Unmute Presents ACB Community Replay of Unmute Presents for 3 October

During the Unmute Presents Community Call, we discussed app recommendations for scanning text on phones, updates on the iAccessibility app, and upcoming Android version updates. We addressed participant questions, shared podcast episodes, and discussed various accessibility issues with Siri and iOS 17. Michael Deuss shared his positive experience with the new iPhone 15 Pro, highlighting its lighter design and great speakers. We also mentioned two quick announcements regarding a technology symposium and employment issues for the blind community.

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Fuck took back to pocket.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s Unmute Presents Community Call was hosted on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

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You you.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another Unmute. A couple reminders here at the top, we want to make sure everyone knows we’re going to get through all firsthands first. So all first questions, and if we have time, then we’ll take second questions. Also, please be kind and let everyone get the same respect as you would to get their questions answered. The question of the day today is what app do you use to get text either scanned or any of that on your phone? So curious to see what everyone’s using and why they like it or hate it. With me, as usual, we got Michael Doyce. Hey, Michael, how’s it going?

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Good to be here. And what do you have for us today is any updates on your end?

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So I want to put out there that we are making an update to the I accessibility app to add some new features, new push notifications, new menus. So it’s going to be very exciting. So hope to be able to share more of that about that in the coming weeks. And we are going to be working on an Android version update. So that’s very exciting.

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So. Thank you, Marty. Yeah, awesome. That’s going to be great. So everyone look out for that. And as always, Michael Babcock. How’s it going?

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It’s going well, Marty. And yourself?

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Thank you. So what you got for updates today?

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All right, so I’m going to run down a list of the recently published episodes to the IA cast, which encompasses everything that we’re involved in. So thank you, Michael, for making Iacast net, because I was thinking I was going to have to jump between podcasts and Pinecast. So super nice. It looks like 197 called It’s about to Rain was published yesterday. And in this episode, the ACB conversation about mastodon at the board meeting was discussed. A bug in iOS 17 was brought up. Password management question was answered, and there was some additional cloud storage information shared. Yesterday, also technically working. We published an episode where Demossi and I sat down and chatted with Jeff Bishop and Sean Priest. Sean’s from Double Tap, and everyone should know, jeff, if you don’t, well, check out the board of publications and other publications, sat down, talked about Windows and the first settings that we set up in Windows and Mac. Very enlightening conversation, and I learned quite a bit. So super worth the just over 100 minutes long episode, if you are curious what settings we make and what changes to settings we make right when we reset a computer. The ICAST is a new podcast brought back that came out on Sunday where the hosts sit down and talk about iOS and upgrading your phone and other just iOS centric conversations. That’s with Michael, Marty and Alicia. And then on Sunday, we published Unmute Present using Widgets on macOS 14 and iOS 17, where I walked you through the process of adding Widgets to your desktop that may be from your phone. The process does work if you’re just using app hosted Mac hosted widgets on apps that are available, and the interaction process is similar, so give that a listen if you’ve been curious how that will work with Voiceover on Friday, because I was late, I published Shell phone show Adding Contacts. I was late because I recorded five or six other podcasts related to that. So you’ll start getting some content related to the Blind Shell classic, too, if not more regularly. You might start getting more of them so I can get those all caught up. And the five episodes pre recorded are all related to the Contacts. App Friday finds talks about the Be My Eyes return, the subscription dilemma that people are having, and Chat GPT Plus as well. And then just a couple more episodes that we can talk about is Passcodes were discussed on Pass. Keys were discussed on Thursday with Damasi where we tell you what is a Pass key, how can you use it, and should you even really consider it. The last episode that I will mention is a recap of the Amazon and Microsoft events for the IA cast. There you go, Marty.

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Awesome. Thanks, Michael. All right, everyone, so if you’re new here, welcome and thanks for joining us. Remember, there’s no dumb questions, so everyone can raise your hand for any questions you might have. And we’re going to get this show on the road, so, Sheila, take it away.

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All right, Heidi.

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Hey, Heidi. How’s it going?

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Are we asking our questions now? Are we answering your question?

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Either one or both?

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So I think your original question was what you used to scan. And I’ve been using a lot of seeing AI lately to scan in documents and read and whatnot, but I just have a quick question regarding an iPhone and using the what is it called? The rotation?

05:36.730 –> 05:38.754
The rotor.

05:38.882 –> 05:56.080
The rotor. Thank you. The rotor. I’ve been trying to figure out how exactly I can use that to correct verbiage or when Voiceover decides to go a little wonky on me. And I can’t quite I know the movement for the rotor, but I’m not sure how it’s used.

05:56.690 –> 07:13.442
So there’s a couple of things. The stock way to move it is using, like, two fingers on the screen and turning either clockwise or counterclockwise, which is, for a lot of people, a little bit difficult. So what I would suggest doing is going into your voiceover settings, go into the rotor settings, and then once you get in there, you can actually change that. So, for example, what I did was I changed it to be either a two finger swipe to the right or a two finger swipe to the left. And that’s much easier to be able to access it and be able to use it instead of trying to turn it like your phone and your hand and do all that stuff. The second thing is when you get in there, you’re going to see there’s a whole bunch of other things in there that you can either remove from the rotor or that you can add to the rotor and there’s like an edit button. And then within the edit button, you have copy, select all select all of those things. So I would say you just got to get in there and look at what you want to have on the rotor and you can remove what you don’t want, add what you do want. If you change how you invoke the rotor, whichever way would be easy for you. Then you’ll get a lot more use out of oh, go ahead, Michael.

