Unmute Presents Unmute Presents Community Replay from 2 Jan

In today’s Unmute Community Call, we discuss the success of the Spanish with Carla podcast and new upcoming podcasts on IACast. Marty mentions recent episodes of Technically Working and the Unmute Presents community replay. We address issues with Do Not Disturb and focus modes in iOS, as well as provide tips on identifying pills using scanning apps and trusted sources. We also recommend using RSS readers like NetNewsWire and Liray for a better reading experience. The conversation ends with discussions on email account switching, invoking the reader function on webpages, and creating shortcuts for auto lock settings. We thank our listeners and sign off.

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Today’S Unmute Presents community call was hosted on Tuesday to January 2024.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to Unmute. Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a good new year. All of that good stuff. Want to remind everyone here that we’re going to get through all firsthands first and if we have time we can take second questions. Also, please be respectful, make sure that you let everyone get their question answered in the same respect you would want your question answered. And remember, there’s no dumb questions. As usual, we got Michael Deutsche with us. Welcome back Michael. Hope you had a good holiday. What’s happening?

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Hey Marty and Michael, thanks. It’s good to be back. Happy New Year everybody. It’s been a great holiday season, I hope for you guys, and it was for me. And we’ve had several new podcasts over the holidays. Spanish with Carla has had a few episodes. That podcast is going strong and people are loving it. We just put out the new year’s episode late last week so you can learn different ways of saying happy new year and know how the customs and different parties are handled in Mexico and different parts of the world. So fantastic episode. We have a lot of new podcasts coming for iacast and things like that very soon. And we’re also making sure that the radio is all fresh content, so we’re keeping it up to the current week and no previous content before that. So you always have something new and interesting to listen to. So with that, I will hand it back to Marty.

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So thanks, Marty. Thanks Michael. Good to have you back. And as always, we also have Michael Babcock with us. What’s going, you know, just trying to.

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Get everything all done. Appreciate you all for joining us today. So yesterday we had technically working come out with DeMasi and I. We sat down, had some conversations about of course, a wide variety of topics. So go check that out in your favorite podcast app or technicallyworking show. On Sunday, I shared an episode called getting introduced to Todoist on Windows. And todoist is a tool we’ve often talked about. That is my project management tool of choice. Some people don’t like it, some people do. But I walk you through the process of installing it and getting signed in while using jaws and then give you some tips for navigating todoist. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Thursday. Passkeys unlocked. Navigating the new year with digital security. Demasi and I chatted again about pass keys, gave some real life scenarios of how we are using passkeys in our life and where you can go and test out past keys if you want to see how that experience is to sign in. And then, of course, the unmute presents community replay for December 26. So Marty, do you have a question for people?

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Yeah. So considering we are fresh into the new year, do you make a New Year’s resolution? And if you do, do you use an app to help you in any way keep or keep track of or anything like that of your New Year’s resolution? So I’d love to hear what people are doing with that. And to kick things off today, Judy’s going to give us a special Zoom update.

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Thanks, Marty. Yes. So I guess it was before the call started last week that I talked about an issue with Zoom and iPads where you would double tap in webinar to raise your hand and it would not say raise, would say hand raised, hand now lowered. And I reached out to Zoom and waited a few days, didn’t get an answer. And I reached out again and got an answer within like a couple of hours. And they said that they were able to duplicate the problem. And it’s not just with voiceover users, it’s actually with webinar and iPad across the board. And they said that they would work on a fix for it. And they suggested in the meantime either go on on the website or use another platform. So I was really encouraged that they actually answered me. Hopefully they will fix it and not break something else in the meantime. But hope spring is eternal. We don’t know until they do it. And as of yet, they have not fixed that because I actually went on to one of the hours of communityathon on my iPad just to see, and it wasn’t fixed. And I’ve seen no further updates. But they did answer me, so I’m encouraged about that.

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Well, that’s awesome, Judy, thanks so much for the update. We really appreciate.

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Yeah, hopefully they will get back to you.

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I don’t see anything different. I don’t understand.

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As far as I understand, the automatic Zoom updater isn’t always working correctly. So you would have to manually go and update your zoom. If you have not done that yet.

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And it’s only the iPad. It was not a problem on the phone, it’s only on the iPad and in webinar. And in webinar specifically only webinar and only the iPad.

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So here we’re not in webinar, we’re just regular Zoom. Thank you, Judy.

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Appreciate that update.

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You’re welcome.

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Do we have any hands?

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You do. Beth. Hey, Beth. Hey.

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With the resolutions, can I give two or just one?

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Go ahead and give two.

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Okay. Well, first I’m going to read my bible more and do devotions. And I have today, that’s an app today, devotional first came by email, but I found that, I heard there was an app for that. So I’m going to use that more than I’ve been and I get the Bible app. So that has worked for me. When they ask for a review and then I want to edit it, that was a bit of a problem, but otherwise, and then the Fitbit app, I’m going to consider redownloading that because I have a Fitbit watch and that will help for my losing. Oh, and my question is now I had somebody help me put do not disturb off, but somehow it happened where I had do not disturb on, but I don’t know how it got on. I double tapped on do not disturb, but it would just say back button. It wouldn’t say like on or off. At least mine’s not a toggle. So what can I do about that? Because I went to settings and all that kind of stuff.

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So I think I understand what the problem is and what I would do if I was in your situation, Beth, is instead of going to settings and then to do not disturb, access your control center. And you can do that by touching the status bar and flicking up with three fingers. Or this will then say control center and then in the lower right side of your phone could be the, for me, it’s about mid screen on the, I’m sorry, left side, there’s a button that says focus or do not disturb. Mine right now says focus work and mine says selected. If you flick down on that, you can go in and configure the settings for your focus or do not disturb. Otherwise, you can double tap on that focus and that would turn that focus on for you. Now, one caveat to that, because if you double tap on focus and it brings you to a list of different options, for example, work, do not disturb, et cetera, then you need to double tap on one of those because that means you have a couple of different focal set up. So give that a try again. Access your control center, locate the focus button about mid screen on the left side, and then double tap that and see if that enables do not disturb or a faster way. Just tell Siri to do it.

