Unmute Presents Unmute Presents Community Replay from 30 Jan, 2024

In this episode, we address a range of listener questions and concerns. Topics include troubleshooting laptop arrow keys, editing forms on an iPhone, difficulties with small buttons, reliability of multi-port hubs, verifying Gmail addresses, and more. We also discuss OrCam, screen recording, “do not disturb” settings, and offer tips and recommendations. The episode wraps up with gratitude and well wishes to the audience.

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Have you caught the travel bug? Don’t worry, I have too. I’m Katie, a travel agent who specializes in accessible travel. If you love to talk all things vacations with a little fun along the way, you should head on over to Katie talks Travel, a podcast on Unmute presents pocket.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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This unmute presents community call was hosted on 30 January 2024.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another unmute. We have a couple of announcements. As always, she if I can talk this morning, that’d be good. We have a couple of announcements here at the top. First of all, want to remind everyone that we’re going to take all first questions, and if we have time and get through everyone, we will take second questions. Also, please be respectful and ask your questions with the same respect you’d want everyone else to give you and vice versa. Also, I wanted to remind everyone that we’ve been doing a lot of work and updates on the Unmute website. So go check out the Unmute website. We’ve got all the podcasts on there and all kinds of other cool stuff and we’re updating it all the time. So definitely go and check that out. So that’s unmute show. And as always, I have Michael here. Michael Babcock, how you doing, buddy?

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I am doing well. Appreciate everyone for visiting and sending in questions and feedback. It’s been very valuable and thanks a lot for that. Marty, yesterday on technically working oh, before we get into that, didn’t you have a question?

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I did. The question of the day is going to be with all of these AI goggles, headsets, glasses, all kinds of stuff coming out, is it something you’d be interested in? Would you get one? If you got one, which one do you use or would you not get one? You think it’s silly? We would love to hear your comments on that. So chime in and raise your hands with any tech questions you guys may have.

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Perfect. And yesterday on technically working as I pull up the website technicallyworking show that content is also going to be available over there on Unmute show. For your reference, we talked about the custom views that you can set up with gravity view. So if you’re interested in using WordPress with your small business or affiliate and you know it’s something that you should be exploring and you want to hear some ways that we’ve talked about building out custom views for use inside of WordPress to display the content that you need, feel free to give that a listen. Hopefully you’ll get some value out of it. And if you don’t know about WordPress, maybe you’ll ask some questions that we can answer for you. We also published recently the Thursday travel show with Katie, and in that show, she talked about your travel goals for 2024. Marty, let’s see. Sheila. Sorry, do we have any hand?

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Bam. Hey, Pam. Wow. This is unusual for me to be the first one question of the day. No, I have not really considered getting these wearables. I guess you would call them because, well, for one thing, they’re way expensive. My bank account is always saying, I’m hungry. If I ever got to a point where I couldn’t do what I needed to do along those lines, simply using my iPhone, then I might consider getting a wearable if I could find one that I thought would serve me well and which I could afford.

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Thanks, Pam.

04:28.382 –> 04:30.580
So right now, the answer would be no.

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All right, well, thanks, Pam.

04:32.766 –> 04:33.826
You’re welcome.

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All right, Sheila, repeat that one more time.

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Sheila, you got Gregory. Oh, there you go. Alta audio now on mute. Hello, can you hear me?

04:43.116 –> 04:45.046
We can hear you. Hey, Greg, how are you doing?

04:45.228 –> 05:07.838
I believe I’m a first time loading. I believe I could afford it. I would do it for a wearable because I am currently in a beta. Williams iPhone has joined the meeting, a beta with the Celeste smart glasses, and they are doing very good. And if I got a chance to do another more advanced wearable, I would do it.

05:08.004 –> 05:09.374
Cool. That sounds awesome.

05:09.492 –> 05:25.494
Yeah. The celeste wearable smart glasses are in beta, and I’m very impressed with them. So anybody wants to look into sell us classes, I encourage them to do that. Awesome. Thank you.

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Thank you. And welcome as a first time caller.

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Thank you, Sheila. Nolan. Hey, Nolan. Sorry about regarding. Yes. I am going to potentially look into getting a pair of envision glasses. So I’m going to try the subscription model, and it’s going to be from envision, so going to be interesting for me. And, yes, it’ll probably help me increase more independence, and that’ll be really exciting. Very good. Yep.

06:10.042 –> 06:13.410
So did you just want to share with us, or did you have a question there, Nolan?

06:13.750 –> 06:15.102
Both. Excellent.

06:15.166 –> 06:45.342
Perfect. Yeah. The envision glasses subscription, I really liked what they did with that. It’s similar to the way the Celeste subscription works, except for Envision is $150, I think, a month, which I think makes it a lot more attainable for people to try out to see if they like it and if it’s a form factor that they’re going to use. It used to be $3,500. Well, I think they had a lower plan for like 18, but it was a substantial outlay of capital just to see if it’s something you were going to use. So appreciate that feedback. And what’s your question?

06:45.476 –> 07:28.166
So I have a question concerning podcasting with Spotify for podcasters. Okay, I take a look and see the algorithm of how many people that have commented on my podcast when they sent in a voice message. Because there’s no way to do it from the Spotify for podcasters mobile app accessibly using the accessibility features that they’re trying to update.

07:28.358 –> 08:02.054
So I think that’s where some good feedback to Spotify for podcasters support team would come into play. I personally don’t use that platform. I’ve heard mixed reviews about accessibility. If you wanted to actually get analytics about numbers and how many people are downloading your show and stuff like that, using a dedicated podcast host similar to Pinecast might be a good solution. And then directing your feed into Spotify so people can listen to it on Spotify, that would give you more analytics on your show though, as well.

