Unmute Presents Community Replay for 20 Feb, 2024

Tune in every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on ACB Community for live tech Q&A. In this episode, we cover updates on the First Unmute Club launch, podcast reviews, and listener questions on using Teams, SuperSense, and microphones for podcasting. We discuss tech training needs for visually impaired users, AI integration in iOS 18, and recorders with voice guidance. Listeners inquire about games, accessibility, and Zoom settings. Tech training classes and game recommendations are shared, along with support for tech assistance seekers. Join us for valuable insights and updates.

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It every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. Myself, Michael Babcock and Marty Sobo go live on ACB Community to answer your technology questions. How do you join in? Couple always use Alexa, your computer or the new ACB link app to listen to ACB Media five. You can also join in in Clubhouse or visit ACB community to learn how to join us live in Zoom every Tuesday day at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. We’ll see you there with your tech questions.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s Unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, 20 February 2024.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. Here at the top, we always have our regular announcements. So first we wanted to remind everyone we’re going to take all first questions. And if we get through all the first questions and we have time for second questions, we’ll take those. Also, please be respectful and let everyone ask their questions in the same respect that you would want to ask your question. And as we always say, there’s no dumb questions. Also, we wanted to remind everyone, tomorrow is going to be the first unmute club and we’re going to be doing a reaper and it’s going to be an introduction to podcasting with Reaper. So if you want to learn how to edit your podcasts, then check out Unmute show. And as always, if you have questions, comments or anything else, you can email us at feedback at Unmute show. And the question of the day today is, if you play games, what do you like to play them on your phone, your computer, your tablet, and what is your favorite game? And with that, I also have Michael Babcock here with me. How you doing, Michael?

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I am doing well, Marty. So I will go over a list of the podcasts that’s been published over the last week. We had a question when we got started. If I am subscribed to unmute presents, am I going to get all of these? So you will get everything, uh, except for technically working, which is what I will mention as well. So yesterday, we did publish technically working, which is where Damasi and I sat down and battled with Internet. Gremlins is the best way to put it. Internet kept cutting out on both of us, but ultimately we ended up talking about several different topics. And it’s a wide variety of a show, as we typically do with unmute, with technically working on Sunday, digital bytes, episode two published, called Food Calendar and open earbuds, where our friend Chris walked you through the Paprika three app. This is a really cool app. If you collect recipes on your. If you collect recipes and you want an easy place to find all of those recipes, check that episode out where Chris gives you a walkthrough of how the Paprika three app works. What it’s like. It does cost 499. Well worth it, though, because I’ve already started to build my recipe collection with it. And one of the cool things is it’ll scrape data off the Internet and take all those ads out of your recipe sites for you. We then transitioned into Marty talking about quickly adding events to the calendar on your iPhone using spotlight and iOS 17. And then I give you a brief overview of the shocks. Open fit earbuds, which are what you can use that sit right outside your ears. You want to give that a listen. On Thursday, we talked with Katie, and Katie talks. Passports, mainly passports for those in the United States. If you are interested in that, you want to give that a listen. Wednesday, we published Shell phone show, where we show you how to use the alarms feature of the blind Shell classic two. And then, of course, a replay of our last Tuesday call. And that’s all I have. Sheila, who do we have first?

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All right, Catherine.

04:19.330 –> 04:20.330
Hey, Catherine.

04:20.410 –> 04:21.920
Hey, Catherine, how are you?

04:22.850 –> 04:25.938
Hi, this is Catherine. Sorry, can you hear me?

04:26.024 –> 04:26.786
Yep, we can hear you.

04:26.808 –> 04:27.138

04:27.224 –> 04:28.018
Yep, we can hear you.

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Oh, terrific. I have a quick question. I am on the board of directors for dial Rights air transit, and they switched from Zoom to teams, and I use the blind shell phone exclusively for doing stuff like that and talking on it right now. And then I have a pixel six pro phone, and I haven’t done much with it since I got the blind shell. But I want to know, is there a way to put teams not on the blind shell. I’ve requested that from Diane, but on the pixel six and put the icon on the home page front screen of the phone. Thank you.

05:19.272 –> 05:41.754
So there is a way to put teams on your pixel six pro. You’ll want to find that in the play store. Just search for Microsoft Teams. Also, if you want to participate in a teams meeting from the blind shell, you can set. Typically, teams do have a dial in number like you have with Zoom, so you can call in via the blind shell as well.

05:41.872 –> 05:56.160
Thank you. Michael, can I set up a time to talk to you? Got my therapist just came in the room, so I’m going to have to go. But can I call you on.

05:57.490 –> 06:08.414
Just drop an email to feedback at unmute show. Catherine, if you can drop an email, that would be awesome. We can get something set up. Okay, so feedback at Unmute show.

06:08.612 –> 06:29.782
Unmute show. Then my last quick question is, I’ve had supersense on my. It was Samsung seven phone before I changed to the pixel and I had the lifetime membership. And I’m looking for. Do I need to do any update for that so I can put it on the pixel six? Thank you.

06:29.916 –> 06:41.502
So I don’t have that direct answer. You should be able to just install supersense and sign in with the same details and it should work. But if that doesn’t, then reach out to their support team.

06:41.556 –> 06:50.590
Okay. Okay. Because I don’t know if I can remember my password even though I signed up for the lifetime membership.

06:52.050 –> 06:54.606
Reach out to their support team if you can’t get in there.

06:54.708 –> 07:05.558
Yeah. Okay, well, I’ll look at it. I’ll have to do some digging because it’s been a while. Thank you very much. And I will give you guys a message. I’ll send you a message.

07:05.724 –> 07:06.440

07:07.210 –> 07:12.210
Thank you for answering my question. Have a good day. Bye. Thank you. Amy?

07:12.370 –> 07:13.270

07:15.450 –> 07:16.790
Hello. Can you hear me?

07:16.860 –> 07:18.018
We can hear you.