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Oh, yeah, that will work, too.

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Yep. So thanks a lot, Beth.

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Thank you.

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All right, Debbie Hazelton.

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Debbie Hazelton.

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Welcome. Welcome. Thank you.

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Well, my question ties in with Beth. Beth’s question, this is my year to pick up the pieces and fill in lots, know just gaps to do a better job of using everything that. So in your technically working podcast, I think you mentioned last week, Mike, that how you were using focus with work and with personal things as well. You were using that, and I never understood it. I use my do not disturb every night, but I have not used it for the personal and the work. And I just was in there playing around with it, trying to understand some of how to tweak it. But I know that one of the things that drives me nuts is all the interrupted email notifications. That’s probably the biggest one. I just don’t want to hear them all. So that’s probably a place where I need to use.

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Oh, go ahead, Michael.

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I’ll just tackle one thing and then go to you, Marty, and then I’ll have another comment about it, probably. But the quickest way to stop that email notification, Debbie, is to just not allow it to give you email notifications. I finally got to that point on my phone and I had to or they would always interrupt. But the focus modes will help with those. You can go in and configure specific apps that are allowed to provide notifications during certain focus modes. So, for example, maybe when you’re in your work focus mode, you want to get notifications from Slack and you want to get notifications from Mona. But when you’re sleeping and so you’re in your sleep focus mode, you don’t want to get notifications from Slack or from Mona. And maybe when you’re sleeping, you only want to show sleep tracking or meditation apps on your phone, and you don’t want to show Mona, and you don’t want to show your banking application or your power company’s application. So you can go in and completely customize what applications are shown, what notifications can be allowed, and what screens are available for you to use. It does take some sitting down and figuring out how do I want things to look. By default, though, when you do set up a work focus, it will automatically block all notifications. And if you go in there, you can set it up so whenever you have an event on your calendar, it will switch to that work focus automatically. So you don’t have to enable or disable that for you.

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I’ve heard that if you go there, but if you’re working kind of remotely or something, it might not actually, in.

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Ios 17, if you have an event on your calendar, you can go into the work focus and say, if there’s an event that says that I’m busy on my calendar, it will turn that focus mode on so you don’t have to go anywhere to turn it on or off.

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I’ll throw in a couple of things here really quick. The first thing is, if you were to do the just straight up do not disturb, they still just call it do not disturb, which you can access from your control center. If you want to have that there, you can just hit it there. Now, a couple of cool things about that is that if you are on other devices, and they obviously all have to be Apple devices, so a Mac or iPhone, iPad, watch, whatever, once you hit that, if you’re all on the same network, it will put all of your devices into that mode. So you can hit it one time on your phone and it’ll put everything else into do not disturb with one fell swoop, which is kind of cool. The other thing is, and this is a little bit confusing, but do not disturb is only that one function where you just kind of hit it and it just puts everything on silent mode across the board on your either single device, your phone, or if you have everything else on the network, it’ll do that for everything. But after that, it’s called focus modes, which then you go customize them and do all that. So if you’re looking at do not disturb and you can’t figure out where is everything else in do not disturb after that single, just silence everything with do not disturb. Anything you want to do customize after that is now called focus mode. Anyway, Michael, what else were you going to say?

13:54.908 –> 13:56.280
No, that’s it.

13:56.650 –> 14:24.862
I was going to add in with the iPhone 15 Pro lineup, you can even set focus modes to change your action button, so you could do all kinds of shortcuts and things like that. So I have a play music focus mode, so if I open certain apps like Spotify, Apple Music, I change to my playing music focus mode, and then my action button will go to the next track. So there’s so many different things that you could do with focus modes.

14:25.006 –> 14:25.746
Yeah, definitely.

14:25.848 –> 14:26.354

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Well, thank you. I just want to say, too, calendars are another thing, and I know bits is doing a calendar presentation coming up this month. I may be asking about that soon as well. So thank you.

14:43.228 –> 14:44.054
Thank you very much.

14:44.092 –> 14:49.750
Yeah, no problem. Yeah, thanks. It’s always awesome to have you right all right.

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Pam hello.

14:53.690 –> 15:00.670
Resolutions? Oh, I quit doing them a long time ago because resolutions were just made to be broken.

15:01.730 –> 15:04.160
Isn’t that your specialty, is to break it?

15:04.530 –> 15:14.958
Yeah, well, it’s not planned, but I would make a resolution on January 1 and more often than not by January.

15:15.054 –> 15:22.030
5 or 6th it was gone. So much for that. So I really don’t.

15:22.110 –> 15:30.994
And oh yes, I’m a firm believer in using focus and I’ve got several customized, I even have one for Zoom.

15:31.042 –> 15:35.174
When I’m on zoom, it blocks out.

15:35.212 –> 15:42.578
Certain things so that I won’t be bothered while I’m on Zoom. And I love it. And calendar?

15:42.674 –> 15:43.458
I love it.

15:43.564 –> 15:56.766
I use reminders somewhat, not as much as calendar, but I do use reminders. I don’t use third party apps for stuff like that. I just use the native calendar, the.

15:56.788 –> 15:59.200
Reminders, that sort of thing.

15:59.890 –> 16:03.666
So that’s my story and I am speaking to it.

16:03.768 –> 16:06.100
Thanks, Pam. Hopefully you have.

16:08.070 –> 16:11.060
You too. Abraham. Hello.

16:12.710 –> 16:17.142
So in terms of resolutions, to eat.

16:17.196 –> 16:23.026
More and to exercise less, I’ll keep it. Just kidding.