07:13.586 –> 07:35.222
I was just going to say, Heidi, real quick. If you specifically want to know about spell checking with the rotor, I did just test this. If you change your rotor to misspelled and then you flick down, it’ll take you to the first misspelled word, and you can flick to the right to go through the suggestions and double tap on the suggestion in order to insert it.

07:35.296 –> 07:45.546
Oh, I’m going to play with that today. Okay. So it’s not necessarily the movement that I’m having an issue with, but that’s a really good tip. Like of the two fingers swipe left or right is a really here’s another.

07:45.588 –> 08:14.742
Tip that’s really important. I would say once you get your voiceover set to the speed that you want when you go in there to edit the rotor, remove the item that slows or speeds up the speeding of your voiceover. How fast or slow it talks because it’s on there by default and a lot of people don’t realize it. And you start all of a sudden making it super fast or super slow, and it becomes really annoying. So I would say once you are happy with your speed, remove that off the rotor.

08:14.806 –> 08:32.000
Now, wait, so back up a second. Is that when I’m in a certain app? Because I’ve just noticed that, too. When I’m in a certain app and I will flick up or flick down, it’ll be like, speed 75, speed 80, speed 90. And I’m like, wait a minute. So that’s in the rotor settings yes.

08:32.770 –> 08:48.440
For example, it lands on that. So if you were to go in and rotate the rotor to something else, that won’t happen, but the easier thing to do is get your voiceover to the speed you like and then just remove it off the rotor altogether and it won’t be an issue.

08:48.890 –> 08:49.640

08:50.490 –> 09:30.446
Two things there. One, it’s good to keep that sometimes on your rotor if you need to show somebody something, right. So if you need to show somebody how to do something and you need to quickly turn down your speech, that’s one reason why a lot of people keep it in the rotor. But I want to make a kind of a shameless plug because I built this app. There’s an app I don’t know if you’ve heard of, Vo Starter. It lets you learn voiceover, and it goes through using the rotor. Some good techniques for movement and getting through the rotor, and some tips. So if that would help, check out Vo Starter.

09:30.478 –> 09:39.938
It’s a free app. So that’s a separate app from going in to do the double forefinger tap to do the start guide on voiceover. And it’s called Vo starter.

09:40.114 –> 09:41.026
Vo starter.

09:41.058 –> 09:51.386
That’s correct. Oh, that’s excellent. Thank you so much. I have some iPhone users that know, ramping up on some basic use, and I think that would be really super handy. Okay, excellent. Thank you.

09:51.488 –> 09:51.846

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Thank you. All right, Jeff.

09:55.470 –> 09:59.910
Hey, Jeff. How’s it going? It’s going? Good, Marty. How about you? Going good, thank you.

10:00.000 –> 10:00.800
You bet.

10:01.170 –> 10:36.486
I can really use some help with getting a switch for our network. So we have gigabit service. We’ve got a multi gig modem and a mesh WiFi system that uses, I think, six E is backhaul. So those devices are new. Is that a euro? Is that what you’re using? No, I’m using a TP link deco XE 75 pro.

10:36.668 –> 10:42.506
Okay. And the switch I think that I.

10:42.528 –> 11:12.130
Need to replace the switch, I need to get both desktop computers hardwired with Ethernet. And the switch that I have now is not even getting close to that. And whenever I go to, for example, Amazon to search for switches, it’s just pretty overwhelming. You guys have any insights on that? Michael, you have a switch in your network, don’t you?

11:12.280 –> 12:05.102
Yeah. So we just picked up a low cost what we needed was an eight port switch. So we have an eight port switch upstairs. It is not managed because we don’t have much heavy networking needs upstairs. We’re using the Ubiquity Dream router to handle all of the routing. So it depends on your needs. If all you need is a switch, you can go pick up a network switch from a local electronics store. Just make sure to check with the salesperson or on the packaging to see if it fits your network speed. I know the switch we have upstairs that we spent $30 on does not support gigabit connections. I believe the max is 760. So that’s my suggestion. Unless you need something more in depth, like a TP link switch itself.

12:05.256 –> 12:07.314
Yeah. Thank you, Michael.

12:07.362 –> 12:08.070

12:10.570 –> 12:36.634
I just need a five port, but I need two of those ports, too, and I don’t even know if the ports are if they split it up. I basically have I just need two ports on that five port switch to be to support gigabit.

12:36.682 –> 12:39.360
Do you know if the ports get.

12:39.810 –> 12:43.440
If they take that gigabit and split it up between each port?

12:44.450 –> 12:58.626
So you can get a switch that’s rated for all of the ports to have gigabit or if it is split up. I cannot give you a specific brand name or model, but that is something I’d look at, is the network speeds of the ports.

12:58.738 –> 13:02.038
All right, thank you so much, guys. Yeah, no problem. Have a great day.

13:02.124 –> 14:22.814
You too. All right, Chanel. Hey, Chanel. All right, sorry about that. So, to answer your question, I think you meant, like, what you use to get text out of documents. I use voice stream scanner for the most part, or now it’s called VD scan. And my question is so I have a pretty good headset that I use now, the Sennheiser SC 60 for doing stuff on Zoom. But I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a good recording headset I have to read. For instance, I read out loud the community schedule. I make MP3 files of the schedule that’s put on the phone system. And I’ve done some other reading for people as well, and recording. But it’d be great not to have a mic that picks up all the s’s or not or all the clicks in my voice. And part of it is just too good. Whatever. But are there good headsets that are better for something like recording as opposed to for doing these zoom meetings? Or am I even making sense?

