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Hey, it’s Michael here and I just wanted to thank you for your support by listening and participating in our live community calls. If you want more unmute, including direct education like Braille and Jaws, check out Clubunmute at Unmute show.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s Unmute Presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. Want to remind everyone that we’ll take all first questions, and if we get through all first questions and we have time, we’ll take second questions. Also, please be respectful and let everyone answer their question with the same respect you would want your question answered. Um, and don’t forget, there’s no dumb questions. So the question of the day today is what is your favorite social media network that you use? And do you use it only on your computer, or do you use it on your computer, your phone, your tablet? Where do you use it and which one is your favorite? I also want to let everyone know that there was a pretty significant security patch update for iPhone that came out either late last night or super early this morning. So you definitely want to install that. And as always, we have Michael Babcock with us. How’s it going, Michael?

01:39.244 –> 03:30.554
It is going well. I’m looking at my own content that’s always fun to chat about. So I’m curious to hear what your favorite social network is. Real quick recap. Perfect. So I want to make sure I had these correct. We posted yesterday, technically working where Devosi and I sat down and and our general overview chat that we normally do on Mondays. On Sunday, digital Bytes published an episode about a app called Good Budget. Marty showed you some tricks in spotlight and I demonstrated the Zoom Z U M two podcast microphone. So if you want to hear what that microphone get sounds like, give Sunday’s unmute presents episode a listen. On Friday, Marcy shared quickly editing form fields with Jaws. I really like that content. I like all the content we produce, but that content is awesome because I learned something new about using Jaws. So give those a listen. On Friday Thursday we shared a app developer. They’re currently actually, until tomorrow, in the process of being nominated for an award and supported by the community. We just found out about that this morning and this is a app that’s in beta. You can get to it at Ben Vision and learn more about it in the episode that was published on Thursday. Lastly, on Wednesday, we had some community contributed content say that three times fast. A friend of the Shell phone show, Adrian, shared how to set up shopping lists in the notes on the blind shell. Classic two. And that’s a quick recap of that content. Sheila, do we have any hands?

03:31.214 –> 03:32.674
We do. Deborah.

03:33.054 –> 03:34.474
Hey, Deborah, how are you?

03:35.174 –> 03:43.958
Hello there. I didn’t expect to be first, so my mouth is full. Well, let’s see. Do you want my question or my favorite social media first?

03:44.126 –> 03:45.950
Let’s hear your favorite social media first.

03:46.062 –> 04:30.968
Okay, so this is going to surprise everybody, but my favorite social media is groups IO. I’m on about 70 mailing lists, and I use the web pretty much to read them. I like that I can go through my groups every morning and look at the subjects and figure out what people are talking about and join if I find it interesting, what I found with other social media programs, and believe me, if other people disagree, please disagree, because I want to hear some feedback. It takes 14 forever to go through them and find content that you actually find interesting. You don’t really care what people have for breakfast. So I find I don’t want to read a lot of trivia, and that’s why I really like groups. IO, are you ready for my question?

04:31.096 –> 04:32.256
Yeah, go for it.

04:32.400 –> 05:04.994
All right. You know, I can tell Siri to set a timer, and that’s not a problem. But I haven’t figured out how to get Siri to set a stopwatch. For example, I might want to start a stopwatch when I’m walking somewhere to figure out how long it takes me to get there. Or I might want to start a stopwatch when I’m cooking something to find out how long it takes before it smells like it’s ready to take out of the oven. So I can compare that with the recipe. So how do I set a stopwatch with the s lady?

05:05.534 –> 05:15.914
Usually what I do is I’ll just say, set a timer for, and then put how many minutes you want. So, set a timer for ten minutes, and then it’ll just start counting down.

05:16.354 –> 05:18.414
If you want measure a duration.

05:21.474 –> 05:28.374
Yeah, it just counts down. I guess you could say set an alarm for 1 minute, and then it would kind of be the opposite, and then it would give you a.

05:28.954 –> 05:40.294
So I just did this. Um, what I did with Siri is when I press and hold this, let’s see if she does it, because I just said start stopwatch.

05:43.054 –> 05:44.422
I tried that, and I.

05:44.478 –> 06:13.574
And then it played two sounds, and that tells me that it’s done. It was a different ascending sound. It is a very subtle sound, but Siri didn’t, did not acknowledge that I told her to do that the first time I tried it. It did not actually do it. So that seems to be a consistent issue. But if I want to know what my stopwatch is, I can say, show me my stopwatch. That opens the clock app to the stopwatch tab.

06:13.994 –> 06:30.894
I have a watch, an Apple watch, and I’ll set a timer with it. And then if I need to see where I’m at in the timer, I can just use here to say show timer, and it’ll open it up and show you where it is in the countdown and just continue to count down. And you can do the same thing on your phone.

06:32.354 –> 06:33.226
Thank you.

06:33.330 –> 06:53.546
So play with telling Siri to set a stopwatch or start a stopwatch. One other thing to think about, too, Deborah, is and then we’ll go on to the next hand. If Siri’s not doing what you want, jump into the shortcuts app and start poking around to see if there’s a way to set up a shortcut that would do what you need as well. Who do we got next? Sheila?

06:53.690 –> 06:54.454

06:55.834 –> 06:57.134
Hey, rich. How you doing.

07:01.194 –> 07:12.034
Rich? There you go. My favorite social media, and I do it on the blind show classic, too. I.

07:12.114 –> 07:14.574
Did you say Facebook? You cut out. I’m sorry.

07:14.954 –> 07:16.794
Oh. Can you hear me any better now?

07:16.914 –> 07:17.666

07:17.850 –> 08:35.214
Okay. My favorite social media is Facebook. I do it on the blind shell classic. Two. I used to do it on the computer, but kind of stopped doing that. But it’s a nice way to connect with people, number one. And number two, what a lot of people don’t know about Facebook is that I use it more, I think, as a social media, as a news medium, because if you click the like button on a page, like, if you click the like button on your local tv station, you’ll get all their news stories. If you hit the like button on your sports team, you’ll get all their updates and roster moves and trades. If you hit the like button on a restaurant, you’ll get all their menu specials and stuff like that. So all that news feed stuff comes into your Facebook newsfeed instead of the, instead of your email. And then the other thing I like is there’s a lot of groups you can join on Facebook. There are blindness related groups. There are blind technology groups. There are some iPhone groups. Just about any kind of group you want. There’s even musical groups you can join where people share, like, links to songs and stuff like that and particular types of music. So there’s a lot more there than some people know. So that’s favorite.