08:02.172 –> 08:27.326
Okay. Just thought I would ask because what concerns me right now is that voiceover is no longer telling me because there’s some blank spots that voiceover is ticking at whenever I click on the screen and it frustrates the heck out of me and I’m afraid I’m going to have to say something.

08:27.508 –> 08:43.694
Yeah. So I would definitely reach out to their support team in that situation where something is on the screen but voiceover isn’t reading. That is when toggling on screen recognition might be beneficial, but it’s not the perfect solution. So hope that helps you out there, Nolan.

08:43.742 –> 08:46.038
Okay. All right. Thank you for your help.

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No worries. Who do we got next?

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Sheila? Jane. Hey, Jane. There you. Well, there’s privacy concerns. I’m a little bit. I haven’t tried many wearables, so I have serious privacy concerns. But I did look into the. I have to try this now with my Mac and Braille display, but it says here that you can assign commands. I’m not sure how or if you go to the voiceover utility nikeism. Well, pair the braille display and go into. There’s a way you can assign commands, but I think.

09:34.632 –> 09:39.142
Okay, so it says you can assign a command to tell the time, is that what you’re saying?

09:39.276 –> 09:40.598
Yeah. Perfect.

09:40.684 –> 09:50.986
I will look into that a little bit. Yeah, it looks like it might be in here. So I’ll do some poking at some of these options here. Thank you. Who do we got next there?

09:51.008 –> 10:35.090
Sheila? Beth. Hey, Beth. Hi. I was listening to one of the podcasts, and I had asked a question about thumb drives, how to get something from a cassette, and you had said, it’s better if I can have a service that does it. But I forgot to tell you, this is kind of personal. Like, my mom used to talk on a tape when I was a baby from when I was early college. And there’s some stuff I don’t want just anybody knowing about. So how do I get. You said something about analog. Digital.

10:35.250 –> 10:43.226
It’ll be a digital to analog converter. It’s called. It’s called a digital, actually, opposite there.

10:43.248 –> 12:16.918
Marty, because you’re going analog tape to digital. So it would be an analog to digital converter. And it goes from a tape player to USB. And they have USB cassette players that will let you play the audio from the cassette into your digital audio workstation or your recorder. Now, the reason I told you to go and send this to possibly explore a third party service to perform this is a. It’s going to take a little bit of technology skills, so I’m definitely not saying you can’t do it, but it’s going to make you need to learn how to use an audio recorder that might be reaper or gold wave. And then it’s going to require you to have to find a USB supported cassette player so you can get the audio from the cassette into your computer. Again, that’s something you definitely can pick up and learn how to do if privacy is a primary concern, and that’s a very valid concern, and I get why you might not want to send tapes away to get them digitized, because you never know what’s going to happen with that. And if people can listen to them, for the most part, I think these services that you send your cassette tapes to to get digitized are probably automated, and people probably don’t actually listen to the audio, would be my guess. However, that’s an opportunity to explore the privacy policy of the service that you decide to go with.

12:17.084 –> 12:34.140
Right? Okay. Yeah. Because I almost needed probably a technology teacher, and it’s hard to get. They’re all the way in Des Moines, which is like, about 5 hours from where I live.

12:34.770 –> 12:37.440
Gotcha. So there’s not a lot of training in your.

12:39.170 –> 13:03.080
Of kind of bums me out, though. I wish it was. But, yeah, I can’t just ask Des Moines somebody to come know they have to do a case and know I can’t just ask because I had services with know teaching me stuff, but you can only have it for so long and then they have to have other.

13:05.290 –> 13:18.426
Yeah, well, that’s some valuable feedback, Beth, and I appreciate hearing that. I’m sorry that the training opportunities aren’t as diverse and available for you, but hopefully that direction will help you out and go back and listen to the podcast to get some more information.

13:18.528 –> 13:30.560
Okay? Okay. Otherwise you could probably, or could somebody remote in my computer even to help me do like if I hook something up like the converter and stuff.

13:32.050 –> 13:36.882
I don’t have that answer for you, beth, but send us an email and we can talk more.

13:36.936 –> 13:38.578
Okay? Okay, thanks.

13:38.744 –> 13:39.566
No worries.

13:39.678 –> 14:46.546
Who do we got next? Sheila? Desi. Hey desi. Well, that silly pesky little unmute button. Okay, so I am on my phone right now, but generally I use my Mac for a lot of calls. And when I am a participant in a call and not hosting or something, sometimes I will like to use the option y option for raising my hand. But every time I do that, this one message keeps coming up on the screen about, I don’t even quite know what it says because usually other people are talking at the same time. It’s very interrupting and it just says something like, plus press command something or other to go to a different or whatever it says. I don’t know, but I’m wondering because I don’t get a lot of other messages that I don’t want, but I don’t know. And it will just do it repeatedly and I will hit Ctrl and it will stop talking and then a couple seconds later it will start again. Any thoughts?

14:46.658 –> 14:50.040
So Sheila saw me raise and lower my hand a couple of times.

14:50.570 –> 14:52.322
I’m sitting here laughing at him.

14:52.396 –> 14:54.140
I was just about to do the same thing.

14:54.510 –> 15:25.942
So when I do that too, and I’m sure Brad has probably seen this as well, it says press command tilde to reach pop up and lower it. I hate to say it, but I think that’s just how zoom handles it. And you should send some feedback to access at zoom. Us, I think is their email and it says, it looks like, hey, that’s kind of cool. It looks like you’re done talking, so we’ll lower your hand in 8 seconds even though I’m still talking. Thanks Zoom, appreciate that. So I think that unfortunately, that’s just how it’s going to work right now.