14:22.932 –> 14:38.982
No, yeah, you are. And actually, Sennheiser makes some really good ones. I don’t have a model number, but I can get you a model number. But I know a couple of people who use the Senheiser, and it’s got the headset plus a mic, and it sounds really right.

14:39.036 –> 14:47.254
That’s the one I’m using now. The Senheiser SC 60. But it kind of picks up. I don’t know.

14:47.452 –> 14:49.242
Are you doing it on your Mac, by the way?

14:49.296 –> 14:49.754

14:49.872 –> 14:54.310
Have you tried turning on voice isolation on your Mac when you’re recording with your headset?

14:54.470 –> 14:56.362
Oh, where do you turn that on?

14:56.496 –> 15:01.774
Control center. So I would suggest trying to do that.

15:01.892 –> 15:06.030
It’s either in Control Center or what was it called? Michael Audio.

15:07.410 –> 15:07.822

15:07.876 –> 15:25.170
In macOS 14 Sonoma, it’s under the audio and video controls in your Menu Extras menu. So, Vom, I don’t know if that shows up for recording applications or if it’s only for VoIP applications.

15:26.330 –> 15:48.940
What you could do is start a Zoom meeting. If you’re in zoom, just start a meeting and you could change that setting and record using zoom. If you record to your computer, then you could turn on voice isolation, all that kind of stuff, as if you’re in a meeting, just like we are here.

15:49.390 –> 15:54.154
Right. And I could still put it in Amadeus to edit, right?

15:54.352 –> 16:01.150
Yeah, you’d just be by yourself. So you just open up a room, go in by yourself, do all your recording, and then just bring in Amadeus.

16:01.490 –> 16:01.902

16:01.956 –> 16:06.690
I mean, there’s other methods, but I think that’s one of the easiest ones to do that with the voice isolation.

16:07.030 –> 16:14.260
Okay, try that and see if that helps with the microphone, because you may not have to buy anything else if that works for you.

16:14.790 –> 16:24.582
And then, like, in zoom, then should I not have if I do that, should I not have original sound on, or should I still use because I always turn on original sound.

16:24.716 –> 16:31.270
So right now, I’m on a Sennheiser profile with original sound on and voice isolation on on the Mac.

16:31.690 –> 16:32.486

16:32.668 –> 16:51.280
And so this microphone, if I have voice isolation off with original sound on, it picks up all the room. But I feel like Apple’s voice isolation does a little bit better job than zoom’s, so that’s why I use it with original sound, and it sounds pretty good.

16:51.650 –> 16:56.894
Yeah. Okay. I will give that a try. Thank you so much. That’s awesome.

16:57.012 –> 16:59.122
No problem. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

16:59.256 –> 17:17.198
I will. Oh, yeah, and I’m so curious about the Widgets thing. I was trying to figure that out the other day. So I am going to go, listen, I know how to do it on iOS, but on Mac, I was trying to figure out I know how to do a Widget, but not on the desktop. So I will definitely check that out. Michael Babcock.

17:17.394 –> 17:18.394
Awesome. Thanks.

17:18.512 –> 17:21.238
Yep. All right. Abraham.

17:21.414 –> 17:23.018
Hey, Abraham. How you doing?

17:23.184 –> 17:24.780
You’re still muted, sir.

17:25.550 –> 17:27.638
Okay. Damn. Unmuted.

17:27.734 –> 17:28.778
Yes. Okay.

17:28.944 –> 17:47.220
So I was justified that if she still wants to keep that speech rate in a menu that’s easily accessible, she could add it to Quick Settings, and I think it’s quadruple double tap, and there’s other setting menu where you can have that.

17:47.590 –> 18:00.066
Yes, that is correct. And I always forget about that menu that you can set up. So it is a two finger quadruple tab is what will get you in there. And then you can go in to make immediate changes to your voiceover settings.

18:00.098 –> 18:00.838
Right here.

18:01.004 –> 18:16.650
Yeah, because I also find that was annoying in the rotor. The only thing now that’s annoying in the rotor is because I have different braille languages set up, and I can’t move that to Quick Settings.

18:18.430 –> 18:20.650
Got you even in 17?

18:21.310 –> 18:25.806
No, I’m still way back. I’m not on 17 yet.

18:25.908 –> 18:26.558

18:26.724 –> 18:28.830
Hopefully soon. Perfect.

18:28.900 –> 18:29.754
Well. Thank you, Ibrahim.

18:29.802 –> 19:19.680
Appreciate that tip. All right, Pam. Okay, to answer your question of the day oh, I have used a bunch of them, and I still have a bunch of them on my phone. I use seeing AI for some things. I use Supersense for some things. I use Envision for some things. I use Voice Dream for some things. And each one sort of has its pros and cons. My Voice Dream right now is kind of having a problem. Like, sometimes it crashes, literally. But if one doesn’t do the trick for what I’m doing, usually another one will.

19:21.410 –> 19:23.700
Are you paying for voice stream now?

