Unmute Presents Jaws Tips – Quickly Edit Form Fields

In this episode we learn how to use Jaws Key + F5 to quickly access a list of form fields.

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Here’s Marcy with today’s Jaws tip. Unmute, be heard. Hello, my name is Marcy. In today’s Jaws tip, I’m going to show you how to bring the form fields or the fields that I have completed in this online application that I’ve found up into a list. This is great because reviewing the form fields, if you notice that you’ve made a mistake, pressing enter will take you immediately to that form field. So I’m going to take you to the application that I was completing, news.

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Line self application, in five more pages.

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Here you go. So now I’m going to bring up the form fields in a list. The Jaws command is Jaws key f five. Love this command.

00:50.044 –> 00:55.636
Select a form field dialog list one list view first name Edit Marcy one of 20. To move to items, use the arrow.

00:55.660 –> 01:12.502
Keys so I see that the first name is correct. So I’m going to do a down arrow just to investigate the different form fields. I’m running jaws with a braille display so I can check out the entries that I have put into these fields as well. First name is correct. It’s mercy.

01:12.638 –> 01:14.694
Middle initial, edit d two of 20.

01:14.854 –> 01:17.314
The middle initial is correct, it’s d.

01:17.734 –> 01:20.166
Last name edit smiles. Three of 20.

01:20.350 –> 01:23.094
The last name is correct. It smiles.

01:23.394 –> 01:27.122
Street address line 123, happy ln. Four of 20.

01:27.298 –> 01:34.974
So looking at the braille on this one, I see that I have spelled happy with only one p, so I can press enter.

01:35.474 –> 01:40.322
Type in text. Type in text. Street address, line one, edit 123, happy ln.

01:40.498 –> 01:56.656
And I am right there on the street address so I can press home to go to the beginning of the field one. And then I can press control right arrow to move to the next word, happy. And so if I spell happy, happy, happy.

01:56.680 –> 01:59.336
H a p y space, I see.

01:59.360 –> 02:05.484
That I’ve left out that p. So I’m going to arrow right a p and put another p there.

02:06.024 –> 02:06.888

02:07.056 –> 02:08.564
Now I can spell it again.

02:09.064 –> 02:11.664
H a p p y space.

02:11.784 –> 02:28.054
And guess what? It’s correct. So the insert f five is the key that I’m using to review my form. When I find a mistake, then I can immediately go to it by pressing enter and fix it. That is your jaws tip. Enjoy.