07:18.204 –> 07:18.650

07:18.720 –> 07:36.478
Thank you so much for the opportunity. I have two very quick questions. One is, do you have a recommendation for a good microphone? Hopefully one that’s USBC, because I want to be able to use it on my iPhone or the computer.

07:36.644 –> 07:45.300
That’s the first question I would recommend. You’re not using an interface or anything like that. You just want something super simple to plug right in, and that just works.

07:45.830 –> 07:49.566
Right, but something of good quality so I can improve.

07:49.598 –> 08:43.266
I would recommend the Sennheiser profile. It is a USB C microphone, and you can just plug it in. You don’t need any software. It’ll work on your phone, your computer, whatever you want. And it also has a headphone jack on the back so you can monitor yourself, so you can hear what you’re saying and hear how your audio quality is. And on the front, you’ve got a mute button, a gain, a mix, and a master volume, so you have everything you need. With that, the only thing I would suggest is maybe getting a little bit of. There’s a tripod that you can get that goes with it, like a desktop tripod, just to get it up off the desk a little bit more because it sits a little bit low to the desk. And if you want it to be more up, closer to your mouth, then I would recommend getting a tripod, which would cost you about $25. And if you get the microphone itself, just the base microphone, it’s around $150 or $160.

08:43.448 –> 08:44.286
Rate. Terrific.

08:44.318 –> 08:46.514
And if I may, go ahead just.

08:46.552 –> 09:00.810
Real quick, Amy, because I like to give multiple options. So the Sennheiser profile is great. If you need something that sounds good, sub $100 that works with USBC, I recommend the audio Technica ATR 2100 X.

09:00.960 –> 09:05.098
That’s a great microphone. Also it is a little bit bigger, but it is a great say that.

09:05.184 –> 09:09.674
21 what 2100 x got it.

09:09.792 –> 09:46.818
Thank you. And one last quick question. I’m noticing that if I’m searching for podcasts and I’ve used both, well, I’ve used a number of them, but I’ve used both downcast and overcast. I notice different behavior in that. If I’m searching for podcasts and I identify one before subscribing, if I’m using downcast, I am able to listen to it. If I’m using overcast, often I’m not able to do so. Is that just because there’s a difference in the way in which they access feeds?

09:46.994 –> 09:59.862
Likely, yes. I haven’t used overcast in about a year and a half now, but I think Marty, can you listen to, have you been able to listen to podcasts without following them in overcast?

10:00.006 –> 10:21.074
Yeah, there’s two ways to do it. The two ways to do it is, let’s say that you go to a podcast you want to listen to, and there’s a bunch of episodes. If you go to, let’s just say unmute presents, for example, you’ll see a whole bunch of podcasts in the list down there. You can do one of a couple of things. One is you can find the episode that you want to are using voiceover. By the way, I guess I should ask that question.

10:21.112 –> 10:23.902
Oh, yeah. Yes, I’m definitely using voiceover.

10:24.046 –> 10:25.506
Okay, so what you would do, and.

10:25.528 –> 10:30.134
I’ve tried multiple episodes and tried them, and often it doesn’t work.

10:30.252 –> 11:09.140
Okay. What I usually do is I’ll go say, like, for example, I’ll use unmute presents. You’ll get there and then you’ll go down to where all of the list of podcasts are. When you find one you want to listen to, you can either do a single finger double click and it will just start playing the episode, or you can do a flick up until you hear download and it will download the one episode to your playlist and then you can go listen to it when you’re ready without having to actually subscribe or follow. If you want to actually get the podcast subscribed, you have to either hit the follow button or go into the settings. There’s three little sections there.

11:09.910 –> 11:10.594
What will happen?

11:10.632 –> 11:12.306
No, that I’m very familiar with.

11:12.408 –> 11:13.060

11:13.750 –> 11:15.042
That I’m very familiar with.

11:15.096 –> 11:26.166
You should be able to do a single finger double tap and start playing right away or do a flick up until you hear download and it’ll save it to your playlist and then you can go and listen to it there without subscribing to it.

11:26.188 –> 11:27.014
Yeah, thanks.

11:27.052 –> 12:07.522
Because that’s what I normally do, and I myself subscribe to about 60 different podcasts, so I’m very familiar with that whole process. But because I’m doing a presentation, I wanted to give examples of podcasts that I don’t necessarily subscribe to. And when I tried it with overcast, irrespective of which episode I tried, I would hit the play button and it would not play. And yet, if I did it in downcast, the episodes came up right away. And I think overcast is easier in many ways for beginners to use. And that’s why I wondered about and asked the question.

12:07.656 –> 12:08.498
Yeah, I would just.

12:08.584 –> 12:09.490
Thank you very much.

12:09.560 –> 12:17.518
Yeah, do it that way. I don’t have a problem doing it that way. It’s been pretty solid that way. If you’re not updated to the most current, maybe check and see if there’s an update.

12:17.634 –> 12:33.406
But otherwise, yeah, I did check, and I’m on the most updated release of iPhone iOS, and I’m on the latest update for overcast. And I did write to the developer but didn’t hear anything.

12:33.508 –> 12:55.934
Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I switched back, is the developer is non responsive and the inconsistency of the app finally got frustrating to me. So that’s why I switched over to downcast as my primary app. The only other suggestion I have for you, Amy, is if you haven’t yet, go into your settings and check the streaming options to see if something’s disabled from allowing you to stream new episodes.

12:56.062 –> 13:03.798
Thank you. Yeah, I did that too. But thank you for the suggestion and I appreciate all the information. This is my first time doing this.

13:03.884 –> 13:18.314
One other thing I would suggest too is just take a look at the regular podcast app that comes on your phone, the Apple podcast app only because for a lot of people that’s already on there and they don’t really want to download another app. So it might be good to show.

