194 – September 2023 Apple Event Predictions

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Episode Notes

In this episode of the iACast podcast, we have a group of hosts including Jeff Bishop, Marty Sobo, Lynn Schneider, Taylor Arndt and Michael Doise. We start by discussing our excitement for the upcoming Apple event and the release of new iPhones. We express differing opinions on whether we prefer the software or hardware announcements and mention the prevalence of rumors before Apple events. We then move on to discuss our hopes for what we would like to see on the new devices, including the possibility of a “one more thing” announcement.

Next, we decide to discuss non-iPhone topics first before diving into AirPods and the rumors of a USB-C case. We express our desire for a single cable to charge all our devices and discuss the possibility of waiting for the next generation of AirPods Pro. We propose the idea of buying just the case for the original AirPods Pro 2 that we already own and consider the environmental impact of releasing a new case with USB-C. 

Moving on, we talk about the potential release of AirPods 4 and discuss the features we would like to see, such as volume control and better transparency. We also speculate whether the new U2 chip will be included in the AirPod 4s or the iPhone 15/16. We mention the possibility of AirPods being able to unlock devices and discuss the potential for health-related features like temperature monitoring. We anticipate that there will be a focus on vision-related technologies and discuss the potential release of new iMacs and a new M3 chip for Macs. We debate whether a separate Mac event will be held in October and consider the possibility of an ultra version of a product. 

In the next part of the conversation, we shift our focus to the upcoming Apple Watch release. We express our hope for blood glucose monitoring to be included in the watch and discuss the lack of significant changes in the watch’s performance since the 6th version. We debate whether it’s worth upgrading from the 8th version to the 9th and mention the possibility of adding a button for assigning tasks or apps on the regular versions of the watch. We briefly touch on the iPhone and express our desire for longer battery life. We conclude the discussion by mentioning the upcoming Tuesday release and pondering how much money Apple will make us spend. We briefly touch on skipped iPhone models and discuss the iPhone X as the best one ever made. We briefly mention the increasing prices of iPhones and move on to discuss iOS and the possibility of changes in the HomePod.

We don’t expect Apple to release any new hardware for the HomePod mini but anticipate new software and added capabilities. We describe the round shape of the mini HomePods and mention their ability to be paired. We note that Siri only speaks out of one speaker when paired. We discuss the better audio quality of the mini HomePods for movies compared to TV speakers. We also mention the possibility of a journaling app in iOS 17.1 and new Mac software releases.


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