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In this insightful ACB Community Call held on April 16th, 2024, participants engaged in various tech-related discussions, from troubleshooting accessibility issues to utilizing different types of microphones for music recording. The focus was on mutual support and sharing experiences. The episode delved into everyday tech challenges, tools for musicians, and managing accessibility shortcuts on iOS devices. Practical advice on software tools and troubleshooting missing emails in Outlook was provided, fostering a collaborative community dynamic centered on inclusive tech dialogues.

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00:05.680 –> 00:08.274
This has been an ACB community call.

00:17.174 –> 00:22.834
Today’s Unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

00:26.894 –> 01:00.444
Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. As always, a couple announcements. Here at the top, we want to remind everyone that we’ll take all first questions, and if we have time and get through everyone, then we’ll take second questions. Please be respectful and let everyone get the same respect you would want answering your question. And there are no dumb questions. As always, the question of the day is, if you were to invent a tech gadget, what would it be and why? And with me, as always, I got Michael Babcock. How’s it going, Michael?

01:00.614 –> 02:24.186
It’s going well. Thanks to Brad and Sheila for your help today. Greatly appreciate you helping make this project run. Yesterday, Demossi and I published TW 56, called it’s our therapy session. I’ll let you give that a listen if you’re interested. Definitely on point with most of the topics that we typically discuss. Adrian submitted a piece of content and I offered to share it with the shell phone show. So I published it yesterday called dictating messages in Facebook messenger. So if you are curious how he’s gone ahead and set that up, give that a listen. In the shell phone show feed. On Sunday, digital bytes published the Apple crosswords moving apps on iOS and the tribute X free. Over the ear headset, I kept saying x three. In the recording. It’s x free, just so people are aware. So give that a listen on Sunday, especially if you want a crossword puzzle that is accessible on iOS. All things lady, a health wellness and fitness was published by Lucy on Thursday. And then on the shelf on show Wednesday, we showed you how to change the voices. And that’s a quick recap of content. I have sheila. Who do we got first?

02:24.370 –> 02:26.698
Roberta. Hello, Roberta.

02:26.786 –> 02:27.758
Hey, Roberta.

02:27.906 –> 02:51.246
Hi there. I am wondering, and I suspect it may be more complicated than I can do today, that I may need to speak with someone individually, how to adapt wordle to make it accessible. And I saw some things posted a while back, and I was at a help center. Amateur.

02:51.350 –> 03:10.694
I mean, um, I think your phone is cutting out. But I will tell you that if you go to let’s envision.com on their blog, there is a. Okay, we can’t hear you. I’m not sure if you can hear us.

03:13.634 –> 03:16.094
Oh, can you guys hear her?

03:16.394 –> 03:19.066
She sounds really cut out and far away.

03:19.210 –> 03:24.866
Okay, so I’ll just go over that real quick for anyone who might be curious if you were people tried to.

03:24.890 –> 03:30.094
Figure out how to do the directions and were unsuccessful.

03:30.514 –> 03:36.890
Okay, so three sided people tried to follow the directions and they were unsuccessful. Is that correct?

03:37.002 –> 03:38.054
I can hear you.

03:38.474 –> 03:39.650
I think she has a ton of laughs.

03:39.682 –> 03:40.734
I can’t hear you.

03:41.394 –> 03:42.498
Can you hear me now?

03:42.586 –> 03:52.594
Direction. Open the bookmark manager. And they were unable. They were unable to do that. I can hear you. Can’t hear me.

03:53.014 –> 04:10.914
So there’s, there’s a huge delay. I would try leaving and coming back, possibly, but I think I understand correctly what you’re saying is your friends were unable to bookmark. They were unable to open the bookmark manager to install the add on for making wordle more accessible. Is that correct?

04:11.724 –> 04:14.836
Because I don’t see her. Okay.

04:14.980 –> 04:15.900
All right, who do we got next?

04:15.932 –> 04:17.532
Sheila. Jeff.

04:17.668 –> 04:18.452
Hey, Jeff.

04:18.588 –> 04:19.804
Hey, Jeff, how are you?

04:19.964 –> 04:21.460
Good, Marty, how are you?

04:21.572 –> 04:22.492
Good, thank you.

04:22.628 –> 04:29.224
Great question of the day. I mean, it’s got to be personal teleportation, right?

04:29.764 –> 04:31.668
Yeah, definitely. That’d be awesome.

04:31.796 –> 04:32.504

04:34.124 –> 04:51.110
So I’m going to do my best to explain the issue. Hashtag firstworld problem. We’ve got a couple of 2022 Apple tvs, the Siri remote on one of them.

04:51.262 –> 04:52.950
If you ask again from your iPhone.

04:53.022 –> 04:59.754
No, please stay out of this, Siri. So one of them operates.

05:00.694 –> 05:01.150

05:01.182 –> 06:26.594
So oftentimes I’ll use, I think it’s the tv button. Like, I’ll double, you know, double tap that, and then I use the click pad to kind of swipe away apps, if that makes sense. The Siri remote that’s not operating normally in that respect, it I can’t use, even though I’ve got, I’ve went into remotes and I’ve got the click pad set to, I think it’s touch and click. I can’t swipe up any longer on the click pad to close apps. Another thing that that remote seems to be doing is, like, when you’re navigating through, for example, the settings. Like, there’s kind of a white bar that goes over each setting as you’re using the click pad to go up or down. Now, that white kind of background stays on the selected item. And just like a box, if you will, does the scrolling, does that make any sense whatsoever?

06:27.254 –> 06:27.614

06:27.654 –> 07:18.478
I know that sometimes the remotes can be a little bit finicky on those. You could check for updates on your Apple TV. That might be something that would also, if there was any issue to your remote, it might resolve that issue at that point. Sometimes you just need to reboot the Apple TV, like your phone or your computer. But I will say another option you could try is downloading the Apple TV remote for your iPhone. And you may have a way better experience with that. It gives you some options that the regular remote, that is the physical remote, doesn’t have. So, like, when you’re typing in passwords or stuff like that, or you’re searching for stuff, you actually get a full keyboard instead of trying to use the little rotor wheel to go all over the place to find the letters. Okay, uh, that might be a better experience for you. I would try that.