15:26.076 –> 16:06.082
Some of it also may have to do with your voiceover cursor being landed in this particular area. So if your voiceover cursor, sometimes it’ll move on its own if the screen has a pop up and then the voiceover cursor will jump to that. Or if you move your voiceover cursor to something else and say, like it’s on the mute button, then it may not read what pops up. So a lot of it has to do with where you have your voiceover cursor and also where the voiceover cursor is automatically deciding to have a brain on of its own and kind of go wherever. So that could be part of it.

16:06.216 –> 16:18.020
Okay, well, I will try to redirect my cursor then. And I thought that I have done that in the past, and I don’t think it was all that successful, but I totally appreciate what you’re saying.

16:18.870 –> 16:47.726
One thing that I always do, and that kind of helps a lot keep voiceover from speaking a lot during a Zoom meeting, is when I log into a Zoom meeting, I’ll automatically move the voiceover cursor down to the mute button, and then it just sits on the mute button. And the great thing about that is it doesn’t really read anything else that’s going on in Zoom unless you have the alerts within the settings on or off, depending on what you want to hear or don’t hear. But then also, if you need to mute or unmute yourself, all you have to do is tap the spacebar to mute or unmute yourself.

16:47.908 –> 16:52.030
Yeah, go ahead, Brad. Hey, Brad.

16:52.790 –> 17:15.218
It’s not voiceover that’s saying that because I have my voiceover set to Alex and what’s it called? Descriptive, whatever it’s called in accessibility. Yes. I have that set to Samantha and the voice you’re talking, the phrase you’re talking about, I hear spoken with Samantha.

17:15.314 –> 17:17.890
Oh, but see, I don’t. My voice.

17:17.970 –> 17:19.786
Yeah, you have. Yours is the same.

17:19.888 –> 17:22.746
Yeah, but because mine are different, I.

17:22.768 –> 17:24.362
Can tell which one it is.

17:24.496 –> 17:43.280
No, mine aren’t the same because I just, I was just talking to Chanel earlier about the fact that sometimes when know, playing the instructions, someone will come in or out of the room and Samantha’s voice will holler, know so and so entered the.

17:43.650 –> 17:51.806
That’s, that’s interesting. My spoken content is Samantha as well. But I hear that in Alex because I hear it in Samantha.

17:51.838 –> 17:53.938
So I wonder why. I mean, I wonder why I do.

17:53.944 –> 17:54.990
Hear it in Samantha.

17:55.070 –> 18:23.450
Well, some of the alerts that you hear or notifications within Zoom are also things that you can go in the settings and turn them on and off. So if you don’t want to hear people coming and going out of the room every time, or if you, there’s other things you can go in there. So if you open up the zoom settings, you could just turn them all off and it will make zoom. What you’re attempting to do is make Zoom be as quiet as possible and only hear the absolute necessity things you want to hear. If you don’t want to hear anything, just shut them all off.

18:23.600 –> 18:33.714
Yeah, there are certainly some things that I do want to hear when I’m hosting that I don’t want to hear when I’m just in the group participating. But yeah, there is a tool out.

18:33.752 –> 18:58.194
There and I need to play with it more. But it’s called Zoom cuts and that gives shortcuts, actions available to users of the zoom application on the Mac. And potentially that could give shortcut. I don’t know if you can change what alerts are spoken, but that might be something to look at because you could set a shortcut to enable or disable specific alerts.

18:58.242 –> 19:00.866
Possibly you can have different profiles.

19:00.898 –> 19:12.874
So if you’re just going to be someone in the zoom meeting listening, you can set it up to do what you want to do in that scenario. But if you’re hosting or moderating or doing something else, you can then set it up to be that set up.

19:12.912 –> 19:18.174
When you’re doing well. Good. Good thoughts. Thanks guys.

19:18.292 –> 19:19.454
Yep, no problem.

19:19.652 –> 19:22.090
And do we have any other hands? Right Sheila?

19:22.170 –> 19:24.542
No hands.

19:24.596 –> 19:27.038
That means we actually have to talk technology stuff.

19:27.124 –> 19:46.870
Okay, well, one thing we can talk about, which was pretty big last week, is all the new updates that came out across the board for all the things. So there was updates that came out for iPhone, iPad, watch, the Mac computer and iPads as well. So there was some new security features. Michael, did you read about those?

19:47.020 –> 21:17.134
Yeah. So a couple of months ago there were some concerns about people looking over your shoulder, being able to capture your passcode, the details of your passcode and say, oh, I saw where he tapped. So these are his passcode digits and then stealing your phone and triggering it so it has to pop up the passcode. That was a big issue that honestly didn’t impact a lot of people, but those high profile targets, it is a big concern for them. So what Apple has done is they made it so and then what they would do is they would go change your passcode because they already had the original one and then they would disable the find my iPhone feature and then be able to sell the phone. Apple went in in iOS 17.3 and gave a feature that you can go enable. So you have to use Face ID and you can’t use your passcode to get to specific settings in the iPhone. So it’d be worth looking at that if you haven’t yet. Mine on a beta accidentally got enabled and I did not like that. So I went and made sure that was turned off because for some reason, with this iPhone 14 Pro Max that I have, I’ve been struggling with face unlock, Face id a lot more than I have in the past. And I think it might be related to how big the phone is and that experience. But I see we have a couple of hands.

21:17.192 –> 21:21.798
Sheila. Hi, doc. Hey, doc. Good morning.

21:21.964 –> 21:22.502
Good morning.

21:22.556 –> 22:02.770
How are you, doc? Well, doing pretty good. I have a problem that’s sort of strange. By the end of the day, for some reason, the arrow keys cease working. They don’t respond, and I don’t know what it is. And it seems like it’s only when the machine has been on for quite a few hours. And it sort of baffled me. And it’s frustrating to not be able to navigate around with that.

