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In this episode, we discussed the 11 Labs app, a user-friendly text-to-speech AI application for iPhones. The app offers natural-sounding audio conversion from text, links, or files, with various voice options for customization. We also provided a guide on sharing contacts via VoiceOver on iPhones, ensuring a seamless sharing experience. Additionally, we highlighted Rolling Square’s 6-in-1 multi-charging cable, a versatile and fast-charging solution with a compact design for multiple devices.

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So we have kind of a limited time here. I am not giving you an in depth review of this application. Well, I mean tutorial, I should say. But I am going to talk to you about an app that’s newer to the game. You might be familiar with what this app does and I think some of you might really like to check it out. I am, after exploring it to do this quick review, going to be playing with it a bit more, I think, when it comes to getting content read to me. So today we’re talking about the eleven Labs app. If you’re not familiar with eleven Labs, this is a natural sounding text to speech AI application. It was just on the web, but now they’ve brought an app to the iPhone and honestly, when it first came out I was like, yeah, I’ll check that out later. I’m not holding out a lot of hope for the accessibility of their application. Kind of kicking myself because this is pretty cool. So across the bottom of the application when you first open it up is read voices and settings tab. And the read voices and settings tab are the primary ways you navigate this application. I tapped on the settings tab and went in and signed in with my Google account, which I believe is the same account that I use for the online service. Then if you go back to the read tab, in the bottom right hand corner is an import button. And when you tap on this import button, you have the option to close the share sheet is what it calls it, which is across the bottom of the screen. But you also can write text. And if you have text in your clipboard or you actually want to write text and have it read out to you, you can either paste or type it in there. You can paste in a link. So the app will go to the link and download the text from the link and convert that to a natural sounding book like form and we’ll talk about that in a moment. And then you can import a file. So if you have a PDF file or someone sent you a lot of text and you want to read it, then what you would need to do is go in there and choose the import file. They do have a couple of books that are already on the app. And in the read tap, if you double tap on one of the books, you have a button there that says voices. If you double tap this voices button, then you can pick the voice that you want and double tap on that voice for it to know that that’s the voice you want to use. When you double tap on the play button, it’s going to go out and download the audio version of that content and start reading that back to you. Now, if you don’t want to go through all of that picking a voice, you can go to the voices tab across the bottom of the screen and that’ll give you a list of the currently available voices. For this application. You can sort those voices by character or professional or conversational or news and see a different list of voices. But when you hear a name of the voice you want to hear, just double tap on it if using voiceover and this will play a sample if you flick down once on the voice. If your rotor is set to actions, then you’ll hear open and if you double tap on that, you’ll get more information about the voice and be able to play the sample again and add it to your bookmarks for use in the read tab. So if you’re looking for an application that will give you an amazing experience for listening to your text in natural sounding audio, check out eleven labs. Oh, quick tip two finger double tap does work. To play pause the audio I’m going.

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To show you how to share a contact from your iPhone using voiceover. The first thing you’re going to want to do is open up the contacts app. You can do this a couple of different ways. The first way is invoke Siri and say open contacts. You can also invoke Siri and say open phone. Once you have the phone app open, you’re going to want to go to the menu bar across the bottom and find the contacts item. Then you do a single finger double click on that and that will take you right into contacts. Once there. And this works both whether you do this through the phone app or whether you do this through the contacts app. Technically they’re the same thing. There’s just a few different ways to access the contacts app. Once you get to the main part of the contacts app, you’re going to want to make sure you’re on all contacts. That’s going to be the one that’s all the way at the top. Once there, you’re going to want to locate the person you want to share their contact. So you can do that by either scrolling up and down. Although if you have a lot of contacts that might be a little bit slow or daunting depending on how many contacts you actually have in your contacts. The easiest way to do it would be go up to the very top, find the search box, do a single finger double click to open up the search box, and once you have the search box open, you search for the person that you’re looking for. Once you find that person, then you open up their contact. Once you have their contact open, then what you’re going to want to do is do a swipe to the right with one finger to have the voiceover cursor go all the way down to share contact. Once there, you do a single finger double click and then it’s going to open up a new option. Now this only works if you’re on the most current operating system, but this option opens up and it allows you to choose which information you want to share or not share. The screen that you’re presented with gives you these options. So for example, let’s say you want to share the first name, the last name, but maybe not the email address. Maybe you’ll only want to share the first name, the last name and the phone number. Well, there’s going to be a box just to the left of all of these items that you wish to share or not share. And you choose with a single finger double tap on the things you want to share and make sure that box is checked on the left. And if you don’t want to share something like an address maybe, or maybe some other information, then you would make sure that those things are not checked. Once you go through choosing all of the items that you want to share or not share, then you go up to the top right corner and hit save. Now one thing I want to let you know about is there is this little box all the way at the very bottom that says select all items. Now if you don’t want to share all the things in the contact, you do not want to touch that button because that’s just going to select everything you just unselected. And now you’re sharing all of the information which may not be what you want to do. So once you have all of this done, then you’ll be presented with the share sheet. And from the share sheet you’ll be able to do a few things. You can text and share the contact via text message. You can do it by mail and there’s a bunch of other options you’ll be presented with. So you can do or choose whichever one work best for you. And let’s say you’re going to share via text. So you click the text message box or message box. Once that opens up, then it’s going to put the contact into a message. Then at the very top you’ll want to enter the person you are wanting to text the contact to in the to box at the top once you do that and locate the person, you do a single finger double tap on that person to add it to the to box. Once that’s done, then you go back down towards the bottom and swipe to the right. And on the far right corner at the bottom there is going to be a send button just like any other text message. You hit that send button and there you go. You just shared the contact and that is how you share contacts with iPhone using voiceover. Enjoy.

