Unmute Presents Unmute Presents Community Replay from 26 DEC

In this episode of the Unmute Presents community call, we cover a range of technology-related topics. From troubleshooting device issues to discussing wireless headphones and email clients, we delve into various conversations and address listeners’ questions. Tune in for an informative and diverse discussion on all things tech.

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Today’S unmute presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, December 26, 2023. Hello everyone, and welcome back to another unmute. As usual, we got a couple of announcements here at the top. The first one is we want to make sure everyone gets their questions answered. So we’re going to take all first questions and if we have time, then we can take second questions. Also, please be respectful. Let everyone answer their questions in the same respect that you would like your question answered. And always remember, there are no dumb questions with me. As always, I’ve got Michael Babcock. How are you, Michael? I’m doing well, Marty. And yourself? I’m doing good, thank you. Good. So yesterday we published on technically working an episode where demossey and I sat down, got a little bit long. Sorry about that, Marty. It’s an ongoing joke that you want shorter ish content. So it was 72 ish minutes long. But we chatted about several different technology things and our not goal setting for 2024. We’re setting themes for 20, 24, 23 was the year of simplicity. You have to see what 24 is by listening to technically working. We didn’t publish something on Sunday. We kind of were spending time with family and having a good time. So that was awesome. And then on Thursday, we had some additional content that was published that you can get under Unmute presenting your favorite podcast app. Marty, what is your question of the day? Before we start with these hands, the question of the day is, since we just got done with Christmas, what new technology type things did you get? Whether that’s a service, an app, some kind of a hardware, like a phone or something else. Chime in, let us know what you got, how you like it, and how it’s working for you so far. Or maybe you have a question about it with that. Answer the questions with Sheila. Go for it. And if you have any tech questions, really quickly raise your hands and we’ll jump in and try and help you out. Go ahead, Sheila.

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Okay, Hank, you may.

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On mobile. So it’s going to be in the bottom left corner there for you. Hank, if you’re not seeing. There you go. Now you’re stuck with me for sure. How can we help you today, Hank? I have an error that windows is giving in an email program that I use, and it says, let me see if I can get this. The screen reader will tell you better than a second, so this thing is really strange. Like you’re in the email program. Gail uses a program called oe classic. Anybody ever heard of it? That was the Outlook express classic, correct? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So when you arrow up or arrow down in the program, this error comes up and what it says is warning, blank content invalid enough options, advanced browser engine add chromium blank, default value will be used instead. I heard the error and I don’t have an answer. And I’m sorry that you had to hold on to try to get me to say that. I don’t have an. No, no, you’re. Can I, can I change questions then? Sure. Real quick. Okay, here’s the deal. Gail is looking for a new email program to use instead of this program. And we came over on the Mayflower, so it’s kind of hard for her to learn something different. Right. So, and she has trouble with screen readers. Like she doesn’t do well with NVDA or anybody else. So she’s using system access. Gotcha. If I recall right, serotech offers an email client. Is that an option for you guys to explore? It is, but she’s in a writers group. I don’t know. I would think that I’ll have to explore that because I think that would be the simplest because otherwise you’re going to get something that’s going to be a lot more in depth to get to know and I can’t guarantee because I personally don’t use serotech. I understand. Yeah, but that’s the avenue I would go down to explore. Okay, well that works perfect. Well, thanks for tuning in and we appreciate it. Well, I’ll stay and listen, if you don’t mind. Yeah, of course. 73 is and have a great day. Hey, can I give you my email address real quick or you want me. We can’t do it on here. Send me an email to feedback at unmute show and we’ll communicate via email. Okay, very good. Thank you. So Joe has an update. What’s new and have you guys used picturesmart? I have never used it. I have used Picturesmart a little bit, not as much as some of these other image recognition services. And I just learned about one over the weekend for the Mac that uses GPT for image recognition too. Picture smart with jaws though, will give you some details in the images and they may have improved that. And I don’t know what’s new in the December 2023 update, but I will see if I can find that out and let you know. Okay, cool.

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Hey Basie, how are you daisy?

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You’re still muted. Well, I got a friend, and she’s holding on to her stream. Two, don’t know why so much, because she could get a stream, three if she wanted to, but she just recently got a battery, and for some reason, it’s still not holding a good charge. And I don’t understand why. Can you explain that? Because I don’t understand why it shouldn’t be holding a good charge. You just got a new one.

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There could be something else going on with the device besides the battery. Something that’s draining it.

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Question she’s asking about me. Can I elaborate? This is Valerie. Go ahead. Anyway, I don’t know the trouble with it. Okay, it’s fine when it goes from 100% down to 20%, but when it gets to be 20, 18%, or sometimes more like 25%, it stops playing. I mean, I play it for a minute, and then it turns off, and I keep trying to turn it back on. It turns off, and then at 18%, it says, battery low, victor powering off.

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So to me, it sounds like there could be something that could be default, that could be defective in the way that the victor is interpreting the battery status. I don’t know enough about the victor two. I do have one, and I appreciate, valerie, you providing that clarification, because I was thinking it could be an issue with the cable, but ultimately, it sounds like it could be an issue with the device itself and the computer calculating how much battery is left. I would reach out to humanware. I don’t know if they provide any support for that specific today.

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Does anyone know when it’s opening?

08:51.370 –> 08:59.800
I would suspect if they’re not open today, they should be open tomorrow. I’m kind of surprised they’re closed today, but I would try them tomorrow then.

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Okay. Of course they would know the ultimate answer.

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Yes, they would be the ones that could help you the best.

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Of course, they did mention one thing, that you can recalibrate. In other words, sometimes that happens with the battery. So you can recalibrate by plugging it in wherever it stops playing and then get it back to 100% and then go down again.

