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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s Unmute Presents Community call was hosted on Tuesday the 30 April 2024.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another unmute. Want to give you a couple reminders here at the top. I want to remind everyone we’re going to take all first questions first and if we get through all first questions then we’ll take second questions as long as we have time. Also, please be respectful to everyone’s questions as you would want the same respect for you. And always remember, there is no dumb questions. The question of the day today is there was actually a big Apple outage that happened end of last week and we want to know if it affected you all and if it did in how did it affect you. If you guys have any questions, comments, anything like that, you can always email us at feedback Unmute show as well as check our website for any updates or any upcoming events and all other things there which is unmute show. And back with us we have Michael Doyce. Hey Michael, how’s it going? Great, Marty. Thanks. It’s good to be back. Awesome. And as always, we have Michael Babcock. How’s it going, Michael?

01:39.482 –> 01:45.418
It’s going good. I suspect you want something from me, like a quick recap of what we published over the last week, right?

01:45.546 –> 01:47.994
Sure, why not? That sounds good. Give it to us.

01:48.154 –> 03:45.002
So TW 58, who’s doing what is a pretty interesting conversation. Very deep. Went into the realities of being a small business owner, how sometimes you need to increase those prices and you don’t actually want to, but, but the cost of things keeps going up, as Demossi likes to say, look at the price of chicken wings. So very interesting and very deep conversation about those challenges. We also talked to AI because that’s what we like to talk about as well. Uh, so TW 58, who’s doing what, was published yesterday. On Sunday we had the latest episode of digital Bytes. And digital Bytes is where we bring you a tech tip, a app review and a piece of hardware. And yesterday we talked about, or Sunday we talked about Castro, some tips using Zoom with your iPhone and voiceover. And then Marty gave us a brief review of a magsafe charging device. So you want to check that out if you’re interested. Friday, Marcy published the jaws tips marking text to poppy. Fun fact, I learned this a couple of years ago, subsequently didn’t use that tip so therefore forgot about it and was super excited to be reminded about it. So thanks to Marcy about that. And then we chatted on Thursday about let’s see, what was it on Thursday? Because I am losing my focus. Oh, so Thursday we had. Looks like we didn’t publish anything on Thursday. So that is the brief review of the content that we’ve published. And, Sheila, do we have any hands?

03:45.098 –> 03:47.650
You do, Jeff. All righty.

03:47.682 –> 03:48.234
Hey, Jeff.

03:48.314 –> 04:16.132
Hey, Jeff, how’s it going? Hello, gentlemen. So I use with the iPhone, I use dictation a lot whenever I’m not using the MX keys keyboard. And it’s driving me kind of crazy, like, you know, like certain words that aren’t quote unquote normal.

04:16.318 –> 04:20.288
Is there a way to, like, I.

04:20.296 –> 06:36.882
Don’T know, like, add them to Mary? So whenever I say those kind of unusual words, voiceover spells them correctly. Unfortunately, when it comes to siri or dictation, there’s not really a way to go in to make any adjustments or changes or anything like that. It’s just kind of the way it is. They don’t give us any option to be able to do anything, you know, changing or settings, really much of that when it comes to those two things. But I can give you an alternative. It’s not a perfect solution, but it is a something that might make it easier for you. And it’s called text replacement. And what that is is you go into keyboard, and then you go into text replacement, and you can take a word, or you can take a phrase, or you can take a sentence even, and you type it all out exactly how you want. And then you use a keyboard snippet, which would be like a couple of letters. And so you would type those couple of letters and hit the spacebar, and it would put out the whole entire word, sentence, phrase, whatever it is you’re trying to do. And you can use that anywhere the keyboard shows up. So one of the new features with dictation is you can actually use the keyboard while you’re dictating. So say, like, you go into an email and you are dictating. If you in the middle of dictating, you can then type something on the keyboard to either edit, change, or put a text snippet in there. The only downfall to it is voiceover doesn’t work in that mode. That’s the only bad part about it. So you’d have to have some kind of something, some kind of vision at all to be able to see what you’re typing on the keyboard. But otherwise, you could always stop dictation, and then you could type the snippet and then start dictation again. Um, yeah, I use text replacement. It’s really handy. Yeah, it’s kind of, um. Well, that’s too bad, but I appreciate the feedback. Marty forgot to start this off by saying, um, I love the digital bites, um, podcast that you guys put out, like, little bite size, um, portions, and it’s awesome.

06:36.938 –> 06:38.218
I love them. Thank you.

06:38.346 –> 06:43.810
Well, you’re welcome. Thank you. We appreciate it. All right, Sheila.

06:43.922 –> 07:06.030
Damn it. Hey, Janet. Hello. The answer to the question is no, I wasn’t affected by the apple outage. I think that’s what the question was. Yeah. But, yeah, I like the digital bites as well. So y’all have a great day.

07:06.222 –> 07:07.634
All right, thanks, Janet.

07:08.814 –> 07:59.024
Desi. Hey, Desi. Hey, guys. I just. Just installed on my phone the tape it app, and I wondered if either of you had used that. I want to record something tonight at my church, but I’m not sure that I quite understand what to do with the file once I have it. And I think that it said that it’s set to record in AaC. Is that right? Format. And that’s fine, but I’m wondering if that will be shareable with other people once it’s recorded.

07:59.324 –> 08:09.604
So I have not used tape it myself yet, I will say, just for a plug, because we’re all about supporting other podcasters. Stephen and Sean did interview the developer of tape it, and they.

08:09.644 –> 08:11.104
Yes, I heard that yesterday.

08:11.964 –> 08:18.956
Very interesting gentleman. I really like what he’s doing, and it’s funny how it accidentally became an accessible application.

08:19.060 –> 08:20.228
Yes, yes.

08:20.356 –> 09:13.164
So when you’re done recording, I believe you’ll have an opportunity to view your recordings. And when you go, and what I would do, Desi, in your case, is maybe when you’re done here, open it up and just do a test recording, if you haven’t yet, because you should then see a list of the recordings and then be able to share the recording. And then if you email it to someone or you message it to someone, what I typically do, if I need it, is I’ll email it to myself. That way it’s in my email, and then I can save it and do with it whatever I want. AAC is cross platform, so that will work on Windows or Mac or, I believe Android phones can also play it. So you should be good to go to just record. And then once you access a list of your recordings, one of the options on the recording should be share. Not having used the app before myself, I can’t tell you exact steps.

