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Hey, how’s it going? It’s going good. Losing some stuff up here for a. To you guys. My audio sounds good and everything. Yeah. Oops. That’s not good. What? I almost deleted something I didn’t want to delete. Hello, Janet. Hello, Michael. How you doing, Janet? Good. How are you, Marty? Pretty good. So what is switch tv? What is that in reference to? What? Well, I was on discord, and they were taught, and they. And they said, we’re gonna. We’re gonna have a live broadcast on Switch TV. No twitch. T w I t. Yeah. It’s Amazon streaming service. Kind of like what YouTube is, except for the videos. Don’t stay there unless your creator tells them to. Oh, do they have an app? They do, yep. And it’s accessible? It’s usable. Okay. Yeah. So that’s what that was. I’m like, what the heck is that? There is a Google event in 15 minutes. I think so. Yep. That’s where it came from. Is that Google I o? I don’t think so. Yeah, it is. Yeah. That’s today. Yeah. Yeah. We’re halfway through May, Marty. Well, I saw it, but then I just didn’t think it was coming up that fast. Yep. Yes. Today. So they’re going to announce the pixel eight, probably. They already announced the eight a. That’s what they always do. They always announce them, let them leak all over the place, and by the time the thing comes. No, like, they were doing pre orders last week. They announced pre orders, apparently on the same day that Apple announced their iPad event. Mm hmm. I learned that from Demossi. Hey, Sheila. Sheila. Hey, how are you? I am using windows. Let’s see. Sheila. Sheila. Without saying anything. Personal information. I asked you for a number last week. Do you know when that person’s going to be back? Oh, they got back Saturday. Oh, okay. Perfect. I’ll try again today, then. Yeah. Thank you, sir. How was your auction? Really good. I cut. I caught part of it on eight. It was fun. Had a good time. Everybody was just in a really good mood. Laughing and cutting up and joking. Did you guys make a lot of money? I. I know what I think about what we made, but I don’t know for sure. Leslie hasn’t called me today, so I don’t know yet. Hey, Bradford. I’m wondering what tuxedo cookies are. I have no idea. I’ve heard of them. I just never had them. Never had them either. Caramel cookies. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hi. How are you? Good. You sound exhausted. No, no, no. You need more coffee. That always. But I’ve had enough. I already shut it down for the day. You know, there’s Mac bites tonight. Of course. You’re always on top of these things. Yep. Got the email. Very good. We’re going to talk about east five west. Check the website and the newsletter or email or whatever. And we do have games to play right after us. Yes. Pretty soon, these announcements, we’re going to have to have a pre show just for announcements. I know. Mm hmm. Are you going to be around this afternoon? Brad, I need to call you because Saturday is ridiculous. With how many things I need to do. I know something’s going to have to give somewhere. Okay. Yeah, give me a call. There’s probably not much we need to do this Saturday. But it’s all that mandatory meeting on Saturday. That’s one thing. Oh, but you can do it again on next Wednesday. Yeah, but I can’t. I have something else that night. All right, well, we’ll talk about it. We’ll figure it out. I can probably just tell you about it after the fact. Or Michael can tell you about it. One of us will. But yeah, I got a stream homophones that at two. Then I got something after that. Well, to my time. And then I got to do something after that. So maybe you call me when we’re done here, if that’s. If you can do that. Yeah. Nice. We’re having severe thunderstorms. Did you get your protected view thing figured out, Sheila? I did. Somebody that replied to me. I followed those instructions and it worked beautifully. So I can’t remember if you just do it like in word, does it apply to everything or do you have to go to word, Excel, PowerPoint, everything and do it separately? I don’t know. Was basically getting everything in word. My other, my other problem right now is I can’t find the in a PDF. I can’t open PDF’s because it can’t find that convert to word with jaws under the menu or applications under convenient OCR. I know, I can’t. I can’t find it on this new computer. If you highlight the file. Yeah. Open the context menu. If it’s not in the context menu, but if it’s not showing there, try jaws key space o f and see if that does the OCR on the file. Did you move to Windows eleven? Is that you go from Windows ten to windows eleven? Yeah, if you open the context. If you, you know, go to the file in a file Explorer window, highlight it. Open the context menu. Somewhere in that menu it says something like more items more something. More actions, I think. Yeah. And it’s in there. It’s, it’s like they’ve made a sick. It’s like windows ten. We only had one context, but this one’s like it’s got one with a limit, a certain number of items in it. And if you select more or something, it’s like. So more options. Yeah, you get more options. Just like it says. I’ll practice when I get off here and see if I can figure it out. And then you should see convenient OCR with Jaws or convenient OCR words. Word. With jaws or something. The word. Yeah, but even if you do convenient OCR, there’s a little button in the bottom right corner that says open in word or something like that. And Sheila, if none of those things work, click my meals three times. Four. Three, four. Trish, is that you? Exactly. See? All right, there’s Lori. Hi, Sheila. Hey, Lori, how are you today? I’m good. How are you doing? Hi, Michael. Hi, Marty. Hello, how are you? I’m good. How are you? Good, good, good. Getting a new commuter is always so much fun. Petra, that’s you in 303, correct? Not in 303. 303 is. You may be in 303. Hey, everybody. Hello. Y’all missed me last week. I’m going to have a question for you guys today. I mean, besides your question of the day. I’m going to have a question for you all. Sweet. Get your hand up then there. Petra star nine. Oh, okay. That was your first up. Okay, very good. Because I did it last night. But I sent somebody a question. But, but it’s going to have to do with responding using your voice. I mean, not responding, but, you know, let’s say you want to reply again after they respond back to you, you want to reply to them again without having to start a whole new message over again. Wonderful. So we will talk through that when we get live in about five minutes. I’ll let you start with your question. Of course, it might be more important than mine. About a minute. So you’re my wife. On the phone in the other room. I hope we don’t hear anything. No. A long minute. Like watching water boiling. All right, there we go. 58. Here we go.

