Unmute Presents “Spooky Surprises and AI Insights: Halloween Themes and Oracle of Light on Lady A”

In this podcast episode, Marty and Lucy discuss Halloween-themed features for Amazon’s Alexa (referred to as “Lady A”) and the new AI feature, Oracle of Light. Lucy shares her experience with the Halloween theme, demonstrating how Alexa responds with themed replies to queries like weather updates. They explore the Oracle of Light skill, highlighting its free and paid versions. The paid version, integrated with ChatGPT, offers more detailed responses and maintains conversation context. Lucy demonstrates this by asking about baking a cake, Dan Fogelberg’s history, and facts about Michigan, including its cities, population, and governor. They also discuss the potential for storing information from Alexa’s responses and compare the accuracy of responses between the free and paid versions of the Oracle of Light skill. The episode concludes with thoughts on the increasing role of AI in everyday technology.

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00:04.570 –> 00:11.118
Hey, everyone, and welcome back to another all things lady A with Lucy and Lucy. How are you today?

00:11.284 –> 01:02.640
I’m doing really good today, Marty. So today I want to talk about something real quickly. We talked about themes before in a prior podcast that you could enable now because it’s around the time of Halloween, even though the podcast certainly will be heard at different times. But you can enable different themes, and that only means that when you ask your lady a to do certain things like what’s the weather? Or just saying hello or setting a timer or an alarm, she will answer you in some form of whatever theme you have enabled. So I have enabled the Halloween theme. So let me just be interesting. Yeah, Ziggy, hello. Hello.

01:05.510 –> 01:12.898
It’s Halloween season, and I have just the thing to lift your spirits. Just ask me for a ghost story.

01:13.064 –> 01:19.640
Well, we won’t do that. So, for instance, if you say, ziggy, what’s the weather today?

01:24.170 –> 01:33.910
The current weather is 57 degrees Fahrenheit with showers. Tonight you can look for rainy weather with a low of 57 degrees.

01:34.070 –> 02:01.838
Okay. And when you set a timer, she will talk to you in that witch voice. And I’m sure that as the holidays progress, there will be other themes available, like, I don’t know, maybe even Thanksgiving, who knows? Or, I don’t know about Hanukah. I don’t know, Christmas for sure. I’m sure. So that’s just a little thing on that. And then you can disable them at any time.

02:02.004 –> 02:04.510
So do they cost any money or are they free?

02:04.580 –> 02:05.734
No. Free? Yeah.

02:05.772 –> 02:06.406
Oh, cool.

02:06.508 –> 02:10.178
Yeah, it’s just kind of something weird.

02:10.354 –> 02:13.154
I wonder what Thanksgiving it sounds like. Are you like a fat belly?

02:13.202 –> 02:56.278
Is that what a turkey? Okay, so our main topic of today is Amazon’s enhanced AI feature, which actually enhances the AI that these devices already use because they are actually sort of an AI device, and they get smarter as the devices improve and as you use them, they become familiar with the things that you like and whatever. So the skill is called Oracle of Light. A-U-R-I-C-L-E. Oracle of Light.

02:56.444 –> 03:05.926
Now, question for you. This is not on every speaker, right? This is only on certain ones or is it on everything?

03:06.108 –> 04:53.500
It’s on everything, but I think you have to activate it on each device. I don’t think you can do, like, I know we talked about the everywhere feature in a prior podcast. I don’t think you can do that with this. But yes, there is a free version of this, and there’s also an advanced version, which I’ll talk about in a second. So this skill, it allows you to have more meaningful information and interactions with your device, rather than just the basic stuff that you get normally. So you verbally communicate with it, and your device will communicate with the AI feature of Oracle of Light, which they say is chat GPT. But it certainly doesn’t allow you to do everything that chat GPT does. And so it brings back your answers to you and you can keep asking it questions. You don’t have to keep saying Lady A or whatever the name of your device is. You can find out more information about the topic that you are talking with her about. So this is kind of just more in depth information. Rather than having to type on the screen on your phone or your PC, if you have one of the AI platforms, your PC or your phone, you can just use this and you can just hear it instead of having to type it out, you can just kind of ask it. So like I said, there is an advanced feature of this which costs, I believe, 1.60 per month. But we’ll find out as soon as I enable it, it’ll tell us.