07:18.646 –> 08:03.042
And you don’t have to download the Apple TV remote anymore. Just go add it to your control center. It’s, uh, currently turned off. So if you turn it on, then that thing, you can organize it. Um, and then under the Apple TV remote settings, if you find that direct touch interface to be not the most intuitive or, or focus jumps all over the place, you can go in and have it have an up, down, left and right button in the middle of your screen. So then you find that and you can either split tap or double tap with voiceover. I don’t know if that’ll fix the issue that you’re having, but that would definitely be worth experimenting with to see if you’re able to control your tv better from the phone. Um, it’ll pop up a list of all of the tvs in your house, and you just tap on the tv that you want to interact with.

08:03.178 –> 08:03.506

08:03.530 –> 08:43.684
And really quick, you go into settings, and then you go into control center, and then on the top half, you’ll see what’s already there. And the bottom half are items that are not there, which you can add to the top. So you look for the Apple remote, you add that, it’ll move up to the top, and then you get out of that, and then you go back to your home screen. You make sure the voiceover cursor is somewhere on the top menu. Like, for example, put the voice over cursor on the time and then do a three finger swipe up, and you’ll get the control center, and then you’ll be able to see the remote is going to be at the bottom in those squares next to the flashlight and the barcode scanner and that stuff.

08:44.064 –> 08:49.272
Excellent. Thank you so much. And hopefully there’s time for another question later, but thanks.

08:49.368 –> 08:49.864
Sounds good.

08:49.904 –> 09:23.428
Thanks. All right, somebody with an iPhone, would you please unmute and tell us who you are? Hello? Hello, this is Christy Marshall. I guess I haven’t signed into Zoom for a while, so. But I will. I’ll fix that. My question is about the hable one, are you able to type text into that? Or Google Docs you’d want to type. Want to type about a 20 to 30 page document.

09:23.616 –> 09:28.184
So I didn’t hear the first app that you’re looking to use because your phone cut out a little bit.

09:28.804 –> 09:33.404
Pages or Google pages or Google Doc? Either one. Got you. Gotcha.

09:33.444 –> 09:52.444
Yes, you can. So the hable one is used as an input device. You are able to input text as long as you can get the keyboard to show successfully with voiceover. Then you can use the hable one to input grade two and you’ll be able to interact with the document itself.

09:52.864 –> 09:57.392
Okay. I put anything out? Yep. Thank you. Who do we got next?

09:57.448 –> 09:58.136

09:58.280 –> 10:50.444
Hey, Beth. Hello. Yeah, yeah, I have a question. My computer. What was that? I think somebody said there is a program besides Windows media player. Media player either said not responding or didn’t say. You know what usually says can select songs. And when I went in there I got excited. I’m like, I’m going to try to select songs and make a playlist. And somehow it didn’t work. And also about the audio duck ducking on NVDA. How, how did you say I should do? Get that on or off? Thanks.

10:51.024 –> 12:18.860
So I think the tool that you’re looking for is called VLC. And VLC. If you google down, if you google download VLC, it’ll take you to the video land.org website and a direct link to VLC. So you can download it if you go. And to answer your second question, if you go into your NVDA menu with NVDA key plus in so hold the NVDA key, typically your caps lock key or your insert key and then press the letter in. This will open the NVDA menu, go down to preferences submenu and press enter and then press enter on settings. This will take you to the NVDA settings and put you in the category of setting options. If you press your down arrow once, you’ll hear it say speech. And then if you tab 1112, 1314, give me 1 second, I’ll tell you exactly. Okay, so when you go to speech, you tab twice to change and then no, where do you go to? I will have to look this up real quick because I’m not finding it and someone will probably jump in and let us know where it is. But this is the general area and I will give you the information before the end of the call.

12:18.892 –> 13:15.864
Beth. Okay, thanks. Okay, who do we got next? Sheila? Judy. Hey Judy. Hey, Judy. Hey guys. I am having a really frustrating issue with dictation in the messages. Appreciate iPhone 2020. With the latest software, it will randomly repeat words, phrases, sometimes an entire sentence, regardless of whether I use the magic tap, which is what I typically use, or the dictation button. It doesn’t always happen, though. So I was going to call in about this last week, but it stopped happening and it started again. But it, like I said, doesn’t always happen. Makes no difference whether I’m texting an iPhone user Android. I tried turning dictation off and then turning it back on again, and I am stumped.

13:16.204 –> 14:07.062
So it doesn’t always work, but what it’s supposed to do, if it was working correctly, is that, let’s say you’re going to open up a text message and you go into the body of the message and you dictate whatever you want to say to the person, right. If it’s working correctly, what it’s supposed to do is allow you to dictate what it is that you want to say. And when you’re done dictating, it’s supposed to read back to you what you dictated to make sure that it is what you dictated, actually, before you send it. But it doesn’t always work that way. It does weird stuff sometimes that. Sometimes it works okay. Sometimes it doesn’t work okay. I don’t know. It’s just kind of a weird buggy thing. I’m not sure even there’s a way to fix it. So the only thing I could really suggest is reboot your phone every once in a while. Check.

14:07.118 –> 14:08.554
I do that all the time.

14:09.774 –> 14:30.334
I have the same issue. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it starts at a weird time or doesn’t do it at all. It’s just weird, kind of wonky thing. When it comes to dictating and Siri and that stuff, there’s not much we are able to do to resolve those problems or things that we have to wait for Apple to push out a fix for.

14:31.234 –> 15:04.420
Yeah. Because it’s. It does. I mean, I find I resort to Siri, which, you know, I would rather do it in the app. I do find now that you say that, that when it repeats back to me, that’s when it happens. When it doesn’t repeat back to me, you know, when I actually have to go in and read it for myself, then it’s fine. So I’ve noticed it starts to repeat back to me, and I. And I’ve had stuff, you know, six, seven times, which I obviously have only dictated it once, so. Right. So no other thoughts, you guys? That’s it. I got a lot of it.

