“Appear and Disappear: Navigating Hiding and Showing Apps in Messages on iPhone and iPad”

[0:03] Hey all, Marty here. Today I’m coming at you with a quick tip, a messenger tip. So in messages, when you are in the body of a message,
at the very bottom, you’ll notice there’s all these little icons that do different things, such as Apple Pay.
Some of them have little stickers, all different kinds of things.
If you ever get tired of looking at these things and you want to clean up your app a little bit and make it cleaner, All you have to do is take your finger, put it on the space where you enter text,
swipe once to the left, you’ll find a little icon that says apps. Double click that and that will hide all of those little icons. And then you have a super clean interface. If you want to bring the
apps back, all you have to do is put your finger back on the space where you enter text, swipe once to the left, find that little apps icon, double click it, and it will bring back all those little apps if you want to utilize those once again.
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[1:32] And we’ll see you next time. Thanks a lot.

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