22:02.920 –> 22:06.194
Yeah, this is on windows, if I recall, right, you’re a windows.

22:06.242 –> 22:07.142
Yes. Correct.

22:07.276 –> 22:10.434
Okay. Is this on a desktop or a laptop?

22:10.562 –> 22:11.442

22:11.586 –> 22:16.306
And is this using the built in keyboard or an external keyboard?

22:16.418 –> 22:17.430

22:18.190 –> 22:26.570
It almost makes me wonder, do you have problems with any of the other keys? And do you charge the external keyboard overnight?

22:27.070 –> 22:29.462
It’s hardwired.

22:29.606 –> 22:30.682
Oh, it’s hardwired.

22:30.746 –> 22:35.006
Okay. Got you.

22:35.188 –> 22:42.506
But does your laptop keyboard work fine too during that time? Do you know keys?

22:42.618 –> 22:45.666
I’ve never used it because that would.

22:45.688 –> 23:03.814
Help you determine if it’s an issue with Windows and maybe something’s going wrong with windows if neither of the keyboard arrow keys work versus it being a hardware issue. But that seems like a strange hardware issue. I’ve not heard of that, but if anyone else has, please raise your hand. And next time try the laptop keyboard and see if those arrow keys work.

23:03.852 –> 23:45.470
Okay, thank you. Phone number six one four ending in 211. Could you unmute and tell us who you are, please? Hi, I’m Julie Russell. Hi, Dan. Julie, how are you? I’m good. I have a strange question. I get sent forms through my email and I want to edit them on the iPhone. I’ve gone to Microsoft word. I get almost there, but not quite. And I’ve tried acrobat, Adobe acrobat, and I think there’s one more pages. I tried to do stuff in there. Can you give me any advice on, is it even possible to edit a form?

23:45.640 –> 23:53.586
Well, it depends how the form was created. Is it a PDF or what’s the form’s original structure?

23:53.618 –> 24:00.762
Is it one of them is PDF, and I had them send them again in word. So I’ve done them in both.

24:00.896 –> 24:03.590
So someone’s converting a PDF to a word document.

24:03.670 –> 24:04.838
Go ahead, Michael.

24:05.014 –> 24:12.974
Yeah. So when you say you almost got there, can you give me a little more details about what problems you encountered while trying to fill it out?

24:13.012 –> 24:30.386
What happened? Okay, the first three things was, of course, your name, address, and phone number. I got those, they were listed. And then when I got into the form part of it, it just didn’t want to let me put the information where I needed to put it.

24:30.488 –> 24:34.146
Did it let you put information anywhere or just not in the place you.

24:34.168 –> 24:38.110
Wanted to put it? I did not see it anywhere.

24:38.270 –> 24:39.214
I wonder if they didn’t.

24:39.262 –> 25:02.218
But it worked. Editable. It worked at the beginning, when the name, phone number and address came in, that came out fine. I was able to do that with no problem. And then when I got into the form, then I had a lot of trouble trying to fill out. Just I only have to fill out like five things for my work, and I just can’t seem to get it done.

25:02.384 –> 25:08.046
So you can see the questions, like, you’re able to read the questions, you just can’t answer them and fill them out.

25:08.068 –> 25:09.710
Is that correct? Right.

25:09.860 –> 25:49.260
Okay, so to me, this sounds like potentially the focus either a, isn’t getting put into the proper place for you to fill it out, and I’ll explain that in a moment. Or b, they might be using a template in Microsoft Word. So I have a couple of solutions of things to try. So what I would do in the first place is if you’re navigating with your rotor by line, like line by line, then have you tried using your rotor, switching to words and navigating to the end of the line and then start typing and it doesn’t let you, or the keyboard doesn’t show.

25:49.630 –> 25:58.190
It lets me on those first three, but it does not let me. I can try it again, but it didn’t let me last week.

25:58.340 –> 26:23.446
So this is where I would reach out to Microsoft disability answer desk and tell them, hey, I have this form that I can fill out the first three fields, but I can’t fill out any of the other fields on it. And if you want, I can get you the phone number to Microsoft disability answer desk, and they may be able to look at the form and tell you why you can’t fill out that form and or give you some ideas on how to be able to navigate it.

26:23.548 –> 26:26.246
Is that the one on be my eyes too or not?

26:26.348 –> 26:39.430
That would actually be perfect to reach out to the be my eyes team because, yes, it’s the same one. They do have a telephone number, but it’s the same team if you reach out to them through be my eyes specialized assistant.

26:39.590 –> 26:40.202

26:40.336 –> 26:42.074
Did you say you were using an.

26:42.112 –> 26:51.038
Iphone to do this? I want to do it on my iPhone so I can do it anywhere that I am. Yeah, I won’t have to lug a big computer around with me.

26:51.204 –> 27:28.266
So a suggestion I will recommend, which you can look at a few different tools that are out there, but sometimes it’s better to have a PDF tool specifically to edit and create pdfs and all that kind of stuff. There is one called PDF hen that works on iPhone and iPad. All the iOS apps. It’s pretty good. And there’s also one called UPDF and both of those are specifically for working with pdfs. That might give you a little bit of a better opportunity to be able to work with pdfs than putting it into Microsoft Word if you’re using it automatically. So I would maybe look at both.

27:28.288 –> 27:38.442
Of those as well. Okay, shoot. I’m sorry. So, Microsoft, what was the first one? The hen. PDF. Hen.

27:38.586 –> 27:42.858
No. PDF and then P-E-N. Like a pencil PDF.

