Unmute Presents Jaws Tips – Decrease and Increase rate during JAWS Say All

In this Jaws Tips Marci shows you how to increase the jaws reading rate on the fly.

In this weeks club unmute, Marci taught us how to permanently increase the speaking rate of jaws. She also introduced us to the Jaws key, Taught us quick web nav keystrokes and how to switch between open programs.

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00:02.640 –> 00:06.874
Here’s Marcy with today’s jaw unmute be heard.

00:10.054 –> 00:18.974
Hello, my name is Marcy and I’m here to share a jaws tip with you. Today I’m going to read a document.

00:19.014 –> 00:51.114
From top to bottom. Then I’m going to use page up to increase the jaws reading speed during say all and page down to decrease the jaws reading speed during say all. My document is the friendship Alphabet a truefriend docs word. So I’m starting at the top and activating the say all command with either jaws key, a laptop mode or jaws key down arrow desktop mode. I’m going to use jaws key a.

00:51.414 –> 00:55.654
The friendship Alphabet a true friend is one who left paren a right paren.

00:55.734 –> 00:56.686
Accepts you as you are.

00:56.750 –> 01:00.654
Left paren b right paren believes in quote you quote left parenthesi right paren.

01:00.734 –> 01:02.046
Calls you just to say quote I.

01:02.110 –> 01:04.246
Quote left paren d right paren doesn’t.

01:04.270 –> 01:04.950
Give up on you.

01:05.022 –> 01:06.862
Left paren e right paren envisions the.

01:06.878 –> 01:08.566
Whole of your left paren, even the unfinished parts.

01:08.590 –> 01:24.254
Right paren forgives your m forgive forgive forgive forgive forgives your mistakes. Left paren g right paren gives unconditionally now let’s use page right left left.

01:24.294 –> 01:31.388
Left left left left left left left perenny try paren helps you left paren I right paren invite you over. Left parent a right paren just likes to quote a quote with you. Left parent a right paren keeps you.

01:31.396 –> 01:43.964
Close at heart left blank so there is your jaws tip during say all. When you use page down that will decrease your reading speed. When you use page up that will.

01:44.044 –> 01:50.784
Increase your reading speed not affecting the speed that you have jaws running at all.

01:53.764 –> 02:06.644
Thanks for listening to jaws tips with Marcy the music used in this production. This was brought to you by Andre Louis and his shorts collection unmute be heard.