Unmute Presents Unmute Presents Replay for 10 OCT

In this episode of Unmute Presents Community Call, we make announcements and discuss upcoming events. Our guests, Michael Doys and Michael Babcock, share recent content from IA Cast. We address questions about unmuting issues, iPhone volume problems, and offer solutions for various tech-related challenges. We provide tips for Outlook.com, Windows navigation, and address Siri and Windows 11 problems. We wrap up by discussing Zoom and thanking participants.

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This has been an ACB community call.

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Today’s a Mute Presents community call was hosted on Tuesday, 10 October 2023.

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You hello everyone and welcome back to another Unmute. We just want to give you a couple announcements here at the top and we have a few extra today. But first we’re going to get through everyone’s first hands first. Give everyone first opportunity to answer their questions. If we get through everyone, we’ll take second questions. Also, please be respectful so that everyone can get their questions answered with the same respect you would want. And as we all know, there are no dumb questions, so feel free to ask away any tech questions you may have. We have games to play with lady a right immediately following this, so go check that out if that’s something you’re interested in. Tonight we’ve got Mac bites with Bits with Brad and company. That’s at 05:00 p.m west coast time and 08:00 p.m East Coast time. Check today’s community email for all the details to check that out. And with me today I’ve got Michael Doyce. How you doing, michael?

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Doing great, Marty.

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Good to be here.

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Got any announcements on your end for us today?

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Always. So we are working on a transition process for Iacast Radio, so it’s going to be going to a new location. Don’t worry, all of your links will work. We are working on an update to the Iaccessibility app with some neat new features. So that’s coming very soon, later this week in fact. And we have the new radio station, makes it more automated for us. So you’re always going to be up to date with new content. 24/7. So very exciting stuff. And we’re doing some new shows. In fact, we’re starting a new business related show on the network called Biz Ability and that should be out later this week. So check that out. It’s all about business, working as a blind entrepreneur and things like that. So very exciting stuff. And we’re also still doing all the regular podcasts. So we also have, if we haven’t talked about it before, we have our Apple show, the ICAST on the network. So very exciting. We’ve talked about how to update your iPhone and when to update your iPhone and last week we had several talks about the discussions about the iPhone 15 Pro Max and a few other the iPhone overheating issues. So go check that out. And that’s the latest on the Iacast side and part of the network.

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So there you go, Marty.

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Thanks Michael. Appreciate it. Question of the day today, Windows users. Do you prefer NVDA or Jaws? And what do you like or hate about whichever one you’re using? And with that being said, we also have Michael Babcock with us. Hey, Michael, how’s it going?

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Hey, Marty.

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It’s going great. I appreciate everyone’s patience while we get through these. It seems like the announcements get longer and Marty has something cool to share with you guys in a moment. When I am done giving you a quick rundown of some of the content, I’ll skip over the ones that Michael already mentioned so you don’t have to hear twice of those. Earlier today, Michael published Iacast 198 and in this episode, it is the made by Google and their thoughts about that. Yesterday, Damasi and I shared technically working 29 or TW 29 new hardware parallels and audio setups. And just a hint into that, demasi got me to buy something. So we’ll have to see and share that experience. And I’m looking at Devin think. On Sunday, I posted a quick audio file called controlling your Control Center, if you’re like. They keep mentioning these control center. I’ve heard about this control center on my phone. How do I get there, how do I navigate it and use it? So definitely check that out. Lynn published a Friday Finds episode which had, of course, AI, discussion, accountability and more information about some of your alerts that are available on your mobile device. On Thursday, we published the Unmute presents State of the Union, which is a behind the scenes where Marty, Michael and I sit down and give people a brief overview of what’s new for that last month in Iacast. And then lastly, my second edition of my Contacts deep dive hints. Tomorrow I’m doing something else related to contacts on the Shell phone show was published, and this is how to get details about your contacts. So if you’re a blind shell classic two user, check that out. And if you want to get all of this content you’re like, I can’t keep it straight. I don’t understand what to do. Just subscribe to the Iacast network and you’ll get everything. Or you can go pick out the content you want. Speaking of picking out content you want, Marty, what else do you want to mention before we get to these several hands? And thanks again for your patience.

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So we wanted to let everyone know we now are going to have a membership with Unmute. And what that means starting out is we’re going to do a once a month, which is going to be the first Monday of the month where you come into zoom with us and we can answer your tech questions. Sometimes we’ll have a specific topic, so that’s going to be a membership that’s going to be for people only who are paid members. So it’ll be an extra zoom outside of this regular zoom meeting, which you can still attend this if you want, but if you want extra, you can check that out. You can find out all that information at forward. Slash plus. And Michael Babcock, you want to say anything else before we kick off these questions?

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Sheila, who’s our first hand?

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Lisa. Hey, Lisa. Hello.

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Good afternoon, everybody.

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How are you?

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So this is a very I’m well, thank you.

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How are you?

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We’re doing good. We’re doing good.

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Thank you.

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Excellent. Excellent. There is a conundrum. It’s a very basic one. I want to know if it’s something to do with ACB, the connection with ACB or the phone, because my friend is on right now. He is unable to unmute. He knows how to he has voiceover. It’s talking to him. He’s pressing it, and the buttons are being activated. And like they’re being know the sound is coming through, and he cannot get through. He can raise and lower his hand. So in other words, he got on an ACBA call that was not muted when you join, and if it was unmuted when he joined, no problem. Once he gets muted, he can’t unmute. And when he joins into this call right now, he’s unmuted and can’t unmute. He’s been on the phone with Apple accessibility. They can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Didn’t know if you had heard of this for anybody else in ACB, because I had a weird issue too, and you gentlemen had told me that other people had experienced it, and you helped me fix it, and I sent an email to Zoom and all, and they helped fix it. But this is not zoom. This is one tap mobile, just to be clear. Any insights?

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Well, he is not here at this time.

