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In this episode, we make announcements about a tip jar and an ACB Community Call. We discuss updates, new podcast episodes, and a replay of Unmute Presents. We address questions about iOS 17.2, voicemail text reading, and journal apps on iPhones. We talk about disabling voicemail listening in Zoom calls and turning off news features on Echo devices. We provide tips for using a journal app, troubleshooting technical issues, and dealing with scams. We offer assistance with sound problems, Echo devices, and AirPods Pro 2. We address JAWS commands on Windows 11 and accessing recent downloads on a PC. We clarify rumors about the iPad Air and answer questions about keyboards. Overall, the episode covers technology updates and assistance for listeners.

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If you find value in the content we provide, consider the tip jar. All the details are in the show notes of every episode.

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Thanks in advance.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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It’s today’s unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. So some announcements here at the top as usual. First of all, want to let everyone know we’re going to take all first questions. And once we get through everyone’s first question, if we have time and there are more questions, we will take second questions if there’s any. Also, please be respectful. Let everyone get their questions answered in the same way you would like to get your questions answered. And always remember, there’s no dumb questions. Also following this immediately, we have games to play with Lady A, so that’s going to be immediately following this. So check that out if that’s something that interests you. And also tonight at 08:00 p.m. East coast time, we have Mac bites with bits with Brad Schneider. So if you want to check that out, you can either go to the bits website or check out today’s email that went out in the community. As always, we got Michael Deutsche with us. Michael, what’s going on?

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Hi everyone. So we have several new podcasts. We’ve got the Spanish with Carla episode out. We’ve got the IAcast episode 200 came out last week. That was very exciting. So everything is still going strong and IAcast radio is still out there. So check that out if you’re not listening. And I’m sure there’s a lot of other unmute and other podcasts that Michael would like to talk about. So I’ll hand it over to you, Michael.

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Thank you, Michael D. I appreciate that. Michael Babcock here. And we recently published, as of yesterday, technically working TW 38 tech, tinkering, navigating podcast apps and audio adventures. And you want to give that a listen, especially if you’re interested in some GPT content. We had to delay the live stream of that due to family and had to get that taken care of. By the way, the goal we talk about, we did hit that within a couple of minutes of the episode publishing. So you’ll have to go listen to hear more about that. We also published on Wednesday’s Shell phone show an episode that I showed you how to go to the joinbits.org website and fill that form out on the blind Shell classic two. That process was put together because I want individuals using the blind shell classic two to go take that information and learn. Oh, this is how I would fill out this form on the blind shell and take that knowledge and be able to fill out other forms on the Internet to be more productive and to be able to navigate it. And then, of course, we had last Tuesday’s replay of unmute presents. Marty, you have a question of the day today.

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Yep, I sure do. So yesterday there was an update that went out for all the things, Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, all those things. But on the iPhone, only one of the things that came out was a brand new journal app. So my question to everyone here is, are you going to try the new Journal app? Are you a journal person or not? And if not using the new Apple Journal app and you do journal, what app do you use? So with that being said, let’s start knocking out some of these questions. And Sheila, let’s go for it.

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All right. Ed.

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Hey, Ed, how you doing?

04:12.532 –> 04:13.518
Can you hear me?

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We can hear you.

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Oh, great. Wow. I got in first. That’s amazing. Regarding the question, first off, I don’t know how to get 17 two. I got 17 one two. But how do I get 17 two? It isn’t coming up on mine yet.

04:32.390 –> 04:55.414
Okay, well, so if you’re going to look for updates, you would go to settings, then you go to general, then you go to software update, and then in there, there should be update. If you’re not seeing it, I would do a restart on your phone, shut it down, bring it back up, and then follow those steps again. So it would be settings, general, software update.

04:55.542 –> 04:56.858
Software update. Okay.

04:56.944 –> 05:09.390
Now, the only other way you wouldn’t see it is if your phone’s not eligible. I’m not sure which phone you have, but if you’re twelve, you should be fine. If you’re not seeing it, then reboot your phone and try same steps again.

05:09.540 –> 06:11.154
Okay, thanks. Well, as far as the journal goes, yeah, I been kind of wanting something like that. I was going to look on the App Store, but if they got a built in one. Yeah, I think I might give that a shot. I don’t know. Anyway, so my question is, and I don’t know if this is fixed in iOS 17 two, but in iOS 17, I think they added something like live voicemail, text reading or something. I don’t know. I went and I turned that off in settings because on my phone. Anyway, whenever I had voiceover on and somebody called and left me a voicemail, it just kind of went into a weird state. It would read it and then go back and read it and go back and read it and go back and just kept doing that forever and ever and ever. Finally, I’d had to press the button to get to stop. Does anybody else experience that?

06:11.272 –> 06:14.130
That is not fixed in 17.2?

06:14.280 –> 06:14.738

06:14.824 –> 06:15.730
Okay. True.

06:15.880 –> 06:29.914
That new feature. I guess the big difference is in this new 17, you can now actually listen to someone leaving a voicemail and then pick it up in the middle of a call if you wanted to, while they’re leaving a message. So that’s probably why it’s a lot more noisy than it used to be.

06:30.032 –> 06:34.330
Right. So I should go ahead and leave that setting turned off then?

06:34.480 –> 06:56.866
Yeah, unfortunately. I think I understand what you’re saying, Ed. When someone leaves a voicemail, it just keeps repeating, like, the first couple of words, and then it’ll repeat another couple of words a couple of times, and it’s really distracting and frustrating. It still does the same thing in 17.2, at least from what I have observed. So I would leave that disabled if that’s not something you want, for sure.

06:56.968 –> 07:03.218
And can you go back in after the fact and then read the text?

07:03.304 –> 07:04.722
Is there a way to do that?

07:04.856 –> 07:08.242
Or do you listen to the audio so you can.

07:08.296 –> 07:25.350
The thing with live voicemail or with text transcripts and voicemails, unless Michael D. Knows differently, is you have to press like, you actually have to open the voicemail so it starts playback before you can access the transcript. It doesn’t just give you the transcript.