19:25.190 –> 20:33.078
Yes. Okay. But I haven’t gone to iOS 17 yet. I will be doing that in the next day or so I used to use for scanning purposes. It was originally called KNFB Reader, and then it became One Step reader. That’s a joke because it takes more steps to use that thing than there are steps in the going up to the Eiffel Tower, top of the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building. And to me, that app got ruined about three or four years ago. They did a lot of updates to it, and it doesn’t work as well. So I still have it, but I very seldom use it now. But that’s my story. I’m sticking to it, and I haven’t had a chance to go to your podcast yet. So what’s the bug in iOS 17 you referred to?

20:33.244 –> 20:34.034
Go for it, Marty.

20:34.082 –> 20:35.400
This is something you mentioned.

20:36.730 –> 20:50.650
The last thing that I mentioned, I found a bug with moving apps around. So when you want to move an app, you go to edit the app, and then you go to move. And then when you go to drop, it either before or after.

20:50.720 –> 20:51.626
Or after.

20:51.808 –> 20:56.320
It just automatically makes a folder with the two apps, no matter what you do.

20:56.770 –> 20:59.342
And then you got to take the folder apart. Got you.

20:59.396 –> 21:07.794
Exactly. And the only way to do that is to put the apps completely off the screen. So back in either the app drawer or something like that, put them on.

21:07.832 –> 21:09.620
Another screen, another page.

21:10.390 –> 21:26.760
We also mentioned that on the same podcast, it was a very brief show description that we put in the show notes, but there was also a bug in the beta where they took out all of the new fancy sounds that we got in iOS 17 for beta of 17.1.

21:28.090 –> 21:34.842
Got you. Okay, well, I know what to look for when I do update in the next day or so. Thanks.

21:34.976 –> 21:36.358
Yep, no problem. Good luck.

21:36.454 –> 22:19.846
And before we go on to the next question, I just wanted to follow up on Ibrahim, just to give him a quick heads up, because I did see some things that may interest you, Ibrahim, in the Quick settings. So, related to braille, it looks like you can change the braille alert messages on or off. Now, you can control the auto advance rate. You can choose the braille input. Right now, mine’s set to uncontracted. Six dot. I need to change that braille output contracted. Eight dot is what mine set to. And these are pickers, so you just flick up and down to switch between them. But then there’s also braille tables and braille text formatting that you can change. So you may be able to change the braille language in that menu in 17. So who do we got next?

22:19.868 –> 22:21.862
Sheila. Marie. Hi.

22:21.916 –> 22:23.178
Hey, Marie. How are you?

22:23.264 –> 22:24.586
I’m good. How are you guys?

22:24.688 –> 22:25.738
We’re good, thank you.

22:25.824 –> 23:01.766
Okay, first of all, I use VD scan almost exclusively. I find it fast, simple, and very accurate. Second choice would be seeing AI that’s for that. But also I wanted to ask, I use a PC and I’m running well, I’ve got two PCs, one’s running Windows Ten, one Windows Eleven. Is there something like the voice isolation, like on the Mac? Is there anything like that on Windows? Because I do use a zoom room to do most of my recordings. It works quite well, but if there’s additional something to help a little bit more, that’d be great.

23:01.948 –> 23:15.562
I am not aware of a system wide thing. I think the best bet on Windows is going to be using to make sure original sound is off. And unless you go in and turn that on, it’s always off. So that’s going to give you the best recording. If using Zoom to record okay.

23:15.616 –> 23:20.906
I usually have it off. I don’t use original sound. Okay. All right, thank you very much, guys.

23:21.008 –> 23:21.934
Yeah, good luck to you.

23:21.972 –> 23:22.670
Have a good one.

23:22.740 –> 23:23.838
Yep, you too.

23:24.004 –> 24:02.762
All right, Agnes. Hi, everybody. I want to go back to a question I asked when I was on here last time, because I’m not sure I did everything correctly. I was trying to use Google to do some searches, but when I put in Www.google.com and I want to try to find where you do the searches, I get a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t want, stuff that they just throw up there, like new stuff and stuff like that. How can I get rid of that?

24:02.896 –> 24:07.562
So I gave you misinformation last time you were here, and I’m very sorry about that.

24:07.696 –> 24:08.714
Don’t worry about it.

24:08.752 –> 24:27.294
I think I told you, go to Google.com and find the edit field and put in your search. And that’s the fastest way to search. I lied to you. Just go to the address bar in your web browser so where you would type in Www.google.com. Just putting your search term there. Press Enter and then use your heading navigation to navigate the search results.

24:27.422 –> 24:41.410
Okay, now I’m using Microsoft Edge, and sometimes I think Bing comes up, and I had thought I had that fixed. I don’t do well with Bing.

24:41.850 –> 25:29.506
So if you’re using Microsoft Edge and Bing does come up, you can go in to your preferences with Control Comma on Windows, I believe, will take you there, and then that’ll take you to your preferences. Choose the search settings, and then it looks like you can change your search engine to Google instead of using Bing. So then that would work where you press CTRL L or whatever keystroke you use to get to your address bar, putting your search term, press Enter and then use heading navigation to get there. And if you’re a Jaws user, you can actually tap the number two. So tapping the number two will take you to the search results heading directly because that’s a heading level, too. Tapping number three will take you to the first search result itself.

25:29.688 –> 25:30.034

25:30.072 –> 25:43.930
And one other tip I will give you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. We all do it. There’s no reason you can’t have multiple web browsers. So maybe you want to try downloading Chrome, and that might give you a better Google experience. Give that a try.

