#iACast 89 – Privacy In Technology

On this episode of the iACast, Michael, Aleeha, Jason, Scott, Allison, and Meaghan discuss privacy concerns related to the use of technology. We also discuss computer hygiene and other tips to help us all stay safe in today’s digital world. In the news this week, Apple releases Macbook Pro OS update to fix overheating Aira …

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#iACast GameCast 4 – Sonarium

On this episode of the iA GameCast, Jason and Aleeha review Sonarium. This audio adventure game is set in a cyber dystopia. You play as a discarded android who finds itself left on a trash heap. After running diagnostics, you find that you have no functioning optical sensors. You are compelled to search for components …

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#iACast GameCast 3 – Eurofly

On this episode of the iA GameCast, Aleeha and Jason review the audio flight simulator Eurofly . Please send all feedback to feedback@iaccessibility.net, and if you like what we are doing, please consider donating to our Patreon to help keep our content coming.

iA UnboxCast 20: Nintendo Switch

On this iA UnboxCast, Jason, Michael, and Lauren unbox the Nintendo Switch gaming console which can be used on the go, or while connected to a TV. Nintendo Switch™ – Official site – Nintendo gaming system

#iACast 88 – Beta Comparisons

On this episode of the #iACast, Michael, Jason and Scott discuss the differences between the Apple, Microsoft, and Android beta programs. We also discuss an overheating issue that affected some 2018 MacBook Pros. While Apple has released a software update that is said to fix the overheating problem, the update was not yet available at …

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#IACast 87 – #NFB18 Wrap-up

On this episode of the #IACast, Michael, Aleeha, Chelsea, Scott, and Meaghan discuss a lot of what the 2018 National Federation of the Blind convention had to offer. There was a lot that was discussed in this episode, so grab your favorite snack and settle in for a listen. In the news since we last …

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#iACast Unbox Cast 19 – Horizon Glasses #NFB18

On this episode of the iA Unbox cast, Aleeha, Michael and Meaghan unbox the new Horizon glasses from Aira while attending the NFB 2018 convention. Aleeha also takes a quick look at Chloe, the virtual voice assistant used to control the Horizon phone.

#iACast Outtake Show July 2018

This episode of the iA Cast is not an actual episode, but our first outtake show. Some podcasts do an outtake show every year, but we have so many outtakes that we had to divide it up twice a year. Want to hear all of our outtakes whenever you want? head to patreon.com/iacast and become …

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