16:23.138 –> 16:24.710
I don’t make resolution.

16:25.930 –> 16:36.650
My question is, the applications menu on Windows eleven has the show more options at the end.

16:36.800 –> 16:38.154
How do I get rid of that.

16:38.192 –> 16:42.970
And just show all options? Can I get rid of it?

16:43.120 –> 17:02.498
So I don’t have an answer on that, Ibrahim. But if someone else knows. So what you’re trying to do is make it so it just always shows all the options and not the more options. Yeah, I don’t know if you can, but if someone does, please raise your hand and let Ibrahim know. So thank you. Was that your only question?

17:02.664 –> 17:03.234

17:03.352 –> 17:03.874

17:03.992 –> 17:05.442
I appreciate it.

17:05.576 –> 18:29.120
All right, Deb Marino. Hey Deb. Hello. Good. My resolution is to make life simpler. So that is why I have a question for you. I have a program called text expander that allows me to create snippets which know, say I have an email response or something. I can just type a few letters in, it’ll fit the whole thing out. And I only have to put in two things anyway. And it does my email and webpage and stuff like that. But unfortunately, about a month ago, if Jaws is running, if I try to put a snippet in, I type. Usually there are three letters. It will disconnect my keyboard. The mouse still works, so I can still see enough to be able to go over there and tell it to restart. But you can’t do anything at all with the keyboard. So I reached out to text expander and they told me they wanted to be accessible and please help them with stuff they said then they were able to reproduce the problem, but they wanted to know more about which updates and what happened, and I’m not sure how to do any of that. So I waited till I updated to Jaws 2024, hoping that would fix it. I’m wondering if I updated to Windows eleven or what would you suggest? Or is there some other way I can get this done?

18:29.890 –> 18:33.386
Two things. Number one, though, it’s frustrating.

18:33.498 –> 18:34.274
Thank you.

18:34.392 –> 20:28.710
And the reason I say that is I’ve been trying to express to well, I guess the company now is text expander. What’s been going on when snippets expand while using screen readers. To my understanding it’s not related to Jaws because it does it with NVDA as well. At least it did last I used text expander on Windows. I didn’t realize that what it was doing was disconnecting the keyboard, so that kind of helps a bit because I just knew I couldn’t control my computer and I can’t see at all. So I didn’t know that the mouse was still working. What I would recommend in this instance is, especially if there’s already a dialogue open with text expander. You can loop in [email protected] and see if they can help with providing some feedback for what might be going on, especially if you’re still having the problem with Jaws 2024 but also text expander, when they were working with me to try to troubleshoot this, probably 18 months ago, had me perform some tasks in the run dialog and go to a different place and send them a folder of files so they could have the logs of what was going on. So if they’re asking you to do something and it’s not clear to you, don’t hesitate to reply and say, hey, I’m not sure what you’re asking, can you word that a different way? Or can you help me with this? Or can we jump on a Zoom call to talk more? But I think that is worth the time to go through, especially if text expander has been working for you and all of a sudden it’s not. I don’t know that upgrading to Windows eleven is going to necessarily fix it, though I will say upgrading to Windows eleven isn’t really a bad thing either.

20:28.860 –> 20:46.118
Okay, the only reason I haven’t is I have a very favorite scanning program and it is not windows eleven perfect. And I’m acceptable, I should say. And so I’ve been trying to find one that is more screen reader friendly.

20:46.294 –> 20:51.546
So far, and which one do you like on Windows ten paper port.

20:51.728 –> 20:52.918
That’s nuanced.

20:53.014 –> 21:01.486
Okay, well if anyone knows one that’s similar that would work on Windows eleven, then they can hopefully raise their hand and feel free to share with us.

21:01.588 –> 21:02.574
Great, thank you.

21:02.692 –> 21:06.174
No worries. Thanks for jumping in there, Sheila. Who do we got next?

21:06.292 –> 21:09.074
Oh, I think David Gofield has an answer for her.

21:09.192 –> 21:11.422
David always has an answer. How’s it going David?

21:11.486 –> 21:12.546
David, how are you?

21:12.648 –> 21:20.934
Well, I kind of sort of have an answer, but it’s not actually for her, it’s for a previous question. So do you still want to get to now?

21:20.972 –> 21:22.146
Yeah, go for it, David.

21:22.258 –> 24:22.558
Okay. And it’s not really the answer that this gentleman is going to want, but it may help a tad. So this was the might have been Ibrahim who asked about the show more options button that I think he’s seeing in probably windows eleven. And Michael Babcock, I agree with you that I don’t personally know of a way to either disable that and always show the options or to always have that expanded. But there is kind of one exception to that. So in windows eleven they made a change to the right click or context menu or the applications key menu or shift f ten, whatever you use to get to that, where sometimes you don’t see all of the menu options, you see some of them and then there’s an option to show more. And this has sometimes caused some confusion. So there is a way in that particular instance to get the whole context menu that we’re used to in Windows ten and previous versions of Windows. And that is by downloading a program that I suspect some of you guys hosting may have heard of called Winero tweaker. And it’s free and it runs on pretty much all versions of Windows. And you can get it from winero.com and that’s winaero.com. And buried within the tons of options in that program is an option to show the older context menu so that when you press the applications key or shift f ten or the right mouse button, you don’t have to choose an option to get all of the other options, it just shows all of them. So that is one thing that you can do. But I will caution people that Winero tweaker is designed to tweak or modify settings in windows that might not necessarily be in the operating system, in the control panel or settings. And some of those are things that you want to be very careful about altering. So for example, I don’t recommend that you disable the feature to download updates or to disable Microsoft Defender or things like that, but within appropriate boundaries. You can do a lot of things to tweak Windows. You could probably spend hours doing a tutorial on it. But one of the things that you do have the option to do is to show the older style context menu. So I just wanted to point that out for people who might find it of some value.

