Unmute Presents Community Replay for 9 Jan, 2024

On today’s Unmute Community Call, we cover a range of topics and address listener questions. We discuss new podcast episodes, backup solutions, Zoom meeting setup, accessing podcasts with VoiceOver, iPhone notifications, switching to YouTube TV, and troubleshooting JAWS. We thank everyone for joining and encourage further questions via email.

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Today’S unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Unmute. Here at the top, we just want to remind you that we’re going to get through all first questions, and if we get through everyone, then we’ll take second questions. Also, we want to remind everyone to please be respectful and let everyone ask their question the same respect you would want your questions asked. And don’t be shy. There is no dumb questions. So we will try and answer whatever question you have as long as it’s technology related. Also, I wanted to remind everyone tonight that we have in bits, that we have Mac bytes with bits tonight starting at 08:00 p.m., Eastern. So you can check that out if that’s something you’re interested in. And as always, I got Michael Doyce with me. Hey, Michael, how’s it going? Hi, Marty.

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It’s good to be here. We’ve had a few new podcasts on the IAcast network. We’ve had a programmatic few episodes, one on learning git and one on some programming trends. In 2024, we’ve had new episodes of Spanish with Carla on the different body parts, how to say them in Spanish. We’ve had a new episode of the IA cast talking about our tech predictions. Very awesome episode. A lot of AI. So go listen to that. And I believe that’s everything on this side of the fence. So back to you, Marty.

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Thanks, Michael. And also, as always, we got Michael Babcock with us. Hey, Michael, how’s it going?

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Hello, Marty. It’s going. We. I can’t tell you. Actually, I can’t. So yesterday we published, technically working with Damasi, and you know, we’re going to get through this. Sometimes it gets a little bit difficult when you’re working with some creative Internet solutions. So give that episode a listen if you’re curious about what I’m talking about. And then we actually didn’t publish anything else except for the Tuesday call last week. Blind Shell Classic. Two users, you may have heard an announcement yesterday on Blindshell 101 and beyond, and if you follow me on Mastodon, that the Be my AI feature is coming to the Be my Eyes app. It’s my understanding you started slowly, slowly roll that out today. So if you don’t have the update right now, look throughout this week in the app catalog under the updates and your Be my Eyes app should have an update. And once it’s updated, you’ll have the Be my AI feature, which will be the feature of tomorrow’s shellphone show. So that’s what I got for you, Marty. Do you have a question for me?

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I have a question of the day, and the question of the day is backing up your stuff, computers, devices, all of that. Do you have a backup solution? And if you do, what is it? Are you using external hard drive? Are you using an external hard drive and a service cloud? Everything? If you’re using a backup strategy, we’d love to hear what it is. And if you don’t have one, you should try and get one because you don’t want to lose your data.

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I’m going to answer this real quick before we go to these questions because I want to answer it on three levels. So number one, on the Mac, I back all my data up by saving it to an external hard drive and that’s where my Dropbox folder is. So all of my data is on the external hard drive and that’s also being synced with Dropbox. I need to get something like backblaze installed so I have a redundant backup for my phone. I just use Apple backups. So you plug it in and it backs it up to your phone. And then for websites if you’re interested in backing up your website. I am very fond of the updraft suite of products, especially if you’re a WordPress user because updraft will backup your website for you before you make any changes, including installing updates to themes or plugins. And you can also set it to do daily or weekly automatic backups. Sheila, who do we got first?

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Abraham hey Abraham hello.

04:41.048 –> 05:35.880
So I have external hard drive that I back everything up to. Actually I have several drives on my computer and I got it set up such a way that only my programs are on my main drive and everything else is everywhere else. So if my windows crashes, all my info is safe. So the question I have is on the iPhone a while ago I enabled audio audio exposure in health, the notification that lets you know when your earphones has been too loud for a week or so and I can’t seem to turn it off. I do not want to format my phone. Yeah, I don’t know how to turn it off. I go in there, it just says it’s on, I click it, nothing happens.

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What about did you try looking at notifications and see if maybe you can turn it off in notifications?

05:42.270 –> 05:47.206
I didn’t check notifications I just went off. I’ll check notifications.

05:47.318 –> 06:03.362
I’m not sure it’s there, but if you can’t turn it off anywhere else, it might be a good place to check in notifications. You’re just probably going to have to scroll way down and see if it’s there. If it is and you can turn it off there, it won’t notify you anymore. Okay, thanks. Yep. Thank you.

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All right. Debbie Hazelton.

06:05.374 –> 06:06.334
Hey, Debbie.

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Hi. Hey, there. You know, I think this is the M and M and M show because it’s three M names, you guys.

06:15.690 –> 06:17.800
It’s Michael to the power of two.

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So I used to invite people to zoom and get everything, get calendar invites out. For some reason now I’m having a harder time doing it. I know Zoom keeps updating. So what you tell me today might be different in a week or in an hour? Yeah, in an hour. I’m having a hard time once, and I think yesterday I was on windows. I have to try it again from my iPhone, but when I got to attendees, I was stuck. Only one of my attendees names showed up. But even then I didn’t know what to do to get to the others and to get that stuff out so that they could get added to my calendar and their calendar invites. So that’s my question.

07:12.810 –> 07:14.070
You’re on windows.

07:14.570 –> 07:18.946
I’m on Windows eleven. Okay. Yeah, I am outlook.

07:18.978 –> 07:24.794
Michael Babcop. You got any insight on that, or did you get booted? Sounds like he got booted. Okay. He’s having technical issues.

07:24.832 –> 07:30.458
There we are. I think I’m back now. So using Outlook, Michael, were you going.

07:30.464 –> 07:31.606
To say something, Dee?