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So they’d probably be able to walk you through those steps too, to be able to do that if you haven’t tried that yet as well.

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Now I have only one more question, and that is now I’ve gotten two representatives from humanware telling me two different things. That one says I should charge it for 5 hours, and the other says, no, that’s not necessary. When it says 100%, you can unplug it and let it discharge.

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I guess the demo unit that I have that I experiment with, I do charge it to 100%. It takes about four ish hours, and that’s when I remember to pull it off the charger. But if it says 100% and it’s only taken an hour and a half, I’m going to take it off the charger because that’s at 100%. So thank you, Valerie. Appreciate it, Sheila.

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Who do we got next? Jewel.

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Hey, Jewel, thanks for your patience.

10:24.710 –> 10:26.610
Hey, guys, how are you?

10:26.680 –> 10:27.254
How are you?

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So last week, I think it was last week, I mentioned about the NFC chips that I’ve received, the little tags, and I got an app called smart tools for NFC for creating labels for those tags. And when I test it, it writes to it. So like say I write testing, testing just to see what happens because I can erase it that writes. But if I put anything more, it says stack error. And I looked it up and these are 508 byte chips, so they should be able to hold up to 508 characters. Correct.

11:10.390 –> 11:12.100
Let me verify that.

11:12.710 –> 11:25.986
That’s what I was seeing, but it’s saying stack error, which I looked up and that’s usually because it doesn’t have enough room. But unless I’ve only put like two words, it gives me the stack error.

11:26.098 –> 11:32.490
Right. Now. Have you tried to use a different application with it? And do you experience similar results, like with shortcuts?

11:34.510 –> 12:04.850
Shortcuts doesn’t do it because it’s not actually storing anything other than the shortcut action, which is small enough, but writing anything to it does the stack error. So I’m not having that issue with had I’ve done a shortcut on one of these NFC chips, no problem. But I have used, there’s another one called NFX writer and it was also giving the stack error. Okay, so I’m wondering, do I just need bigger chips?

12:05.750 –> 12:16.646
So apparently they do have a standard size, and I’m sure you’ve already looked this up, of 96 to 512 bytes. So if you have the 512, you have the largest ones that are available.

12:16.828 –> 12:25.334
Okay. I thought it was a 508, but I guess it was 512. So these are 512 byte NFC chips?

12:25.462 –> 12:54.900
Yeah. So I don’t think that it’s a bigger one that you might need to get. I think maybe experimenting with some different tools. There may be some other tools. Doesn’t iOS offer the ability to write directly to an NFC tag? Whatever you’re trying to write to it, because you could create a shortcut that writes to that tag for you. There’s also some pre made shortcuts already in the shortcuts app specifically for that. It gives you stock options.

12:55.830 –> 13:15.994
The follow up question I had is related to that, actually, because I found a shortcut for opening a file like in your files app. But I’ve been trying to figure out how to write a file. Can you take a note and create a file out of it? Because I have not found a way to do that.

13:16.112 –> 13:23.190
So you want to take a note and write a file, like create a file out of that note?

13:23.350 –> 13:45.038
I want to be able to write a file like create my own file. For example, if I have a knitting pattern and I want to put this chip in my craft bag, that this is the pattern for this specific project, then I want to be able to put a file in my phone that this is the pattern because it’s my own pattern, not somebody else’s.

13:45.214 –> 13:49.854
Gotcha. So you want to be able to touch that NFC sticker and then reference that file, correct?

13:49.912 –> 13:51.314
Right, exactly. Bring that pattern.

13:51.362 –> 13:55.586
Are you talking about writing that in notes and then turning that into a file?

13:55.698 –> 13:58.134
Right. Or how would I write a.

13:58.332 –> 14:13.610
You could if you did it in notes. Once you have the note written, then I believe you can do share and then you can append to or save as in something else, like Dropbox or in something else.

14:13.760 –> 14:21.610
Okay. I tried doing a save to files from notes and it would not do it. Do I need to do it somewhere else and then put it to files?

14:21.690 –> 14:29.122
Maybe just do it in a plain text document and just save it as a plain text document and save that wherever you want to try and save that to.

14:29.176 –> 14:31.282
Yeah, I didn’t see any options for that.

14:31.416 –> 14:34.494
I mean, not in notes, using a different, like just a plain text editor.

14:34.542 –> 14:38.546
Or markdown editor in plain text, like on my laptop.

14:38.738 –> 14:40.502
They have them for your phone too.

14:40.636 –> 14:48.360
Okay. I got to see if I can do that. It just adds an extra step that I don’t really need.

14:49.290 –> 14:56.490
You could try using drafts because you can write in plain text and drafts and it will also sync it to the cloud and you can save it. So.

14:56.640 –> 14:59.546
Okay. That’s a good option. Thank you.

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15:01.250 –> 15:03.002
All right. Restoria.

15:03.146 –> 15:04.654
Hey, Restoria, how are you?

15:04.772 –> 15:33.814
I’m doing good. I have three contact files, Microsoft on my phone and Google. If I sync them, will it erase any of them or how can I sync them? I’m trying to get it into one file, and after whatever you tell me to do, what’s the best program to put them in?

15:33.932 –> 16:17.640
I’ll tell you what I did. Others will probably have different opinions. So what I ended up doing when I was in this situation is I exported my contacts from my iCloud on my phone and I exported them from my computer. And then I went to contacts google.com, and I signed in there and I imported all of my contacts to my Google account. And I did this a couple of years ago. And when I did that, then I was able to merge any duplicates that I have and then it didn’t delete any of them, but all of my contacts were available. And then on my phone I just made sure I was signed into the Google account with my contacts and didn’t have contacts turned on for anything else.