25:44.080 –> 26:27.366
Okay. And the other question I have is this weekend I went on YouTube youtube.com. And I was trying to find at this First Baptist Church of Denver where they were going to show or possibly air a live air live a memorial service. And I just had the hardest time because then I got a bunch of stuff I didn’t want, a bunch of ads, and just all kinds of stuff kept coming up. So I didn’t know if there was any tricks to this. When you do YouTube, my trick for.

26:27.388 –> 26:59.662
You is try exploring YouTube when you’re not in a time sensitive trying to get to something experience. And I know that’s not ideal, but then you’ll have a better understanding of the layout. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find some stuff once you find the YouTube channel. I think Michael D has something to add here, so I’ll stop talking here in a second. But once you find the YouTube channel, you can subscribe to it, and then the live notifications, if they go live, will be in your notifications.

26:59.726 –> 27:02.370
Michael, did you have I didn’t.

27:03.830 –> 27:05.762
Where are the notifications at?

27:05.816 –> 27:45.170
There’s a button on the YouTube homepage called Notifications. So if you navigate by buttons with your B key, you’ll hear Notification button, and then you can press Space or Enter on that. There also was a tool talked about on Double Tap last week called Accessible YouTube. I think I have no experience with this, but some users do find that to be useful. And then Brian Hartchin created a really convenient way to search and navigate YouTube with his Leasey scripts. Since you’re a Jaws user, if you’re using Leasey, that might be something worth exploring as well.

27:45.240 –> 27:58.918
No, I’m not using Leasey, but it’d be something to explore. And the other quick question I wanted to ask is, when will the podcast for this program be up? Because I want to go back and re listen to all this stuff about.

27:59.004 –> 28:02.582
Noon Pacific Time, 03:00 P.m. Eastern today.

28:02.716 –> 28:03.254

28:03.372 –> 28:24.782
Okay, thank you much, and keep up the great job you’re doing. You’re very helpful, and we all appreciate it. And don’t worry about giving me misinformation. That happens to all of know we all make mistakes, and it happens in all phases of life.

28:24.836 –> 28:27.774
No worries. Well, thanks a lot, and you have a beautiful rest of your day.

28:27.812 –> 28:28.830
I will, thank you.

28:28.900 –> 28:29.920
Have a good one.

28:30.690 –> 28:32.190
All right, belle.

28:32.710 –> 28:33.662
Hello, Belle.

28:33.726 –> 28:34.254
Hey, Belle.

28:34.302 –> 29:11.290
How are you? Good, how are you? Know, I just had the problem that you all described a little while ago. This morning, I tried to move Elijah radio from page four, page three to page one, and right next to Hope TV. Well, it gave me a folder. It’s called a music folder, and both of those apps are in the music folder.

29:11.870 –> 29:14.298
Welcome to the iOS 17 move icon.

29:14.394 –> 29:27.570
Oh, is it iOS 17? I didn’t know which one I was on. Okay, so I hate to do this, but could you please describe it one more time? I don’t know.

29:27.640 –> 29:29.234
Are you trying to undo what you did?

29:29.272 –> 29:38.870
Is that yes, and I’m trying to get it right. I’m trying to get what I want right.

29:39.020 –> 30:36.742
Well, so by doing the voiceover gestures, you’re going to get stuck in those folders. So either you need to just take them out of the folders and then just kind of go with it until they do a bug fix for it, or there’s another thing you can do where you can pick the icon you want to move and do like a single finger double tap and hold on it. And then you kind of drag it and let it go where you want. That’s a little bit more difficult depending on your vision, because if you can’t really see where you’re going to do it, then that could be more of a problem. But if you want to undo it, you would do a single finger double tap on the folder, which would open up, and then you’d put your finger on either app. It doesn’t matter. You’d flick up to Edit, then you would flick up to Delete. Then you would go to Remove from Desktop. Don’t do the delete because that’ll delete, it completely off your phone. You just want to move it off that screen, which is Remove from Desktop and that’ll put it back.

30:36.796 –> 30:40.290
Now when you say desktop, do you mean home? I’m on the iPhone.

30:40.370 –> 30:57.706
Yeah, on the home screen is what it is. Remove from home screen. When you do that, it’s just going to take the app out of the folder and put it back into the main app drawer space there, and you can go back and find it there. So you have to do that with both of the icons so it’ll get rid of the folder.

30:57.898 –> 31:29.958
I thought I was going to have a well, I just started hyperventilating or something. This makes me so nervous. But anyway, and I do have a question about this VD scan, which I like, but I didn’t know that it had changed names. But VD scan, that means that I have updated to 17. I mean, is this the most updated instead of what is it called? What was it called before?

31:30.124 –> 31:31.154
Voice dream scan.

31:31.202 –> 31:32.430
Voice dream scan.

31:32.530 –> 31:48.942
And if it says VD scan, it just means that your app is updated. It doesn’t have anything to do with iOS 17. It just means that the app itself has been updated recently because they did change the name of it. So if yours says VD scan, then yes, you’re running the updated voice stream scanner app.

31:49.076 –> 31:50.800
Okay, thank you.

31:51.170 –> 31:51.882
No worries.

31:51.946 –> 32:48.850
Thanks, Belle. All right, iPhone. Please tell us who you are. Hi. I believe I must be iPhone. This is Sabiha. Hello, how are you? I’m doing good. Thank you very much for this. Okay, so my question for today know whenever I ask Siri, for example, where is the nearest target or something? Right. And it displays these results. But when I want to interact with the results, the Siri is still in the listening mode. And when I try to dismiss that, the results also go away, and it can be very frustrating. It is the same with yeah, I think that’s what it is. And I don’t know if it’s different without voiceover, but I don’t know how else to I’m outside or if I’m trying to plan something that can be very frustrating.