04:54.670 –> 04:56.442
You said there’s a free version, right?

04:56.496 –> 05:05.102
There is a free version, and that will only give you certain amounts of information. It’s all about the money, right?

05:05.236 –> 05:06.062
Yeah, definitely.

05:06.196 –> 05:25.540
Of course, they’re saying that this advanced feature will obviously give you more information. And so because it’s kind of so cheap, it’s going to make people probably want to get that. And I don’t know, I don’t like this.

05:25.990 –> 05:37.494
So there’s a free version, then we have the version you were just talking about, which is one step up. You can do a few more things than the free version. And you said there was an advanced version or so is there A third tier or just.

05:37.532 –> 05:42.106
No, the advanced version is the one that you pay for.

05:42.208 –> 05:43.194
Oh, got it. Okay, cool.

05:43.232 –> 06:48.270
There’s only two. And so the Advanced feature will give you a two day free trial, and then it will charge your Amazon account after that if you don’t cancel it. So you got to pay attention to all of these things that they offer you, these free things. Some of them are two days, some of them are three days, five days, seven days. So I play a lot of games on my devices and they have levels that you can unlock with the paid versions, but they offer you these free trials and you have to remember to cancel them or you will be in debt. I don’t even say, yeah, give me the free trial because I’ll forget to cancel it if I don’t set a reminder. So like, I said, I think this is device specific. In other words, I think you will have to activate it on however many lady Aid devices you own. You can’t do the everywhere feature.

06:48.930 –> 06:50.650
That means you got to pay each device.

06:50.730 –> 07:09.560
No, I don’t believe so. I think once you’ve paid, I think that it’s a one time pay, but I think you do have to activate it or enable it on each device. Okay, so let’s try this out. Ziggy, enable Oracle of Light.

07:10.250 –> 07:14.710
You’ve disabled Oracle of Light in the past. Do you want to enable it again?

07:14.860 –> 07:15.560

07:16.170 –> 07:25.594
Here’s the skill. Oracle of Light by revolutionary voice. Oracle of Light contains mature content that may not be suitable for all ages. Would you like to continue?

07:25.792 –> 07:26.540

07:29.150 –> 07:46.740
I am the OpenAI enhanced Oracle of Light. If you want to activate the advanced mode, say, activate Advanced mode. In Advanced mode, Alexa will maintain the conversation context and chain of reasoning while providing longer answers without interruptions in the middle of sentences. How can I help you?

07:47.670 –> 07:49.810
Activate Advanced mode.

07:52.310 –> 08:31.598
In Advanced mode, Alexa will maintain the conversation context and chain of reasoning while providing longer answers without interruptions in the middle of sentences. Alexa transforms into a chat bot that can converse on a variety of topics and events up to the year 2021. Evaluate each answer critically. Since they are not infallible, it is recommended to seek professional advice for questions related to health, safety, and financial matters, as Alexa’s answers may not be reliable. Advanced mode is free for two days. Then you’ll be automatically charged $1.69 a month plus tax. Cancel anytime. Check the Alexa app for terms.

08:31.684 –> 08:33.266
$1. And would you like to start your.

08:33.288 –> 08:35.918
Free trial using your default payment method?

08:36.094 –> 08:36.820

08:39.590 –> 08:44.980
Great. You’re signed up. The advanced mode is now active. How can I help you?

08:46.010 –> 08:50.870
Give me step by step instructions on how to bake a cake.

08:56.760 –> 09:32.770
Certainly. Here’s a stepbystep guide on how to bake a cake. One. Gather all the ingredients you’ll need, such as flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking powder, milk, and any flavorings or additions you’d like. For example, vanilla extract, chocolate chips. Two. Preheat your oven to the recommended temperature stated in your recipe. Three. Prepare your cake pans by greasing them with butter or oil and lightly dusting them with flour. Four. In a large mixing bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Five. Shall I continue?