16:18.250 –> 16:22.582
Now I don’t have an iPhone, I have an Android. Would it be the same?

16:22.716 –> 16:55.586
Yep. That’s actually the reason I went with Google instead of Apple is because I switched between the iPhone and the Android and I wanted something that would make sure that I always had my contacts with me. So Google’s what, one out? Because Google, you sign in with your Google account, your contacts are all there. So you’re already halfway there. What you just need to do is get all your other contacts, go to contacts, google.com on your computer, and then import those contacts that are on your computer and it will merge that data. It will not erase them.

16:55.768 –> 17:04.814
Okay. Then I can put them in groups and when I get ready to, it’ll just pull up those names?

17:04.942 –> 17:12.018
Yep. Then you can move them into groups and those groups will show up on anything that you’re signed into your Google account with for your contacts.

17:12.114 –> 17:12.470

17:12.540 –> 17:18.906
So you don’t have to get the contacts from your phone because the ones on your phone and the ones on your Google account should be matching already.

17:19.088 –> 17:20.282
No, they’re not.

17:20.416 –> 17:21.578
Oh, they’re not?

17:21.744 –> 17:27.546
No. So I’ll send you an email so you can give me those instructions again.

17:27.648 –> 17:28.586
Certainly, yeah.

17:28.688 –> 17:30.730
Okay. I appreciate it. Thanks.

17:30.800 –> 17:33.914
No story. Thanks for stopping. Thank you. Have a good one. Good luck.

17:34.042 –> 17:34.746

17:34.858 –> 17:36.206
Hey, Priya, how are you?

17:36.308 –> 17:39.598
You’re still muted. Priya. Hi. I’m doing well, thank you.

17:39.684 –> 17:41.360
There you go. We can hear you now.

17:42.450 –> 17:51.602
My question is in outlook. I do not know how to search for an email. How do I.

17:51.736 –> 17:55.922
Is this on an iPhone or a Mac or a windows machine? What are you on?

17:56.056 –> 17:58.578
It’s on a Windows laptop. Sorry.

17:58.744 –> 18:00.574
Okay, so I’m going to.

18:00.632 –> 18:01.922
And I use jaws.

18:02.066 –> 18:26.558
You’re a jaws user? So when I do a frantic search, I’m told control f will do that. But I’m asserting that someone else will raise their hand and provide some additional information because I don’t use outlook on a regular basis. So if you use outlook and search your email regularly, Priya, you’re trying to find a message from someone specifically or a subject, correct?

18:26.724 –> 18:27.294

18:27.412 –> 18:31.182
Yeah. So if control f works, raise your hand and let us know.

18:31.236 –> 18:32.906
This is Cindy. I can answer it.

18:32.948 –> 18:34.478
Hey, Cindy. Hey, Cindy.

18:34.574 –> 19:09.402
Hey. So control e is what I use in outlook. Control E, and you can put any search query there. So if you’re in your main file of your emails and you’re looking for, say from unmute or something, on unmute I just would write unmute and enter and then it will pull up anything where unmute, including where it is in your email. So if you know the email address in the edit field, just type in the email address or the person’s name anyway.

19:09.456 –> 19:15.146
Control E. Control E is the keystroke I knew existed. I just didn’t remember it. So thank you, Cindy.

19:15.178 –> 19:15.950
Appreciate it. You’re welcome.

19:16.020 –> 19:18.814
Thanks, Cindy. Appreciate it. Who do we got next there?

19:18.852 –> 19:22.186
Sheila Lynn Lyn Moore. You may unmute.

19:22.298 –> 19:23.742
Hey, Lynn, how are you?

19:23.876 –> 19:26.894
Hi. How’s everybody? Hope everybody had a good holiday.

19:27.022 –> 19:28.786
Doing good. And thank you. We did.

19:28.888 –> 19:30.580
I just wanted to answer the question.

19:30.950 –> 19:32.610
All right, go for it. What’d you get?

19:32.680 –> 19:38.542
Well, well. So I’m afraid that I did get this for myself for Christmas.

19:38.686 –> 19:41.526
I don’t know where it came from. Good.

19:41.628 –> 19:43.010
I got a sonos.

19:43.170 –> 19:44.166
Oh, cool.

19:44.348 –> 19:59.820
And I love it. I am having one little glitch, but I’m hoping to figure it out at some point. But anyway, besides that, I love it. It was easy to pair because I think I asked you that guys that question a while ago. You probably don’t remember, but I did and it was easy to pair. Good.

20:00.270 –> 20:03.978
Most importantly, what is the sound quality like on, you like it?

20:04.144 –> 20:20.722
Yeah, I do. I had a system before that had like a subwoofer and two speakers and that was great. But it was really hard to hook up all the time. It was close to 16 years old so it was kind of dying. It was shorting out and stuff.

20:20.856 –> 20:23.666
And this new speaker has a battery so you can take it around with you.

20:23.688 –> 20:27.410
Right. It does not have a battery. I got the Sonos five.

20:27.560 –> 20:28.210

20:28.360 –> 20:31.800
But I still, least I don’t think so.

20:32.250 –> 20:34.434
No, the sonos five does not have a battery.

20:34.482 –> 20:55.726
Okay. I was going to say if it does. Okay. No, so it doesn’t. But it’s fairly like I can carry it out into the living room and hook it up when we want to listen to a movie. I have it in my bedroom usually, so it’s only 14 pounds, so it’s not that hard to do. And it’s only one unit, as opposed to many units that you have to hook up.

20:55.908 –> 20:59.502
Well, enjoy it. Keep us posted. Thanks for letting us know what you got.

20:59.636 –> 21:01.902
I love you. I love it a lot.

21:02.036 –> 21:05.786
All right, thanks. You’re welcome, Sheila.