07:25.770 –> 07:26.886
If I’m going to do that, I.

07:26.908 –> 07:29.590
Could just listen to the audio. Right.

07:29.660 –> 07:30.280

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Right. Well, thanks, guys. Yep. All right, Jane.

07:35.170 –> 07:36.110
Hey, Jane.

07:38.370 –> 08:08.040
Hold on. My question has to do with the echo. With the application of said echo, how do you turn off the. What do they call this now? Something about news or top trending stories where it just tells you the top trending stories. I don’t remember signing up.

08:10.510 –> 08:14.540
So you’re talking, Jane, about in the A lady app on your.

08:16.510 –> 08:27.726
Yeah. I’m confused because there’s the device, which I guess I can tell her to. Why I can’t tell her to disable it. I don’t know how to.

08:27.908 –> 08:42.420
Any settings for a lady you could change in the app? I find that easier to do in the app than try to change settings on the device itself. So anything you’re trying to look for, I would take a look in the app.

08:42.870 –> 08:55.126
I know. That’s my problem. The app looks like they changed it again, and I don’t know where anything is anymore. They kind of moved. Yeah.

08:55.148 –> 08:59.180
It’s like the grocery store. Once you figure out where everything is, they change it all around on you.

08:59.710 –> 09:11.040
So it says on Google, go to settings and go to some news. I don’t see where news. I don’t know what to talk about because I don’t see news.

09:11.650 –> 09:20.400
And turn off the, my recommendation is are you looking on a page on Amazon or a page on Google?

09:21.010 –> 09:23.120
Well, Google, because I couldn’t find.

09:25.010 –> 10:01.840
I would go to the actual page at Amazon for maybe logging into the Amazon web page may help change this compared to using the app, it may be more straightforward. I don’t know. And that’s the thing is new features, new settings, new everything, and they could change it on a weekly basis. I rarely use the A lady app or the website. I use it for very specific things. So yeah, I would just try to see if Amazon has a way where you could search for that setting or something.

10:02.530 –> 10:07.354
All right, well, thanks, Jane. All right, Brad, we got somebody in clubhouse.

10:07.482 –> 10:09.370
Yes, I believe we have. Tyenne.

10:09.450 –> 10:09.854
Go ahead.

10:09.892 –> 10:25.698
Tye in. Good morning, everybody. So Jane, that is a good question and I can research that and come to Alexa basics tomorrow and I will answer that for you.

10:25.864 –> 10:28.082
Tayne, do you do that call every Wednesday?

10:28.226 –> 11:06.740
It is every other perfect. Thanks. But okay, to answer the question about the new feature of iOS, yes, I am definitely going to go update and try it sometime, probably today. But my question is to you, Michael, because I can’t remember, I have a friend that is looking for a orbit case and you said something about no more executive products and you mentioned another company that might sell something.

11:07.590 –> 11:48.142
Yeah. So two things. Number one, the name of the company is Turtleback at or Turtleback access technology is how I would search for it. I have no personal experience with that company, but that’s what someone had recommended for that. And then when you are checking out the journal application, a tip I wanted to throw in there for people who may be exploring, that is, when you’re in the list of your journal entries or just the main screen, two finger double tapping will jump you to the suggestions that you can tap on so you can start writing a response to the journal anywhere within the app. So that might help you with quickly navigating it.

11:48.196 –> 12:20.218
And I want to point out one other thing with this new update that we talked about earlier and the journal app, the journal app is only available currently for iPhone. It is not on iPad or Mac. And another thing that’s changed that people may or may not know or care about in the iTunes app, there is no longer a way to purchase movies or TV shows. They have moved that to the tv app. It will tell you about that as well. So I’m guessing that there’s going to be a big change there coming pretty soon. But yes, that has changed as well.

12:20.304 –> 12:24.810
But, yeah, turtleback at cases, Diane, and I’ll text you a link.

12:24.960 –> 12:26.220
Okay, awesome.

12:27.150 –> 12:28.406
Thanks, Diane.

12:28.598 –> 12:31.142
Thank you. All right. Sharon.

12:31.286 –> 12:32.558
Hey, Sharon, how you doing?

12:32.644 –> 12:33.870
Hello. How are.

12:34.020 –> 12:34.830
Good. We’re good.

12:34.900 –> 13:28.090
Good. I am not a journal app person, but anyway, I had something very embarrassing happen last night, and I’m not sure why. I was on a call with NLS, and I raised my hand, and they had said at the beginning, when you’re called on, unmute yourself just like we do here. But when I did that, it turned out that I wasn’t really unmuted. I had to swipe where it would say the host would like you to unmute, and then I had to do okay. And I was puzzled by why I didn’t get that notification from the get go, because that’s happened a few times. And my other question is, I noticed lately that if I’m listening to a podcast or Bard and I get a text and I want Siri to read it, the Siri volume seems really low in general right now, and I don’t.

13:28.250 –> 14:40.294
So let’s first address the Siri issue. So you actually have multiple different volumes on your device. So, for example, you’ve got the main volume of your whole device, and then you’ve got Siri volume, and then you’ve got voiceover volume. So all of those you can pump up or down individually. So if you want to make your Siri louder, the best way to do that is to invoke Siri. So this is a trick someone taught me. What you do is you invoke Siri, and you ask her to tell you a story, and she’ll start talking. And while she start talking, you go pump up the volume, and then your Siri volume then will be much louder. But just so you know, when you’re doing your volume rocker for your whole device, all of those things will go up and down, but your Siri then will continue to be pretty loud. And if you were to pump up your voiceover volume or your main volume, they don’t really change. They’re all going to still be kind of louder. So if you ever need to turn it back down again, you can invoke Siri and pump her volume down if you need to. But that’s how you get the Siri volume up or down.

14:40.332 –> 14:40.742
Oh, perfect.

14:40.796 –> 14:41.266

14:41.298 –> 14:41.894
Thank you.