13:18.352 –> 13:54.162
That, as I probably, I’m going to actually show very little with apps because these are very beginning folks, most of whom are losing vision. And so voiceover is a whole new concept for them. I’m going to primarily be using the a lady to do this to do most of the demonstration because I think that’s more their level and speed. But I do want to at least provide some information on and some demonstration of using voiceover for those people who may be ready to venture.

13:54.306 –> 14:01.210
Cool. Well, good luck and if you have any other questions, feel free to come back anytime or you can shoot us an email at feedback at unmute show.

14:01.360 –> 14:12.526
Thank you both. So them I can’t demonstrate not following unmute presents because I already follow you. Thank you very much.

14:12.628 –> 14:14.010
Yep, bye.

14:14.170 –> 14:17.674
All right, Jeff, good afternoon.

14:17.802 –> 14:18.990
Hey Jeff, how are you?

14:19.060 –> 14:20.974
I’m good, Marty. How are you doing?

14:21.012 –> 14:22.234
Good, thanks Michael.

14:22.282 –> 14:23.830
You sound a little cold ish.

14:23.850 –> 14:24.690
Are you okay?

14:24.840 –> 14:27.998
Oh yeah, it’s just the winter head cold.

14:28.094 –> 14:29.474
I hope you get better soon.

14:29.592 –> 14:31.218
Well, thank you. You’re welcome.

14:31.304 –> 14:54.394
Digital bites. First time I listened was this past episode. I think Michael earlier said episode two and the recipe app by Chris and Michael’s discussion of the shocks buds were great, but Marty stole the show for me with the spotlight calendar. That was brilliant and thank you.

14:54.512 –> 14:55.420
No problem.

14:55.870 –> 15:36.838
Question. So we have a wall outlet. Sorry, switch. So it’s a standard two switch. I shouldn’t call it an outlet, it’s a wall switch with two switches and I don’t need. But I would really like to make that switch smart and I’ve never done a smart switch. Is there something available that would be both Apple Home and Google Home compatible? And if not both, I’d rather have Apple home. But then if so, does it require wiring? Which I would assume yes.

15:37.004 –> 15:42.022
Anytime you’re going to change out a switch, it’s going to require messing around with some kind of wires.

15:42.166 –> 15:53.600
Yeah, there’s a couple of ways you can handle this and I just want to make sure that we’re on the same page. So this is a light switch with two switches on it, is that correct? That control two different.

15:56.610 –> 15:58.686
Yeah, yeah, that’s ok.

15:58.788 –> 16:44.794
So you can search for Homekit compatible light switches and I don’t have a recommendation for a specific one. I’m looking up to see if I can find the one that Damasi had some experience with, the Casa apple Homekit light switch. That is going to require some wiring if feasible. What it might be better to do. I’m sorry. The one Damasi has experienced and has used is the Maris smart switch. But if possible I would personally look at just replacing the bulbs in those lights, leaving the switch on and controlling.

16:44.842 –> 16:54.350
The lights with the a. Like I do Hue. We do hue throughout the house for lights. This particular switch it’s for a fireplace.

16:54.850 –> 17:02.926
Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. If you haven’t yet, look into the Maris. You are going to need some wiring done to replace that switch.

17:03.038 –> 17:03.842
Okay, cool.

17:03.896 –> 17:06.740
Do you have a specific task you’re trying to accomplish with this.

17:08.630 –> 17:21.290
To. I know this sounds ridiculous. The switch is kind of physically difficult to get to, so I want to be able to turn the fireplace on and off via voice.

17:22.110 –> 17:22.810

17:22.960 –> 17:23.306
I think.

17:23.328 –> 17:26.060
Is it a gas fireplace or is it electric?

17:26.990 –> 17:29.530
I think that it’s gas, yeah.

17:29.600 –> 17:38.000
So you’re probably going to have more than just that switch because the switch, does it turn the gas on too? At the same time?

17:38.690 –> 17:51.906
When we flip the switch, the fireplace goes. My handyman skills are negative 50, so I wish I could explain it better, but all I know is I flip the switch and it works.

17:52.088 –> 17:52.914
Okay, cool.

17:53.032 –> 18:07.234
Yeah, we used to have one of those in our old house. So look into Maris. That should give you Google. It looks like it does support Google Voice, Google Home and Apple Homekit. And then you should be able to control it within the home app or with any Siri connected device.

18:07.362 –> 18:09.594
Excellent. Thank you, gentlemen, and get well soon.

18:09.632 –> 18:11.034
Michael, have a great one.

18:11.072 –> 18:20.474
Thank you. Bye. Janet? Janet. Hello. The question of the day. I play dice world and sorty quest.

18:20.672 –> 18:27.310
Awesome. And what is your favorite device you play on them? I mean, what is the favorite device that you play those games on?

18:27.380 –> 18:29.342
Well, my iPhone, of course.

18:29.396 –> 18:29.806

18:29.908 –> 18:30.560

18:31.170 –> 18:32.810
All right. Thank you very much.

18:32.980 –> 19:24.980
All right. Beth. Hey, Beth. Yeah. I’ve been fighting this virus. Know, I feel better sometimes and then I don’t feel good and it’s headaches going around. But I have a question first about my phone. Now it’s fine, but a lot of times it cuts out and somebody said the reason it does it is it’s downloading something. But seems like this phone has more of a problem doing it than the other phones I have or I had somebody at the other end doesn’t hear me and then my phone comes back to where I hear them, but it comes back really loud, so I don’t know if that’s normal or what.

19:25.670 –> 19:37.110
So if I’m understanding what’s going on, Beth, I just want to make sure I’m hearing you correctly. When you’re talking to someone, it puts in and out. Is that correct?

19:37.260 –> 19:49.450
Yeah. And then they don’t hear me and they’re like, you’re going in and out. And then when I hear them again, then it goes really loud.

19:49.790 –> 19:54.394
Do you put your phone on speakerphone often?

