settings button, but if not, you can go actually into the settings of your device and go to podcasts or Apple podcasts. And what you’re looking for is to not delete the episodes when you’re done listening to them. If you click that, that when you’re done listening to an episode, it’s going to stay there. It’s not going to delete by default. Usually it’s set to automatically delete once you’re done listening to the episode. So you want to turn that off so that it won’t delete on.

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You have to go to the settings to make sure that doesn’t delete.

05:53.246 –> 06:08.622
Right. It’s going to be a checkbox, probably to uncheck, you know, delete at the end of episode after you’re listening something like that. Or it’s going to be a box that you check that says don’t delete after done. It’s going to be something like that.

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And Teresa? Yeah, I don’t remember, and this is my personal opinion, so I don’t remember the podcast app in iOS 15 being the most intuitive to navigate with voiceover. So what I did, and I think would work for your device, maybe your son can help you get this if you’re not comfortable with it, is. I went to the App Store and I did a search for an app called Overcast, and I downloaded overcast because to me, that was a simpler interface to navigate and to add podcasts to. So you may want to experiment and see if you like the way that that interface works. And then you can just search for podcasts and you can follow them, which is what it’s called. So you could search for unmute presents, follow the podcast, and then you would get notified when new episodes come up. And as Marty was just talking about inside of the overcast app, you would change your settings if you want to keep all of the files and make the, make it say it says don’t delete files after listening to show or something of that nature.

07:16.394 –> 07:18.474
Right. Okay.

07:18.634 –> 07:30.774
So it gives you a couple of things to play with. And if you need more direct help, feel free to come ask again. And so check out the podcast app and the overcast app and see which one of those you prefer the interface to.

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Okay. He was over on Sunday afternoon, and he helped me put that soundscape on so that Monday I can be able to feel the vibration. Hopefully, I’ll be able to feel it with the solar eclipse.

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Yeah, that’s super exciting. I’m excited to see how that turns out. So glad to hear that. Well, thank you, Teresa. We’re going to go on to the next question and hope that helps. Sheila, who do we got next? Judy. Hey, Judy.

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Hey there, guys. So a couple of weeks ago, I called about a Facebook group that I’m in that has a very long name and I wanted to shorten it, and I had the idea. And Michael, you agreed that if I put it in the pronunciation settings, it did not work. So I don’t have any other thoughts, but I really want to find a way to shorten this name without having to. I just don’t want to have to go onto the post. I want to be able to just read it from the main feed.

08:26.374 –> 08:31.110
So how did you add it to the dictionary manager when it had just.

08:31.182 –> 09:09.884
The name of the group? I copied it and pasted it into the dictionary manager, and then I just put the name that I wanted it to be and, you know, I had done or whatever, but it did not take. There’s so much. So basically, like, for hypothetically, if it was like ACB community, and then it would like the person’s name and then members of blah blah blah, I thought I could just like, shorten it, like, just say community, you know, so it goes on. But the basic, basically, it had the name of the group. So I thought that it would actually recognize that and in the future just have the name that I gave it, but it did not do that.

09:10.624 –> 09:31.200
So what I have found in this case, and I’ll explain what I think might be happening and how to try to see if you can fix it. And it’s not the simplest process. So what I have found is when you, did you use the three finger quadruple tap to copy the last spoken phrase to clip before you got the name? I did.

09:31.232 –> 09:33.048
And it also, it has an image.

09:33.096 –> 09:34.472
Which I had told you last time.

09:34.488 –> 09:45.024
I tried to get rid of the image. So it didn’t actually say the image when I, I don’t think it did when I, when I pasted it. But, yeah, that’s what I did. That’s how I copied it and pasted it.

09:45.064 –> 09:57.952
Yeah. So, so where I would start with that then is take the first word or two and then delete everything else and see if you can modify that and then start adding to see where it’s coming up with the mismatch.

09:58.128 –> 09:58.552

09:58.608 –> 10:04.272
Something isn’t matching what voiceover is seeing, so that’s why it’s not giving it the different name.

10:04.408 –> 10:08.024
I thought of that, but I was hoping there would be something simpler than.

10:08.184 –> 10:13.032
That’S where I would start in myself. So, yeah. Best of luck with you, Judy.

10:13.128 –> 10:14.280
All right, thanks a lot.

10:14.392 –> 10:17.808
Of course. Belle. Hey, Belle.

10:17.896 –> 10:18.804
Hey, Belle.

10:19.264 –> 10:20.024
Hey, guys.

10:20.104 –> 10:46.742
So to answer your question of the day, I use the on screen keyboard mostly because I’m always pretty much on my phone and it’s always worked for me. But I actually have a quick question for you. I know that there are dozens of budgeting apps out there, but I was just curious if you guys had found something that you could recommend.

10:46.798 –> 10:47.794
Get a toy.

10:48.294 –> 10:49.458
Get a toy.

