Unmute Presents Efficiently Using Gravity Forms: A Guide for Screen Reader Users

In this episode of #UnmutePresents, Michael Babcock offers a concise tutorial on using Gravity Forms with a screen reader. Focused on the essentials, this guide is perfect for anyone new to Gravity Forms or in need of a quick refresher.

Key Points:

  1. Accessing and Modifying Forms: Michael demonstrates how to open Gravity Forms in Safari and navigate the WordPress dashboard to create or modify forms.
  2. Adding Key Fields: Learn the straightforward process of adding important fields like ‘Name’ and ‘Date’ to your form.
  3. Navigating to Field Settings: Tips on efficiently navigating to different field settings, including HTML fields for enhanced form functionality.
  4. Saving Your Form: The episode wraps up with the crucial step of saving your form to ensure all changes are applied.

This episode is an essential quick start guide for screen reader users working with Gravity Forms.

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00:00.090 –> 00:02.970
So I’ll start by opening safari.

00:03.130 –> 00:07.818
Safari forms. Gravity forms pay on media LLC WordPress window toolbar.

00:07.994 –> 00:26.146
If you are creating a form for the first time under the Forms menu, which should be on the left side of your WordPress admin dashboard, there is a link titled Add New Form. So choose that. Fill out the title and the description. I’ve done that already. So I’m going to navigate by tables.

00:26.258 –> 00:28.854
Table, seven columns, five rows, and find.

00:28.892 –> 00:30.162
The form that I want to modify.

00:30.226 –> 00:35.474
In table, select Form Status or descending link. In Editor Link, I’ll choose the editor.

00:35.522 –> 01:31.482
Link Standard Fields and this form asks for some details. So I’m going to jump back and forth and do some copying and pasting. I’m not going to make you listen to that, but I’ll walk you through the process of what you need to do to add some forms to add some fields. So the first thing we need to do is add the Name request for this. So I’ll jump back over to Safari allows users to select and you want to locate the list of form fields. On this page there is a list of form fields. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have headings to quickly jump there. So locate that. You could put the single line form field in, but let’s actually go down to Advanced Fields. Advanced Fields. Your screen reader may say collapsed. Let’s expand that advanced fields. And then if we navigate in this.

01:31.536 –> 01:37.162
Panel, advanced Field Name allows users to enter their name in the format you have specified there’s name.

01:37.216 –> 01:45.200
So we’ll choose that by pressing vo space or Enter. And then the next thing we need is today’s Date.

01:45.650 –> 01:48.080
Date allows users to enter a date.

01:48.770 –> 02:00.814
This form has some text that needs to precede a selection of radio buttons. So I’m going to locate the HTML field which is under the general tab.

02:00.862 –> 02:04.530
HTML places a block of free form HTML anywhere in your form.

02:04.680 –> 02:17.670
We’ll press Vo space on that. And then I need some radio buttons because it’s a yes no question. We pick that it requires another HTML field. So I will put that in HTML.

02:18.330 –> 02:20.774
Skip to Main Content Link I’ll find.

02:20.812 –> 02:28.042
The Skip to Main Content link at the top of the page. Quick side note, I’m finding these links work a lot more than they used to in the past.

02:28.176 –> 02:30.266
Select a different form that jumps me.

02:30.288 –> 02:35.502
To a button I can select a different form with. I’m going to tab in Bed main.

02:35.636 –> 02:40.474
Save form name Name duplicate this field name Name group and there’s a duplicate.

02:40.522 –> 02:42.078
This field if I tab again.

02:42.164 –> 02:43.962
Name name jump to this field settings.

02:44.026 –> 02:49.602
Name there’s a jump to this field settings. And the last button is Name name.

02:49.656 –> 02:51.042
Delete this field name.

02:51.176 –> 03:03.480
So as you can hear, it says the name of the field because if I tab pass that eight date duplicate this field main, you have the same three buttons. So I’m going to go back over to the Name Settings option.

03:03.930 –> 03:06.326
Name name jump to this Field Settings name.

03:06.428 –> 03:08.790
And if I press Vo Space General.

03:08.860 –> 03:11.874
Field Settings tab panel Focus should jump.

03:11.922 –> 03:14.966
To the General panel, which it does in this instance.

03:14.998 –> 03:24.638
So we’ll press Tab less than strong greater than Field label less than Slash strong greater than enter the label of the form field. This is the field title the user will see when filling out the form. But we’ll tab in Name Contents, and.

03:24.644 –> 03:32.478
Once you get past all of the settings, you have Appearance and Advanced advanced. And I don’t need to choose any of those. So I’m going to bring up a.

03:32.564 –> 03:43.870
Form field list links menu form Controls menu locate save form one item impress Vo Space save form save form updated.

03:44.290 –> 03:55.460
That’s how add fields to a form in gravity forms and edit settings on a gravity form. If you get any value out of this, let someone know about it.