19:54.592 –> 19:59.158
No, it seems to go on speakerphone automatically.

19:59.334 –> 20:39.426
Okay, so what you can do, and I’m looking up the exact directions right now as we talk, but what you’re able to do is disable the. Because I think what’s happening is your phone is switching over to the speaker when you move your phone away from your head, and that’s causing the phone to cut out. If you go stick around and let me find the settings to tell you where to go to disable it, and I think that’s going to solve some of the problems you’re having. But let me find those settings while we take another question, and then I will come back to you and give you those answers. Okay, Beth?

20:39.538 –> 20:40.666
Oh, sure. Thanks.

20:40.768 –> 20:41.178

20:41.264 –> 20:43.318
Thank you. Who do we got next? Sheila?

20:43.414 –> 20:44.342

20:44.486 –> 20:45.718
Hey, Elizabeth.

20:45.894 –> 20:52.042
Hi. Was it Amy that was talking about producing the podcast demo thing?

20:52.176 –> 20:53.626
Yeah, she left.

20:53.808 –> 20:57.934
Oh. That’s why I don’t see her on the alt you.

20:58.052 –> 20:59.342
She had a meeting to go to.

20:59.396 –> 22:06.946
I thought I was losing my mind, which I may be doing anyways, but I was going to suggest that if she was on the Apple native podcaster, she could get them to use Siri, which might be good for new users. But she’s gone, so she’ll hear it when she listens to the unmute presents. They can add a podcast or delete. They can follow or unfollow a podcast easily just using Siri. So that might be hopeful for new beginners. But I also want to say that I am increasingly concerned about the fact that these people who are new to low vision or blindness or whatever it is they’re new to, are getting very little tech training or no tech training, because the people in these agencies don’t know what they’re doing, frankly. And I’m hoping that there’s going to be a way for ACB and Zoom to reach out to some of these people, because it’s really turning into a torrential problem.

22:07.128 –> 22:24.170
It is. I’m doing some market research for the state of Oregon, and what I have discovered is exactly what you said there, Elizabeth. A lot of people are provided these devices because it’s easy to provide a device, but then when it comes to actually supporting and training, that is sorely lacking.

22:25.390 –> 22:57.714
What I don’t understand is with the number of blind people who are highly skilled at some of these tech things and who are not working, I don’t understand. Do the agencies have a mandate that say we shall never hire a person with low vision because it would make us look bad? I don’t know what the problem is, and I’m trying not to be nasty about it and it’s not a new problem. But if they don’t hire blind people to work with other blind people, they’re going to stay exactly where they are and I just don’t know what to do to help them.

22:57.832 –> 23:00.726
So I’m not going to argue this point.

23:00.828 –> 23:03.430
No, don’t argue it. But you hear what I’m saying.

23:03.580 –> 23:20.154
But I will leave you with this comment and then I’m going to go answer Beth’s question real quick. That you can only hire blind people if they apply. And I think that’s a big thing that a lot of times how many people are actually applying for positions is not a question that’s being asked.

23:20.272 –> 23:32.286
No, I agree. I agree with you totally. We need to get more blind people to apply. I totally agree with you. Please communicate with me if you want to. I think you’ve got my email and if you don’t, I’ll write to you.

23:32.388 –> 23:36.980
Drop us a quick email because I probably don’t have it. Yeah, I will just drop us a quick email.

23:37.430 –> 23:41.874
I’ve been in this thing for a long time and it’s really bad getting.

23:42.072 –> 24:30.050
Yes, yes. So perfect. Beth, to go back to your question, and I see Pam’s hands here, so we’ll get to her and she’ll tell me if she has any other suggestions. But if you go to settings and then you go to accessibility and then you go to voiceover and then you go to audio, there’s an option inside of audio that says auto select speaker in call and that’s a toggle between on and off. So just repeat that. Best go to settings, accessibility, voiceover, audio and then find the auto select speaker in call option. Try turning that off and see if your cutting out helps. And if you have another question, feel free to raise your hand. Sheila, who do we got next?

24:30.200 –> 24:34.420
Mr. CB. Hi there. Hello, everybody.

24:34.810 –> 24:36.102
Hello. How are you?

24:36.236 –> 25:11.200
I’m fine. My two questions is number one, because heard it on the radio and I searched it myself and it was a little crazy when I heard about it to see. I would like to know how AI intelligent assistant is going to be working with voiceover iOS 18. And the second thing that I would like to know because I was trying to search it up but I can’t find it, how to spell present.

25:11.650 –> 25:35.080
So AI working with iOS 18, anything that’s stated at this point is speculation because Apple hasn’t actually made any sort of announcements about what’s happening in iOS 18. So I’m not going to speculate on what could happen. I will say you spell presents. P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S.

25:35.610 –> 25:37.250
Thank you so much, guys.

25:37.420 –> 25:38.394
No worries.

25:38.592 –> 26:13.538
Jane. Hey, Jane. Hello. For me? Let’s see a couple quick things. Zoom is not Zoom here, but manufacturers of recorders Zoom are coming out with essential line of recorders. Mine is on back order. I have to wait until it comes to me, but they’re going to have voice guidance finally, for the first time. I know. Yay. And h one h four, we have.

26:13.544 –> 26:15.634
Them coming, so we’re going to six.

26:15.672 –> 26:35.020
And I’m excited for mine to show up, but my question is, I don’t know what I turned off, but I’m trying to turn on device protection and it says to go into face id and passcode and I can’t find that in the settings, but I don’t know what I turned off to do that.

26:35.470 –> 26:37.386
It’s under security, isn’t it?

26:37.488 –> 26:40.470
Yeah, I think I missed. What are we trying to do?

26:40.560 –> 26:58.500
I’m trying to turn on device stolen device protection. It says to go into settings and face id and passcode, but I can’t find that in my settings at the moment. But I know it’s a setting that I turned off accidentally and I had to figure out where.

