Unmute Presents Community Replay from 28 May

In our Unmute community call, we covered a range of topics from favorite podcasts to troubleshooting tech issues.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s Unmute Presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. A couple announcements here at the top. As usual, want to remind everyone we’re going to take all first questions, and if we have time, then we will take second questions. We want to just make sure everyone’s considerate and respectful and get your question answered in the same way that you would want your question answered. And remember, there’s no dumb questions. The question of the day today is what is your favorite podcast and how do you listen? So if you listen on your iPhone, what app do you use or on your computer or any of those? So what is your favorite podcast and how do you listen? And today we have Michael Doyce with us. Hey, Michael, how’s it going?

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Hey, Marty. It’s good to be back. There’s been a lot of stuff going on and a lot of great technology news and things like that. I did an unboxing on the Ia cast of the iPad Pro and I think that went off really well. And we’re just still putting out new content and it’s really cool stuff. My favorite podcast, other than my own, obviously has to be technically working. And I’ve been listening, thanks to Michael in the Castro app. I’m really enjoying that app. I reached out to them to ask about an iPad version, and they are working on that. So I’m really excited to hear that. So I want to thank Michael for the recommendation. And hopefully the wind won’t blow down the trees outside. It’s getting kind of crazy over here, but that’s what’s been going on lately. So I’ll hand it back to you guys.

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Thanks, Michael. Really quick, I wanted to know if you can let people know how they can stream the content.

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Sure. So we have the iaccessibility app with the Iacast radio, which is still being updated. We have the IACast podcast, and we also have the IAcast network, which we’re working on getting back up to a more automated way so we get more content back into that feed. All of those things are in the works.

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Great, Michael, thank you so much. And as usual, we have Michael Babcock. How’s it going, Michael?

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It’s going great, Marty. So technically working. Michael I will send that. I’ll pay that bill here in the near future, so appreciate that. Shout out now. Technically working. Yesterday, we published a episode called all about BEP or the Blind Enterprise program. And what Dimasi has been going through with that, some of the challenges he’s been facing and what his future plans are. So if you’re like, well, what’s the most. If you’ve heard about this and you’ve listened to the show, you’re wondering kind of like what I was, what happens after? I think it’s the 21 June. Go give that a listen. Pretty interesting show. And then on Sunday, we published an episode called oh, and I just lost it. So. Oh, the digital Bites episode. So on on Sunday, we published digital bytes, and that was Marty, Chris and myself talking about eleven Labs, a new app on iOS. If you need to have stuff read to you might be worth checking out. Marty showed you how to share contacts, and Chris shared a six in one multi charging cable that was available if you needed, uh, one of those. So give that a listen. Saturday, I decided to share a piece of content that we shared with club unmute members, uh, related to how to edit and publish the Shell phone show, a podcast, um, that you guys hear us talk about it sometimes. I, uh, recorded myself in Reaper using the tool to edit the shell phone show episode. So that is available on Saturday. And then Marcy shared a quick way to find spelling errors, alt shift l, and how to quickly check for spelling errors using jaws. And then, of course, we have the shell phone show last week, which was me showing you how to reset your or format your micro sd card. And of course, I edited that on Saturday show. So thanks for getting through all of that with Sheila. Who do we got first?

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Hey, Mitch.

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Hey, Mitch, how you doing?

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So I got a question for Babcock and the other mike. I noticed Diane’s blind shell feed is sitting there not being updated.

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Okay. So I suspect your question, because that was a statement, is what’s going on with that? And to the best of my knowledge, I will right now, there’s no content that’s being updated. I will see if I can get that content from media so we can get that published, because that is what we’re waiting on. And what was your other question there, Mitch?

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Now the other might your icast network, how do people find that? So if you are in a podcast app, you can search for iacast. So I a cast space network, and that should be able to find it with a third edition Victor reader that I’m not sure. I haven’t. I do not have one, so I’m not sure on that. Okay, thanks.

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You should be able to, because I know you can find it on the blind shell. So I would. I would check and let us know if you can’t find it, and we’ll figure out how to make that happen.

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Okay. I’ll let you know before we log out of here.

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All right, Pam. Okay, I’m going to. I’m doing well. I’m going to answer the question of the day, which is, what’s my favorite podcast? Well, you know, there are only a gazillion of them that I actually follow. I never get totally caught up because I do follow a bunch of them, but probably the one that I regularly listen to every night when I crawl in bed is called get sleepy. And it does, in fact, help you fall asleep, even if whether or not you normally have difficulty falling asleep.

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That’s great, man.

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And I get it. And I get it on Apple podcasts.

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Is that the podcast app of choice for you to listen?

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Yes. Yes, that’s my app of choice. And it’s where I also listen to a lot of the ACV apps. And this might answer Mitch’s question about the blind shell, which I do not have one. But going through the ACV schedule, there was not a blind shell 101 call yesterday, and I assume it’s because yesterday was a holiday and I don’t remember whether there was one last week since I. I don’t go on that call since I don’t have a blind shell. So maybe that will help a little bit there. The reason it didn’t update was there was. Wasn’t one yesterday on ACB community. So that’s all I have to offer today.

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Thanks, Pam. Have a great day, at least for now.