09:13.504 –> 09:27.834
Okay, no, that’s fine. I just. I was just curious because I did do one tiny test recording, and it looks fairly usable. But this is kind of an important thing to me, and I don’t, I don’t want to mess it up.

09:29.094 –> 09:54.074
I don’t have the app either, but I was reading about it actually this morning, and it does look like that you can do cloud sharing, which means you can save the file across your devices. So I would look in the settings to see how you can use possibly the share sheet to share a file and then send it somewhere. That’s probably going to be your easiest option. I’m pretty sure that would be in the app. That’s a pretty straightforward thing, I would think.

09:54.484 –> 10:00.264
Yeah, well, that’s what I thought, too, but, you know, I wanted to come to the experts, so there you go.

10:00.804 –> 10:01.908
Well, thanks a lot.

10:01.996 –> 10:02.236

10:02.260 –> 10:05.108
Let us know how it works for you. I’m curious to see what you think of the app.

10:05.236 –> 10:14.900
Yeah, well, so far I’ve been very impressed, but, you know, like I said, I just got it this morning, so. But, yeah, I think they’ve done some great work.

10:14.972 –> 10:22.652
Stay tuned. Desi, I’m downloading the app right now, and I will do a quick test and follow up and let you know for sure what you have to do to be able to share it.

10:22.668 –> 11:22.144
Okay, thank you very much. All right. Beth? Hey, Beth, you still muted. Beth? You don’t mean me, do you? No. Beth? Beth, I just sent you an ask to unmute. Can you hear me? Yes, ma’am. Yeah, yeah. My phone is just. It’s saying, no, it sounds like null unmuted. I don’t know, it’s kind of. But I have a question. I was listening to the podcast about the blind shell. Now, I don’t have the blind shell, but Google lookout, is that the same as seeing AI or is that.

11:22.764 –> 11:50.736
It is not the same, but it gives you similar functionality. So seeing AI is made by Microsoft, Google lookout is made by Alphabet or Google. And so they do provide you similar functionalities. The user interface is slightly different on Google lookout than seeing AI, but yes, ultimately, they do provide similar information. I find Google lookout, personally, to be slightly faster than seeing AI when it comes to recognizing quick text.

11:50.860 –> 11:53.224
Um, but, yep. And.

11:53.264 –> 12:00.072
And I’ve also seen lookout be a little more, uh, reliable in some cases, too, on. On Android phones.

12:00.248 –> 12:08.408
Yes. Oh, yeah. Because I have an iPhone, so I bet it would be more reliable on there, too, as well.

12:08.536 –> 12:20.904
Well, the problem is solved right there with you having an iPhone. Google lookout is not an option for you. You only have. Well, there’s. In those two options. Seeing AI is available on the iPhone. Google lookout is not.

12:21.444 –> 12:53.434
Yeah, yeah. Because I have cnai. I was just wondering if that was. Yep. But. But, um. Yeah, I’m wondering about my phone. White saying no on me. No, it sounds like Nol unmuted or muted. And then it’s. Then it says it gives me the option to disconnect and. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know because I never used to do that.

12:54.494 –> 13:01.874
It sounds like there could just be a little bug in the zoom software. It might be worth leaving and coming back and seeing if that is fixed.

13:02.294 –> 13:08.594
Okay. Okay. Thanks. All right. Elizabeth.

13:09.954 –> 13:11.042
Hey, Elizabeth.

13:11.178 –> 13:52.618
Yeah, hi there. Sometimes the Elizabeth and Beth get confused among us all, but we all know who we are, the Liz’s and so on. So. Thank you. Quickie question. This morning my iPhone suddenly came on and something called Sling or maybe Slinger came on and wanted permission to do something or other, which I was not going to give it. Does. Has anybody heard, I don’t even know what this was, nor do I believe I ever put this thing on my phone, to my knowledge. Sling. Slinger. Does this mean something?

13:52.666 –> 13:59.114
So sling is a over the air tv streaming service. Do you use that?

13:59.234 –> 14:13.694
I do not. No, I don’t. I may actually have the app. I’ll have to go look, I may have it there potentially to use, but no, I have not signed up for anything. I’m not going.

14:13.734 –> 14:26.302
So I would check to see if the app is on your phone. And if it is, then it’s probably just asking you for default permission requests. And if it is there and you’re not going to use it, go ahead and just remove it. And if you hit well, I may.

14:26.358 –> 14:31.630
I may use it at some point. Is it accessible? Do we know much about whether it works?

14:31.662 –> 14:36.622
Well, it did three years ago when I used it. I can’t speak as to today.

14:36.718 –> 14:59.634
Yeah, I’m not keeping up with tv services is not something I do regularly. But thank you. I do appreciate it. That’s probably what it was. Do I gather that tape, it has real advantages. The app has advantages over using the one that comes for recording in the native iPhone recording app.

14:59.794 –> 15:31.264
So the biggest advantage is tape. It will record with your. So they’ve done some interesting processing with the microphones that’s on the phone. What I recommend to get a better understanding is listen to yesterday’s double tap episode in the second half because they do a great job at explaining some of the differences. And with tape it, they have added some robust voiceover support, especially with the rotor actions. And it looks like a very clean app and easy to navigate. You just open it up, hit record, and you’re good to go.

15:31.424 –> 15:37.924
But if you’re, you get better quality recording then than you would with the native. The Apple iPhone app.

15:39.504 –> 15:54.402
I if you’re using the voice memos and the quality is fine for you, then that would be fine, especially if you’re just doing voice. If you’re doing anything with music or more intense audio recording, I would recommend looking at taping.

15:54.448 –> 15:57.574
What is. What is double tap? Have I missed this somehow?

15:57.694 –> 16:19.022
So double tap. So double Tap is a podcast produced by accessible media Incorporated out of Canada. It’s a daily tech podcast. They run about 452 minutes long. And if you just search your podcast app for double Tap, you can listen to it at Steven Scott and Sean Priest, and they’re very entertaining.