24:22.724 –> 24:26.258
And David, do you know if there’s a cost associated with that?

24:26.344 –> 24:27.634
It’s totally free.

24:27.752 –> 24:30.562
There you go. Free is good. Free is good.

24:30.616 –> 25:26.194
Free to use and it’s very accessible with screen readers. May take a little bit of doing to get the interface, but all the options are labeled and you can arrow to the different options and you can tab to the list of options, and you can usually use the spacebar to check or uncheck items, and most of them are checkboxes. But again, I just want to caution people, if you’re going to use this, just think about what you’re doing. And if you’re not sure of what something is, there’s a link in the program that says something like give me more details about this feature. So if there’s something that you’re thinking about changing but you’re not quite sure what it does, do a little bit of research and read about it first so you know what’s going to happen, because you don’t want to make a change that causes something undesirable later on.

25:26.312 –> 25:27.118
Thank you, David.

25:27.214 –> 25:28.660
David, thank you so much.

25:29.190 –> 25:31.058
I am downloading it, so thank you.

25:31.144 –> 25:31.406

25:31.438 –> 25:34.534
Winero winaero.com.

25:34.732 –> 25:37.486
Awesome. All right, take care, guys. Thanks, David.

25:37.538 –> 25:43.466
Who do we got next? Sheila. Joanne. Hey, Joanne. Hi. Happy New Year.

25:43.568 –> 25:45.020
Happy New Year to you.

25:45.630 –> 26:01.290
I have probably a weird question, but something happened last week and made me want to ask it. Does anybody know of an accessible and accurate pill identifier app in iOS?

26:01.450 –> 26:07.150
Are you talking about to identify your medication bottles or like the pill specifically?

26:07.310 –> 26:44.222
No, the pill specifically. I have script talk and I use it all the time. But last week I was filling my pill organizer and somebody called me and I have two pills, two oval pills that look exactly feel exactly the same. And I did use be my eyes, the AI part. And that helped me because it said that they were different colors. There were two blue ones and a white one. So that did help me that way. But I was just wondering if anybody knew of an accessible pill identifier app.

26:44.356 –> 26:58.786
I was going to recommend script talk. You’re already using that. I don’t know about anything for a specific pill identifier. If anyone knows anything, go ahead and let us know, I don’t personally know of anything.

26:58.968 –> 27:05.906
Michael D. Didn’t Apple add a pill identification feature to health, or is it just to describe the pills?

27:05.938 –> 27:17.506
Do you know you can add your medications? I don’t know that it can identify the individual pills. I think you can scan the bottles.

27:17.698 –> 27:19.594
But I don’t know that you can.

27:19.792 –> 27:21.590
Scan the actual pills.

27:21.750 –> 27:22.506

27:22.688 –> 27:46.260
One thing you could do is possibly take a picture of the pill that you’re trying to identify and send it, or bring it to your pharmacy and ask if the pharmacist can look and see if they can identify what pill that is. Although it still, I think, might going to be a little bit difficult just because I can’t imagine that there aren’t going to be pills that look similar.

27:47.670 –> 28:01.590
Yeah, most mine are completely different, but these two. And they’re very different for very different purposes. And they’re oval and the same size and same shape and everything.

28:01.740 –> 28:09.802
Yeah, we can definitely keep an eye out and kind of get the word out to the community. Maybe somebody knows something. And if they do, we can definitely let you know.

28:09.936 –> 28:11.690
Okay, thanks. I appreciate it.

28:11.760 –> 28:12.940
Yep, no problem.

28:13.310 –> 28:15.818
All right. David, did you have an answer?

28:15.984 –> 30:37.974
I do, actually. So, pill identification. I don’t personally have much experience with this. However, pills should have an imprint code, actually on the pill. So the scanning apps on the phone, like seeing AI or whatever, I don’t know if they’re going to be able to zero in on those. But if you can get cited assistance either locally, like where you are, or by using be my eyes or IRA, they should be able to read those because they can take a picture, especially Ira. Be my eyes. Can’t. But Ira can take a picture and then zoom in on that photo. They can give you the code that’s printed either on the front, back, or both of the pill. And what you should then be able to do is go online and just type a description, like oblong blue pill, and then type in the imprint code. I don’t remember when, but I think either my wife and I or someone else that I know we had to do this with a pill. It was a long time ago, and I believe we were successful in determining it. So it’ll take a little bit of work and some cited assistance and searching, but you should be able to do it. If you can get the imprint code and then just do a search for an imprint code along with a description of the pill. Make sure that it’s a trusted source, like WebMD, as opposed to Jack and Jill’s pill identification page or something. Like that. And you should be able to get an answer, because I do remember being involved in this type of thing with someone else, and we were, I think, able to figure out what it was, but I’m a little sketchy on the details. My Google assistant also tells me that there is some sort of pill identifier, but it didn’t say whether it was an app or a device that you use in conjunction with an app. But I think a little bit of web searching should be able to come.

30:38.012 –> 30:40.786
Up with that and appreciate that, David.

30:40.818 –> 30:59.914
Because I was asking my wife, who works in medical, too, if she knew of a pill identifier app. She said she wasn’t aware of one, though. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one. But she pointed me at the pill identifier tool with WebMD. So great resources. And they ask you for the imprint code and descriptions of the pills?

31:00.042 –> 31:03.294
Yeah, that’s what the Google assistant said. It said it got it from.

31:03.492 –> 31:04.046

31:04.148 –> 31:13.202
And something to think about, too, is that you can always, again, contact your pharmacy and ask if they have a tool or know of a tool that can identify a pill if you need to know what that is.

31:13.336 –> 31:13.778

31:13.864 –> 31:14.782
Thank you, David.

31:14.846 –> 31:18.142
Thanks, David. Roberta. Hey, Roberta.