14:42.012 –> 15:11.790
Okay, now, the zoom situation is an administrative thing. So when you go into a Zoom call, a lot of times they’re going to mute everyone by default when you come into the room and you’re going to get a message from whoever’s hosting or administrating the call and you have to hit that before you can unmute. So I’m not sure. You might want to try and see if maybe your zoom is not updated. If it is, you might want to do an update.

15:12.210 –> 15:19.406
No, I did an unmute, but then I found where the message was. The host wants you to unmute.

15:19.518 –> 15:19.794

15:19.832 –> 15:25.966
And I thought I would have gotten a directive from the administrator.

15:26.158 –> 15:29.140
Sometimes they’re not as quick as you would want them to be.

15:29.690 –> 15:32.838
Okay, well, anyway, that’s what’s going on. Okay.

15:32.924 –> 15:38.742
Yeah, I’m not sure there’s much you can do about that. The person probably just was delayed. You were quicker than they were is what I’m thinking.

15:38.876 –> 15:39.222

15:39.276 –> 15:42.730
The only other thing I could suggest is checking to make sure your zoom is updated.

15:44.110 –> 15:49.386
I do automatic update on the phone and I do it manually on the computer. All right. I don’t know.

15:49.408 –> 15:51.482
Michael’s, you got anything else to chip in on the zoom thing?

15:51.536 –> 16:06.526
No, I think you’re right. It probably was related to the configuration and communication between the zoom account and the host because that’s probably what happened, is you went to unmute, but the host had endacs you to unmute at that time. But we appreciate you bringing it, Sharon, and thanks for joining.

16:06.638 –> 16:57.826
All right, thanks, Sharon. All right. Beth. Hey, Beth? Yeah. I have a question about like, says I was in this notification. It said your virus, something about the computer being damaged, which Maxis didn’t say it. It said it was fine. And I kept pressing escape and f alt, f four, but finally got out. But when it says clear notification, I tab and then clear, and then I enter on that. It keeps saying it like clear. This notification, it seems like it doesn’t clear. So what can I do about.

16:57.928 –> 16:59.458
Is this on Windows ten?

16:59.624 –> 17:01.140
Yes. Okay.

17:03.030 –> 17:59.510
And I really hate to pass you off, Beth, but I want you to get the best response to make sure that it’s not people trying to guess at what’s going on. I think this would be a good situation for the Microsoft disability answer desk because with some quick Google searching that I did, it does look like there are some scams out there that are popping up saying that windows ten users have a virus. And then if you call the phone number on there, then that’s how they get people to give them payment information to get that virus removed. So what I would do if I was in your situation, Beth, is I would reach out to the Microsoft disability answer desk. And if you’d like, I can get that number. I don’t have it memorized yet, but if you reached out to them, they can remote into your computer and see what exactly is going on and help you with figuring out why that notification is persistent and if there’s something you need to do.

17:59.580 –> 18:04.326
Okay. Okay. Yeah. Because I know there’s a lot of scams out there.

18:04.428 –> 18:17.482
Yeah. And I don’t want you to get taken advantage of, and I don’t want to just guess at what the problem could be. Do you have a way to take down a phone number or if I gave you their number, would you be able to remember it? It’s an 800 number.

18:17.616 –> 18:20.300
I think I have it brailled. Okay.

18:22.110 –> 18:35.394
So I’ll go ahead and say it. So it’s on the podcast. So if you need to go back and listen to it, you can get it there. It’s 809 365900. And give them a call and see if they’re able to help you out.

18:35.432 –> 18:38.050
Okay. Okay, sounds good. Perfect.

18:38.120 –> 18:39.474
Thanks a lot. Who do we got next?

18:39.512 –> 19:07.594
Sheila. Janet. Hey, Janet. Hey, Janet. Hello. Yes, I’m going to try the journal app and I was going to say to Jane that she could get a hold of Amazon accessibility and they might be able to help her with her miss a issues. And I think executive cases might sell a case for the orbit products.

19:07.792 –> 19:18.000
Appreciate that. Executive is no longer in business as of early September. So that’s why they were asking about that replacement company.

19:19.650 –> 19:25.842
I didn’t know that they went out of business because I ordered from them a couple of years ago for a case for my Victor reader stream. Okay.

19:25.896 –> 19:39.346
Yep. They’re well known in the blindness community and I love their cases and they’re great products. But thanks for that and great suggestion as well about contacting Amazon disability too, for assistance with the app.

19:39.448 –> 19:40.706
Yep. Have a great day.

19:40.808 –> 19:43.046
You too. And who do we got next there?

19:43.068 –> 20:32.342
Sheila. Pam. Hey, Pam. Hello. Well, I have not updated to 17.2 yet. I just learned about it this morning. Well, typically I update at night when I’m getting ready for bed and actually finally have a chance not to be doing stuff on my phone. And I don’t know, I’ll probably look at the journaling app, but I don’t really journal, but I’ve kept a diary for years and I just write it down because I don’t want it to be. I would not want nosy, prying eyes to get into some of it. Thank you.

20:32.476 –> 20:36.998
Although they did say, pam, there was some really solid security around you.

20:37.084 –> 21:55.822
Gotcha. Well, I will look at it when I do this update, but my question is in email. Oh, I get tons of spam junk email and I don’t know how much of it is legit or not. When it’s suspicious, I don’t even open them. I block the senders and then delete send them to the trash. But the problem I’m running into now is even though I have not read them, I mean, they are still unread. You have my word for it. But when I block the senders and then send them to the trash, once I go into the trash to clear them out, they are all marked as red. And I have not found any setting within mail, within settings, under mail, or anywhere else where you can insist that when they go into the trash, they’re still marked as unread.

21:55.966 –> 22:44.526
So, Pam, here is, I used to have that problem. I tried something different, and what it was was you open up a web browser and you go to your icloud and you log in through a web browser, and when you get into there, you go into the mail app and then in there you can create rules for your mail. So if there’s something, let’s just say for the sake of conversation, let’s say that anything that comes into your email that has something to do with iPhone, right? You can make a rule that’s called anything that comes into my inbox that’s called iPhone, just automatically send it to the trash and it won’t even ever hit your inbox. It just automatically goes in your trash. You never see it. It just shows up in your trash. And when you do that, so all.