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Opinions expressed on ACV Media are those of the content creators and should not be a student to reflect product endorsements or the views of the American Council of the Blind, its elected officials, or its staff hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. As usual, a couple announcements here at the top, we want to remind everyone we’re going to take all first questions and if we get through everybody then we’ll take second questions. Also, please be respectful and let everyone get their questions answered with the same respect that you would want your questions answered. And always remember, there are no dumb questions. Also, I want to remind everyone, bits tonight has their regular Mac bytes with bits. You can find out how to join by checking the website or checking today’s community email. Also, the question of the day today is do you start your restart your device? And if you do, how often do you do it? And if you don’t, why don’t you a good idea. And as always with me, I got Michael Babcock. How you doing, Michael? I’m doing great, Marty. Thanks to the community crew this morning for that question because they were like, hey, asking that question, I thought that would be great. Today we have not a whole bunch of material to cover. And yesterday of course, we had technically working with Demossi and myself. And then on Sunday we published the digital bytes where we talked about screen recording, your batteries and the open run pro headsets on jaws tips. Marcy shared the finding jaws text finding text with jaws on the web, which will give you an opportunity to learn how to use that tool. And then, of course, we have the community replay on last Tuesday. Sheila, do we have any hands? We do less. Hey, Les. Alta audio now unmuted. Yes. Good afternoon. Hello. Hand now lowered. I also, I’ll answer your question first. You’re talking about computers, iPads and all of that stuff, right? Any device you use on a daily basis, do you restart it or do you not restart it? Once a week? I shut it down. Like a Friday night I shut it down. And I usually don’t start back up until Sunday or even Monday morning. And I have two computers, an iPad and all of that. So it’s good to go. No, my question is, I don’t know why it happens, but it doesn’t happen on all zoom programs. My speakers at my headset come on at the same time. I know how to do it. Insert spacebar vc and I arrow down and it says speakers. How do I lock it in? So it doesn’t do that. The funny part, it doesn’t do it every time. May do out of five. It may do it one time. Beth has left the meeting. So, Les, I do have a question for you here. Which device is this on a iPhone, a windows, a Mac computer? What does the device, it’s on? A desktop, windows, windows, windows ten, outlook. Okay, so what I can recommend to you there, Les, is two things. Number one, I think I know what I can, I can replicate what’s happening and what it’s doing is it’s taking your default output and it’s setting that to the same device. So what you can do, and I don’t know if this will fix it always, but you can go into your Zoom settings. So when you’re not in a Zoom meeting, open zoom from your desktop or your start. Susan has left the Me tab to the settings button and press space, locate the audio category, and then set the speakers there to not be default speakers, but to be the speakers you want them to be in Zoom. And then go into the jaws menu. Under the utilities option, you can choose sound cards and set the sound card you want jaws to come out of. That’s, instead of letting Windows manage that output. I think that’s going to be the closest way you’ll be able to make those outputs and inputs be what you want them to be. That sounds good. I like that. Yep. So that’s where I would start to try to make that work because windows does not manage audio the best sometimes. Yeah, I found that out the hard way. Alrighty. Well, thanks a lot there. Oh, thank you. I appreciate the answer. Of course, Sheila. Who do we got next? Teresa. Hey, Teresa. Hey. Two things. Okay. First of all, there are times at my work is my computer, if I notice it is being quote unquote cantankerous, yes. I will restart it so that maybe it’ll, whatever’s, you know, it’s been a little cantankerous about, it’ll cease to exist and hopefully things will run more smoothly. That kind of thing. I need to do that more on my Lenovo at home as I have an issue sometimes trying to send an email to somebody, let’s say if it’s individual email, not to a contact list, it will. I did that to somebody last night and it bounced back to me, which is going to lead to my question here. But I also find that when I’m trying to send an email on my Lenovo that I have to have somebody to help me start. You know, I send it only to the person or person that I want, not to all my contacts because all my contacts care about whatever it is I’m trying to send to one specific person. Right. So that’s, that’s a mess. Gotcha. So is your question, how do you send an email to someone? Is that what you’re asking there? Okay, well, okay, now this actually my question was going to be, okay, the person that I wanted to reach out to, I did. So on my ipod touch, I held the home button down and I said, send mail to her name, blah, blah, blah, and it went to her and she did respond back to me. But I’m curious, okay, what if I wanted to respond back to her again in the same email without having to start a whole new email, subject line type of thing. Gotcha. So