27:43.034 –> 27:51.074
Yeah. Okay, I’ll try that. This will be a big help, I think, because I’m very close. I just can’t get some of them filled out.

27:51.192 –> 28:02.166
That’s the frustrating part about accessibility. I see we have a couple of hands here too, so I’d stick around because they may have some suggestions as well of something for you to try. So thanks a lot for joining in. Sheila, who do we got next?

28:02.268 –> 28:56.722
Eric. Hey, Eric. Good morning or afternoon for back east? Yep. I have kind of a dilemma. I have big hands and also I have arthritis and I have an eleven pro. Now, do any of these newer phones have bigger icons, like on the edges? I have issues hitting some of those little buttons. For example, like hitting wifi when I’m coming into zoom room, or the okay for that. Those little buttons right on the edge. Are any of those buttons bigger on some of these newer phones?

28:56.866 –> 28:59.654
So do you have the eleven pro or the eleven pro?

28:59.692 –> 29:01.670
Max. Eleven pro.

29:01.820 –> 29:24.260
So I could be wrong because I have no site. Marty, please jump in here. But I think going to the pro Max might give you a better experience because you’re going from a 6.2 inch to 6.7 inch screen and that’s going to give more real estate on the screen for your hands. I never thought that I would like the pro phones, and now I’m on a pro and I don’t know that I can go back to a smaller phone.

29:25.990 –> 30:57.006
I’m on the 15 Pro Max and it is a substantially bigger screen, which does make some of the stuff on the screen a little bit bigger. But also there’s a difference in what’s stock on the phone and what third party apps. Sometimes they give you the ability to make the icons or the interface a little bit bigger when you go into the settings and things like that, but not everything when it comes to third party apps. So it’s going to be something that’s a little bit of a trial and error. But if you’re having issues with a lot of that stuff due to the way your hands work or anything like that, I would suggest looking at voice control inside your phone. That really helps a lot, being able to control your phone more with your voice. And it does everything from opening apps and dictating and doing all kinds of stuff. It pretty much allows you to control your phone with your voice. You could do some of the same stuff with Siri as well, but it goes a lot deeper. If you’re using voice control, it might help you, but you’d also have to look and see if any of the individual third party apps will allow you to make the screen real estate a little bit bigger, depending on what it is you’re looking for or trying to do. If you’re using voiceover, you can always swipe instead of trying to just land on a specific icon. So even if you just get your voiceover cursor up there, and then you would swipe to the right and let the voiceover cursor land on any of the things you’re trying to connect with or tap on, instead of just trying.

30:57.028 –> 30:58.720
To land your finger on it.

30:59.090 –> 31:26.930
That actually might be the best bet for you is to use voiceover. Because what some people don’t realize is with voiceover, Apple has made it so you don’t actually have to tap on the icon that you’re trying to access. If voiceover is selected, I’m sorry, voiceover is enabled and the element, so the button for Wi Fi is highlighted with the voiceover cursor, you can double tap anywhere on your screen and that’ll activate that element.

31:27.090 –> 32:05.010
And actually, if you are a voiceover user and you do have issues with your hands and you turn on voice control, you can actually control the voiceover cursor with your voice. So for example, if you’re using your hand, you swipe to the right, swipe to the right, and then you do a single finger double tap, and it will open something up. You can voice that if you have voice control over on. Yeah, voice control on. So if you get the voiceover cursor up there and you say, swipe right. Swipe right. It’ll move the voiceover cursor over while using your mouth or your voice to command the voiceover.

32:05.510 –> 32:06.198
Oh, wow.

32:06.284 –> 32:10.102
Okay. Wow. Okay. I’ll try that.

32:10.156 –> 32:10.758
Thank you.

32:10.844 –> 32:11.958
Yeah, no problem.

32:12.124 –> 32:13.298
All right, Sheila.

32:13.314 –> 32:13.702
Thanks, sir.

32:13.756 –> 32:46.100
Debrinos. Hey, Deb. Hey, Deb. Hi. I was thinking about Doc’s question, and I had a similar problem, but I use a multi port hub in my laptop to plug in my keyboard. So same thing. It quit working. I tried the laptop and it worked. So anyway, I got a better one. I found out that cheap ones, after a while, if you have too many things plugged in, some part of them quits working. You can jiggle them sometimes and make them work, but it’s better to replace it.

32:46.470 –> 32:49.778
Well, perfect. Thank you for that, Deb. Appreciate it.

32:49.864 –> 33:29.486
All right, Elizabeth. Hey, Elizabeth. Yeah, hi there. I think what I just heard you say is the multi port hubs, the cheaper ones, don’t work well, which actually is kind of my experience. And also you need to make sure you have a new one because this new usb, you don’t need an old USB hub because they’re not fast enough. But he talked about having a Zoom X keyboard. I’m not sure. Did I hear that right? Or a Zoom text keyboard. I don’t know what I think.

33:29.508 –> 33:32.638
Doc was using an external keyboard with zoom text.

33:32.804 –> 33:59.994
Is Doc still here somewhere? Doc, what’s the keyboard that you’re a zoom text. Is that a manufacturer? Yes, a zoom text keyboard. And suddenly your arrows don’t work, is that what I’m hearing? Yeah. At the end of the day, they work fine in the morning. Well, that’s really weird because they’re not susceptible to light. So one of the things that I would find out is whether you’re getting a charging issue.

34:00.192 –> 34:02.140
It’s hardwired into the computer.

34:02.510 –> 34:13.440
Hardwired. And you find it works in the morning. It works in the morning and it doesn’t work later in the day after you’ve used it for a long time. That makes no sense.

34:14.050 –> 34:20.222
I would honestly too, Doc, reach out to humanware and ask them if they have any suggestions for why this is happening.