15:04.492 –> 15:34.426
Go into your settings and go to messages or go to dictation and you might be able to turn off. I’m not sure if this is an option, but you could research into the settings and see if you can turn off that repeat back to you. If you can turn that off, then it would only repeat back to you if you want it to. So basically what you would do is dictate the whole thing out and when you were done, you place your finger on what you dictated and then it would read it back to you if you wanted it to. Otherwise it would just not read back to you.

15:34.490 –> 15:42.850
You could. Yeah, well, because that’s what I do usually, is that I just, you know, I’ll go to it and then I’ll read it. You know, I’ll just. I’ll read what I’ve, what I’ve dictated.

15:42.922 –> 15:51.481
So I’m curious, Judy, by chance, have you had a chance to check with Apple accessibility? Because I wonder if they’re aware of this and if they have a fixed.

15:51.481 –> 15:53.572
No, I haven’t, but I will.

15:53.708 –> 15:55.644
That would be my next move for sure.

15:55.804 –> 15:59.676
Okay. Yep. Yeah, we’ll do that. All right. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

15:59.700 –> 16:00.380
No problem.

16:00.532 –> 17:06.180
Before we go on to the next hand, I wanted to readdress Beth’s question. It looks like it could have potentially moved in NVDA 2024.1. So if you are running an older version of NVDA than the update that was last week, you would go into preferences, go to settings, go to sound, and then tab to change. And then in that change dialog is a audio ducking option that you can enable. It was not there in 2024.1. So if you shift tab back from the change button to the categories list and then down arrow here, go to audio. And then when you’re on audio, if you tab, there’s a option for audio output device. And then the second option is audio ducking mode. And you have a couple of options here. I think for your case, try the always duck option. And then, uh, once you’ve selected that tab to apply and then choose. Okay, so who do we got next?

17:06.212 –> 17:09.660
Sheila? Terry. Hey, Terry.

17:09.852 –> 17:14.504
Oh, and thanks to Jane, she just texted me it. So go ahead, Terry.

17:15.564 –> 17:18.844
Thank you. I hope I’m unmuted. You are.

17:18.884 –> 17:19.532
We can hear you.

17:19.588 –> 18:02.882
Oh, thank you. Okay, I have a general question about microphones to use with a pc to record. Not professional, very amateur music. I would like to be able to record singing a single voice singing. I would like to be able to record with a microphone, a guitar, probably not both at the same time, but I am so confused with condenser mics and the other kinds of mics. And my, when I look at all the options on Amazon, my head whirls and I have no idea what I should even be looking for. So any general advice would be wondrous.

18:03.058 –> 18:12.450
Okay, so a couple things. The first thing is, with your guitar, do you have a pickup on your guitar, like where you can plug it in, or is it just a straight.

18:12.482 –> 18:26.554
Up acoustic guitar and that I do have a pickup. My preference would be not to use it, only because, well, I never have used it, but I could probably do that too. So if you could address both, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

18:26.674 –> 19:26.342
Okay, if you’re going to use your guitar and you want to plug it into the computer, you will need a little device called an interface that you can plug into your pickup on your guitar, and then on the other side of that, it will plug into your computer. So depending on what kind of computer you have and what kind of ports you have, like regular USB a you can get on one end, or regular USB C, there’s a few different options. Okay. And, uh, what that will do is it will allow you to play your guitar and record yourself into the computer without picking up any other room noise or anything like that. It’s going to solely be your guitar. You could sit there and talk to somebody else while you’re playing and recording. A lot of people like that because then they can play and they can talk out loud or somebody else is in the room, you’re not having all the other room noise, conversations going on, you know, with your, while you’re playing the guitar.

19:26.438 –> 19:27.078

19:27.246 –> 20:08.150
For your needs, I would look at a thing that’s called irig, and basically it’s like a little tiny box, and they range from about $150 to $200. And basically what it does is it converts your con, it gives you the plug to plug into your guitar and then plug into the computer, and then allows you to play your guitar that way. That’s going to be the most easy, basic way to do that. I mean, they make a million other interfaces that have all kinds of buttons and gadgets and all kinds of stuff. If you don’t want any of that. No, you just want a super basic thing. That’s what you would want. You basically have two plugs and that’s all. Then you choose your recording software, which. There’s free stuff out there.

20:08.262 –> 20:11.980
Yeah, I, I tend to use. I have some that I use. Thank you.

20:12.132 –> 21:07.272
Right. And then the microphone thing is the same way. You can do one of two things. You can get a microphone that has both a USB or an XLR on the microphone itself. And that allows you to plug your microphone with USB directly into the computer and not have any other thing that you have to mess with, you know, an interface or anything like that. Or you can have an XLR into the interface and they make some really basic ones. But basically that allows you to get your microphone audio into your computer. And the only difference with that is the microphone is obviously wide open to you. So you are going to have to make sure that nobody else is around and that you have no other noises as best you can around you while you’re either talking or singing into the computer.

21:07.368 –> 21:23.728
Okay. XLR. Is that a. What is. Does XLR allow the mic only to send my voice into the computer? Is that the situation with XLR or what does XLR actually do? I’m sorry to be solid.

21:23.776 –> 21:42.232
No, no, no. An XLR, the only thing that it really does is it allows you to plug your microphone into an interface. So that’s basically what XLR does. And then all of the options would be on the interface that would control your microphone. So if you don’t want to mess with an interface.

21:42.328 –> 21:42.744

21:42.784 –> 21:50.640
Then you can get a microphone that either is only USB or it has USB and XLR so that down the line.

21:50.792 –> 21:51.480

21:51.592 –> 22:14.732
You can choose to plug that same microphone without spending more money, you know, right now say you don’t want to mess with an interface, you would take the microphone, plug it right into the computer. And if you decide I want to get an interface and try and expand what I’m doing a little more, then you do have that capability of having XLR as well on your microphone that will then allow you to plug it into what interface you decide to get later.