21:05.898 –> 21:07.514
All right. Jamaica.

21:07.642 –> 21:09.294
Hey, Jamaica, how are you?

21:09.412 –> 22:33.920
Hello. I am asking a question about Zoom because I’m having some weird things happening with Zoom. And I’m just wondering, because it’s saying it’s wanting me to upgrade. It’s wanting me to upgrade, it’s wanting me to go into participants list. It’s just doing a whole bunch of crazy things like that. And I’m just wondering if there’s certain things that I need to be checking on to see what’s going on. Because I am using a Windows ten computer right now, and I’m also using Google Chrome as the browser, and then I’m also using Thunderbird to get into using Thunderbird to get into it at this time because this is the one that my family had this email program that my family has right now.

22:34.290 –> 23:48.294
So first thing, let’s address the zoom update issue. So they put out just like everybody else, updates quite often, and a lot of the time it will fix bug issues. So if you’re having problems with certain things, they try and address those issues and they do that through an update. So majority of the time, it’s always good to update because it will repair the bugs that maybe that you’re dealing with. Or sometimes they’ll add new features that will help enhance the program. So it’s always pretty good to update. That way. You’re always on top of making sure that the bugs get fixed, which is the most important thing. And sometimes you get new features. And, Michael, do you want to chime in on the other thing? Well, first, yeah, I also want to say, jamaica, I understand how frustrating that can be, especially when all you want to do is jump into a Zoom meeting so you can participate with people. It’s got to be irritating. So if Zoom tells you that there’s an update, I would go through that process and follow the instructions to do the update and then check to see if it fixes the issue where it keeps putting you in the participants view. Because sometimes it’s things like that that updates can fix. So hopefully that helps you out.

23:48.332 –> 23:49.942
Okay, thank you.

23:50.076 –> 23:52.966
No worries. Thanks for reaching out. Sheila. Who is next?

23:53.068 –> 23:53.986

23:54.098 –> 23:55.574
Hey, Teresa, how are you?

23:55.692 –> 24:21.120
Okay. I’m glad y’all got me because I was fixing to walk around here. I’m glad I’m able to stay mobile while I mean stay mean. I wanted to pass along to somebody who said human wear was closed, wasn’t in today. If they’re out of Canada, I think today is Boxing Day up there, and that might be why they’re closed. Don’t hold me to it.

24:21.730 –> 24:24.258
I did hear today was Boxing Day up there, actually.

24:24.424 –> 24:54.202
Right. But I figured that’s a possibility. I wanted to say, now, this isn’t really high tech, but I got a pair of wireless headphones for Christmas, and I can plug them into a device that has a line in Jack, line out Jack, and let’s say I can walk away. I can have my Alexa on, I can plug them in. I can walk around with my headphones on, and I enjoy doing that.

24:54.336 –> 24:57.882
That sounds awesome. That sounds like a good holiday thing to get.

24:58.016 –> 25:16.914
Oh, yeah. Instead of having to be stuck in one place listening to something and then I don’t have to, let’s say I want to listen to something on my Alexa device. I’m sorry. I hope nobody has one around close by, but I can listen to something with the headphones on, and my husband can watch tv or do whatever he wants to do.

25:17.032 –> 25:19.410
That’s excellent. Well, enjoy it.

25:19.560 –> 25:36.600
Yes. And I also ordered from Bret, you know, the harbor company. I ordered one of those new Alexa and the docking station that you can carry around. Let’s say you want to take it outside and play it outside and then you want to bring it back in.

25:36.970 –> 25:37.814
That sounds great.

25:37.852 –> 25:39.706
Well, thanks for letting us know what you got.

25:39.808 –> 25:40.794
That sounds awesome.

25:40.912 –> 25:41.530

25:41.680 –> 25:43.100
All right, well, have a good.

25:44.350 –> 25:53.390
He had a special going on up until 1159 central time last night, things were marked down, so I wanted to take advantage.

25:53.810 –> 25:57.742
Definitely. Congratulations. Enjoy it. And, Sheila, who do we got next?

25:57.796 –> 25:59.354
Thank you. Deborah.

25:59.482 –> 26:00.926
Hey, Deborah, how are you?

26:01.028 –> 26:04.046
I’m good. And happy new year to.

26:04.228 –> 26:07.054
Yep, not quite yet. Don’t rush it too quick. We still.

26:07.092 –> 27:28.570
Oh, I know. But in case I don’t talk to you again, thank you very much. Yeah. And yes, it is boxing day here in Canada, so they’d probably be closed. Human wear. But what I wanted to ask you is if I’m reading, say, an email, and it gives a link to email somebody. Now, I wanted to email, get on Herbie Allen’s cooking corner list. So I pressed the link, and what outlook does, what my outlook does is it goes to reading pane, and it goes into my drafts. And then I find when I’m tabing around other conversations from messages that I’ve written to other groups. So I used to be able to just click on the link and then go to subject and go to tab down to the edit field to write my message, but it doesn’t allow me to do that now.

27:28.720 –> 27:51.646
So it could be several different things. One thing that comes to mind, and I think I’m understanding correctly what happened. So when you click on this link that says subscribe to the ACB cook’s email list and you click on that, it doesn’t put you in a new message where that email address is already put into. It puts you in your drafts folder.

27:51.838 –> 27:54.980
It says something about reading pain. And then.

27:57.510 –> 28:33.874
If you send us an email I will find the article. Unless you want to do some searching that would honestly be faster. Freedom scientific did a webinar a couple of years ago where they give you some steps to go disable your reading pane, disable your preview pane. There’s like five different view changes that you can go into the options and change to optimize the experience of outlook with jaws. So if you want me to find that webinar and I’ll probably find it in the next day or so, drop me an email or I’ll forget. Otherwise, just search for optimizing outlook with jaws and you’ll find some webinars out there that freedom scientific has done.