07:31.718 –> 07:35.894
No, I haven’t seen that, so I just wasn’t sure.

07:36.032 –> 07:43.130
So are you booking the event, Debbie, in outlook directly, or are you doing this in the Zoom client?

07:43.290 –> 08:04.390
Well, I’ve done it in Zoom because I don’t know how to get the link. I don’t know how to get the link in. Like, if I’ve heard it’s good to do it through Outlook. I do all my other calendar stuff in the outlook calendar, but I am not sure how to do Zoom that way without getting it first through Zoom. I have to get the link that way, don’t I?

08:04.540 –> 08:58.360
So you may actually, and I don’t have the immediate answer for you right now, just to preface it with that, but where I would look is look into Zoom and outlook integrations. I can do a quick Google search, but it probably won’t be that quick right now. But I believe that zoom, when you book an event in Outlook and you invite people to it, you can set Outlook to automatically generate the zoom link and add it to the calendar invitation automatically. So you don’t even have to go get it and copy it. So I think where you’d want to look is how to integrate Zoom with your Outlook calendar, and that might help you with figuring out what path to go to get those to work. Otherwise, what I just tried on the Mac and again, I haven’t tried it on Windows, is if I typed in a participant’s name and then I hit enter, it looks like it adds that participant if you’re scheduling the meeting inside of Zoom. So I would try that if you haven’t yet.

08:59.210 –> 09:25.810
And then Debbie, the other thing is on your phone you have to use the regular calendar app, but you can get the link and create an event in the regular calendar app. There’ll be a place to put the link in there. And once you have the event all created, when you open up the event and edit it, there’s a thing called invitees. And then you could invite people from there and they will get all the event information as well as the link to the Zoom meeting.

09:26.550 –> 09:31.458
Okay, well those are a bunch of good ideas. I will see what happens. Thank you.

09:31.544 –> 09:32.818
Yeah, no problem.

09:32.984 –> 09:35.506
Restoria. Hello.

09:35.688 –> 09:37.540
I haven’t backed up my.

09:39.670 –> 09:42.466
Should if you have not, you know.

09:42.568 –> 09:45.974
I know, but I have a different problem this morning.

09:46.092 –> 09:46.422

09:46.476 –> 10:02.174
I accidentally touched zoom text and I don’t have it and a new version of it and I can’t get out of that screen. Can you give me a hint as to how I can get out of it?

10:02.292 –> 10:05.290
Which operating system are you on? I’m assuming you’re on windows.

10:05.450 –> 10:16.434
Windows eleven. Okay, everything. It shows my name and everything, but I don’t know how to get rid of zoom text.

10:16.552 –> 10:22.900
So are you trying to just get out of the zoom text window? Are you trying to exit zoom text?

10:23.510 –> 10:26.520
Yes, exit it, I guess.

10:27.050 –> 10:30.870
So do you have zoom text with speech or just magnification?

10:31.290 –> 10:33.750
It was magnification.

10:34.170 –> 10:56.874
Okay, so if you alt tab, you should be able to get to the zoom text window. I know there’s a keystroke to do this. I’m not sure what it is, but if you alt tab to the zoom text window and press alt f four, that should bring up a dialogue to exit zoom text and you just press enter alt tab until you get to the zoom text window and then alt.

10:56.922 –> 11:00.302
F four will prompt you to close.

11:00.356 –> 11:03.246
Zoom text and it will unmagnify everything.

11:03.428 –> 11:18.038
If you hold down the tab key, the alt key and then you tap the tab key. That’s going to bring you to each open app that you have on your computer. And you’d be able to quit out of zoom that way. That’s what michael’s trying to explain to you.

11:18.124 –> 11:18.760

11:20.490 –> 11:21.240

11:23.930 –> 11:25.000
That’S not working.

11:25.370 –> 11:26.902
Oh, go ahead, brad. Yeah.

11:26.956 –> 11:46.190
Command caps lock. Control caps lock u should bring the zoom text user interface into focus, then alt f four. Then it’s going to probably prompt you if this is really what you want to do. Select yes, and that should exit the zoom text.

11:46.340 –> 11:48.494
Where is command control?

11:48.612 –> 11:49.280

11:49.650 –> 11:51.710
Control caps lock u. Is that what you said?

11:51.780 –> 11:53.166
Control caps lock.

11:53.198 –> 11:56.546
And the letter u should bring the.

11:56.568 –> 12:03.134
Zoom text user interface into focus. So what happens when you press alt.

12:03.182 –> 12:05.362
F four, hold the key and press.

12:05.416 –> 12:07.160
The f four key at the top?

12:08.170 –> 12:11.878
It’s just sitting there. It says my name is an interesting.

12:11.964 –> 12:14.534
One because, okay, I’m sorry.

12:14.572 –> 12:18.874
And it shows what, it says your name and it shows what, like what.

12:18.912 –> 12:25.734
Would be at the bottom, the Internet sign off tab.

12:25.782 –> 12:45.540
So you’re going to first need to enter your password to log into your computer. So I think that might be where the issue lies, is you’re not actually signed in. So the keystrokes we’re telling you to press aren’t going to work because it’s still on the sign in screen. So have you tried entering your password and pressing enter by chance?

12:46.230 –> 12:49.090
Just enter it, although it doesn’t. Come on.

12:49.160 –> 12:49.778

12:49.944 –> 13:00.246
Try that and see if that works. And if it doesn’t, then unfortunately, this sounds like it’s going to be a little bit more troubleshooting. And I might have to point you at the Microsoft disability answer desk if.

13:00.268 –> 13:01.800
You haven’t reached out to them.

13:02.330 –> 13:03.142
Thank you.

13:03.276 –> 13:04.230
No worries.

13:06.570 –> 13:08.098
All right, Nancy.