26:59.350 –> 27:13.640
By chance, are you updated to iOS 17.3? Yes, I will see if I can find that. Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll see if I can figure out what to do with that because I’m not exactly certain what’s going on there, but we’ll be glad to take a look at that.

27:14.890 –> 28:16.982
All right, you ready for the next one? Yep. All right, Pam. Okay. Yes, I was going to suggest the same thing you suggested for and another setting she might want to check is actually under touch. You go to settings, accessibility touch, and that setting is called call routing. And if you routinely take calls on a Bluetooth headset or a headset, that’s one of the options. One is speaker and one is automatic. And you definitely want to have automatic selected. And that way, yes, it could try to go to speaker when you lower your phone, but you don’t want to have just speaker selected.

28:17.126 –> 28:22.378
Very good. Thank you for that. I hadn’t realized that there was that other setting under touch.

28:22.544 –> 28:29.790
Yes, and it’s called something like call routing. Okay, perfect.

28:29.860 –> 28:34.242
Well, thank you very much for that, Pam. And by chance, do you have a favorite game you play?

28:34.376 –> 28:40.900
No, I’m not a gamer. I don’t have time for games. They’re not enough hours in the day to begin with.

28:43.110 –> 28:46.178
I get that. Well, thanks for your input, Pam’s.

28:46.194 –> 28:49.910
Out there trying to solve everyone’s iOS world problems. Right, Pam?

28:50.490 –> 28:53.320
In some cases trying to solve my own.

28:56.010 –> 28:58.006
Well, thanks, Pam. We appreciate you.

28:58.188 –> 28:59.062
Thank you.

28:59.196 –> 29:00.902
All right, who do we got next there? Sheila?

29:00.966 –> 29:04.166
Miss Bell, who we got in clubhouse? We have Robert.

29:04.278 –> 29:05.062
Hey, Robert.

29:05.126 –> 29:06.650
Hello. Good morning. Can you hear me?

29:06.720 –> 29:07.014

29:07.062 –> 29:07.914
Yes, we can.

29:08.032 –> 29:47.446
This is Robert from Arizona. I have two questions. The first one is, this is the first time I’m hearing about this unmute. Can you give some brief introduction about you, what you are doing especially? I came to know that you are a blind technologist. I want to know more about you. Can you give some brief thing? Second one is when I’m using my computer. I have a feeling sometimes somebody is spying or taking some data, something like that. Computer is making some noise. I searched on the Google. It is symptoms of spying, something like that. How to prevent that? Thank you.

29:47.548 –> 30:36.066
I’ll take the first one. Yeah, we do this show here live every Tuesday, same time. So you’re always welcome to come here. We also put out shows in our Unmute presents podcast feed, which you can search unmute presents in any podcast application that you choose. You can also check out our website, which is unmute show, and that’s ever evolving. We got a bunch of stuff on there. There’s an email list on there as well. You can email us at feedback at Unmute show if you have any questions. And yeah, both Michael and I are both blind and we have been doing technology for quite a bit of time. And so we’re here helping the community and helping people get through their technical issues. So that’s kind of a brief description.

30:36.178 –> 31:33.354
And related to your computer query. If using Windows, where I would start is by running Windows defender and doing a scan on Windows Defender to find out if it finds something out. If for some reason it doesn’t, where I would then go is to and I’ll give this to you. It’s available in the podcast feed so you can go back and listen to it as well. But there’s the Microsoft disability answer desk and you can get a hold of them using the be my eyes application under specialized assistance. Or go to aka Ms dad, that’s aka Ms Delta Alpha Delta. And they can remote into your computer and see what’s going on. But prior to reaching out to that team, I would try running a virus scan using Windows Defender. Thank you for your question today. Who do we got next there?

31:33.392 –> 31:34.902
Sheila? Stacey.

31:35.046 –> 31:36.182
Hey, Stacey.

31:36.326 –> 31:46.110
Okay, I have a question about, I want to know if anybody has ever used Jitterbug.

31:46.530 –> 31:53.280
Do you have a specific question about Jitterbug? Because that’s a wide variety. I’ve not used it, but I am familiar with it.

31:53.730 –> 32:05.186
No, I just wondered if anybody has ever used it because I wondered if it was accessible because somebody may want to check it out. One of my friends may want to check it out.

32:05.368 –> 32:16.242
Accessible is such a wide ranging inquiry. It does have big buttons and it does have large print. But in the case of me, it would not be accessible because I’m fully blind.

32:16.306 –> 32:20.134
It does not offer because this person is totally blind.

32:20.262 –> 32:29.098
Then the answer is no. If they need to access more menu options with the jitterbug, they’re not going to be able to independently do.

32:29.264 –> 32:32.394
Oh, okay. Thank you for telling me that. Yep.

32:32.442 –> 32:34.366
No worries, Stacey. Appreciate it.

32:34.468 –> 32:36.314
Okay. All right. Lynn.

32:36.442 –> 32:37.434
Hey, Lynn.

32:37.562 –> 32:38.240

32:38.610 –> 32:39.294
How are you?

32:39.332 –> 32:40.926
I hope you are sorry, Michael, that.

32:40.948 –> 32:45.060
You’Re ill. Oh, we get through it. That’s what you got to do, right?

32:45.430 –> 32:52.274
I guess so. You got to wear a mask or not go out of your house, which.

32:52.312 –> 32:53.634
I haven’t been doing much, or not.

32:53.672 –> 32:59.222
Have teenage boys that go to school and then come home, because there’s that. And I think that’s where I got it.

32:59.276 –> 33:23.280
There is that, too. No, I’m kidding you. I’m not trying to get so my. I like to play dice World, and I like to play sometimes on QC, on Quentin C’s game room, and on RS games. And my question is rather silly, but very quick. Does anybody know of a good solitaire that is accessible for us? I’ve never played, and I wanted to learn how.