09:33.220 –> 09:33.970

09:38.100 –> 09:46.070
All right, no problem. If you have any other questions or need assistance with something else, feel free to ask. Anything more?

09:46.440 –> 09:51.620
Yeah. Give me the history of Dan Fogelberg.

09:56.840 –> 10:25.390
Dan Fogelberg was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He was born on August 13, 1951 in Peoria, Illinois, and passed away on December 16, 2007 in Maine. Fogelberg is known for his soft rock and folk rock music style, and he achieved significant commercial success during the 1970s and 1980s. Fogelberg began his musical career by playing in local bands and as a session musician in Nashville. Shall I continue?

10:26.160 –> 10:26.910

10:30.240 –> 10:36.610
All right. If you have any other questions or need assistance with something else, feel free to ask. Okay.

10:37.060 –> 10:40.080
Okay. How many cities are there in Michigan?

10:43.500 –> 10:49.710
As of 2021, there are a total of 533 cities in the state of Michigan. Okay.

10:50.880 –> 10:53.260
How many people are in Michigan?

10:56.880 –> 11:06.160
As of 2021, the estimated population of Michigan is around 10 million peoplE. Please note that population numbers can vary and change over time.

11:06.310 –> 11:10.400
Okay, who is the governor of Michigan?

11:13.840 –> 11:23.070
As of September 2021, the governor of Michigan is Gretchen Whitmer. She has been in office since January 1, 2019. Anything more?

11:23.920 –> 11:25.500
When was she born?

11:29.060 –> 11:34.370
Gretchen Whitmer was born on August 23, 171. Anything else?

11:34.900 –> 11:36.370
Does she have any children?

11:39.820 –> 11:46.108
Yes, Gretchen Whitmer has two children. Her daughter’s names are Sherry and Sydney. Anything more?

11:46.274 –> 11:46.990

11:50.090 –> 11:57.100
I apologize for the mistake. Gretchen Whitmer actually has two children named Sherry and Sydney. Okay.

11:58.350 –> 12:00.170
Okay, I’m finished.

12:03.780 –> 12:11.700
Thank you for using our conversation service. If you have any more questions in the future, feel free to ask. Have a great day.

12:11.850 –> 12:15.270
Okay, Ziggy, stop.

12:17.560 –> 12:19.220
Goodbye and good luck.

12:19.720 –> 12:21.508
I got a couple questions for you.

12:21.594 –> 12:22.532
Yeah, sure.

12:22.666 –> 12:38.828
So when you’re using that, let’s say that you want to capture the information that was told to you. Like if you’re writing a report on Michigan, for example, and you wanted to get all that information, is there a way to store that information somewhere so that you can use it, or how would that work?

12:38.994 –> 12:52.850
I don’t know if you can look in the Alexa app and get a history of what you have asked it, but as far as I know, there’s no storage feature on the device itself.

12:53.620 –> 13:03.750
Okay. So you would have to go to a different device if you want to capture the information that you’re asking it and use it for something outside of just asking the speaker questions.

13:04.120 –> 13:14.630
Yeah, like, I would probably just use either my iPhone and use a voice memo to record what I’m doing or something like that. You could just do something like that?

13:15.240 –> 13:31.212
Yeah, when I do it, a lot of times I’ll do it in the browser, then save it to a blank document or whatever, but it’s not that easy on one of the A lady devices. And you can use it on either a screened version or a. Correct?

13:31.346 –> 14:03.808
Yeah. Cool. Yeah, yeah, you can use it on any of the Alexa devices. But what I was going to say is when I asked her how many children Gretchen Whitmer had, and then she know, do you want to know anything else? And I said, no, I don’t know why. She said, my apologies, my mistake. Gretchen Whitmer has two children, know because she gave the same names of those. Not sure, I’m not sure what that was all about.