16:19.118 –> 16:23.006
And this is Apple. This is for blind user stuff, obviously, right?

16:23.070 –> 16:23.914
Yeah, they’re both.

16:24.294 –> 16:37.526
Oh, dynamite. This is great. Another, another fun way to do another podcast that I’ve got millions of back episodes of. Oh, good. I love it. Thank you so much. You guys are great. You know, every, you know so much. Thank you.

16:37.550 –> 16:38.102
No worries.

16:38.198 –> 18:15.164
Thank you. All right, Belle. Hey, Belle. Are you talking to me? Yes, ma’am. Okay. Belle Juliana. Okay. Yes, ma’am. Okay. There’s two bells, and so that’s the way, that’s why I have it as Bell Juliana. So I don’t go into contacts much on my iPhone, but I needed to today, and I don’t know whether the Apple outage did something to it. It’s been so long since I’ve been in there, but I saw a shumble of email and telephone numbers just out there. I mean, it was just like, I went in there and it was like, what in the world? You know, usually you go to your, wherever you want to go, this down to the. Your letter, and then you find your person that you want to, you know, talk, call or whatever, and so. Or you ask Siri to call. But anyway, I checked that, and I don’t understand why everything is so, you know, like that. It’s just, everything is like the email and the telephone numbers and everything is just, just there. I mean, it’s all jumbled up together.

18:15.944 –> 18:21.424
So you’re seeing just random email addresses and phone numbers in your contacts that aren’t associated with a name.

18:21.464 –> 18:42.196
Is that correct? Well, yeah, it’s. The name is not there. I’m seeing, like, emails, some emails, and no names and all kind of weird stuff like that in the world. Have I done? Is there anything that I can do in the settings or to make it different?

18:42.260 –> 18:44.064
Michael, do you have any ideas?

18:47.004 –> 18:53.504
So I don’t honestly know if you’re seeing things like that.

18:55.364 –> 18:57.948
The only thing I can think of.

18:57.996 –> 19:06.204
Is if it has to do with your accounts that you’re logged into, you know, signing out, back in. But I don’t know what would cause that.

19:06.704 –> 19:31.660
I do have my iPhone, all my emails on. I mean, I can go into my email account on my iPhone, but I work mostly with the computer and as where the iPhone is concerned, I have to use a keyboard. I’m just not that good with that kind of thing. So, you know, the, the one thing.

19:31.692 –> 19:45.956
I can think of that you could try is go to settings and then I believe there’s an area for your email or your Internet accounts or something like that, and disable contacts and then re enable and see if that resyncs them properly.

19:46.020 –> 20:06.124
That seems okay. And Michael, I need to get with you on this. What is it called? Um. Oh, dear. What you, you have to do with a lot. Oh, I can’t remember. Michael. Mike, rather Mike.

20:06.904 –> 20:07.848
Way around.

20:08.016 –> 20:12.680
Way around. That’s it. I need to get with him on that. So. Yep.

20:12.712 –> 20:24.206
I’m no longer with way around, but I don’t mind helping out any way I can. But yeah, send me an email or get in touch and we’ll get you sorted out.

20:24.350 –> 20:31.754
Okay, thank you. All right, Pam.

20:32.654 –> 21:07.258
Before we jump in, Pam, I’m going to make a quick follow up real quick because I want to make sure I don’t forget for Desi, who is curious about tape it. And so if you have a tape it and you go down to the middle tab on the bottom where it lets you display all of your audio content that you’ve recorded. If you double tap on the audio content you want to share, there’s a more button in the bottom right hand corner. Double tap on that and that’ll let you share with whoever you want and it’ll allow you to send that audio to that person.

21:07.386 –> 21:39.760
Go ahead, Pam. Yes, I wanted to answer the question of the day, and this is the first I’ve heard about an apple outage. I was not aware of it. Depending on what day it was last week, I was probably out of town and very busy and. But if it had affected me, you’d think I would have discovered it at some point, so. Yeah, you would have.

21:39.792 –> 21:40.208
They were making.

21:40.256 –> 21:41.512
It was so.

21:41.648 –> 21:58.432
It was periodically throughout last week. It’s my understanding it happened to some people between Tuesday and Saturday, and it was a forced password reset. They were locking people out of their accounts and making you reset your password. So you definitely would have known about it.

21:58.568 –> 22:04.536
Well, I actually just reset my password not long ago, but for a different reason, so.

22:04.680 –> 22:05.424

22:05.544 –> 22:09.616
It doesn’t seem to have affected me. Well, perfect, Pam.

22:09.680 –> 22:10.736
Glad to hear that.

22:10.880 –> 22:17.114
But great job. Great. I always love this, this, this call.

22:17.534 –> 22:19.454
Well, we appreciate your support there.

22:19.534 –> 22:20.334
Thank you.

22:20.494 –> 22:35.902
Before we go on to the next person, I’m just going to repeat the question of the day, which was last week, there was an apple outage which had affected people’s passwords, and we wanted to know if it affected you. And if it did, how so did it affect you?

22:35.998 –> 22:45.426
So. All right, all right. Area code 502 ending in 382. Can you tell us who you are, please?

22:45.550 –> 22:47.090
I think that’s Terry.

22:47.282 –> 24:22.992
I think this is, this is Terry Turlau in Louisville. Hey, Terry, I want. Hi, guys. I love you both. Anyway, I wanted to speak to the issue of the email addresses in contacts I have. When I look through my own contacts now, recently, I not only have names, but if there is an email address that I have emailed either on the pc or on the phone, it appears as a separate contact. I see it. If I’m flicking down through, you know, through the contacts, it will be where the name it would appear, where the name of the person would be, in alphabetical order. And my guess is that because I have my, my phone uses my Gmail account as well as my pc, it does appear that anybody I send to their address gets put into my contacts. So I’m not sure if that’s useful. But it doesn’t. It’s not that the name or phone numbers are there are mixed up together within a contact, but that an email address without any other information appears as a separate contact. Yeah. And it kind of looks like a little nerve wracking.