what I would do in that case there is because it sounds like you’re using Siri. So tell Siri to open mail and then that would open the mail application. At this point you would either use voice control or voiceover. I can tell you how to do it with voiceover. Marty might know how to do it with voice control, but you would find the message you want to reply on and double tap on that. When you double tap on that, that’ll open the message that the person sent you. Across the bottom there is some buttons and I don’t remember if on the I ipod touch, if it is under the more actions button or if there’s just a reply button there, but you ultimately want to find the reply option, double tap on that, and then this will put you in a new reply message. And at that point, you can two finger double tap to dictate your message back to the person and then choose send. Okay, how would this work? In a message read, let’s say you’re trying to respond to a group message. Like, for example, I get a lot of messages about, you know, email messages about the Victor stream. Victor stream three. And I wanted to be able to, if I wanted to participate in the discussion thread or any other discussion thread for that matter. How can I do that? Yep. I’ll give you that keystroke real quick. Well, is this on a computer or on your phone? So instead of choosing reply, you would choose the reply all option. Okay. Yep. And that’ll get you there. Thanks for your question today. And the same step, right? Yep. Just hit reply all, and then you can double tap to with two fingers to dictate your message all and then choose the send button. So thanks a lot. And Hila, who’s up next? Brad, do we have somebody in clubhouse? Yes, we do. We have Danette on stage, and troublemaker has been invited to the stage, but he has not responded. So go ahead, Danette. Hey, Danette, how are you? Hi. I got two things. I’m wanting to purchase a Victor track and Humanware has discontinued them. I think we lost her. Danette, are you there? We completely lost her. Hello? Yeah, we can hear you. Can you hear me? Yeah, you want to purchase a victor track and human where has discontinued. And then we lost you for a second, I think. Okay, sorry. I’m at the doctor’s. And so you thought you may have lost me? Yes, but I’m here. Did you have a question or were you just letting us know that human wears discontinued the victor track? I’m wanting to know where I can get one. So we’re third party retailers. That would be a good place to start. What I would start with is maybe look at, maybe you could post an ad on blindbargains.com or some of the buy, sell trade mailing lists and see if there are any people who have those. I do say perform those, those transactions at your risk. And of course, we’re not responsible for anything that happens, but that’s where I would start if humanware doesn’t sell them anymore. So hopefully that helps. Another good place to check is some of the, like, blind government organizations. A lot of times they have extra of things and sometimes they’ll sell them. You just got to contact them. Okay, my second question would be, I’m trying to fill out the dot form for airline form, and it’s in a PDF. Can I change that to a word document? Unfortunately, I don’t think you can. No, I don’t think you can. They actually make him in a PDF format so that you can’t edit it. Okay. Is there a way that for some reason, my computer won’t let me fill it out? I can’t fill it out. Are you trying to, like, a. Make an airline reservation kind of a thing? I have the reservation. I just need to fill out the service dog form. You can always call them and they’ll. You can get someone on the phone and they can help you do that, and then they’ll put it right in with your. They’re not going to fill it out. Yeah, they. They’re not going to fill it out for me. They. They. So what I would try in this instance, and there are tools out there to fill out PDF’s. I have not used them myself. Are you a Jaws user, by chance? Yes. Okay. So you can try what we were talking about, actually, in the pre show and see if that works. And that is to do jaws key space o and f on the file and do OCR to open that up. And then there’s an open and word. You can choose that link, and then that’ll give you an editable version of the PDF that you can add your information to. Okay, so the jaws key is that the insert. Yep. Insert or capsule? Insert space. And then you said o n o f option or OCR file of, like. Frank. Sorry. Yep. Okay. Okay. All right. Give that a try and see if that works out for you. Okay. Thank you. A troublemaker has made his way to the stage. Hello, troublemaker. Well, hello. Hello. Hello. But don’t worry, I’ll be reach or which one? But this isn’t a limit. I can have, uh, could, uh, Ira was helping me do pictures, and it’s a limit, like, I would say, like, 30 pictures with one email. And. And by the way, I use, uh, Gmail, by the way, it’s a limit if I can do, like, I can have, like, 30 or 40 pictures with one email for this. So with Gmail, you can send multiple images. I don’t specifically know what the limit would be, but most of the time, Google will fall back on Google Drive to host those files. So I don’t think you’ll run into that limit easily. Okay. And then I just watched the keynote yesterday with OpenAI. It is. I mean, it’s still early stage. It’s called OpenAI. Oh. It’s like a real human. What. What I’m trying to say, it’s like, so it would do the camera, like what with front of me, like a pit or a person, a thing or like, so I think I understand what you’re asking is if the OpenAI’s GPT four o will be able to identify things in front of you. Is that what you’re asking? Yes. Yes, it will. I mean, GPT four already can identify items in front of you. That’s what be my AI was based on. And so GPT four o will just be able to do that faster and provide more human like dialogue and conversation. So it’s interesting where it’s going and we appreciate it there. Troublemaker. Thanks for asking. And sheila, who do we got next? Cindy. Hey, Cindy. Hey, guys. How are you? I’m good. I use siri to restart my phone only when I have a glitch, and it reminds me to do it. I am trying to add my sbcglobal