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Thank you, Beth.

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Hey, Beth.

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Hey, Beth. How you doing?

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No, Jeff.

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Oh, Jeff.

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Hi. Oh, me? Okay.

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Yeah, Beth, hold on 1 second. I believe she said Jeff. I missed.

08:37.474 –> 08:38.174
I did.

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Sorry, one sec. Go ahead.

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Come back around to you. Sorry, Beth.

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Hi, Marty.

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And both Michaels. Hey, how you doing? Great. Too many podcasts to be able to choose one, but digital bytes way up there. And I use downcast. Downcast. I think it also does video, is that correct? Do you know, it probably does, but I’m not too interested in video. Cool. All right, well, awesome. Did you have a question on top of that? I do. So I’ve been using PI quite a bit, and my current phone is a twelve pro max, so I don’t have the nifty little action, the physical action button that a 15 does. And I would be interested if Michael or somebody else could do a podcast on how to maybe create a shortcut to use PI. Like, maybe you could always go in and set up the back tap on that phone to open that app. You have a double tap and a triple tap for the back tap function. Yeah, I mean, I just use the side button to say open PI. But I was thinking, like, maybe a shortcut to get directly into, ask a question. I don’t even know if that’s possible yet.

10:16.450 –> 10:38.002
It actually is. And if you go into the settings of PI, I think you might have to enable it. But that’s great idea for piece of content. I have it set up right now so I can say, chat with PI, and then that plays the start call sound, and then you can just start talking at that point to PI. Go ahead, Michael.

10:38.138 –> 11:04.144
So you don’t have to even really do much with PI. I haven’t done much with it on my phone. And that shortcut is already in the shortcuts app, that action. And so all you’d have to do is just create a shortcut, add that shortcut to the action button, or even a back tap on, on your phone. Or like Marty said, use Siri, chat with PI. And that’s as simple as it is. That’s all you’d have to do.

11:04.684 –> 11:21.226
But, but appreciate the piece, the suggestion for piece of content, because maybe I’ll do that on a digital by and walk you through that, because the shortcuts app can be slightly intimidating if you haven’t done anything in there, even if it’s just adding one action. So appreciate that, Jeff. Yeah, there was a little.

11:21.330 –> 11:33.362
And sorry for both of them, Michael. So Doyce, is it go to the, look for that action for PI in the shortcuts app?

11:33.418 –> 11:34.130
Is that.

11:34.282 –> 11:35.834
Just make sure I have that right.

11:35.954 –> 11:51.596
All I did was go to the shortcuts app, go to new shortcut, and then there’s a search for actions area there where you type in, you know, what action you want to add. And I just typed PI. And then the first action that came up was chat with PI.

11:51.740 –> 11:52.380

11:52.532 –> 12:16.516
Double tap on that. And then you can name your shortcut whatever you want, and then you can trigger it with your voice and, or go into your gestures and voiceover, and you could assign a custom gesture to trigger that shortcut as well. So even though you don’t have a button, you could do like a four finger single tap or something like that. And that would activate it. Yep. Excellent.

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Thank you.

12:17.500 –> 12:18.372
All so much.

12:18.508 –> 12:19.948
Yep. Thank you, Michael.

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Well, we have somebody in clubhouse. We have Diane.

12:24.804 –> 12:25.904
Hey, Diane.

12:26.284 –> 12:28.436
There we go. I think you can hear me, right?

12:28.540 –> 12:30.860
Yep. We can hear you. Hi, Diane. How are you?

12:31.052 –> 12:32.412
I’m good. How are you?

12:32.508 –> 12:33.144

12:34.644 –> 13:09.874
Yep. I’m finally getting comfortable with club deck on my Mac. Anyway, I have a question. My Mac is doing something rather annoying in that every time I get an email, and I think this is coming through notifications, somehow the email starts reading through my headset, you know, when I’m trying to listen to something else. And so I’m wondering how I can go about turning that off, if it’s possible.

13:10.454 –> 13:15.510
Is that like a notification? Is what’s happening every time you get a new email or something like that?

13:15.662 –> 13:17.262
I think so, yes.

13:17.438 –> 13:33.514
You could go into apple, then go to settings, then go to notifications, then scroll down to mail, and then you can turn. There’s some options there, and you can choose what you want it to do and what you not want it to do, and you can turn that off.

13:34.094 –> 13:39.374
Okay. I will see if I can find it. I wasn’t finding it before, but I will look again. Thank you.

13:39.414 –> 14:06.562
The other thing you can do is also set up a focus mode so that it doesn’t, you know, so it works sometimes. Like, if you’re just doing your own thing and you’re not in a Zoom call or anything like that, and then when you don’t want it to do it, you can enable your, uh, focus mode, and then it will not do it during a call. And when you turn off the focus mode, it puts it back. So, I mean, there are some ways to get around it and figure out what would work best for you. But if you just want to kill it, go into notifications and turn it off there.

14:06.618 –> 14:13.074
Yeah, I just like to kill it because I don’t like to go through them until I’m actually ready to read them.

14:13.534 –> 14:16.486
Yeah. I would just go into notifications then and do it there.

14:16.670 –> 14:18.494
Okay. All right. Thank you.