22:14.828 –> 22:22.500
You know, in choosing a microphone, what should I look for that would be good for vocal recording?

22:22.612 –> 22:59.900
So here’s what I would do in. In your case. Um, and probably in my case too, if I had to pick a new microphone. Um, there’s a company called Sweetwater. And what I would do is I’d reach out to Sweetwater. I specifically work with a gentleman named Tamir. And Tamir is very good at describing things to me and I would let him know, hey, I want to record acoustic guitar and I also want to record vocals. Here’s my budget. What microphones would you recommend and why? And I think if you start with here’s my budget, then that’ll let him know what ones to suggest, because I’m not as up on microphones as I know he would be.

23:00.012 –> 23:03.314
Thank you so very much for your answers and your time.

23:03.484 –> 23:04.502
Yeah, thank you, Terry.

23:04.558 –> 23:05.358
Good luck.

23:05.526 –> 23:17.478
Thank you. All right, phone number 301 ending in 877. Can you unmute and tell us who you are, please? Yes, hello, this is Nate from Maryland. Hey, Nate.

23:17.606 –> 23:18.794
Hey, Nate, how you doing?

23:19.454 –> 23:48.194
Doing well, thanks. Can I use voice control on an iPad to get pages with voiceover to advance or go back? What I’m trying to do is either put words to a song or chords on a page. And I know you could have presenter mode, but that goes at a set speed. If I get it wrong or miss something, I’d like to go back and voice control be used to do that.

23:48.894 –> 23:59.386
You should be able to. So I’m not sure exactly how you would set that up in keynote specifically or pages specifically, but is this specifically.

23:59.530 –> 24:01.774
For giving a presentation?

24:02.874 –> 24:24.314
No, it’s probably more for channel chords. And I have major seven on one page, and the next page will be b flat, minor six, and let’s say present. The mode might go too fast or too slow. After I do one, I just want to tell it next or if I miss it, go back.

24:25.134 –> 25:04.134
So I think you could. I would start by experimenting with that a little bit. I remember an app, and I’m trying to see if I can find the app, and I’m not finding it right away. So if I find it, Nate, I will mention it and let you know. But there was an app designed for this to where you can easily advance at whatever rate you need to. What I would try in your case, though, is open voice control, then open the tool you’re using that you need to be able to advance to, and then try saying something like next page, or move forward and see if that works for you.

25:04.514 –> 25:16.942
Yeah, I know there is an app, but I think there’s a pedal on the floor or there’s another app where you actually have to touch the page to advance or to move back. I prefer to keep my hands on the piano keyboard.

25:17.098 –> 25:22.342
Gotcha. Yeah. I’ll see if I can find the app and let you know what I can find out about it and we.

25:22.358 –> 25:27.554
Can go from there. Thanks so much, Lori.

25:28.094 –> 25:28.966
Hi, Lori.

25:29.110 –> 25:29.806
Hey, Lori.

25:29.910 –> 25:30.914
Hi, Sheila.

25:31.214 –> 26:21.962
Hi, guys. So my question is, when I go to the control center, there’s one feature I don’t use, but it keeps telling me that it’s selected and I want to unselect it, but when I do it turns voiceover off and that is not guided access. But what’s the other thing? Oh, accessibility shortcuts. And I must have used that feature one time, but now I don’t use it. So when I tried to deselect it, it turned voiceover totally off. And then I had to ask Siri to turn voiceover back on again, which really frustrated me. So what’s an alternative way I can or deselect accessibility shortcuts without turning voiceover off? Thank you.

26:22.098 –> 26:40.514
So let me ask you a question just to clarify. So we’re on the same page with this. When you said you deselected it, does that mean you opened control center? You found where it said accessibility shortcut and it said selected and you double tapped and then it just said accessibility but didn’t say shortcut. And voiceover stopped talking, correct?

26:41.174 –> 27:00.438
Not quite. You got three quarters of it right. I opened control center and I went to where it says accessibility shortcuts and I wanted to deselect it because it said it’s selected. But when I double tapped on that feature to deselect it, turn voiceover off.

27:00.606 –> 27:01.030

27:01.062 –> 28:23.652
So what I have done is I have just taken that whole accessibility shortcut out of my control center. So I don’t even see it. It doesn’t say selected or not selected. Um, it’s just not there. Uh, so if you go to your settings and then you go to control center, as Marty was explaining, at that point you’ll have two sections on your screen. The top half is the currently active icons in your control center and the bottom half is the icons you can add to your control center. If you double tap on an icon at the bottom, it’s going to move it up to the top and then it’s going to add it to your control center. So what I bet is happening is at the top of your screen in that section there under included controls heading, you’re going to see or hear the accessibility shortcut and it’s going to say remove accessibility shortcut. If you double tap on that, then that’s going to remove that toggle switch out of your control center. You can still use Siri to turn voiceover on and off and you can still press your home button or side button three times to turn voice over on or off. It just means that that will not show up in the control center when you open it up. So that’s where I was and see if that fixes it to the way that you expect it to.

28:23.828 –> 28:35.300
That, that scared me when that happened. All I wanted was to deselect it. Like I can do other things and I couldn’t do it with this. So, you know, that, that really scared me because I was like, no.

28:35.492 –> 28:35.868

28:35.916 –> 28:44.236
Because when something happens to my iPhone is going to be four years old in September of this year, and yet things still scare me when I use them. And that’s one of them.

28:44.340 –> 28:58.940
Yep. So, so I would go in there, Lori, go to your, again, go to settings, go to control center, and then in the top half find the accessibility shortcut. It’s going to say remove accessibility shortcut, double tap on that and that’ll just take that out of your control center.

28:58.972 –> 29:00.436
Okay. Okay.

29:00.500 –> 29:01.044
That’s great.

29:01.124 –> 29:01.796
Thanks, Marty.

29:01.860 –> 29:03.148
Thanks. Thanks for your question.