email to my mail app on my iPhone. When I go to settings, then mail, then add a new account, it gives me choices such as Google, Yahoo, and other. And some other ones. Do you know which one of those I should choose for an SBC global? Probably others. Oh, go, Brad. Yahoo. Because ATT, which is what SBC Global is, uses Google, uses Yahoo, excuse me, to host their email. Okay. I thought maybe that was it. I actually tried other and it didn’t work. But it could be that I didn’t have the correct password, too. So I will try that. Thank you. Helps, too. Thanks, Cindy. Who do we got next? Sheila. Pam. Hey, Pam. I assume you mean me, because nowadays. Yes, ma’am. The community. Gotcha. So, to answer the question of the day. Oh, yes, I restart my devices, especially when they start acting a little weird, which my phone does frequently because it’s getting older. I’m sure that has to do with it. And it just rarely, if ever, gets a break, except when I’m asleep. And even then, it’s sometimes playing a podcast that I fall asleep to. But I absolutely restart my phone when it starts acting a little wonky. And after I have. After a software update, I will typically restart it again. And my Mac. Yeah, if it starts acting a little weird, I will restart it. Very good. Thank you very much. My story, and I’m still sticking to it, so. So restart as needed is what I heard you say. Absolutely. And. And in the case of my phone, that is now quite frequent. Yep. Yep. That that happens as our devices age. Thanks, Pam. Appreciate it. Sheila, thank you much. Janet. Oh, and by the way, for Danette, another place to go to look for a device would be the ACB Grail forum because they frequently will have a section called swap shop. There we go. Thank you. Appreciate that, Pam. Janet, you’re welcome today. Thank you. Hello. Pam. Took all the words out of my mouth. So the question of the day, I was going to suggest to Jeanette, blind ads. Perfect. They sell pretty, a lot of finest stuff and jewelry and stuff like that. So anyway, y’all have a great day. So Jeanette also restarts as needed and suggests blind ads. Who do we got next? Sheila. Matthew. Hey Matthew. Hey, how you guys doing? Good, thank you. You? Good. First off, to answer the question of the day, my MacBook air, I usually, when I’m done with it, I just shut it down because I, it’s usually, you know, I plug it in to charge it and stuff, but when it’s, when I’m not using it, I either put it to sleep or shut it down. Anyway, my question actually is kind of more of a curiosity more than anything. I have a Asus desktop that runs Windows eleven, but I also have Linux installed as well. My question actually has to do with Linux. I have a couple of distros but they both have the same behavior, I guess. I don’t know what to call it, but it has to do with audio and that is that orca, the screen reader, will, and even sound in general will start out to sound. If it’s not, if there’s not a USB device connected anyway, we’ll start out, it’ll come up and it’ll start sounding, it’ll constantly, the sound will constantly change and then cut off completely. Like it’ll just go, it’ll have like a really staticky sound then clear up and then have a very like a telephone style sound and then just cut off completely. My question, and this is more for probably anyone that’s, that’s on here using Linux or has used Linux. I’m wondering if there is a way to resolve that without having to use a USB device. Because one thing I noticed, my machine, the machine I’m using has an AMD processor and has a, actually has two audio drivers apparently. One is an AMD audio driver and the other one is a real tech driver. And I’m wondering if that, and for Windows itself it doesn’t seem to be conflicting. But anything else, I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. So anyone on, on windows, it’s going to usually recognize the driver that the, that it goes with the hardware. And for example your sound card. Right. So what you would need to do is find out the exact manufacturer and model of the sound card. And then you’d have to go to their website and download, or hopefully they have a driver that you can download from their website for the Linux distro and then you would install it that way and hopefully that’ll resolve that problem. But it’s probably being wonky on the Linux side because you probably don’t have the correct driver for it installed. That’s usually what you have to do to repair it. The only other thing would be is if a, there isn’t one that exists, like there’s not a driver for Linux. Or there could actually be a hardware issue with the card. But I don’t think that’s the issue because it works fine on the windows side. It had a hardware issue, wouldn’t work anywhere. So that’s what I would do. That’s where I would start. Okay. Yeah, I’m just curious if anybody’s. It was just curious. So I thought I’d throw it out there. Yep. Thank you Matthew. If anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to throw them in as well. Sheila, who is next? Beth. Hey Beth. Hi. Yeah, I have a question about seeing AI this weekend. I tried to go to scene, you know, and see if I can test like what’s in front of me. And I tried to take a picture double tap and it went to I think the file before, which is documentary, whatever, but I couldn’t get it to say what was in front of me. So I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong. So I just did it here. And what I had to do is when you find seen in the picker at the bottom of your screen. So if you flick up past product to scene then instead of double tapping there, flick to the left twice. So slide your finger to the left twice quickly and that will take you to the take picture button. Okay. That is located about mid screen on your phone. But once you find that take picture button, if you snap a photo, it then plays the little seeing AI working sound and gives you a description of what’s available. And then you can tap the more info to get a more detailed explanation of that image. Oh, like I could, I could take a picture of a person and, and then can I put a name with that person or. So not, not in scene. That’s not what scene is used for, but