13:08.274 –> 13:09.290
Hey, Nancy.

13:10.750 –> 13:25.230
Hello. So in my jaws, whenever I’m just sitting at my computer doing whatever, whatever message it gives me, it repeats twice. How can I get it not to do that?

13:25.380 –> 13:34.030
So if I’m understanding correctly, if you hear something from jaws when you’re just sitting in a computer and it reads something to you, it repeats it to you twice.

13:34.450 –> 13:34.814

13:34.852 –> 13:41.278
And it also does that when I’m in zoom and I’m going up and down names. And when I’m hosting, I’ll go up and down names.

13:41.374 –> 13:43.630
Each of the names twice.

13:43.790 –> 13:44.546

13:44.728 –> 14:32.900
So where I would start, Nancy, and I don’t have the keystroke, but I’ll give you a keystroke so you can find the keystroke because there’s a lot of keystrokes in jaws. What I would start doing is there’s an option to temporarily reset your jaws to factory defaults, which means it’ll go back and take all the customizations you’ve implemented out of your jaws. You can go back to where you are currently, but you can temporarily go to factory settings and then see if you still encounter it. If you do, then that tells you it’s one of the settings that you have modified. And at that point it’s going to be a process of trying to figure out what that setting is. But it sounds like there could be a setting that got changed somewhere at some point.

14:33.510 –> 14:34.260

14:34.630 –> 14:53.622
If you do Jaws key space, which will put you into the layered keys and you press the j key, that’ll put you in the Jaws command search. And in that search you can type in factory or reset. I think it will come up under reset and that’ll give you the keystrokes to be able to perform that.

14:53.676 –> 15:00.430
Okay. Okay. And then temporarily, is it on a timer thing or do I have to toggle it off?

15:00.500 –> 15:14.806
I believe if I recall right, and you can text me or email me and we’ll see if I get back to you. I mean, you can try to get a hold of me, but I believe if I recall right, and you can look that up too, it will reset to your current settings after you restart jaws.

15:14.938 –> 15:17.700
Oh, okay. That makes sense. All right.

15:18.630 –> 15:29.080
Give that a try. It sounds to me like it could be a script or focus issue, but that’s where I would start by trying. And someone else might have some alternative ideas too, if they want to raise their hand.

15:29.450 –> 15:46.650
Okay. And the other thing I wanted to say is, for ibrahim, I believe the setting to turn off the volume limit is either in music settings or in accessibility settings. Turn off the volume limit for his headphones.

15:47.470 –> 15:48.650
Places to check.

15:48.800 –> 15:49.450

15:49.600 –> 15:55.242
Also, another suggestion for you is maybe try rebooting your computer. Just do like a restart on it, see if that helps.

15:55.386 –> 15:55.982

15:56.116 –> 16:05.846
Sometimes that solves problems. It’s kind of a weird thing, but when you restart your computer, sometimes it solves issues that you go, oh, great. Okay, problem solved.

16:05.978 –> 16:06.660

16:07.190 –> 16:10.740
It’s never only that easy. Every once in a while, though.

16:13.110 –> 16:14.146
All right, thank you.

16:14.168 –> 16:14.890
Thanks, Nancy.

16:14.990 –> 16:17.458
Thanks, guys. All right, Nolan.

16:17.634 –> 16:22.280
Hey, Nolan, can you hear me? We can. Okay, so.

16:24.330 –> 17:48.050
I use two backup methods. I backup my iPhone directly to the. I use iCloud backup, and I also use the finder in macOS to back it up locally. So I have two copies in case there’s a problem. And also I am experiencing an unsafe situation that I’ve experienced this morning when I was trying to sync music to my phone using the music scroll area with a voiceover. I did not appreciate finder locking up on me. I tried shutting the computer down and it’s still popping up indicating that the iPhone is trying to be synced. And it keeps thinking and I had to force it to shut down due to its bad behavior. And I’m wondering if there’s a problem with macOS, if there’s a way to fix it.

17:48.200 –> 17:49.940
What computer are you on?

17:50.790 –> 17:55.614
The mid 20, 14, 21.5 inch Apple iMac.

17:55.742 –> 17:58.402
So you’re on intel still, correct?

17:58.536 –> 18:00.120
MacOS big sir.

18:00.490 –> 18:07.080
Yeah. And what are you using for? Are you using a music service like Apple Music?

18:07.790 –> 18:25.920
No, I’m taking music CDs that I have imported and putting them into my iTunes account that’s on my phone and stuff and doing it that way.

18:26.850 –> 19:09.994
These things are going like there’s just going to be times where macOS is going to have issues syncing to an iPhone. It happens even on newer Macs. It’s one of those things that things happen and just unplug the phone until it to synchronize again and hopefully it won’t lock up. But as hardware gets older and operating systems get newer, there is slowdown. So it could be any number of things there, but I would just restart the computer, try the sync know. Sometimes floor shutdown is know at the best and the worst of.

19:10.112 –> 19:20.350
So okay, if it happens again, should I call Apple accessibility and report it to them and let them know so they can check it?

19:20.500 –> 19:38.558
I mean, you could do that, but in this situation they might tell you that you’re going to have things that are really outdated due to the computer being that old and the old operating system that you’re running because your phone, I’m assuming, is much newer than that. Is that true?

19:38.584 –> 19:39.720
Makes a lot of sense.

19:41.290 –> 20:21.954
The problem is, as things progress moving forward, if you’re on a Mac platform and you’re still running an older operating system, a lot of times the apps and things like that, they aren’t able to update because they update with the whole operating system on a Mac. So you can’t just update mail or stuff like that. You have to get the whole operating system. But I would make sure you have all your security updates done. And if you have a moment when your finder crashed, I would try and just go to the Apple and go to restart, restart your computer sometimes that’ll clean things up and make sure that your security updates at least.