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Yeah, so he is not here at this time. At and so if he can raise his hand, that means the tones are being picked. He’s since he’s not able to unmute if he tried to unmute when Sheila was asking him to earlier, it has nothing to do with the way that the Zoom accounts are configured, because this is its own Zoom account. It’s not an ACB account.

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Michael, he did just join again, so he is back. Okay.

07:41.236 –> 07:43.166
And what was his name again?

07:43.348 –> 07:47.620
Felipe. Yes. He tries to sign out and sign back in to see if that will.

07:49.270 –> 08:04.598
Now, Felipe, if you can try pressing Star Six to see if you can unmute, go ahead and try to interrupt us if you are able to. Do you know, Lisa, if Felipe and accessibility restarted his phone?

08:04.764 –> 08:08.200
I don’t know if they did that. That’s a good question.

08:08.570 –> 08:24.170
That’s where I would start, because it seems like something is not getting picked up. And of course, he wants to press Star Six with the same fluidity that he presses Star Nine. So if there’s too much of a delay, then that could cause it not to answer. But those are the only suggestions.

08:24.250 –> 08:25.310
He understands that.

08:25.380 –> 08:26.266
Is he using voiceover?

08:26.298 –> 08:29.162
That’s a good idea. Yes, he is using voiceover.

08:29.306 –> 08:35.822
So that definitely would be a single finger double tap. So if he is new to that.

08:35.956 –> 08:43.860
No, he knows how to do he can raise his hand just like he can to mute and unmute, but the mute and unmute won’t work. The raise and lower is no problem.

08:47.850 –> 09:23.934
Go ahead. One last thing I want to mention is I was using a call in system once, and one thing that it seemed to have trouble with is speakerphone, the call in system that I was using. So I wonder if you cover the speaker or have a way to kind of put it in the top speaker mode and then dial the numbers. I wonder if that makes a difference. But I have seen that on certain call in systems, if you have it on speakerphone, it caused trouble for me on this one system, so I’m wondering if that could make a difference.

09:24.052 –> 09:41.974
So it is an iPhone 14, just to let you know, a new iPhone 14 a few months old, and it’s not refurbished. We found that out. So you’re saying what if he uses, like, the wired headphones to try it with wired headphones? That that may be better, because there does seem to be some issue there.

09:42.092 –> 09:45.174
He’s thinking with the speaker, it could be, yeah.

09:45.212 –> 09:48.726
I would try it with wired headphones, too, especially if restarting the phone didn’t work.

09:48.828 –> 09:50.042
Once you restart the phone.

09:50.096 –> 09:54.246
Also, I would suggest checking updates and make sure that his Zoom is updated.

09:54.358 –> 09:55.018
He did.

09:55.104 –> 09:55.642

09:55.776 –> 10:06.126
Well, he didn’t do iOS 17 yet because he’s waiting on that just to make sure. Does he need to do iOS 17? I mean, I don’t have iOS no.

10:06.148 –> 10:09.166
He doesn’t need to update to iOS 17 right now. He doesn’t need to.

10:09.188 –> 10:09.566

10:09.668 –> 10:25.326
But I would try, like they said, restarting the phone and see if that helps anything. And he can do it with Siri. Just tell him to activate Siri and say, restart this device. It’ll confirm that he says yes, and then it will just restart the whole device and bring it back to the desktop.

10:25.518 –> 10:26.466
Oh, I didn’t know that.

10:26.488 –> 10:27.522
Or back to the home screen.

10:27.576 –> 10:30.486
I should thank you. Yes, thank you.

10:30.508 –> 10:32.070
All right, good luck.

10:35.130 –> 10:37.190
Can I interrupt for a moment, please?

10:37.340 –> 10:38.694
Can you hear me?

10:38.892 –> 10:40.038
Is your hand up?

10:40.124 –> 10:46.390
No, I can’t put my hand up. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s why I wanted to interrupt.

10:46.550 –> 10:46.970

10:47.040 –> 10:48.346
Are you on a mobile phone, or.

10:48.368 –> 11:13.282
Are you on no, I’m on the computer. I’m on the computer, and I’m using Windows, and I’m using the latest jazz, and I cannot do Alt Y or Alt A or any of those shortcut keys. I can unmute by hitting Enter, and then I can mute again by hitting Enter, and I can do Alt U, but I cannot do Alt Y, and I cannot do Alt A, and I don’t know what else I can’t do.

11:13.416 –> 11:24.182
Don’t have any other suggestions? What I’d recommend doing is, if you haven’t yet, try leaving and coming back, and then we can also help you there. The other thing is yeah. That’s the only option I’d have for you.

11:24.236 –> 11:30.518
No, it never works. I tied different events, and my shortcut keys don’t work.

11:30.604 –> 11:37.626
Then it’s possible Zoom is having some issues. I don’t have an answer on you on that, and unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to help there.

11:37.808 –> 11:39.580
Is it a zoom issue?

11:40.030 –> 11:47.854
I don’t know, because I don’t know what’s going on with your setup. Other people are not having that issue, so I’m not sure what exactly is going on.

11:47.972 –> 11:54.898
Okay, well, just one more question, please, then who can I go to to see if I can find out?

11:54.984 –> 11:57.826
Send an email to access at zoom us.

11:58.008 –> 12:01.586
Send an email to access. Say that again, please.

12:01.688 –> 12:02.094

12:02.142 –> 12:04.418
Access at zoom us.

12:04.584 –> 12:05.618
Okay, thank you.

12:05.704 –> 12:07.094
No worries. Who do we got next?

12:07.132 –> 12:08.354
Sheila. Kenneth.

12:08.482 –> 12:09.670
Hey, Kenneth.

12:10.010 –> 12:12.306
Hello. Yeah, I’m Kenneth Mitchell.

12:12.418 –> 12:13.814
Hello, how are you?

12:14.012 –> 12:18.018
I’m pretty good this afternoon. Hope everyone else is doing all right.