10:49.646 –> 10:52.546
Marty, do you have a suggestion for a budgeting app?

10:52.730 –> 11:03.554
You know, it’s funny, I was just actually reading about one yesterday and I’m trying to remember what the name of it is. Give me a second, I’ll see if I can share my memory or find it.

11:03.714 –> 11:47.730
Yeah, well, Marty’s remembering that I am horrible about budgeting. I’ll be fully transparent with that. That is a skill I need to make you better at. So, you know, get Ron transparent here. What I can say is penny forward did some, some material together with ynab. You need a budget. And I personally have not used that tool, but I do believe that’s the tool that the penny forward board is recommending for people who are looking for a budget. I used to use a tool called Mint, which was acquired by Intuit, and I haven’t used it, so I can’t speak to that accessibility. But maybe check out ynab. I know it does have a pos, but they do offer a free trial as well.

11:47.902 –> 11:50.162
Okay, awesome. Thanks.

11:50.298 –> 11:57.626
Thanks, Bel. And definitely share what you end up sticking with, if you don’t mind. Because as I said, that’s the skill I need to work on. So thank you.

11:57.770 –> 12:11.066
I’m using one right now called spend, but. And it’s okay, but I just wanted to get the take on those who are blind or visually impaired. You know what, what your thoughts would be.

12:11.170 –> 12:24.490
Yeah, yeah. Check out ynab and then just a quick plug for what they’re doing over penny forward. If people are interested more, check out Penny Ford too, to learn more about finances from a blindness perspective. Sheila, who do we got next?

12:24.642 –> 12:25.466

12:25.650 –> 12:26.614
Hey, Beth.

12:28.234 –> 13:22.248
Yeah, I know I asked this question last week and then we ran out of time, but it’s about. See, I have downloaded folders like Microsoft Word and just a folder called Beth and different things, but I’m trying to. I want to move my music folders all in one or move my, like my Microsoft Word. Like move it somewhere else. So when I’m selecting songs from to put in media or media player, like selecting a playlist, if I want to select songs, it’s hard to do it because I select a song and then I’m. Then later I go and I select Microsoft something that says Microsoft office Word. So I’d like to know how to move it. Move the folders I don’t need, like with my music.

13:22.416 –> 13:42.404
So you can move your folder. So let me make sure I’m understanding correctly because I think there’s two ways to solve this problem, depending on whatever one’s easier for you, Beth. So if I understand correctly, you have a folder with Microsoft Word and then another folder called Beth, and it also has your music MP3 files in that same folder. Is that correct?

13:42.944 –> 13:43.656

13:43.800 –> 13:53.944
Okay. You want to just select your MP3 files or your music files to play those. And you don’t want Microsoft Word and Beth to be selected, correct? Yeah.

13:53.984 –> 14:13.664
And sometimes my music, you know, you know, maybe, and maybe this is in one folder, I, I’m kind of confused because like, like just say I have Melissa man or Melissa Etheridge come to my window and then I have Microsoft Office Word.

14:14.284 –> 15:54.022
Okay, so here’s what you do. Number one, Microsoft office Word probably doesn’t need to be there. So what you could start by doing is deleting Microsoft Word out of that folder because it sounds like that could just be a shortcut. And then you go to your start menu with Windows key and then type in Word, and that’ll take you to Microsoft Word. That’s one way of doing it. Another way you can do it is you can select Microsoft Word and then cut that to your clipboard with Control X and then go to where you want to put Microsoft Word in a different folder and put control v to paste that somewhere else. The last way to handle this, which I think is probably might be the easier way for you, and this is a keystroke I wanted to test before I gave it to you, is you can do what’s called non contiguous file selection in Windows Explorer. And what that means is if you have 20 audio files and three non audio files that are mixed in, if you hold your control key and you press your space bar on each of the audio files that you want to select, and instead of letting your control key up, you hold control key and tap your arrow key. So you’d go control down. And if that’s an audio file, press control space. And then here, Beth, you just do control down again to skip it and go to the next and do control space. And then what that will do is that will select all of the songs and skip the non songs, and you can go through and then do your shift f ten and create your playlist from there if that’s what you want to do. So there’s three ways. I know I kind of went over those a little fast. Go listen to the podcast to pick which one’s going to work best for you. Okay.

15:54.158 –> 15:57.862
Right. Oh, I was doing an old space, but it’s control space.

15:57.918 –> 15:59.382
Control space. Yep.

15:59.518 –> 16:01.192
Okay, perfect.

16:01.248 –> 16:03.000
Beth. Well, thanks a lot for your question.

16:03.192 –> 16:05.724
Thank you, Pam.

16:06.184 –> 16:07.232
Hey, Pam.