34:20.276 –> 34:25.794
If you haven’t yet, why would humanware. Because you’re using what?

34:25.992 –> 34:27.586
Because humanware sells it.

34:27.688 –> 34:33.758
A Zoom text keyboard. This is not a regular keyboard.

34:33.934 –> 34:44.434
It looks like they have larger letters on the keys? Yeah, it’s a 36 point font on the key. So people with low vision. Yeah, it is a Brandon style keyboard.

34:44.482 –> 34:57.306
I would talk to them because it might be a driver issue of some kind. I never heard of anything that works earlier in the day and then doesn’t work later in the day. But this is Brad different.

34:57.408 –> 35:30.546
The zoom text keyboard was made by AI squared back in the day before freedom took them. Have, they did have software that would work with it, but it should work without it. What I’m wondering is it’s been several years since they manufactured and subsequently discontinued that keyboard. If maybe there’s an issue with it working with a more recent version of Windows.

35:30.658 –> 35:37.480
Yeah, that’s why. I was going to say drivers or something. But why would it work earlier in the day and then fail later in the day?

35:38.430 –> 35:42.620
I’m wondering if he’s. Are you using zoom text with it?

35:43.150 –> 35:44.918
I’m using jaws.

35:45.094 –> 35:54.780
Yeah, that shouldn’t matter. Do you have the Zoom software that came with the keyboard? Go ahead.

35:55.650 –> 35:57.600
I just didn’t catch the question.

35:59.570 –> 36:01.930
You’re not running zoom text or fusion?

36:02.090 –> 36:04.062
No, just Jaws.

36:04.206 –> 36:06.740
And you’re using a recent it shouldn’t matter.

36:07.110 –> 36:36.070
Right. And this is Deb. I’m also using a Zoom text keyboard with the hub and the laptop. And I replaced my zoom text keyboard. I’m very sad to hear that there isn’t one anymore. One of the features about it, besides having large letters is it has the buttons across the top. It has more accessory buttons. But the last one, that was the other issue, it did just start not working reliably was how it failed.

36:36.230 –> 36:39.418
Did they update it and call it something new? Maybe it’s got a new name and.

36:39.424 –> 37:10.582
An update took them over. They discontinued it. And they’ve also redesigned zoom text. So a lot of those buttons across the top, even if you had the software, I doubt they would still work. Zoom text got completely revamped in 2018, I think. Well, I’m looking at Humanware’s website. It looks like you can buy it on their website. So I wonder if this is something different. Interesting. For 250 australian dollars, the keyboard is still available.

37:10.716 –> 37:13.362
I just got one recently.

37:13.506 –> 37:23.402
That’s interesting. So I would reach out to the company that you purchased it from too to see if they have any support suggestion. Sheila. Thanks for that feedback, Elizabeth. Sheila, who do we got next?

37:23.536 –> 37:25.686
Scott. Hey Scott. Scott.

37:25.798 –> 37:26.778
Well, yeah, I was just going to.

37:26.784 –> 37:36.602
Say I was under the impression that despairo had come out with something like this, had come out with this particular keyboard. Maybe I just misunderstood.

37:36.666 –> 37:38.830
Didn’t remember correctly or something.

37:38.980 –> 38:06.246
But my hunch might be that I can’t help wondering if the keyboard is so old that it’s incompatible, although it may work for a while. Died too compatible. Why it’s acting so strangely is because it’s just compatibility issue with later versions of Windows and later hardware and whatever. Yeah, perfect.

38:06.348 –> 38:17.002
I just found it. Boundless. Assistive technology apparently has it as well. It looks like for free, but it looks like you can’t pick the color. So their website’s a little broken. Who do we got next?

38:17.056 –> 38:18.790
Sheila. Beth.

38:18.950 –> 38:19.702
Hey, Beth.

38:19.766 –> 38:40.786
Hey, Beth. Okay. Yeah, I have a question about NVDA. Like, put it down. Windows media. Windows media. Let’s see who that is. Guys.

38:40.888 –> 38:42.290
I think that’s Brad.

38:43.910 –> 39:13.280
Windows media player or anything. The speech goes in the background of what I’m downloading because other speeches like just say if I have music on that I’m trying to hear and then trying to download from Pontees media downloader. And then the speech that I need to hear is in the background of the.

39:17.570 –> 39:43.942
Beth, I think what’s happening is your NVda audio ducking feature got changed. So next time you’re playing audio in Windows media player, try using NVDA. So your insert or capsat key, the shift key and the d key for Delta. So NVDA shift d and see if that toggle changes NVDA speech to what you expect it to do.

39:44.076 –> 39:44.710

39:44.860 –> 39:46.694
So give that a try and let us know.

39:46.812 –> 39:51.226
That’s what audio ducking. Okay. Okay, thank you.

39:51.328 –> 39:51.942
No worries.

39:52.006 –> 39:52.438

39:52.534 –> 39:53.814
Sheila, who do we got, Brad?

39:53.862 –> 39:55.622
Do we have somebody in clubhouse?

39:55.766 –> 40:03.134
Yeah, believe we have DJ. Hey, DJ. Jamie, have to unmute because I muted you. Are you there?

40:03.252 –> 40:04.014
That’s who I heard.

40:04.052 –> 40:06.670
Howdy. Howdy. It is DJ on Tony’s phone.

40:06.820 –> 40:08.218
Hey, DJ.

40:08.314 –> 40:18.866
Quick question, guys, with this group IO identification. So last week I received mine and.

40:19.048 –> 40:21.586
Know did the know when?

40:21.768 –> 40:26.670
Sent a blank email and whatnot. And I got confirmation a couple days late.

40:26.750 –> 40:28.342
I mean a couple days later.