33:24.130 –> 33:28.378
Isn’t there a solitaire game in Quentin C’s playroom?

33:28.554 –> 33:29.680
There might be.

33:30.530 –> 33:33.662
That would be where I would start looking if I were you.

33:33.796 –> 33:42.690
I know someone who’s very avid solitaire, but she’s not here for some reason today. So maybe check back next week. Maybe she’ll be okay.

33:42.760 –> 34:02.522
No, I haven’t been to all the games in either qcs or rs. I played a couple of them, but I should look more thoroughly. But I was just wondering, because my mom has one she puts on her phone all the time and always so. Okay, well, thank you so much. No problem.

34:02.576 –> 34:03.382
No worries.

34:03.526 –> 34:04.874
Tom. Hey, Tom.

34:04.912 –> 34:05.610
Hey, Tom.

34:05.760 –> 34:43.430
Hello, people. Hello, Michael and Marley. Sheila, I have a question about audio ducking now in Zoom. I’m on my phone. In fact, I just tried this just to verify that it was all yet. If I’m in right now, I’m on this call. If I get a notification, which that’s okay, I like to have the notification come in, in case there might be something I need to hear. However, when the notification comes in, it acts like that audio ducking is on. When it, in fact, is not on, is there something in Zoom that maybe needs to be tweaked or something that can eliminate that?

34:43.580 –> 34:55.770
So by audio ducking, and I just want to ask a clarifying question to make sure I’m understanding correctly. When you get a notification, your zoom sound ducks or your voiceover sound ducks.

34:56.590 –> 35:01.242
Well, whatever is being used when the notification comes in.

35:01.376 –> 35:01.866

35:01.968 –> 35:10.942
There could also be a system wide ducking. When you get an alert, everything may go down so you can hear the alert and then it comes back up again.

35:11.076 –> 35:11.760

35:12.210 –> 35:43.510
And where I was going with that is by checking your audio ducking feature and making sure that it is off. That only impacts voiceovers speaking. It doesn’t impact other applications such as Zoom. So if you’re getting audio ducking and zoom itself is ducking when you get a notification, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to solve that. I would suggest dropping an email to access at Zoom us and asking if they have the intentions of adding the ability to not have zoom duck.

35:43.670 –> 35:44.090

35:44.160 –> 35:57.130
Because I don’t know where the ducking is coming from. All I know is that when the notification comes in, like if you’re talking and that notification comes in, then your volume, volume of the call will drop.

35:57.290 –> 36:01.066
Yeah. That is a zoom issue that is not related to audio ducking.

36:01.098 –> 36:07.700
With voiceover, there’s nothing that I personally, there’s nothing I can do about that. That’s just the way it’s a Zoom thing.

36:09.030 –> 36:14.900
Are you trying to prevent this while you’re on a Zoom call? Is that what you’re going.

36:15.510 –> 36:23.190
The thing from lowering my volume. Lowering the volume of the call is what I’m trying to do. I don’t mind that the notification comes in. That’s fine.

36:23.260 –> 36:37.894
But then something I would try and see if this helps you is when you’re on a Zoom call, put your phone in, do not disturb, because then you’ll still be able to see the notifications, but they won’t make any noise, and then it won’t cause you to have any zoom ducking.

36:38.022 –> 36:53.742
Well, yeah, but then I wouldn’t be able to hear what’s going on. It might be, when I see a notification, I kind of like to hear what it is, but it sounds like there’s really not much I can do on my end. You’re saying, can you give me that address for Zoom again?

36:53.876 –> 36:57.920
Certainly. Access at zoom us.

36:58.450 –> 37:00.674
Access zoom us.

37:00.792 –> 37:02.286
Okay. Thank you yep.

37:02.318 –> 37:02.766
Good luck.

37:02.798 –> 37:12.806
Thanks, Tom. Jewel. Hey, Jewel. Hey. I don’t have a question today, but I just wanted to share my favorite game. Hope that’s okay.

37:12.908 –> 37:13.734
Yeah, go.

37:13.852 –> 37:38.366
I play a game that I’ve been playing for years, but I only play about once a month because it plays in the background. It’s called invisible dragons. And it’s really simple. I’ve probably spent about five minutes a month on it and I’ve been playing for years and I have millions and billions of dragons. So invisible dragons, it’s a lot of fun and it doesn’t take up all the time, which is pretty cool.

37:38.548 –> 37:38.990

37:39.060 –> 37:40.094
That sounds cool.

37:40.212 –> 37:42.302
Yeah. Appreciate that. Yeah.

37:42.436 –> 37:43.398
Thanks, Jewel.

37:43.514 –> 38:35.330
All right, we don’t have any other new hand, so we have Beth. Okay. Yeah. First I want to say lack of tech training. Yes. I have a problem with that. In northwest Iowa I live. It’s kind of a small. Well, yeah, it’s growing, but it’s not as big as, just say, the city of Des Moines or something. I would have to go like 3 hours or so, maybe more like five to get the training. But I was going to ask you. I tried to turn my Facebook notifications off because whenever I’m running my phone, like using it for recording or something, it always says Facebook. And then this notification, and it won’t let me turn it off. I tried to turn it off.

38:35.480 –> 38:43.138
Okay. So again, if I’m understanding correctly, you can’t turn off Facebook notifications. Is that correct?

38:43.304 –> 38:43.970

38:44.120 –> 38:54.290
Okay. If you open your settings and then you locate notifications, you can go in and remove permission for Facebook to give you notifications.

38:54.450 –> 38:55.958
Oh, okay.

38:56.124 –> 39:17.854
So that’s under your settings and then notifications. And then hopefully you got the content that I suggested to you where you go to accessibility, voiceover audio, and then turn off the automatic switch to speakerphone option. It’s a Toggle. And then Pam was talking about going under the touch settings and disabling some things in there as.

39:17.972 –> 39:27.922
Oh, yeah, yeah. Thank you. And what did somebody say about the games? Like playroom or games? Yeah.