16:07.408 –> 16:08.204

16:09.264 –> 16:56.724
To answer the question of the day, if I’m doing a reasonably brief message such as a text message or a really short email, or I am out somewhere where my only choice is to do the on screen keyboard. That’s how I type. If I am typing a long email or something along in notes or whatever, that’s. That might be a little longer. Then I use my trusty Bluetooth keyboard because I don’t want to take all day writing that, whatever it is. But that’s how I do it.

16:57.384 –> 16:58.872
Thanks, Pam. That’s awesome.

16:59.048 –> 17:00.084
You’re welcome.

17:00.544 –> 17:03.120
All right, who do we got next? Sheila.

17:03.312 –> 17:04.204

17:04.664 –> 17:05.724
Hey, Janet.

17:06.344 –> 17:29.183
Good morning, everybody. I use Siri mainly, and I don’t know if you knew, but Google had its birthday yesterday. It started in 2000, 2004. And that’s no April Fool’s joke. I heard that on the radio this morning, so I thought I’d let y’all know that. And y’all have a great day.

17:29.343 –> 17:31.615
That means Google’s not a teenager anymore.

17:31.799 –> 17:43.751
Yeah, actually, Gmail. So Gmail’s birthday was on an April Fool’s day, and people were thinking it was an April fool’s joke and. Nope, sure wasn’t. Google’s all your data.

17:43.807 –> 17:44.963
Oh, no.

17:45.964 –> 17:47.988
Thanks for that. Appreciate it.

17:48.116 –> 17:49.784
Yep. Have a great day.

17:50.084 –> 18:00.464
Who do we got next there? Sheila? Oh, you’re muted. Sheila, I think we have Lori next. Lori, go ahead. Sorry. Yeah. Yes, Lori.

18:02.484 –> 18:06.812
Sheila, I think you were muted. I was waiting for you to say, laurie, you’re up.

18:06.948 –> 18:07.624

18:10.604 –> 19:07.558
Yeah. Well, ever since iOS 17 came along with its updates, voiceover has been extremely chatty. And I thought I was a talker. Seriously though, I’m still having the problem where my phone will tell me the time every dog gone minute, and I don’t want it to tell me the time every minute I want it. You know, just tell me the time on demand and that’s it. So I have to swipe over to another app to shut it up, like go to the calendar or email or whatever. And I’m finding that problem really annoying. Then the other problem I’m having is that when I text Android users, my text alert will go off and it will say that text failed to send. So what is causing these problems is my $64,000 question.

19:07.716 –> 20:46.834
Okay, I have two answers for you. Answer number one is the time problem that you’re having is doing one of two things. Your clock app is the very first app in the top left corner on your main home screen. Every time you automatically go back to that, the voiceover cursor goes automatically to the very top app on the top left corner. If it is your clock, it is going to tell you the time every minute because it changes every minute. So the way you get rid of that is move the clock app somewhere else. So replace it with something that does not give you information that changes every second. So put like your mail app there or put the calendar app there. It’ll tell you the date, or if you have a new mail will tell you the mail, but something that’s not going to change every second. And if you don’t know how to do that, if you’re using voiceover, you basically put your finger on the clock app. You flick up until you hear edit, then you flick up again until you hear drag. And when you hear that, you put your finger somewhere else on another app, and then you flick up and it will say place before whichever app, or place after whichever which place after whatever app you put your finger on. Or you can make a folder. So if you move that clock app out of that top left corner, when the voiceover cursor lands there, it’s going to stop telling you the time. That’s what’s happening. That’s the first thing. So I would try that and see if that solves that problem for you. And then when I had the calendar.

20:46.874 –> 20:49.066
Up, Marty, it told me the date.

20:49.170 –> 21:17.006
But not every minute exactly, because it’s only going to tell you the date one time and then it doesn’t change. It doesn’t continuously change like the clock does every second, so, or every minute or whatever it is. So that’s why you need to change it. Because when you’re going to that home screen automatically, it puts the voiceover cursor on whatever app is in the top left corner. So you need to move the clock app out of that top left corner so that the voiceover cursor doesn’t automatically land on the clock app.

21:17.190 –> 21:48.734
Okay. And then question two regards Android users, and I know two people that are Android users that are, one’s a former friend and one is a current friend, and they’re both actually three Android users. And every time I text them, I get an alert on my text messaging app that says text failed to send. And in order to stop that, I have to go to the messaging app and keep it on messaging in order for that alert to stop.