08:37.594 –> 08:51.426
Beautiful. Glad to hear that. So, Facebook on the blind shell classic. Two is your favorite social media, rich. Appreciate that. And did you have a question today? Do not. Awesome. Well, thanks for joining in. Appreciate it, Sheila. Who is next?

08:51.530 –> 08:53.934
Brad, do we have somebody in clubhouse?

08:54.284 –> 08:57.644
Yes, we have Janet on stage. Go ahead, Janet.

08:57.764 –> 08:59.264
Hey, Janet. How are you?

09:00.924 –> 09:06.824
I’m doing okay. I’m at the hospital waiting for a friend to get out of surgery. But my favorite social media is YouTube.

09:07.924 –> 09:12.012
YouTube. Always learning something there. New? I imagine so. Thanks.

09:12.068 –> 09:17.812
Oh, yeah. Something about. Something about the blind shell, too, and everything else. So you have a great day.

09:17.948 –> 09:22.048
Thanks a lot, Janet. Who do we got next? Sheila?

09:22.136 –> 09:22.844

09:23.184 –> 09:24.124
Hey, Dan.

09:28.144 –> 10:11.874
Yeah, hello. My favorite social media is Facebook, and I access on the iPhone. But my question is about the. About the iPad. For one of you guys from mute presents, Mike, I forget his last name. Did an unboxing on YouTube for the iPad Pro and the magic keyboard. And what I don’t understand is how do the two units. How do the two units fit together? And when you turn on the magic keyboard, does it automatically pair? Those two items were not clear to me.

10:13.594 –> 10:48.114
Well, the magic keyboard connects with a magnet, actually, that’s how it holds the iPad on there. And there is a little tiny notch on the bottom of the iPad when you click it in there that it connects to. And that’s how it can read the data from the keyboard to the iPad. Of course, you can move it around and stuff. However, best suits you’re comfortable, you know, with looking at the screen or whatever. It’s very flexible. You can move it around, up, down, or forward or back, whatever you need to make it work for you.

10:48.734 –> 10:52.198
Wait, you’re moving what around? The. The actual keyboard or.

10:52.286 –> 11:16.914
No, the iPad. Once you click it onto the magnet, the stand, then you could move it around either up or down or forward or back or however suits, you know, the most comfortable spot for you to use it. So it’s very, you know, you can adjust it forward, back, up, or down the connectors in that little magnet when you click the iPad onto there. And then that’s how it gets the data from the keyboard to the iPad.

11:18.534 –> 11:33.604
Okay. Okay. And so. Okay, so first you turn on the keyboard, and then you click it with the. With the magnet on. On the iPad.

11:34.224 –> 12:04.444
Yeah, the. There’s like a flat part there that’s right in front of you where the iPad would go. And when you place the iPad into there, the magnet holds it in there, and the little connector connects to the iPad, which is in that little square or in that little space where you click your iPad to it. And then you’re done. That’s it. And you could set it up however you want. You could fold it up and leave your iPad in there and carry it around like a closed laptop if you want to. Or you can remove your iPad from there. There. It’s pretty straightforward.

12:05.664 –> 12:09.684
Well, that’s very good. Is there a relationship to the case or not?

12:11.024 –> 13:04.294
In this new version, the case, they’ve added some features. They added a row up at the top with a bunch of functions that weren’t in the old one. What they have up there now is the same as what would be on a laptop keyboard. So you have the volume keys, the brightness keys up or down. You have a dictation key there. And there’s a few other things as well. If you look at the keyboard on one of their current model laptops, you’ll see that the top row is the same as on that new Magic keyboard. But the one thing to note is that magic keyboard, though it only works on the brand new iPads that just came out. They don’t work on anything previous to that. So if you get a new Magic keyboard and you have an older iPad, it will not work. You gotta. It only works on the new versions. Otherwise you have to use the older Magic keyboard that works with the previous models.

13:04.594 –> 13:18.538
Okay, well, that’s fine with me. I plan to buy a new Magic keyboard and a new. I’m very. With a new pro. I was very impressed with that demonstration on YouTube, so thank you.

13:18.586 –> 13:46.410
I’ll definitely say. The new iPads, one of my favorite features, which they finally changed. It took them long enough, but they moved the camera to the long side. So when it’s sitting in like something, like a magic keyboard, the camera is centered right in front of you on the top, like it would be on a laptop. It’s no longer on the top of the, you know, when it’s in like vertical mode, for example. So that’s a really cool thing. You can actually type and use it and acts more like a laptop, actually. So that’s good.

13:46.562 –> 13:58.574
Yeah. My understanding apparently is that is once you get that those two set up, you. That is equivalent to the latest MacBook, one of the latest MacBooks, is that correct?

13:59.774 –> 14:09.154
I mean, the feel and the look of it kind of is similar to that. But you’re still running, you know, iPad os. You’re not running Mac OS if you had like a laptop, for example.

14:09.694 –> 14:13.342
Oh, sure, yeah. But I mean, the chip is equivalent.

14:13.398 –> 14:41.584
Oh, yeah. It’s the fastest chip right now. That’s the only thing that has an m four currently in their lineup right now. The next most current chip in a laptop would be the m three, and those currently are what’s in the laptops. So the iPad is the only thing with the m four in it, and that’s only in the pros. By the way, the iPad airs have the m two chip in them.

14:42.044 –> 14:43.204
Okay, thank you very much.

14:43.284 –> 14:44.344
Yep, no problem.

14:45.604 –> 14:46.984
All right, jewel.

14:47.324 –> 14:48.344
Hey, jewel.

14:51.484 –> 15:34.892
I have a couple of one thing to share and one thing to ask. But first, my favorite social media would be YouTube. Absolutely love it. Do the community and live feeds and everything. It’s great. I will say for the person who was asking about the stopwatch, if you ask the a lady to open stopwatch deluxe, that is a stopwatch skill, and it works great. And then from then on, you can say, a lady, start stopwatch and I’ll do the same. So that’s a great stopwatch skill. I just tested it to make sure it was still working. It is still there. I just did it a little while ago.