14:18.574 –> 14:19.274

14:19.654 –> 14:21.754
All right, now we’ll get. Beth.

14:22.414 –> 14:25.038
Hey, Beth. How you doing? Sorry about the little mix up there.

14:25.126 –> 15:46.224
Hi. They sound the same. Yeah. I was ticked off with my phone last weekend. I see it when I was playing the game. It was that blindfold word search. Wanted to get back to the main menu. It said, play another round, maybe it was another game, but I tried to shut it down. The phone went shut down until maybe a few times of swiping it with up with three fingers, and then it would freeze some of the time or not. Like, I think I wanted to power off the, like, set it down and it wouldn’t always do that or it would lose speech. When I was doing something and I would try to power it off and it would do that, but then I tried to power it on to continue what I was doing and it lost speech again. So I. Now, for now it seems to be fine, but I’m wondering, does that just happen in weather? Because I know we been getting a lot of wind and sometimes it’s strong. So I don’t know.

15:46.564 –> 16:03.604
So if I’m understanding correct, Beth, and I just want to make sure that I’m hearing what you’re saying. When you’re using the blindfold games and you try to power your phone off and then you power it back on, you sometimes lose speech. Is that correct?

16:05.384 –> 16:28.176
It’s not only the blindfold games. And it happens before I see I powered off because I shut it down. Yeah, yeah. It could be YouTube, it could be whatever else I’m doing. I lose speech, so I power off and it says double tap to power off. It says that. So I don’t know why, but when.

16:28.200 –> 16:32.008
You double tap to power off, you’re going to lose speech because your phone turns off.

16:32.096 –> 16:37.480
Well, well, yeah, but I mean before. Before I want to power it off.

16:37.672 –> 16:38.524
I see.

16:39.024 –> 16:39.616

16:39.720 –> 16:52.044
So here’s what I typically do when I lose speech because that does happen and I think I’m better understanding now instead of powering your phone all the way off. Remind me, are you using an iPhone se?

16:52.484 –> 16:56.020
I mean, I’m using iPhone 13 mini.

16:56.132 –> 17:14.516
Perfect. So that side button on the right edge of the phone, what you want to do when you lose speeches, triple click that. So press that side button three times fairly quickly. That should say voiceover off and then wait about 1015 seconds and then triple click it again. And that should bring voiceover back on for you.

17:14.700 –> 17:19.388
Yeah, I don’t think it did that though, this time. I don’t know.

17:19.516 –> 17:34.224
So try that again, see if it works. And if it comes on and says voiceover on, speech off, because sometimes that’ll happen, then what you need to do is use three fingers and double tap on the screen to toggle your speech back on.

17:34.524 –> 17:36.092
Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

17:36.148 –> 17:39.460
Yep. So give that a try and hopefully that’ll help you get your speech back.

17:39.492 –> 17:46.544
Okay, Beth, and how do you restart it? Because I know how to shut it down, but I don’t see a restart.

17:47.884 –> 17:57.304
You can invoke Siri and say, restart my device, and then she’ll confirm that with you and then say yes, and then it will restart for you.

17:57.804 –> 17:58.744

17:59.564 –> 18:31.990
Thank you, Beth. I appreciate it. And also, I wanted to chime in here really quick. We have friend of the show who has a Victor stream and tested iacast as a podcast on there. And yes, it is there. So if you have a Victor stream and you want to listen to the iacast, you can do that. And also for people who showed up late, and I want to give everyone a reminder of the question of the day, which is, what is your favorite podcast and how do you listen? Whether that’s on a device, which app do you use or on your computer or streaming or any of the ways. So with that being said, sheila, who do we got next?

18:32.102 –> 18:32.958

18:33.126 –> 18:34.114
Hey, Janet.

18:34.694 –> 19:01.734
Hello. Actually, my. My favorite podcast right now is America’s Weather. America’s weather streaming on YouTube when I use YouTube to access it. But if I’m not using that, then it’s ACB link for podcasts or a cast for podcast. And what is PI?

19:02.474 –> 19:42.296
PI is a. So we did cover that a couple of weeks ago if you want to hear an example of it. But briefly, PI is a virtual assistant using AI that uses natural language, and it has a high quality AI text to speech engine. With it, there’s an option to call PI, which means you don’t have to invoke it by saying a wake word. You can make what actually shows up as a call on the iPhone, kind of. You can make that. You can make that call to PI, and then you can talk to it and ask it questions and search the web as well.

19:42.480 –> 19:43.736
Oh, okay. Thank you.

19:43.800 –> 19:45.164
Free of charge. Yep.

19:45.664 –> 19:48.528
Paula, hello. Can you hear me?

19:48.616 –> 19:49.696
Yep. Paula. How you doing?

19:49.760 –> 19:50.400
Oh, cool.

19:50.472 –> 20:09.814
Hi. I just. I don’t have a question, but I did want to mention, I know many blind people are book people, so not everybody, but a lot. My favorite podcast is one called book Talk, etcetera. So just in case anyone’s into that. Thank you.

20:09.934 –> 20:12.394
You’re welcome. Thank you very much. Have a great day.