31:18.286 –> 31:18.980

31:19.350 –> 31:28.214
Just had an idea. My thinking is you got a bottle full of the very same cutting out.

31:28.252 –> 31:30.346
We can’t hear you. You actually cut out there.

31:30.448 –> 31:31.306
Is that better?

31:31.408 –> 31:32.250
Yeah, you’re good.

31:32.320 –> 31:49.418
Okay. If it were me and I were in that situation, I would either call Ira or FaceTime, someone take the pill that is not identified and take a pill from a known bottle and say, are these the same? Yep.

31:49.514 –> 31:54.446
So there’s a lot of different solutions for that, too. So appreciate that feedback.

31:54.558 –> 32:00.610
Sure. All right. Judy. Hey, Judy. Judy, you’re muted.

32:01.270 –> 32:25.610
Sorry. Yeah, I just lowered my hand. It was just another quick suggestion about the pill. You can actually, when you get the code, call your pharmacy and say, what is this? Because I had to do something similar years ago, I thought they had sent me the wrong pills, and it turns out that they had just changed the shape of it. But I gave them the code and they said, that’s exactly what your pill is. So they can actually look up the code once you get the code, and you’ve got different ways to actually get the code.

32:25.680 –> 32:29.594
So it’s just another suggestion really quickly here.

32:29.632 –> 34:07.210
I’m going to just chime in, or if you know anyone who is regularly taking medications and you’re having a hard time trying to figure that out, there is script talk or similar technologies of script talk, depending on what your pharmacy is, and they’re all free. All you got to do is contact your pharmacist, let them know, hey, I have a visual impairment. What tool do you use to identify the bottles? And then what will happen is they will give you the phone number to the company that they use. Most of them use script talk, but a couple of them do use something similar, but it does have a different company name attached to it. And what will happen is you’ll get two options. One is an app on your phone which is accessible and works with voiceover, and it uses your camera to identify the bottles. And on the bottles, they put a sticker on the bottom, which is like a little barcode. And you can scan that barcode with either the app on your phone, or they also give you a little machine. And the little machine will identify the bottle. So you turn the machine on, you take the bottle, you put it on there, and it will identify using the little code sticker they have on the bottom of the bottle and let you know with the name of the medication, how to use it, and all the details all around that particular medication. So they’re a great resource. If you don’t know about it, you can definitely talk to your pharmacy, get signed up, it doesn’t cost you anything, and it really does give you a lot of independence around your medications and trying to figure out what’s what and all of that good stuff. So there you go.

34:07.360 –> 35:01.758
We actually had script talk on unmute presents, so if you go back to the podcast or go to unmute show and type in script talk in the search, you can go listen to a chat that we’ve had with the team. So you can hear, I forget her name, who was with us, but so you can hear that chat. And for clarification, it uses the NFC, so you don’t have to worry about lining up the camera to actually get a picture. Just get the NFC antenna near where it needs to be and it’ll read those details. That’s also available as of a couple of weeks ago on the blind Shell classic two. So if you’re a blind shell classic two user, you can use script talk for your medication as well. I do see that we only have a couple of hands, so we’ll get those in a moment. But if you haven’t raised your hand, feel free to do so now because there’s only two people in line. So, Sheila, who do we got next?

35:01.924 –> 35:02.794

35:02.922 –> 35:03.818
Hey, Nolan.

35:03.914 –> 35:05.774
Hey, Nolan. Hey. How are.

35:05.892 –> 35:07.294
Good, good, thank you.

35:07.412 –> 35:38.440
Good, thank you. I’ve experienced an issue yesterday trying to close my Microsoft Outlook account on the Microsoft website and it’s saying that my account cannot be closed because it is somehow blocked by an organization that I need to get a hold of. Now why is that?

35:38.830 –> 35:46.250
Do you get Microsoft Office through an organization like a school or a nonprofit or something like that?

35:46.400 –> 36:00.298
No, I don’t believe so. I’ll go check because if that’s the case then I got to go in and cancel it because I don’t know if I did or didn’t. I’ll have to go check because I don’t think I have any subscriptions.

36:00.474 –> 36:11.694
Well if you’re not paying for it maybe that’s why you can’t close it. Maybe there isn’t anything to close if you’re not actually paying for anything out of your own pocket.

36:11.822 –> 36:12.402

36:12.536 –> 36:36.940
Which maybe it’s attached to some sort of a student program or maybe a computer that you purchased or maybe some other nonprofit program. So finding out those details would be important. I wouldn’t worry about it if you personally are not actually paying for it. If you don’t like the Microsoft suite you could just not use it and it’s not going to hurt anything by just letting it be on your computer.

36:37.870 –> 37:18.680
Yeah. The problem is when I went into what I sent an email yesterday to them requesting that they give me cited assist to give me assistance, see if they can guide me and give me some help with closing that account because I do not no longer want to use Microsoft Outlook, the account itself in the Apple mail app and that’s why I went in and deleted that app off my phone. But I haven’t deleted it off of the imac yet. I’m going to go in and do it today.

37:19.290 –> 38:20.540
One other thing to think about is if you purchased a computer and it had Microsoft Office pre installed on it, it may not actually be a Microsoft 365 account. It just may be the single user download of Office suite onto the computer itself which means it’s just sitting on your computer. There is no cloud or anything like that attached to it. There is still an option where you can have a single user account of Microsoft Office that’s actually installed on the actual computer itself and not be attached to a system through Microsoft. It’s not the 365 account. It’s just basically like a single user downloaded office application which would be word, Excel and PowerPoint and Outlook. So maybe that’s why you’re unable to close it as well. So you’d have to really kind of do a little bit of a deep dive to figure out what kind of Microsoft account. Do you actually.

