Unmute Presents Publishing an Episode to Pinecast

In this episode Michael walks you threw publishing a podcast episode to Pinecast, the favorite podcast hosting tool of us at Unmute.You can tune into this call live every Tuesday.

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00:00.170 –> 00:04.878
When you first log into Pinecast, you’ll be presented with a page that says.

00:05.044 –> 00:06.634
My podcast Microsoft Edge.

00:06.682 –> 00:18.466
All the podcasts that you have access to will have a link on this page. Choose that link to go to the overview of that specific podcast. Today we’ll find Blind Shell Classic 2101.

00:18.468 –> 00:21.118
And beyond Link Blindshell Classic 2101 and.

00:21.124 –> 00:22.846
Beyond last published 14 days ago.

00:23.028 –> 00:29.046
You hear what the last published amount of time was for your specific podcast. And if you press enter on this.

00:29.148 –> 00:31.720
My podcast Link line Shell Classic 2101.

00:32.090 –> 00:34.994
The title bar changes from my podcasts.

00:35.042 –> 00:37.478
To overview Blindshell Classic 2101 of the.

00:37.484 –> 00:39.654
On Microsoft Ed or insert the name.

00:39.692 –> 00:42.694
Of your podcast heading navigation allows us.

00:42.732 –> 00:45.658
To quickly jump down Blindfold Classic 2101.

00:45.664 –> 00:46.682
Of the onsetting level one.

00:46.736 –> 00:54.058
If you down Arrow from the name of the podcast, you’ll hear how many episodes are available and then the next link is the new episode option.

00:54.144 –> 00:56.826
44 episodes link new episodes use heading.

00:56.858 –> 01:04.334
Navigation to go down to the next heading to get analytics about your podcast. We’ll choose this new episode link main.

01:04.372 –> 01:05.946
Region new episode link episode title Edit.

01:05.978 –> 01:14.782
Blank and we’re put in the episode title field. If you’re not, go to the top of the page and use e for edit field to get to the episode title.

01:14.846 –> 01:17.886
Episode title edit I’m going to give.

01:17.928 –> 01:20.406
This episode a title and then you.

01:20.428 –> 01:22.658
Can use your tab key subtitle optional.

01:22.674 –> 01:26.774
Edit blank and add an optional subtitle. I typically don’t put something there.

01:26.812 –> 01:30.786
We’ll tab again episode type combo box full episode this is a full episode.

01:30.818 –> 01:34.378
So we’ll leave this here. If you want to explore that, feel free to do so.

01:34.464 –> 01:37.018
Season edit one and we press tab again.

01:37.104 –> 01:38.918
Apply an episode number checkbox not checked.

01:39.014 –> 01:45.514
And you can apply an episode number automatically if you’d like. Again, we’re continuing to tab through this screen.

01:45.632 –> 01:48.138
Drop an mp3 file here or click here to browse Colon no file chosen.

01:48.154 –> 01:53.310
Button and this says drop an mp3 file here or click here to browse. So I’m going to press my enter.

01:53.380 –> 01:58.882
Key here file name Colon Open dialog file name colon edit combo and this.

01:58.936 –> 02:06.402
Puts us in a browse file dialog, which means you need to find the file that you want to upload as.

02:06.456 –> 02:09.710
The podcast MP3 Blindshell Classic 2101 and.

02:09.720 –> 02:13.154
Beyond 1823 and that’s the file I want to upload.

02:13.202 –> 02:15.314
So I’ll hit enter on that new episode.

02:15.362 –> 02:19.186
Blindshell Classic 2101 and beyond Microsoft Edge unavailable main region drop an mp3 file.

02:19.218 –> 02:44.626
Here now a couple of things can happen here. Right now the file should be uploading to Pinecast that means it should be going from your computer to the Pinecast servers. However, if you don’t have all the required information, the file is not currently uploading. You know if the file is uploading. If you see a cancel button or you don’t see these options if you.

02:44.648 –> 02:50.770
Press your tab key main region delete button add metadata button if you have.

02:50.840 –> 03:03.042
An add metadata button, go ahead and press that and we can work together so you don’t have to worry about that in future when you’re uploading your podcast so it’ll automatically have that metadata on the file.