20:22.152 –> 20:25.634
I’ve also tried force quitting finder and.

20:25.672 –> 20:31.650
That did not you can’t quit finder. Unfortunately, Finder is always running in the background.

20:31.730 –> 20:32.550
Well, you can.

20:32.620 –> 20:34.886
You could, but you don’t want to do that.

20:35.068 –> 20:36.902
Okay. That makes a lot of sense.

20:37.036 –> 20:37.442

20:37.516 –> 20:45.674
Thank you guys for your help, and I appreciate you guys giving me some suggestions, and I appreciate it.

20:45.872 –> 20:47.020
Yeah, no problem.

20:47.870 –> 21:12.260
Honestly, I’ll have to make sure. If I were to get a new Apple iMac, I’ll have to upgrade and make some changes if I have to. And the problem is, I don’t want to wipe the hard drive completely either, because it’s got both my sister’s stuff on it and my stuff.

21:12.630 –> 22:04.942
Well, you wouldn’t need to wipe the hard drive. And if you’re going to get a brand new iMac, like one that just came out, if I was you, I would only back up your data on your old computer that you’re using right now. And then I would take your data itself and I would bring it onto the new computer that way, because your computer is old and you don’t want to bring any old problems, any old issues or maybe outdated software onto a new computer, especially going from intel to an M series computer. So if I was you, I would just back up all of your documents, files, all of that stuff separately from the operating system. And the easiest way to do that would be to find your home folder and just drag your home folder onto an external hard drive, and then all of your documents and all that stuff should be there, and you can bring it to the new computer and then bring over what you need.

22:05.096 –> 22:05.654

22:05.772 –> 22:06.054

22:06.092 –> 22:37.040
Because what I did is I’ve backed up everything to an external hard drive so that if I were to bring stuff over, I could. But if I have to, I can probably copy my home folder and stuff and just put it on the hard drive. On the external hard drive and then just carry everything over rather than bringing the old software and stuff.

22:37.890 –> 22:38.640

22:39.010 –> 22:41.120
Okay. That would be the problem.

22:41.490 –> 22:42.462
Okay. Yeah.

22:42.516 –> 22:43.602
Thank you so much, guys.

22:43.656 –> 22:46.530
Yep. Good luck. Thank you. Yep. No problem.

22:46.680 –> 22:49.042
All right, Brad, who we got?

22:49.176 –> 22:53.460
Yes, we have Greg on stage. Gee, go ahead.

22:53.830 –> 22:55.022
I’m on stage.

22:55.086 –> 23:04.086
I always feel so like I’m on stage. I always feel like I should perform or something. Anyway. Hey, guys. Michael squared and Marty. How are you guys doing?

23:04.188 –> 23:06.760
Good, thank you. And good. Good.

23:07.290 –> 23:43.380
So my question is this. Every week I seem to have a new question, but my Gmail is reading to me double. So it’s reading to me. I’m using the Gmail basic HTML version, which I hear is going away, which makes me so sad. But it’s reading to me in duplicate almost. In other words, it’ll read to me like it doesn’t matter if it’s a table or if it’s a row or. Anyway, have you guys heard of this? It’s like reading to me the message.

23:43.750 –> 23:48.242
So two questions. Number one, is this with jaws triple g?

23:48.376 –> 23:49.910
Yes, it is with okay.

23:50.060 –> 23:55.670
And number two, is this only happening on the basic HTML view or is it happening at other places on the web?

23:55.820 –> 23:58.730
It’s happening with the basic HTML view.

23:58.880 –> 24:35.202
So I have not encountered this. Granted, I have not used basic HTML probably in like ten years. So what I would suggest is a get familiar with what freedomscientific Visparo has been providing with teaching people how to use standard view of Gmail and experiment with that to see if that works better for you. Because you’re right, you’ve got less than three weeks left of that basic HTML view. As of February 1, it’s going away. So in my opinion, you might as well get familiar with the standard view instead of worrying about troubleshooting the basic HTML view.

24:35.336 –> 24:37.940
Okay, that makes a whole lot of sense.

24:39.050 –> 25:00.490
Don’t mean to be mean about it, but I think that would be the best productivity use of the time. As I said, visparo has some amazing webinars, both held and in ACB community, and I believe on their own training page talking about using Gmail’s standard view. And I think it’s very important people start to get familiar with that if they haven’t.

25:02.770 –> 25:04.186
Triple g. Thank you, Michael.

25:04.298 –> 25:07.322
Yep, thanks. Have a good one. Good luck, Brad.

25:07.386 –> 25:08.254
Anybody else?

25:08.372 –> 25:10.030
No, we’re clear over here.

25:10.180 –> 25:12.662
Thank you. All right, Pam.

25:12.826 –> 25:13.454
Hey, Pam.

25:13.502 –> 25:14.014
Hey, Pam.

25:14.062 –> 27:02.174
Hello. As far as the backing up goes, my Mac, I keep it backed up on an external hard drive. My iPhone, I normally just back it up to the cloud iCloud occasionally, if I’m getting a new phone, I have been known to back it up to my computer, but I haven’t done that in so long. And the way you do it now has changed. So I’ll have to figure out how to do it now. But the setting for Ibrahim is you’re going to go to settings. Let me actually find it again. Okay. You’re going to go to settings. You’re going to go to accessibility, you’re going to scroll down to the hearing section where they have the things about the hearing aids and all those settings. You’re going to scroll to audio and audio visual, and you’re going to go to, well, let me find it again. It jumped out of there. It’s called. Let’s see. Well, as soon as I find it. Audio and visual. It is called headphone notifications. And if you don’t want to be notified, what the decibels and all that that you’re getting through your headphones, you want to turn headphone notifications off and it’s just a toggle.