22:44.548 –> 22:46.838
Of your incoming email goes to the trash.

22:46.874 –> 23:01.522
No, you make a rule that has a topic or a subject or something either, whether it’s from a sender. For example, if you don’t want to get any mail from unmute presents, you would make a rule.

23:01.666 –> 23:03.190
No, I do want to get those.

23:03.260 –> 23:39.982
No, I’m just saying. Or iPhone or whatever it is, if you make the rule, and then it will send it to the trash as part of the rule. So you can pick the sender or the subject line or anything like that, and then you tell it, if anything, from either this subject line, iPhone or whatever, just automatically send it to the trash. And then once you create that rule, it’ll look for whatever, either the person, name, subject, whatever you put in there, and it’ll automatically send it to the trash. And when you do that, it won’t open it up in the trash. It’ll just be an unread message in your trash.

23:40.126 –> 23:53.334
Yeah. Well, I think somewhere I did find a setting about setting rules, but I wasn’t sure how it worked. How you do that?

23:53.452 –> 23:53.974

23:54.092 –> 24:07.190
There is a call tonight at bits about setting up rules on the Mac. And though you’re doing this on the iPhone, you may be able to attend or participate to get some help with that configuration.

24:07.350 –> 24:10.218
Yeah. Thank you, Pam. Thank you much.

24:10.384 –> 24:10.966

24:11.078 –> 24:12.186
Who do we got next there?

24:12.208 –> 24:13.730
Sheila? Agnes?

24:13.910 –> 24:15.034
Hey, Agnes.

24:15.162 –> 24:55.290
Agnes, you’re still muted. Okay, I’m going to have to come out and go in again. You can hear me now. Okay, I have a question, and I don’t know if this is one for the disability department at Microsoft, but when I go on to Microsoft Edge, there is a site that I access movies and programs from the listenfactor.com and I was able to access it just fine. But last week when I go on it and I hit on a link, I can’t get any sound and I’m using Microsoft Edge.

24:57.710 –> 25:03.302
Stick around, Agnes, because I think, first of all, do you hear sound on other web pages?

25:03.446 –> 25:05.614
That’s the only one I listen to with sound.

25:05.732 –> 25:07.982
So you don’t go to like YouTube or anything like that?

25:08.116 –> 25:11.934
I haven’t been lately, but I did know a couple of weeks ago.

25:12.052 –> 25:12.574

25:12.692 –> 25:28.354
Because if you’re not able to hear sound on all web pages, like on YouTube, on edge, then somehow the output for edge got muted and I can try to find what that is. If not, then reach out to disability answer desk and they can help you with unmuting.

25:28.402 –> 25:30.726
Okay, but you said to stick around. Yeah.

25:30.748 –> 25:32.146
And I’ll see if I can find those steps.

25:32.178 –> 26:45.166
Okay, great. Perfect. I’ll wait. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Diana. Hi, Diana. Hi. I am having echo problems. Hey, lady. I have an echo plus that’s probably about two years old. I’ve never had any problems with it until the last two weeks. The last two weeks, about three different times. She just will not respond to me now. There’s no other noise going on in the room or anything like that. And I’ll be playing. It could be a book, it could be, I mean, reading a book, it could be zoom, call the ACB media stream, all kinds of different content, and she just will not respond. I’ll ask her to lower the volume or I’ll tell her to stop the stream or whatever, and I’ll be screaming and screaming at her. I’ll walk over to her and scream at her there and she will not stop. All I can do is actually physically unplug her. And then I thought that would help. 30 seconds to a minute left it unplugged, plug it back in. She still won’t listen to me. I have to leave her unplugged for probably about an hour and then plug her back in. And then it’s like, everything’s fine. So I have a bipolar echo plus.

26:45.348 –> 26:48.350
Wow, that’s frustrating.

26:48.690 –> 26:50.218
Yes, extremely.

26:50.394 –> 26:52.560
I have also had this before.

26:52.930 –> 26:53.582

26:53.716 –> 27:12.598
I have seen this happen to me. Of course. You may have mentioned it. One thing to first check is make sure that your mic is not muted. That’s important. But I have an echo show. Ten at one time. It would not respond at all.

27:12.684 –> 27:13.926
I walked right off to it.

27:13.948 –> 27:39.694
Even I had to take the drastic measure of resetting at that time, and that did the trick. But I would try everything. I would probably call again the Amazon disability group and see if they can help out there. But I did just go in the A lady app, reset it and repair it. And it worked fine after that.

27:39.732 –> 28:07.702
But that was. It’s not done it since. Right. It’s just bizarre. Once in a while you might have to. She won’t quite recognize your voice the first time or something. I said again. But to do that where I’m screaming at her and it’s crazy. It’s correct. No, she will not. For nothing. No. And she won’t stop. Whatever. I’m having her play a song or whatever, she just will not listen.

28:07.756 –> 28:19.626
What happens if you. Can you go up and press. Because I think if you go up and press the microphone button, the speak button, can you talk to it then or will?

28:19.728 –> 28:25.680
No. Even when I plug her back in, she’s fine. So I don’t think she hears me.

28:26.130 –> 28:33.746
So it’s when you have content going, then you try to talk to it and it doesn’t work. Is that correct?

28:33.848 –> 28:34.594

28:34.792 –> 28:35.346

28:35.448 –> 28:47.654
So my issue was it just wouldn’t listen to me at all. So that’s a little different. I would also make sure nothing’s around your device. No items or things like that.

28:47.772 –> 28:52.610
Yeah, no, she’s pretty much sitting over there by herself on an end table.

28:52.690 –> 28:57.762
Yeah. I would talk to Amazon because that seems a little strange.