21:49.114 –> 23:42.586
Right. So the issue, the issue with that is that if you are on an Apple device and you’re text messaging somebody else with an Apple device, then your message has opportunity to be able to go through your data plan and or your Wi Fi signal, depending on whichever is stronger. That is how the messaging. When you go from one Apple device, messaging to another Apple device works and then that way you can send different kinds of messages, data, whatever it is you want to send, either over cellular or over Wi Fi, whichever stronger. When you email someone who’s not on another Apple device, it automatically defaults to a plain old regular text message and it only goes through your phone number. And if your data is not strong, wherever you happen to be sending that message from, you’re going to get a failure notice because it’s not able to send it any other way. It’s only able to send it through your phone number. So unfortunately, that’s the issue. That’s something everyone’s been complaining about for a long, long time, that there’s not a standard for all phones across any Android Apple device, whatever it is. So that’s trying to get resolved right now. We’ll see what happens by the end of the year. I’m hearing that they’re going to make some changes to make it so this issue goes away and so that they have a similar, same technology, no matter whether you’re texting to an Apple device or to an Android device. So we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens at the end of the year. But until they actually announce it and make that change, you’re kind of stuck with what it is. There isn’t anything you can really do.

23:42.650 –> 24:16.814
On question two, Marty, I never had that problem before, iOS 16 and 17. All of a sudden, my Sunday school teacher text me periodically to ask me, how can I pray for you today? And he’s an Android user and so when I text him back, the message doesn’t get to him. So I have to go to the messaging app and keep my phone on messages in order for that alert to stop. Until they make this change, which I’m finding mildly annoying, it should stop.

24:17.434 –> 24:24.890
If it doesn’t go through after a couple of tries, it should stop and give you a failure notice, is what it should be doing if it’s working correctly.

24:25.082 –> 24:27.826
Okay, so what do I need to do?

24:28.010 –> 24:28.402

24:28.458 –> 24:31.218
What do I need to reset until they make this change?

24:31.306 –> 24:42.414
Marty, there’s honestly really not. I mean, I could tell you don’t send a message to anyone except on an Apple device, but that’s impossible. There’s nothing really that you can do, unfortunately.

24:42.794 –> 24:43.654

24:44.114 –> 24:51.816
Or if you know that you’re going to send someone a message that’s not an Apple device, wait and do it when you have better signal wherever you happen to be.

24:52.010 –> 24:54.868
Okay, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

24:54.956 –> 24:56.024
Yep, no problem.

24:56.684 –> 25:03.036
All right, question of the day. I dictate a lot. That’s my typing.

25:03.220 –> 25:10.388
Oh, great. Well, thank you very much. Good luck and keep us posted and we’ll let you know when we hear of some changes that are going to be coming sooner than later.

25:10.436 –> 25:11.908
I sure will. Thanks so much.

25:12.036 –> 25:12.744

25:13.084 –> 25:18.744
All right, Brad, we have somebody, we have Jane in clubhouse on stage. Go ahead, Jane.

25:19.424 –> 25:34.976
Hello, everybody. A couple questions. I was looking around for a. They used to, they used to have a Reddit application that would. It was an application solely for the Reddit.

25:35.160 –> 25:37.296
It was called Apollo. That’s what you’re thinking of?

25:37.360 –> 25:40.664
Oh, I know I stopped making Apollo.

25:40.824 –> 25:48.138
That’s not the right one, Marty. I think she’s thinking of dystopia, which was the fully accessible Reddit app. Is that what you’re talking about there, Jane?

25:48.186 –> 25:49.874
Oh, is it still available?

25:50.034 –> 26:00.654
Yep, it is now available in the App Store. You don’t have to go through test flight like you used to have to and I will send you a link to it. But you just search for dystopia in the App Store.

26:00.954 –> 26:06.894
Yeah, because when I read it on the website is yes.

26:07.674 –> 26:29.574
And dystopia was not impacted by, to the best of my knowledge, full transparency. I don’t use Reddit anymore, but to the best of my knowledge, dystopia was not impacted by the alteration to the API, API or connections that developers had access to. So they did not have the same issues that Apollo was having that Marty was explaining. So check out dystopia and I’ll send it to you shortly.

26:30.154 –> 27:06.354
And then I’m looking for an refurbished iPhone. My mom is upgrading from an iPhone eight. Where would she wants to go to a phone store, I guess. I don’t even know what a phone store is because I usually get my phones online. Do they even have refurbished phones that like a T mobile or something like she wants to get one refurbished.

27:08.094 –> 27:48.974
The only place I usually know of that sells refurbished is like through the Apple store directly. You’d have to go into their refurbished store. Sometimes they have phones that are refurbished, but I don’t know if the carriers actually sell refurbished phones. They don’t typically want to do that. They want to sell you the newest phone that’s out. You know, they don’t, you know, the Apple store gives you the options to buy, you know, a 13 or a 14. You can get a 15. They also have the SE models and they do have a refurbished store online. I’m not sure if you can buy refurbished within the store, but I highly doubt that any of the actual carriers, Verizon, T Mobile, any of those are going to sell a refurbished phone.

27:49.914 –> 27:50.450

27:50.482 –> 27:56.614
Because she wants to remain in the Apple ecosystem. So she made that clear.