scene will give you a description of what is around you and give you those details. So I would practice with that, Beth, and then give that a try. Okay. Okay. Thank you. No worries. Who do we got next? Sheila Gregory. Hey, Gregory Alta. Hey, guys, can you hear me? Yep, we can hear you. First of all, I restart my iPhone quite a bit. So, you know, if I think there’s a problem for us getting warm or something or, you know, on my computer, I always shut it down every night. So that’s the same as restarting, isn’t it? Pretty much, yeah. Yeah. Okay, I gotta ask you guys a question about the new Outlook that’s web based. Is it? Am I correct? Have you guys used it? Is it accessible at all? I have not used it. I have heard it is accessible, but it is clunky. Clunky. And it’s coming out actually December. They’re actually. Is it right that they’re going full bore with it? You won’t have the app. It’ll just be web based. Is that what you guys hear? I have not heard that yet, but that does not mean that that’s not the case. But that might push my need to use that up a little bit more because I have no experience with that web based outlook. I don’t think they will drop full support for the standard Outlook desktop app, though, because they’ve had outlook around for years. Yeah, I think they’re just trying to make the online version a little bit more up to date, a little bit more robust than it has been. And a lot of people don’t have outlook on their computer, so that’s kind of how they get the free option without having to pay for it and download it through 365. Yes, yes. Always ask map 365. It’s always asking me to switch to the new outlook. I don’t want to do that, but I’ve been told it’s really funky, too, like you said. I’m just wondering if you got any experience with it. Yep, I have not. And best of luck, Gregory, when it comes. Thank you. All right, Sheila, who’s next? Lori. Hey, Lori. Hi, guys. So I restart my iPhone quite a bit because it’s getting wonkier as it gets older. And in September it’s going to be four years old. And when I was four years old, I did not act up like that. But then again, I’m a human and the iPhone is a computer. But I had a problem last week that is really, really weird. I use the messaging app quite a bit when I first got my iPhone, and then I kind of strayed away from it and used Siri to dictate messages. But then I decided one day I was going to go back to the messaging app and one of my friends and I like to text a lot. So I decided I would message her from the messaging app. And I went to text. Field is editing and a position is at start, at the start position. And when I double tapped to dictate, everything went fine. But then when I wanted to add something, the position stayed at the start. It wouldn’t go to the end. So when I read her message back, it read it backwards, but when she got it, she said it was not backwards, so that was good. But then I went to send it, and I couldn’t find the send button to save my life. And to make matters worse, my screen locked, it froze. And I never had that happen before. So I tried to restart my phone. Nothing happened. I tried to press the home button to get out of that screen. Nothing happened. I finally decided I was going to leave it alone until the next morning. Maybe by this time it’ll cool down. Long story very short, the next day I was able to send my message, but I found that really annoying. So my question is, what would have that problem? What would cause that? Well, it could have been a hiccup. It could have been a glitch. I mean, there’s all kinds of things that could have caused it. There’s no way to really know exactly, because in all the four years I’ve had my iPhone, I’ve never had it walk up like that where I couldn’t even get voiceover to talk for a time. And I thought, oh, what is wrong with this damn phone? And then finally I got it to the next day, I finally was able to send my text and my friend told me it was all right. And the other thing I did was one of my blind friends that lives in the same building I do gave me a headset that she wears for her CD player, and I wanted to see if I could use it with my iPhone. So I attached a USB thing to it and now I can use it on my iPhone charging port and I can take calls that way rather than hold the iPhone to my ear and I can listen in private. I didn’t know if I could use a headset like that, but I didn’t feel like buying one that was just made for one ear. And this headset that I’m referring to is for two years. Both ears. There you go. Well, I’m glad to hear that that’s working for you. And as Marty said, sometimes, Lori, your phone can just freeze up and we just got to walk away from it for a couple of minutes and then hopefully come back to it shortly thereafter and it’ll work for you. So thanks for the topic of the day and restart your device. Yep. There you go. Yeah. And lately I tend to do that quite a bit as well as with my lady a, because she’s aging also. So anyway, thanks, guys. All right. No problem. People with the question of the day is. Yes, the question of the day is, do you start restart your devices? And if you do, how often do you do it? And if you don’t, why not? You should. It helps sometimes. We got next, Sheila. All right, Anne. Hey, Ann, can you hear me? We can hear you. Oh, good. It worked. Okay. As far as restarting my phone, I don’t do it every day, and some weeks go by that don’t do it. But if I have a problem or something that I think is going to become a problem, do. And just sometimes if it’s just kind of acting weird, you know, or I’m getting some kind of bug is a bug, I will start, but I do start it some. Oh, and after a, after an update, I always, I learned that the hard way. So the update works much better if you start your phone after you update, as I just consider it part of the updating. All right. You know, and also I have a question. The best way I know how to ask it is like, for instance, if I open an email and somebody says, would you fill out this form, click here and I click there. And, which will take me to the website. I’ll call it that. It wants me to fill out whatever it is I’m having a hard time getting in the, I’m going to call it