Programmatic Comparing Website and Mobile App Accessibility

Episode Notes In this episode of the Programatic podcast, host Michael Doise explores the topic of accessibility in programming. He brings on expert Taylor Arndt to lend her insights and expertise to the conversation. Together, they delve into various aspects of accessibility in programming, covering both desktop applications and websites/mobile apps.  The discussion kicks off …

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Programmatic Development Organization

Episode Notes On This episode, Michael Discusses AI, and ways to organize your development environment. Resources MacGPT MacWhisper Windows Package Manager Play in new window | Download

Programmatic Update Caution

Episode Notes On this episode Michael discusses the following topics. Challenge Results Python import feedparser def parse_rss_feed(url): feed = feedparser.parse(url) titles = [] for entry in feed.entries: titles.append(entry.title) return titles rss_url = “” titles = parse_rss_feed(rss_url) for title in titles: print(title) Shell Script hash !/bin/sh rss_url=”” titles=$(curl -s “$rss_url” | xmlstarlet sel -t -m “//item/title” …

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Programmatic Web Hosting and Programming Styles

Episode Notes On this episode, Michael discusses the following topics. Challenge Swift struct ContentView: View { // Declare the array with elements to display in the List let names = [“John”, “Jane”, “Alice”, “Bob”] var body: some View { // Use the List view to create rows for each element in the array List(names, id: …

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Programmatic Interpreted and Compiled Languages

Episode Notes On this episode of the podcast, Michael discusses the differences. between interpreted and Compiled programming languages. Challenge results from episode 2. Swift // Ask for the user’s name and age print(“What is your name?”) let name = readLine() ?? “” print(“What is your age?”) let ageString = readLine() ?? “” let age = …

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Programmatic Resources

Episode Notes Welcome to episode 2 of the Programmatic Podcast! On this episode, Michael discusses the following Items. Challenge 1 – Results Here are the results for the episode 1 challenge Swift // Ask for the user’s name print(“What’s your name?”) let name = readLine() // Print a personalized greeting message if let name = …

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Programmatic Introduction to Programmatic

Episode Notes Welcome to the first episode of the Programmatic Podcast. In ourfirst episode, we discuss what the podcast will be about. We also show off the amazing voices from ElevenLabs, which will be used to read out code samples and challengeresults during the podcast. Challenge Create a small program that runs in the console, …

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