Unmute Presents Digital Bytes – OKO, Voiceover Focus, and JBL Clip 3

In this podcast episode, we introduce the innovative OCO app, powered by AI to aid individuals in interpreting crosswalk signals where audible cues are lacking. The app’s intuitive interface and functionality are demonstrated, showcasing how the back-facing camera can provide audio feedback on pedestrian signals in real time. Additionally, we offer valuable advice on optimizing VoiceOver settings to prevent repetitive notifications, focusing on enhancing user experience. The episode also covers the compact and versatile JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker, highlighting its user-friendly controls, sound quality, affordability, and extended battery life, catering to tech enthusiasts and audio equipment lovers.


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Which is an application that uses AI to interpret the cross don’t cross signals at lighted intersections. Most especially, it’s helpful if for, say, you have an inner section that you’re not so much familiar with, but there also isn’t audible pedestrian signals there as well. What I’m going to do is demonstrate for you the Oko application by double tapping on Oko.

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And this brings us into the Oko application. If we flick to the right, improved.

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Audio options continue button we’ll hit continue pedestrian signal. Accountant settings button.

00:52.512 –> 00:59.262
You’re on a pretty simple screen. You have accountant settings report a mistake button report a mistake. We’ll come back to that.

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How this works button how this works paused. Hold your phone up to start again.

01:04.340 –> 01:24.390
And paused. Hold your phone up to start again so it’s paused because my phone is vertical. What’s that word? My phone is parallel to the ground right now. So how Oko works is you point the backfacing camera at the light and it will interpret it. Or let’s better yet, flick to the.

01:24.460 –> 01:27.062
Left how this works button and choose.

01:27.116 –> 01:28.680
The how this works option.

01:29.050 –> 01:31.498
Pedestrian Signal heading I’ll show you a.

01:31.504 –> 01:34.422
Demonstration of all three audio feedbacks you’ll receive.

01:34.486 –> 01:38.154
The pedestrian signal action will detect the status of the pedestrian signal or pedestrian head.

01:38.192 –> 01:43.270
Using the camera of your phone at an intersection, point the back camera towards the other side of the street.

01:43.350 –> 01:44.950
If the pedestrian signal is visible, the.

01:44.960 –> 01:55.690
App will give you immediate feedback about the status of the signal. If the pedestrian signal is not visible, you will hear nothing. Wait a few seconds or try another angle. You will experience three different types of feedback.

01:55.770 –> 01:57.454
If the pedestrian signal shows a red.

01:57.492 –> 02:01.710
Man or don’t walk, the audio feedback will be a slow beep and the voice will say don’t walk signal.

02:01.790 –> 02:03.394
If the pedestrian signal shows a white.

02:03.432 –> 02:07.470
Walking man or walk, the audio feedback will be a fast beep and the voice will say walk signal.

02:07.550 –> 02:09.326
If the pedestrian signal shows a timer.

02:09.358 –> 02:22.310
Counting down or countdown, the audio feedback will be a beep mimicking a countdown and the voice will say countdown. Below is a list of all the feedbacks you can get. Play each feedback to get familiar before using pedestrian signal. The pedestrian signal action can make mistakes.

02:22.390 –> 02:23.626
You should not solely rely on the.

02:23.648 –> 02:34.554
Feedback you get from this application. It is possible that the feedback you receive is incorrect and we’ll demonstrate those three tones. Feedbacks don’t walk signal here’s the don’t.

02:34.602 –> 02:42.880
Walk signal play but don’t walk signal don’t walk signal don’t walk signal don’t walk signal don’t walk signal, don’t walk.

02:43.270 –> 02:46.910
Okay, that didn’t give me the beeps, but we’ll try the walk signal.

02:46.990 –> 02:54.770
Walk signal, walk signal, walk signal, walk signal, walk signal, walk signal, walk signal.

02:55.270 –> 02:57.674
And then my favorite one count plate.

02:57.742 –> 02:58.786

02:58.978 –> 03:05.638
Countdown signal, countdown signal, countdown signal. Countdown signal, countdown signal, count.

03:05.804 –> 03:09.018
Doesn’t that remind you of an old video game? Let’s see if we can get the.

03:09.104 –> 03:12.378
Don’T walk signal to play button.

03:12.544 –> 03:19.302
Don’t walk signal, don’t walk signal. Don’t walk signal. Don’t walk signal. Don’t walk signal. Don’t walk signal.