28:33.992 –> 28:34.322

28:34.376 –> 28:35.970
And I think that’ll solve your problems.

28:36.040 –> 28:56.646
Because sometimes I wonder if I went into what is it that the view menu, I think it’s with alt v. I wonder if that might be a good thing. Sometimes I find it a little difficult searching for things.

28:56.828 –> 29:17.242
Yeah, I see what you’re saying. So if you drop us a quick email, I will send you the exact link. They have a text document that you can follow the directions of where you go into the options in outlook to do it. But I do believe it’s also an audio recording. So if that’s easier for you to listen to where they do it with jaws, then you’ll have that option too. But drop us a quick message and we can get you that resource.

29:17.386 –> 29:20.062
So you’re, what is it?

29:20.196 –> 29:22.640
Feedback at unmute show.

29:23.410 –> 29:23.966

29:24.068 –> 29:24.570

29:24.650 –> 29:25.134

29:25.252 –> 29:27.026
Yep, perfect. Thanks a lot.

29:27.128 –> 29:29.470
Yep. Thank you. Elizabeth.

29:29.630 –> 29:31.474
Hey, Elizabeth. Hey, Elizabeth, how are.

29:31.512 –> 30:21.300
Hello. I returned from getting more molasses and dried cranberries because I’ve been asked to make yet more oatmeal cookies. The last batch worked really well, so we’re deep in the midst of cookies. So may all of you have cookies with that preamble. When I go into Google, when I go into the edit box and I start typing in the edit box, Google starts chattering and yammering and there’s something going on. I need to change a setting so it won’t try to fill up or think it knows what I’m doing or something, because all it does is talk and get in my way. And I have a hard time writing while it’s doing that. And I seem to have a hard time editing while it’s doing that.

30:22.790 –> 30:23.730
That’s what it is.

30:23.800 –> 31:26.598
Yeah, I’m sure it is. So that’s my question. And also I have a couple of comments regarding the people who are using Windows ten, including Jamaica, who may have forgotten, and she talked about using Chrome, Google Chrome. And people forget that they need to go in when they’re in Google Chrome. Hit alt, shift, delete together and tab across and check all those boxes and get rid of all your cookies and your cache stuff and things. And sometimes that will help your web browsing and also your zoom experience. And of course, going into properties with the applications key and then doing disk cleanup has never hurt anybody. It just cleans up messes that you may have forgotten you needed to clean up. So it may not solve your problems, but it won’t make them any worse and it may help in some cases. So what do I do about Google?

31:26.764 –> 31:29.234
The first thing is turn off predictive text because that’s.

31:29.282 –> 31:30.680
How do I do that?

31:31.210 –> 31:32.854
Is this on your windows machine?

31:32.982 –> 31:37.978
Yeah, it’s a windows. Michael, you’re going to chime in on that computer. Is there a setting in Google?

31:38.144 –> 32:04.740
So I don’t actually know how to turn off the suggested search. I believe there may be a way to do that. What I would do in the interim, Elizabeth, unless there’s a reason you don’t do this is the way I got around it is I stopped going to Google’s webpage to do a search because it was driving me out the window and I was ready to throw my computer. So if you hit Ctrl L or control D, however you get to the address bar, you can do your Google search right there.

32:06.310 –> 32:07.106
I’m sorry.

32:07.208 –> 32:34.282
No worries. If it uses Bing or a different search engine and doesn’t do a Google search, if you go to your Chrome settings, which I believe you can get to with control comma quickly and then go into your Chrome settings and at the top there’s an edit field that you can do a search for. Type in the word search in the search and then that will bring you to a place where you can pick what your default search engine is. So then you pick Google there. You don’t want it to be Google?

32:34.336 –> 32:35.418
Not really, no.

32:35.504 –> 32:41.070
Okay, well, then pick a different one in that dialog, and then just search from your address bar, and then you don’t have to deal with Google’s.

32:41.410 –> 33:00.374
I do that. But every once in a while, I need to use Google, and I would like to use Google because my other search engines or duckduckgo or something don’t give me the results I want or enough results or whatever. So sometimes I do need to use Google, and I was just wondering if somebody knew a nifty way to get it to stop doing that.

33:00.492 –> 33:09.000
So on Duckduckgo, use g explanation mark space, and then your Google search, and that’ll search Google, and then you don’t have to go to Google’s website.

33:09.790 –> 33:10.810
Wait a minute.

33:12.190 –> 33:22.006
So you preface your search with g exclamation mark and then do your search, and then it’ll search Google and give you Google search results in the Duckduckgo interface.

33:22.118 –> 33:31.886
See, this is the reason he’s doing this show and I’m not. You’re brilliant. This is really good exclamation space. And then I can put things in quotes and do all those things.

33:31.988 –> 33:42.146
Yep. And they’re called bang commands. So you can search Amazon with that. You can search YouTube with that. There’s different shortcuts in Duckduckgo and using those. So I would take a look at those.

33:42.248 –> 33:43.780
Where do I find those.

33:49.430 –> 33:51.426
Commands? And you’ll find them.

33:51.528 –> 33:53.714
Duckduckgo. What do you call them? Commands.

33:53.762 –> 33:55.794
Bang commands. B-A-N-G command.

33:55.842 –> 34:01.158
I got it. I got it. This is brilliant. This is worth my entire day of techie hunting. That’s really.

34:01.244 –> 34:07.142
Oh, I’m glad to help Elizabeth play with that a little bit. All right, Elizabeth. Thank you. Who’s next? Sheila?

34:07.206 –> 34:11.930
Cookie? All right, we don’t have any new. Abraham.