40:28.476 –> 40:50.426
So I’m good to go with mine. Tried to do the same thing on Tony’s phone and did exactly the same thing that I did on mine. And she has yet to receive a confirmation notice. And I’m wondering, do I have to resend it out again or what?

40:50.608 –> 41:09.710
Here’s what I would do if I was in your case. Take her phone, go to groups, IO enter her email address to sign in and they’ll send a link. Tap on that link and if any action needs to be taken, it’ll tell you at the top of the groups IO page. Is she receiving emails still from groups?

41:09.870 –> 41:11.406
She’s still receiving emails from groups.

41:11.438 –> 41:28.710
Then she’s likely good to go because she should have stopped receiving emails on Sunday. But that’s how I would verify that she’s good to go is to go to groups IO enter her email address. It’ll send a link to her. So you tap on that link, and if she needs to do something, there’ll be a notice at the top of the page.

41:28.860 –> 41:29.318

41:29.404 –> 41:29.974
Thank you.

41:30.012 –> 41:36.022
So, Lauren.

41:36.166 –> 41:36.934
Hey, Lauren.

41:36.982 –> 41:37.846
Hey, Lauren.

41:37.958 –> 41:39.322
Hey, guys. How you doing?

41:39.456 –> 41:40.542
Good, how are you?

41:40.676 –> 41:42.442
I like this call. It’s very informative.

41:42.586 –> 41:43.520
Thank you.

41:44.450 –> 42:34.240
I also have a problem with Ms. It seems a lot of times it becomes silent and all I hear I’m in the beta versions of it. Or sometimes I uninstall the whole thing because I just don’t trust what it does. Or sometimes it just hangs. It just stays. It doesn’t say anything. It’s not speaking. It’s just kind of stuttering. It’s like hanging, sort of. Describe it. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with it. I uninstall. Sometimes we start with add ons disabled, or sometimes I do the runcom registration, but I don’t know what else to do or to install something mean I don’t know what to do.

42:34.770 –> 42:55.300
So in that situation, because I don’t know a lot about resetting NVDA settings like you can with jaws. But in that situation, what I would try doing when NVDA Freezes is activate narrator with control windows, enter and then see if something’s on the screen that’s preventing NVDA from speaking.

42:56.490 –> 43:02.774
That’s a good idea. To see if narrator can tell me what’s freezing it.

43:02.892 –> 43:24.266
Yeah, that’s where I would start. Otherwise, I don’t really have much more suggestion. I don’t think that was proper grammar, but I don’t have a good suggestion. Aside from there are some mailing lists out there for NVDA. If you’re able to see what’s going on on that screen, you could try reaching out to those mailing lists. Or of course, there’s always the disability answer desk when it freezes up.

43:24.368 –> 43:25.494
Oh, that’s a good idea.

43:25.632 –> 43:35.330
And remember with be my eyes on your phone, disability answer desk can actually see your screen through your phone’s camera, and they can tell you if there’s something there that’s preventing NVDA from speaking.

43:35.480 –> 44:00.858
Right. Okay, I’ll try that. And also, there’s another question. There’s another place, some of the synthesizers I can’t stand. Are you familiar with Blindhelpproject. Net whole thing where they have all these eloquence and vocalizer and stuff like that? It’s okay to install from there, right?

44:01.024 –> 44:18.362
I don’t know from my experiences that is stolen software at that website. I don’t know for sure if they’re giving away eloquence or the vocalizer voices. I do know the at guy sells licenses for those, so I’m not sure how they’re doing that legally.

44:18.506 –> 44:18.974
I see.

44:19.012 –> 44:22.094
So basically download at your own risk in that kind of situation.

44:22.292 –> 44:32.260
At my own risk, because nothing’s happened. And people at Microsoft has encouraged me to do it. I asked them and they encouraged me to do it.

44:32.630 –> 44:39.238
Interesting. Okay, well thanks for letting us know and let us know if that works. Sheila, who do we got next?

44:39.324 –> 44:44.994
Thank you. Thanks Brad. Do we have somebody in cloth health? Thank you Brad.

44:45.122 –> 44:47.622
Or did Brad re raise his hand?

44:47.756 –> 44:51.506
Yes, he did. Brad, you’re muted.

44:51.698 –> 44:53.434
Ok, now how about it?

44:53.552 –> 44:54.426
Now we can hear you.

44:54.448 –> 44:57.546
Okay, we have Joseph Hudson on stage. Joseph, go ahead.

44:57.648 –> 44:59.210
Hey Joseph, how are you?

44:59.360 –> 45:52.320
I’m doing first time caller, been following ACV for a while and I’ve attended some of the community calls. I just wanted to jump on and going back to the groups I o thing and to answer this question, I don’t mean to take over your braid here, but shed a little bit of light since I’m a part of the beta group. If you’re using a Gmail address, you more than likely do not need to verify it because Mark indicated that over on the beta group a couple of days ago, there was a group that added a bunch of addresses and he thought that they were trying to create a spam trap. So that’s why you more than likely had to be put in verify status, but you actually don’t have to verify your gmail address.

45:52.690 –> 46:01.040
All right, well thanks for sharing that and we appreciate you supporting the ACB community and jumping in for the first time. Appreciate that.

46:01.730 –> 46:35.242
Not a problem. And I do want to make a comment if I may, on the question of the day, if you don’t mind, Michael, we can go back. I’ve made the purchase of the orcam. I like it. I’ve been looking at the envision glasses. I’ve been running the envision app actually now again and thinking about getting the glasses for that as well.

46:35.376 –> 46:42.314
Got you. Well good. Thanks a lot for sharing that with us and we appreciate your feedback.

46:42.442 –> 46:43.262
No problem.