12:18.204 –> 12:18.698

12:18.784 –> 12:35.038
So more than a year ago last July, I bought me my fourth iPhone. I got an iPhone Se, third generation. And a couple of months into using this phone, I had trouble with the telephone itself.

12:35.204 –> 12:35.614
All right?

12:35.652 –> 13:07.090
When I make a call on the telephone, as soon as the other party answers, or if I get generally, in many cases, I’m working with organizations which they put forth a menu to you. The voiceover, the speaker phone, the speaker on the phone, and the piece on the earphone all drop extremely low. And it’s almost one time out of ten. Does the volume up button work to bring up the volume I’m using voiceover.

13:07.170 –> 13:07.606

13:07.708 –> 13:19.450
So one thing that’s important to know when you’re on a phone call, when you have the phone up to your ear, it’ll come out of the earpiece, but when you take it away from your ear, it automatically switches.

13:21.330 –> 13:36.626
I already know that. And when I make the call, I’m at least twelve inches away from the phone when I’m dialing and when it answers. All right? So I’m not triggering that earphone at all. Okay.

13:36.808 –> 13:37.506
All right.

13:37.608 –> 16:46.862
Now, I’ve called many times, apple accessibility, they’ve never fixed the problem. I’ve gone now four times for this same issue to the Apple store to visit these great individuals called the Genius Bar. And three of the four times they tried to patch something together and said, okay, it didn’t work the last time because all the time they run all the software tests, all the hardware tests, you got to be update to the latest iOS system. And then they spend forever looking in their manuals, trying to see what they can figure out, what the answer is, and they don’t come up with it. All right, so the last time, which is two weeks ago, they said, okay, we found a hardware problem. Your speaker phone doesn’t work. Your speaker is bad, we can’t repair it, so we’re going to give you a replacement phone. So they gave me the exact same phone. They took everything off, they put on all of their software, all right? They did not restore anything from my WiFi, not my WiFi, my icloud backup. And then they refreshed all the applications but they did bring my data back on it. All right? And for the first got home, for the first few days, it worked okay. And then once again, same problem. So I called them up again, Apple accessibility, and they said, well, first thing is, because I only had the iOS 16, whatever it was, they said, you need to it’s 17 because there’s likely to be a fix in this. This is a brand new this is not just an update. This is a big upgrade. So I went through all that process. I have the 17 on there calling it the same problem, calling them back. So they said, well, then there’s possibly two more things. First of all, you need to make sure your connection, because maybe it’s the connection. So I went through the process of testing both individually, the WiFi connection and the cellular phone connection. No problems with that. So now they’re saying the only possibility is that we have to put everything back on the phone new, and you’ve got to reenter all your data once you have everything back. All right, now, this is after a year of turmoil and experience, and I don’t know how many calls to Apple accessibility, and I’ve been to the score four times. Am I going to believe them on this? All right, do I have enough faith and do I have enough gumption to do the work to record all my data so it can be all new software and then put the all new data back on? And I’ve calculated it’s going to take me six to 7 hours to take every piece of data that I have in my apps and record it on my recorder. And then I figure it’s going to take anywhere from 15 to 17 hours of time for me to then reenter that data, if the phone, in fact, will then work. Now, should I believe this? And then the other possibilities, if that doesn’t work, then they don’t have an answer. And I’m sure they don’t want to confront that issue.

16:46.996 –> 17:09.862
Apple, I mean, so it sounds like what you’re experiencing is something that I have experienced on my iPhone. Twelve. And that is where the volume of both and correct me if I’m wrong, the volume of both voiceover and the phone call goes super low. When you actually are trying to make a speaker call, pressing the volume up button does not tend to do anything. Is that correct?

17:09.916 –> 17:10.422

17:10.556 –> 17:34.314
Okay, that’s correct. Now, if I plug the earphones in, I can hear it, but I can’t do that on the street. And I’m making many calls and stuff on the street. I cannot hear it. And it cost me a tremendous, not only time, but total disruption to what I’m trying to do with my work. I mean, it’s really cost me big time to have that failure.

17:34.442 –> 17:59.970
I completely get that. First of all, full transparency, probably do not have an answer to solve your problem for you today, especially if Apple has tried quite a bit. What I would try in your instance, the next time that happens to see if it makes a difference, is if you use the three press of the home button to turn voiceover off. Have you tried to turn voiceover off while on speaker and then see if you’re able to adjust the volume at that point?

18:00.120 –> 18:01.718
No, I have not.

18:01.884 –> 18:12.250
That would be the next step that I would try to see if that makes a difference, because I wonder if there’s an issue with the audio ducking with voiceover, and it’s ducking your phone call when it should not.

18:12.400 –> 18:15.754
What do you mean by audio duck? That? I’m not familiar with what that?

18:15.872 –> 18:29.022
Audio ducking lowers the sound of background audio while voiceover is talking to make it easier to hear. So how I would test that is, next time it happens to you, try turning voiceover off with three presses of the home button.

18:29.156 –> 18:29.454

18:29.492 –> 18:45.954
That’s not set up. You can go in and set up your accessibility shortcut and settings, and then try to adjust the volume up or down and see if that adjusts the volume of the speakerphone, and then you can go ahead and turn voiceover back on. Not ideal, but that’s the next step that I would personally so that so.

18:45.992 –> 18:52.518
You’Re suggesting try this trick to see if I can deceive the phone to getting the volume up. All right, I understand.

18:52.684 –> 18:53.074

18:53.122 –> 18:55.800
So give that a try, and hopefully that worked for you. Kenneth okay.

18:56.410 –> 19:02.120
All right. Well, hopefully that worked a lot better than taking all the data off and then having to put it back on.

19:02.490 –> 19:08.294
That’s what I would try before I tried to do all of that. So appreciate your question, and feel free to let us know if that helps at all.

19:08.332 –> 19:11.214
All right, well, thank you for that advice. Appreciate your time.

19:11.332 –> 19:13.086
No worries. Sheila who’s next?