20:12.734 –> 20:13.514

20:14.574 –> 20:17.798
Hi, Michael. Hi, Sheila. Hi, Marty.

20:17.926 –> 20:18.302

20:18.358 –> 20:19.154
How are you?

20:19.574 –> 22:18.384
I’m good. So the question of the day answer is. My answer is, I listened to podcasts on my lady, a and one of my favorites is Joel Osteen. He’s a minister, and another one is enjoying everyday life, also by another minister. But I also listen to podcasts on my iPhone occasionally, and I have two questions. The first one is when I accessed accessibility shortcuts one time, I accidentally turned voiceover off of, and I got into a panic. I do have a home button on my SE 2020 iPhone, and I forgot the keystrokes to use for that. So I asked Siri to turn voiceover back on, and she said, okay, voiceover is now on. But that frightened me and for some reason. So how do I avoid that in the future is my first question. And my second question is regarding my Victor Reeder, which I got as a gift from another user. It’s an older model that’s been discontinued, I guess. But the problem I had was I got it wet one time. I accidentally spilled water on it. And even though I managed to dry it out, there’s a couple of problems I’m having. It will not stay on when I turn it on, and when it does, it doesn’t want to stay on very long. So the other question I had about the Victor reader was, will it record without the SD card in it?

22:18.744 –> 23:11.434
So first of all, no, it will not record without the SD card in it, is my understanding. So, and it sounds like there could be some water damage in that victor. And when it stops working, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do at that point. And that would be those issues related to the accessibility shortcut. You can actually go to settings accessibility and then go down to the accessibility shortcut and unselect everything in there so you can’t access. Accidentally turn voiceover off by triple pressing the home button. However, I think it’s important, and I think you should give yourself a lot of credit there for using tech skills by telling Siri, hey, turn voiceover back on because that definitely works. So if you accidentally turn voiceover off, you can always use Siri to turn it back on.

23:11.734 –> 23:46.504
Yeah, even though she’s sometimes unreliable. But, but I have to give her an a plus for that experience. Thank you for your compliment, by the way, on my tech skills. I really appreciate that. But as far as now, the other, the last question I have regarding the Victor reader, when I get a new one one day, which is going to be a long time in coming, are the SD cards transferable? In other words, can I take it is okay because I want to, the.

23:46.544 –> 23:57.238
One that you have in yours. So if water got one in yours and there’s damage to it, then you probably would have to replace it. But if it’s fine and it’s still working, you can put it right into a new victor stream, no problem.

23:57.286 –> 24:39.844
The SD card is fine. It works. The only thing that’s not working is the reader will not stay on very long. It’ll shut right off. And then I could, you know, even when it’s plugged in and also the battery pack came out, which is really unusual. And I thought that that battery pack was secure and I can no longer use the case because the case got wet, too. So I dried out the case, but now the case doesn’t fit. So now I have to get a whole new case if I want to keep the reader. But I hope that the card is transferable, and if it is, then I’ll use it in my new reader.

24:40.184 –> 24:42.920
Perfect. Well, thanks, Lori, and hopefully you’ll be good.

24:42.952 –> 24:45.912
Thank you. I really appreciate your time and this call.

24:46.088 –> 24:52.024
Perfect. Who do we got next there? Sheila Risa? Hey, Theresa.

24:52.604 –> 24:56.116
You’re muted, Teresa. Okay. Okay.

24:56.180 –> 24:56.620
There you go.

24:56.652 –> 24:57.604
Now we can hear you.

24:57.724 –> 26:34.174
Oh, okay, cool. Okay. First of all, I wanted to say to the previous caller is that there’s a person that I have dealt with who’s helped with the repair issue, but you’ll have to get with me offline or send your message to Cindy Hollis or, you know, ACD community so I can give you my email and I can share his contact information. He helped me with a couple of my streams that were having some problems, and I have had, unfortunately not. That wasn’t from him, but a time or two before then. I was walking through the rain and my screen wasn’t covered very well. I did everything I could to keep it from getting wet, but sadly, that was hard. Now, as far as I have a question, and then I’ll answer your question. I wanted to one time copy some podcasts that I had on an SD card to another SD card and kind of lump the podcast together that I had, you know, of a certain category, but I wasn’t able to do that. I was using a SD card reader, but it wouldn’t allow me to copy podcasts, you know, from one SD card to another. And I’m just wondering if. Is there a copyright reason for that?

26:35.194 –> 26:43.024
Probably not. I pres. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I presume you were. You downloaded the podcast through the victor.

26:43.064 –> 26:43.560
Is that correct?

26:43.592 –> 26:45.872
Or where did you get the podcast originally from?

26:45.968 –> 26:59.444
I got it through the victor. I got to see the victor, and it was on an SD card. And I wanted you to kind of lump some that were of a similar nature together, but they were on separate SD cards.

26:59.984 –> 27:30.154
Right. I am going to be fully transparent and say I’m not that familiar with the victor. Was this a Victor two or a three? Because I suspect it will save the files in a folder that you should be able to copy them from. But if someone knows how the Victor two saves podcasts or where it might save them on the SD card and how Teresa might be able to copy those files over to a new SD card. Feel free to share that with us.