29:03.196 –> 29:04.772
Have a great day. What do we got next?

29:04.828 –> 29:15.404
You do a jump in real quick. For the people who weren’t here at the very beginning, the tech question of the day is if you could invent any tech gadgets, what would it be and why, if anyone wants to jump in.

29:15.944 –> 29:17.284
All right. Matthew.

29:17.584 –> 29:18.684
Hey, Matthew.

29:19.184 –> 29:19.584

29:19.624 –> 29:21.568
Hey, how you guys doing?

29:21.736 –> 29:23.884
Good, how are you? Good.

29:25.144 –> 30:20.954
My question has to do with, and I’m just kind of curious because I’ve been tinkering with it in outlook, outlook 365. I have my messages, at least in a couple of accounts, I have my messages sorted by subject, which I find much, much easier than going by question has to do with, and this is what I find is that when I expand the group, their group by subject, not by date, but they’re group by subject. And if I want to, when I expand the group and go into the list of messages in that group, is there a way to change it so that the oldest message in that group is first rather than the newest one? I haven’t found it, but maybe I’m missing something. So I’m just curious if that’s even possible.

30:21.454 –> 30:38.014
So I want to understand this or make sure that I understand correctly. In the email inbox or email mailbox that you’re in, your messages are sorted by subject line, not by date, correct?

30:38.434 –> 30:39.138

30:39.266 –> 30:42.090
And then when you come to a to z.

30:42.162 –> 31:07.664
So I have it, you know, not that that matters, but I have it sorted so that they’re alphabetized, obviously, so they’re by subject, but I haven’t. But when I expand that thread or group, the first message in there is a message that’s like, say I have like 30 messages in a group, but they’re, the oldest message is first. Is there a way to reverse that?

31:08.004 –> 31:10.004
Oh, so the oldest message is first.

31:10.044 –> 31:13.492
When you, I mean the newest message, I’m sorry okay.

31:13.548 –> 31:21.824
Okay. Gotcha. I think there would be, um. I’m good. I again, will look if I do.

31:22.284 –> 31:31.044
So this is just sorting how you want your mail sorted, whether you have the newest at the top or the oldest at the top kind of a thing. Is that what you’re within the group?

31:31.124 –> 31:52.148
Yes. So, like, I have the group, the message is grouped. So grouping is on and by. And the group is sorted by subject. And then within that group they’re sorted, I assume by date, but I’m not. It looks like they’re oldest. Oldest to newest. I mean. Sorry, newest to oldest.

31:52.276 –> 32:16.528
So I think I just figured it out. If you go up to your view menu and then you tab to the arrangement sub menu. If you tab once, there’s an option that says reverse sort and mine is currently not checked. If you check that, I wonder if that will give you the experience you’re looking for or if that will reverse sort all of the subject lines.

32:16.576 –> 32:27.112
Reverse the sorts. I checked that. It was reverse sort that reversed it. So I had them a to z and then when I reversed it, it went z to a. Yeah, those are the groups.

32:27.208 –> 32:28.484
I just did that.

32:30.594 –> 32:48.734
It’s within the group that I’m looking just to sort within the group so that the oldest message is first. Well, I make it easier because I might have a group where there’s like 50 messages and I’m trying to then go down to the bottom and that group and then work my way up. It’s a pain.

32:49.114 –> 32:57.744
I do not have an immediate answer for you, but if someone else does, please feel free to chime in. Would be interesting.

32:58.404 –> 33:03.484
I’ve been tinkering with that off and on for a while and somebody will figure it. But thank you very much.

33:03.604 –> 33:04.188
No worries.

33:04.276 –> 33:05.064
No problem.

33:05.444 –> 33:06.532
Go ahead, Marie.

33:06.668 –> 33:23.588
Yeah, I believe most of the time you can, you can sort it by subject and then if you tab over, you can also say sort sending. And I think that will change the sort on date and put the oldest at the top, which is the way I like it. That’s why I like to read my email.

33:23.636 –> 33:24.620
Ascending, right?

33:24.772 –> 33:38.544
Yes, ascending puts the oldest at the top because that’s the first message in the thread. So you see it’s ascending down to the, from the oldest one, which was the first one, to the newest, which is the last one.

33:39.084 –> 33:50.300
So where are. So I see what you’re saying. So you perform the sort messages and then you tab once to sort ascending, correct?

33:50.412 –> 33:58.048
I believe so, yes. What I’m, I didn’t, I was a little bit late getting in on this. What, what program is he using?

33:58.176 –> 34:04.504
So he’s using outlook. And he has his messages currently sorted by subject, not by date.

34:04.584 –> 34:04.896

34:04.960 –> 34:12.168
However, when he opens the thread of a conversation, he wants that to be sorted by the reverse chronological.

34:12.216 –> 34:23.524
Exactly. And I have some of my groups IO lists and done the same thing. And I sort by subject first and then you can a click over and sort ascending. And it should, it should do what he wants.

34:23.824 –> 34:32.284
Thank you very much for that. I didn’t even think about sorting my subject or my inbox by subject. So thank you, guys. I’m going to have to play with this.

34:34.584 –> 34:36.472
I knew somebody would figure that out.

34:36.568 –> 34:38.656
Yeah. Thank you, Marie.

34:38.800 –> 34:39.964
You’re quite welcome.

34:41.144 –> 34:44.320
All right, we’ve got Brad in clubhouse. Hey, Brad.

34:44.432 –> 34:48.056
Yes, we have Jane on stage. Jane, go ahead. Hey, Jane.

34:48.120 –> 34:49.124
Hey, Jane.

34:51.643 –> 35:47.798
Oh, there’s a great resource for windows users if you’re looking to install programs such as VLC media player and you’re tired of going to the individual websites, which sometimes I do, there used to be a site and I think it’s still available, called nightlight.com, ninite.com, where you can, there are checkboxes. And there goes my Mac. You can, okay, you can check the checkboxes and get the installers, bulk installers if you want it from there. I wish the Mac had a similar thing, but it is kind of neat. Perfect.