15:35.028 –> 15:36.024
Very good.

15:37.564 –> 16:22.418
And then my question today is I’m trying to learn how to get bookshare books onto my laptop and then onto my new braille display, my activator, in order to transfer them. I’m not sure if they need to be unzipped, but I’m guessing they do. But I’m having trouble with unzipping them for some reason. I do the unzip, but it doesn’t. I don’t know what it’s doing. And then I was confused about Daisy files to fsreader as well. So all daisy files and then unzipping word files or. I don’t know if it needs to be unzipped for my activator. If you have any suggestions on any of that, I’d be greatly appreciative.

16:22.546 –> 16:29.534
So what about unzipping isn’t working because I just went through this yesterday and downloaded a book from bookshare.

16:29.914 –> 17:06.888
Well, specifically the day for the daisy files for Fsreader, I unzip them, but they don’t go into the fsreader. These are the jaws training daisies. But for bookshare, I unzip it, but it’s still not transferring something I’m not supposed to unzip. Or perhaps I’m unzipping inappropriately. I’m doing actually insert f eleven. I think it is because I don’t have an alt key on my keyboard. And then I’m hitting unzip. But I also downloaded windzip to try. I haven’t done that yet.

17:07.056 –> 17:09.152
So is this windows ten or eleven?

17:09.328 –> 17:10.368
This is eleven.

17:10.536 –> 18:15.304
Okay, so when I find a zip file in my downloads folder, which is the one that I use right now, if I hit shift f ten on that, which brings up the context menu, there’s an option that says hold on, there you go, that should be better. Cable bad. Power cable crossing over audio. I knew exactly what it was. So if you go down there’s an extract all eliminated button. And if you choose that, then that will put a new folder in the same folder that the zip file is in with the same name. So what I do to know the difference is I’ll tap the right arrow key twice when I’m navigating through my downloads folder, for example. And if it says compress then I know, oh, that’s still the zipped one. I need to down arrow to the actual folder and I can find that out again by tapping the right arrow twice and it’ll say type file folder and then go in there. And that should give you the list of word documents that are available.

18:15.604 –> 18:17.004
And then I just copy and paste.

18:17.044 –> 18:42.344
All of those, or just open them I believe. And I’m not familiar with the activator, so I’m not certain what their file transfer is. But I presume what you would do is do a control a once you’re inside the folder that’ll select all of the word documents and then control c to copy and then go paste them on the activator. Um, make sure that the activator does support word documents and it doesn’t have to be a BRF format.

18:42.384 –> 18:52.728
Does not, which is why I have to send it to h, htcom. So I take it into HtCOM and then it, it will translate it into a file that can be put on the activator.

18:52.816 –> 18:53.256

18:53.360 –> 19:00.608
It was just a matter of how do I get it to the active to HtcoM in a format that I can actually turn into a translate translated file?

19:00.696 –> 19:05.816
Yeah, give that a try. Yeah, I haven’t used Winzip in years, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

19:05.880 –> 19:06.096

19:06.120 –> 19:36.424
But I would just try and just know that I don’t like this new context menu in Windows eleven in some instances. So just know that it’s going to tell you that the FedEx people are here. Well it might not tell you that, but the dog is going to tell you that. So if you press the applications key, it’s going to say one of three or one of four. Keep going down past that third or fourth item and then it’ll say open one of eight or something like that. So don’t listen to that one of X in the menu.

19:36.764 –> 19:43.824
That’s weird. Okay, well, thank you so much, and I hope that people will try out that stopwatch deluxe skill.

19:46.964 –> 19:49.304
All right, Lynn, thank you.

19:50.884 –> 19:51.644

19:51.804 –> 19:53.108
Hey, Lynn, how you doing?

19:53.276 –> 19:54.324
Good, how are you?

19:54.444 –> 19:55.220
Good, good.

19:55.372 –> 20:13.524
So I don’t. I don’t tend to use social media. I guess they’re calling YouTube social media, though I do use that some. So I have really a lot of problems with Facebook. It’s too complicated for me. But YouTube is pretty good.

20:13.904 –> 20:28.804
Yeah, most people, it’s kind of interesting. Most people go to YouTube to learn something or watch something, and then everyone can comment under the video, and that’s where they consider calling social media YouTube being social media.

20:29.474 –> 20:30.122

20:30.218 –> 20:43.214
That’s also how you could, like, contact the person or whoever is providing the content. So if you have a question for the person of the thing that you’re watching, you could make a comment, and a lot of times they’ll answer you back in the comments.

20:43.914 –> 20:45.746
Hey, that’s cool. I didn’t know that.

20:45.850 –> 20:46.178

20:46.226 –> 20:47.066
Thanks for that.

20:47.170 –> 20:47.498

20:47.546 –> 20:57.352
So my question is a little complicated. It may be too complicated for here. I don’t know. First, before I ask it, can I ask a question about the Mac here?

20:57.408 –> 20:58.400
Yeah, yeah, go for it.

20:58.432 –> 21:33.544
Okay. So for the last, and I think it’s been probably a couple months, I’ve been. I get a lot of people send me Dropbox links, and all of a sudden now I’m getting this every time I get a Dropbox, like Dropbox link, and I click on it, it says, sign in to Dropbox. And then you move over and it says, want to do more with this file or this folder or whatever, sign into Dropbox. But it won’t. And then there’s like a dialog box. The thing is, I’m already signed in.

21:34.364 –> 21:38.544
Do you have the app installed on your computer or do you just use it in a browser?

21:39.644 –> 21:48.024
Well, I have the app installed on my computer, but I don’t use it. I go through the browser, but I’ve always done that. And now all of a sudden it’s giving me trouble.

21:49.024 –> 21:55.164
Are you paying for the premier version or are you just using the free version?

21:55.544 –> 22:07.004
No, I have a Dropbox account with premier version, I guess. Yeah. So I just wondered if anybody knew anything about if there’s a bug or.

22:07.944 –> 22:29.414
Well, there’s two ways. Someone can send you a file. They can just send you the file. Like, let’s say someone had a word document. They wanted to share with you or some kind of a document or a picture, something like that, you know, and they just send you the direct link to that, then you can just download that. But if they send you a folder of stuff, they really kind of want you more to access the folder in your Dropbox.