27:57.394 –> 28:17.660
You’re going to have to probably, if she really wants to refurbish, you’re going to have to look on the Apple refurbished store online. I’m not sure you’d be able to buy one in a store. You might be able to call different locations and see if they have them or call Apple and they can look in the inventory by stores closest to you and see if they have anything. Ultimately, though, you’re probably going to have to just order it online.

28:17.812 –> 28:36.144
Amazon also offers renewed devices. So I know friend of the show recently bought a Amazon renewed iPad. And I believe they, you can also look on Amazon for what Amazon’s refurbished. It’s called renewed iPhone, whatever model you’re looking for and see what you can find there. I would also check there, too.

28:36.904 –> 28:38.884
Okay. Thank you.

28:39.984 –> 28:40.688
All right.

28:40.776 –> 28:41.884
Mary Hanson.

28:42.344 –> 28:43.720
Hello. Can you hear me?

28:43.792 –> 28:44.232

28:44.328 –> 28:45.440
Hey, Mary, how are you?

28:45.552 –> 28:46.064
I’m good.

28:46.104 –> 28:53.284
I have two questions. Number one, how do you find out the question of the day that everybody is answering? Where does that come from?

28:53.944 –> 28:59.400
Oh, I don’t know. We try to come up with something different every week and announce it at the beginning of the show.

28:59.512 –> 29:10.136
So that’s it. I just missed the beginning. It takes me so long to log in. That’s where I miss that question. And so it’s not in like the notice or the email that goes out?

29:10.320 –> 29:11.000

29:11.152 –> 29:12.016

29:12.200 –> 29:30.684
Second question is, how is there an app or a way to unsubscribe from all of the unsolicited emails that show up in my email inbox? Who knows how or where they come from? But is there a way that another app can get rid of them?

29:31.484 –> 32:06.372
So I’ll tackle this question because it’s a very interesting question and thank you. Number one, I appreciate you bringing up the comment about not being at the beginning. So Marty and I will work on trying to encompass sharing the question between other people’s questions so other people can participate. I appreciate that comment, really. There isn’t a one click solution for unsubscribing from everything that being said. However, there are a couple of tools you can use. So if you’re an iPhone user and you open an email that’s from a mailing list at the top of your iPhone from iOS 16 and newer in mail, there’s an option that says unsubscribe from mailing list or unsubscribe from list or something of that nature and that’s at the top. If you double tap on that, Apple’s going to try to unsubscribe you from that email list so you don’t get future emails. Unfortunately, you have to do that message by message, which can be a little cumbersome, but it also can can make sure that you tailor what you want to be subscribed to and keep that information. Another tool that I use and I pay for this tool annually, I think I pay like $18 or $20 a year for it, is a tool called Sanebox. Sanebox. And if anyone’s interested in a referral code, send us an email to feedback unmute dot show feedback at unmute Dot show and we can send a referral code that gets you a discount on your first payment. But what same box does is you connect it to your email. So full transparency, they have access to your email, if that’s important to you. For me, the privacy implications is is fine, but that may not be right for everyone. But you connect them to your email and they will use AI to determine what messages are important and what messages can be moved to your sane later folder. Now that doesn’t completely get rid of things, but that does clean up my inbox. I’m looking at my sand later folder and I have 3800 emails in there that I need to go through and either delete or move back to my inbox. If I move something back to my inbox then that will tell the sane later service, hey, he actually wants to get these emails, don’t move them again. So you have the responsibility of going to look at your sane later folder. But for the most part it does a really good job at keeping my inbox clean. I only have 400 emails in my in bucks versus the 3000 that it typically is because they’re all insane later. So that is my two suggestions for you.

32:06.468 –> 33:11.392
I’ll give you one other suggestion, which is not a costly suggestion. It won’t cost you anything except your time. But what is the last half of your email like? Are you a Gmail account, a Hotmail account, an outlook account? What is your xfinity.net? Well, I’m not sure about xfinity, but you would want to contact them and find out if they have what’s called webmail, which means you go on a web browser and then you go and look at your email on the Internet, like on a web browser. And usually when you do that they have a place where you can create rules or spam filters or things like that. And you could put a certain word and say you want that? Say, you know, there’s something that you don’t want to come to your inbox. You basically put some kind of word or words and then say send to trash or anything like that. And then you won’t ever really see it in your inbox. It’ll just automatically send it to the trash. But you would have to contact them and find out if they offer webmail. I don’t know about xfinity, unfortunately.

33:11.528 –> 33:13.256
Okay. Well, thank you very much.

33:13.360 –> 33:15.244
Yep, got.

33:16.224 –> 33:17.084
All right.

33:17.384 –> 33:57.534
Getting back to Lori’s issue, I happen to come into the middle of it, back in the middle of it. But about messages, text messages in particular, what I, one thing I’ve noticed, an observation that I have that I’ve noticed is that I’ll get a notification after I’ve sent someone a message. I think it has to do with the fact that they’re, if they’re not an iPhone user, I’ll get, I’ll get some notifications. A message failed to send even though it actually did send because I know it sent because I got a reply from person. Just something I’ve noticed, too. It’s a bug of some kind.