35:47.846 –> 36:08.258
Jane. Nanite is a great tool on Windows and it is still around and it’s really easy. And then you can copy that executable file that you download to a thumb drive so you don’t even really have to go back there and it’ll do it automatically. Jane, play with homebrew on the Mac and that might help you. Sheila, do we have another hand?

36:08.446 –> 36:13.266
Marie? Hey, Marie. Okay, this time I have a question.

36:13.450 –> 36:14.098

36:14.186 –> 36:14.578
All right.

36:14.626 –> 37:06.334
And it’s also about Outlook. I have quite, I have several different emails accounts and they’re all on the outlook. But I have a scribbles live account, which is an, which is an Outlook Microsoft account. And of course, Outlook is Microsoft. Recently messages in my inbox, old messages that I’ve left there. I didn’t put them in the archive folder, I just left them in there. But they’re ones that I wanted to keep there because a lot of times they have links to something I go to often. And that thing recently in Outlook, those messages are not showing up in my inbox. They’re just like gone. They’re not in my trash folder, they’re not in archives. However, I am running, I’ve got Thunderbird portable. When I go into Thunderbird and go into that same account, they’re all in the inbox.

37:06.834 –> 37:31.242
Well, one suggestion I would make is let’s say you have a few emails that have zoom links to things that you use all the time. I would make a Zoom folder and I would move those things into the zoom folder. That way they’ll stay there without the inbox thinking they automatically need to. Oh, these have been here too long. So we’re going to move them somewhere or we’re going to archive them or whatever. If you move them into a folder.

37:31.418 –> 37:50.010
I’ve never had an email client ever decide to delete anything out of my inbox unless I did meet it, delete it myself. And yes, I can move them to another folder, but the point is they’re actually there. If I can see them in the Thunderbird client but not in outlook, that doesn’t make any sense.

37:50.162 –> 37:58.618
By chance, and I presume because you just taught me something with Outlook, you’ve already looked at this, but is it filtered to only show unread messages?

37:58.706 –> 38:04.434
No, that’s got filter to show all messages. I checked that. That’s one of the first things I did.

38:04.554 –> 38:06.854
And do you group your messages by date?

38:08.394 –> 38:09.174

38:09.634 –> 38:13.530
If you disable grouping by date, do the messages show up?

38:13.602 –> 38:16.658
I don’t group by date. I sort by date.

38:16.706 –> 38:21.146
Yeah, you sort by date, but you don’t have the option to where they can group by date and.

38:21.210 –> 38:22.614
No. Okay.

38:23.594 –> 38:25.138
That’s a strange one.

38:25.306 –> 38:30.020
It’s really, I may have to call Microsoft accessibility because this is really weird.

38:30.162 –> 38:57.552
Go ahead. Yeah, I can’t remember where it is, but in your outlook settings, open outlook settings, go to mail and then tab through all those settings. There’s a slider and it will ask you, I can’t remember how it’s labeled, but basically how much time back do you want messages to be displayed? That’s why Marie sees them when she goes in another client.

38:57.648 –> 38:58.168

38:58.216 –> 39:18.394
And you want to take that slider. And I, like I said, move it to 100%. Move it to forever. Always, always show them. I think by default it sets something like 50%, 80% after a certain amount of time. Messages that are old, certain amount old just aren’t shown.

39:18.514 –> 39:19.730
They’re still there.

39:19.922 –> 39:22.854
Yeah, I know they’re there because we’re showing up.

39:24.554 –> 39:28.930
It’s set to show you only a certain amount.

39:28.962 –> 39:29.842
So I got it.

39:29.858 –> 39:36.762
Cut through your mail settings and you will find it and move it to maximum whatever it’s, however it’s labeled.

39:36.898 –> 39:38.346
Fantastic. Thank you.

39:38.370 –> 39:51.306
Brian, is something. Maybe when you talk to Microsoft, if you do, to say, hey, you know, we don’t want our inbox to do anything other than keep our mail in, so please leave our settings to do nothing unless we ask it to.

39:51.410 –> 40:03.784
It’s not like I had a ton of them. There’s like, you know, seven or eight messages that I’ve kept there for ages and all of a sudden it started deleting them. And it wasn’t doing it before, but thank you, Brad.

40:04.124 –> 40:05.144
Thanks, Brad.

40:05.764 –> 40:10.004
All right, Alice, thank you.

40:10.124 –> 40:57.674
And I have a question. With my desktop computer with Jaws yesterday, I was trying to print a document and I had just had someone assist me with changing the cartridges of ink in March, and already I’m receiving the message that I need more ink and I don’t even get the option anymore of using, you know, other colors to mix temporarily, anything like that. It just would not print. So that’s one question that will go along with the next. Do you recommend a certain printer or type of printer? Mine will be three years old only in June.

40:58.614 –> 41:05.926
So there’s many options for printers out there. Are you just strictly using it for documents or are you wanting to print photos and things like that?

41:05.950 –> 41:08.554
No, no, just personal documents.

41:09.174 –> 41:54.054
Well, I would recommend looking for a black and white laser printer, the a toner in those last way, way longer than an inkjet printer. You get just tons and tons of prints that way. And they range, I would say $150 to, you know, for a black and white one to about $200. I mean, of course you can go way up from there, but for what your needs are, you can get away with a black and white laser printer within that price range. The only other thing I would suggest is if you’re going to print from other devices besides your computer, make sure that you get one that will allow it to go on the network so that you can print like from your device, maybe your phone or your tablet.

41:55.794 –> 42:19.188
I’m currently just printing from the pc, but I just have trouble with the, you know, changing the cartridge myself and that sort of thing. I’m really looking for one for ease of use or the sighted person who assists me can easily take care of the change of whatever kind of ink it has, so.