24:23.128 –> 24:53.444
It kind of looks like it might be related to and appreciate that, Terry. Google specifically. So I wonder if Juliana has Google, like, if she signed into Google, because it kind of looks like other people with a quick Google search are having this similar issue that recently emailed individuals are being added to my contacts with just their email address, even if I already have that contact in my phone. So it does sound like it is related to Google specifically.

24:54.704 –> 25:03.456
Thank you, Terry. Marie. Hey, Marie. Good morning. How are you guys? Good, thank you.

25:03.480 –> 25:04.244
How are you?

25:05.144 –> 25:06.754
Can you hear me? Yep.

25:06.864 –> 25:07.886
Good, thank you. How are you?

25:07.950 –> 25:25.262
I have a quick way around question because I just bought some tags and I thought I would try the system. I want to know if somebody knows if I have two iPhones, if I have the app on both phones, and I record the tags on one phone, will I be able to read them on both phones?

25:25.438 –> 25:49.614
Michael Joyce is here. He can answer these questions for you. If you’re signed into the same account, then you will be able to read your tags on both phones. So it. It’s based on your account. So just make sure you’re signed in and to the same account. And when you scan each tag, it will. It will definitely read this to you.

25:49.734 –> 25:55.862
And then if I buy a dedicated scanner, I assume the same. Same result, I’ll be able to use that to also.

25:55.918 –> 26:01.662
But the dedicated scanner just works with your phone, so it’s not a. It’s called the way link and.

26:01.718 –> 26:04.902
Right, right, but it scans it and then it uses the app on the phone.

26:04.958 –> 26:06.166
Correct, correct, correct.

26:06.190 –> 26:13.994
Yeah. Okay. Okay. That’s what I thought. I was not affected by the outage, by the way, guys, thankfully. All right, that’s it. Thank you.

26:15.934 –> 26:22.598
I would think that the outage was fake news, but unfortunately, I know a few people who were. So go ahead, Sheila.

26:22.726 –> 26:26.590
All right, Lori. Hey, Lori. Hey, Lori.

26:26.622 –> 26:27.398
How you doing?

26:27.566 –> 26:28.318
Hey, guys.

26:28.406 –> 26:29.550
How you doing today?

26:29.702 –> 26:30.910
Good, thank you.

26:31.102 –> 26:31.766

26:31.910 –> 27:00.280
So, um, my question of the day answer is not that I know of. I don’t know if. I don’t think I was affected by the outage at all because I’m still getting my emails, I’m still getting ads from Apple, I’m still getting. My iPhone is working the way it’s supposed to, except for series quirks once in a while. But aside from that, I don’t think it affected me at all that I know of.

27:00.392 –> 27:01.884
Okay, well, that’s a good thing.

27:02.784 –> 27:32.114
In fact, Apple sent me their mother’s day ad, and my mom is gone. So the only problem I had today was that I replied to Apple using the reply feature on the email, and it said, cannot reply to this email. And I thought, that is weird. So why have the reply feature there? Otherwise, the apple outage did not affect me at all that I know of.

27:32.274 –> 27:32.850
Very good.

27:32.882 –> 27:36.494
Well, we’re glad to hear that. And you have a beautiful rest of your day.

27:36.874 –> 27:37.378
You too.

27:37.426 –> 28:02.432
But before I go, I wanted to just ask a quick question, and that was sometimes when I’m on a call, my phone will go from. And I don’t remember if I addressed this before. My phone goes from speaker to handset, speaker to handset, and I find it very annoying, and so does my caller. So what can I do to have it on either one or the other?

28:02.568 –> 28:46.470
That is an easy fix. If you go into your settings and then you go down to accessibility. And I’m doing it right now so I can tell you exactly the wording, unless Marty or Michael knows the exact wording. But if you go down to accessibility, there is an option. It’s a ways down here. Oh, it’s under. So when you. Once you go into settings and then you go to accessibility, you double tap on audio and visual, and then there’s an option in here. Tell you what, Lori, stay tuned and I’ll find the exact option and let you know where to go. But it’s a switch that you turn off.

28:46.502 –> 28:47.194

28:47.814 –> 28:57.958
Okay. As long as I hear it before ten minutes or two or a little bit after because I have a meeting downstairs with my landlord, so I’m looking.

28:58.006 –> 29:00.534
For it right now. So I should hopefully get it for you in a moment.

29:00.574 –> 29:01.870
Okay. Okay.

29:01.902 –> 29:07.470
No problem. No rush. Otherwise, I appreciate this call very much.

29:07.622 –> 29:08.078

29:08.126 –> 29:09.246
Thank you, Sheila.

29:09.270 –> 29:10.310
Who do we got next?

29:10.462 –> 29:11.154

29:11.974 –> 29:13.394
Hey, Kim, how are you?

29:13.904 –> 29:52.888
Hey. I didn’t think. I don’t think I got affected by the apple outage, but I’m wondering if apple kind of worried about. I mean, they’ve had so many other kind of electronic outages, is there anything apple could do to prepare and protect against cyber. Cyber hacking? Everybody’s worried about that.

29:53.056 –> 30:14.684
You know, I think everyone is trying their best to protect themselves from all of the cyber hacking, but it’s just, you know, doing. All the companies are doing their due diligence, trying their best to keep up with everything and combating it. You know, it’s just one of those things that you got to stay on top of, and hopefully you don’t get stuck in that kind of a situation. So.

30:15.144 –> 30:22.524
Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I was wondering about, because I know our government isn’t doing very much.

30:24.144 –> 30:46.984
Well, there’s a big difference in government type things. And private companies. The government’s not going to worry about private companies. It’s going to be on private companies. You know, all the big ones, Microsoft, Apple, Google, they’re all private, and it’s on them to be able to do all the things to protect themselves. Yeah, the government’s only going to protect government type things.

30:48.004 –> 30:50.476
Yeah. Thank you.