14:03.994 –> 14:10.212
Who knows? Sometimes you get a glitch in the tech sphere, you know what I mean? In the cloud or something, who knows?

14:10.356 –> 14:32.108
Yeah. And I don’t one, in one article I saw that Oracle of Light uses chat GPT as its AI, but I don’t know that that’s, I don’t know because I know, know. Chat GPT is certainly a lot more sophisticated.

14:32.284 –> 15:20.050
Right. The one thing to remember about Chat GPT though, depending on the device you’re using and all of that good stuff, there’s different versions of chat GPT. So if you’re using, for example, for a long time the free version was, I believe, 3.5 and then the paid version was 4.0. But now they might have bumped that up and the paid version might be a higher number. Now something, they’ve improved more and the free tier is something lesser, but it might be a little bit higher than the original 3.5 they were doing. So I do know that there is some differences between the free version and the paid version depending on the version of Chat GPT that either one of those is using.

15:20.420 –> 15:46.484
Okay. And I also know that there is a skill on your lady, a called Chat GPT. However, in order to use it, you have to have a paid chat GPT account. So I was thinking about trying to demonstrate it, but I don’t have a paid version of chat GPT so I didn’t do it right.

15:46.602 –> 16:20.304
But you can a lot of kind of different ways you can use chat GPT with different apps and all of that stuff. So it just all depends on what you’re using. The question, I guess would be if you were just asking your a lady those same questions without using that service, how accurate or unaccurate or responsive or non responsive would it be whether you were just asking your a lady just those same regular questions you were asking to using that software that you were using.

16:20.422 –> 16:23.484
Like how would the answers compare with one another?

16:23.622 –> 16:24.356

16:24.538 –> 17:29.204
Well, certain things obviously would be the same, but When I asked it without using Oracle of Light, I just asked her how many cities were in Michigan. She didn’t give me an accurate answer. I mean, she didn’t give me a definite answer. She just said, there are many cities in know. I don’t know. But anyway, so it was a little bit more in depth because it was based on the census data and stuff like that. When I asked her in Oracle of Light, and then also the history of Dan Fogelberg, when I just asked it, it said, here’s an answer from Wikipedia. So it pulled information from Wikipedia just in the normal lady a without Oracle of light, and it didn’t give me as much information as it did. So I don’t know. It’s crazy. And I’m probably not going to keep this advanced version.

17:29.332 –> 17:52.048
Yeah, it’d be interesting to see if there was a way to do the free version and the paid version and ask the same set of questions and see if there was any difference at all anywhere along the way. It would be fun to pick five questions and you ask the free version five questions, and then you ask the paid version those same five questions and see how different it is. If it’s any different at all.

17:52.214 –> 18:01.092
Yeah, you’d probably have to have two people doing it because I think once the advanced mode is activated, I think it’s there. You know what I’m saying?

18:01.226 –> 18:16.024
Right. But maybe you could do it on a different a lady that you have with the free version because it doesn’t activate on every single one of your a lady speakers if you have more than one. Right. It just does it on the one that you activated it on.

18:16.142 –> 18:28.008
Well, yeah, it does, but I think once you activate it on another one, I think because you have the advanced version on one, I think it would be activated on all of them.

18:28.094 –> 18:32.316
Oh, got you. So it’s account based. So anytime you’re signed into your own account, it’ll be there?

18:32.418 –> 18:33.116

18:33.298 –> 18:35.630
Oh, that’s cool then. Actually that’s pretty cool.

18:38.320 –> 18:58.390
It just kind of another way for Amazon to make money, but it’s something that people are into. These mean this is the day of. So that is, yeah. All right. So that is all I have for today.

18:59.080 –> 19:14.390
All right, well, thanks, Lucy. It’s always awesome. Dive into some a lady stuff with you and everyone. Thanks so much. If you have any questions, comments or anything like that, you can reach us at feedback at Unmute show and we’ll see you guys next time.