19:13.188 –> 19:16.862
Judy. Hey, Judy. Hey, there.

19:16.916 –> 20:01.018
Hi, guys. So I have an iOS 17 question. It’s really more of an annoyance and curiosity than something that’s glitchy, because I basically love the update, and it’s fixed all the Siri issues. So there are times when I either send a text to somebody or get a text from somebody, and their name won’t show up. It’s their phone number. So this morning, I texted somebody. It went out as her phone number. She texted me back. It’s her name. Makes no difference if the conversation continues, if I close the app and open it. Saturday night, I got a bunch of texts, and I actually had to use the lady A and ask her the area code, so I knew who it was. No rhyme or reason at all.

20:01.184 –> 20:07.982
I’ve actually had this issue yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about. You go to text someone, and it shows the phone number, not their name.

20:08.116 –> 20:08.702

20:08.836 –> 20:26.434
So what’s worked for me to solve the problem, and this actually was in 16 and 17, I would either quit out of Messages and reopen it up again, and usually that’ll update to the as long as the information of the person you’re talking to is in your contacts with their name and all that stuff.

20:26.552 –> 20:26.978

20:27.064 –> 20:49.930
Then if I quit out of Messages, which is, like, slide up and actually do a three finger swipe up to quit Messages and then go back to the Messages icon and reopen Messages, it’ll update all the phone numbers to match the contact, and it will say their name instead of the phone number. And for whatever weird reason that doesn’t work, I’ll restart my phone. And then that will solve the problem?

20:50.080 –> 21:07.090
Well, I restart my phone regularly. What I did do the first time was I actually added it to existing contacts, and I thought that worked, but it didn’t. So it still continues to happen consistently, and I guess it does fix it if I close it. But why does it happen initially?

21:08.790 –> 21:27.350
I think there’s some sort of a glitch in the system between the texting and the actual connecting to the contact. And so, like, when you quit the app and reopen it again, it solves itself. I know that’s not like, a good solution, but at least it solves itself. I mean, it would be terrible if it didn’t solve itself, right?

21:27.420 –> 21:38.522
Yeah, because like I said Saturday night, I couldn’t figure out who was who because it was just a bunch of random numbers and not all of them. That’s the thing.

21:38.656 –> 21:39.962
Yeah, it’s not all of them.

21:40.096 –> 21:40.742

21:40.886 –> 22:00.962
Usually it’s the first time you do a contact with text messaging, for whatever reason. But the way it’s worked for me, like I said, is go to App Switcher, do a three finger swipe up to close the app that’ll quit it, and then go to the icon to reopen it up again, messages. And that resolves it. At least resolves it for me anyway.

22:01.096 –> 22:15.574
Yeah, well, it has I would want to know why it’s happening at all. I mean, I know people have had this with previous versions. It had never happened to me before. Okay. I mean, that does work, but it’s just annoying when it first happens that I get a text from somebody and I don’t know who it is.

22:15.612 –> 22:18.006
Even though I agree with you, I.

22:18.028 –> 22:24.058
Agree to that frustration. So hopefully it’s something that can get resolved soon. Thanks for jumping in.

22:24.144 –> 22:47.620
All right. Thanks. Restoria. Hi, Restoria. I have an Android phone, but the problem is also I blocked a person from my Windows contact and Outlook. I want to know how to restore that contact.

22:50.230 –> 22:56.680
So if I understand correctly, you deleted someone out of your contacts and now you want to bring them back.

22:57.530 –> 23:02.230
They’re still there. But how? You just block.

23:03.610 –> 23:08.682
Got you. I see. And you did this on your Windows computer or your Android phone?

23:08.736 –> 23:19.660
Yeah, my Windows computer in Outlook message is still on my Android phone, but I can’t receive any messages from the individual.

23:20.290 –> 23:23.726
And how did you block them on Windows? What did you do?

23:23.828 –> 23:34.030
I went to the main website, Outlook.com and clicked on it, and I said, Block sender.

23:35.170 –> 23:50.040
Got you. So you block them on Outlook dot com’s website. So if you give me a moment and you stick around, I will figure out exactly how to unblock a sender. Just bear with me a couple of minutes, and then I can give you those directions, all right?

23:50.970 –> 23:54.294
All right, cool. All right.

23:54.492 –> 24:40.360
Actually, real quick, I’ll give her this answer real quick, and I’ll run through these steps because I found it. So it looks like if you go to Outlook and you click on the menu, and then you go down to all Outlook settings at the bottom. So you have to go down there. And then after you go into all Outlook settings, choose the option that says Junk Email. And then once you’ve clicked on Junk email, there’s an option in there that says Blocked Senders. If you go down to the blocked senders list or section in Junk mail, you should be able to delete their name or email address from that section. So that’s where I would check, is under the all settings junk mail, and then look under the block senders list.

24:41.130 –> 24:43.894
And then I’ll be able to unblock her there.

24:44.012 –> 24:46.726
You should be able to so that’s where I would check first.

24:46.908 –> 24:48.042
Okay, thanks.

24:48.176 –> 24:50.474
No worries. Sorry, Sheila. Who is next?

24:50.592 –> 24:54.282
Rich. Hey, Rich. Hi, guys. How are you doing?

24:54.416 –> 24:55.770
Good, how are you doing?

24:55.840 –> 26:09.620
Fine. First of all, as far as NVDA and Jaws, I was a Jaws user at work, but I’ve been retired for 15 years, and I just didn’t want to pay for it anymore. So I started using actually, I used system access until they went out and started using NVDA because they just make a small monthly donation. It’s cheaper. And for my home use, NVDA works fine. The only complaint I have with is when you’re filling out a form online, sometimes when you tab from box to box, it doesn’t always tell you where you are, and you have to sometimes go back and tinker with it. But other than that, I don’t have any real complaints. My question is and I’m going to start with the blind shell, but it’ll kind of pertain to everything else. But when I first got my blind shell, I used my Internet browser and I figured out how to clear the history, and I cleared it just so I knew how. And I’ve gone for several months and I haven’t cleared it going down or anything. But my question is not just on the phone, but on any phone or on computers now, is there any set.