33:57.834 –> 34:31.937
Text messaging of is currently pretty wonky if you’re outside of the Apple ecosystem, unfortunately. And really quick, before we go on to the next person, I just will throw this out there. For anyone who wasn’t there at the beginning, the question of the day was, what is your favorite text input method? So is that typing on the keyboard on your phone or on your computer? Do you use an external keyboard? Do you dictate? Do you, you know anything that you do? Text input, maybe you’re a braille user. So that was what the question of the day was. What is your favorite way to do text input?

34:32.105 –> 34:38.173
Well, the iPhone, it’s mostly dictation and occasional on screen keyboard.

34:38.553 –> 34:40.449
All right, thanks, Scott. All right.

34:40.481 –> 34:41.153
That’s all I had.

34:41.193 –> 34:41.673

34:41.793 –> 34:45.773
All right, Scott. Thanks, Nora. Hey, Nora.

34:46.513 –> 35:24.594
Hello. Hi. My texting is on my internal keyboard on the iPad and on the phone. Now I have a question on my Android. Several weeks ago I mentioned it and I have, I’m on what you call the thing. But I like to enlarge my Android phone keyboard because the numbers are so tiny and when I usually the magnifier, it magnifies everything else but not the keyboard. I’m not sure how to get that enlarged.

35:24.934 –> 35:32.150
Are you looking to increase the size of your keyboard on your Android phone? Is that correct, Nora?

35:32.302 –> 35:37.234
Yeah, that’s correct. Yeah. To make it more. Yeah. To make it more enlarged.

35:37.774 –> 35:47.154
I will need to do a little bit of research on this for you and see what I can figure out. I believe that. Do you know if you’re using the Google keyboard.

35:50.214 –> 35:52.838
It’S on the regular Android phone.

35:53.006 –> 36:04.558
Okay, so it’s on a regular Android phone. Let me do some research and see if I can find an answer for you, because I don’t know off the top of my head, but I believe that is completely doable, and I’ll see what I can find over the next couple of minutes. Okay.

36:04.726 –> 36:09.184
Okay. I think you told me what you call GbA.

36:09.374 –> 36:37.096
Yeah. So. So that’s where I would start, is to go to the play store and install Gboard, which is Google’s keyboard in case for some reason you’re not using it. Once you have that, you can go into the gboard settings, which is an app on your Android phone. And that’s what I want to take a look at and figure out where to go to make that text larger for you. So stick around and I will get that information for you. Okay.

36:37.260 –> 36:38.496
Can’t we? Thank you.

36:38.600 –> 36:42.384
Yep. Sir ku hey, sir ku.

36:42.544 –> 36:43.176
Hey, Sarku.

36:43.200 –> 36:43.472
How are you?

36:43.488 –> 36:44.528
How are you doing? How’s it going?

36:44.536 –> 36:45.488
Good, thank you.

36:45.656 –> 37:26.982
So I use for typing embrail forever and always. That’s. That’s my fastest way of typing on the phone. And from there, it’s easy to go to whatever to copy the text and. And put it where I want. So I. Have you guys had any experience using Soundcloud on iPhone? Because I got a link from on Soundcloud. I tried to play the music, but voice over stopped talking. Like it didn’t give me any. Also almost any feedback to find the buttons. So I just wondered if you’re trying.

37:26.998 –> 37:28.670
To use Soundcloud on that.

37:28.702 –> 37:38.084
Soundcloud? Yeah. Listening to a song, but then it just didn’t do anything. It’s totally unaccessible. So I.

37:38.124 –> 37:40.452
There’s an app I haven’t played with.

37:40.588 –> 37:51.144
Yeah, that’s. That’s why I asked if. If you. If any of you have. So if I’m just all the. Well, I’m. I’m a dummy, so I.

37:51.724 –> 37:57.638
Well, no, no, I just haven’t used that specific app and. Marty, have you used Soundcloud?

37:57.796 –> 37:59.266
No, I haven’t used Soundcloud.

37:59.330 –> 38:29.130
Yeah. I will have to download it and play with it Circu and see what I can come up with. A interim solution that you could experiment with is a tool that seems to be very inconsistent for me. And that’s screen recognition on iOS for the app that’s not as accessible. So you could try that and, or if you know the name of the buttons. Marty’s fond of people working with voice control, so you could use voice control and use your voice to activate buttons if you know their names.

38:29.322 –> 38:39.722
Okay, so then, because I just received a link to a Soundcloud file and I tried to play it so way, but voice recognition, I have to play with it. I haven’t.

38:39.858 –> 38:40.082

38:40.098 –> 38:55.384
In that case I would tap on the link and then I assume because, you know, you don’t know for sure, but you can assume that when you tap on the link, there’s going to be a play button on the screen. So if you have voice recognition on, you could try saying tap play and see if that would actually tap a play button.