27:33.434 –> 27:52.334
And then I want to say, let’s see. I like. I have unmute present is one of my podcasts. I have some other, believe it or not, I have one on cats. One is called pet, you know, from pet life radio. And they’re. They’re fun to listen to.

27:52.674 –> 27:53.534

27:54.434 –> 28:18.274
And I enjoy that. But also, you know, on the seriousness, I get news pbs. I can still get on a podcast if I’m listening. I can get that. It comes downloaded to me. I like Austin’s radio that Bill Spark puts out. And on my ipod touch, I have the bible in a year.

28:19.854 –> 28:22.794
It sounds like you listen to a lot of podcasts there, Teresa.

28:23.414 –> 28:27.634
Right? I did. Somebody once called me a podcast junkie.

28:28.614 –> 28:42.148
Well, thanks for sharing, and we definitely appreciate it. And, uh, I’m sure someone will have some answers for us. So if they do, feel free to raise your hand, and we’ll be glad to answer them. And, uh, stick around. Teresa, thanks for, uh, joining in on us. Sheila, who do we got next?

28:42.316 –> 28:43.260

28:43.372 –> 28:44.356
Hey, Elizabeth.

28:44.460 –> 28:45.332
Hey, Elizabeth.

28:45.428 –> 28:52.468
Hey, there. Um. Oh, I’m finally awake, which brings me to my question. Oh, speaking of which, what is the question of the day?

28:52.636 –> 28:58.076
What’s your favorite podcast and how do you listen? Like, if it’s on your phone, what app you use on your computer?

28:58.140 –> 31:22.686
Okay, got it. Got it. Okay, so I’ve got a iPhone, and it’s an. And my favorite podcast is British History podcast, which is really fabulous. And if you think you know british history, go get it, because you’ll know lots of stuff after you do this thing. There’s lots of episodes. It takes them a long time to even get to 1066. So it’s really, really amazing. It’s great. And I also like talking tutors, as in T U D O R, like, you know, the Brits. Okay. So you can tell where this is going. So I like Viking Age podcast. I’m a history freak. I’ve also got a way to garden and several other gardening podcasts. And then I’ve got all the disability ones that we kind of all know about. So I’ve got a lot of other ones I could keep going on and on and on PBS. It works well. You can get a lot of the financial ones, like CNBC, fast money, and mad money, and all those. You can get those. Those are all podcasts, and you can subscribe to them easily using Siri. So that that kind of works. So here’s my question. I have two questions. One for the, this just came up. The people who own the, the Victor reader, various flavors of Victor Reader. I want to know whether they own it on top of their phones and whether there’s a reason to buy it if you’ve got an iPhone. So that’s my question. But my real question is, is it possible to block out a period of time, say from 11:00 at night to five in the morning for one individual, or do I have to block everybody? I’ve got this one woman who I love dearly, but she doesn’t really know how to use her phone and so she, and she’s got sleep issues. I’ve got sleep issues. We’ve all, anyways, so she listens to podcasts and she sometimes goes to recents on her phone. And if she doesn’t do the right thing, I get to hear from her at like, well, the latest one was 330 this morning and she doesn’t mean to do it and I love her dearly, but I need to prevent getting woken up at 330 in the morning.

31:22.830 –> 32:06.868
So I’ll answer your first question because that, or your second question because that’s the easy one. And that is, yes. You can go into what would be called focus modes. And in your focus mode, I have a focus mode called sleep. If you don’t, I recommend setting a focus mode up and then you can let all calls in except for certain people, or vice versa. You can let no calls in except for certain people can break through. That is an option for you to go in and play around with the configuration related to the victor and iPhones. I can’t speak for everyone, but I will say the reason that I have heard from a lot of people is twofold. Number one, they don’t want to get interrupted when they’re reading their books. They don’t. Or listening.

32:06.916 –> 32:07.548
No, I get it.

32:07.596 –> 32:17.868
I understand by notifications. And the other reason is battery life. So you drain the battery of your victor while you’re consuming content and your phone still charge for phone calls.

32:17.996 –> 32:57.196
Yeah, no, I get it. That makes good sense. Now, I want to tell you that I called up the Apple support for blind users and they told me that the only way I could block people during a certain period was to block absolutely everybody. So your way sounds like it makes more sense. They told me nothing about this sleep and then let certain people in thing. So actually it’s really good I talked to you because they obviously don’t know. So it’s not that they’re, they’re a wonderful service. It’s a good service, folks, but they don’t always know exactly everything they need to know. These are sometimes, and we’re all learning.

32:57.260 –> 33:02.180
Things about technology, so play with focus modes. It’s a very powerful feature.

33:02.332 –> 33:05.812
And you can make more than one too, so you could have a work one, a sleep one.

33:05.908 –> 34:17.590
Yeah, I get that. I really, that’s really wonderful. I was concerned. I didn’t want it to do something, you know, I didn’t want it to set it and then have it do something obscure that I didn’t want it to do. But I mean, she felt very bad, and I felt bad for her, but I still was awake at three in the morning, and so I got my laundry done. It was, it was all right. So that, that kind of works. And, and I gathered that the new Victor stream, I should call them up and find out how much it is and what it is and everything, and whether I really want one. And it’ll let me record. That’s. I gather the other reason that people have them is it lets them record stuff where the podcast itself, I mean, where the presentation itself doesn’t want you to record. They’ll sometimes let you record it. If you have a separate thing, don’t ask why. I don’t know. There’s some legal shtick about it. New York public library, for instance, never records their stuff. If we don’t know about that. They’re a wonderful resource. Go sign up for their lists, everybody. They’re great. And they do, they do all kinds of educational stuff on how to use tech. Yes, they don’t let you record it. So thank you. That’s been really useful. I really appreciate it.