30:50.580 –> 31:50.338
Appreciate that. I’m going to go back to Lori real quick because I did find it. It’s a little bit more buried than I thought it was. But if you go to settings and then you go to accessibility and then you go to voiceover, and then once you’re in voiceover, locate the audio button and double tap on that, and then under the audio button, the second option is auto switch or auto select speaker in call. And that is on. In order to disable that, double tap on that auto select speaker in call, and that’ll turn it off. And then you will have to specifically find the speaker button on your screen to switch the phone to speaker. It will stay on earpiece. So in recap, go to settings, accessibility, voiceover, audio, and then find the second box that says auto select speaker in call and turn that off.

31:50.466 –> 31:52.914
Who do we got next? Sheila. Thanks, Michael.

31:52.954 –> 31:54.214
I appreciate that.

31:54.834 –> 32:05.594
Lynn Moore. Hey, Lynn. Hi. Hi. How are you? Good. How are you? Good. I was not affected by the outage, so that’s great.

32:05.894 –> 32:07.354
That’s what we want to hear.

32:07.814 –> 33:03.588
I know, I haven’t heard of any outage, actually. So I wanted to address some of the, some of the people’s issues with contacts because I had this happen to me a couple of months ago. And so I went into my contacts and there’s like a bunch of lists in there that you can end up in, and one of them is Gmail. There’s like, I think I saw like three or four. Unfortunately, I can’t go back and look at them while I’m on the call with you. Otherwise I couldn’t have been unmuted. But it’s like, there’s one that says, like, icloud contacts, and then there’s all contacts. There’s Gmail contacts. There’s like four or five lists of them. And if you get out of your gmail contacts and say, go into either icloud contacts or all contacts, then your gmail won’t show. Good to know.

33:03.636 –> 33:42.120
To add to that, like, if you have more than one account syncing to your contacts, for example, let’s say you’ve got iCloud, then you also have Gmail, and then you also have Microsoft, stuff like that, there’s going to be more of those lists. So you’ll want to go through and see, you know, which one you’re looking for. Exactly. You could go to all. And if you have a lot of contacts in all of those places, it might be a little overwhelming. So you just kind of got to pay attention. But if you only have one, it should be pretty straightforward. Majority of people have the one, really. They have their icloud or their gmail.

33:42.152 –> 34:00.804
But it seems that the phone is defaulting to put you into Gmail contacts. And it was like, when I saw that, I’m like, I was like, whoa, what did they do to contacts? But all you have to do is get out of that list. And go into whatever other list that you want to go into. And I just, I just wanted to help people out because it was really stumping for me when it happened to me, so.

34:00.884 –> 34:02.996
All right, well, thank you very much. We appreciate it.

34:03.140 –> 34:03.996
Thank you.

34:04.140 –> 34:04.944
All right.

34:05.284 –> 35:11.984
Jewel. Hey, jewel. Yeah, jewel. Hey, guys. I just wanted to share something and I did have a quick question for you all. I’m not sure what outage y’all are talking about. I’ve not been infected by any outages, so. But I wanted to share. I recently got a new SD card and new SD card reader. For those of you who aren’t aware, there are SD card readers that have dual ports and it has a port that can go into my laptop and a port that can go into my iPhone so I can transfer files between the two and I can also, you know, put things on there rather than icloud if I want. So that I mentioned that, yeah, it’s pretty cool. I really enjoy it. And because I have my usb port on my braille activator, I can also put it directly onto my braille display that way as well. I was going to ask if you could remind us when the Jaws classes that you all are doing are and how to sign up again. That would be wonderful.

35:12.444 –> 35:35.252
We just actually finished them. The last one was this past Wednesday. That was the introduction to Jaws. The first four weeks finished up last week. The next one is going to be the continuation of that. We don’t have a start date for that yet, but I would say stay tuned to our website and email and that’ll be the best place to find out what’s coming next.

35:35.428 –> 35:38.684
What is the current, um, URL for your website?

35:39.184 –> 35:41.164
Unmute dot show.

35:41.704 –> 35:43.560
Okay, awesome. Thank you.

35:43.712 –> 36:01.800
And jewel, just a quick note that if you are interested in that, there is the club unmute available there. And club unmute members do have access to replays of past classes if that is something you’re interested in as well. Those are available on the club members.

36:01.872 –> 36:11.792
Podcast feed the first four weeks. That was just the intro. Beginner stuff. Yep. Okay. I’m beyond that. So I think I’m ready for the second group rather than first.

36:11.848 –> 36:15.284
There you go. I just wanted to mention that to you just in case. You’ll appreciate.

36:16.984 –> 36:41.402
Thank you. All right, we don’t have any new hands, so we’ll go to Desi. Hey, Desi. Hey, Desi. All right, first of all, thanks, michael, for following up on the tape it thing. I think I got that taken care of. I was not at all affected by the apple outage. In fact, I didn’t even know there was one. So. Yay.

36:41.578 –> 36:43.730
That’s good. I like to hear that.

36:43.882 –> 37:34.888
Yeah. And the thing that I wanted to ask about, I use a Mac exclusively as far as a, I have a Mac mini so I use that exclusively for all my computing needs when I’m not using my phone or my iPad mini. So when I raise my hand using the option y command, I keep getting this message over and over that says press command tilde, command plus tilde to reach pop up and lower hand. Well, I don’t want to lower my hand. If I did, I wouldn’t have raised it in the first place. And I have all my other notifications pretty much silenced so I don’t. Is there a way I can get rid of that?

37:34.936 –> 37:36.648
Nope. It’s a voiceover thing.

37:36.696 –> 38:11.474
Actually. It’s actually not voiceover. It’s the way that zoom is sending the notification. So I guess it is kind of voiceover. So the way that zoom is sending the notification to voiceover, it’s prompting you to use the command tilde keystroke which allows you to switch between windows within an application. So if you had multiple documents open, you can use that to cycle between multiple documents. Unfortunately, it is telling all users that and I have experienced that. The only feedback I have is drop an email with your frustration to access at zoom us.

38:12.094 –> 38:31.786
Okay, well, I will because it really is so annoying and it’s like it won’t stop. It just keeps on, you know, and I’ll, and I’ll hit my control and then a couple of seconds later, yeah, it’s repeating itself and it repeats itself even as I’m reaching for my control. It, you know, does two or three times. It’s like, shut up.