39:27.976 –> 39:48.970
So blindfold games is different than QC playroom. QC is Quinton’s Playhouse. I will see if I can find the website. And that is an online game that you play from your computer. So if you are interested in that, you can go to Qcsalon.

39:49.310 –> 39:56.602
Net. Okay. Like Salon or S-A-L-L salon.

39:56.736 –> 40:02.250
It’s Qcsalon. Okay.

40:02.400 –> 40:02.714

40:02.752 –> 40:10.734
And just go to Qcsalon Salon. Net. And then you can sign up for an account and play those games there.

40:10.852 –> 40:14.082
Oh, cool. Yeah, sounds good. Thank you.

40:14.216 –> 40:15.138
Thank you.

40:15.304 –> 40:17.138
We don’t have any other hands.

40:17.304 –> 40:18.050

40:18.630 –> 40:20.020
That’s what I’m saying.

40:20.630 –> 41:08.306
Okay, well, I guess no one else plays games and no one else has tech questions while we’re waiting to see if anyone decides they want to raise their hand. In the meantime, I do want to let people know that if you’re interested in it, and I am not sure how I feel about this, but I just went to the App Store on the Mac and I did a search for Swordy Quest and I downloaded Swordyquest to my Mac. And so if that’s a game you’re interested in playing on your Mac, that’s an option. I did not realize that you could do that. Additionally, I did hear from Herby on another mailing list that you can download and play dice world on the Mac as well. So if you’re interested in that, that’s an option. Sheila, what hand do we have?

41:08.408 –> 41:09.134

41:09.262 –> 41:10.158
Hey, Deborah.

41:10.254 –> 41:17.030
Hi there. I was wondering, can you play night manager on a pc?

41:17.370 –> 41:28.410
Like a desktop computer on Windows? You can, because you can download the Alexa app to your Windows computer and then play night manager using the Alexa app.

41:28.560 –> 41:41.702
Okay. Because. Yeah, that’s kind of what I was hoping to do. I had another question, but I kind of forgot it. So I’ll ask the next time. Yeah, no worries.

41:41.776 –> 41:44.186
And are you fond of night manager?

41:44.298 –> 42:21.034
I’ve never played it. I just know of a friend of mine. Now, she’s much smarter than me in a lot of ways. I find that a lot of games where there is a lot to do with math. My simple adding and subtracting is just terrible. So I was trying to find some accessible games, basically games for dummies kind of thing. Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m looking for. Solitaire would be good.

42:21.152 –> 43:10.122
Yeah. Take a look around for some solitaire games. Good website. A website. I don’t know if I can say good. I’m going to try to take my personal opinions out of that is audiogames. Net. And that’s a solution that you can use to search for different accessible audio games. So that could be a place to find other games that might interest you. Night manager is great because you don’t really have to do a lot of math. I mean, ideally you just want to work on your addition, and that is bringing all of your, what’s the word? That they use all of your stats up. So just as long as you know, hey, increase my health or increase my defense, then you can follow the steps to be able to make that happen. But yeah, night manager is pretty cool. I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now.

43:10.256 –> 43:15.100
Now the spelling of Night manager is that. What is it?

43:16.990 –> 43:22.070
Yes, ma’am. And if you just tell. Do you have an Alexa device or would you just be playing.

43:22.230 –> 43:24.374
I don’t actually know.

43:24.512 –> 43:49.240
Okay, so if you download the Amazon Alexa app, I think you get it in the Microsoft store, then you can sign in with your Amazon account and then just trigger the Alexa assistant. And then you can go in there and tell it activate or enable night manager. And once it enables night manager, you just tell it to open night.

43:50.570 –> 43:54.454
Okay, that sounds good. Okay, thanks, Michael. Thanks.

43:54.492 –> 44:22.894
I’m going to chime in here really quick. And this is going back to Jane’s question. Friend of the show chimed in here. So thank you very much. You know who you are. But Jane, what you would do is open settings, go to the search box at the top, type in the word stolen, then hit the search button on the keyboard, and then you will get a link there with some information on what to do. And then you can go from there. So there you go. Thank.

44:22.932 –> 44:27.842
Good morning, Anne, can you hear me?

44:27.976 –> 44:28.958
Yes, ma’am.

44:29.134 –> 45:10.174
Well, hello. This is one of my favorite shows and I absolutely love it. And try not to miss it. I don’t play games, but sometimes when Lucy plays games, I will go on there and listen and she does the lady a. I think it is, and I just find it interesting. And sometimes I might know an answer, but most of the time I don’t. I just find it interesting. But in zoom, like on this show, for instance, if you wanted to silence the people that are coming out, constantly coming in and out, how do you do that?

45:10.292 –> 45:14.090
Are you using draws on Windows or are you on voiceover with a Mac.

45:14.170 –> 45:17.422
Or NVDA voiceover on the iPhone?

45:17.566 –> 45:18.962
I don’t think you can.

45:19.096 –> 45:24.306
Well, you could turn off speech, but then if you got a phone call, you wouldn’t know who it was.

45:24.488 –> 45:46.106
Yes, you would have to really try to go into the zoom settings and see if you can make adjustments in there. You can do it on a computer, but I’m not sure. Well, I can definitely tell you don’t have the same options and settings on an iOS device, but there might be something. But yeah, unfortunately it’s not as robust as on a computer.

45:46.288 –> 45:57.294
Sometimes it just gets in the way of what you’re saying when people are constantly coming in and out. And sometimes I can turn off speech, but then if I get a phone call, I can’t hear who it is.

45:57.412 –> 46:18.002
Yes. So you have actually two solutions that you might be able to think of. Well, one that I’ll mention, you can turn off speech which you already talked about. You can also add volume to your rotor and just turn the voiceover volume down. That way it’s not as disruptive, but you can still hear it a little bit. And then the third solution is if you miss something, go download the podcast.