34:12.850 –> 36:37.882
Hi. So I keep on forgetting to answer Marty’s question. So I got echo dots, my first echo device. And with that, I’m trying to load the Alexa app on my computer, but it’s giving me the annoying capture, and I can’t change it to an audio capture on windows. Not sure if you know how to do. Okay, let’s start with that first one. Abraham. This annoying captcha, because this just came to me. Is it a standard captcha that just says, enter the words, or is it a click? All the stop signs? No, it’s words one. So, do you have access to be my AI? And have you tried to take a picture of your computer. I haven’t because my screen is always off, but I will do that. I didn’t think of that. Yeah, I didn’t think about that until just now. And I wonder if that could solve some captchas. I’ll have to play that. And then I got those smart casa TP link light bulbs, but for some reason. So I connect it and then I connect to its wifi thing and then I give it access to my wifi and then it just doesn’t connect. Are you using eero? I don’t know what that is. No. Who provides your wifi? I got a d link router. Okay. In some of these instances, you may need to, if possible, disable your 5 ghz network and only allow 2.4 for the device to connect. Okay. When it comes to smart home devices, I think I have been an issue 2.4 ghz network though. Okay. Are they differently named? Some routers, name them the same and you have to go in and disable the 5 ghz. Okay, let me check that. Let me check that. That’s what I would check to see if that helps. And TP link may have some additional troubleshooting information as well. Okay, thank you. Thank you, Ibrahim. And enjoy those echo dots. I have an echo pop. I heard the third generation echo dot and I need to check out the new one because I got the echo pop. Yeah, yeah. It’s a pretty nice little speaker for sure. All right, Sheila, who do we got next?

36:38.016 –> 36:39.238
Belle Mills.

36:39.334 –> 36:40.178
Hey, Belle.

36:40.294 –> 36:40.960

36:41.490 –> 36:42.222
How are you?

36:42.276 –> 37:22.730
Everybody had a merry Christmas, you as well. So I got myself an echo dot base, I guess that’s what you call it, that you plug in and charge and take the echo dot with you everywhere. And I’m enjoying it. It’s just really a great thing. So I wanted to ask, how do you get rid of group messaging? Yesterday I got a group message I didn’t ask for. I didn’t want it. And all of these messages came in.

37:22.880 –> 37:24.074
Is this on your phone?

37:24.192 –> 37:24.762

37:24.896 –> 37:26.858
So you’re in a group text message?

37:27.024 –> 37:27.738

37:27.904 –> 37:30.446
And you don’t want to be a part of that group or you just.

37:30.468 –> 37:59.014
Don’T want it to annoy you? It’s very annoying. I didn’t ask for it. I sent an email. In fact, I asked her, I said, what is your telephone number? Because I saw all these numbers and actually I saw her name and a number right beside it that was not even her number. And she sent it to me, but I told her, I said, please take me off of this group.

37:59.052 –> 38:06.134
You can remove yourself. I believe you can go to that group and you can flick up and it could remove you.

38:06.252 –> 38:08.438
I’m sorry, mario. I actually have an answer to that.

38:08.524 –> 38:09.558
All right, go for it.

38:09.644 –> 39:04.522
You can’t remove yourself from a group message. The only way to remove a group message, because I’ve had this issue, is to block everybody in that group. Oh, okay. And you can do that by going up to the top. Next to that back button is how many contacts or how many people are in that group chat. And then you tap on that, you go down to info, and it’ll list all the numbers that are in that group, and you just go and block each one. It’s really annoying, but that’s the only way to do it, unless the person who originally started the group takes you off. Okay. I asked her to do it, but it got so bad I had to turn off my phone. I couldn’t stand it. The other thing you can do is, if it’s just because this is the notifications that are driving you nuts, you can actually mute that whole group, swipe down with voiceover until it says hide notifications, and that’ll just stop the notifications for you.

39:04.656 –> 39:25.574
So I’m a little confused, and I appreciate your feedback there, but if I tap on the name of a group at the top and in the top section, there’s a checkbox that says show and shared with you, there’s hide alerts, and then there’s leave this conversation. Are you guys talking about something different? Because that’s how I typically have left conversation.

39:25.642 –> 39:27.154
Yeah, it’s just leave.

39:27.272 –> 39:31.534
You can just leave this conversation at the top of that. In the top section.

39:31.662 –> 39:37.070
Okay. Maybe that’s a new thing that they added, because I did report that you couldn’t leave the group, and it was really annoying.

39:37.150 –> 39:46.760
Yeah. So that’s an iOS 17, and that’s specifically how I do it. Unfortunately, belle, I don’t know of a way to prevent people from adding you to a group in the future.

39:47.210 –> 39:48.278
Thank you.

39:48.444 –> 39:59.146
You’re welcome. And thanks a lot, and hope you enjoy that echo base. That is awesome. All right, Sheila, do we have anyone else? Looks like we’ve got about 18 minutes.

39:59.248 –> 40:02.986
Yeah, you’re good, Pria. You may unmute.

40:03.098 –> 40:05.034
Hey, Priya, you’re still muted.

40:05.082 –> 40:19.794
Priya. Okay, well, jewel, did you have a question? Sorry, did you call my name Priya? Yes, ma’am. Yes. So for some reason in Zoom, I have to rename myself every time I join, even though I am logged in.

40:19.912 –> 40:25.086
You go to a web browser, go to Zoom, and log in there with your credentials.

40:25.278 –> 40:26.878
I have not tried that.

40:26.984 –> 40:29.190
And what device are you on? An iPhone?

40:30.170 –> 40:34.182
Yes, I have an iPhone seven and I have the zoom app.