26:11.350 –> 26:14.322
Time when you have to do a cleanup like clear your history?

26:14.376 –> 26:57.646
Or does it even matter? Because I remember on the old Windows XP days, if your system started slowing down, you cleared your history and cleanup. But anymore, it seems like it doesn’t seem to matter now. On my email, I delete my deleted items, my box and my deleted box, my Trash folder. I delete those, like, once a week. I’ve tried to read up on it, and is there really a set you guys might have since you deal with it all the time? Is there really a set system for when and when not to do cleanups?

26:57.758 –> 27:28.454
So I don’t know about Marty and Michael, and I’m sure they’ll have opinions, too. I typically clean up my history and browsing data when I’m encountering a problem with a Web page or I’m trying to do something that isn’t working properly on the Web. With the way that cloud storage is nowadays, it’s really, in my opinion, not necessary. Unless, of course, for privacy reasons, you want to do that as and then, yeah, that’s that’s really my opinion on that. Michael or Marty, do you have thoughts?

27:28.582 –> 27:55.814
Yeah, on mine? Well, I’m a Mac user, first of all, but I have software that does all that stuff, and so I run it, I don’t know, once a month or so just to do, like, a cleanup and go through and just make sure everything is good and there’s no junk hanging around or anything. So I do it about once a month, and typically I’ll do it, like, early Sunday morning or maybe in the middle of the night, something like that. When I’m not really doing anything else, I could just get it going and walk away kind of a thing.

27:55.932 –> 28:07.894
Yeah, I do similar things, like, once a month, or whenever I notice some performance issues, that’s when I really go in and clear out, that kind of stuff.

28:08.012 –> 28:08.506
There you go.

28:08.528 –> 28:16.474
So when you start noticing issues, really seems to be the consistent answer. Thanks a lot for your question. Who do we got next?

28:16.512 –> 28:18.010
Sheila? Jamaica.

28:18.590 –> 28:19.850
Hey, Jamaica.

28:22.210 –> 28:43.134
Yes. My question is about notifications on the computer. It says my notifications are overflowing. What does that mean, and do I need to be figuring something out about that?

28:43.252 –> 28:44.850
Are you on mac or windows?

28:44.970 –> 28:46.726
I’m on windows ten.

28:46.908 –> 28:59.706
Yeah. So if I’m understanding you correctly, Jamaica, when you’re using your tab key to navigate your Windows computer, one of the times you hit it, you hear something that says something like a notification overflow. Is that correct?

28:59.888 –> 29:13.150
Well, it’s actually when I pull my computer up, that’s where it said that it was overflowing.

29:13.650 –> 29:55.734
So I don’t think it’s overflowing in the amount of there’s too many notifications that your computer can’t handle. What I think is happening is it’s telling you that you have the Windows notification overflow section, which is a section that doesn’t visually show up on the screen, that allows notifications and items to go in there if you are concerned about it. On windows ten. Hold the. Windows key down and tap the letter A, and that should take you into your notifications so you can go through and clear them all out. And if you still see that after you clear all your notifications, then really what that means is there’s too many apps on here for me to show you on screen. So here’s the overflow area where I’ll put the extra app notifications.

29:55.862 –> 29:58.202
Okay. Thank you so much.

29:58.336 –> 30:00.166
No worries. Who do we got next?

30:00.208 –> 30:13.280
Sheila. Deborah. Hi, Deborah Jackson. You’re still muted. All right, we’ll go to Jewel and we’ll come back to here. I’m here.

30:13.730 –> 30:18.254
Go ahead, Deborah. We’ll go with you real quick and then come and follow up with Jewel. What’s up, Deborah?

30:18.382 –> 31:29.910
Okay. Soundscape, the app, I had updated it, deleted it and updated because it kept saying it was working offline. Right. And so yesterday I updated it, and I was at what we have called the aquarium. It’s like where you see all the fish in the tank, like the trucks and stuff, where I was surprised it showed me where the trash can is, where the bathroom is and stuff like that. Right. And so when I caught an Uber to go to my next destination, well, it used to have where it would say what street I’m on and what big location, like school or a restaurant or something like that. Right. But it’ll tell me where I’m going, but when I update it, it only tell me where I’m at inside the museum. But it won’t do that. And I like to know where I’m going, like, when I’m in Uber, which way they going and everything. Like, if I’m going to get kidnapped. You know what I’m saying?

31:30.060 –> 31:31.800
Yeah, I completely understand.

31:33.870 –> 31:38.140
It’s not doing it. All it’s saying is parking lot, parking lot, parking lot.

31:38.910 –> 31:47.070
Crossroad marty or Michael, do either of you use the redesign Soundscape? If not, I have a recommendation. I do not.

31:47.220 –> 31:47.934
I do not.

31:47.972 –> 32:26.358
But I’ve heard great things about two different apps, and it’s important to notice that the original Soundscape app from Microsoft has been discontinued, and I believe the online mode has been removed. There is a new Soundscape Community app that is available that has the same interface. There’s also an app called Voice Vista, and they both run on the same code that Microsoft used to create Soundscapes. So I would look at one of those two. But what was your recommendation, Michael?

32:26.454 –> 33:15.478
Yeah, so I was going to kind of say the same thing. So Soundscape has been discontinued by Microsoft. So if you’ve downloaded a new version of Soundscape, that potentially could be Soundscape Community, and it’s not giving you the feedback that you’d like, and settings to enable that feedback are not available in settings for that app. I would try voice vista. So that’s the app that I used. It’s based on the same concept of Soundscape, but I find it to be more intuitive to navigate and interact with, and that does specifically tell me while I’m walking. I can’t tell you about while I’m in a vehicle, but while I’m walking, it will tell me what streets I’m coming up to and what directions those streets go in. And Voice Vista is free, so hopefully that helps you there, Deborah. And feel free to give that a yep.