32:49.350 –> 32:52.500
So do you know if you’ve updated your phone?

32:52.950 –> 32:55.710
I have it’s now on iOS 17.

32:55.870 –> 33:53.560
That’s what I thought. So if you say Siri opens your settings, that should take you to the Siri settings. And then there’s an option in there that I will come back to you with in a moment. Because it did not open my settings for Siri that you can disable the continued listening mode, because right now, unfortunately, Siri doesn’t. You don’t have to say hey, Siri or Siri in between conversation. You can actually interrupt it and give it the information. And it sounds like you’re experiencing what I have experienced, where Siri thinks voiceover is talking to her and not you. So it’s give me give me a second. I’ll find that setting for you, and you can try that’s. The first thing I would experiment with to see if it works as you expect, is to disable that setting, and then if it doesn’t, then you can turn it back on and go back to what it was like. But that would be the first thing I would try.

33:54.010 –> 34:01.222
Series Settings. When I say siri, open settings. It’s going to siri settings directly. Or I can also find it in Settings for Siri.

34:01.366 –> 34:01.722

34:01.776 –> 34:15.982
So you can actually tell it open Siri settings, and then it should open the Series settings and then the option. Yeah, I will find it for sure, because I won’t make you wait. And then I’ll just share with you here in a couple of minutes.

34:16.036 –> 34:19.870
Okay? Sure. Thank you. Thank you. Nolan.

34:20.610 –> 34:22.160
Hey, Nolan. How’s it going?

34:22.550 –> 34:31.074
I’m doing fantabulous. Sorry, I was trying to locate the unmute button.

34:31.272 –> 34:32.260
No problem.

34:33.430 –> 35:41.930
So I actually discovered something very exciting. I don’t think I told you guys this, but when I recently updated to iOS 17, and actually this past week when I was on iOS, started looking at iOS 17, I was actually intrigued how well you can change the robotic Alex voice to human voice, like, change the pitch range, like the intonation. And I’m actually really impressed because he kind of sounds a little bit like a human, almost, and how he reads. It’s kind of funny.

35:43.150 –> 35:47.706
Yeah, they’ve come a long way. All the voices, they’re definitely been improving them over the past few years.

35:47.888 –> 37:19.302
Yeah, I’m actually impressed, and I don’t usually use the app I usually sometimes use will be be by Eyes, because sometimes specialized help can come in handy when it comes to issues. Like, if I have an issue with the Spotify app not cooperating in this case, then I could show them using specialized help, connect with Spotify support that way and tell them that, hey, there’s a problem. Now what intrigues me is the support and how long it sometimes takes. And I appreciate that. But sometimes it kind of takes a little bit because they have to document everything, get everything together, and they send you to a website where you have to gather up all the files and send it as a link to them. And then they download it to their tool, whatever they’re using, which is very intriguing. And I love what they’re doing. They listen to the feedback very well, and I’m actually really impressed, and I appreciate it, honestly.

37:19.366 –> 37:20.426
That sounds good.

37:20.608 –> 37:32.286
And I’m actually really excited to share with you. I have subscribed to the Iacast YouTube channel for the first time.

37:32.468 –> 37:33.440
Oh, awesome.

37:34.850 –> 37:52.242
Yes. I’m really excited to join whatever you guys have because I’ll get a YouTube notification, and I’ll be able to chat with you guys live. So if there’s any questions that need to be answered, I’ll be happy to join live. Awesome.

37:52.296 –> 37:55.118
That sounds great. Thank you very much. We appreciate that.

37:55.304 –> 37:56.278
You’re welcome.

37:56.444 –> 37:58.118
All right, you have a good day.

37:58.284 –> 38:07.560
You too. And a big shout out to everyone who has joined, including our fantabulous Zoom host. Thank you.

38:07.930 –> 38:09.670
Yep. Thanks, Dylan.

38:10.410 –> 38:11.350

38:12.330 –> 38:13.506
Hey, Diane.

38:13.698 –> 38:25.838
OK. Can you hear me? Yep. All right. Are either of you familiar with using the PayPal phone app?

38:26.004 –> 38:27.630
I have used it, yes.

38:27.780 –> 39:38.582
Okay, well, I am the treasurer of one of our ACB affiliates, and I’ve been trying to get a statement from PayPal, and basically, I’m using the option that allows you to request a custom statement. And I’m entering the dates from September 1, 2023, through September 30, 2023. And I just did it now. Again, this is probably the third or fourth time I’ve tried to do it, and it says, I now have a message that says, the custom statement you requested is now ready to download. And I have a couple of buttons. One of them is Done, and one of them is View details. And I’m nervous about pressing on done, because I don’t think I’ll ever find it if I do that. I’m wondering, when you request these statements, where they go, where can I find.

39:38.636 –> 39:52.140
It that I don’t immediately have for you, but I will see if I can find that information about where it goes. Have you checked the email address associated with the PayPal account to see if they emailed it to you?

39:53.390 –> 40:21.538
I do check my email. I haven’t this time. And I don’t seem to get them, except I will eventually, probably around the fifth of the month, I’ll get an email sending me a link to the latest statement. But I really don’t want to have to wait that long. If I can get a custom statement and look at it beforehand, as I.