38:24.190 –> 38:59.414
Just. I think it’s just my personal Microsoft Outlook account that I’ve created. But in order to close it, I keep getting. When I go to where it says manage organizations and when I try to close that account, an error message pops up saying, sorry, we cannot let you leave this organization. You will need to contact the administrator and have them remove you before you can close your account.

38:59.612 –> 39:03.690
Yeah. So it might be attached to something would.

39:03.760 –> 39:14.414
If you haven’t yet, it sounds like you’ve already reached out via email. Reach out to Microsoft support to see if they can assist you with that because it sounds like there’s something going on with your account that we wouldn’t be able to help with.

39:14.532 –> 39:15.102

39:15.236 –> 39:17.278
But thank you, Nolan. Appreciate it.

39:17.364 –> 39:17.786

39:17.818 –> 39:19.040
Who do we got next?

39:20.050 –> 39:21.018
Hey, Lauren.

39:21.114 –> 39:21.930
Hey, Lauren.

39:22.010 –> 39:27.220
Hey, guys. How you doing? Good. How are you? I’m okay. Does anyone know.

39:30.150 –> 39:31.870
Something called Em client?

39:31.950 –> 39:38.470
Does anyone know how to use that or is anybody familiar with that? It’s an email client called EM client.

39:38.970 –> 39:41.766
I have not heard of this, no.

39:41.948 –> 39:57.194
Because I’ve heard of it, that people have talked about it and I’ve tried it and I don’t know. I had to learn how to use it and it’ll be great if there was any tutorial on how to use it and how accessible it is.

39:57.392 –> 39:59.580
Yeah, I have never heard of it.

40:00.190 –> 40:07.182
I’m looking at it right now, but if anyone has used it or has any recommendations, they can go ahead and raise their hands.

40:07.316 –> 40:10.926
Are you looking for an alternative to outlook or is that kind of the point?

40:11.028 –> 40:29.238
No, I’ve heard of it and I thought I just wanted to try it. Every time I find something different or something new, I say, oh, I want to try it. So I figured I’d try it, but I’ve had trouble with it, but I wanted to see if maybe I could use it. Learn how to use it.

40:29.324 –> 40:31.846
If we hear something, we’ll definitely chime in and let you know.

40:32.028 –> 40:35.446
Great. That’d be helpful. Okay. That’d be really helpful. Thank you.

40:35.548 –> 40:36.262
Thank you.

40:36.396 –> 40:42.730
Thank you very much. Lyn Moore. Hey, Lynn. Hello, everyone. Happy New Year.

40:42.800 –> 40:44.170
Happy New Year to you.

40:44.320 –> 40:47.546
I’m sorry I can’t answer the question today because I didn’t hear.

40:47.728 –> 41:01.930
Oh, it was, do you have a New Year’s resolution? And if you do, do you use any kind of app or technology on any of your devices to keep track or enhance or anything for your New Year’s resolution?

41:02.090 –> 41:13.026
Well, now, my New Year’s resolution, I’m trying to get more organized in general. In my life. And one of the things that I will be using is Apple music to do that.

41:13.128 –> 41:13.842
There you go.

41:13.896 –> 41:42.042
There you go. But what I wanted to know is this is regarding my iPhone SE 2020. You know how on the Mac there’s called the reader that you can access when you’re doing recipes online so it doesn’t bring up all the commercials? I know there’s something on the phone. How do you invoke that on the phone?

41:42.176 –> 41:45.418
You’re talking about in safari. Like opening up Safari, and then there’s an article.

41:45.514 –> 41:53.134
Yeah, but I don’t know if the reader is specific, like if it’s a voiceover thing or it’s a safari thing. I’m not sure.

41:53.332 –> 41:54.542
It’s a safari thing.

41:54.596 –> 41:58.382
Yeah, it’s a safari thing. Do you know how to enable it, Marty, or do you want me to give her details?

41:58.446 –> 41:59.438
Go for it, Michael.

41:59.534 –> 42:18.018
So if you’re on a page that supports the reader view and you locate the page settings probably in the lower left hand corner, and you flick up, you’ll get to reader. And if you double tap, that will enable the reader. That’s the way that I found to get there the quickest.

42:18.194 –> 42:18.918

42:19.084 –> 44:01.706
Now another thing I can suggest too is it’s a little bit more work in the beginning, but in the long run it’s easier. And that’s to use an RSS client. If you have any websites that you regularly like to read, you can put them in there and it’s like similar to opening up an email program. You open it up and it will go out and see are there any new articles in any of the websites you have in there? And if there are, it pulls them into the RSS reader and then you can read the articles without all of the junk you have to deal with on a web browser. So it strips out all the ads and all of that stuff. And so it’s pretty cool. So if you were going to do something like that and you’re going to do it either on your phone or you’re going to do it on your Mac, you can use a free RSS reader called Net News Wire and it’s totally free. It works on your phone, your Mac, your iPad, and it does have cloud syncing. So let’s say you’re out and about on your phone and you read articles or you save articles as your favorites or anything like that. When you get to your computer, when you open up your RSS reader, it’ll update and match everything that you did on your phone while you were out and about. So, mark, articles, read, put them in the favorite section or whatever it is that you did, and that would be across any devices. So if that’s something interesting, that’s a free app. It’s pretty good, actually. What’s a great way to start with an RSS reader at no cost to you?

44:01.888 –> 44:03.850
I’m sorry, can I just ask one more quick question?

44:03.920 –> 44:04.540

44:05.950 –> 44:24.206
Will it help me in terms of the things that I get stuff from CNN, like a newsletter thing from CNN that I like? It’s called CNN’s good stuff, and sometimes they have articles in there. Will it help me with that? Or is it only stuff I can put into the client itself?

44:24.388 –> 44:26.174
What you can put into the client yourself.

44:26.292 –> 44:27.726
Oh, okay. All right. That’s what I.