38:55.554 –> 38:56.556
Oh, thank you.

38:56.660 –> 38:57.476
I’ll try that.

38:57.540 –> 38:58.420
Thank you so much.

38:58.492 –> 38:59.772
I appreciate it.

38:59.948 –> 39:00.824
No worries.

39:01.444 –> 39:02.584
Have a good day.

39:03.604 –> 39:07.864
All right, we don’t have any new hands, but Pam.

39:08.524 –> 39:09.020

39:09.092 –> 39:56.454
This is for Lori and others who might be running, having the same issue with the messages. There may be a way simpler solution because this is not, if I remember correctly, it is not turned on by default. You go to settings, you go to messages and you make sure that both SMS and MMs are turned on. And I have both of those turned on. I almost never ever have a failure to send alert when I’m sending messages. And I know a number of people who use Android or even flip phones.

39:57.154 –> 40:00.778
Where’s the setting? Is that in the messages app? In the settings?

40:00.906 –> 41:48.724
No, it’s in settings. You go to settings, just open settings and then in there scroll down to messages. And it’s a long way down in the list. But there’s an option to turn SMS and MMs own and that it’s for when you are either sending or receiving or both messages from phones that are not Apple. They’re, they’re Android, they’re flip, they’re, they’re whatever. And if you turn all those on, then normally you have no problem sending or receiving messages. The only thing you have to kind of look out for is that, oh, and do turn on character count. Because if you’re sending to an, like an Android or a flip, if that message is more than 160 characters, once it gets to them, it’s going to get split up. And I try, if I know I’m sending to an Android user or a flip phone or whatever, I try to make sure that my character count stays at less than 160 characters. But yeah, if you turn SMS and MMs own, I, I don’t understand. All these articles have been popping up in the last few days on, on various news platforms about people having problems sending from an iPhone to an Android because it’s just not a problem if you turn those on.

41:49.104 –> 41:57.684
Perfect. Pam. And I forgot about them being, I just assumed they were on by default, so I didn’t even think, I don’t think so. Yeah, because.

41:59.384 –> 42:12.082
I’ve had mine on for years as probably as long as I’ve had an iPhone, and that goes pretty far back. But I don’t think they’re turned on by default. So go in there and turn them on.

42:12.258 –> 43:03.546
Perfect. Thank you very much for that, Pam. Follow Welcome to Nora about the Google keyboard. So I’m actually not seeing a way to resize the keys on that. What I would try doing in that instance though is if you download the Google keyboard or gboard, you can go to gboard in your applications. Or on the top right of the keyboard when the keyboard is open is a settings button. And if you double tap on that while using talkback, when you’re in the settings, there’s a themes option that you can tap on. I don’t have any site, so I’m not able to see if changing the theme will give you larger text on the letters. But that’s where I would go to experiment to see if that helps. I do know they have a dark mode theme and a couple of other themes in there too. So I would check there. Sheila, who do we got next?

43:03.730 –> 43:04.602

43:04.738 –> 43:05.778
Hey, Teresa.

43:05.946 –> 43:07.014
Hey, Teresa.

43:07.474 –> 43:08.494
Thank you.

43:09.154 –> 44:00.974
I wanted, I forgot to answer your question. Okay. I’m using, as I talked to you, a flip phone. And so I’m able to use go into messages to send a text. And then of course when I want, somebody sends me one. Go down and check my text messages. Usually I get some kind of little, kind of a prompt, not a voice prompt, but just some kind of audio sound that tells me there’s somebody has sent me a text. Like last night I couldn’t pick out the basketball game, so I sent my brother a text message in that I wrote basketball score please. And I even put a comma after the word score and a question mark after the word please. But the only thing is it doesn’t let me allow me to capitalize words.

44:01.754 –> 44:10.174
You would have to hit capital. There’s a caps button on the left side of the keyboard that you click to make a capital letter.

44:10.474 –> 44:21.454
Okay, well, see, this is a flip phone. It’s t mobile. And I can’t find a way to capitalize on this old at and t phone. I could capitalize with.

44:22.694 –> 44:36.838
There might be a setting for text input somewhere on your device that you turn on punctuation and at the beginning of a sentence it should make a capital, but I don’t know where that would be on that particular device. Or if they have that setting.

44:37.006 –> 44:42.874
I can put unit for period. It’s a spot, which means, you know, period.

44:43.254 –> 45:08.034
So I would check under the pound or star key. Typically, I know on the blind shell classic two, which isn’t obviously the same phone you have. But on that phone, you press the pound key once to make the next letter capital, or you press it twice to capitalize the entire next word. So I would experiment with the star or pound key and see if either of those give you capitalization. It would depend on your phone.

45:08.494 –> 45:10.878
Okay. Thank you.