38:31.930 –> 38:45.842
What, what you can try doing, and I have not tried this myself, but you can try hitting uh, command Tilde and see if that moves your focus there. But don’t hit spacebar cause you don’t want to lower your hand and maybe that’ll stop the announcement.

38:45.898 –> 39:00.926
Yeah. You know, as I was asking you the question, I thought about that. I thought, I’ve never actually hit command Tilde, but, you know, but it seems so weird to me. Why would they tell me I could lower my hand if I haven’t, you know, even ask my question? Yes, thank you very much.

39:00.990 –> 39:12.834
And here I’ll give you a quick tip. Since you’re on a Mac and you use zoom, if you take your voiceover cursor and you put it on the microphone, then all you have to do is tap the spacebar to mute and tap the space bar again to unmute.

39:13.134 –> 39:23.710
Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. I knew about that. But of course, you have to raise your hand first in most of these calls and then we get that pesky message. So.

39:23.862 –> 39:34.734
Well, if you have your voiceover cursor down on the mute and unmute on the microphone, you can just use the option y to raise and lower your hand without having to use. Move the voiceover cursor.

39:34.774 –> 39:36.270
But you’ll still get that announcement.

39:36.342 –> 39:37.742
But you’ll still get the announcement.

39:37.878 –> 39:43.254
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

39:43.294 –> 39:45.902
And hit the control button to stop a voiceover, by the way.

39:45.958 –> 39:53.422
Oh, yeah, I have done it. I mean, that’s what I was saying. I keep hitting it and then it pops right back out and says it again and again and again.

39:53.598 –> 39:55.322
Sometimes it can be a little annoying.

39:55.478 –> 39:57.714
Absolutely. Thanks so much, you guys.

39:57.834 –> 39:58.534

39:59.714 –> 40:02.890
All right, we’ve got a new hand. Randall. Hey, Randall.

40:02.922 –> 40:03.774
How you doing?

40:09.034 –> 40:32.142
Randall, it’s in the lower left. Should be to unmute. Okay, we’ll come back to Randall. Beth. Okay. Hear me?

40:32.278 –> 40:33.634
Yeah, we can hear you.

40:34.174 –> 40:55.290
Yeah, yeah. Um, I was wondering. You talked about the KNFB reader, that they changed the name. Well, they. They didn’t change the name on, on mine. Somebody said that they did. But also I have a problem.

40:55.362 –> 41:02.454
Like KNFB reader. It was voice dream reader is what it was, if that’s what you were talking about. We were talking about that a couple of weeks ago.

41:02.954 –> 41:26.158
Oh, yeah. Now, does that. Does that read, like, like if I want to put text on it, like read something? Because I know what does read books that you get on bookshare. But. But does it read, like, if I want to read, like certain text, like just say church bulletin, you should be.

41:26.166 –> 41:53.370
Able to, as long as you have the document or the book or whatever it is you’re trying to read. You could put it in voice dream reader if you want to. But it’s usually people use voice dream reader for longer form text, like longer documents or books or things like that. If you’re trying to read just like a piece of mail or a quick text, then there’s other things that would be better, you know, seeing AI, things like that. For quick tests, I would like to also point out KNFB reader did change its name. It is now one step reader, I believe.

41:53.482 –> 41:54.146

41:54.290 –> 42:04.122
There you go. Because, um. Yeah, yeah. When I saw it in NFB news line, it. It still said KNFB reader. Yes.

42:04.178 –> 42:08.054
And in the NFB news line app, it is still kNFB reader basic.

42:08.994 –> 42:34.344
Oh, okay. So. So I can still use that in just an NFB news line? That’s correct. Yep. Okay. And. And how. How far should I hold my phone up, you know, to have it read the document? Sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard to keep my hand steady all the time.

42:36.364 –> 42:47.544
Six to twelve in about twelve inches. About a foot away is probably the best. Twelve to 18 inches. But just kind of play with it, see what works best.

42:48.844 –> 44:04.158
Okay. Okay. Thanks. All right, Randall, can you get unmuted? I’m going to bring your chair to the other side here. I’m finding it, guys. Got it. Randall, if you didn’t get the okay button or the got it button, then you will need to go out and come back in again for the alignment. All right? Go, Juliana. Hey. Hello. Hello. Oh, this is about the contacts. Yes. I saw all the, I guess, the titles, headings, and I went to edit. I think that’s what happened. And I went to all. And got all of that, you know, all this stuff. But what I want to know this icloud. I don’t even go to iCloud. I mean, I guess everything is in the icloud. I don’t know. I mean, I guess it’s. What is that, like a backup? Like.

44:04.206 –> 44:34.220
Yeah, for all of your data, like mail, contacts, calendar, notes, all of those things. You can choose to have those back up to the cloud. So basically, what that means is if you have an iPhone and an iPad and Mac computer, when it syncs in one place, it’ll sync all across all of those places. So if you add a contact on your phone, then it will sync, and then it will also be on your iPad and on your Mac computer, if you have one.

44:34.292 –> 44:36.828
Okay, so I have it synced, right.

44:36.876 –> 45:03.302
If you want to turn those off and you do not want it to do that, then you could go into settings and you can go to iCloud. And once you’re in icloud, you’ll see there’s a whole list of things you can turn on and off in icloud syncing. If you don’t want it to sync, you can say you don’t want your contacts to do that. You can turn that on or off. There’s a little switch there, and it does it for all of the Apple things. So mail, contacts, calendar, notes, all the things. There’s a giant list there.

45:03.438 –> 45:06.862
Wow. Okay. That’s helpful. Thank you.

45:06.958 –> 45:07.994
Yeah, no problem.

45:10.014 –> 45:48.900
Randall, can you get unmuted? All right. Ann? Hey, Ann, can you hear me? Yes, ma’am. Gave me, everything except unmute. Is there. Is there a way that, like, if you want to listen to something like your church service or something, and you go to. If it’s on YouTube, is there a way to stop the ads? Pay them. That’s.

45:48.932 –> 45:50.636
That’s really your only solution, is to pay.

45:50.660 –> 45:51.708
You. Say that again.

45:51.876 –> 46:09.314
Pay YouTube for YouTube premiums legitimately. That is the way to stop the ads is if you pay them. I believe it’s nine or 14 a month. I don’t remember exactly. It’s somewhere in that price range. And that does. Get ready. Yeah. Thank you, Michael.