33:15.574 –> 33:17.802
Yeah. Okay. Thank you.

33:17.936 –> 33:18.810
No worries.

33:18.960 –> 33:20.538
After we go with Jewel, can we.

33:20.544 –> 33:26.830
Check in with oh, yeah, I’m watching Brad. Go ahead, Jewel. Hey, guys. I hope you’re all doing well.

33:26.980 –> 33:27.562
No worries.

33:27.626 –> 33:28.318
You’re welcome.

33:28.404 –> 33:28.846

33:28.948 –> 34:15.786
I’ll mention that I am a Jaws user. There’s nothing I hate or dislike about NVDA, just for Jaws. But my favorite thing about Jaws is a newer feature, which is the automatic switch between languages for Braille. Love that. Yeah, that is an awesome feature. So with my ereader, I can switch between English and Japanese, english and Spanish, all that good stuff. The question I have, though, is two parts. The first question is about a program for Windows. If you know of any programs for very quick unzipping of files other than Bard files, obviously we have Bard Express for that. I was wondering if there’s anything that I could select files and just unzip them all at once into new folders.

34:15.978 –> 34:24.498
Have you tried selecting multiple files and right clicking them to unzip? And will it do that? Because that’s where I would start.

34:24.664 –> 34:56.810
It will let me do one at a time. I have not been able to do multiple zipped files at a time. Also, I like to unzip into a new folder so I can move all the unzipped files together. So I would prefer that each unzipped file get its own folder, and I’ve not found anything that will unzip into its own new folder. That takes a lot of time if I do it myself, michael D. Once I get to like, ten files, it gets pretty time intensive.

34:57.710 –> 35:00.462
This is on windows, correct?

35:00.596 –> 35:06.030
Yes. Using Jaws also, if that helps at all. I’m using Windows Ten at this point.

35:06.180 –> 35:22.740
So I will be honest, I’m terrible at uncompressing things. I’ve always used the built in Windows Explorer zip tools. I haven’t used other things, so that’s basically all I’ve used in the past.

35:23.110 –> 35:35.030
There used to be an app. I wonder if that exists still, but it used to be an app called WinRAR that used to be really good at doing unzipping and that kind of thing. I just don’t know if it WinRAR was great.

35:35.100 –> 35:38.930
I don’t know. I don’t know what how do you spell that?

35:39.020 –> 35:42.220
I think it’s W-I-N-W-A-R-I think maybe.

35:45.950 –> 35:47.034
How do you spell it?

35:47.152 –> 35:50.682

35:50.736 –> 35:51.386

35:51.568 –> 35:54.190
I think we should just go back to the days of Windzip.

35:54.530 –> 35:55.280

35:55.970 –> 35:58.830
Was that able to unzip multiple files like that?

35:58.900 –> 36:05.578
I haven’t used it in a really long time, but when it was available, it was a great app, and I think they’ve updated it recently.

36:05.674 –> 36:10.386
I think that’s what I used to use when I was new to bookshare and stuff.

36:10.488 –> 36:14.174
I may have missed it, but did you say, have you tried seven zip?

36:14.302 –> 36:17.346
I have not. Is that the number seven in the zip?

36:17.458 –> 36:20.114
Seven zip, I believe is how it’s spelled.

36:20.162 –> 36:22.950
And that can unzip multiple files.

36:23.450 –> 36:24.646
I’m not sure.

36:24.828 –> 36:48.254
Okay. Yeah, because I know how to do the native Windows Explorer unzipping. I have no problem with that. It’s just when it gets to like ten files or more, it takes a long time. If I was to use a Victor Vita stream, for example, or I’m unzipping to put into my Braille display or something, it just takes a lot of time to unzip each one.

36:48.452 –> 36:49.806
I would try one of those and.

36:49.828 –> 37:04.866
See if you have any look at those. The other part of the question is about programs in general for Windows. Do you know of anything that is similar to Appleviz for Windows apps, by chance?

37:05.048 –> 37:18.134
Yes. Somebody who yeah, if you give me a couple of minutes, Jewel, I will find the website that will give you reviews of apps and we’ll go on to the next question. But I’ll find that for you and mention it at the end.

37:18.252 –> 37:19.562
Awesome, thank you so much.

37:19.696 –> 37:20.262
No worries.

37:20.326 –> 37:25.146
All right, Mr. Brad, what you got for us? We have well, it’s either Tony, but.

37:25.168 –> 37:26.390
It’S most likely DJ.

37:26.470 –> 38:13.820
Go ahead and unmute. DJ well, howdy thank you. In regards to Judy’s concern about the issue with the contacts, your number appearing, I’ve had this happen. So what I did was I went to the person who’s in my contact, and I would slide down there, swipe down, and right in the midst of that person’s contact in one of those fields, it will say, theory found in contacts, and it would give the phone number, the person in the phone number. What I would do is I would double tap on that, and then when I would go back into the message, the person’s number which was in the message field, when I would text them, the message would no longer be in there, it would just be their.

38:14.590 –> 38:18.266
So I’m sorry, what was your question there?

38:18.368 –> 39:33.714
DJ no, it wasn’t a question. It was in reference to Judy’s concern about the person’s contact number in the text did because I had this happen to me recently. And so what I did was I went into my contact inside the phone app, went into the contacts, tapped on that person’s name and in the field, and then I did an edit field. I did an edit in that edit field there will say something to the effect of Siri founding contacts, and then it would either give their email or their phone number. In this particular case, it was phone number. So what I did was I double tapped on that, and then when I came out, it exited out of that edit field and went back into my message field with the person I had text. The number didn’t no longer appear. It was their name, just their name. So that’s how I got rid of the number. Like, you know how sometimes in your message field, if you’re texting somebody, like, what she was saying and the number appears and yeah, that’s how I got rid of perfect number. Yeah, that’s how I got rid of.