28:57.906 –> 29:40.982
Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ve had echoes for years. I’ve never had one act that way. And then my follow up question about, I said I had echo problems. My other problem is I have an old, old dot. It’s probably seven plus years old. And I moved it from one room to the other, oh, probably about six months ago. And since then, it will not connect. It just spins like this orange, red or orange circle around it. I’ve left it unplugged for a while for days and plugged it back in. I cannot get it to connect again. And I’m wondering, do they finally reach, like, I mean, I’m assuming all of these devices, do they get like, firmware updates through the Internet just automatically? That gets.

29:41.116 –> 30:02.702
They do to a certain point, but I think once the hardware starts getting a real long on the tooth, then they don’t get all the way updated or they want you to get a new one, especially, like, at that level. A new dot today is majorly updated from a dot seven years ago. And I think they’re only like, I don’t know, twenty five dollars to fifty dollars or something like that.

30:02.756 –> 30:07.840
I kind of figured it was something like that, that maybe it’s just shelf life. End of its shelf life.

30:09.650 –> 30:22.180
I have a very old echo dot and I have people that have my original echoes. So my recommendation there is just to, again, you may need to reset and repair that one. And it might work after that.

30:22.790 –> 30:27.720
And I can do that through the app. Well, I can’t do it now because I can’t get it to connect me.

30:28.330 –> 30:36.374
No, there’s a certain button combination you can press and that will do the reset. And they can walk you through that in the app, actually.

30:36.572 –> 30:40.342
Okay. All right. All right. Well, thank you very much, gentlemen. Yep.

30:40.406 –> 30:41.318
Good luck.

30:41.494 –> 30:44.278
All right, Brad, who do we have in clubhouse?

30:44.454 –> 30:46.166
Well, we have Jeff Bishop.

30:46.278 –> 30:49.638
Oh, my. Hey, Jeff.

30:49.734 –> 30:52.800
Hey, Jeff. How you doing? Hi. What does that mean?

30:56.210 –> 30:57.710
Jeff? Just kidding.

30:58.210 –> 30:59.434
I love you, Sheila.

30:59.482 –> 31:00.480
Love you, too.

31:03.670 –> 31:59.378
Okay, so this edge issue, it would be interesting to get the site URL of this, but my guess is that the player that is playing the sound is muted. I’ve seen this in edge with YouTube even. And generally if you are navigating with your screen reader, with Jaws or NVDA, you should be able to move by button and press the spacebar on the mute button or the unmute button in this case. Then that should start playing. Now. Why it does this, I have no idea. And I’ve looked for a setting, but I haven’t found it yet. But there are tons and tons of settings in edge, so we’ll keep looking. But I believe that might solve your problem. But if you can get a link to these guys, if you guys can pass it on to me, I will test and validate it.

31:59.544 –> 32:00.750
I’ll text it to you, Jeff.

32:00.830 –> 32:01.860
I have the link.

32:02.390 –> 32:13.666
And the other thing, you can try too. And I didn’t know about this keystroke Jeff may have apparently control. M will toggle the mute state of that tab if that tab is muted.

32:13.778 –> 32:14.982
That is true, yes.

32:15.116 –> 32:16.742
So it might be worth trying that as well.

32:16.796 –> 32:24.906
I always forget that though. So then me too, looking for the button, which is ridiculous because you can do it faster. So anyway, that’s all I had.

32:25.008 –> 32:34.940
Good show. Thank you. Thanks, Jeff. Thanks. Appreciate it. All right, Petra. Hey there. Hi there. I’m very well, how are you?

32:35.310 –> 32:36.960
Good, good, thank you.

32:37.490 –> 33:45.790
I have a question about air tags. Okay, well, I like them, but for example, I have the AirPods Pro two and my AirPods Pro two are hanging on my belt and my phone is in a pouch right next to it. And I’ll get a notification saying, petra’s AirPods two are left behind and they’re right there. Or other times it will tell me that, sorry, we’re having a problem. We can’t find it, so they don’t seem as reliable as I was hoping they would be. And I’m not quite sure how to turn on the precision that I have heard demonstrated where it will actually guide you to the object. I have a retired guide dog who is deaf and so I can’t call her. So I put an air tag on her collar so I could ask where she is and it would guide me to her so that I could wake her up and say, hey, it’s time to come eat or whatever. And oftentimes I would say 75 or 80% of the time they work, and then 20% to 25% of the time they don’t.

33:45.950 –> 33:49.080
Do you open up the find my app on your phone?

33:49.850 –> 33:57.186
Yes. Well, I don’t necessarily open the app. You have to unlock your phone and then I usually tell Siri.

33:57.298 –> 34:41.190
Yeah, so if you open the find my app itself, you get all kinds of other information in there. You can locate the individual tags, or all your devices will be listed in there as long as they’re logged into your iCloud, all logged into the same iCloud account. And so if you want to make one of the air tags or your AirPods or something like that, beep. Or see where they are or anything like that, even when it comes to the air tags, it’ll tell you you have one out of the case or the left bud is out of the case or something like that. If you want to make it beep, you can make just that one left Airpod, beep or whatever the case is, you get a lot more features and things you can do through the actual find my app itself.

34:41.340 –> 35:24.580
Yeah, the precision location is done through the find my app. Siri can do some limited things, but most of what you’re going to get is in the find my app and the Airpods and the air tags. Whenever it’s doing that location thing, where it tells you that something’s left, that’s just a known, like, I have that all the time with my devices as well, where it says that this device is no longer with you and it’s like, oh, it’s in my pocket. You could turn off those alerts, I believe, at some point in settings or location. But yeah, the find my app is where you would go under items to find those different things.

35:25.350 –> 35:51.870
Yeah, I wouldn’t mind. I like getting the alerts because my Velcin sticks mini has an air tag. I mean, I’ve air tagged a lot of things and that’s all fine and good, but when it tells me that something has been left behind, when it hasn’t been, or for example, I will leave things behind and it does not tell me I left them behind. I don’t know which items have decided to tell me that they’ve been left behind and which items aren’t.

35:54.370 –> 35:57.230
Is it only your AirPods or is it other things also?