03:19.446 –> 04:06.458
So, as you can tell, it’s a really simple interface. You don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons when you’re using the app itself. And if you wear your phone around your neck, that seems to be, for the most part, the best way to use it because it keeps your hands free. Lastly, I want to suggest that if you have any problems with the intersection, either the app not reading something appropriately or you’re not getting any feedback, use that report a problem option on the main screen. It’ll capture your gps location, take a photo, and allow you to provide feedback to the team so they can help make the app better in your area. Hope you found this to be useful today.

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Hi, everybody. Here’s a short tip on how to stop this annoying habit of voiceover reporting in every time the clock time changes or some other status change occurs on your screen. What I’m talking about is when you have focus with voiceover on an item that is changeable or that updates itself, sometimes you might forget to move the focus from that particular item. I’ll give you an example. Here’s the clock icon on my screen.

04:41.884 –> 04:43.800
Clock eleven 03:00 p.m.

04:44.170 –> 05:28.018
So we’ll just camp out here on the clock icon. I have focus with voiceover on the clock. And when the clock updates to be eleven 04:00 p.m., yes, I’m kind of up late. It will report in. And sometimes folks who are new to voiceover don’t know why that happens. They get upset with their phone. They want to throw it across the room. Why does that thing keep saying that? But to save. Oh, yes, it interrupted me. Eleven 04:00 p.m. Got it. To save your sanity and your phone. What you’ll want to pay attention to is where is voiceovers focused right now? It’s stuck on the clock. I could also touch the battery percentage.

05:28.114 –> 05:31.270
77% battery power not charging status bar item.

05:31.610 –> 06:09.666
And that is on the status bar. And it reports in on my battery percentage and when the battery percentage goes down, it will report in and tell me. So things that are changeable like this, it’s easy to forget that you have voiceover focused on those items. But if you just swipe to something else, preferably an app that does not give you updates, even your email app may just give you a push notification that you have a new email. And so instead of 78 unread emails, you might have 79 unread emails. So I’m just going to touch another app here.

06:09.768 –> 06:10.622

06:10.766 –> 06:35.420
There’s my Mona app. And unless somebody pings me on Mastodon, it probably won’t update that particular icon. So in summary, you’ll want to move your focus away from something that is going to automatically update on your screen by swiping to something that does not update. Hope you found this tip helpful. See you next time.

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I’m going to tell you about the GBL clip three bluetooth speaker this speaker is round in shape and super portable. It’s great for a desk or a bedroom if you want to take it with you. It’s great at a cookout or in a backyard, something like that. The really cool thing about this speaker is it’s got a Carabiner hook coming right out of the top of the speaker. The cool thing about this is that you can hang it on a hook or a knob or clip it to your backpack or anything. It’s really versatile in that way. The cool thing about this is that let’s say you’re in the kitchen and you are making a big mess. You can hang this up on a cabinet knob or handle. That way you don’t have to worry about damaging the speaker. You can still hear it and it stays out of the way. So let’s talk about what’s on here. First of all, this Bluetooth speaker is round in shape. It comes in a multitude of colors, all different kinds of colors, black, blue, red, on and on. So you have a lot of color options if that’s something that you’re into. The carabiner hook comes right out of the top. So it’s right there, right at the top. Going from there on the right side. The first thing you come to is the power on and off button. And then right under that is the Bluetooth button. And you’d use that button to connect it to a device so that you can crank your music, podcasts or anything else. At the bottom you have a rubber cover. You pull that rubber cover up and right in there you have the charging port so the cool thing about that is that it’s there conveniently to be able to charge and then you can cover it up so it doesn’t get any kind of damage if you’re out and about. Keeps the charging port safe. So that’s pretty cool. On the backside of the speaker you have a flat rubber surface, and then on top of that you have some little rubber feet. And this is great. It helps it stay solid on a table or a flat surface, anything like that. It prevents it from sliding or anything like that. So that’s really good. On the front of the speaker, kind of towards the top you have a play pause button and volume up down buttons. The quality of the sound is good, I would say. It’s not a whole lot of bass in it, so if you’re looking for something real bass heavy, this wouldn’t necessarily be the option for you. But everything else, it sounds good. It’s got a really good loud volume. You can adjust that either from the device or from the speaker itself, and it fills up a room nicely. Or if you’re outside hanging out and you want some music, it sounds really good and it gets pretty loud. So definitely a mix of utilitarian portability and good quality sound at an affordable price. This speaker runs on the average of about $50. It fluctuates up and down a few dollars here or there. You can definitely find it on Amazon. That’s probably where you’re going to find it for the best price. The battery life on this speaker is actually pretty good. I’ve gotten, I would say seven, 8 hours of continuous playtime without issue. So it’ll definitely last a day out or music for quite a while in the room, something like that. Again, this is the JBL clip three Bluetooth speaker and check it out.