27:02.302 –> 27:03.214
Awesome. Thanks, Pam.

27:03.262 –> 27:04.030
Perfect, Pam.

27:04.110 –> 27:04.754
Thank you.

27:04.872 –> 27:05.634
Thank you.

27:05.752 –> 27:08.550
All right, Beth. Hey, Beth.

27:09.050 –> 27:09.922
You’re muted.

27:09.986 –> 27:13.446
Beth, should we come back to her? Maybe she stepped away.

27:13.548 –> 27:20.246
You might have to hit that f six, key and tab to. Okay. All right, Sharon. We’ll go to Sharon.

27:20.358 –> 27:21.286
Hey, Sharon.

27:21.398 –> 27:28.170
Same problem. Sharon, I know you were unmuted earlier. There we go.

27:28.320 –> 27:29.066
There you go.

27:29.168 –> 27:29.770

27:29.920 –> 27:30.780
No problem.

27:31.390 –> 28:06.790
Okay, I have three quick questions. First of all, refresh my memory as to how to get on to iacast, because I did it once before and it was hard to find. The second question is, and I think I got a good explanation of this the other night, but I wanted to make sure with Apple books, if you order an ebook, voiceover will read it. Is that correct? And the final one is on the iPhone, there’s something called keychain. Is that a valid and secure way to keep passwords?

28:07.850 –> 28:26.160
Okay, yeah, that’s good. And your voiceover will read the books app. So if you have books, you can use voiceover to read your books. And then for your first question. I guess we’re going backwards. Your first question, what you’re trying to get on. On your phone or computer.

28:27.010 –> 28:27.806

28:27.988 –> 28:31.870
So are you trying to get the podcast or are you trying to hear the stream like the.

28:32.020 –> 28:33.514
No, no, the podcast.

28:33.642 –> 28:43.170
So you could just in overcast. I think when you go to look for a podcast, you could type in IAcast and you could do Iacast or Iacast network.

28:43.910 –> 28:51.138
You know what? I think it’s network. I think that’s what gets. I had it before and I had let it go, but I think you’re right. It’s IACas network.

28:51.314 –> 28:55.126
You could look for both, and the network will give you all of the content.

28:55.308 –> 28:59.926
Great. Thank you so much. I’m unmuted now.

29:00.108 –> 29:02.474
Okay, hold on, Beth. We’ll come right back to you.

29:02.592 –> 29:03.260

29:03.630 –> 29:10.634
Michael Deutsche, do you want to also, just real quick, let people know how they can get on the stream if that’s something they want to listen to.

29:10.752 –> 29:32.606
So also, all of our content can be found in the I accessibility app. And also, if you want to get to the radio station, iacast. Net listen is how you can get to the radio. Or again, there’s a button in the iaccessibility app for iOS. You could also go to Iacast. Net in your web browser to get to all of the content, show notes.

29:32.638 –> 29:34.420
And all that kind of stuff.

29:34.890 –> 29:35.890
You ready for Beth?

29:35.970 –> 29:37.298
Yep, let’s go ahead, Beth.

29:37.394 –> 30:26.710
Yeah. My phone does that once in a while. It’s frustrating. Sometimes phone does things that frustrates me and like just say I was reading something or whatever and I tried to put Facebook off because it always speaks my notifications and I couldn’t get it off. It wouldn’t say notification off or anything. So I don’t know, because I go to settings and it has apps and everything and it just doesn’t go off. It just says something about alerts, badges, but doesn’t go off. Hello?

30:26.860 –> 30:33.894
Yeah, do you have a mute setting on is what I’m wondering. Which phone do you have again?

30:33.932 –> 30:37.298
Beth? I have an iPhone 13.

30:37.474 –> 31:32.246
So there’s two places where you can actually mute the audio on your phone. One would be in the control center, and the second is an actual physical button. If you’re holding the phone in front of you on the left side, there’s going to be the volume buttons, and then above that there’s a little tiny rocker button. Sometimes that gets bumped and it mutes your phone and it takes the audio away. So you want to make sure that either that is in the position that you want it to be so that you can hear your audio first thing. And then there’s also one in the control center as well where you can mute your audio and all that. So you want to check those two places and make sure that you do have the audio turned on. It’s not muted. If it’s muted, then you’ll just get the banner and like a vibration, but you won’t get an audio alert. So you want to check those two places.

31:32.358 –> 31:43.434
I see that mute sometimes it’s hard for me to get. I can get it with my fingernail sometimes because it’s like in there.

31:43.632 –> 32:18.630
Yeah. And sometimes you don’t even realize that you actually bumped it for a while and all of a sudden, why is your phone not making any noise? But that’s where I would start with check. The only other thing you can do is go into notifications. Each app has got its own notification. So, like, if you’re looking for a particular thing that’s not making any noise, you might want to go in there and make sure that you have the audio turned on for that particular app in notifications, which would be settings and then notifications. And then you scroll down to whatever app it is you’re trying to change the notification settings on.

32:18.780 –> 32:37.520
Okay. Yeah. And I also was wondering about YouTube TV, because I’m thinking about getting rid of my cable and getting that. I have to first check out how much I’m paying for Internet, if it’s worth it, because cable is going up, as a lot of you probably know. So YouTube TV is at a good.

32:38.210 –> 33:10.138
It really all depends on what you’re looking for to watch. The thing now is that before it used to one, Netflix has most everything. You can get Netflix and be good. Right. But now every provider has their own streaming service, their own app or whatever. So you got to figure out what is it that you’re looking for to watch and where is that, and then how much is that going to cost you? And that’s how you kind of decide what streaming service that you want to go with.