44:27.748 –> 44:56.620
But you might be able to put that in the client. You would just have to go to their website. Like a lot of times you can actually go to a website, and then when you go, oh, I really like all these articles and how often they update it, you can then actually open up that page with the share sheet and add it to your net news wire and it will put it in there for you. So then moving forward, you would open up the RSS reader and it would pull in all of the new articles that each website you have in there have.

44:57.870 –> 44:59.034
Oh, okay. All right.

44:59.072 –> 45:04.046
It’s like email. Think of it like email, except for your articles that you want to have in there.

45:04.228 –> 45:07.582
Okay, well, thank you very much. I appreciate your help, guys.

45:07.636 –> 45:08.654
Yeah, no problem.

45:08.772 –> 45:09.630
Have a good day.

45:09.700 –> 45:10.750
Yep, you too.

45:10.900 –> 45:12.474
All right, we don’t have any new.

45:12.532 –> 45:15.406
Hands, but we’ll go to David Goldfield.

45:15.598 –> 46:10.290
Hey, guys, again, so regarding RSS, that is a major part of my iPhone life, and I wanted to make two recommendations. First, the RSS reader that I personally use, which I will say is not free. So the advantage of Marty’s recommendation is that it’s free and it’s a good way to kind of get your feet wet in the world of RSS feeds. But if you’re willing to pay a little bit of money, and by a little bit of money, I mean, I think it’s only four or $5 and that’s it. So it’s not a subscription, you just pay it and then you’re done. Is a wonderful iOS program which should work on iPad, and there’s a Mac version called Lere. That’s how it’s pronounced. You’re familiar with it?

46:10.440 –> 46:10.914
Oh, yeah.

46:10.952 –> 46:11.966
That’s fantastic.

46:12.078 –> 48:13.350
It’s awesome. Some speech synthesizers might call it liar, but I believe it’s supposed to be lira lire. And one of the benefits of liray is that there are features that the developer added that are specific to voiceover users. So it’s kind of like if you remember the customized list view in jaws where you can say, okay, when I’m reading a list of articles, I don’t want to hear the date of the article, but I do want to hear whether the article is read or unread. Or I do want to hear the source of the article, or maybe I don’t. So you can really tweak how voiceover accesses. Really. I agree with you, Michael Joyce. It’s wonderful. So if you really get into RSS and you don’t mind paying around $5, it’s worth it. I also wanted to recommend to the person who asked about recipes, who wanted the reader mode of getting rid of not only the ads, but a lot of the excess links. One thing you could also do is with Safari on iOS, is there are some ad blockers that you can install. I haven’t really experimented with most of them, but one that I’ve played with is called Wiper and I believe it’s WIPR. I recently saw it on Appleviz, but I’ve known about it for quite a while. It’s not perfect. I’ve seen instances where it doesn’t remove all ads all the time, but it should do a pretty good job. And so you’ll definitely get less ads even when you’re not in reader mode, and the pages may very well load a little bit faster. And you could find both of those in the iOS App Store. I don’t know if there’s a wiper for Mac because I’m not a Mac user, but there is a lira for Mac.

48:13.510 –> 48:14.682
So there you go.

48:14.736 –> 48:16.042
Just wanted to throw those.

48:16.096 –> 48:17.180
Thank you so much.

48:18.190 –> 48:45.220
RSS is awesome. I mean, it really changes the way you read your articles and stuff like that on your computer or on your device. So once you figure it out, all the apps have different functionalities, different maybe things that they do, but in a sense, RSS itself is a game changer when it comes to being able to read your stuff. So all your articles and newsfeeds and whatever it is you want.

48:45.750 –> 48:51.986
All right, we’re down to nine minutes, and we have two new hands. So, Brad, who do we have in Clubhouse?

48:52.098 –> 48:53.122
Well, we have Jane.

48:53.186 –> 48:58.870
I’ve invited her on stage, but don’t believe she’s accepted yet. Jane, are you there?

48:59.020 –> 49:06.954
All right, well, we’ll go to Doc and come back to you. Doc, all right, well, first of all, happy new year.

49:07.072 –> 49:09.546
Happy new year to you. Doc, how are you?

49:09.728 –> 49:13.102
Oh, I’m doing well, thank you for asking. And you?

49:13.236 –> 49:14.720
Doing good. Thank you.

49:17.890 –> 49:26.130
For me. But I must have mastered how to switch between two different email accounts.

49:28.230 –> 49:31.460
You’re breaking up real bad, Doc. We can hardly hear you.

49:31.910 –> 49:34.370
I’m sorry. Is that better now?

49:34.520 –> 49:36.214
A little bit. Let’s see if we can get your.

49:36.252 –> 49:55.850
Question out using windows eleven. I have two email accounts, very easy to go back now. They change things in my own method.

49:59.230 –> 50:03.466
We can’t hear you, doc, at all. You’re really cutting out bad. You have a bad connection today.

50:03.648 –> 50:30.790
I think he was asking if there’s an easy way to switch emails, but as Marty or email accounts. But as Marty was saying, the connection is pretty bad, so I wouldn’t be able to ask other questions. If you’re using outlook, there may be a way to do that and I’m not certain, but tell you what, doc, drop us a quick email from either of your email accounts and I’ll try to get back to you. As I look over at Sheila and realize I haven’t gotten back to her, who do we got next?

50:30.860 –> 50:32.520
Sheila? Deb.

50:34.410 –> 50:35.030
Hey, Deb.

50:35.100 –> 50:54.766
Hello. On the question about pill identifying, I tried a few of the apps and didn’t find them helpful, but I found an email. You can send a picture of your pill to the FDA and it’s not an emergency thing, but they will identify it for you. You want that email, could you go.

50:54.788 –> 51:04.066
Ahead and send that to the feedback at unmute show email? If anybody wants it, we can share it with them from there.

51:04.168 –> 51:06.066
Great. Perfect.

