Unmute Presents Exploring new generative AI skills for Lady A

In this conversation, we explore new generative AI skills for Lady A. We discuss the character.ai skill that lets users chat with chatbots, the Splash skill for creating personalized songs, and the Volley Games skill, an AI-driven version of 20 questions. We encounter some technical difficulties with the latter. These skills are still in early stages, so approach with caution. There may be a subscription fee in the future. Thanks for listening!

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Welcome to all things Lady A. So I’m going to talk today about a couple of skills, well, actually three skills that Amazon has been rolling out since September, and they are generative AI skills. And so we’re going to talk about how to try these. So if you want to use artificial intelligence to make the most of lady A, you are in luck. So with AI, Amazon has unveiled these three new skills that all come with a lot of AI. Now, I think they’re pretty, in their pretty rough stages, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. So they’re accessible to all lady A users and devices. And the three skills are free through the lady A app as well as through the skills website. So first one is a skill called character AI, and it was designed by the developers behind the character AI website. So this skill lets you chat with a range of different chat bots, and you can talk to historical figures such as Socrates or Albert Einstein and engage in conversations about philosophy or physics. And you can also use this to chat with trip planners or dating coaches, fitness coaches, and other helpers to get help and advice. And I can’t stress this enough that I would take any of the advice or information that you get from these skills that we’re going to talk about today with a grain of salt because I think they’re in their very early stages and so I would not take anything that they say as not necessarily true, but I just wouldn’t hold a lot of opinion about it. For entertainment, you can also explore AI driven alternate timelines or help an AI escape from a harrowing situation. So like I say, a lot of this stuff is kind of game oriented. So to use the skill, you just say lady a open character AI. So let’s just try it, see what happens. Ziggy open character AI.

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Okay, here’s character AI. Character AI contains mature content that may not be suitable for all ages. Would you like to continue?

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This third party provider indicated that their skill uses generative AI. As a result, everything characters say is made up. Welcome to character AI. To link your account, say Alexa link account. To get started, would you like to speak to assistants, helpers, famous people, or fun and games?

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Link my account.

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I sent a notification to your Alexa app so you can link your account. Once you’re done, just reopen the skill to continue.

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Oh, I got, oh, so I got to do that. So I didn’t realize that. So it will ask you then if you’d like to speak with an assistant or helper, famous people, or just have fun and games. And you just make your choice and then she’ll list some of the different characters waiting to chat with you. All right, so apparently we’re not going to really be able to demonstrate these, but we’ll still talk about them. So the next one on the list is a skill called Splash, which uses AI to create a song based on your description. So with this one, you can just tell her to create any type of song, or you can specify the genre of the music you want. So for example, you can say, help me create a song in folk music or classic rock or country or whatever you want to do. Then after she plays a short excerpt that she’s created, she’ll ask you if you want to make any changes, such as adding lyrics. And if you decide you like the tune, you can then tell her to send it to your phone for playback. So I guess you can save it. And to use that skill to generate any type of song. Say lady a create a song with splash music. Now let me see. She’ll probably say the same thing if we try this. Ziggy. Create a song using splash music.

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Sorry, I missed that. Can you say it again?

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Create a song with splash music.

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Preparing your song. Sit tight. Personalize your song. You can choose to add singing or rapping about a topic, change the genre and more. What changes would you like to make?

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Thanks for using Splash. See you next time.

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Now she didn’t give me a chance or a choice to choose the genre of my music. That was weird. I thought she would. But anyway, that’s kind of a little overview of that, and it’s kind of, I don’t know, I would say kind of a rudimentary melody, but you can make changes to it. And then once you’ve decided that you like it, you can have it sent to your phone. Oh, I know what I should have done. Sorry, I should have said open splash music, and then you’ll be asked what style of music you prefer. So sorry about that. I goofed on that one. So you can play around with that one. So I don’t think that any of the music that she would create would win any awards at the next grammys, but it might be kind of fun to just play with it. So the last one is named volley games, and this is an AI driven spin on the usual, like 20 questions game. So in this one, an AI host challenges you to guess an object by asking the right yes or no questions. So after giving you the category, then you’re prompted to ask questions until you hopefully guess the mystery items so you can ask for hints if you’re stumped. And to use this one, you say, well, let’s just do it here. Ziggy open volley games.

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Welcome back to 20 questions. I’m your AI host, riddlestilt skin. Your mission is to decode my object with 20 questions or fewer. Need a hint? Just ask. Today’s object hails from the science and nature category. This is a tough one. What’s your first question?

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Is it weather related?

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Sorry, I missed that. Could you try saying that again?

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Is it related to weather?

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Sorry, I missed that. Could you try saying that again?

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Is it a chemical.

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Sorry, I missed.

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Ziggy, stop.

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Sorry. I’m having trouble accessing your volley game skill right now.

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Oh, sorry about that. Oh my gosh. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my lady a devices. I don’t know if they’re just like overrun with people getting new devices after Christmas or what. Anyway, it’s a 20 questions type game, and I have actually played this one before, so I don’t know why it’s not accepting my questions. But the one that I did earlier today, the category was a household object. And I found out that it was something in the kitchen and I finally got it and it was a spatula. So anyway, it’s kind of just fun to play with. And like I said, these three new skills were all made up by developers using new tools introduced by Amazon last September. So that’s when this all started. And they’re designed to more easily integrate generative AI into lady a skills. And users can start conversations and access real time data. But like I said, I would take anything that you get from these three skills with a grain of salt. And I think as these skills become more sophisticated, and this is just my opinion, that you will probably have to pay some sort of subscription fee to use them. Okay, well, that’s all I have for today. Hopefully you can have some fun with these three skills. More fun than I just had. So if you have any feedback, you can email feedback at Unmute show. All right, thanks everybody, and we’ll see you next month. Our channel.