34:17.702 –> 34:37.014
No problem. I wanted to also chime in really quick the answer to the question on the stream. Two, if you save something to your SD card, it should be able to go into another stream without issue. Once the data is on the SD card, you should be able to easily put it into another stream and not have a problem. All right, Sheila Albert.

34:38.754 –> 34:39.506

34:39.650 –> 34:40.714
Hello. How are you?

34:40.834 –> 35:02.536
Good podcasts, just of various flavors, like a lot of people been saying. And one I do enjoy is a morning talk show. And so unfortunately they only download the first 3 hours of their four hour show. And I don’t know why, but that’s.

35:02.560 –> 35:03.512
The way it is.

35:03.688 –> 35:33.124
I wanted to chime in with the Victor stream because I think she wanted to move from like SD card a to SD card b. And so what I would suggest on that is, for me, I hook up my USB cable to the computer and it sees the victor stream as a device on the computer. I plug in an SD card and I copy from one to the other, and that’s how I combine two different SD cards.

35:34.014 –> 35:41.154
Perfect. Thank you very much for that, Albert. Really appreciate it. You just copy those in file Explorer, correct?

35:41.454 –> 35:59.614
Yeah. And once the USB is connected to the victor stream, as if you were charging it or transferring data, you just copy and move, just like you would with any other file set except the computer is seeing it as an external device, which it is.

35:59.734 –> 36:00.846
There we go. Yep.

36:00.950 –> 36:06.534
Plug in the SD card into an SD card slot on the computer and you just move them.

36:06.654 –> 36:12.434
There you go. Well, thank you for that and appreciate it there, Albert. Sheila, who do we got next?

36:12.894 –> 36:13.874

36:14.174 –> 36:15.142
Hello, iPhone.

36:15.238 –> 36:17.074
Hello, iPhone two.

36:18.374 –> 36:19.110
You are.

36:19.222 –> 36:22.502
Your hand raised. You. That’s who I’m calling on.

36:22.558 –> 36:22.966

36:23.070 –> 36:30.304
There you go. There’s a chance that I may be iPhone two, which is you are iPhone two.

36:32.044 –> 36:32.740
How are you?

36:32.812 –> 36:33.188

36:33.276 –> 36:48.868
And I was wondering if you guys could tell me how do I locate focus mode? There’s a lot of new stuff in more recent iOS versions that I know nothing about, and focus mode sounds like a really good thing.

36:48.916 –> 37:20.874
So there’s two ways you can access. One is you would go into settings and then go to focus, or the second way would be you can access control center and go down to focus mode and you can either activate the default one that’s there is just a standard do not disturb, which basically turns everything off. So you’re not going to get any alerts or sounds for the period of time that it’s on until you turn it off. But if you double tap and hold, it will pop up other options and you can choose different modes or customize one.

37:22.184 –> 37:31.484
Under settings, you can either search at the top for focus or it is right after the sounds and haptic setting and right before the screen time setting.

37:32.024 –> 37:49.522
Wonderful. Thank you. And the shortcut app, is that available in, like, when did it appear as something in which iOS did it appear in? I know, I’m not asking.

37:49.578 –> 37:58.602
Not this current operating system with the previous one, I believe is when it showed up in 15 maybe. Okay, 15. So two ago, I guess.

37:58.738 –> 38:09.498
Thank you. I have been terrified of shortcuts. They frighten me and I think that they’re really probably wonderful. And so I think now that I know there’s an app, I’ll go play.

38:09.586 –> 38:10.098
Thank you.

38:10.186 –> 38:55.558
You can open it up and there’s like ones that are already created, like, I’ll give you one that’s really cool is there’s one that’s called DND until I leave. So if you’re going to show up at some place and you have a meeting there and you don’t want your phone to bug you, you can click that one, and it will put your phone and do not disturb. And I’m sure all of us have this issue. Then you leave, and then you go all day long and realize your phone hasn’t rang or you’ve gotten any notifications because you forgot to turn your do not disturb off. So when you invoke dnd until I leave, it knows where you are. It puts it in do not disturb. And then when you leave that location, it automatically turns do not disturb off for you so you don’t have to remember. So that’s just one that’s in there. But there’s a lot in there that are already pre made that you can test out and play with.

38:55.606 –> 39:47.464
So I want to mention that two things. One of the things about the shortcuts app, and I hope this helps people understand shortcuts. Shortcuts cannot break your phone. They cannot do anything that will cause your phone to stop working. So don’t. Don’t worry about that. One of my favorite shortcuts, that was an early one, and it’s called the gallery. If you go to the bottom tab, it’s called the gallery, and it’s where you could find new shortcuts to play with. But one of my favorites is called say cheese. And you can add it to your shortcuts list, and then you can even use Siri to invoke it, and you could say, hey, s, lady, say cheese. And then it will take a picture even if you’re not in the camera app. So there’s some really neat things you can do.