39:33.832 –> 39:48.826
I see what you’re saying there. I think the person was already in her contacts, though, so that wouldn’t show up because they were already saved there. But I have seen that a couple of times, and that will help you with being able to add people to your contacts where Siri has found that information. So appreciate it.

39:48.848 –> 39:51.654
DJ awesome. Thanks very much. We appreciate.

39:51.782 –> 39:54.214
Awesome. Yep. In the mix.

39:54.342 –> 39:58.986
All right, see ya. Beth hey, Beth, how are you doing?

39:59.088 –> 39:59.686
You’re muted.

39:59.718 –> 40:41.866
Beth okay. Yeah. I was wondering last night, I recorded it. I’m in a coffee break Bible study, and mom reads my lesson, and I wanted to go back. I always have to use when it says because I use voice memos track position, and it doesn’t go back just maybe a few seconds. It goes back. If the recording is saying three minutes of it then goes back to 1 minute. And it does say rewind also. But I try that and it doesn’t even rewind. Seems like I’m not you can do.

40:42.048 –> 41:25.558
I’m pretty sure you can go into the settings and you can adjust the back and the forward buttons to the specific time. Like, it has 15 seconds, 30 seconds. So maybe check inside the settings and see if you can change how far or how little they go back, either on the forward or the back button. The other thing you can do is you’re going to see the play. It’s called a scrubber, which goes across while something’s playing. If you put your finger on that and you flick up either once or flick down, it’ll make it go either forward or backward. If you double click and hold on it, you can actually slide your finger either forward or back wherever you kind of want to let it go when.

41:25.564 –> 41:31.482
You’Re doing the rewind, you mean then you flick your finger? Yeah.

41:31.536 –> 41:42.026
On the little scrubber, you can either do a flick up once or a flick down once, or you can do a double click and hold and slide it where you want to slide it to.

41:42.208 –> 41:42.890

41:43.040 –> 41:49.610
But I would also check the settings to see if you can lessen the amount of time for the rewind and the fast forward buttons.

41:49.770 –> 41:57.460
Yeah. And not have to use track position because then it goes back too far, and then I never get things done.

41:58.470 –> 41:59.410
Try that.

41:59.560 –> 42:00.260

42:00.790 –> 42:01.374
Thanks, Beth.

42:01.422 –> 42:02.082
Thank you.

42:02.216 –> 42:03.380
Yeah, no problem.

42:03.990 –> 42:06.194
All right, Brad, you got another one?

42:06.392 –> 42:09.426
Yes, we have Jane on stage. Jane, go ahead and unmute.

42:09.538 –> 42:10.434
Hey, Jane.

42:10.562 –> 42:12.322
We are not hearing Jane.

42:12.466 –> 42:59.830
All right, we’ll go to the next one and then Brad, if she gets unmuted holler. All right, I’ll let you put your hand back up. Christy hello. How are you doing? Good. How are good. Good. The question I have, it’s a two parter. The question I have, my husband and I are having problems with, he goes to send a message or something with Siri and it cuts off. Like when it’s reading back to him what he says, it cuts off and before it finishes reading back to him and the placket freezes, so he’s got to redo it. Is that a bug that’s going on with Siri as usual? Yeah, it’s in 17.

43:00.250 –> 43:01.000

43:01.530 –> 43:39.442
Okay. So that is a bug that’s going on with Siri, as usual. Anyway, and then the other part of the question is I’m having issue. When I looked on Apple Vision, it sounds like this is something also that’s a bug with 17. They have all these fancy new sounds, which is fine. I can actually change my ringtone to some of my purchase tones that I have, but I cannot change my text tone to any of my purchase tones. The purchase tones do not show up on the sound and hatchet thing.

43:39.576 –> 43:51.618
There was an update recently and there was some sound issues. They removed this new sounds they were going to put in. Michael D had some info on this. Do you remember what was going on with that, Michael?

43:51.714 –> 44:12.026
So this is a little different. The betas did remove the sounds. They put them back. I have heard, and I was just about to look into this, but I have heard that on 17.0, people were reporting that their purchase sounds were not showing up. I’m looking at my phone now because I have several well, and mine are.

44:12.048 –> 44:54.298
Showing up, but they show up in the ringtone section. Like, okay, if you want to change your ringtone to something, yes, it’s there. But if you want to change your text tone, none of the few alert tones I bought showed up. But I have a lot more ringtones than I do alert tones. But it used to be that you could use whether it was titled as a ringtone or alert tone, you could use either one of those for either a ringtone, text tone, whatever. But now I can’t access any of my purchased ringtones when I’m trying to change my text tone sound. Right.

44:54.384 –> 44:57.894
And mine’s download. There is a download purchase.

44:57.942 –> 44:58.860
I did that.

44:59.950 –> 45:04.350
So it might have to be something they fix in an update if you’re not seeing what’s there.

45:04.500 –> 45:41.346
Yeah, and it’s been that way forever, so it obviously hasn’t been fixed because, like I said, oh, it shows them all. Because you know how when you go to Jen, you’re going to have to go to sounds and hat pick and then it shows the different things. Ringtone, text tone. Well, ringtone. Everything’s there text tones. Nothing’s there except a few quote unquote alert tones that I bought that were specifically called alert tones, but none of my purchased ringtones show up on the change text tone screen, especially if other.

45:41.388 –> 45:55.294
Users are facing that. That could just be an issue that we may not have an answer for you on, and I can relate to your frustration. Might not hurt to drop Apple a message either. Give them a call and let them know that’s the issue and see if it’s something they can I did that.

45:55.332 –> 46:03.134
And they said, oh, well, I did that. We’re not aware of anything going on. Like, okay, people, you all are never aware of anything going on.

46:03.172 –> 46:11.106
But anyway, well, thanks for your question today. Greatly appreciate it, and hopefully it’ll get fixed in the future. Sheila, who is next?