22:29.454 –> 22:37.314
Right. Accessing the folder is problematic. And then like, and this is what’s weird. Do you know much about Dropbox?

22:37.694 –> 22:38.958
I mean, we use it.

22:39.086 –> 22:51.644
Okay. Okay, so, so then you may, or you may know that, like if you, if there’s a, like, if there’s a one at the end of all of the stuff that the link, then that means you can just automatically download it.

22:53.144 –> 22:59.128
No, usually if someone were just to send you one direct file, basically what.

22:59.136 –> 23:01.960
I’m saying is there’s a number one at the end of that.

23:02.072 –> 23:14.526
Yes. That thing when it ends in dot and when it ends in DL equals one, then yes, that will automatically download the, it should automatically download the file for you.

23:14.600 –> 23:20.974
Right. And it’s still doing that for me. That’s what’s weird. It still does that. But if it, if it’s zero, that’s when I have trouble.

23:23.994 –> 23:44.002
That’s interesting. So let me ask you a question. If you go to Dropbox.com in Safari or whatever your default browser is, does that then show you your files? So the title will be files. Or does it show you Dropbox when you actually go to Dropbox.com?

23:44.058 –> 23:45.816
Shows me my files, I believe.

23:46.010 –> 23:53.636
Okay, that is strange. I don’t know what is going on there. Then maybe someone else has an idea there and hopefully we can get that figured out for you.

23:53.780 –> 23:59.068
Okay, well, thanks for letting me ask anyway. And if somebody does, please chime in because this is a real pain.

23:59.196 –> 24:00.676
No worries. Thanks a lot.

24:00.700 –> 24:01.596
And I’ll thank you.

24:01.700 –> 24:03.996
Bottom of it. Who do we got next there? Sheila.

24:04.100 –> 24:04.980

24:05.172 –> 24:06.224
Hey, Patty.

24:09.644 –> 25:30.364
Hi, everybody. Patti Fletcher from Kingsport, Tennessee. Patty, I am really frustrated. I am using for my main phone a, an iPhone XR, a ten, an XR. And I have this awful trouble when I dictate a post or out of post mode here. Sorry. A message in the iMessage. So I’ve opened the message app and I’ve opened a message and I’m replying to a message. Right. The message field is editing. And when I hit dictate, I dictate say, I say, good morning, it’s a sunny day period. And I put an emoji. Right, right. Like a sun with face or whatever. Or even if I don’t, I, if I am not careful about the way I hold my phone or move or anything. It will duplicate the message six or seven lines like it will repeat over and over and over again. And there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. And I have looked at all my settings and I do not know what’s going on. It’s driving me nuts.

25:32.524 –> 25:38.556
On an XR, can you run the current operating system on that or is that only go to a certain point?

25:38.660 –> 25:40.692
It is still taking the updates.

25:40.828 –> 25:48.788
Yeah. I’ve heard several people comment this, so it doesn’t help you, but you’re not alone. I have.

25:48.836 –> 26:18.856
I know I’m not alone. And I have called Apple care and I did Apple accessibility and they had me do this. They instructed, they were very good. They instructed me how to do screenshots, record screenshots of what’s happening in live action, you know, as I’m using the phone. And I did this for two days straight and they wrote me back and said, we will look into this. And that’s been a year ago and I want to scream. So at least I know I’m not by myself.

26:18.920 –> 26:48.472
Okay, so an extreme of something you can try, an extreme ish of something you control is in settings under general, there is a reset and restore option. It’s towards the bottom. You can go in there and reset just your settings that will reset all of your settings. And you could experiment with that and see if that fixes it.

26:48.648 –> 28:16.806
That might be not a bad idea because it’s updated a few times. We all know how updates can be, but yes, it does still take the update. So I’m real happy about that, at least, because this phone that I’m speaking on just is not reliable. It’s just been dropped one time too many. So my favorite social media is hands down Facebook. It’s where I do the majority of my content promotion, communicating with people. I have over 1200 friends on Facebook and almost a thousand followers. And I love Facebook. I’m very engaged there. But I also want, you know, social media is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, whatever. But I’m also very involved with blogging. And blogging is another very accessible form of social media. And the Facebook and all the other social media is linked to that very nicely. So I find that is also a wonderful tool as a writer. So that’s my thing for the day. And if anybody wants to reach out to me, you can find me on social media. And my nickname is Lady Moonwalker because there are several of Facebook Patty Fletchers. God help us, y’all. Have a good day.

28:16.990 –> 28:31.264
Before you go, I have two quick questions for you. One is, do you restart your phone often or at all? And my second question to you is, do you ever check and see how much hard drive space that’s available on your phone that you have?

28:31.424 –> 28:32.144

28:32.304 –> 28:35.960
Okay. So you know you have both of those. All right.

28:36.112 –> 29:02.766
Yeah. And just to finish, the social media. Sorry, I use it on my phone and computer. I do have some challenges on the computer. So one thing I’ve noticed is a problem. If you are typing on the actual website, it wants to put in a lot of protective text. My advice to everybody is write your stuff inward, copy it to your clipboard and paste it.

29:02.910 –> 29:05.594
Yep. Thank you for that, Patrick.

29:06.294 –> 29:09.806
Bye. All right, Gregory.

29:09.990 –> 29:11.474
Hey, Gregory, how you doing?

29:13.094 –> 29:14.998
Alta now. Can you hear me?

29:15.086 –> 29:16.314
Yep, we can hear you.

29:17.394 –> 30:32.444
My only social platform has been YouTube. Until recently. I bought the Ray bans. This is the second weekend I’m going to be forced to use Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp because of the video calling and streaming. I have to use those, those apps to use it, unfortunately, but I’ll learn. Also, I was wondering, I got. I did the download last night of the app 17. Did anybody get an update on the settings page that they wanted to. I needed to go to iCloud. Plus they said I needed to do that because I couldn’t reboot my phone. I’ve never seen that before. I’m just wondering what that was. Of course, I’ve got more videos than I’ve ever had before from the glasses. So maybe that. Maybe that’s why upgrade storage. I’m just wondering. So Apple gives you 5gb for free.

30:34.624 –> 30:36.764
Which is not very much at all, by the way.