35:57.380 –> 36:35.562
Well, I have an air tag on my dogs, both of them. I have air tags on my luggage, on my jacket. I mean, they’re everywhere. And it will tell me that my AirPods have been left behind when they’re right here. And it doesn’t tell me that any of the other things have been left behind, which have been. But maybe I need to go back into the app and tell it to tell me. Maybe I need to choose the ones I want it to tell me are left behind. And some things, like my luggage, I only care if it’s left behind if I’m traveling. I don’t care if I leave it behind when I’m not going anywhere. So maybe that’s a setting in the find my app.

36:35.696 –> 37:00.786
Yeah. The only other thing I can really think of is sometimes there’s a firmware update for your AirPods. It’s not something you can just easily do. Usually the trick to that is making sure that your phone’s on Wifi, your phone’s plugged into power, and your air pods are also plugged into power. And as long as they’re somewhat close to each other, it should push a firmware update to your AirPods. If there is one.

37:00.968 –> 37:07.298
Okay. And would I know that there’s an update in the find my app? Is that where it would be or would it be in settings?

37:07.394 –> 37:20.210
It would be in the Airpods. So you’d have to go into settings and then go to your Airpods and look and see the version of firmware you have and which airpods do you have, actually.

37:20.380 –> 37:21.050

37:21.200 –> 37:21.882
Thanks a lot.

37:21.936 –> 37:24.410
Wonderful. Thank you very. I’m sorry, go ahead.

37:24.480 –> 37:27.066
I was just saying thanks a lot. So who do we got next there?

37:27.088 –> 38:07.414
Sheila. Sandra. Hey, Sandra. Hi. All of a sudden, since Windows updated Windows eleven recently, I’m having trouble when I go into Jaws command and try to look for a setting that I don’t know. I type in the name of the setting I want and the results are all coming up as touch screen stuff, like flick up with so many fingers. My computer is a one piece computer that has a touch screen, but I don’t use the touch screen. I have a keyboard and I don’t want to hear that. Just telling me all about gestures. Yeah.

38:07.452 –> 38:13.020
So you’re doing the Jaws key space and then the letter j to search your commands, correct?

38:13.390 –> 38:14.090

38:14.240 –> 38:14.602

38:14.656 –> 38:21.094
And then when you type in the command that you’re looking for, it’s bringing you touch screen commands only at this time.

38:21.232 –> 38:35.460
Yes, it does say Jaws search or some such thing, but then talking all about these gestures and I tried to go into the settings in windows, I found something I thought would maybe help me, but it didn’t do any good.

38:35.830 –> 39:08.538
So I don’t know offhand. That’s a very good question. If you don’t mind sending an email to feedback at unmute show to remind me, because I will forget in about 20 seconds. But I will do a little bit of research too, to find out if there’s a way you can filter out the Jaws commands from the search result. So you don’t see touch commands unless someone else has a comment before the end of the show. But that’s what you’d want to do. I think it’s probably showing you the command. Have you scrolled all the way to the bottom of the list to see if the command shows up?

39:08.704 –> 39:37.478
Excuse me? Well, it shows me the gesture thing. And for example, I was looking for volume. Say, let’s say volume. It shows me the gestures. Then there’s a link. If I go to the link, it’ll say the volume is like 40%, and then I can move around, use the arrow keys and raise the volume or whatever. But it did not used to go through all that with me. I used to just get the jaws without all this other stuff.

39:37.564 –> 39:37.766

39:37.788 –> 39:40.342
And you just get the keystroke and.

39:40.396 –> 39:43.800
Do you need the keystroke for volume? I would like it. Sure.

39:45.850 –> 39:51.670
It’s the Jaws key space. V and then j to adjust the Jaws volume.

39:51.830 –> 39:57.290
Okay. I think I get that mixed up. There’s, like, system volume and Jaws volume and whatever.

39:57.440 –> 40:06.414
Yeah, but good question. I’ll see if there’s a way to sort those, because that makes sense. And drop us a quick email to remind me, and I will see what I can do.

40:06.452 –> 40:08.734
Okay. What’s the email again?

40:08.852 –> 40:10.702
Feedback at unmute show.

40:10.836 –> 40:12.046
Okay, thank you.

40:12.148 –> 40:13.038
No worries.

40:13.204 –> 40:16.714
All right. Mary Beth, I believe. Hi, Mary Beth.

40:16.762 –> 40:17.562
Hey, Mary Beth.

40:17.626 –> 40:53.934
Hi. Hi. Yes, you’re right, Sheila. This is kind of a crazy question, but I’ve tried to resolve it and I can’t. I’m using a pc running Windows ten with jaws. And yesterday my recent downloads file is compressed and I can’t expand it. It’s collapsed. Sorry. And I cannot expand it so I can read. Like, for instance, if I downloaded something yesterday, I could see it today, but if I download something today, I can’t see it.

40:54.052 –> 40:57.818
Okay, but do you hear it say today collapsed?

40:57.994 –> 40:58.720

40:59.490 –> 41:03.758
Try tapping your right arrow key and see if that expands today.

41:03.924 –> 41:08.062
All right. I can do that later. I don’t want to take up your time with it.

41:08.116 –> 41:18.502
Yeah, no worries. But give that a try, and if that doesn’t work, then feel free to send us an email. But I think in the tree view, that just got collapsed. And if that doesn’t, the other thing I would try is tapping enter to open that.

41:18.636 –> 41:23.366
Oh, okay. So either tap the right arrow key or tap enter, correct?

41:23.468 –> 41:23.782

41:23.836 –> 41:25.106
Give that a try, and hopefully that’ll.

41:25.138 –> 41:30.730
Help you out there. Actually, guess what? You’re a hero. It just worked.

41:30.880 –> 41:32.506
Well, I’m glad to hear that.

41:32.688 –> 41:34.780
We knew you were a hero anyway. Right?

41:38.510 –> 41:40.714
Glad to hear that. Hopefully that helps. There you go.

41:40.752 –> 41:46.350
Well, the kicker is I googled it and did a bunch of other things and nothing was working. Thank you.

41:46.500 –> 41:49.470
No worries. Who do we got next, Sheila?