39:47.954 –> 39:56.934
I’m sorry. I have one more quick one. Could one make a shortcut to start a video like that immediately?

39:57.754 –> 40:00.214
If it’s a specific video, then yes.

40:00.594 –> 40:03.362
I beg your pardon? I mean, to record a video.

40:03.458 –> 40:05.130
Oh, yes. Yes, you could.

40:05.282 –> 40:05.962

40:06.098 –> 40:07.818
That is exquisite.

40:07.946 –> 40:30.976
Well, for those who might be tuning out saying, I don’t. I don’t know if I always want to say hey, s or s. And then the shortcut. There’s rumors, and I don’t. I do like to share rumors. There’s rumors that you can set up custom terms so you might, may not have to say Siri or hate Siri in iOS 18. So exciting things. Sheila, who do we got next?

40:31.080 –> 40:31.616

40:31.680 –> 40:33.564
Terry. Hey, Roberta.

40:34.344 –> 40:59.204
Hi, there. I’m afraid I have not had much time to listen to podcasts, but I have a question about searching for an app in the app store. So I heard Pam’s suggestion of get sleepy. I assume it was, did I catch it right? It’s get sleepy, not getting sleepy.

40:59.544 –> 41:00.804
Pam’s still here.

41:01.824 –> 41:03.880
I believe that is correct. There it is.

41:03.992 –> 41:09.230
Get sleepy. But it is not an app. It is a podcast.

41:09.392 –> 41:10.058

41:10.186 –> 42:22.314
Oh, so that’s different. It is a podcast. Okay. Thank you so welcome. So I’ve question about searching for apps in the app store. The experience has changed greatly over the years. I guess I’m a little confused about when I type something into the edit field. To search for a app, I used to get a list of things that sort of match that. So if something matched exactly, that would show up. And then the farther you went into the list, the less closely they matched what I typed in the edit field. Now, I get a series of two or three buttons that I’m not quite sure what they’re there for. If I tap on them, the information on the button shows up in the edit field. But nothing, none of the apps, as I flick through the apps, seems anywhere close to the title of what I typed in.

42:23.774 –> 42:42.256
So a couple of things. When you open up the app store, for those who don’t know, across the bottom, there’s, uh, some tools down there. And the one all the way to the farthest right side on the bottom corner is the search one. You would click that, and then you’d go to the top and do a single finger double click for voiceover users to open up the search box.

42:42.360 –> 42:42.712

42:42.768 –> 44:11.234
Now, when you’re searching for stuff, you know, the App store has really grown a lot over the years, and there’s a lot of apps in there now. So if you’re kind of generic or the name of the app you’re looking for is kind of generic. So let’s say you put in, you know, like to dos, or let’s say you put in reminders or calendars, stuff like you’re going to get all kinds of things. So you need to try and hone in what exactly you’re looking for. And sometimes it does take a little bit of work. If it’s sort of a generic name, I can tell you most of the time when you do a search, the very, very first thing that pops up in the top of the list, the very first one, that one can sometimes be the thing you’re looking for, but usually it’s an advertisement. And really the first, the second one in the list is where it starts. With the search stuff. So let’s say you’re looking for a calendar app. If you type in calendar, you’re going to get a ton of stuff. But if you type in the name of a calendar app, uh, like fantastical, for example, then it’s going to narrow it way down, because really there’s only one app called fantastical, right. So you got to kind of narrow it down. And Michael Doyce maybe can help with, you know, you being the developer here with, you know, what would be an easier way or a best way to maybe search for stuff in the app store.

44:11.354 –> 44:57.112
Yeah. So basically the first, a lot of times what happens, and you may have mentioned this, the first one is typically an ad. It’s typically other developers trying to pay to be at the top of your search results. And then typically the second result is what you’re looking for. And you could even type the exact name, and that first one will be an ad for something else. And it’s quite annoying, even for users. Just look around and if the one you’re looking for is not at the second entry or third, then try respelling it, because sometimes apps can have strange names. So those are some suggestions I would try.

44:57.248 –> 45:04.644
Okay. Good ideas. Thank you. Yeah, it would help if I was in a podcast rather than the app store.

45:05.584 –> 45:09.204
Yeah. Well, thank you very much. Have a great day.

45:09.794 –> 45:10.654
All right.

45:11.634 –> 45:13.346
Hey, Rustoria, how are you?

45:13.530 –> 45:25.774
I’m doing good, but I was looking for the short. I have an iPad. Is the shortcut app on the iPad automatic or you have to go to.

45:27.234 –> 46:07.844
Yes, it should be on there by default as long as you have one of the more current operating systems. And if you don’t see it as an icon on the screen, one of your screens, you can go like a. If you use voiceover, you can do a three finger swipe all the way as far as you can go to the right, and that’ll get into the, you know, app drawer where all of the apps on your iPhone are located. And you could either double do a single finger double click, and when you find it there, or then if you want to move it, you can. The other way is if you just open up your iPad and you’re on the home screen, you can invoke Siri and say open shortcuts. So definitely you can, you know, get it a couple of different ways.