30:37.114 –> 31:02.602
Very disrespectful to the consumer. But that’s besides the point. And I think what’s happening possibly is that your icloud storage might be getting full. Do you currently pay Apple for any storage or are you still on the free tier? I’m on the free, but I went with the 99 cent because I got three tiers on the subscription now. Everything. Yep.

31:02.658 –> 31:05.568
At least they offer a $0.99 version. That’s, you know.

31:05.616 –> 31:33.948
Yeah. The two terabyte is. I don’t remember what it was. It’s not bad. I thought it was $3 a month. Yeah, two terabytes is $10 a month. They offer the 50gb, I think it is, for ninety nine cents. And then for $5 it’s somewhere in the middle there. And then once you go and you start paying them, then you are opted into Apple. What do they call it, Marty? The plus icloud plus.

31:34.036 –> 31:34.620

31:34.772 –> 31:50.660
And so that will give you some additional security features that are available. Is your phone working fine now? Yeah, it’s fine. Yeah. They offered some other options in there or other things like email protection and stuff like that with it, which, that’s.

31:50.692 –> 32:11.596
Pretty cool actually, because you can create like a fake email. It’s not really a fake email. It does go to your email. But let’s say that you want to receive newsletters or put your email out there to get information. If it becomes too spammy, you can just delete that email and you no longer will get those emails anymore. That by itself is a great feature.

32:11.740 –> 32:14.300
Yeah. All right, thanks, guys.

32:14.452 –> 32:15.424
Yeah, no problem.

32:15.924 –> 32:23.988
Thanks for your input. Before we go on to the next hand, Marty, for listeners who might be listening to the stream, you want to remind people what the question is.

32:24.116 –> 32:37.544
Sure. The question of the day today is what is your favorite social network and do you use it just on your computer or on your iPhone, iPad? All the things. So what is your favorite social network and where is your favorite place to use it?

32:39.244 –> 32:41.944
All right, Brad, do we have somebody in clubhouse?

32:42.884 –> 32:53.572
Yes, we do. We have Terry. And when Terry’s done, I think I have an answer to the Dropbox thing that jewel was asking about. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Hey, Terry.

32:53.708 –> 32:55.024
Hey, Terry, how are you doing?

32:56.084 –> 32:57.556
Can you all hear me?

32:57.700 –> 32:58.804
Yes, we can hear you.

32:58.924 –> 33:39.958
Oh, thank you. I have something, a wonky setting. I use windows eleven on a PC. And right now when I arrow down through a list of files, I get 116 of 192, the name of the file, 117 of 192, the name of the file. The name of the file is always preceded by the, you know, how many of how many I’m. And I need to turn that off because it is driving me absolutely insane. And I’m not sure how I got it turned on and I don’t know how to get it turned off.

33:40.086 –> 33:41.674
What screen reader are you using?

33:42.254 –> 33:49.526
A jaws. Not the 20, the one that came out early this year.

33:49.670 –> 34:02.052
Okay, so you’re using 2024. And then my other question is, that’s interesting. Does this happen in every folder or a specific folder?

34:02.228 –> 34:23.964
In every folder. Usually I can arrow two or three times down and just get the file name. After that it starts reading, you know, and I have my very large drive, like seven or eight terabyte drive filled with books. So I get 12,291 of 12,313.

34:25.184 –> 35:49.206
So in this case, I would honestly reach out to Vespero. So if you didn’t know you can actually, here’s what I would try before I even reached out to Vespero. This keystroke is magic. If you haven’t yet, Jaws key space will put you into layered keystroke mode and the letter Z for Zulu will reset your jaws settings to the default jaws settings. And it’s a temporary reset so your speech will slow down. If you are using caps lock, that will no longer be your Jaws key. You must then use the insert key to activate the Jaws key again. But then, so what I would do is open the, open a folder where you’re experiencing this do Jaws key space followed by Z, that will temporarily set you to default arrow around. And if it stops telling, like if it just gives you the file name, then, you know, somewhere, somehow you change the jaws setting. Okay, that is giving you this information because right now I can arrow through file Explorer just fine and it’s just reading the title of the element that I’m on. And if it a, if it does continue to do that, I would at that point reach out to Vespero and ask them, hey, what can I do to get this to stop? Because I think something showing on your screen that jaws isn’t reading properly and that’s impacting the way that the information is shared with you.

35:49.350 –> 35:52.374
Okay, thank you so much, Mike. You guys take care.

35:52.494 –> 37:07.982
No worries. You too, Terry, and thanks for participating. And Brad, you think you have a solution? Yeah, I think I got a solution for that one too, but I have to look it up. There’s actually a setting and I have it written down. I don’t have it off the top of my head, but the Dropbox thing, I believe jewel said if she gets a link that ends in DL one and she selects it, it will download the file to her downloads folder, which is what it’s supposed to do. The default way when someone copies a link is for the link to end in DL equals zero, which opens a browser window to your Dropbox account, which is also expected behavior. If you just rather than execute link, copy it. The one ending in DL equals zero, paste it in your browser’s address bar and rather than hit enter, hit your backspace, delete to zero, put a one, then hit enter and it’ll download to your downloads folder. And you can copy that with vo shift u when you highlight the link is the fastest way to copy that to the public. Right, thank you.

37:08.038 –> 37:23.628
I’ve been doing that, but sometimes I need to see the folder. That’s the problem. And I need to be able to see what’s in the folder. Occasionally somebody will send a folder, and I need to be able to see what’s in the folder. And if I did the one, it would download the whole folder.

37:23.796 –> 37:26.028
Yeah. Well, then you’re going to have to do the zero.

37:26.156 –> 37:30.468
Yeah, right. Which I can’t do because it’ll then tell me I need to log in.

37:30.556 –> 37:34.184
Thank you. Yeah, you just have to log in on your browser.

37:34.724 –> 37:36.820
It won’t let me. That’s the problem.

37:36.932 –> 37:45.514
Well, go to Dropbox.com and log in and then execute the DL equals zero link.

37:46.334 –> 37:47.142

37:47.278 –> 37:54.734
Yeah. Give that a try. Make sure you’re logged in@Dropbox.com. and then try going to that link. No problem. Thanks a lot. Thanks, Brad. Sheila, who do we got next?

37:54.854 –> 37:55.606

37:55.790 –> 37:56.674
Hey, Rick.