42:19.316 –> 43:09.870
Right. Well, for example, on a black and white laser printer, you put it in there. It’s going to be in there for a long time because you get a ton of copies, more than you’ll ever think that you would need to print. It lasts a really long time and it’s only the one when you get an inkjet printer, then you’ve got to do the black ink, and you’ve got to do the color ink. And different, depending on the manufacturer, it could be a little different depending on, you know, what way you go. And if you’re not needing to print color, you’re going to save a lot of money because those inkjet cartridges tend to run after you replace them, you know, once or twice. So you’ve paid equally for what the printer costs itself. So the laser printer will last you way, way longer than an inkjet will if you’re just doing black and white documents. And that’s the only need you have for it.

43:10.032 –> 43:16.734
Do you have any idea why I’d be getting that message when I’ve printed very little in the past month?

43:17.234 –> 43:18.914
How often do you use your printer?

43:19.034 –> 43:24.854
That’s what I’m saying this within, since we put in the new black cartridges, I’ve used very little.

43:25.434 –> 43:49.244
Yeah, you have to continue to use them. If you just let it sit for a long period of time, then the ink gets weird and it kind of dries up and it makes it hard to print. And then what happens is you’ll get an error saying, you know, that the ink is low because it’s drying out or it’s just not being used. It’s not moving inside of there. So is wonky when that happens.

43:49.404 –> 43:50.380
Pardon me.

43:50.532 –> 43:53.504
Is the rule of thumb using it once a week enough?

43:54.244 –> 43:56.044
Yeah, that should be fine.

43:56.204 –> 43:56.804

43:56.884 –> 43:59.212
Thank you so much. Have a good day.

43:59.348 –> 44:00.184
You too.

44:00.964 –> 44:07.674
All right. You don’t have any new hands, so. Jeff. Hey, Jeff. Hey, Jeff.

44:09.374 –> 45:51.232
I don’t know, it seems like this maybe started with 17.4, maybe 4.1. I like having my weather widget in the top left position, so the focus goes to weather. And since maybe 17.4, or like I said, 17, that weather widget is continually asking me for location permission. And so what I’ve had to do is I’ll tap on the widget, and then that brings up the, you know, like a, it’s not the right term, but a dialog box in which I can now not choose. Always I can, like, the most I can select is use while the app is open. So I select that swipe up to go back to the home screen, and then after that, after weather closes, or, you know, after I’ve gone back to the home screen, then I get a secondary pop up that asks for permission for the widget, and I allow that. Then I go into settings, and then I think it’s privacy, security, and then location services, and then I select weather again and then select always. And you would think that would take care of it. But it, like every. You know, there’s no rhyme or reason to how often it’s asking me to give weather location services just on a.

45:51.248 –> 46:03.724
Whim, because you mentioned one place. But in settings under weather where location is, does that reflect your always selection under your location and privacy? Weather selection?

46:05.104 –> 46:10.976
I mean, I don’t want to hang you guys up, and because, you know, my navigation skills aren’t nearly where they.

46:11.120 –> 46:36.680
Should be, no worries. But that’s where I would look. If that. If that is an issue, it might be worth googling to see if other people are having that specific problem. I noticed that for a little bit. I haven’t noticed it requesting my location recently either. And like you, I have my weather widget on the top left corner of my first screen as well, Michael, because.

46:36.752 –> 46:40.324
I want you to experience the same frustration I am.

46:41.304 –> 47:30.820
I actually am experiencing the same. I have the same issue. Not necessarily with weather, but if there are apps that do require location data, every so often I’m getting a random pop up that says, this item is using location data. It’s checked. You know, it’s used location data this many times. Do you still want this app to use location data? And even though I say always, because it gives you the option to be able to do always or only when you use the app, or not at all, whichever option it gives you, if it’s an app that I use all the time, that I need it to be doing the location services, even though I pick always, it’ll still come back, you know, a few days later and say, do you still want to use this? You know what I mean? And I don’t know how to resolve it. It happens with random, different apps, and so it’s kind of a weird, wonky thing.

47:30.932 –> 47:37.024
Okay, well, I thank you for saying that, Marty. Now, I’m not as irritated as Michael that he’s experiencing.

47:38.204 –> 47:51.644
This is what we call an intermittent issue, and that means sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. And, of course, when you take it into the car mechanic and say, hey, here’s my issue, or your computer into the computer store, hey, here’s my issue. And while they’re there, nothing happens.

47:51.684 –> 47:52.028

47:52.116 –> 47:57.300
Hey, they tell you everything is perfect, and don’t worry, just take it home and use it. And then, of course, you have the problems again.

47:57.372 –> 48:03.788
So, yeah, it’s, again, more of an annoyance. But, I mean, yeah.

48:03.956 –> 48:05.544
So, yeah, thank you.

48:06.004 –> 48:06.904
No problem.

48:07.844 –> 48:09.252
Got about ten minutes.

48:09.388 –> 48:39.124
That’s what I just started to say. Rustoria, on the question about the email, if I’m on my phone, my emails will go so many, so far back, older, but if you go to your computer, they’re still there. Even under outlook they will display even some you forgot you had.

48:40.784 –> 48:47.484
That’s the thing about email. Sometimes it doesn’t go away. Sometimes it all goes away. It’s just your luck.

48:48.204 –> 49:02.864
But I was wondering if anyone’s having any problems with their iPad, with my outlook receiving their messages. It was all right until I got the last update.

49:03.564 –> 49:36.484
There is on your iPad on the top right corner or, I’m sorry, on the top left corner there’s a button called focus and I don’t know why Outlook does this, but you have to click that focus button because sometimes outlook will put your emails in the regular inbox and other times it decides that it needs to go into the focus inbox. So I would click on that focus button and see if the emails that are not just arriving in your inbox are going into that focus button.

49:36.984 –> 49:38.392
On your iPad.

49:38.568 –> 49:42.672
On your iPad. On the top left corner there’s going to be a button called focus and.

49:42.688 –> 49:55.822
If you do see them then you can go look in the settings or come back and let us know and we can tell you where to go and you can disable focus mode for inboxes. And if that fixes it, then that’ll solve your problem.

49:55.998 –> 49:57.158
Okay, thanks.