46:11.288 –> 46:14.858
We have ten minutes. Brad. Did Jane get unmuted?

46:14.974 –> 46:17.698
Yes, Jane appears to be unmuted. Go ahead, Jane.

46:17.874 –> 47:08.402
Hey, now. It works. Maybe. No, I know. I do dabble in windows. Eleven sometimes. I guess if I have to use Windows Eleven the last time I did that, I can’t no longer exit out of Microsoft Edge. And there’s so much stuff on, like the before your well, there’s a start menu and then there’s your Task bar thingy, and then there’s other stuff that I’m not like a copilot. I don’t know what that is. And just unfamiliar icons, and I don’t know how I got them, but I don’t know how to get rid of them.

47:08.536 –> 47:39.566
So two things, and then I’ll kind of gloss over these real quick because we do have a couple of hands in only a few minutes. Copilot is an option that’s in the new Windows Update. If you haven’t yet, go listen to last week’s technically working because Jeff goes through and gives some suggestions on how you can disable a lot of that extraneous information in Windows that you may not need. And try changing some of your settings to the way Jeff explains it, and that may help. And hold Alt and Q when in Edge for about 2 seconds, and that should exit Edge for you.

47:39.668 –> 47:40.926
Okay, because I was doing Alt F.

47:40.948 –> 47:45.682
Four, and obviously try holding Alt Q and see if that fixes it for you.

47:45.736 –> 47:48.306
Thanks, Jane. All right, Brad, who’s next?

47:48.488 –> 47:52.434
We have Mark from Montreal. Go ahead, Mark. Good day, guys.

47:52.552 –> 47:53.774
Mark, Montreal.

47:53.902 –> 47:54.770
Hey, how are you doing?

47:54.840 –> 49:03.786
Or comment. First of all, I have heard people using the beta 17, whatever the 17.1, those problems with the ringtones are corrected in 17.1, so they will come back in your text homes. That’s what Earl and I were discussing last week. He knows people who are using the bait of 17.1 right now, and that seems an issue that is resolved. So you can look forward to that in the update whenever it comes before the end of the month. My question is, I’m using hearing AIDS I’m using Procom Pilot, Pro Two, whatever, hearing AIDS, they work great, but I have an issue with Bluetooth latency. When you’re trying to say, for example, get the with seeing AI, that’s my bad. Impersonation, it doesn’t catch up in time, and so you miss trying to line up the barcode. I’m assuming that the only resolution is to turn off the hearing AIDS and just use the phone normally because the latency problem is always going to be there.

49:03.888 –> 49:08.154
Yep. Disconnect that Bluetooth, because there’s always going to be latency with Bluetooth there Mark.

49:08.272 –> 49:14.174
So whenever you use the seeing AI or anything that gives you a tone, turn off the hearing AIDS and just.

49:14.212 –> 49:17.726
Use it that way. Yep. That’s what I would try, sir. Thanks A.

49:17.828 –> 49:31.490
What about what about visual email? Is there an issue with visual email not working with or is it a carrier issue with Rogers up here? Because I had to subscribe to visual email to get it to work.

49:31.560 –> 49:36.454
The text thing, I have not personally heard of an issue, so it could be a carrier issue, sir.

49:36.572 –> 49:38.790
Okay, thank you much, much appreciated.

49:39.210 –> 49:39.862

49:39.996 –> 49:44.054
All right, we’ve got about five minutes or so. So who else do we got next?

49:44.092 –> 49:57.670
Sheila nolan. Hey, Nolan. Hey. I am seriously running into a serious issue with Zoom, and I’m starting to get annoyed.

49:57.830 –> 49:59.340
Okay, what’s going on?

50:00.050 –> 50:36.546
I’m not very happy, because now at the bottom, voiceover is saying null at the bottom, and it’s not supposed to be doing that. Is there a particular reason why? Because earlier there was a little list of icons, pictures of people speaking, and it was, like, blocking part of the screen, and that’s why I had trouble getting Voiceover to focus on the spot where I need to unmute, and it keeps hiding.

50:36.578 –> 50:58.670
It gotcha. So, Nolan, I’ll give you a fix. I don’t know why it says no, but I will tell you, if you exit this Zoom meeting and then you go into your Zoom settings, you have to be signed into a Zoom account under general I’m sorry. Under meetings, there’s an option that says always show meeting controls and turn that on, and then that bar will stay visible at the bottom of your screen.

50:58.820 –> 50:59.470

50:59.620 –> 51:02.782
So give that a try and let us know if that works for you next week.

51:02.836 –> 51:06.750
Okay? Okay. Thank you for your help, and I appreciate it.

51:06.820 –> 51:07.840
Yes, no problem.

51:09.350 –> 51:16.962
I’ll probably reach out to you guys individually if the issue persists and see if you guys can help me further. Perfect.

51:17.016 –> 51:18.606
Thanks, Nolan. Let’s do one more hand.

51:18.648 –> 51:20.678
Sheila, you don’t have any. You’re done.

51:20.844 –> 51:47.806
All right. And on that note, we’ll lock it up a little bit early because we got to get something right after this games with Lady A. So if you want to do that, go check that out, which is happening immediately after this. As always, Brad, Sheila, thank you so much for everything. We always appreciate you and everybody else. If you want to get a hold of us, you have any questions, comments or anything like that, you can reach us at feedback at unmute show. Everyone, have a great week and we’ll see you next time.

51:47.908 –> 52:05.398
But before we leave, I do want to follow up real quick, because I saw Jules hand went up and I did forget to give her the information. The name of the website is Loftware Laufware.com. So again, Loftware L-A-U-F-W-A-R-E home.

52:05.484 –> 52:06.120

52:06.650 –> 52:08.774
And now we’ll see everyone next time.

52:08.972 –> 52:10.166
Thanks, guys.

52:10.348 –> 52:11.686
Yes, have a great one.

52:11.788 –> 52:14.660
Have a good afternoon, everybody. I’m ending it for all.