37:58.174 –> 38:16.454
Hello. First favorite social media is Facebook. And I use it primarily on my phone. And my question is. Not really a technology question. Might be a little bit odd, but Michael, your name has come up a couple of times when I’ve asked this question.

38:17.754 –> 38:18.734
I’m sorry.

38:21.674 –> 38:22.802
And I promise you might want to.

38:22.818 –> 38:24.890
Think twice about asking your question now. No, I’m just kidding.

38:24.922 –> 38:59.562
I was gonna say, I’m not stalking you, but yeah. My question is about Google Ads. I use Google Ads with my business, and I’m hoping to find someone in the blindness community who uses a screen reader to access Google’s, that platform for Google Ads, who is familiar with, basically, who uses them regularly, because I’ve got questions. So your name came up about as someone who may know that or know someone who does.

38:59.738 –> 39:21.906
If you drop us an email to feedback, unmute show, we can follow up on that. I have not used Google Ads in probably about ten years or so. So I’m familiar with the concept of Google Ads and putting together campaigns and whatnot. It would be interesting to hear the state of accessibility now because it definitely was not the best ten years ago.

39:22.090 –> 39:22.934

39:23.834 –> 39:28.538
So hopefully that helps a minute. I can’t give you an exact answer, though.

39:28.706 –> 39:30.290
Okay, perfect.

39:30.362 –> 39:31.098
Thank you.

39:31.266 –> 39:32.624
Appreciate the time. Thank you.

39:32.714 –> 39:35.464
Of course, Judy.

39:39.324 –> 40:54.624
Hey, guys. To answer the question, I never thought of YouTube as social media. I love it because I. But I don’t interact with the. With the comments. I’ve never contacted anybody, so I will answer that. It’s Facebook. I use it on my phone and my iPad and on the computer only to. I post the daily schedule for the community on the community Facebook page. That’s the only time I ever use it on the computer because I have to edit out all the calling info and all of that. This is for Patty. I called in several weeks ago about that very same problem. But for me, it is intermittent. It hasn’t happened in a while. And, Michael, you had suggested that I call Apple accessibility, but I can never duplicate the problem. When I want to call them. I end up, I’ll send the message after I fix it, and then I go to do it again, and it won’t happen for a while. And it has not happened for, knock on wood, for two or three weeks now. So, Patti, I feel your pain. That’s all I can say is you’re not alone. Like you were told before, I don’t know what it is, and it doesn’t happen all the time, so it’s just a very bizarre situation.

40:55.364 –> 41:02.390
Well, thanks. I knew I had heard it from at least one other person. Perfect. Appreciate it, and thanks a lot for sharing.

41:02.532 –> 41:05.494
Okay. All right. Pam.

41:05.874 –> 41:07.026
Hey, Pam, how are you?

41:07.090 –> 44:00.332
Hello. Oh, I’m doing okay. To answer the question of the day, I really do not do social media per se. I don’t do Facebook. I don’t do what used to be called Twitter and is now called X. I don’t do Instagram. I don’t do whatever that new one is that came out. Mastodon. I’ve never been on those. YouTube. All I do on YouTube is watch videos. I don’t do anything. The comments and all that on YouTube now. Groups IO yeah, I have. I manage a group, a small one, and we have an email list, but we don’t really use it like people use Facebook now. Comments for Patty. And this one is just. It’s just so common sense. You think everyone would. Anyone would think of it. There’s a setting. You go to settings go to accessibility, go to. Not voiceover, but go to touch. There’s a setting called shake to undo. You want to turn that off because if you shake your iPhone or just make a sudden move, it might, who knows what? It might undo something you just typed, or it might just do any number of weird things, but you want to go in there and make sure that setting is turned off. And for the person who was having difficulty setting a stopwatch using the s lady, I would remind people that not everyone, including this person, not everyone has a lady a. So if you can’t get Siri, the S person, to set your stopwatch, then that’s a good reason to learn how to do it manually. And I think a lot of people just are not. They’re not making the effort to learn how to do it manually because there are going to be times you can’t use Siri, for any number of reasons. So you go to clock, you go to stopwatch, and you hit the start button, and away you go. And then when you need to stop it, you just.

44:00.428 –> 44:01.180
You stop it.

44:01.212 –> 44:10.318
And it’s not difficult. It’s just really, really easy. And there’s no reason that anyone can’t learn to do that.

44:10.436 –> 44:39.954
So. So, Pam, I get that. And that is true. I can think of several situations, though, where interacting with my touchscreen is not appropriate when I just need to start a stopwatch. So, for example, I’m cooking and stuff like that. So Siri should be able to activate the stopwatch. But you are correct. Learning how to go in and start it is a good skill to have. I do see some value in being able to just use your voice to start a stopwatch. So thank you for sharing that. Really appreciate it.

44:40.074 –> 44:47.826
You’re welcome. And, Patty, good luck. Go into there and make sure that check to undo is turned off and.

44:47.850 –> 44:49.338
See if that makes a difference. There we go.

44:49.386 –> 44:50.490
That makes a difference.

44:50.602 –> 44:52.934
Sheila, who do we got next? Lauren.

44:53.394 –> 44:54.734
Hey, Lauren, how are you?

44:55.914 –> 44:57.370
Hi, guys. How you doing?

44:57.562 –> 44:58.474
Good, good, thank you.

44:58.514 –> 45:26.784
I have a few questions. First of all, I don’t know why this happening. I’m on the new standard view of Gmail that has no HTML view anymore. And I don’t know, I had to change browsers because on Google Chrome, I don’t know why this is, but I can’t compose for some reason, it doesn’t do anything when I do see or compose button. And then when I’m on edge, I can’t do the GL to get to a different label. So I had to change browsers for that.

45:27.804 –> 45:30.772
Okay, are you a Jaws user or.

45:30.788 –> 45:33.258
Are you using jaws and. And video?

45:33.436 –> 45:38.594
Okay, have you tried to disable the virtual viewer in Jaws with Jaws key Z?

45:39.294 –> 45:42.670
I have not done yet, but it happens on NVDA as well.