49:57.326 –> 49:57.886
Yep, no problem.

49:57.910 –> 49:58.634
No worries.

49:59.254 –> 50:15.234
Nora. Hey, Nora. Hello. I just want to answer one question. Every day is I would invent something that would have a special microwave that would not be over Internet but still would talk to you.

50:16.374 –> 50:18.310
A microwave that would talk to you.

50:18.502 –> 50:28.190
Yeah. Any one of a kitchen appliances like a microwave that would talk to you instead of, instead of using bump dots and things like that.

50:28.382 –> 50:48.014
Funny enough, there actually is a microwave that talks to you. I believe it’s like an Amazon, I want to say it’s an Amazon basics microwave that you can use through the a lady and tell it to do whatever commands. I don’t personally have one or never used one. I don’t know how well it works, but it does exist.

50:48.754 –> 50:57.694
Or thinking about invention, something like a regular, conventional oven that would be talked. That would talk to you.

50:58.074 –> 50:58.730
That would be cool.

50:58.762 –> 50:59.330
There you go.

50:59.402 –> 51:00.614
Yep. Yeah.

51:01.994 –> 51:05.492
You could just tell it what temperature you want it to be on. It would just put it there.

51:05.658 –> 51:06.924
Yep. That’s right.

51:07.304 –> 51:08.524
That’s a good one.

51:09.024 –> 51:48.450
Thank you. Thank you, Teresa. Hey, Teresa. Okay. I might be like Nora here, but is there if I could invent something, I don’t know if it already exists, a device that could, you know, you could have braille output but you would also have read the audiobook from Bard on the same device at the same, let’s say if I wanted to read a braille book I could, but if I wanted to read something in audio I could do that too. And I could switch over and listen to an audiobook. Gotcha.

51:48.482 –> 51:53.494
So you want to be able to get NLS content, both braille and audio, on the same device.

51:54.034 –> 52:07.462
Right. Instead of having to have a e reader, a braille display for your braille and then a stream or something smart device, smartphone or whatever for your audiobook.

52:07.598 –> 52:16.274
There may already be a device out there that does that, but that’s a great suggestion there, Teresa. And definitely if something comes up we’ll be sure to let someone know.

52:17.094 –> 52:18.174
Well, thank you.

52:18.294 –> 52:20.114
Thank you Teresa. Appreciate it.

52:20.574 –> 52:26.450
Having get all this equipment, we could do everything on one device and then.

52:26.482 –> 52:36.786
You would only have to learn one interface to navigate and you’d know how to navigate the audio portion and how to navigate the braille books too if it’s the same commands, right?

52:36.970 –> 52:37.762

52:37.938 –> 52:40.146
So thank you, Teresa. I appreciate it.

52:40.330 –> 52:44.178
You’re welcome. Thank you. We’ve got one last hand. Beth.

52:44.346 –> 52:45.414
Hey, Beth.

52:45.954 –> 53:26.554
Oh, hey, yeah, I have a um, question before the question that the day I think I would invent something that like um, you know you get in like a regular car, you know, the car that you put this gadget like it’s kind of like a lady. Oh, like you have to know. Like it will, it was, you could say I’m going to and then this address like it will ask you where do you want to go today? And like you can say I’m going to this address and, and it will take you right there.

53:27.134 –> 53:28.454
That would be awesome.

53:28.614 –> 53:47.278
And it will say to get out or to, you know, you know, just say if I’m going to the mall or whatever they, it would say you go out and go to the front of the car or the back of the car. Yeah. That’d be cool. Yep.

53:47.326 –> 53:52.634
Solves that last 10ft problem to tell you where to go. So that would be, that would be awesome.

53:52.974 –> 54:15.712
Yeah. And my question is like I read on seeing AI, I guess now you can like it will tell you what’s in a room. Like how when they said teacher device to know what, you know, objects you have like you can use Siri, I didn’t understand what they meant by that.

54:15.888 –> 55:05.284
There’s an app so when you open it up there’s a tab, a new tab. And you hit that tab. And then let’s say you’re staying in a hotel and you’ve never been in that room before. You could open up the door and then stand right at the door and point your camera straight ahead of you and will do the best it can to understand and describe to you what is in that room. So it’ll say there is a table with a light on the right side, and the tv is straight ahead of you and the bed is on the left side. And it’ll try and explain and give you as much detail as possible, whatever you’re pointing the camera at. So if it’s a room, it’ll try and describe the room. If it’s something else, like a couch or whatever you point your camera at, it’ll try and describe it to you and give as much information to you as possible.

55:06.044 –> 55:12.372
Okay. Like, like, it would automatically know it’s a couch. And, like, that’s pretty cool.

55:12.428 –> 55:27.744
Like, you, you should try it in your house and just stand by a door and point your camera straight out in front of you and have it described to you and see how accurate it is in, in a room that you know what everything is and see how well it describes to you what’s. What’s there.

55:28.204 –> 56:19.508
Okay. This. Marie. Hey, Marie, can I interrupt just a minute? There is a brand new feature on seeing a I that will let you take a certain object, like in your house. So the sofa and you, I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know exactly how it works, but you actually, you go to the sofa, I think you take a picture of it, or you just point the camera at it, and then at another time, and, or maybe you’re in a strange place at another time, you can use that feature, and it will actually give you directions to get to that object. Oh, no kidding? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. That’s a brand new feature on seeing AI, and I haven’t experimented with it yet, so. Oh, wow. Yeah, it’s perfect. Guys, you got three minutes. All right. Go ahead and wrap it up, Marty.

56:19.676 –> 56:43.714
All right. Thanks, everyone. And as always, thank you, Sheila and Brad, for all you do. We love having you here, helping us out. To everyone else, thanks for coming. If you have any questions or comments or anything you want to reach out to us about, you can reach us at feedback at unmute show and for all the things we have going on, you can check our website, which is unmute show. And everyone have a great week, and we’ll see you next time.

56:44.054 –> 56:44.614
Thank you.