40:34.316 –> 40:40.950
Okay. And you’re signed in on the Zoom app, but you still have to rename yourself when you go into a Zoom meeting.

40:41.110 –> 40:43.930
Yes, I can show up as iPhone.

40:44.350 –> 41:22.520
Yeah, that would be the next thing I would try is to go into Safari and sign into Zoom on your phone because then that way Zoom will see you when it bounces you out to their website and then back into the Zoom app. It’ll see that you’re signed in and hopefully that’ll help. It should only require you to sign in with the Zoom app, but I’m not sure what os is that seven running? Is that 17 or 16 for iOS? Because I also wonder if there’s something not playing well with the latest updates because that is a little bit older of a device too.

41:23.370 –> 41:29.286
Yes, that it is. I’m also looking into getting a new phone. Okay. Any opinions?

41:29.478 –> 41:33.340
What do you do with your phone? Like what kind of stuff do you do with your phone?

41:34.910 –> 41:39.542
Text messaging, phone calls? Facebook? Whatsapp? Emails?

41:39.686 –> 43:12.390
Well, I will say this. If you are addicted to the home button and you do not want to get rid of the home button, I would suggest getting the iPhone Se 22. So basically it is the same as like an iPhone seven or an iPhone eight. They didn’t change the outside, so the screen and the body, the button and all that’s exactly the same. But the insides are updated to what’s pretty current. Right now you can get a bigger hard drive and a current processor and those are pretty inexpensive. These days you can find them around $500 sometimes, or even less than that. Sometimes you can find them with the larger hard drives in them. Typically they come out of the box with no upgrade for 64 gigs, but you can update it to, I believe it’s 256. It might be 128. You’d have to double check on that, but that would be a solid way to go if you don’t want any change in the way your iPhone works physically and the way it looks and feels, and you still get the home button from there. If you want to go up, then you’re getting rid of the home button and you’ll have to learn how to do the swipe up from the bottom. But then you get some newer technologies, face id and the larger screen and things like that. And the lowest model they have right now on that would be the twelve. You could find the iPhone twelve and they go all the way up to 15 and anywhere in between there. So just depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is.

43:12.540 –> 43:15.286
Okay, thank you for that.

43:15.388 –> 44:05.482
Yes, no problem. Can I jump in? I just have to leave in a moment to a different meeting. But if you want to try in your Zoom app, click on join meeting and choose any of the ACB meetings. And then just manually type in the meeting id or copy and paste that meeting id and password, and then type in your screen name there that you want. And then Zoom will save that screen name for future meetings. Good call, Ibrahim. Thank you. I didn’t think about that. So, yeah, just manually enter or copy and paste the meeting id in the Zoom app and then put in the name you want it to remember you as. And then the next time you join a Zoom meeting, you should be that name that you had put in there for the screen name instead of an iPhone because it’s always nice to have a name. Sheila, who do we got next?

44:05.616 –> 44:06.330

44:06.990 –> 44:08.422
Hi there, Kim.

44:08.486 –> 45:07.840
You can unmute. Hello. I have a question. I got a headset for Christmas and I didn’t know what kind to ask for. Anyway, what it is. It’s a regular headset without Bluetooth or any of that stuff. And it has a microphone. And down a little ways on the wire, there’s a button that you can push. I have enough vision to see that if I push the button in, there’s a light on the button blinking and if I push it in again, it stops. Now, I thought that was to turn my mic on and off or to unmute my audio, like I just tried it a little while ago in here. It’s not working. I don’t know what that button is for.

45:08.210 –> 45:33.320
I think there’s some confusion. And working with a company that sells a headset that has a similar feature, and I don’t know if this is the same thing that could be a mute button. And when the light is on, then maybe it’s telling you that your microphone is muted, and when it’s off, then your microphone is unmuted or vice versa. What I suspect is happening is you’re expecting it to unmute you in Zoom. Is that correct?

45:33.690 –> 45:35.720
Yeah. I was wondering if it would.

45:36.250 –> 46:13.570
It probably would not unmute you in Zoom. So what would happen is I’ve had myself muted most of this call, but Sheila, if she looked at my name, would only see that I am unmuted in Zoom because I’m muting myself on the microphone. So what would probably have to happen? And you could test this by getting into a zoom room with a friend or two to verify is you would stay unmuted in zoom and then instead of muting or unmuting in zoom, you would mute or unmute on the headset itself and then that would cut off your audio. But again, I would test that with a friend before trying it in a meeting.

46:14.150 –> 46:24.230
Yeah. Okay. Because my nephew, who gave it to me, thought that that would. Yeah, I was wondering if that, same.

46:24.300 –> 46:49.886
As right then I was just muted and you weren’t able to hear me. And so I think that’s what’s happening. So I would experiment with that while you are unmuted in Zoom and then just try muting on the headset. It’s not going to show you in Zoom muted, but it should mute the audio on your microphone. Give that a try and come back and let us know. Kim, thanks for reaching out. Sheila, who do we got next?

46:49.988 –> 46:56.814
Okay, you’ve got ten minutes, and of course we need to go a couple of minutes early, so you got about seven minutes. Jewel.

46:56.942 –> 46:57.806
Hey, jewel.

46:57.918 –> 47:31.086
Hey. I was actually just going to answer Marty’s question. Go for figured, you know, if there’s no other questions, I might as well. So other than the FC chips, I actually got two tech things, one’s hardware, one software. And I got me a first, the app. I got the magic research app. It’s a game, obviously. It’s a crafting game and I am loving it. It was like $4 for that thing, $3. I think it was 399. So it’s $4. It’s worth it.

47:31.108 –> 47:31.678

47:31.844 –> 47:47.166
Absolutely worth it. It’s a lot of fun. If I’ve got some downtime, I play it. And if I don’t have some downtime, it just fills up and waits for me, which is what I want. I don’t want it to play unless I’m there. I don’t want to get notifications. Hey, come play, come play. No, I’m busy.