45:42.782 –> 46:13.254
Yep. So in NVDA, you want to use NVDA key space to disable browse mode or in jaws. Jaws key Z. And that should put you into where you can manipulate the website with your keystrokes. So what I would do is, in edge or Chrome, go to@gmail.com do Jaws key Z immediately, and that will disable virtual viewer, and then tap the letter C for compose or GI or GL. And those keystrokes should then respond as you expect them to.

46:13.954 –> 46:19.906
Interesting. I’ve done that, and I’ve had the virtual cursor off. I’ve done that, and.

46:20.090 –> 46:25.414
And it’s not working. And what did Vispero say when you reached out to them to ask if they have any suggestions?

46:25.744 –> 46:26.800
Say it again.

46:26.992 –> 46:31.288
Did you reach out to Vispero to ask him, why is jaws working on this?

46:31.416 –> 46:32.368
I have not.

46:32.536 –> 46:45.604
That would be my next bet. Instead of having to guess around and try to figure out what it could be because they can remote into your computer and say, oh, this is why it’s not working. So I would just give them a call and see if they have any suggestions before you go through a whole new browser.

46:46.824 –> 46:48.884
Okay, well, too late because I’m on brave.

46:49.384 –> 46:54.614
Well, hey, there’s nothing wrong with brave either, though, so appreciate it and thanks for reaching out.

46:55.394 –> 46:58.722
All right, thanks. And there’s a couple more questions also.

46:58.898 –> 47:00.154
Yeah, real quick.

47:00.234 –> 47:20.414
The social media that I use is Facebook and YouTube, especially learning, you know, doing whatever sources I can make could find for, I’m learning python, you know, and that’s intense. So anything that’s going to get me going on YouTube, that’s what I’m doing.

47:22.724 –> 47:23.664
For sure.

47:25.564 –> 47:36.344
And also, I don’t know why I keep getting these every time I do. Narrator it keeps giving me something called an application error. Do you have any idea what that means or what that, what that is?

47:38.364 –> 47:42.452
If it says application error when you is it whenever you start?

47:42.508 –> 47:59.400
Narrator sometimes it does, and sometimes the whole thing just freezes and after we boot the whole thing again or NVDA doesn’t, you know, sometimes maybe it’s too screen readers. I mean, that draws and narrators. That can’t be. Narrator I don’t know why.

47:59.552 –> 48:36.950
So I almost wonder if something is corrupt slash going wrong in your computer’s installation if you’re getting an application error. Where I will go with this instance, especially if it happens when you start narrator is I would reach out to Microsoft disability answer desktop and say, hey, whenever I turn or often when I turn narrator on, I get an application error. It could be that something else is reli is going on with your computer that’s impacting your experience with navigating Gmail on your browsers. So I would reach out to Microsoft disability answer desk and see if they have any suggestions for you.

48:37.022 –> 48:46.334
Interesting. I need to reach for them also because my onedrive is full to the top and I’m trying to get get rid of stuff I don’t need.

48:46.674 –> 48:47.546

48:47.690 –> 48:48.290

48:48.402 –> 49:00.482
Yep. So reach out to them, aka Ms. Slash dad is their website. So aka stands for also known as so aka Ms. Slash dad disability.

49:00.578 –> 49:03.074
Right. I can pull. Okay. Thank you so much.

49:03.194 –> 49:03.874
No worries.

49:03.994 –> 49:04.938
Thanks for your help.

49:05.066 –> 49:05.974
Of course.

49:07.094 –> 49:09.918
Looks like we have Brad in clubhouse.

49:10.046 –> 50:17.184
Perfect. Well, actually, I have an answer to Terry’s position information. O if you want me to give it. Okay. In your jaws open setting center. Okay. Gonna do control shift d for all applications in the search type verbosity. Then arrow down to verbosity settings. Hit the right arrow to expand, I think is what it said. Then, no, we’re going to go to configure verbosity settings first. Then you hit the right arrow to expand. You arrow down to the verbosity setting you are using and spacebar on it. Then you’re going to arrow down. And what you’re looking for is position information. My notes say it’s the 17th thing in the list, but that could have changed. But you want to go to it and when you get to it, you want to, I guess, spacebar on it to toggle it off. So that’s what you’re looking for. Perfect. Thank you there, Brad. Appreciate it.

50:18.004 –> 50:20.384
All right, we’re almost at ten to the hour.

50:22.324 –> 50:22.892
All right.

50:22.948 –> 51:04.058
And we have 970 ending in a. I know this person. I just don’t remember. So please unmute. Hi, Michael, this is Katherine. Can you get a hold of Diane for me with blind shell? Because I’ve sent two messages to Barry to sign up for the extended warranty and he has not gotten back to me. And they said he was on vacation, he had a family of emergency. And so I reached out to him a second time and I have gotten.

51:04.106 –> 51:24.934
Nothing back I can, but I can’t guarantee that any resolution will occur because I did last time you asked me to as well. Right after we got off, I reached out to them and it was my understanding that that was taken care of. And if it is not, unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about it. But I will try again for you, Katherine.

51:25.604 –> 51:49.504
Okay. Because I’m having a hard time getting them to answer me when I try to reach out. So that’s why I was asking. And as far as social media goes, I don’t use any social media, but I do check out YouTube and every once in a while, and I use it on the blind shelf. Thank you very much.

51:50.044 –> 51:51.358
Yep. Have a good one.

51:51.406 –> 51:52.150
Thank you.

51:52.302 –> 51:53.634
All right, Teresa.

51:54.014 –> 51:55.154
Hey, Teresa.

51:59.854 –> 52:35.924
Okay, well, first of all, to your question, and then I’m going to have a question upon your question. I do Facebook. I used to do Instagram when I had this one tablet, but I might need to figure out how to set that up on my ipod touch if I can. And I used to do it when it was called Twitter. But I haven’t done it since they changed their name. I would like to know, though, and this is my question, how you can do WhatsApp on an ipod.

52:39.344 –> 52:41.440
So you would. Oh, go ahead, Michael.

52:41.552 –> 52:52.968
You would download the WhatsApp app from the app store. So you would search for WhatsApp. The first thing it’s going to prompt you for is to enter a phone number. So you do need an active phone number that a text message.

52:53.016 –> 52:53.728
I do.

52:53.896 –> 53:10.264
Okay. So you would enter that phone number on sign in. They would send you a code. You enter that code on the iPod touch, and then you should be good to go. If, however, you cannot find WhatsApp in the app store, then that means that WhatsApp is not supported on your iPod.