46:18.146 –> 46:19.174
Go down what?

46:19.292 –> 46:24.790
Go download the podcast to listen to the replay if you missed something so you can hear it on the podcast.

46:25.690 –> 46:27.062
Okay, perfect.

46:27.116 –> 46:27.746
Thank you, Anne.

46:27.778 –> 46:37.146
Thank you. All right, we’ve got area code 303 ending in nine, three, five. I think I know who it is, but I’m not sure. So please unmute and tell us who you are.

46:37.248 –> 46:38.250
And we have ten minutes.

46:38.320 –> 47:26.102
This is Petra. I always speak in by my phone number only. Hey Petra, two questions. Well, one answer. I haven’t played it in a long time because in my opinion they ruined it. But I used to play a really fun game called seven Little Words and I learned about it probably about, I don’t know, years and years ago. And I played it for years and years and lately they’ve updated it and changed it and I really don’t like it anymore. And I played it on my iPhone. Otherwise I just play usually blackjack. I downloaded craps just because I don’t know how to play craps. Anyway, my question is last week I think that you mentioned that you’re going to be doing information about training class or something. Four weeks on Jaws.

47:26.246 –> 47:26.890

47:27.040 –> 47:28.170
Am I right or wrong?

47:28.240 –> 48:01.542
Yes, you’re correct. That’s going to start in about eight or nine weeks from now. Probably like nine weeks from now because first we’re doing the introduction to Reaper for podcast editing and that’s going to be four weeks. And once that’s over, the introduction to Jaws class will start and you can stay tuned on our website unmute show to find out all the details for that. As details come out, we’re working on putting that all together as we speak. So we’ll probably have all the details and that’ll be out, I would say, in about two weeks or so.

48:01.676 –> 48:08.440
Okay. And Michael, I’ll be sending you an email because I’m curious about your recipe app that you mentioned.

48:09.290 –> 48:10.326
Go check out the podcast.

48:10.358 –> 48:11.674
I’ll be emailing you.

48:11.792 –> 48:19.894
Yeah, Petra, if you haven’t, check out the podcast because Chris does a great job at walking people through how the Paprika app works.

48:20.032 –> 48:22.266
And what podcast is that again, Michael?

48:22.378 –> 48:33.294
It’s under unmute presents and it is the episode that starts with digital bytes ep two. It’ll say food, calendars and headphones.

48:33.422 –> 48:35.138
Perfect. Thank you so much.

48:35.304 –> 48:36.654
No worries, Petra.

48:36.782 –> 48:54.342
All right. Jewel. Hey, jewel. Hi. First I wanted to share another game, but I did know that at some point there was an accessible king’s corner on iOS. Do y’all know if that’s still around as a type of solitary game?

48:54.476 –> 48:59.766
Yeah, I’m not certain Apple vis would be where I would go to see if I can find it.

48:59.868 –> 49:54.294
Yeah, I couldn’t find it when I was looking in the App Store, so maybe I need to look at. Forget. I think it was Lynn. Whoever was asking about solitaire games. King’s Corner is a pretty cool solitaire game. It’s a little different from Klondike, though. The other game I wanted to mention was magic research. I don’t know if somebody’s mentioned this game yet. Nope. It is really cool. You are casting spells, creating things, and you have apprentices after a while, and then you have researchers after a while and it just kind of builds. And my favorite thing is if I ignore it for a while, it builds up time points, I think it’s called. And these are only if you leave the app alone for a while, and then you can do warps and research, like time warps and research warps. So it actually benefits you to leave the app alone for a little while, which means I can actually get work done. So it motivates me to leave it alone.

49:54.422 –> 49:55.610
There you go.

49:55.760 –> 50:15.780
Yeah. So that’s a really good one. And I love night manager. And Lucy’s call for games on the lady A is amazing. But I wanted to ask you, you mentioned the class on jaws that’s coming up. Is that going to be for brand new users or is it going to get more detailed with time?

50:17.910 –> 50:38.518
Go ahead, Michael. It’s going to start out with brand new users, so it’s going to be an introduction. But once we get through that first four weeks, then we’ll do the next level and we’ll go down from there. It’s going to go probably in four week increments for beginner and possibly some beginner intermediate, and we’ll see where we.

50:38.524 –> 50:41.158
Go from there and we can join at any level.

50:41.324 –> 50:46.842
Yeah, well, if you’re doing the first one, that’s going to be for people who are entry level to jaws just starting.

50:46.896 –> 50:49.226
Right? I’ve been using jaws for about 15 years. Yeah.

50:49.248 –> 50:52.234
You probably don’t want to join that one, then that probably wouldn’t be for you.

50:52.352 –> 50:58.046
Okay, so I can join at any level. So I want to wait until intermediate to join. Awesome. I’ll look forward to that.

50:58.148 –> 50:59.486
All right, cool. Thank you.

50:59.588 –> 51:21.618
Thank you. All right, you got Judy. Hi, guys. This is for Anne. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. I’m assuming it’s the same on the phone as the iPad. If she goes into the meeting settings, there’s something that says show names when participants join. It’s something like that. And if she double taps on that, it should turn off all those notifications.

51:21.794 –> 51:23.366
Perfect. Thank you.

51:23.388 –> 52:06.742
I have a quick announcement before we wrap it up here. I just wanted to let everybody know, March 5, the leadership conference will be going on in Washington, and we will not be here that day on March 5, but we will be back immediately the next week. So just want to give everyone a heads up. Or if you come and we’re not here on March 5, you’ll know that the leadership conference will be going on. And so there you go. We’ll be back the next week, though. So with that being said, if you guys have any questions, comments, or anything like that, you can reach out to us at feedback at Unmute show, and you can check out club unmute and all the other things we got going on at our website, which is unmute show. And with that, everybody have a great week, and we’ll see you next time.

52:06.876 –> 52:07.990
Thanks, y’all.