47:47.198 –> 47:48.994
No, I’m going to delete your app.

47:49.192 –> 48:14.586
Exactly. Yeah. And the other thing I got real quick is a battery pack. It’s the starts in the anchor battery pack. I got it during the Black Friday sale right after Thanksgiving. Usually those are like $80. I got it for 20. So I was so excited. I’ve been wanting it for years and I was like, I’m not spending $80 on it, but that’s the same one for $20. Mine anchor is a great product, too.

48:14.608 –> 48:15.738
They make really great products.

48:15.824 –> 49:10.170
Oh, yes. It’s why I wanted it, but it was in my wish list. It’s been in my wish list for years and I just happened to notice it was on sale. What’s on sale in my wish list for Black Friday. And I was like, yeah, getting it. And I actually have a backpack that, I’ve had this backpack for a while and I got it with the expectation I was going to get a battery pack. You can put your battery pack in a pocket on the inside of your backpack, plug it in and on the outside there is a plug in that is kind of subtle. And you can plug in your iPhone charger or whatever charger you have. It has to be a USB charger. You plug that into that outside plug and you don’t have to take your battery pack out of your laptop. I like it out of your backpack. You just plug it right into your backpack and then you can put your device in the outside pocket or right back into the pocket and it hides everything.

49:10.320 –> 49:12.614
That’s awesome. Sounds like a good backpack.

49:12.742 –> 49:19.422
Yeah, I love it. I had that backpack for years with expectation get the battery pack, but finally got the battery pack for it.

49:19.556 –> 49:23.566
Well, thanks, Jule. Appreciate it. Enjoy those Christmas presents. That’s awesome.

49:23.668 –> 49:30.578
Yeah, thanks. All right, anissio. Hi. Good morning and happy holidays for everyone.

49:30.744 –> 49:32.158
You too. Thank you, Mari.

49:32.174 –> 49:38.694
To answer your question, my favorite gift this Christmas was low tech or high tech, I’m not sure.

49:38.732 –> 49:40.120
It’s a braille watch.

49:42.010 –> 49:57.530
My wife kept complaining my old braille watch, I had it for 1015 years, was scratched this and that. So she surprised me with a new one. It’s a technology that still works and you can tell the time with the privacy, which I love.

49:57.680 –> 49:58.378
That’s great.

49:58.464 –> 50:41.050
Anyway, I don’t have a question, but I wanted to. For those folks that were asking questions about outlook, a feature that I really, really like in office is Alt Q, right? Alt Q. You write whatever your query is and start arrowing down and chances are you get your answer right there. So I really like it. One thing I do a lot with Outlook is arrange my emails by prom, for example, if I’m looking for a specific person or by subject, and then I can more easily find those emails, especially when you have a lot of emails in your inbox. That’s all perfect.

50:41.200 –> 50:42.966
Thank you very much for chiming in. We appreciate.

50:42.998 –> 50:43.926
It’s wonderful.

50:44.038 –> 50:44.746
Thank you. Thank you.

50:44.768 –> 51:04.058
Thank you, Elizabeth. Yeah, hi there. As information, if people get some kind of device, a pair of headphones or a speaker or whatever it is, you got a router, whatever. If you write down, if you get your relative to tell you you’re muted.

51:04.074 –> 51:04.794

51:04.922 –> 51:10.046
Elizabeth, you’re muted. Oh, I don’t know. I got muted. No, you’re not. You weren’t.

51:10.158 –> 51:13.246
That was weird. Your audio just cut out like you weren’t muted.

51:13.278 –> 51:20.622
And it said, the host muted me is what it told me. Ok. We don’t know why that is. It’s the ghost of Christmas past, which is okay.

51:20.696 –> 51:23.318
So if you got a new piece of technology, yeah, if you’ve got a.

51:23.324 –> 52:02.562
New piece of technology and you can get your cited relative to tell you the manufacturer and the serial number on the thing, you can always put that information into your favorite search engine, and you will possibly get documentation in a form you can read or a website or useful information which may or may not help you with the button problem, like the lady with the headphones. But it’s always good to know that. And it’s pretty good to keep a record of that number and the serial number and stuff because maybe you’ll be able to find documentation. More and more of it’s winding up online. So it’s just a thought.

52:02.696 –> 52:17.222
Yes, ma’am. And use the technology available to you, too. If you don’t have friends or family, remember, if you have access to be my eyes, you can try taking a picture of it and see get that model info for you. It’s amazing what it can pull.

52:17.356 –> 52:20.182
Yeah. Yeah. It really does work very well.

52:20.316 –> 52:28.550
Yep. So thanks a lot, Elizabeth. Appreciate your support. And it looks like it is about that time and we don’t have any hands. Is that correct, Sheila?

52:28.630 –> 52:30.090
Yes, sir, you’re correct.

52:30.240 –> 53:16.162
Perfect. Well, let’s wrap it up. I do want to remind you that if you’re not subscribed, check out the unmute presents in your favorite podcast app. That’ll give you a replay of today’s call shortly thereafter and additional content. And Marty, how can people get in contact with us and wrap it up? Yeah. So if you want to reach out to us, you can email us at feedback at Unmute show or you can check out our website at Unmute show. As always, Herbie and Sheila, thanks for helping us out. We appreciate it. As always, everybody have a great week and stay tuned. Immediately following this is going to be games to play with Lady A. So go check that out. It’s always fun. And everyone have a great week. We’ll see you next week. Thanks, everyone. Have a good holiday.

53:16.306 –> 53:19.400
Thanks, y’all. Great. I’m going to end for all.