41:50.210 –> 41:55.390
I believe it says abraham, but I’m not 100% sure. Ibrahim.

41:55.470 –> 41:56.702
Ibrahim Khalil.

41:56.846 –> 41:59.042
Hey, guys. Hi. Hey.

41:59.096 –> 42:23.020
So I’m currently thinking about upgrading my iPad. And I have the third generation. I’m thinking about the iPad air five. I’m just wondering if anybody knows or heard of. I think they moved the home button to the side on the airpad five. I’m wondering if anybody knows about that.

42:24.830 –> 43:05.078
The new iPads are the same as the new iPhones. They removed the home button and they use the line at the bottom and you put your finger on it and you swipe up to unlock it or kind of swipe up a little bit farther to go into the app switcher mode. And that’s how the new iPads are. For the iPad Air mini and the pros, there’s only one iPad that still has a home button, and that’s the very, I think it’s the iPad 9th generation. And if you really want to get one with a home button, I would suggest hurry up and getting it right away because after this year, I think they’re probably going to discontinue that iPad and there won’t be any more iPads with home buttons after that.

43:05.244 –> 43:12.700
Are there any that have at least like side buttons? Do you know at all buttons on the side you can use?

43:14.270 –> 43:18.266
All of them now are kind of like the iPhone where you got to swipe up from the bottom.

43:18.448 –> 43:20.906
Okay, thanks.

43:20.928 –> 43:21.882
That was my only question.

43:21.936 –> 43:22.538
Thanks, guys.

43:22.624 –> 43:37.826
Yeah, no problem. And also, if you’re going to get an iPad, if you don’t want to get the one with the home button, I would wait because supposedly the rumors are they’re going to be coming out with a whole bunch of new iPads in the first part of the year next year.

43:38.008 –> 43:38.402

43:38.456 –> 43:39.986
Like the spring, basically.

43:40.168 –> 43:42.894
Sometime between January and March is what I’m hearing.

43:43.022 –> 43:43.890
Okay. All right.

43:43.960 –> 43:46.194
I guess I’ll wait until March before I pick up.

43:46.312 –> 43:53.910
But if you need that home button though, then I would say hurry up and get it now because I think that particular version is going to be gone after this year.

43:54.060 –> 43:56.310
Okay, I will look into those.

43:56.380 –> 43:56.854

43:56.972 –> 43:58.200
Yep, no problem.

43:58.650 –> 44:01.994
All right, we have no new hands, so, Ed, go ahead.

44:02.112 –> 44:04.522
Can you guys hear me? Yes, I can hear you.

44:04.656 –> 44:15.242
Oh, great. Well, hopefully looking for a psa here. You mentioned the Microsoft disability helpline, I think. Did you say that the phone number.

44:15.296 –> 44:20.750
For Microsoft, the Microsoft disability answer desk. And were you asking for their phone number?

44:20.900 –> 44:24.754
No, I was hoping that Apple had one of those.

44:24.872 –> 44:35.554
Apple does have one of those and someone has it memorized. I will look it up real quick. But if someone has it memorized, raise your hand because I don’t have that memorized.

44:35.602 –> 44:36.614
But yes, they do.

44:36.732 –> 44:51.850
Okay. The other thing was in that feedback at unmute show. If you just send a random question there, right? Should we expect an answer or. I’m just curious.

44:53.150 –> 45:08.542
I’m horrible about getting back at email. I’ll be fully transparent with that. So if you sent a question and I haven’t responded, send it again. And kind of be. Hey, I’m trying to get a hold of you. Here’s a question I have. Feel free to send your questions along and we’ll get back to them as soon as we.

45:08.676 –> 45:18.050
Oh, ok. Because I wasn’t sure if I should just do it in the meeting here or between meetings. If I can send it via email.

45:18.200 –> 45:20.834
You just send the email? Just send the email.

45:21.032 –> 45:25.450
Hi, this is Sharon and I have the Apple accessibility. Go ahead, Sharon.

45:25.470 –> 45:26.626
No, go for it, Sharon.

45:26.738 –> 45:33.400
Okay. It’s 877-204-3930 perfect.

45:33.770 –> 45:35.462
Okay, thanks, Sharon. That’s awesome.

45:35.596 –> 45:46.234
Sure. Thank you very much. All right. Of course we’ve got probably about nine minutes before we need to go off and we’ve got five, six hands, so let’s go to the new one.

45:46.272 –> 45:49.318
Some of those might be giving the phone number. Hey, Brad.

45:49.494 –> 45:50.330

45:50.830 –> 45:53.866
Actually I wanted to follow on Abraham’s.

45:53.898 –> 45:58.174
Question about the iPad. I think what he’s referring to is of course, yes.

45:58.212 –> 46:01.310
The iPad air does not have a home button.

46:01.460 –> 46:03.342
The lock button on the side.

46:03.476 –> 46:06.830
I believe the touch ID sensor to.

46:06.900 –> 46:12.546
Unlock the thing is in that on the iPad air. So that may be what he’s thinking about.

46:12.648 –> 46:21.750
Oh yeah, in the air. And the mini, the fingerprint sensor is in the power button. And then on the pros, it’s a face id, correct.

46:21.900 –> 46:23.218
Perfect. Thanks, Brad.

46:23.314 –> 46:24.786
Appreciate that clarification.

46:24.978 –> 47:11.638
All right, Marie. Hey Marie, I actually have an iPhone question this morning. All right. I was going to upgrade my 13 Pro to the 17.2. It’s not been done yet and I had not done a backup. I didn’t charge it last night. So I put it on the charger and started a backup because I always like to do that before I update and it is stuck at 2% and it’s going nowhere. And I can click the cancel button continuously. It won’t cancel either. Usually my backups just go flying through. This is just weird. I’m afraid to turn the phone off. I don’t know if it would corrupt anything other. If it just corrupted that backup, I could always do another one.

47:11.724 –> 47:16.342
But it didn’t start installing the update yet, did?