46:08.504 –> 46:09.444
Thank you.

46:11.064 –> 46:15.364
All right, we don’t have any new hands, Elizabeth.

46:15.984 –> 48:25.714
Hey, there. I have not checked whether this is still a problem, but it has been a problem for at least four or five, possibly longer. Years in Apple on the iPhone. If I go to the phone app and then I go to the edit box where I want to enter a phone number, obviously I can enter the phone number using the phone itself. If I had a Bluetooth keyboard hooked up to my phone, I could enter the phone number using the Bluetooth keyboard. If I had. I don’t know whether it’s true for all displays, but I will tell you it’s true for human wear and it’s, I think it’s true for other braille displays. But if I had a Bluetooth braille display hooked up, apparently I cannot enter the phone number from the Bluetooth braille display. Now, I don’t know if this works, is true for hims, and it may not be true for, I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s that inexpensive braille, uh, braille input device that’s, that’s out and about. I, I just blanked on it right now. But that’s the one that, that hooks up differently than other, um, other braille displays. So you’re following me, right? So I can’t enter a phone number using my braille display. And, um, when I, when I’ve written notes to Apple about it, they say that I need to go talk to the braille display manufacturers with their drivers. But I believe it’s true across all braille displays. So if somebody could try to use a non human wear braille display and go into that edit box, see if you can enter a phone number on somebody else’s braille display, maybe we can convince Apple to fix whatever is going on with the drivers so that, say, deafblind people have an easier time entering material using a Bluetooth braille display because you can absolutely do it if you’re using a regular Bluetooth keyboard that a sighted person would use.

48:26.374 –> 48:27.342
Great. Thank you.

48:27.438 –> 48:28.634
Does that make sense?

48:29.014 –> 48:30.094
I think so, yeah.

48:30.214 –> 48:53.888
And I am going to go to the doing braille digitally people and talk to them about it again. We really need Apple to get on this one because it would be really convenient and it would really work. And lots of people with different kinds of braille displays need to do follow up and then write access dot apple.com, which is what I did. So we need to get the engineering people to pay attention somewhere. Thanks.

48:54.056 –> 48:56.044
No problem. Have a good one.

48:56.384 –> 48:59.244
All right. It’s ten till and you don’t have any hands.

48:59.944 –> 49:11.124
All right, well, then we’re going to call it right here. Actually, before we go, I wonder, Michael Doyce, could you. There was a question about ACB link. Maybe you can do a quick primer on that really quick before we call it a day and we’ll close out with that.

49:11.894 –> 51:22.744
There was, yeah, somebody mentioned link earlier. And ACB link is the iOS app that lets you see everything through the American Council of the Blind. And you can listen to all the ACB media content and find out more about things going on in ACB. It is in the app store, free app. Just look for ACB Link. And I did want to mention, Michael, you had mentioned this before we started today, Microsoft talked a bit about a feature called Recall at their event, talking about these new PCs. And I wanted to give folks a brief discussion on what that is. Recall is a new feature where you can use these new computers from Microsoft, the Surface computers, and you can go back through and rewind and see what you did in the past. It can look through videos, it can look through pictures and a better search to see what you did. It’s an AI feature that’s coming to specific PCs, not necessarily your Windows machine. But when you get new PCs later this year, they’ll have new AI features that will support this. And it’s very going to be interesting to see what Microsoft is going to do with these things. There’s been reports that they’ve gotten it to work on older PCs, but again, Microsoft is calling the shots. So it’s a neat feature. They showed some cool things at the Microsoft hardware event where they had a person playing Minecraft, and the AI was able to even see what was going on on their screen as they were doing things. So I think there’s going to be some interesting discussions in the future on accessibility and if this new AI technology can help people with web pages, unlabeled buttons and things like that. So I think it’ll be very interesting to see where we go from here with that.

51:23.164 –> 51:24.276
Awesome. Thanks so much, Michael.

51:24.300 –> 51:27.082
I do have a new hand if you would like to take it.

51:27.218 –> 51:30.626
All right, we’ve got a minute or two left, so let’s see, seven five.

51:30.690 –> 51:39.554
Seven ending in nine, six three, please unmute star six will unmute you. All right. Can you hear me?

51:39.674 –> 51:45.134
Yes, we can hear you. We just have about a minute or two left, so we got to make it quick.

51:45.674 –> 51:51.214
Gotcha. I just wanted to know the information, how to get in touch with the AT guys.

51:51.814 –> 52:07.274
You can reach out at@guys.com and our phone number is available, which I can give here, is 269-216-4798 but also you can get those details at@guys.com dot.

52:07.734 –> 52:08.406
All right.

52:08.510 –> 52:09.110
All right.

52:09.222 –> 52:09.934
Thank you.

52:10.054 –> 52:31.964
Yep. You’re welcome. All right, everyone, thanks so much. We appreciate it. As always, Belle and Sheila, thanks for everything. We always appreciate your hard work. Everyone else, have a great week. If you want to reach out to us, you can email us at feedback at Unmute show, and you can also check out our website for all the latest at unmute show. And everyone, have a great week and we’ll see you next time.