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Do you have an extensive cable collection and would you like to simplify your life or are you scrambling for just the right cable when you need it? I have a great solution for you. Today I was listening to the MacGeekgab podcast and I love that show. It comes out every Sunday and the guys are always answering listener questions with mostly, of course, Apple related products. And a person was wondering about a convertible cable. And one of the folks remembered that this company that has a unique niche is called Rolling Square. Now of course, immediately I’m intrigued by their name. And so I stop the podcast, know I need one of these cables after I hear about it and I go right to Amazon and I find the various varieties of this cable. It’s a six in one multi charging cable delivering 100 watts of fast charging. And they have lengths of cable that are a keychain size. There’s 0.3 meters and 2 meters. They might have an even longer one, but those are the ones that I got, and they are thick, fabric coated cables, probably a little less than a fourth of an inch wide, and they’re nice and thick. When you get the cable, it is folded in half with its two magnetic ends clipped together and there is a cap over those ends. And when you take the cap off, you feel the two metal ends. And then when you open up the cable and it’s lying flat, it’s a really cool convertible cable. So on one end there is an amazing lightning port, which also incredibly doubles as a micro USB. Now, I would have missed this had they not mentioned it on the show. And in fact, one of the guys didn’t realize it immediately, I think. And then there’s a little arrow that points to the kind of cable that it is, and it says both lightning and micro. So I don’t feel the two little prongs or two little nubbies on the micro end. So I would have completely missed it had I not read about it and not confirmed with Ira. Yep, that’s what it is. So it has this end here is lightning slash micro, and the other end is a regular USB A, you know, female port. And so then what’s really cool is I can pop off each one of the ends. So you might have heard me slide that apart. And on each one of the ends now I do that on both ends and it is now USB C at both of those ends. And what happens with the little end that I pop off? It just swivels out of the way. So it’s just hanging out for future use and it’s not going to get lost because it’s still attached. So you have the core of the cable. At each end is a USB C. But then when you pop the little end back on, it turns back into the cable that it was when I unfolded it. So there I’ve got that end put back on and I’m going to put that end back in place and now I will snap them together and put the cap back on. And now I have my nicely folded in half cable. This one that I’m demoing now is the 0.3 meters. The little keychain guy is super cute. It’s just what it sounds like. It has barely two inches of cable in between both of the ends. And you can just put a carabiner on it or whatnot and keep it on your bag or, you know, in a pocket or whatever works for you. And I think that would be really useful if you wanted to connect your, your phone or something to a battery pack and you didn’t want a whole length of cord dangling and getting caught in things. Also, the two meter option is really convenient for anything that you have to plug in. And so these are just great. So the six in one cable, amazing. Really handy. Simplifies life, cuts down on the cable clutter. And I. So I hope that you enjoy that option if you check it out on Amazon, rolling square makes these and they are about $29 a piece, which is reasonable for the, you know, sort of niche tech that it is. So there’s your hardware gadget for today. Thanks for listening.

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