51:06.168 –> 51:06.914
Thanks, Deb.

51:07.032 –> 51:26.934
We’re down to about six minutes and you got three hands. Four. So, Roberta. Hey Roberta, just a quick follow. Babcock, you mentioned the button on the web page to invoke the reader. You said go to a button. I didn’t catch what the button was. Click up and down.

51:27.052 –> 51:54.734
Yep. So in the lower left hand corner, directly above the tabs that you have, unless your tabs are in the top. So if your tabs where it says back forward share show bookmarks and tabs is across the bottom, above the back button on the left side is a button that says page settings and that’s directly to the left of the address bar. So if you flick down on the page settings button is how you can get to the reader by default.

51:54.782 –> 51:55.700
Speaker has.

51:56.630 –> 52:02.194
And will that cancel the next. Do I have to reinvoke that every time?

52:02.312 –> 52:03.714
I do believe you do.

52:03.832 –> 52:04.818
Okay, thank you.

52:04.904 –> 52:05.694
Yep, no worries.

52:05.742 –> 52:09.990
Thanks a hey, Beth. Beth, you’re.

52:10.890 –> 52:35.660
Yeah. Yeah. My phone kind of drives me nuts because it says that system touch. And I’m trying to turn it know, because that always drives me nuts, whatever I do and it always says that. And I can’t turn it off because, see, when I double tap it, it just says Siri and a whole bunch of different other things. So I don’t.

52:38.050 –> 52:43.610
Siri can toggle assistive touch. Tell her to turn it on or turn it off. And that should solve that problem.

52:43.780 –> 53:04.040
Okay. Because I had it on my phone where I would be in Peacock and I would say exit peacock and then it would say to exit, go to app switcher by swiping. So it would tell me what to do, but it wouldn’t do.

53:04.810 –> 53:06.326
So. So try Siri there.

53:06.348 –> 53:07.890
Okay, Beth. Okay.

53:08.060 –> 53:20.166
And my NVDA, how can I donate? Because it asks for donations, but I can’t seem to put my card, my amount in. I use that on my windows.

53:20.278 –> 53:25.760
You would need to do that from the NVDA homepage. I believe it is NV access.

53:26.290 –> 53:26.894

53:27.012 –> 53:33.890
And I see we are coming up on the time, so just bear with me a moment. I’ll get that exact URL and tell you where to go while we take this last hand.

53:33.960 –> 53:34.434

53:34.552 –> 53:35.938
Oh, sure. Thanks.

53:36.104 –> 53:36.690
No worries.

53:36.760 –> 53:39.140
We’ve got about three minutes. Okay.

53:39.590 –> 54:08.666
And you may not have time to answer this question, but I would like to be able to set up a shortcut for resetting the auto lock. I normally have my auto lock at 30 seconds, but there are times that I need to increase it and I’m sometimes in a hurry and you got to go around and around and around to get to auto lock. And I’d really like to create a shortcut, but I haven’t figured out a.

54:08.688 –> 54:14.330
Way to do that one. Does anyone out there know and then.

54:14.400 –> 54:18.670
Looked in your shortcuts library to see if they have something that gives you that?

54:18.740 –> 54:20.942
I’ve done that and I haven’t found one.

54:21.076 –> 54:24.986
You’ll have to find someone that knows how to make a shortcut and maybe they can make it for you.

54:25.108 –> 54:32.338
Check the shortcuts actions like when you go to create new shortcut, see if auto lock is one of the options there.

54:32.424 –> 54:34.820
I’ve tried that and I haven’t found it.

54:35.510 –> 54:39.640
What are you trying to do? You want it to be different than what the standard is?

54:40.490 –> 54:48.154
I want to be able, like if I’m reading a news article and it’s got a really long block of text.

54:48.272 –> 55:00.874
And my auto lock cuts in and stops the reading and then I have to go to settings, right? I was going to say go into.

55:00.912 –> 55:11.818
Settings, go to auto lock, brightness, go to auto lock and change it. And I’m thinking, gee whiz, now I got to find my place. Where did I get to in that news article?

55:11.914 –> 55:15.850
Well, once you change it, you can change it, I believe, to five minutes is the longest.

55:15.930 –> 55:16.638
Yes, you can.

55:16.724 –> 55:22.478
And once you change it to that, just leave it on that and then it won’t cut out every time you’re trying to read an article.

55:22.654 –> 55:54.426
I know, but most of the time I like it to lock quickly. But there are just those occasions where for whatever reason, I need to have it run longer and it’s just an inconvenience to have to go app switcher, go to settings, go to display and brightness, go to auto lock and then reset. Know, it would just be nice if there were a way to set that.

55:54.448 –> 55:56.250
Up as a. Yep.

55:56.330 –> 56:05.780
If we come up with something, Pam, we’ll definitely share it with you. I’m not aware of a way, but I do see we have under a minute, so I am going to wrap it up and say, marty, go ahead and wrap it.

56:06.150 –> 56:17.506
Oh, and my suggestion for the pill organizer thing is there’s an app called drugs.com that I’ve never had to use it for that purpose, but you might want to try it.

56:17.528 –> 56:18.962
It’s free. All right.

56:19.016 –> 56:59.774
Well, thanks, Pam. We are out of time, so I’m going to close this real quick. Thanks and everyone, have a great new year. Thanks for being here. We’ll be here again next week. If you have questions, comments or anything for us, you can email us at feedback at Unmute show. You can also check out our website, which is unmute show. And there you can also email us or find out any of the stuff we’re doing, podcasts or anything else that we’re up to date there. As usual. Sheila and Brad, thanks for all your help. We always appreciate you guys being here. Michael Deutsch, thank you very much. Michael Babcock, thank you very much. And we will see you guys next week. Have a good one, everybody.

56:59.892 –> 57:05.700
Thank you. I can hear everyone. All right, I’m ending for all. Always.