53:10.304 –> 53:16.776
Touch, which does not carry the current operating system. The iPod touches don’t carry the current operating system.

53:16.920 –> 53:24.592
Right. I have iOS 15.8 on there, so I’m just letting you know where my iOS stands.

53:24.688 –> 53:27.336
Yep. So there’s not going any higher.

53:27.520 –> 53:34.124
If you go into the app store, like Michael was saying, and you search for the app, if it allows you to download it, then go for it.

53:35.304 –> 53:55.552
My school alumni, one of my, my school for the blind alumni, they have a group on WhatsApp. They used to be on one of those chat lines. I won’t name it, but they used to be on one of those. And then they, when their account got deleted, they decided to just go to WhatsApp because a lot of people were there.

53:55.688 –> 54:00.564
Gotcha. Yep. So that’s how I go through that process there. Hopefully, that helps you out a little bit.

54:01.104 –> 54:02.536
Okay. Thank you.

54:02.640 –> 54:02.992

54:03.048 –> 54:07.488
No worries. All right, Triple G. Hey, Triple G.

54:07.536 –> 55:14.418
Hey, Triple G. How are you? Hello, Michael. Hello, Marty. Hope you guys are well. I know I’m doing well today. Anyway, I’ll be quick about this. Favorite, I like to call it anti social media app is Facebook. My favorite social media app is clubhouse. Quick tip for people dealing with reminders. I have set up reminders on my alexa, and the cool thing about that is whatever devices you have linked to your a device, your lady a device, you will get those reminders on all of those devices. So that’s just a quick tip. Like, you’ll get a text message to your cell phone. When you set a reminder on your a device, you’ll get all of that.

55:14.466 –> 55:15.778
So that’s just a quick tip.

55:15.826 –> 55:33.824
If you want your reminders to be like, I know I personally struggle with remembering my reminders. That’s why they’re reminders. So I just make them on my a device and I get them in all my other devices, so.

55:35.044 –> 55:45.544
Perfect. I laugh. Not at you, triple G. But I just got a reminder earlier in the call and every one of my devices went off. I’m like, yep, that’s how they work. So.

55:47.484 –> 55:48.264

55:48.604 –> 55:51.178
All right. Four hands and five minutes, so.

55:51.266 –> 55:51.794
All right.

55:51.874 –> 55:52.778

55:52.946 –> 55:54.494
Hey, Stacey. How are you?

55:57.154 –> 56:34.686
Okay. Yeah. I just wanted to remind people that I’ve. I even tried some iPhone lessons and other things, and it wasn’t easy for me at all to use. I don’t know if everybody finds it easy, but I didn’t find it easy. I found swiping a lot harder than anything. I found it. I found it hard to use. I mean, I found it a lot of guesswork. I didn’t find it, I don’t know, some moves. I found it, like, more like guesswork than anything. And I don’t know.

56:34.830 –> 56:43.554
That’s why it’s a good thing there are choices out there, Stacey, because you’re not the only one who struggles with swiping. So, uh, definitely appreciate you letting us know that.

56:44.134 –> 57:23.482
I don’t know. I don’t know how everybody finds it easy. I just don’t understand it. A lot of it. I don’t know. Maybe it was the iPhone that I was using at the time. You know, I had a small one of these six c. You know, models, or se, rather six se models, like I said. Maybe because they’re bigger now. I don’t know. But I would think bigger is even more. Izzy would even be harder because you got more space to swipe in. You know what I mean?

57:23.618 –> 57:37.800
Yeah. It’s one of those things that once you figure it out, then it’s easier, but figuring it out can definitely be challenging. Stacey, we are coming up on the top of the hour, but I appreciate you sharing that with us. Sheila, do we have any new hands?

57:37.872 –> 57:38.904
Yes, Lori.

57:39.064 –> 57:40.384
All right. Hey, Lori.

57:40.504 –> 57:42.752
Hey, Lori. Hey, guys.

57:42.808 –> 58:49.982
I’ll try to make this short. Like me, a couple of people on Zoom like that. Anyway, as far as social media goes, one of my friends that comes on Zoom calls with me and I, we go to church online. When we don’t do it in person, we do it on YouTube. Sometimes we do it on Facebook, other times we do it on YouTube. And what I do is I call her and she goes on her computer, and we worship that way. And. But other than that, when I go on YouTube on my own, I ask the s lady to, you know, define a word or look up something, and she’ll take me directly to YouTube and I’ll see a video. So that’s how I do social media. I don’t make comments. I don’t post anything. But my question is, how can I get over? I kind of share a thing with Stacy. I was afraid to edit a contact today, and I finally got over that fear of doing it. So I just take, does it take practice to get over that fear?

58:50.038 –> 59:05.614
Or is it just like anything? You just keep doing it over and over again and you’ll get used to the fields and how to do it. And just know that even if you make a mistake, you can always go and edit it and change it. You know, I mean, you’re not stuck with it if you make a mistake.

59:05.734 –> 01:00:00.614
So, yeah, that’s what happened to me today. That’s, that’s what I ended up doing today. I edited my, my brother’s contact information because I didn’t have his home number put in. One of my friends helped me put contacts into my phone, but we forgot to put in his phone, his home phone. So we put in his work number and his cell, but we didn’t put the rest of it. So every time he calls me from home, it shows up just as his number but not his name. But now I have his name linked with that number. So. But it took me what seemed like forever in a day because I had to go through social index, I had to go through lists, plural. I had to go through new list to get there. And why does Mike, I guess my real question is why does the iPhone have you go through so many steps to get to the contact entry you want?

01:00:01.474 –> 01:00:16.250
There are a lot of ways to simplify that process. Unfortunately, we are out of time, Laurie, so we are going to have to wrap it up yet, but I will try to remember to address that next week. And, Marty, do you want to go ahead and wrap it up in the last 20 seconds? We have, yeah.

01:00:16.322 –> 01:00:35.674
If you want to reach out to us, then you can reach us at feedback unmute show. You can check out all the other stuff we’ve got going on at our website, which is unmute show. Thank you to Sheila and Brad. As always, we appreciate all you do for us and everybody else. Thanks for being here and everyone, have a great week, and we’ll see you next time.