the box that would, where I would fill it out. I may get enter password and some other information or whatever, but I’m having a hard time. And sometimes I will enter someplace thinking it will put me in the right box to fill out whatever it is. And sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. What’s the best way to do that? Well, some of it may not be totally your issue. Some of it may be that the particular site you’re going to isn’t exactly accessible. That happens quite often. But if you start at the top and then you just try to find where the boxes are that you need to fill out. Wait a minute. How do you get to the top? Well, you could either do a three finger swipe down to get all the way up to the, till you get to the top of the, I’m sorry, on the, on the computer, on windows, hold the control key down and press the home key. Oh yeah. That takes you to the top of the page. Yeah. Yep. That takes you to the top of the page. And then if I’m understanding what you’re encountering, then when you’re navigating down through that page, are you saying you can’t find the places to fill out or. Sometimes, sometimes I cannot. Sometimes it gives me other junk or it asks me for password and I really don’t need to put a password in there and it’ll just put, give me other stuff, but it won’t let me find that. I’ll call it the edit box to type the information they want. So, so in this instance, it could be an issue with accessibility for the form itself and that those elements are not available. We have a couple of resources for you at that point that you can try leveraging to see if you’re able to, to figure out what’s going on. Where I would start is you can contact the website, like the individuals who make the website and ask them, hey, I’m not finding these edit fields. Are they actual edit fields? If you don’t feel like going that, are you using Jaws or NVDA or narrator? Jaws. So I would then call Vespero at their 727 number and tell the tech support, hey, I’m having issues finding these form fields. Can you go to this website and tell me what I need to do to find the form field so I can. Well I actually did and he said I need to tandem in to help you. Well I kind of sort of didn’t really want him to do that, but I would have. But the problem is I’m about to get a new computer because my computer is so old it will not let him go in anyway. So I’m a about to get a new computer and within the next month. Well that could be also what’s, what’s making the website not fully render as well. If your computer is super old, maybe there’s elements that aren’t being rendered by your computer. So I would at this point find someone else to help fill out the form if it needs to be done immediately. Otherwise wait until you get your new computer and then see if the experience is any better. Might be, might work better, yeah. Thank you very much for your question today. Thank you, Sheila. Who’s next? Petra. Hey Petra. Hi there. I have a couple comments. First of all, I’m one who restarts my phone pretty much only when I have to. So. But anytime it does seem to act strange or I think that it would improve it, I do shut it down and restart it. I have an iPhone 13 mini and I discovered I have two apps that recognize us paper currency. Well, they recognize other currency also. But yesterday I went to use them and they both, neither one of them works correctly anymore. And that was before I updated to 17.5. So no update had happened since the last time I used them, except maybe the app itself. And one of them was inote, which is one that actually is put out by the US government. And I like that one a lot. First of all, it’s free. And second of all, it would tell you whether you’re looking at the front side of the bill or the backside. And a lot of sighted people like their bills face up. So I always like to have it so I could hand it to them face up. And that app is totally not working at all. And my other app that I loved was called cash reader, and it will tell me that it sees a $20 bill, but it will say something to the effect of $20 is equal to 289 czech crowns. And I’m like, I have no idea how Czechoslovakia invaded my iPhone, but I can’t get out of it. And even Apple couldn’t help with that one either. So just kind of a comment, but what do other people use for currency recognition? Well, going back to the two apps that you currently have, sometimes what you need to do, and I know this isn’t going to be most people’s favorite option, but for whatever reason, sometimes you have to do this, you actually need to delete the app off your phone and then go back and redownload it. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you don’t get the most updated version. Or sometimes you get just a glitch. And just no matter what you do, it won’t resolve the issue unless you remove it and start over. And if none of those options work, then you can always go to the App Store, find like you were talking about inoter, whichever app you’re trying to use, and see if there’s a support email there and or find the website and then let them know that you’re having certain issues and try to explain to them what it is. Sometimes it’s something simple, they can push out an update and try and get it resolved pretty quickly. But those are the things I would try. And if those all still don’t work, you may have to find a different app. And to answer your question, thank you, Petra. Your initial question of what app we use? I am currently using seeing AI for currency recognition. Does it tell you updating their app quite a bit? I don’t remember because I haven’t had money to scan in a little while, but that’s the app that I’m using. If someone else has money that they want to scan with seeing AI and let us know, or knows offhand, I’m looking at Brad, then, then they can jump. It does not tell you if it’s the front of the back. Okay. Or upside down or right side up. It just tells you what it is. Yep. Which is good enough. Yep. So thank you, Petra. Thank you. 70 two ending in zero five six. Hello, could you tell us who you are, please? Hello, this is Jewel in Tennessee. Can you hear me? Yes, ma’am. Okay, I, first of all, the question of the day, I