33:10.304 –> 33:21.098
Right. Because now I have Peacock, which can be a challenge. Well, I can do it, but you have to really, every app is going.

33:21.104 –> 33:57.160
To be a little bit different. Some will work better than others. It’s kind of a little bit of a wild, wild west. You’re going to just have to figure out what you’re looking for, where the shows are that you want, and what a lot of people do is, let’s say there’s a show on Peacock, they’ll watch the season of that show, and when that’s over, another show may come on Hulu, and then they’ll turn off peacock and turn on Hulu, and it kind of turns into chasing the things you want to watch around. So it’s a little bit of a trial and error kind of a thing. There’s not going to be any 100% thing that’s just going to cover all your bases unless you get like a satellite or a cable service.

33:57.530 –> 34:11.500
Right. Yeah. Because it’s like, there’s no point in getting. Unless I watch a lot of. Because I watch a lot of things on Hulu, but I don’t have Hulu, but maybe peacock and Hulu and get rid of my.

34:12.290 –> 34:16.334
Yeah, you’ll just have to play around and see what’s going to be the best option for you.

34:16.452 –> 34:17.022

34:17.156 –> 34:19.120
Okay. All right, Beth. Well, thanks a lot.

34:19.810 –> 34:21.790
Thanks, David.

34:22.130 –> 34:24.740
Hey, David, how’s it going? Hi, everyone.

34:25.670 –> 34:35.822
Hey, I wanted to offer two comments. First, regarding just the last participant that you had on. I think it was Beth, about tv.

34:35.966 –> 34:36.526

34:36.648 –> 35:27.906
I think in the case of YouTube TV, because they are primarily a live tv service for watching the typical channels that you would expect on cable and were what you said, marty was right. But in the case of things like YouTube TV or Hulu Live, as opposed to Hulu on demand, you have to ask yourself, what channels am I hoping to watch? And then find out if that service has your channels. So if you’re a fan of my wife likes Animal Planet, and if we were going to go to one of those services, I would want to know, okay, does the service have the animal Planet channel as an option? And if they don’t, then you might say, well, I don’t know if this.

35:27.928 –> 35:29.154
Is the best choice.

35:29.202 –> 36:11.058
So you really have to say, okay, what are my favorite channels? Do I like CNN or ESPN? And then does the service that I’m going to subscribe to have that? And you should be able to find that out by going on the website. They should have a list of channels. When I used the app last, it was pretty accessible, but that was a long time ago and things may have changed, but that’s what I would say about YouTube TV is think about what channels you currently watch on your cable provider and what channels do you feel you absolutely can’t live without? And then find out if the service you’re going to subscribe to has that.

36:11.224 –> 36:27.078
And David, you can chime in if I’m wrong on this, but live on any YouTube or any of those other channels are going to be a lot more expensive than the watch on demand. Right? Like YouTube Live opposed to Hulu on demand, where you just find what they already have available.

36:27.244 –> 37:06.434
Oh, very much so, yeah. No, you’re absolutely right. I mean, even though the streaming services are going up in price, you’re still going to pay more for one of the live on demand things. I remember YouTube TV used to be, I think, 35 a month, and that was pretty good at the time, but now it’s a bit more. But it still may be cheaper than what you’re paying for with cable. And again, it just depends on what channels you currently have with your cable provider now and which ones you’re thinking of subscribing to or which ones you want to watch.

37:06.552 –> 37:26.198
And even cable providers are now offering streaming services like spectrum. You can just get their streaming package, which has all the same channels as if you get a cable box for the same price as like YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV. So it just depends on which one is your preference.

37:26.374 –> 38:05.686
And one last thing I’ll throw in here is the cable channels. Now, all the cable services stations, they’re obviously in a lot of competition because everyone’s going to streaming. So if there’s certain channels, like David was saying, animal Planet, ESPN, any of those, you can always try and call your cable provider and let them know, hey, you’re within a budget. Can you get an all a carte kind of a thing and see if they can do it for you within a budget and just make it easy for you instead of having to try and go figure out where all of the different services or channels are on all the random apps. So I mean, you can do that. A lot of times they will try to work with you to keep you as a customer. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

38:05.708 –> 41:02.618
It doesn’t hurt to call and see what they can do for you before you’re thinking about before you decide to leave them. The other thing I wanted to comment on was Nancy’s earlier question, and Michael Babcock, what you gave her was absolutely right. You had suggested that in order to troubleshoot whether her jaws is corrupted in some way, to go into the default mode, the keystroke for that is insert space, which is the layered keystroke followed by the letter Z, as in Zulu. And when you do that, you’re going to hear a really cryptic message. They really should change this because it’s a little weird, but it’ll say something like default user directory mode. And what should happen? What is supposed to happen is it goes into all of the default settings that you first get when you initially install jaws. So Michael is right. It’s a good way of, if your jaws is doing something that it shouldn’t be doing, it’s a good way of is it, is it jaws or is it something in my settings? And what is supposed to happen is that eloquence should come on at the default voice and the default speed, because that’s what you get when you first install jaws. However, due to some weird bugs, what sometimes might happen is you’ll either get the Allison voice from nuance, or you might get eloquence at a very high pitch or high rate of speed. That is not supposed to happen, but it can happen. So when it does, just be prepared to do a control alt page down to slow that speech down. And you may have to go into the jaws settings to make adjustments to the voice, but it will help you to, once you do that, Jaws will behave as it does when you first install it. And I’ve had to do that several times in order to determine, okay, is the bug in Jaws or is the bug in my Jaws profile? If it is in your profile. So if Jaws behaves normally when you go into the default mode. By the way, if you press insert space in the letter Z again, it toggles off the default mode back into your settings. And if you find that Jaws is behaving normally in the default mode but improperly in your mode with your settings, there are several things you could do. You could reinstall Jaws and do a.