45:11.006 –> 45:16.670
No worries. Thanks a lot. Gregory, can you hear me?

45:16.782 –> 45:19.734
Yes, we can. We can hear you. I got a question.

45:19.814 –> 45:32.610
A non iPhone question. Hand now lowered. I’d like to find a micro bluetooth transmitter with a 3.5 to plug into my victoryater stream. Have you guys ever used.

45:32.642 –> 45:34.010
Janet Wright has left the meeting.

45:34.122 –> 45:39.234
Can you recommend one? So, Marty, do you know of one?

45:39.394 –> 45:40.334
I don’t.

45:40.794 –> 45:41.410

45:41.482 –> 45:42.290
I mean, I got.

45:42.322 –> 46:22.084
I don’t really want to buy the three new ones. I’ll look for one on Amazon, I guess. Last mesa of talking MP3 players.com, I think is his website. And I will look that up real quick. I believe has a. It is. Talking MP3 players.com has some bluetooth transmitter slash receivers on his website. I don’t have any personal experience with those devices, but that might be a good place to get started. Or there’s the blind mice made a mall. That may have something as well. Thank you so much, guys. No worries. Thanks a lot.

46:23.144 –> 46:26.416
All right, we’ve got ten minutes and.

46:26.560 –> 46:27.364

46:27.984 –> 46:28.672
Hey, Beth.

46:28.728 –> 47:20.546
Okay. Yeah, I kind of like. Like that name. Blind mice. Mega mole. Yeah. But my question first, the question of the day. I either text by the. The audio apps. There’s an apps and like stickers and one says audio and record my voice, or I just dictate or I use my Apple wireless keyboard. But I was gonna. Yeah, I had a problem, too. With what? One time where the text said, fail to send, but it didn’t. It didn’t only did that twice. And then it didn’t do it again. So I don’t. You know. And the reason why I knew that, it’s just not that it just said it. But it’s also, when I text iPhone to iPhone, it. It always says delivered.

47:20.730 –> 47:28.254
Yep. It’ll say deliver when you’re sending iPhone to iPhone because you have more of that information provided in the messaging system.

47:28.674 –> 47:29.290

47:29.402 –> 48:05.194
As Pam suggested, I would go into your settings under messages and check to see if send, SMS and MMs are both checked, because that’ll tell the iPhone, hey, if the person I’m sending a message to isn’t an iPhone user, then send them this message as a text message and not as an iMessage. And the reason I fail is because the person you might be texting isn’t an iPhone user. So it doesn’t know what to do when it sends a message to a non iPhone user. So it’s saying message failed because you haven’t went in and told it. Hey, if it can’t send this, go enable SMS or Mm.

48:05.844 –> 48:33.344
Okay. And, and I also had a question about the internal keyboard. You know what? Every once in a while, I look in settings. Like, how would you use that? Internal does say keyboards. So, like, is there an internal one that you use in the phone? Because, like, like, I have the Apple wireless, but it, it had, it has another. It always says keyboard.

48:33.744 –> 48:41.044
Are you talking about in the lower left hand corner of the screen when you’re typing? And it says, switch keyboard. Switch input method?

48:41.384 –> 48:42.764
I think so.

48:43.184 –> 48:51.604
So that allows you the ability to switch to a different keyboard if you have multiple keyboards installed.

48:51.944 –> 48:53.644
Oh, okay.

48:54.024 –> 48:55.320
Alrighty. Thanks, Beth.

48:55.392 –> 48:56.684
Okay. Thank you.

48:57.264 –> 48:59.248
I’m not seeing any other hands, is there?

48:59.296 –> 48:59.872
No, sir.

48:59.968 –> 49:00.296

49:00.360 –> 49:14.604
Oh, okay. Well, then I guess we can wrap it up a little bit early. Always like to get stuff wrapped up early. If anyone has any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, Marty, if you want to. Are you still there?

49:14.944 –> 49:15.848
He’s muted.

49:15.936 –> 49:26.780
I’m still here. Sorry about that. I want to say, everyone got a hand? Oh, got a hand? No, we don’t.

49:26.972 –> 49:27.676
Well, nope.

49:27.700 –> 49:28.940
She lowered it. Okay.

49:29.052 –> 49:29.636

49:29.740 –> 49:30.804
What were you gonna say, Marty?

49:30.884 –> 49:56.784
I was gonna say, thanks, everyone, for being here. Sheila and Brad, as always, for helping us out. We always appreciate you guys. We wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow in club unmute, the introduction to Jaws class will be starting. So check out unmute show for all those details. And to sign up if you have any questions, you can email us at feedback unmute dot show, and everybody, have a great week, and we’ll see you next time.

49:57.964 –> 49:59.996
Thank you, guys. Thank you.

50:00.100 –> 50:01.220
Going to end for all.

50:01.292 –> 50:02.204
Have a great afternoon.