tend to restart my devices every day with Siri being able to do it, it’s very simple. I love being able to just go Siri, restart my device and it kind of brings it back up when it’s done. I love that. So simple. So it just makes it that much easier to just go ahead and do it every day. Restart my device takes like two minutes. Done. My laptop, I tend to put to sleep during the day. And then when I’m ready for bed, I shut it down, just completely shut it down. And then that’s the same as restarting it. That helps it overnight and I don’t have to worry about it. Talking to me in the middle of the night, putting your pen. No, go sleep. There you go. So, yeah, I also want to mention for the cache reading, I use seeing AI. And if it’s really important to you what position it is like for, like for example, vending machines. Some vending machines are really weird that they only take them outside up. You can also use the scene recognition to take a picture and it will use AI now to give you a description. And that description will include what the bill looks like and you can tell which is the front or back from that. FEMA AI will also do this, but seeing AI seems to be a little faster for something like that. Just a quick description. Perfect. Yeah. And then I had a question. I have an issue with my mobility, which is mainly about balance. Because my left leg is so weak, I had a tendency to lean too far left. And then because my right leg is stronger, I veer to the right. And I’ve been thinking about this and talking to people and I was thinking a compass that only talks when I veer too much like not a couple of degrees or percentage of degree like the compass app in the iPhone does would help me or some kind of haptic compass, but not one that I have to constantly touch. Do you know of anything like that? Not of an app. Offhand, I almost wonder. Yeah, well, I almost wonder if a tactile compass would be better. I remember using a compass when I was younger that had needles that you could flip it open and feel kind of like a braille watch does. And that might help. My, my problem with that is that you have to be really careful with how you’re touching it. And this is mainly for like, when I’m traveling across open places, especially across the street, and I can’t really concentrate on that. Yeah. So where I would go in this instance, if no one else has a suggestion of easy to feel compass and or something that gives you haptics when you turn a certain amount or veer off of off track, then feel free to let us know. But I would almost reach out to the adaptation store at the San Francisco lighthouse for the blind and ask them if they have any familiarity with tactile is because I think that’s the plural of them. Because I don’t think you have to be as gentle as you did with a watch and other things. I could very well be wrong, but that might be something worth exploring for sure. Also maybe check with like, a mobility instructor. They probably have a lot of good options as well, or ideas of something maybe you could do to help you. I would have instructors that have ideas at the moment, but I did notice one thing that I was keeping an eye on, and I’m going to be talking to my own instructor about it, is the way band with haptic nav. Have y’all have any experience with that? It’s supposed to like send haptics when you are outside your corridor, which you can adjust the size of it and then it helps you with routes. I wasn’t sure if that’s something that maybe that would be helpful. That would be an interesting use. I have not had experience with this, but yeah, that that might be a solution. It’d be worth exploring for sure. Okay, I will be exploring that with my own a instructor. The only other thing I thought of was that new glider device that’s out there, the glide, I think it’s called. It’s from the company glider, but it’s like $1200 regularly. I mean, right now you can preorder it looks like it. I think it’s like 60% off. But it’s still, like, $800 or something. Yeah. It’s supposed to be more orientation and just happens to be something that might help balance, but, you know, might for $800 is a lot. Yeah. But. But I think that could be a solution for you because it uses cameras and AI to help. I have not used this in an outdoor environment, but it could help with keeping you on track for following and staying within a crosswalk or something of that nature so you don’t veer off as well. And then you would have the ability to hold on to it, possibly forced ability. So that might be a solution for you. Yep. Thank you, Jewel. Appreciate it. Thank you, Sheila. Who is next? All right, Erica. 970 ending in 874. I know I’m going to know who this is when you unmute. If you are 970, go and unmute. Hi, Michael. Hey, Catherine. Hi. I have two questions. During the time on my call, on this call, my blind shell was going from speakerphone to regular phone without me doing anything to it. And is there a fix for that? This is my new phone. So were you on Zoom with the blind shell? Yes. And I dialed in and. You dialed in, and then it kept switching between speaker and not speaker? Yes. I have not heard of this issue, so I do not know of a solution. Is this the first time this has happened? No. And the reason why I do the dial up is that my Internet here is not in my control, and it’s really bad. And to confirm, Catherine, you’re not pressing the okay button at all, correct? No. Like, you’re not accidentally bumping it, because if you’re hitting it with your cheek, then that could cause it to switch. I have had some people who have inadvertently done that. That’s where my mind initially goes. Okay, well, I’ll keep after it. And then my question, my real question was, I have not gotten any contact back from Barry, from blind shell about the extended warranty. I have left him my phone number, and nobody has called me back or emailed me back. So do you have contact with him or Diane that could make sure that I get signed up for that and give them my credit card? Because I don’t want it to go too long. And then they say, you’re not eligible anymore. So I will reach out to Diane. I know you had mentioned that to her on blind shell 101, I believe