41:02.644 –> 41:03.410

41:05.190 –> 41:52.974
If you know how to find it. You can go into your settings folder and look for the configuration file. So if it’s word that’s behaving very strangely, you could go to I think it’s word JCf in your settings folder and I wouldn’t delete it but rename it to something else in case you have to go back to it. So I don’t want to go into all the other details about how to do that because it’ll go into the weeds. But the bottom line is if you press insert space and the letter z is in Zulu, that will toggle Jaws from going in and out of its default mode and it’ll say something like default user directory mode. So that’s what I wanted to offer for that.

41:53.092 –> 41:55.290
Thank you. Thanks David, I appreciate it. No worries.

41:55.300 –> 42:13.858
Appreciate that keystroke because I had forgotten it and it works. It says default alternate user directory mode is what Jaws says and that is a toggle. So you can do that. Jaws key spaces either toggled off as David said, and turning jaws off and restarting, which means restarting your computer should take you back to your settings.

42:13.954 –> 42:14.546
Thanks David.

42:14.578 –> 42:15.446
Who do we got next there?

42:15.468 –> 42:16.790
Sheila Gregory.

42:17.130 –> 42:50.450
Hey Gregory. Hello. Can you hear me? Yep, we can hear you. And now lowered. Yeah. After I updated my jaws to the latest software, Jonathan has left the meeting. When I open up my HP PC and it goes to the desktop, it automatically starts reading my desktop icons automatically. And then other time I’ll open up, turn on my computer, it’ll start reading them in Greek. Have you heard of this? Is it some kind of setting in the new setting.

42:52.230 –> 43:10.454
Where I would start is kind of what David was just talking about too, to see if that’s the case. Because that’s strange. I’ve never had actually a lie. I have had it automatically read desktop icons but it doesn’t happen to me consistently. So not what could be causing that.

43:10.492 –> 43:18.726
Yeah, it’s not consistent, but I mean have you heard it reading it, reading them in Greek? Delta this delta. That’s weird.

43:18.918 –> 43:49.318
That is. And Greg, one thing to bring up to you that I like to mention to people because it is a good resource is there is the Microsoft disability answer desk. So if your icons are read to you in Greek and it keeps giving you that information, it might be advantageous to reach out to them because they can actually see what’s going on on your screen. It’s random. When it switches to greek, does it stay greek for a little bit or does it.

43:49.484 –> 43:55.160
No, I’ll go back and sometimes it doesn’t. Read the.

43:56.490 –> 44:08.074
Try it. Try the jaws key space z for a little while and see if that gives you a better experience. And then start experimenting with modifying some settings there to see if that fixes it.

44:08.112 –> 44:08.506

44:08.608 –> 44:12.314
Yeah. And Microsoft accessibility is a great asset. It’s very good.

44:12.352 –> 44:19.486
It is. And if you have access to be my eyes, it’s really awesome when you can just call them on video chat and they can just video with you.

44:19.508 –> 44:22.462
And help you as well. I’ve forgotten about that. Yes.

44:22.516 –> 44:44.566
It’s under specialized assistance. And they’re also working with some AI. So if you tell it the problems that you’re having, it’ll ask you questions about the assistive technology you’re using and then suggest some solutions for you. And if it’s not able to assist you, then you always have the option, like you do in be my AI, to just call someone from be my eyes. So pretty cool to play with.

44:44.668 –> 44:45.494
Thank you very much.

44:45.532 –> 44:48.306
Have a good. No worries. Next, Sheila.

44:48.418 –> 44:49.106

44:49.218 –> 44:50.066
Hey, Hank.

44:50.178 –> 44:50.834
You’re muted.

44:50.882 –> 44:59.986
Hank, you may need to hit f six to get that. Got it. Button. F six followed by tab. Or if you’re on the Mac command, grave accent, because that’s useful.

45:00.118 –> 45:04.270
All right, we’ll go to Eugenia. We’ll come back to Hank. Good morning.

45:04.420 –> 45:05.326
How are you?

45:05.428 –> 45:25.510
Hi. I’m doing great, thank you. I have the m one. And we were looking with somebody at something. Turn off voiceover and the keyboard. Hello?

45:25.660 –> 45:28.498
Yeah, we can hear Eugenia. Go ahead. Go ahead, Eugenia.

45:28.594 –> 45:41.290
Oh, I heard somebody talk. Yeah. And the keyboard was typing. The voice was kept talking. The iPad, it didn’t talk. Still connected somehow.

45:41.950 –> 45:45.338
Are you asking about an iPad or your computer?

45:45.504 –> 45:49.386
IPad. IPad air. M one. IPad air.

45:49.488 –> 46:00.640
So what you should try to do is a three finger double tap or triple tap turns speech on and off. It doesn’t turn voiceover on and off. It just turns the speech on and off.

46:02.130 –> 46:02.686

46:02.788 –> 46:29.740
Three finger, triple tap. Three finger, triple tap. So sometimes people do that on accident and they don’t realize what they did. If you can’t do that, then you could also turn off voiceover with Siri. Wait a second. And then turn voiceover back on again. So you would invoke Siri and say turn off voiceover. Then wait a second. And then invoke Siri again and then say turn on voiceover. And when you do that, it should bring the speech back on again.

46:31.550 –> 46:39.482
What’s happened? I was going through settings and anything that will be the reason that this was happening.

46:39.616 –> 46:51.818
It’s kind of a weird thing because if you’re using voiceover, you would think if you need it, you would never want to have your speech off. But there is a way to turn the speech on and off without turning voiceover on and off. Weird.

