197 – Is It About to Rain

Episode Notes In this episode, we discuss the American Council of the Blind National Organization embracing Mastodon and a bug in the latest iOS beta. We also talk about password managers, integrating NPUs into computer processors, on-device processing, and the costs and privacy implications of cloud storage. We touch on smart speakers and wrap up … Read more

196 – Amazon and Microsoft Event Details

Episode Notes On this episode of the iACast Alisha, Taylor and Michael Doise discussed the following topics. Twitter/X owner makes statement that platform may require all accounts to become paying members Announcements from the Amazon Event Announcements from the Microsoft Event Picks Alisha: Minecraft Dungeons on Nintendo Switch Taylor: Spotify Michael: iPhone 15 Pro Max … Read more

193 – Specialist Phone Showdown

Read transcript Episode Notes In episode 193 of the iACast, a lively group consisting of Michael Doise, Angie Fisher, Michael Babcock, Marty Sobo, and Lynn Shneider discuss various topics. They start by talking about the joys of food delivery and share their experiences attending the American Council of the Blind conference. They also announce that … Read more