it was. Yes, I did. She had said she received an email, so I know she’s aware of it. Catherine. I will reach out to her and remind her, and we’ll make sure that we have the correct information for you. Okay. Okay. If there’s somebody else I can talk to because apparently Barry is tied up with personal things or something on vacation or something. And so if I can talk to somebody else, you can give them my credit card. That’ll be good. You can always send an email to infolindshell.com and reach out to the people in Prague. They may or may not be able to help you with extended warranties here in the US. And you can send an email to info at blind shell USA as well, info lionshellusa.com to see if someone can call you, if that’s easier than trying to reach out to them. Okay, I’ll try both of those then. Yeah. Thank you so much. No worries, Catherine. Thanks a lot, Sheila. Who is next? Excuse me. Oh, hello. Can I interrupt just for a second? Sure, Marie. I just had some information on the glide device. Number one, the full price on it is going to be 1500, but there is a discount if you get in and do a deposit. Now. However, they say it’s not going to be released until late 25, and there is mention of a monthly subscription fee on top of the program purchase price. Just little extra information. Yep. And if you’re going to be in person at convention, I do believe they will be at convention as well. Yeah, they’re going to be at ACB convention. Yes. Yep. So thank you, Marie. Thank you. Did you say Debbie there? Sheila? Uh huh. Debbie. Yeah. Thanks. Usually don’t get on these calls because I’m usually at work. But anyway, glad to have you. Welcome. I’ve been having a little issue with, it’s mainly zoom calls. It’s like when you hold your phone away, you’ll say, iOS. The volume cannot be lowered to zero due to iOS something or other. It spells out it usually clears up. But I was wondering why I’m seeing that message. And my second question is, there’s an update iOS update that just came out. Is there anything? Should we update or should we wait a little bit? Usually it’s good to update. I mean, it usually resolves issues, bugs, things like that. Unless someone comes out right away and says, oh, there’s some sort of reason not to update. But for the most part, you can totally update. It’s really not that big of an update this time. The real update really was for the European Union and all of what’s going on over there. But they did add a few things to this update, and a lot of it has to do with the actual news app that’s on most people’s phones. There’s an app that Apple makes called news. If you don’t use that, then really all it is is just some bug fixes and just cleaning up some things. It’s not a big deal. So you’d be all right to update it. Okay. Thank you. And I don’t shut my phone down probably nearly as much as I should. What’s the recommended, you know what? How often should you. If you’re not having an issue with your phone at all and it’s just regular use, I would suggest maybe once a week, maybe. Okay. Thank you. Okay, it’s ten till, guys. All right, thanks, doc. Doc, right. Hey, doc, how are you? Hello. Hello. Earlier I was listening to you on Janet phone, and they were. You were talking about the show more options. That made me curious, so I came out here and looked it up about how to get back the old. Even for Windows eleven, there’s a quick fix that’s a ten. It’s a temporary where you would do a shift right click. And if you’re using NVDA, you have to do it twice to be able to see it get past the show. More options. And I haven’t tried it with the jaws yet, and they have a permanent fix that will keep it. But in that one, you have to make changes in the registry. Okay, well, thank you for that, and I appreciate it. So if you want your contacts menu to look like Windows ten, there are some options. Is that what you’re saying there, doc? Yeah. Yes. Perfect. Well, thanks for sharing that. Alrighty, Sheila, who do we got next? Got one more hand. No new ones. So, Teresa. Hey, Teresa, back earlier when you were talking to Danette about the line government employees or blind government organizations, do you know some specific contacts for those? Are you there, Marty? Do you have any specific contacts for organizations of. What I would do is reach out to. I think where Marty was going with that is to reach out to any organizations that might be supportive of blind individuals. So, for example, in Oregon, we have the Oregon commission for the blind. There are some other organizations dependent on your state and geographic location. So I would do a search or call 311 and see if there’s some information that can help you with that. Okay. Some. Some organizations also get donations, and they have, you know, extra things that people donated that they’re not using anymore. And then the organizations in turn give those away to people in need who maybe can’t afford something like a, you know, whatever it may be, magnifier or, you know, stuff, stuff like that. So. But you’d have to kind of do your due diligence a little bit and kind of get out there and make some calls and try to connect with some people in whatever state you’re in. And also, I was going to suggest that she reach out to the blind, my swap shop. There you go. Yet another blind. That’s because I knew there were so many of them out there. That’s why I told her Google the blind buy sell trade mailing list. So thank you very much for that option. It does look like we are coming up time because we do have the games to play with Lady A on ACB Media five up next. So, Marty, you want to tell people how to reach out and wrap it up. Thank you, Sheila and Brad. Yep. Thanks, Sheila and Brad, for everything. We always appreciate all of your help and everyone else, we appreciate you being here. And if you have any questions for, for us, comments or anything else, you can always email us at feedback unmute show and to check out all the other things we have going on, you can check out our website which is unmute show. And everybody have a great week and we’ll see you next time. Thanks, y’all. All right. Thank you. I’m going to end for all. Have a great afternoon. You too.