46:10.654 –> 46:12.674
There’s got to be a better way than that.

46:15.654 –> 46:24.678
No, because Google is cracking down on people using alternative ways to block ads and they can actually suspend your YouTube account.

46:24.806 –> 46:45.904
Yep. So I can’t consciously recommend a ad blocker for YouTube anymore because it does take the risk, because that is violating YouTube’s terms by using a ad blocker. So that would take the risk of you getting your account shut down. So that’s why my response is pay them. Um, and that’s the only most accurate, reliable way to get rid of advertisements?

46:46.024 –> 46:46.392

46:46.448 –> 46:57.204
There are other ways out there to do it. Feel free to research those on your own. I can’t guarantee that they will work, and I can’t guarantee that your YouTube account won’t get shut down for using them.

46:59.104 –> 47:00.204
What a bummer.

47:00.544 –> 47:18.316
That helps there. And, uh, one other advantage to paying YouTube, and this may or may not have an impact on you that, uh, I do not pay for YouTube, but I do prefer this. Fact is, if you pay them, you can lock your screen while you’re listening to a YouTube video, which is kind of handy as well.

47:18.340 –> 47:18.660
I don’t know.

47:18.692 –> 47:19.948
That’s mainly why I use it.

47:19.996 –> 47:20.348

47:20.436 –> 47:20.636

47:20.660 –> 47:30.704
I was gonna say I don’t know that it’s $12 worth it, but it’s a great feature because then you can just lock your phone and listen to a YouTube video like you’re listening to a podcast or other audio content.

47:31.484 –> 47:35.088
It is something I would use a good bit. Yeah.

47:35.256 –> 47:46.160
So check out the YouTube premium features that are available, I believe. Michael, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you have to buy those on YouTube. I don’t think you can buy them in the YouTube app.

47:46.312 –> 47:47.848
You can buy them in the YouTube.

47:47.896 –> 47:48.576
Oh, you can?

47:48.680 –> 47:49.496
Okay. Yes.

47:49.600 –> 47:50.244

47:50.624 –> 47:52.804
Does it tell you how to do it?

47:54.264 –> 47:59.524
You’re going to go to the menu, look for, I believe, premium, and I believe the option is in there.

48:01.334 –> 48:06.794
Oh, thank you, Ann. To give him your credit card number or something.

48:08.294 –> 48:14.102
I believe if you do it from the app, it’ll charge your Apple account. Right, Michael?

48:14.238 –> 48:14.954

48:18.854 –> 48:22.638
I’ll look into it. I guess I originally did it because.

48:22.686 –> 48:29.280
You also get YouTube music as well when you do this. So all of that.

48:29.312 –> 48:32.444
But you have to search for the music you want. Correct.

48:32.784 –> 48:41.004
You can add it to your library and things like that. So it’s very similar to Spotify Apple Music, but just through YouTube.

48:42.104 –> 49:40.372
So YouTube Premium, if you tap on the you tab, well, they have increased that price. Ridiculous. Looks like it’s $18.99. If you tap on the U button in the bottom left hand, bottom right hand corner, about halfway up the screen, you’ll find things like your videos. And if you keep going down from there, so you flick to the right, you’ll find an option that says get YouTube premium. If you double tap on get YouTube Premium, it’ll give you the pricing. Tell you about YouTube family. If you decide to use YouTube family and give you an opportunity to purchase premium for yourself or for your family, and you can build that to your Apple account. So it’s like any other purchase in the App Store. If you have a home button with Touch ID, you’ll just touch that home button and it’ll authorize the purchase. Or double click the side button and it’ll ask you.

49:40.548 –> 49:49.864
It may be cheaper if you go to the YouTube webpage. They do have typically higher prices if you use. If you go through the app. So just keep that in mind.

49:49.944 –> 49:56.764
Yep. So check out the YouTube button. But the skip button will only let you skip about three times. Yep.

49:57.704 –> 50:04.004
And the skip button doesn’t show up until I believe it’s 10 seconds into the ad as well.

50:05.384 –> 50:12.444
10 seconds is not much, but only three times. You know you’re stuck with ads. Yep.

50:12.984 –> 50:21.324
So everyone’s got to make money in this day and age. And ads is how YouTube makes money if we choose not to pay them. So that’s the solution for that.

50:21.364 –> 50:28.916
So thank you, Anne. Well, thank you. All right, we’ve got ten minutes. And Randall, can you get unmuted?

50:28.980 –> 50:29.380

50:29.452 –> 50:33.052
I think I. Thanks for telling me to leave the meeting.

50:33.108 –> 50:33.300

50:33.332 –> 50:36.004
That helped. I left and came back and found that. Got it.

50:36.084 –> 50:40.076
But. So, yeah, user error.

50:40.140 –> 50:49.064
And I’m on my iPhone instead of my laptop. And the leave. The okay button is under where it says. It says leave. And then. And I thought that okay meant okay to leave meetings.

50:49.924 –> 50:50.236

50:50.260 –> 50:50.884
My mistake.

50:50.964 –> 50:51.668
Now I get it.

50:51.716 –> 50:58.344
So thanks for the information from the moderator and thank you, gentlemen, for the good information today.

50:59.324 –> 50:59.748

50:59.796 –> 51:28.504
Quick question for about two years I’ve received, well, I always receive my emails on my laptop and my iPhone and I like having that duplication on both. I like that way. One company that I get a daily email from that’s very important to me. It’s important information that I want and need to have on both. Suddenly it stopped coming to my iPhone. I have Comcast and I have outlook as my email. So what happened?

51:28.584 –> 51:29.096
I don’t know.

51:29.160 –> 51:30.104
It’s not coming to my email.

51:30.144 –> 51:31.192
Now it comes to mind.

51:31.208 –> 51:56.650
What I would do is in the outlook app on iOS, on the top right corner, right under the inbox, there’s a button called focus. I would click that and see if those emails are going either into the inbox or to the focus because it kind of separates them there and a lot of people don’t realize that it separates them. So emails you think you may be missing, you’re not actually, they may be in the focus section.

