190 – Beats Up, Threads Down

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Episode Notes

In this episode of our podcast, I am joined by Marty Sobo and Michael Babcock as we approach our 200th episode. We ask our listeners how long they have been with us and tease some upcoming changes for episode 200. We discuss the tech news coming in September, including new iPhones and betas. We also dive into our show “Unmute Presents” that Michael and Marty do, where they go live every Tuesday on the ACB community to answer tech questions. We mention the iACast Radio, a radio station for all iACast and Unmute Presents content, and explain how to access it. We talk about our plans for live content on the radio station and an upcoming podcast called “Technically Working.” We also discuss the excitement around iACast Radio and our goal to provide interesting content for listeners. We then delve into the different platforms we use for our content, such as YouTube, radio, and podcasts, and how the way we upload and share our content has evolved over time. We move on to discuss a news story that excites us, a new superconductor discovered in South Korea that can operate at room temperature without protection or a vacuum. We discuss its potential impact on battery technology, faster charging, maglev trains, and power lines. We express our enthusiasm for technological advancements and their potential to improve transportation. The conversation then transitions to the potential of the superconductor in extending battery life and enhancing battery performance. We highlight its key aspects and discuss an article about the decline in traffic for the platform Threads. We address a technical issue with the X app and offer a solution. We move on to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having a centralized town square or platform for social media. We share our experiences with Twitter and Mastodon, emphasizing the desire for decentralized federated content and connecting with users across different platforms. We acknowledge the challenges in determining a central gathering place and the issues surrounding hate speech and inappropriate content. We mention the monetization and convenience factors and express a desire for an easy way to post on multiple social media platforms. Next, we share our excitement about the Beats Studio Pro headsets we recently purchased. We discuss their foldable design, lightweight nature, and impressive sound quality. We talk about their ability to function without battery power, Bluetooth connectivity, transparency mode, and noise cancellation. We mention their compatibility with Android and iOS devices and recommend getting AppleCare for added protection. We discuss using the headsets for gaming and compare them to the AirPods Max, highlighting their value and comfort. We touch on upcoming releases of iOS, iPadOS, and Mac, highlighting the features we’re excited about, such as the journaling app in iOS 17. We discuss the stability of the beta versions and address some persistent issues with Bluetooth connectivity and Siri. To end on a positive note, we share our personal recommendations. We mention Audio Hijack, a tool for audio customization, and Marty recommends the Belkin MagSafe iPhone stand/mount for streaming video. We provide our online presence and contact information for further engagement. We thank our guests, Marty and Michael, for joining us and wrap up the episode by expressing our appreciation for the listeners and excitement for the next episode. We encourage them to explore other podcasts on the iACast Network at iacast.net.


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