40:21.544 –> 40:43.482
Said, I will play with this and see if I can find it and let you know. Otherwise, send us an email and we can see if we can see what’s going on. Could very well be that that process may not be accessible as well. So I will play with this in a moment. Try to create a custom invoice or a custom statement and see if it gives me options to download it. And if I find it out, I will follow up.

40:43.616 –> 40:45.402
Okay. All right, thank you.

40:45.536 –> 41:00.206
And related to the lady who had a question about Siri, unless someone else has an answer, I do not see a way to actually disable that setting. So unfortunately, I don’t have an update on that unless Michael D does.

41:00.388 –> 41:04.510
Yeah, you know what, let me clarify. I think we misunderstood. Do you hear me?

41:04.660 –> 41:05.906
Yes, we can hear you.

41:06.008 –> 41:40.954
Okay, so you’re saying that Siri thinks that it’s voiceover talking instead of me. Well, the thing is, it doesn’t even recognize when it’s in the listening mode. I cannot interact in any way. Like, if I touch the screen, I’m trying to get to the result in the background. It doesn’t talk. Nothing happens. If I try to disable it. Well, you’re not going to go back and forth disabling enabling, because then I would need it again in another app or doing some other thing where I would need it in the continuous listening mode. You know what I mean?

41:41.072 –> 42:03.678
Yeah. So it sounds like what it’s doing is the expected behavior, but it’s not how you want it to work because you’re right, when Siri is listening, voiceover goes silent. So I would drop [email protected], a quick email to let them know what you’re experiencing, because when you have to actually interact with those results, if Siri continues to listen, then you’re not able to actually read those results.

42:03.854 –> 42:07.734
Right. So it’s [email protected].

42:07.852 –> 42:14.920
Yes, ma’am. Are you trying to just search for regular searching type things or something specific?

42:16.090 –> 42:36.638
I think I experiences more, for example, like where’s the nearest, say, target store and it’ll bring up six results, and I want to interact with the first one. When you touch it, then it gives you like, okay, the timings, or it is open store hours, blah, blah, blah, all that other details until you can.

42:36.644 –> 43:04.134
Get the problem resolved. Something you might want to try and do is put into your search when you’re speaking out loud into Siri, search Google for and then closest coffee shop or whatever it is. And that’ll bypass that window and it’ll take you straight to a web browser with the Google results. And at least that way you might have a better experience using voiceover than being stuck on that Siri screen. That kind of just pops up.

43:04.332 –> 43:08.360
Yeah. But then with Google was also getting entire web pages of whatever, and this.

43:09.290 –> 43:14.026
It was just kind of a workaround if you get stuck, but it’s all.

43:14.048 –> 43:23.262
The time, and it’s been going on. This is not something new that I’ve been facing it for the past. I don’t know how someone else didn’t notice it.

43:23.396 –> 43:26.670
Yeah, definitely drop them an email for sure and let them know.

43:26.820 –> 43:28.046
All right, well, thank you.

43:28.148 –> 43:29.360
Yes, thank you.

43:30.050 –> 43:37.842
All right. We don’t have any new hands, so we’ve got repeat, so abraham hi.

43:37.976 –> 43:58.090
So for the lady with the issue with the app, I’m not sure. I know in iOS 17 that you can shake to undo moving apps around the screen. So if it creates a folder, will it uncreate the folder and put the apps back where they were? Perfect.

43:58.240 –> 44:05.110
So shake your phone, and that should offer to undo moving the folders in the apps into a folder.

44:05.270 –> 44:27.282
Yeah. And then question. So I’m planning to update my phone soon, but I don’t want to update all my apps. I only want, say, Messages Phone and WhatsApp to be actually transferred over, because I prefer to work off a clean phone. Don’t want all my settings transferred over.

44:27.416 –> 44:28.978
Is there a way to do that?

44:29.144 –> 44:42.310
I think typically it’s all or nothing. I mean, if you’re going to go clean, I would say go clean and then just go into the App Store purchased and just redownload only the apps that you want.

44:42.460 –> 44:43.160

44:44.490 –> 45:14.866
Okay. And then is there a way that I can besides going through now, the purchase history is a way to list the apps or get a list of all the apps that’s on my phone at the moment. Old phone. I believe you can go into settings. General. And I think if you go to storage, if you go scroll down a little bit, there’ll be a whole entire list. That’s correct. And is that exportable? I don’t think so.

45:14.968 –> 45:15.860
No, it.

45:20.230 –> 45:20.980

45:21.670 –> 45:51.802
All right. Chanel. Okay. So I also was trying to find that follow up mode to disable it because so annoying in Siri, and I couldn’t find it either. So that is something hopefully they could disable. That would be nice, but I looked, too thanks, Janelle. Appreciate it. That’s all I had. Yeah, I was trying to find it last week, and I couldn’t. Okay. All right, sir. Cool. Hi, guys. How are you doing?

45:51.936 –> 45:53.162
Good, how are you?

45:53.296 –> 46:09.758
Oh, fine. I was thinking about that Siri issue I had a few days ago. Kind of a weird thing that never has happened, but it seemed to have fixed itself. I don’t know how, but anyway, that’s.

46:09.774 –> 46:11.486
The best way to get your problem fixed.

46:11.598 –> 47:02.066
Yeah, but the weirdest thing that happened, I asked Siri something, and it got stuck. I could read with voiceover. The results. Siri didn’t say anything, but I could read on the screen, but the screen got dimmed and I could do nothing. It totally got stuck, so I had to close the app. I couldn’t even get to the phone to the home button. I couldn’t do anything. Wow. Yeah. So definitely there is something wrong with Siri. Must be. So, yeah, I guess I need to report that to the accessibility, but I just wanted to know if somebody else has experienced the same.