03:03.106 –> 03:05.238
New episode line Shell Classic 2100 and.

03:05.244 –> 03:07.798
Then if you press your tab key, you’ll get an option to drop a.

03:07.804 –> 03:09.858
Png or jpg file here. Click here to browse colon no file.

03:09.874 –> 03:14.042
Chosen button if you don’t have artwork for this episode, you can tab once.

03:14.176 –> 03:16.010
Do not set artwork button and choose.

03:16.080 –> 03:19.274
The do not set artwork button. We’ll press space there.

03:19.392 –> 03:21.946
New episode line Shell Classic 2101 now.

03:21.968 –> 03:25.358
If you press your tab key main region cancel button, you hear that it.

03:25.364 –> 03:28.426
Says cancel and not delete because the file is uploading.

03:28.458 –> 03:30.478
If you press your up arrow 00:20.

03:30.644 –> 03:35.210
There’S 20 seconds left to go. If we press e at this point.

03:35.300 –> 03:38.978
We jump to edit 1218 2023 07:15 p.m.

03:39.064 –> 04:00.774
The published date and time that you’d like to publish this episode. Note that if the episode finishes uploading and you’re not done making changes, the page may seem to reload and your focus will jump back to the top. Simply use your edit navigation or e key to locate the last place that you are at. For example, we were just talking about.

04:00.812 –> 04:02.866
The date subtitle optional edit blank season.

04:02.898 –> 04:06.440
Edit one edit 1218 2023 07:15 p.m.

04:07.050 –> 04:24.158
Changing this will either post in the past or schedule in the future, or take what time you initially loaded the add episode link from the podcast overview page. Continue using e for edit navigation.

04:24.254 –> 04:26.322
Edit contains text and you can use.

04:26.376 –> 04:33.586
This edit field to paste in or type your show notes. I’ll paste in show notes that I.

04:33.608 –> 04:37.094
Have grammar left there and note you.

04:37.132 –> 04:40.802
Can use markdown with this editor.

04:40.946 –> 04:44.466
We’ll exit the forms mode virtual pc.

04:44.578 –> 04:46.354
And if you use f for forms.

04:46.402 –> 04:48.498
Navigation quote powered by Pinecast quote checkbox.

04:48.514 –> 04:52.298
Checked, you hear powered by Pinecast I typically leave that there.

04:52.384 –> 04:53.418
Add a link to subscribe via the.

04:53.424 –> 04:57.178
Tips are checkbox checked is another feature I leave enabled add a link to.

04:57.184 –> 05:02.986
My podcast website checkbox checked add my Pinecast referral code checkbox checked show feedback prompt button.

05:03.088 –> 05:15.186
The feedback prompt, if you have the appropriate plan, will allow you to set a custom message to ask your listeners if they’re leaving you a comment on a podcast episode. We’ll continue using the f key show.

05:15.208 –> 05:17.954
More options button save with draft button.

05:18.072 –> 05:19.534
And if you’re not ready to publish.

05:19.582 –> 05:22.434
You can choose that button or save episode button.

05:22.632 –> 05:25.522
Pressing save episode with your spacebar save.

05:25.576 –> 05:27.594
Episode button will then make the episode.

05:27.662 –> 05:33.346
Live based on the time that you have in the date edit field. So now if you read the title.

05:33.378 –> 05:37.094
Bar overview f 46 script talk and.

05:37.132 –> 05:39.106
You can use heading navigation to navigate.

05:39.138 –> 05:43.194
To the episode title 46 script talk heading level one and if you need.

05:43.232 –> 05:45.850
Important information, locate the heading that says.

05:45.920 –> 05:48.186
Important links heading level three under the.

05:48.208 –> 05:51.082
Important links you have two important links for sure.

05:51.136 –> 05:54.414
Audio URL read only edit htpspinecast that.

05:54.452 –> 06:02.526
First audio URL, which you can select all of and copy, will take people to start playing the audio directly and.

06:02.628 –> 06:04.350
Shortlink read only edit Htps.

06:04.850 –> 06:23.810
The short link will take people to the page with your show notes, and they can subscribe to the podcast and listen to the audio from there. That’s a brief overview of publishing podcast episodes to Pinecast. If you got any value out of this, don’t forget to share it with someone who might as well. Thanks for listening.