46:51.994 –> 46:55.940
Yeah, I know how to sometimes. Yes. Okay.

46:56.630 –> 46:58.882
Good luck. Hopefully that’ll work out for you.

46:59.016 –> 47:00.338
Yeah, thank you.

47:00.424 –> 47:01.362
Yep, no problem.

47:01.496 –> 47:07.954
Ok, we’re almost to tent Hill and you have two hands, so. Hank, you are unmuted.

47:08.082 –> 47:15.110
Hey, good afternoon, everybody. Are you guys familiar with the program recover?

47:15.530 –> 47:17.926
No. I’m not Michael’s either. You guys are.

47:18.028 –> 47:19.094
I am not.

47:19.292 –> 47:30.640
Oh, that’s. That’s dangerous. Well, see, it’s a recovery program that’s supposed to recover deleted files and.

47:32.370 –> 47:32.734

47:32.772 –> 47:58.706
Crashes as soon as you turn it on. And this morning it went all the way to 98% and then crashed. And I have notified them and I don’t get any reaction from them. And looking back, it looks like that they’ve had this kind of problem going on since 2016. And if it’s not resolved, you might.

47:58.728 –> 48:05.000
Want to look at other options out there. There’s a lot of backup options out there that you can use. Might want to try something different.

48:06.410 –> 48:10.006
Do you know of any good recovery programs?

48:10.118 –> 48:13.420
What kind of computer do you have? You’re on windows, I’m assuming. Correct?

48:14.910 –> 48:17.418
I have Windows ten.

48:17.584 –> 48:18.954
Okay, go ahead.

48:18.992 –> 48:19.580

48:20.590 –> 48:41.250
So I was just saying I don’t know of a recovery program to use. There may be some other people who have a suggestion for one, because especially when it comes to accessibility as well, I have not used those type of utilities though. But as Marty was saying, if they haven’t fixed it in the last seven years, it might be worth moving on and hopefully someone will have a solution for you.

48:41.400 –> 48:54.982
One other thing I’m going to suggest too, or let you know about, is you could be having an issue with your actual physical hard drive itself, and that may be why the software is not able to complete the backup. So that might be something to look into as well.

48:55.116 –> 49:01.514
I’ve done it on two computers and it did the same thing, so I don’t think it’s there.

49:01.632 –> 49:04.986
I would research and maybe find some other software because it sounds like this.

49:05.008 –> 49:23.120
Is one I’m trying to find a way to get somehow or another. The SD card says you need to format this drive. A week ago it was full.

49:23.730 –> 49:27.460
David, you want to chime in real quick because it looks like you have a comment on this.

49:28.230 –> 49:38.626
I didn’t have much to say about this except that when you talk about this program, is it rec U-V-A as in recover?

49:38.818 –> 49:39.414

49:39.532 –> 49:50.266
Oh yeah, that’s an undelete program. So it’s for recovering deleted or lost files. It’s made by the same company that does sea cleaner, actually.

49:50.448 –> 49:58.460
Yes, I understand that, but the problem is it doesn’t work.

49:59.790 –> 50:02.186
When’s the last time you downloaded it?

50:02.368 –> 50:04.782
I just updated it this morning.

50:04.916 –> 50:24.770
Oh, interesting. I’ll take a look at that, because I do have that and I have not run into that problem. So I’m wondering if Marty is kind of on the right track that maybe, um. I don’t know, there’s something about your hard drive. Do you have an SSD or do you have a standard hard disk drive? A spinning drive?

50:24.920 –> 50:26.930
I have a SSD.

50:27.830 –> 50:32.230
Well, it could be a compatibility issue. It could be any number of things really. Yeah.

50:32.300 –> 50:50.666
But if I did this on two computers and stuff like that, then it is a problem with the program. But I sent them a screenshot of all of this once. It still had the same issue. So I don’t know what they’re going to do.

50:50.768 –> 50:55.678
And we are running out of time. We have maybe one more question and that’s going to be all we’re going to have time for.

50:55.764 –> 50:59.822
Would you guys please send me an email for your email address.

50:59.956 –> 51:04.466
You can email us at feedback at unmute show.

51:04.648 –> 51:11.300
Feedback. Feedback at unmute show.

51:12.950 –> 51:13.986
Yes. Okay.

51:14.088 –> 51:15.538
All right, guys, thanks a lot.

51:15.624 –> 51:16.690
All right, no problem.

51:16.840 –> 51:17.854

51:17.982 –> 51:19.638
Hey Restoria. Yeah.

51:19.724 –> 51:26.098
Can you give me the number for the disability line please? Microsoft.

51:26.274 –> 51:28.326
Do you know what it is, Michael? Off the top of your head?

51:28.428 –> 51:41.962
So I should have it memorized, but I do not. However, it is 1809 three 6500. And again, they’re also available on the be my eyes application under specialized assistance.

51:42.106 –> 51:43.294
Thank you so much.

51:43.412 –> 51:47.918
No problem. Is Pam the last one? Pam, you want to try and make it super fast?

51:48.084 –> 52:01.806
Yes, very quickly. Someone said that the toggling speech on and off is a three finger triple tap. That happens to be screen curtains. So it is a three finger double tap.

52:01.918 –> 52:05.762
Yep. Thank you so thank you for that correction, Pam. Appreciate that.

52:05.896 –> 52:06.770
You’re welcome.

52:06.920 –> 52:26.980
All right, everyone, thanks so much. We will be here at the same time next week, so hope to see you guys back. As always. Brad, Sheila, thank you so much for all you do and all of your assistance. And everybody have a great week. Check out Macbytes with bits tonight. That’ll be going on at eight Eastern. And everybody have a great week and we’ll see you next time.