51:56.842 –> 51:57.786
I use Jaws.

51:57.850 –> 52:02.186
How do I find that on my laptop? Where do I go with Jaws?

52:02.330 –> 52:13.594
So, so let me ask you real quick because I need some slight clarifying information. Are you using Outlook on your phone because you’re saying the message isn’t showing up on your phone but it is showing up on your laptop, is that correct?

52:13.714 –> 52:17.082
Correct. Yeah. Okay. So are you doing this use my.

52:17.098 –> 52:19.098
Phone to find this focus, in other words?

52:19.226 –> 52:19.674

52:19.754 –> 52:21.210
In the app?

52:21.322 –> 52:21.858

52:21.986 –> 52:26.210
Are you using the Outlook app on your phone or the mail app on your phone though?

52:26.402 –> 52:28.018
Oh, mail.

52:28.186 –> 52:40.334
Okay. So if you’re using the mail app on your phone and the message is not showing up in your inbox on your phone, but our other messages showing up in your inbox on your phone.

52:40.894 –> 52:41.726

52:41.910 –> 53:22.066
At the bottom of your screen in your list of messages there. And this is on your iPhone there is an option and I will get you the exact wording so you can look for it as well that you can try tapping on because I suspect what’s happening is the message is getting marked as a red on your computer and then your phone is not showing it. So in the bottom left hand corner of your iPhone on your list of messages is an option that says toggle filter. And if that says on, try toggling that off and then see if the message shows up in your inbox.

53:22.170 –> 53:22.934

53:23.234 –> 53:26.254
If that doesn’t help, I would also check your junk fold.

53:27.954 –> 53:28.858
Yeah, I’ve done that.

53:28.906 –> 53:30.594
It’s not in my, it’s not going to my junk.

53:30.674 –> 53:34.302
Yeah, I checked that toggle filter and.

53:34.318 –> 53:37.686
That should hopefully fix it because I think that’s what’s happening. I ran into that.

53:37.790 –> 53:37.982

53:37.998 –> 53:42.638
I just want. I want to be in the messages on the inbox and it’s at the very bottom left.

53:42.766 –> 53:43.158

53:43.206 –> 53:45.834
The list of messages, not a message itself.

53:46.454 –> 53:47.486
Exactly. Great.

53:47.550 –> 53:48.774
Oh, thank you for the help.

53:48.934 –> 54:33.766
Perfect. Good luck. Thank you. Thank you, Joel. Hey, Joel. Hi. I wanted to speak to YouTube Premium. I want to mention that YouTube Premium family is $29.95, $0.99. So $30. And in your Google family for that you can have up to six people and you’re not limited by location. Yes. If you get together with some friends or family, $30 for six people comes out to $5 apiece. It’s really good deal. I share with a couple of people on my Google family and I’ve had YouTube for years, so it’s well worth it for that.

54:33.950 –> 54:53.790
Appreciate it. Joel, before we go to this next hand, another mention on YouTube Premium. I did check the website. It is $13.99 on the website. So if an app or a service has an option to purchase on their website and you’re like, that price looks ridiculous to me in the app on the phone, go check the website, you might find it’s dollar five cheaper. Who do we got next?

54:53.822 –> 54:58.296
Sheila? Teresa. Hey, Teresa. Got about five minutes? Yep.

54:58.320 –> 54:59.244
Hey, Teresa.

55:01.824 –> 55:23.212
Ok. I don’t know if this would help, Ann, but I’d also check if my church had a Facebook page, because my church does and I’m able to pull, when they have church to pull it up and listen in real time. Okay.

55:23.348 –> 55:27.504
So, yeah, check to see if your church has a Facebook page. Is that what you’re saying there?

55:28.004 –> 55:53.264
Yes. Perfect. Because if they do, you know, I can listen in real time and that’s. Yeah, I may not be able to interact with them except to put a like or make a comment, but still, that. That’s a good, you know, I can do that. And I get responses. You know, people make, you know, see my comment, they’ll say, I’ll see whether they like my comment or something. Okay, wonderful.

55:53.304 –> 55:55.364
Thanks for that suggestion there, Teresa.

55:55.944 –> 56:08.264
Okay. And by the way, the other day I tried to send you an email. It bounced back to me. So before you close, can you give your email address? So, yeah, everybody will have it. Yep.

56:08.304 –> 56:15.964
We will give that to you and go from there. I believe we are out of time, though, aren’t we?

56:16.504 –> 56:20.776
Pretty close. Okay, you’ve got two hands if you want to take them real quick.

56:20.880 –> 56:21.992
Let’s take them real quick.

56:22.088 –> 57:05.976
Desi. Hey, Desi. Okay, that didn’t work. Well, I must not have had my focus on the microphone. I was just gonna let you know that I did try with my command, Tilde or accent, whichever you decide to call it. And it helped for a minute or two until it figured out what I did. And then it threw me right back into the other place and started up repeating that same message again. And I tried it a few times, so, unfortunately, that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. The other thing I wanted to know is, does YouTube premium include YouTube tv, or is that totally separate?

57:06.080 –> 57:07.176
That is separate.

57:07.320 –> 57:09.576
Okay, thanks. Thanks, Desi.

57:09.640 –> 57:12.488
And access at zoom us. Who do we got last?

57:12.536 –> 57:35.596
Sheila, Belle, Giuliana. Hey, Belle. Juliana. Hello. Can you hear me? Yep. Oh, good. Some people don’t have Facebook, and. And I’m one of them. I won’t go anywhere near it. Now, I had it at one time. Just a reminder, you know, that. So that. I mean, just. Just thought I’d say.

57:35.700 –> 57:49.636
Just saying, well, thank you for that. And we get it that. That Facebook isn’t right for everyone. Appreciate that feedback. Marty, you want to go ahead and close it up, remind people what our email is, and we’ll be back next Tuesday.

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Yep. Thanks, everyone.

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We appreciate it. If you want to get a hold of us, you can email us at feedback unmute show. You can also check our website, which is unmute show. Thank you so much to Sheila and Nikki for helping us out. We appreciate it, everyone. Have a great week, and we’ll see you next time.