47:02.248 –> 47:30.134
Yeah, it sounds like there are definitely people, and I would definitely chime in here and say, if you experience a bug, definitely report it. The more people that report the bugs, the more opportunity they’re going to get for these problems to raise up to the surface, and hopefully they’ll take a look at them and fix them, which is what we all hope for. But people have to actually take the time to let them know, otherwise they won’t really pay attention to it. So I know that’s kind of a burden, but we got to do it.

47:30.272 –> 47:35.998
Yeah. Now, I tried it. So it has fixed itself. I don’t know.

47:36.164 –> 47:37.534
Well, you’re lucky for now.

47:37.652 –> 47:41.934
Yes. So far. So thank you. Thank you.

47:42.132 –> 47:43.202
Have a good day.

47:43.336 –> 48:47.570
All right, it’s almost ten till and Pam. Okay, a quick response to Abraham asking, how do you find which apps are actually on your phone? The way you do it or the way I do it is you actually go to App Store, you open App Store, you double tap on my account, and then you can scroll down and you double tap purchases. And it will show not only the paid apps, but it will show the free apps as well that are currently on your phone or apps that you had at one time, and you deleted them. And if you need to want to redownload them, you can. So that’s how I do it. You go into App Store, go to my account, and go to purchases.

48:48.470 –> 49:09.290
One thing I want to mention with that is if you do that, you’re getting a combination of every app you purchased and very true, that are on your phone. So it is a representation of every app you purchased. But if you just want to see the ones on your phone and not the other apps, because there’s loads of apps that I will never download again that I tried.

49:09.360 –> 49:09.980

49:11.310 –> 49:22.754
That would be the iPhone storage. But it is a very good tip to find all of the apps you’ve ever downloaded, and that might be a fun question one day to see what the first app you’ve ever downloaded is.

49:22.792 –> 49:24.340
So we’ll have to remember that.

49:25.270 –> 49:33.602
I do know what the first app is I ever downloaded. It was tune in radio. Cool.

49:33.656 –> 49:34.514
There you go.

49:34.632 –> 49:35.540
Right on.

49:36.470 –> 49:50.598
I actually checked that out one day. I got curious, and I knew it was one of the first ones I ever put in, but it was the first app I ever added through from App Store was tune in Radio.

49:50.774 –> 49:51.978
All right, well, that’s awesome.

49:52.064 –> 49:54.810
I think that was somewhere in 2014.

49:55.790 –> 49:57.610
Wow, perfect. Pam, thanks a lot.

49:57.680 –> 50:03.518
Thanks. All right, we don’t have any other hands at this time and you’ve got about eight minutes.

50:03.684 –> 50:17.780
All right, well, so in the last few minutes here, Michael Deutsche, you actually did get the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. And maybe you can just give everyone a quick experience of how you’re liking the phone so far.

50:18.630 –> 52:07.978
So the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a very nice phone. It is a bit lighter than the previous year’s model. There have been reports that there is some heating issues. I’ve never had this phone get hot once, even while playing some visual games. So your mileage will vary. And Apple is working on a fix. So don’t worry if you heard the rumors. They are being fixed. The audio is great, the speakers are great. I think they’ve done. I mean, maybe it’s just the titanium frame and all those kind of things that they’ve changed that’s kind of changed it. But the sounds sound very deep. The microphones sound good. And you can even plug in a microphone if you listen to not this past week’s Iacast, but the previous. I put some audio of me using the Senheiser profile on the iPhone so you can hear what it sounds like to plug a USBC microphone into the phone, which is a fantastic way to use your phone. It will eat battery very quickly. If you do that though. And you could charge your AirPods with the iPhone 15 lineup of phones. It’s just a very nice device and the screen is amazing. I will tell you that battery drain is a very real thing on this phone, so it will drain your battery pretty quick from what I’ve been seeing just because of the new chip and all those things in there. So keep that in mind. I do use my brightness pretty high, but I’ve heard that online as well. So it’s a great phone. Is it worth an upgrade? Well, only if you really need USBC. That’s really the main reason to upgrade this year. And that’s some thoughts on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

52:08.174 –> 52:08.582

52:08.636 –> 52:09.506
Thanks, Michael.

52:09.618 –> 53:09.414
Thanks, Michael. And before we wrap it up, I do want to make two quick announcements to people that want to keep everyone informed. The Carol Center for the Blind is hosting on November 21 a technology symposium. So keep an ear out for that. I’m sure it’ll come across some information sources. Or you can search up the Carol Center for the Blind November 21 technology and that will give you that as an opportunity. And then the ACB Employment Committee is looking for information about employment issues that blind and sight impaired individuals might face. October is the blind or visually impaired employment month. So if you are interested in that survey, send us an email and I can get that to you. It takes a couple of minutes to fill out or tune into Tuesday topics tonight. And that’s all the quick last minute announcements I have. Marty, you have anything else before we wrap it up?

53:09.532 –> 53:30.380
Nope, that’s about it. I’m going to wrap this up. I want to thank Sheila and Herbie for helping us out. As always, we appreciate all of what you do for us here and we appreciate everyone else being here. If you have any questions, comments, or anything else, you can email us at feedback at unmute show. Everyone, have a great week and we’ll see you next time.