47:16.396 –> 47:17.000

47:18.490 –> 47:41.246
Usually you’re pretty safe. If it has not started doing the actual update yet, maybe invoke Siri and tell Siri to restart your device and let it restart and then go back to updating it again. Maybe it just glitched out because maybe the wifi glitched or there was a network glitch or who knows what it could be. But sometimes it just kind of needs like a little kick in the rear end a little bit.

47:41.268 –> 47:50.718
I will double check and make absolutely sure because I didn’t start the backup and I don’t have mine set to start automatically, but I’ll go in and make sure it’s not trying to update first.

47:50.884 –> 47:54.462
Yeah. And then maybe try and restart your phone and try again.

47:54.596 –> 48:11.226
All right. Right, thanks. Yes. All right. Belle. Hey, bell. Hey, can you hear me? Yes, ma’am. Good. Well, I have a windows ten computer. Can you hear me? I’m sorry.

48:11.328 –> 48:12.282
Yeah, we can hear you.

48:12.336 –> 49:11.390
Old and I went to some sites and to download files, and for some reason, Google Chrome did not let me know that they were being downloaded. And I went to the. What is it? Explorer, windows E, to check in downloads, and they weren’t there. The next day they were there and I thought, weird. And the only reason I knew is because I was talking to somebody to try to get help to download these things. We got off the phone because I got another phone call and then I checked the downloads just for giggles, and there they were. But it was not notifying me of anything on Google Chrome.

49:12.770 –> 49:57.898
I wonder if what happened is kind of what was similar to what someone had happen earlier in the call where your downloads got sorted by the date it was last modified and today got collapsed. Because what happened with them is if they would download or add something to their folder, they wouldn’t see it until tomorrow because today was collapsed. So jaws or NVDA was just skipping over it. So if this happens to you again, I would go to your downloads folder and use your up and down arrow keys. And if you hear something, say, today collapsed, tap your right arrow key, and that will show you the files that you downloaded today.

49:58.064 –> 49:59.738
Okay, thank you.

49:59.824 –> 50:00.074

50:00.112 –> 50:01.754
Give that a try and see if that works for you.

50:01.792 –> 50:05.046
Okay, thanks. All right. Scott. Hey, Scott.

50:05.078 –> 50:06.254
Hey, Scott. How you doing?

50:06.372 –> 50:06.862
All right.

50:06.916 –> 50:11.566
Well, yeah, I was going to give the number for Apple, too, but I.

50:11.588 –> 50:12.734
Was about to give eight. Eight?

50:12.772 –> 50:12.974

50:13.012 –> 50:17.026
So I’m glad someone corrected me in advance anyway.

50:17.128 –> 50:19.380
But I did have another question I thought of.

50:20.150 –> 50:22.946
I don’t use the journal apps that.

50:23.048 –> 50:24.626
You keep referring to, but can you.

50:24.648 –> 50:26.726
Basically describe how they work?

50:26.908 –> 50:29.026
Yeah, go ahead, Michael.

50:29.138 –> 51:39.510
Journal on iOS 17.2. For those who are not on 17.2 but want journaling apps, I’m a strong advocate for the day one journaling app, though it does have a post. It gives you cross platform journaling, but on iOS 17.2, it’s a journal app. You open it, you can use two finger double tap to quickly jump into a new journal entry, you can set it up so it gives you a couple of prompts, and those prompts are different. You tap on one of those prompts or double tap if using voiceover, and then you can either dictate your entry or response to that prompt. Or there’s a toolbar above the keyboard which allows you to add things to your journal entry. For example, you can add locations or images. There’s also an audio recording button that you can press to add your own recording. And then when you’re viewing a list of your journal entries, it will say the date of the journal entry if you responded to a prompt, and then it will tell you how many items are attached to that journal entry. So, you know, oh, if there’s two items, there’s probably a location and a voice recording, maybe. And that’s pretty much the interface.

51:39.670 –> 52:01.310
Now, Scott, one other thing, too, is you can turn all that off if you just want to have a blank page and just write whatever you want. Yeah, exactly. If you don’t want to have all that prompting, you can turn all that stuff off and just have a blank thing every time and just write whatever you want to write without it prompting you at all. It has basic word processing.

52:01.390 –> 52:05.140
You can edit what you’re writing, do all that.

52:05.690 –> 52:06.310
All right.

52:06.380 –> 52:08.178
Thanks a lot, Scott.

52:08.274 –> 52:09.382
Who do we got next?

52:09.436 –> 52:09.778

52:09.794 –> 52:12.882
I see we have one hand. Beth.

52:13.026 –> 52:13.906
Hey, Beth.

52:14.018 –> 52:41.360
Beth, you’re still. Yeah, yeah. I was wondering, do you know what command keyboard help is on the computer? Because I just recently got a new keyboard, and it has extra keys. I don’t know if it’s like command and applications. And I would like to learn the keyboard. So is there like a keyboard help or something?

52:42.470 –> 52:44.850
So are you jaws or NVDA?

52:46.230 –> 52:48.690
NVDA. I’ll probably use it.

52:48.840 –> 53:01.430
So if you hold the NVDA key down so your caps lock or numpad, zero or insert. So whatever you use for your NVDA key and tap the number one, that should put you in keyboard help mode.

53:01.770 –> 53:07.558
The number, not f one, but the number just right there. Number one. Yes. Okay.

53:07.724 –> 53:11.254
And that is a toggle. So you can turn it off with that same keystroke.

53:11.302 –> 53:14.234
Okay. Okay. Sounds good. Thanks. Perfect.

53:14.352 –> 53:19.610
Well, we are going to wrap it up for today. Marty, do you want to go ahead and remind?

53:19.950 –> 53:43.374
Yep, yep. All right, everyone, thanks so much for coming to unmute. We appreciate it. As always. We thank Sheila and Brad for being here and helping us out. As always. If anyone has any questions, comments, or anything like that, you can reach out to us at feedback at unmute show, or you can check out the website unmute show. And Michael Doyce, thank you. And Michael Babcock, thank you. And we’ll see you guys.

53:43.412 –> 53:49.970
All it’s.