46:43.396 –> 46:44.878
Sheila, who do we got next?

46:44.964 –> 47:22.170
All right. You’ve got about ten minutes. And Gregory. Hey, Gregory. Audio now unmuted. Hello. And now lowered. As I said before, I’ve got this celest beta app on my phone, and I’m trying to send feedback to celest and I’m trying to learn screen recording. And in the controls, there is a. Janet Wright has left the meeting button that says everything is shown on the screen and it recommends to do the do not disturb. Is the do not disturb button there? Is it not labeled or do I have to go back into settings?

47:22.670 –> 47:25.706
You can go into control center and turn it on and off if you want to.

47:25.808 –> 47:27.530
It’s in control center also.

47:27.680 –> 47:54.946
Yeah. So that screen that you’re talking about does not have the do not disturb button on it. It just tells you that you should enable it. So what I typically do is at that point, I just tell Siri to enable it for me. Also, if you go to unmute show and type in screen recording, we do have an audio demo showing people how they can include both their voice and voiceover in the screen recording, if that would be helpful for you, too.

47:55.048 –> 48:01.022
Yeah, I’ve gotten that far. I mean, I’ve got. I was wondering about. Thank you.

48:01.096 –> 48:03.030
Just tell Siri to enable it for you.

48:03.180 –> 48:04.022
Thank you.

48:04.156 –> 48:07.458
No worries. Thanks for your question, Gregory. Sheila, who do we got next?

48:07.564 –> 48:08.326

48:08.438 –> 48:09.558
Hey, Desi.

48:09.734 –> 48:38.370
Hey, guys. I was just going to respond to what DJ was asking because my thought was he had said that Tony didn’t receive a confirmation. And a similar thing happened to me the other day, and I thought I hadn’t received a confirmation until later. It occurred to me to check my junk folder and I had two of them in there. So maybe check the junk folder before all.

48:38.520 –> 48:47.910
Yes, yes. That would definitely help. So thanks for that. Desi. Check the junk folder. If you’re expecting something and it’s not there, that should be life advice for people.

48:48.060 –> 48:50.146
Yeah, the junk folder.

48:50.258 –> 48:54.998
There you go. Thanks a lot, Desi. Sheila, do we have any other.

48:55.164 –> 48:57.478
Sir, you are clear for right now.

48:57.644 –> 48:58.998
Okay. One of the things I was going.

48:59.004 –> 49:35.054
To bring up, Michael, in the updates, in all the Apple updates that came out last week, another real cool feature is if you use Apple Music now, they’ve built in collaborative playlists with people that you can share them with. So if you are on a playlist and you want to share in Apple Music, you can share a playlist and share it with one or more multiple people. So that’s kind of a cool thing people are having fun with. So that’s something to check out in the new updates. And as always, they have tons of security, bug fixes and all kinds of other things. So always good to update your Apple devices if they have updates that are coming.

49:35.192 –> 49:37.538
So Elizabeth has her hand raised.

49:37.634 –> 49:38.658
Hey, Elizabeth.

49:38.754 –> 50:08.960
Yeah, hi. This is actually a simple, quick question. I know it’s unusual for me to do simple quick, but I’ve gotten malware bytes to run, but I’ve never gotten to be able to read the screen effectively on Windows, Windows ten. Can somebody talk about the accessibility? And this is the free version. Can somebody talk about malware bytes and tell me, if I buy the paid version, would it work better?

50:09.410 –> 50:36.454
If someone has some feedback, they can raise their hand. I don’t have any experience with using malware bytes, primarily when I’m on Windows. I’m using Windows Defender. But I know that there are some blind individuals out there using malwarebytes Pro. I think some of them do require use of the Jaws cursor or NVDA review cursor. So what I would do in that case there, Elizabeth, is to just search on Google for malware bytes with Jaws and you should get some input on some.

50:36.492 –> 50:39.538
Yeah, I tried. Okay, thanks. Yep.

50:39.634 –> 50:40.150
Thank you.

50:40.220 –> 50:41.206
Somebody here would know.

50:41.308 –> 50:43.500
All right, Sheila, I think we have one more.

50:44.750 –> 51:23.442
Go ahead. Hey, Beth. Yeah? I thought of another question. I was on YouTube and I tried to get my subscriptions and I kept clicking on one it wouldn’t let me get then. So I tried going to feedback and it said something about screenshot and I didn’t understand what it actually meant, but it had no way of being able to edit it like editable text, and then I could write my feedback.

51:23.586 –> 51:40.982
That’s interesting. I’m not certain what exactly is going on with that one, Beth. What I would try, if you haven’t yet, is to close the app, reopen it, and then try to go to your subscriptions again and then check in your rotor to see if screen recognition is for some reason enabled.

51:41.126 –> 51:42.678
Okay. Yep.

51:42.774 –> 51:49.786
So try that out. It sounds like you have a couple of things to try out. And feel free to reach back out to us if you have any other. Okay, Beth?

51:49.898 –> 51:50.926
Okay, thanks.

51:51.108 –> 51:54.670
No, no worries, Sheila. I don’t think we have any other hands.

51:54.820 –> 52:24.022
All right. That’s all she wrote. Thanks, Brad and Sheila, as always, we appreciate all of your help every week. You guys are awesome. Also, we want to remind everyone, go check out the unmute website at unmute show and check out all the podcasts, things in the past that we’ve done, the archives. There’s all kinds of stuff up there, and we’re updating it all the time to bring a really better experience for everyone. So unmute show, check that out. Also, everybody, have a great week, and we’ll see you next week. Thanks a lot.

52:24.156 –> 52:25.670
Thank you. Thanks, y’all.

52:27.370 –> 52:28.420
Unmute show.